July 7th could be groundhog day for some

A report in today’s Indo confirms that there will be an open draw for the first round of the qualifiers, which throws up the strong possibility that some provincial clashes will be repeated on July 7th. Such rematches are, by virtue of the numbers, most likely to involve Ulster or Leinster counties but, were Leitrim to pull off a shock win over Galway on Sunday week, we might not be immune from getting drawn into such jolly goings-on ourselves. Oh yes, Galway v Mayo back in Salthill on July 7th – wouldn’t that just be the mongrel’s testicles? What – not to your liking? Me neither: I’ve no intention of going near there until they get some drinkable water flowing again.

By the way, the same report says that the qualifier draw will take place on Sunday week (June 24th), after the Galway/Leitrim game finishes, so we’ll have two weeks to prepare for whoever we get matched with.

2 thoughts on “July 7th could be groundhog day for some

  1. What has drinking water got to do with it! Either you support your team at matches or you don’t and for gods sake splash out on a bottle of volvic.

  2. It obviously has nothing to do with it or else I wouldn’t have gone on May 20th. I just don’t fancy seeing the inside of Pearse Stadium again for a while but neither do I expect that Leitrim will make this a possibility by beating Galway on Sunday.

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