Juniors heading for Croke Park decider

Mayo flag at Croke Park August 2014

The Connaught Telegraph has claimed another Mayo GAA scoop with confirmation this evening that the GAA powers-that-be have acceded to the County Board’s request to fix the All-Ireland JFC final against Kerry for Croke Park. The paper reports (here) that, according to Connacht Council Secretary John Prenty, the Junior final against Kerry will be the 2pm curtain-raiser at HQ, followed by the All-Ireland SFC quarter-final involving Monaghan at 4pm and then our quarter-final at 6pm.

This is clearly a good decision and fair play to the County Board for being quick out of the traps following the Juniors’ semi-final win to make the request. Ask and you shall receive and all that.

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  1. Delighted for the Juniors who will have a chance to claim silverware on the hallowed turf in front of a Mayo crowd. Good decision from the GAA and lets hope the fans get out and support them

  2. Brilliant for the Juniors to get to play the All Ireland Final in Croker….but Jesus Christ what a time for the games to start with the Junior game at 2pm and the Senior game not throwing in until 6pm !!

  3. Well done to the County Board on this one. Best of luck to the lads on their big day! Kerry seem to using a youth policy with their team (according to the Kerry GAA forums), a lot of their players are meant to be U-23, so heres hoping that experience will swing it for us on the day.

  4. hi all can we not play ye in limerick only jokeing that great news it on great for two teams to play in croker

  5. I’ll echo that HSE,
    We’re quick to complain about the County Board when they’re wrong, so only right to say well done when it’s deserved, especially Mike Connelly. He seems to me, a man who learns from mistakes. Great for the juniors to play in Croke Park in front of a big Mayo crowd.

  6. Well done to the Mayo County Board on this one. Good to see someone being proactive and supporting Mayo players and supporters. Best wishes to the Mayo Junior team. It will not be easy against Kerry as they dominate at this grade, but our lads have a lot of ambition and the Croke Park experience will be welcomed.

  7. Fair play to the chairman for pushing for that quickly.great for both set of teams to play in croke park.

  8. Great news and much credit is due to Mayo GAA for pushing for this. Looking forward to a long day in Croker and here’s hoping we’ll smiling by the end of it.

  9. Great news and credit to the county board for pushing it. No excuses now for all of those calling for Croker for the Juniors.
    Get there early. Bring your colours, a big feed of hang sangwidges and a miwadi bottle of tay to get you through the long day!

  10. It’s a long aul day out ’45’, Galway Hurling fans went through the same yesterday

    Common sense would see our senior game moved to 4 but I don’t see that happening

  11. First things first i would like to congratulate the mayo team in reaching the final . They lost last time out against kerry so hears hoping that we knock the kingdom off there purch this time around. On what should be a fantastic day for mayo football. Maigh Eo Abu come on the yew.

  12. It gives us a chance to support our neighbours after hammering them in the CF. They will be up against it with Tyrone having a big win over the up and coming Tipp team.

  13. What an exciting day ahead of us all. This weekend we get to know our opponents and the following weekend it’s 6 hours in the hallowed ground. Better bring the cushion!

  14. From reading about the Kerry junior team, they seem to make use of their bench to turn matches around, late in the game. This is something for us to take note of. We need to make sure that we have some fresh legs to bring on to give us a boost coming towards the end of the game.

  15. Well done Mayo County Board & Mike Connelly. As WJ said, ask and you shall receive!!

  16. Great to see the juniors getting a chance to perform at Croker in front of their own supporters. The late throw in for our seniors not ideal though. Certainly doesn’t suit the likes of myself who is bringing a young child to the game. Not an option to leave him at home at this stage, he’s already geared up for his first trip to Croker.

  17. So the juniors get their day in Croker, and now we will be treated to two Mayo teams representing us in HQ on the same day

    And yet there are people still complaining.

    On some other websites Mayo supporters are referred to as whingers. I’m starting to wonder if they have a point.

  18. I don’t think that’s entirely fair or indeed accurate, DavyJ – if you look back over the comments you’ll see the vast majority are positive about the decision to schedule both games for Croke Park. Even the County Board are being praised for their part in making this happen and praise being dispensed in that direction is a rare occurrence!

  19. Did we not have the same situation last year with the minors?? They played at 12 against Armagh. Galway palyed Kerry at 2 and we played Cork at 4.

    Should be good games of football that day probably will be more competitive than the gamees this weekend.

  20. The majority are, WJ, and rightly so – I’m just disappointed that anyone at all would give out about it to be honest.

    I mean, they might have to stay in Croke Park for two hours longer than they wanted to? God love the poor lambs. Is that really such an inconvenience? Nobody’s forcing them to go!

  21. On any topic, DavyJ, there’ll always be somebody to give out! Poor old Joe Duffy would never had made a living for himself otherwise.

  22. It is a long day for those with young children , to be fair, and understandably it might be too long a day for some to attend both games. There’s not much that can be done about that.

    Bottom line is our senior game gets top billing and rightly so, but at least everyone has the opportunity to attend both. Yes we did have a similar situation with our minors a couple of years back; you’d be surprised how quickly the time passes!

  23. That’s great news alright HSE, to have Keane back and Regan pushing hard, it’s a great place to be at the moment.

  24. The players that won the All Ireland Junior Championship in 2014 cannot take part in 2015, their county can compete but the players from last year cannot.

    Some counties let senior club players play on Junior team if they have not played on the county senior team – (Mayo or Kerry do not)

    If Mayo were to play under the same rules as Roscommon they would have players from clubs like Ballintubber and Castlebar who were not too far off making a county senior team.

    It is hard to take a competition serious when it is not a level playing field for all counties.

    You hear people say that mayo should have divisional teams that would give junior players the option to play at a higher level and be noticed. These lads on the junior team are the pick of the junior and intermediate club players in Mayo, they are now heading into their fourth game, that more games than if they played in senior club championship and probably at similar enough level. Has anybody seem any players emerge for mayo this year that could be looked at for senior next year.

  25. Roscommon, Sligo and Leitrim are allowed pick players from Senior clubs to balance up the relative strengths of the counties and allow a more even competition. The same applies in the other provinces. [Ulster do not take part in Junior]. In my opinion fair enough. [Leitrim has only 24 clubs, 12 Senior, 10 intermediate and only two Junior, Roscomon somewhere around 30 in total.]

  26. Ha ha Willie Joe, spot on where I come form it’s called Joe Duffys “Live Whine”. To be fair the neutral authorities want as many bums on seats as possible this time of the year so they will keep the Mayo games apart to get ye in early and keep ye late, nothing liks better for the TV than a crowded stadium. Been there and have the tshirt,, sore arse will become noticeable during the middle game if its poor,,, I’d say bring the blow up cushions !!

  27. A long day at HQ for Mayo supporters then could be longer if extra time in any of the games. Done Deal and AndyD I don’t think Roscommon have entered a team in the Connacht junior championship the last 4 years.

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