Jordan Flynn is our Player of the Year for 2023

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Right, it’s time to bring the voting on this one to an end and to declare the result. Which is that, with 33% of all votes cast, Jordan Flynn has been selected by you as our Player of the Year for 2023.

Diarmuid O’Connor came second in the poll with 25%, followed closely by Aidan O’Shea on 23% and Ryan O’Donoghue on 19%.

I think we can all accept that, despite capturing our second National League title in four year, this was far from a vintage year for us at inter-county level. Despite this, the four players shortlisted for this award gave their all for us throughout the year. Well done to all of them and in particular to Jordan Flynn, whom you have voted as our Player of the Year.

43 thoughts on “Jordan Flynn is our Player of the Year for 2023

  1. Well done Jordan, some man. Just listened to the podcast. Jason came across as honest in the interview as was on the pitch. Great lad.

  2. Well done Jordaj flynn well deserved always stepped up never gave up and stood his ground ww need more Jirdan flynn types !

  3. Started very well in league, a little bit of a dip. But strong finish in championship. We need and have needed scores from our half forwards, and Jordan begining to provide some of these scores.

  4. I liked jordan since i saw him playing for the under21s a great player strong and fair

  5. Would have given it to DO’C but Jordan us and great choice. Had come on unbelievably recently and shows no sign of slowing down.

  6. The Man is an inspiration from where he has come from after the public hounded him after the Under 20 All Ireland sending off.You can tell from his conditioning he has really put in the hard hours in the gym since he was brought in under Horan.One of the most honest hardworking and aggressive players we have at present and a player that can match any middle 8 Dublin or Kerry footballer.

  7. Well deserved and hopefully more to come from Jordan. Hhe has made the grade as a decent half forward and is capable of giving us leadership. No resting on laurels though, can he become a Kieran Kilkenny type player?

  8. Well done Jordan. A great example to how players can improve year on year if they put in the hard graft. A super lad to meet and greet young fans too. Always very pleasant.

  9. Well done Jordan. A vital player for us. He kicks a lovely score as well as being pretty accurate. I don’t recall him missing many.
    Where do we play him though? He has been a success in the half forward line but we have missed his physicality in midfield.

  10. Ontheditch, although I appreciate your viewpoint on this, I’m going to be bolshie and say I’m not looking for a Ciarán Kilkenny type player. We want Jordan to be a Jordan Flynn-type player. I look forward to him growing into who he will be.

  11. I see Jim mcguinness is possibly returning to Donegal.Not sure what he could offer now .The horrendous tactics he brought to Gaelic football have more or less been adopted by Dublin Kerry and most top sides or has he a different form of horror in store for the game

  12. 1985 I think he has a lot to offer.
    Word is there is a lot of young talent in Donegal.
    He sussed out our weak link very quickly in 2012.
    A very astute manager and looking forward to how he approaches the constant possession game nowadays.

  13. The current possession game came about when Dublin introduced it to counter the negative everyone behind the ball tactics of Donegal introduced by mcguinness.The current game is getting more and more difficult to watch so I wouldn’t be looking forward to watching another form of the sort of rubbish we had to endure this year

  14. Well done to Jordan, he stood up when others disappeared and took long range scores, not afraid to get stuck in, think he may be needed in midfield, keep it going, a well deserved choice.

  15. I voted for D O’C, but I have no problem with Jordan, a very worthy winner and he will be a very important player for us over the coming year. He took an awful lot of completely undeserved stick after his sending off in the U20 final, after he reacted understandably to constant provocation, with people talking nonsense about his discipline.

  16. Great Jondan Flynn i think he was brilliant this season if Mayo had more players like him we would win things Tommy J Boyle Parke Gaa

  17. Well done Jordan. Has done well in recent seasons. Next now is to be an even more dominating force in the middle.

    Separately, Jimmy McGuinness is a wizard. If Mayo had had him we would have won multiple All Irelands. He turned a middle of the road squad, with little or no underage success record in the previous decade to All Ireland Senior Champions. Whereas, we had dominated underage in Connacht at u21, won an All Irk u21 and reached two All Irl minor finals between 2005-2009 and we failed to do what McGunness did. Legend. If that had been us, we’d have named streets after him and erected statues of the man. He’s a winner.

  18. @mayonaize Maguinness also brought in the most boring style of football ever its thanks to him partly the boring defensive style we are seeing today that’s ruining the game and turned the dinegal team into a winning won by playing puke football.

    I don’t agree that we would have won multiple all irelands if we had him .

    We will win multiple all Irelands when we are good enough we’ve just been very unlucky on the day before or lost our nerve given our history .

    I for one hope we never see mayo play that defensive style and continue to actually want to play football and play an open game were known as an exciting team most of the time and hope it stays that way .

  19. Actually voted for Aido, but delighted for Jordan. I’ve met him a couple of times and he’s a lovely fellow. Great specimen of an athlete. Onwards and upwards Jordan!

  20. Well done Jordan. A good year for him in a season where we had good performers intermittently but no consistent stand out player. Good if somewhat unusual that a forward, especially half forward wins award. This line has not been great in recent years. On McGuinness, an excellent manager. Produced miracles with Donegal. Their victory over Dublin in 2014 completely changed the way Dublin set up afterwards. . His team were at their most negative in 2011 as they competed and tried to find a way to defeat the top teams but played a more expansive game after that. They were not overly negative when they beat us in 2012. Just got 2 early goals and kept us at arms length. They could have won final in 2014 but Kerry were wise to their tactics. After the season Donegal have had this year I’d say most Donegal people would welcome him back.

  21. Most people in donegal would welcome any new manager back after the year they have had I’d say but it’s more teams going back to defensive style and guarantee that will happen with donegal when maguinnes goes back .

    So that’s Donegal , louth, Rossies , Galway/ cork a bit to who play defensive football who’s next there will be no one going to games if it continues. Look at how packed the hurling was compared to the football this year as it was open and exciting.

    Anyway well done again to Jordan flynn well deserved and always gives time to his young fans who look up to him he’s a role Model for them and a leader for mayo !

  22. While mcguinness may have been an excellent manager he also had the 2 mcgees and karl Lacey at the back .Neil Gallagher at midfield and 2 dead eye assassins Murphy and McFadden up front.winning an all Ireland is huge achievement for any manager but his style was impossible to sustain over a number of seasons and started the merry go round of Dublin in particular finding a way around it which has now led us to the horrible spectacle that Gaelic football has now become.changing the rules of football isn’t going to change it as coaches will find a way around it .The change though unlikely to ever happen has to come from a complete change of mindset of coaches and managers before a lot of the great skills of our game disappear completely for instance the spectacular high fielding in the middle of the field.Is mcguiness going to return with basically the same game plan or has he something else to offer as I don’t believe people are going to continue to pay good money to watch more of that

  23. Where is it written that you have to play football in any certain way?? You can do what you want provided it’s in the rules. McGuinness was shrewd and clever and maximised his resources. Mayo managers often haven’t (note I didn’t say always).

    Open expansive etc is nice to watch. Our game in Killarney earlier this year being an example. However, I said on here after that game that it would be irrelevant as championship progressed because few teams play that way. The tactics were like a challenge match. We allowed Kerry waltz down the pitch to score quickly after we had scored on so many occasions it was just so naive and weak defensively.

    @Clare, McGuinness worked wonders with a squad that was not as strong as what Mayo had. That’s proven by how many years we stayed near the top compared with Donegal. Don’t tell me that McGunness with the Mayo panel, with the likes of Clarke, Higgins, Barrett, Lee, Harry, boyler, Vaughan, parsons, the Osheas, Barry Moran, gibbons, Cillian, Dillon, Andy, Doc, MCLoughlin, Freeman (in their prime) wouldn’t have won an All Ireland?? Cmon. Take your head out of the clouds. You give Jimmy McGuinness that squad from 2012 to 2015. He wins one, at least. I think our tactics in the 16/17 finals were far better than any under Horan but even that but more defensive/counter attacking might have sniffed the dubs one of those years, maybe. Our tactics and form in 20 and 21 finals was shocking.

  24. I’d be wildly ecstatic if I saw Mayo lift Sam by being the most defensively minded team in the history of the game. People can call it negative tactics but surely it’s positive if you win??
    Yes wouldn’t it be great if we could win by being all out attack? But I’d take any way, at all.

    Also, Donegal in 2012 were exciting. They did exactly what Mayo shudda done. Funnelled back to form a defensive shield when they lost possession, where everyone knew their job and hit like a Cobra in counter attacking style as soon as they turned over. They were deserving champions that year.

  25. Sorry now if I’m on a bit of a rant I get frustrated with the ‘when we’re good enough, we’ll win it’ stuff. It’s just a total cop out unles lks of course you’re including management in that statement. We definitely had the players to win it numerous times from 2012 to 2021. Take 2014 as one example. We were the best team in the country that year. We got shafted by an incompetent ref but management failed to deal with Donaghy in the replay and the dogs on the street knew what Kerry would do that day. At least Rochford was wise enough to put Aidan on him a few years later.

    We had the players in 2021 too but it was an absolute meltdown.

    Good night all.

  26. Mayonaze I agree with everything you say there we definitely were good enough to win the all Ireland in those years and I also would take a nil nil draw after extra time and a one nil win in a penalty shoot out just to win one all Ireland and of course you can play the game any way you want but in general terms the sort of football we now have to endure is becoming increasingly difficult to watch with little or no entertainment value and it’s becoming clear are becoming tired of it .very few decent games this year and not very difficult to get tickets for croker now including the all Ireland final

  27. Except I would never have considered Donegal exciting to watch in 2012 .They were highly functional

  28. @Mayonaze of course I’d be delighted to see us lift sam I we won in a defensive way . I

    have been driven demented like us all by the drama every year to i
    but I just hope it never comes down to us having to do that as its killing gaa and its sooo boring to watch as I said this years championship games didn’t bring 1 more then half full crowd in games not even quarter finals I don’t think and the hurling was full most games pre quarter stages .

    Yes we had the players who were definetly good enough to win Sam in those years and deserved a celtic cross 100% I meant that we just weren’t good enough on the actual final day ?!

    And clearly i put that down to loosing our nerve and the whole stigma around finals for us plays a massive part In how the players perform on the day we saw it in 21 the guys were so young and looked mad nervous even the commentators said that’s an extremely nervous looking young oisin mullin and co walking around the pitch . And we were really nervous that day !

    And of course I Included management in that statement to!

    so I don’t mean we weren’t good enough or didnt have the players to win sam we certainly did and still do but something just flips in the mindset on all Ireland final day as its been proven !

  29. When McGuinness is back as Donegal Manager, I hear they will be training 7 nights a week to start, he will again produce a super fit team and I would expect him to get promoted and reach at least semi final in his first year. They wont run out of steam insecond half, maybe Mayo should get back to basic training and at least be fit enough to finish out the games. Too many hangers on now talking sh1t and making money, one Manager and one trainer is enough.

  30. @culmore surely going 7 nights a week training is ridiculous and to much so much for players welfare if they actually are going to do 7 nights of training .

    We did go mad at the pre season training and couldn’t keep up the stamina so don’t think over training is the way to go . But agree with you fitness wise was an I ssue during the championship and hence why we couldn’t close out games I put that down to peaking to early though .

    Def think mcstay should just go it alone next year to.

  31. Also don’t think donegal will reach semi final place they haven’t got that much of a talented squad to do so since murphy left maybe pre quarter final spot at best .

  32. Yea they trained 7 days a week and Rory kavanagh ate 5 dinners every day for a full year.All completely true !!!!!!!!!

  33. I managed to get invited to the Donegal sponsors box for the semi final and McGuinness was there.
    I knew at that stage that moves were afoot to get him back.
    Very affable guy, told him I never forgave him for 2012, he said he never forgave Mayo for 2013.
    Word is there is lots of talent in Donegal that would not commit to previous managers.
    Could we see Murphy back?
    Championship is wide open , but unfortunately our defence is wide open as well.

  34. @JR haha he never forgave us for hammering them laughed at that one !

    Course they would say theres lots of talent but I haven’t seen that so far .
    Doubt murphy would come back his time is done I’d say . We shall see what they bring next year sure ha

    Maybe some other players would come back who knows

    Agree with you that it’s wide open next year and our defence to if we fix defence issues we will be right back up there !

  35. The attitude of young people today is different to what McGuinness had in 2012. If he expects players to train 7 days a week – he will have a lot of lads who won’t commit as young people today want a life outside of football.

  36. I read the Jim mcguinness book and he said they knew we would leave that one on one situation at the edge of our square for Murphy to exploit but he couldn’t believe the chance presented itself so early

  37. @swallow swoops. If Jordan can bring to the table what Kilkenny gave to the dubs,
    at the height of his career, I’ll be happy with him, but I get your point that he continues to develop in his own unique way. He has threatened to give leadership and more of that in 2024. I see he lines out at midfield for Crossmolina, that position could be another McStay experiment.

  38. We are so lucky to have so many committed to the Mayo cause,it is only a matter of time

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