Johnno’s tenure now tied to NAMA’s fate

Johnno-Vote-no-1Two things struck me about Johnno’s confirmation the other day that he’s happy to see out his final year as Mayo bainisteoir.  (These two blinding flashes of light are in addition to the clarification that the County Board’s decision to extend his mandate last year had the effect of adding just a single year to his tenure – I’d always been under the impression that he’d been given two additional years in charge).

The first was how it’s now abundantly clear – perhaps for the first time – that 2010 will be his final year prowling the sidelines for us.  In confirming his wish to stay on next year, the way he said it left no doubt that next year will indeed be the final one of The Second Coming:

Last autumn, I was given an additional two years as team manager by the Mayo county board and I’ve decided to take up the option of the remaining 12 months in the position.

The possibility does, of course, remain that Johnno will be offered a further term after this current one expires but the above quote suggests strongly that he won’t be making himself available after “the remaining 12 months” runs out.  Which brings me neatly to the second thing that struck me, i.e. that the timing of Johnno’s second departure from the position of Mayo manager might not necessarily coincide with the end of our championship campaign next summer.

As we can all see with our own eyes, the current governing coalition isn’t a million miles away from collapse and so there’s every chance that, by accident or design (most likely the former but the latter can’t be ruled out either), a General Election could well be called before the FBD gets underway in the New Year. Given the current poll ratings, such an election would, sure as eggs is eggs, usher Biffo out of and our Inda into Merrion Street at the head of an FG/Labour administration.  Were this to happen, then the Deputy could well be in the hunt for some office or other (notwithstanding the fact that the Blueshirts have spent much of the past two years calling for a major reduction in the number of junior ministerial posts), a development which would hasten his departure from the Mayo dugout.

This is all supposition, I accept, and if the current lot manage to keep the political show on the road for another year, then it’s almost certain that Johnno will still be in our corner next summer.  Such an outcome would, in my view, be very much in our interests, not least given the strong likelihood that the Fat Controller will soon pitch up in his bainisteoir‘s bib next door.  But, as Harold McMillan once wryly observed, events outside direct government control can often prove to be the principal obstacle to political progress. In terms of ensuring continuity on the sideline for us, it’s probably no harm that the Blueshirts are currently talking through their collective holes on NAMA but, despite this, the issue still has the capability to produce all manner of election-inducing “events”.  And if it does, it won’t just be FF that’ll be looking for a new leader once the dust settles.

8 thoughts on “Johnno’s tenure now tied to NAMA’s fate

  1. I think it was in Wexford that the then current county manager was also a TD. He admitted that he could not do both jobs. Nothing wrong with that. This is not manager bashing or anti O Mahoney but I am of the opinion that he cannot properly do both jobs either. Apparently he trains the Dublin based Mayo players when the Dail sits and the rest are trained by the managment team below in Mayo. Totally unsatisfactory. We read that Mayo were the fittest team in Ireland prior to the Meath match. After the Meath match that would not have got a lot of currency.
    Put bluntly being a TD and county manager does not mix. Both require a lot of travelling and gladhanding and plamasing. Both have the capacity to leave many punters disatisfied. One can be juggled but both cannot. The current Mayo team is a million miles away from Sam. To get there a sea change needs to happen in the county, not just with players but with our own mindsets also. We need a county board that is in tune with the people. We need players that are in tune with the support. Currently we have a group that have an inflated opinion of themselves.I am not bashing for the sake of it. Mayo are in a sad place at the moment. We produce team after team that get to finals at U21 and minor level. We then seem to get disorientated. Surely a county that has featured in 5 All-Ireland minor finals, 3 U21, 2 senior, 4 club in the last 10 years a total of 14 and only won 2 surely has a Jekyl and Hyde complex. Sadly we are erring on the side of Mr Hyde most of the time. The one thing we are sure of is that we are capable of travelling a long distance. The other certaintity is that on arrival we are unable to claim the ground. I believe that whether OMahoney is there for 12 months or 36 months we will not claim the Holy Grail because there are more basic flaws spread across the county and in all facets of gaeldom in Mayo.

  2. Was working under the same assumption that Johnno would have two years more, I couldnt see Inda Kinny giving Johnno a post however as you can be sure that Michael Ring will be wanting one.

    Who would be the contenders for the job within the county ( you could speculate on outsidwers until the cows came home..) once Johnno steps down ?

    Too soon for Dempsey ?
    Any chance of third time lucky for Maughan?
    Your thoughts please….

  3. Not saying I’d agree with these, but they are natural names that would probably be thrown in the mix….Peter Forde, Pat Holmes Mark 2, Ray I suppose but would prefer to see him step to U-21 and take advantage of the teams he has nurtured over the last couple of years. John Maughan again, I dunno, if he has further success with Crossmolina then he might argue he deserves a shot…3 All Ireland finals, all losses (one could argue 4 I suppose), i dont think so. Someone outside? Of course this all assumes I suppose that Johnno doesnt win Sam next year. If he does I’ll be drunk for 6 months and wont care who the manager is!

  4. Do we need NAMA

    N ot
    A nother
    M anager
    A rgument

    only messing WJ – your NAMA / Manager link is food for thought in that matters outside of football and results could in theory lead to change.
    Any other acronyms by the way?

  5. I like your acronym, Ma-Yoman! Happily, I think we’re spared any manager arguments at this point. I think it could be a bit early to be naming possible successors – all I was doing was making the point that events outside the football arena could well dictate when Johnno vacates the hot seat. I’d still prefer that this wouldn’t happen but I’d say we’d all prefer that the circumstances which have led to NAMA didn’t happen either …

  6. I think this is as good as any time to discuss it ! Personally would not be averse to Maughan again but then i never had to play under the man..

    Now Analyse Mayos’ Accession..

  7. Just after reading Mike Finnerty in the Mayo News. According to him, he quotes Johnno as staying on until the end of the 2011 season.

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