Johnno’s still hedging his bets

The Deputy has, I see, responded to Sean Feeney’s statement last week about his position as bainisteoir with some more blather about talking to this one and meeting that one and waiting and seeing and I supposing and maybeing and … oh for fuck’s sake Johnno, this isn’t all that complicated. The job’s yours for next year if you want it and, from what I can see, the general consensus is that everyone would like to see you carry on walking the sideline in 2009. (We’d also like to see our downward trajectory reversed but that’s one for another day). On this specific issue, it’s time to pee or get off the pot, Deputy.

6 thoughts on “Johnno’s still hedging his bets

  1. Great to read some plain talking Willie Joe.O Mahoney has to seperate the bullshit that passes for politics in this country which most people actually see through anyway and focus on his role as Mayo county manager which most people also understand but take more seriously than politics. Get rid of his overly serious expression like he was given the fourth secret of Fatima and galvanise the team and the whole county. We are not as down as he would like to convice us and let him start looking outside the box for the spine the team needs. Boylan and O Dwyer showed no sentiment in getting rid of their selectors when the time called fot it. Lets see a bit of upstairs reshuffling and maybe the boys on the pitch might see that finally the Mayo managment are getting deadly serious.

  2. As long as he doesn’t replace the current Tommy Lyons with the one who goes on about arse boxing on The Sunday Game (did you hear him with Spillane on Sunday night?), we could be alright. That’s a good point about politics and football, i.e. that the latter is taken far more seriously than the former and so if Johnno starting seeing this in that light, we may hear more sense out of him.

  3. the same deputy still hasnt apologised to the mayo public for his selfish comments on the Sunday game after the tyrone match. I hope he has had the decency to apoligise to the county board and players. The more I think about it the angrier I get. Im not trying to stir anything up, but he really got away with that one. Of course people in the county are afraid to say anything…i wouldnt say it would take much for him to up sticks and leave.
    As for the dublin TOmmy Lyons….what a joker!!! Its an insult to the licence players to have him offering his opinion. Paul Curran and Flynn offered more which is saying something.
    Anyway its the kerry boys in croker again on Sunday. Mcstays article on this game is a good read. Words similar to his echoed in the mayo dressing room on Sun before they take to the field wouldnt go astray. i have actually got time for Mcstay to be fair. Dont always agree with his viewpoint but at least there is some logic in his thinking

  4. I’m not sure he has anything to apologise for over the interview – it was just after the game after all – but his humming and hawing since then about whether or not he’ll stay on sure is getting more than a bit irritating.

    Kev’s article is good alright and I think he’s correct in what he says about the need to get stuck in from the off. I’m planning on going along on Sunday and I hope to see a double defeat for the Kingdom!

  5. I disagree with you WJ. I was an awful thing to say, I let it slide, but now this messing about whether he will continue or not has made me question his passion for the job. He needs to assume the demeanor of a man who really wants to deliver with mayo. Thus far he has not convinced me im sorry to say.
    Fingers crossed for the minors. Lets throw the kitchen sink at them time and time again. If they still beat us fair play to them. We havent been playing nice football so far and i presume that wont change on Sunday…there would only be one winner if that happened you would imagine. I will watching the full back with interest. I have been very impressed with him with one eye on the future. If he passes the test then we will probably see him climbing the steps, with the rest boys, of the hogan stand in 2011 or 2012 🙂

  6. I think it’s fair enough to question his passion for carrying on alright – I’m not at all convinced that he does but I guess we’ll know one way or the other inside the next few weeks.

    It would be great to see the minors do the business, especially against Kerry. I’ll keep an eye on that full-back as well!

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