Junior final live on Mid West tomorrow

If, like me, you’re unable to make the trip to Ennis tomorrow for the All-Ireland junior final against Kerry – where our lads will be aiming to land the county’s sixth national title at this level and the first since 1997 – you’ll be glad to know that Mid West have confirmed  they’ll be doing live match commentary from Cusack Park, where throw-in tomorrow is set for 2.30pm. With the ladies in action at around the same time in their All-Ireland quarter-final against Monaghan at Hyde Park (throw-in there is scheduled for 2.15pm), I guess there’ll be regular updates on Mid West from the match in Roscommon as well over the course of the afternoon. That game will, though, also be covered live in full on TG4 (thanks to DavyJ for pointing that out in the comments just now).

Mid West will also be providing live commentary from Croke Park on Sunday’s minor All-Ireland semi-final against Meath (throw-in 1.30pm) but, of course, this one will also be shown live on the box on RTÉ2. If you’re on UPC or Saorview, you’ll even have the option of watching it in HD but if it’s 3D you want you’ll need to make your way to HQ to see the whole show for yourself.

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17 thoughts on “Junior final live on Mid West tomorrow

  1. 3d great if you’re winning,torture if you’re not. Minors to do it I think but it will be close.Don’t know about juniors but obviously hope so.


    Im stuck on this feckin booze cruise with no money for drink.It was wasted on gambling on the roses and the wife has maxed out the credit card on useless expensive dear rubbish ornaments.I backed the good looking mayo rose each way but the bookies are only paying out on the winner i thought that i would have a big lob to collect. A notice to my fans i need quick cash i will be at the car boot sale in castlebar sunday with useless ornaments of priceless pyramids i will be selling them for quater of what they are worth and will face the consequences with the good old wife later. I have two good strong stumps of wealings to sell but herself has hold of the blue cards and there is no way ill get my hands on them at the moment.Nothing is going to stop me from going to the match not even divorce.

    The word is Dillo is going to start in full forward and O Shea to take the no.11 shirt.Jason Gibbons will partner big Barry (Baz). The minors will be nervous this weekend thinking about it the poor lads are only 18 or maybe 17 years old.not even old enough to drink to calm their nerves.But good luck to them i wish them the best they wont bottle it believe me.I am so proud they have got this far they have given fans a lot of highs and lows and ups and downs this year.Fair dose to them.

    As for the good old fashioned Juniors they will have a tough task but i also wish them the best of luck in their encounter against the rebels.Kerry will be hard to beat so will Offlay. I agree with the starting line up. A very experianced and well balanced side.

    Good luck to Mayo this week lets hope we bring home sam!!!!!!


  3. Good luck to the mayo juniors today down in [munster again for a semi or final ] against the cute hoors from kerry, also our ladies in ross. against the farney women from. monaghan and last but not least our mayo minors against the royalists”ye took our land” we did and get over it ye craters an we,ll take more jus like the jackeens are now…lol …c,mon MAIGHEO a nice treble this weekend to wet the appitide or thirst for next weekend….

  4. That’s some character, (wind) more power to ya buck. If you’re stuck for a pint next weekend , i’ll get ya a couple no bother.

  5. Hard luck to juniors .

    A very small crowd there. Indeed if one looks at relent polls for Seniors Willie Joe it appears over a quarter of bloggers think Mayo will lose to mDublin and bloggers are usually among the most committed supporters. This is for a lot of reasons maybe but principally over Mayos forward line and the fact that Dublin have yet to play well.Despite all the blogs and analysis I am not sure there is a solution to dearth of forwards other than O Shea moving in and Gibbons or Geraghty starting. Yet I fear Horan will go with the same team which would lead to changes when it is too late.
    Also Mayo I feel need to play with seven or eight backs as the Dubs tend to overlap from Midfield. Cafferkey needs to be good under the high ball but someone needs to tidy up too.
    Maybe it won’t be this time for us.I would settle frankly at this stage for a close game and an improved performance on last year with progress continuing into next.
    Many will say this is negative but those pollsters who predicted a Dublin win would not agree. Doubt if any other supporters of any team left think their team will lose to the same numerical degree.It is worth thinking about maybe.Sincerely hope I am proved wrong .

  6. For the Dublin game forget about Morans injury & the ref–the game is there to be won.We need strenght around the middle & i would like to see B moran ,gibbons,geraghty & OShea on the team.Richie Feeney is also an option as an extra back.

  7. Tend to agree with you there shoutout, hope were wrong but i dont think this team is ready to win an all-ire yet, but hopefully improve on last year n push the champs to the very end. For me its cork to win the all ireland regardless who there playing, a big strong powerful team who can take great scores from well out and all angles, only chance i,d give donegal is if they get off to a great start an build up an early lead..

  8. We can’t complain about today’s result. Kerry were by far the better team, we were beaten in every position. If it wasn’t for Paul Mannion the scoreline would have looked a lot worse. Oh well, onward and upwards…

  9. Kilkenny socre 4 goals again today and kill off Galway in the u-21s. Goals are always part of the kilkenny paln. I think Horan has the right approach in going for goals early as well. That is why I would have Doherty starting and get COC closer to goals.
    These guys know how to score goals. Kerry destroyed us in 2004 and 2006 with early goals. No going for the soft option with points like a certain player that left the panel used to always do.

  10. Hard luck to the juniors today i didnt get a chance to go to the game as i am away presently but i listened to the game on the radio and thought mayo kicked a few great points but the referee was terrible.The rebels simply were the better team.We were robbed.

    As for the Laddies I watched that game on tv and the referee gave us nothing.I think the gaa will have to improve its referee standards.We would have one this game if a mayo man was refereeing it.

    Sean Burke no bother ill meet up with you after the game the first round is on you.

    thats all for now

    Goood luck to the all the wonderful minors


  11. I agree facetheball. Watch the warm up next Sunday. One of the key drills is 3 v2’s close to goal. Horan had creating goals drilled into the panel.

  12. As Facetheball & First Gen Dub have just posted its all about goals at the business end of the championship …. taking them & preventing them.
    If you score more goals than you concede you have a great chance.
    It takes a mountain of work & a lot of game time to get three points back without reply.
    In addition they are a terrible sickener for the conceding team & a huge boost for the scoring team. The palmed finish is the way to go a la Andy Moran quick free to COC, the floated pass & the palmed finish a la Conroy the last day against Down. This is the first time in all my years watching Mayo football that I’ve seen such a planned & simple operation from Mayo leading to a goal.
    I hope James continues with those fast simple finishing drills.
    They could take us to the promised land.

  13. Actually hard to see us scoring goals against the Dubs. It’s asking too much of Doherty to be the main goal threat .Think we should take our points and get confidence up.will be hard not to concede them too. Higgins Vaughan and Boyle can be great going forward but can be caught out badly as against Down.
    I think we will have to grind down this game. Phenomenal tight marking allied to bursts of speed.
    Was at junior match….not too many with me. Mayo simply lacked class. Mannion was ok good in spots and then some poor decision making.
    Have to say getting less optimistic as days go by. If Horan just goes out with the same starting team we will be beaten IMO.

  14. It makes you wonder that the junior championship is a farse when 1 team [mayo] get to an all ireland play,n just 2 games an 1 of them against the uk champs and kerry play,n 4-5 to get to final, a joke really, as for the ladys did,t think they,d win as monaghan the fav. this year in peile na mban but as good or great cora staunton is some1 woud want to tell her that thers 14 other girls playing with her espec. her foward collegues as she will not pass the ball even when ther,s 4-5 opponents around her. Its very easy for other teams to set up against mayo an double even treble up on her and she,ll still try to do it all herself an not bring the free other players into play. This is a good young ladies team for the not to distant future but you cant and wont win with the ball going thru 1 player, simple as that.Does it remind you of anyone in the past…….

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