Just two All-Stars for us

The 2020 All-Stars awards will be presented tomorrow night, with the ceremony live on RTE2 (throw-in 6.30pm), but ahead of that the football All-Star team for the year just gone was unveiled this morning.

The All-Stars forever see bizarre selections. This year they’ve outdone themselves as our run to the All-Ireland final and a creditable display in the final yielded us just two players – Oisin Mullin and Cillian O’Connor – on the team. Cavan, meanwhile, who were beaten out the gate by Dublin in the All-Ireland semi-final, got three. Go figure, as they say.

As beaten All-Ireland finalists with twelve players nominated, our worst case position, which most would have accepted, would have been three out of the fifteen. Six-in-a-row champions Dublin were, of course, always going to grab the lion’s share of positions, while it was only to be expected that the breakthrough campaigns enjoyed by Cavan and Tipperary would be recognised in the team selected.

That’s fine as it goes – and I’ve nothing against Cavan – but any 2020 All-Star selection that sees them with more players on it than us is just plain daft.

The winners of the Footballer of the Year and Young Footballer of the Year awards will be announced at the ceremony tomorrow night. Cillian was nominated for the main award but that one is obviously destined for Dublin, while, on an all-Mayo shortlist, Oisin Mullin is odds-on to scoop the YFOTY award.

Full details of the All-Star team for 2020 featuring players from Dublin (nine), Cavan (three), Mayo (two) and Tipperary (one) are here.

37 thoughts on “Just two All-Stars for us

  1. @Willie Joe, to be fair its not the ‘who got beat by dublin by least’ awards, i seen all the cavan games and the 3 individuals named, faulkner and the 2 galligans were fully deserving in my opinion.
    I would have had durcan there instead of Murchan but beyond that i couldnt really make a convincing case for any other Mayo man

  2. The All-Stars has been a quasi bullshit exercise for quite some time. I wouldn’t get too excited about it either way, but this selection is bordering on ridiculous.

  3. Chris Barrett probably a bit hard done by IMO. It seems to be the convention that the All-Ireland runners up get shortchanged in these things.

  4. Well if Patrick Durcan is not one of the best six defenders in the country then it’s time to stop judging football Fair play to Cavan but they should have got the two Galligans only. Conor Sweeney was always going to get one for Tipp. Poor old Dublin were only be going to be given 9 despite the fact they reckon they should have got all 15, so Paddy should have got the remaining one. Sure he came off injured at halftime but that only proved how good he was The man he was marking was very quiet in the first half but had a huge influence after the break.Anyway I suppose there’s no point worrying too much about what team journalists pick, just disappointed for Paddy.

  5. has it ever happened before that the loosing finalists only got 2 places and the loosing semi finalists got 3 places. Murchen didn’t get a kick of the ball in the final until Conroy was taken off, Cavan deserve their 3, but when was the last time a Division 3 team got All Stars.

  6. Congrats to Cillian and Oisin disappointed for Kevin Mc Loughlin. What more can you say until we win Sam journalists or the upper echelons in the Gaa will never really take us seriously. Off to Limerick with ye now lads and lassies

  7. Calm down Willie Joe. Cavan fully deserve their 3 awards having won a very competitive Ulster championship. If we had won the final I’d say you’d be disappointed if we only got 9 gongs!!! Won’t Oisin be getting the 2nd best award on offer too! Be happy and stay safe. See you all in Croke Park before the end of the year…hopefully

  8. Well done Cillian and Oisin. A few others like paddy d and Chris Barrett really we looked the ticket as well. I’d say our lads would throw all the Allstar medals into the fire if they were to win Sam Maguire just the once, let’s see how it goes with the fresh legs in the panel. You’ll get far better odds today for Dublin to win the next 4 All Ireland’s in a row than anybody else bar Kerry to win 1 in 2021, thank god there are other sports to follow.

  9. The lack of respect/recognition for our lads is unbelievable. Two all stars, TWO!! That has to be a first for finalists. Shove it up your hole GAA. Dubs busy giving out that Cluxton didn’t win one as well and they have 9 – laughable.

    Fair play to the Cavan lads, let’s face it though, they’re unlikely to win another in future.

  10. I have no problem with the 3 cavan awards, all 3 were absolutely brilliant, went above and beyond.

    The ones i would quibble on would be for Scully/Murchan, both fine players obviously but they are just cogs in a while. Could you imagine scully or murchan being good enough to win allstars with another county? Not really in my opinion

    As i said though most of the mayo lads took it in turns to play well, durcan i felt was the only one really hard done by.
    I scribbled down a predicted team yesterday with mates and i got it all right bar one, i had durcan in for murchan. Everything else went as expected, and its hard to argue with.

    Well done to all nominees, certainly the young lads like Eoghan mcl and Conroy will come again

    I dont know about ye lads but i would kill to see an FBD game at this stage to get my fix

  11. It’s not the first for a team to make a final, Our Time Has Come, Tyrone in 2018 are the most recent other county in that boat. It’s not the worst ever either – Cork, with just one in 2007, hold that dubious distinction.

    I think SuperMac is right – Paddy is the only one we can really feel hard done by. I was expecting three and didn’t really think we’d get more but two leaves us a bit shortchanged.

  12. I expected three as well – with Paddy been the third. Thinking back he didnt have a great game against Tipp – if I remember right he dropped 3-4 shots short into goalies hand. In final – while he may have got injured early on – he wasnt really in the game.
    These lads have little or no interest in all stars – there is only one award these lads are training for.

  13. I’d agree with supermac, looking through the list of winners, Murchen is the only one I feel was dubious, had Paddy played the full final he possibly would have snatched it. Otherwise every other one is there on merit and we shouldn’t have much complaints. Personally I dont give a toss about the all stars and I’m sure the players dont either.

  14. Totally disagree that the All Stars are worthless or that they are biased. They are obviously subjective but they are largely spot-on, every year. I agree that Paddy should be there instead of Murchan but other than that there is nothing to argue about from a Mayo perspective. Our full-back line was very poor in the semi and final. Mid-field flagged throughout the championship as weak. Cillian, Paddy (very quiet in semi and final), Oisin, and Eoghan were the only consistent strong performers, and really only Cillian performed to his potential in every game.

    The All Stars can actually be very revealing when looked at over a longer period of time. Eg. by my reckoning, since 2011 4 different Mayo forwards have won All Stars (Cillian, Andy, Dillon, and Aidan) – though we could argue favorably that Kev Mc deserved it more in 2012 than Dillon and that would make 5. Whereas, in defense Mayo have won 9 different All Stars, Clarke, Caff, Higgins, Barret, Harrison, Boyle, Paddy, Keegan, Mullen. This backs-up the view that it’s Mayo’s forwards that have held Mayo back from winning the big one and not their defense.

  15. I actually thought Diarmuid deserved one this year for us, ahead of scully and rock anyway. Yet he didn’t get a nomination!

    Agree with supermac however that most of our players took turns playing well. We’d probably have lost the Connacht final without Tommy Conroy and he was excellent against Tipperary as well. Kevin McLoughlin was brilliant against Roscommon and Tipp. Clarke, Keegan and Ryan O’Donoghue had great finals but were hit and miss before that. Eoghan Mc had a quiet final after being very good beforehand. Aido and Stephen Coen were solid throughout but not spectacular.

  16. Actually, that’s great shout about Diarmuid. He had a very solid year. If he could just add more scores to his game he would improve Mayo so much. He’s the best finisher in the squad after Cillian so Mayo need to find a way to keep him closer to the opposition goals.

  17. I don’t know about been spot on GBX1.

    Cillian O’Connor is by a country mile the highest championship scorer of all time and yet this year sees him collecting only his 2nd all star.

    Would he even have gotten it this year if he hadn’t racked up the highest score ever in a championship game, and nearly put them in a position where they could not deny him his all star.

  18. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned eoghan mcloughlin. I thought he lit up the championship .

  19. Its absurd that Paddy misses an All Star this year. Other than that we can’t have too many complaints I feel.

    It will be the double for Oisin Mullin this year so huge congrats to him.

  20. I think majority have totally underestimated Chris Barrett’s influence on our defence this year. In my opinion he was the standout defender.in the championship this year & was head & shoulders above everyone.
    Tips Sweeney ( an all star) was held scoreless in the semi from play until Barrett was taken off & Rock (multiple Allstar) apart from 1st touch & tap in goal where Barrett had no choice but to go to McCarthy did not get even a smell of a ball for remainder of game.
    He brought a calmness to our defence all year & his influence on the young players around him made such a difference to our year.
    I think he can feel very hard done by tonight

  21. Eoghan McLaughlin definetly should have been in ahead of Murchen.
    Eoghan was first of all, brilliant in the league and championship, yes not his best final, but did as Murchen. Chrissy was a 50/50.
    What about Clarke, probably one his most consistant years.

  22. Ah lads who remembers all star awards. At the end of the day its all ireland medals that count and whinging about not getting allstars isnt going to keep any mayo player awake tonight. I expect the 2 mayo lads picked would fuck them in the moy for one real reward , an all ireland medal.

  23. I stayed away from the blog yesterday because i was livid and like an anti-christ all day because we only received two all-star awards. we definetely deserved more.Congrats to cillian and oisin on their selection.WILLIE JOE 2017 seems to be etched on your brain like a lot of mayo people. it was 2007 that GRAHAM CANTY secured the lone all-star award for CORK after CORK failing to turn up for all-ireland final day massacre by kerry.

  24. We deserved 4 All stars this year in my opinion. Eoghan McLaughlin pinned on for me and Diarmuid should have been nominated nominated and in contention for one. Dean Rock getting one is simply absurd (especially with Diarmuid not having so much as a look in!). Dublin do not deserve 9 All stars after not beating, technically, any div1 teams to the all Ireland . That includes us and Meath as we were both relegated. But at this stage what do you expect.
    Cillian is nailed on player of the year. The All stars looks like another dublin pantomime!

  25. Congrats to oisin mullin. What a rookie year for the lad.

    I must say I much prefer this all star format of interviewing players in more relaxed setting and doing video snippets with them, better than the old nervous stumbling on stage looking awkward in a tux

  26. It sure is, Jimbo! In fairness I’ll always look back on 2017 with a lot of fondness. I’ve corrected the year in question, which was, as you rightly pointed out, 2007.

  27. Winning an All Star is a huge honour for any player especially for players who have little hope of winning an All Ireland medal. Overall I think they are pretty fair and are not handed out lightly, a lot of thought and deliberation goes into awarding each one. Naturally Dublin and Limerick will get the lions share and other countries will think they are hard done by but think of all the countries who never win any.

  28. Jeez Willie Joe don’t forget galway only got 1 in 1983.kinneavey.we need to keep that for the slagging every now and then.. Well done to OSHEEN and cillian

  29. Cant believe it hasn’t been mentioned but David Clarke should absolutley been the all star goalie. Nothing to do with it being his last year and sentimentality

    His kickouts in the final were top class, something all of the experts were saying would be our undoing
    He made several top drawer point blank saves throughout the season, what else is a goalie supposed to do?

    Thats the only injustice I think, 3 for us with DC in goals would have been a fairer return.

  30. east cork I think Raymond Galligan was more deserving than Clarke, although your points on Clarke’s performance this year are well made. Galligan scored vital last minute scores for Cavan. They would never have gotten near an Ulster final never mind an All Ireland Semi Final without him.

    For me, Paddy Durcan was the one that we should have gotten but didn’t.

  31. I agree with some previous comments that no other Mayo player was consistent enough throughout to get an all star.
    Paddy Durcan is a brilliant footballer but had a sub par semi and injury derailed him in the final. Eoghan McLoughlin was on course but had a poor final, David Clarke was good but so was Galligan. K.McLoughlin was good but did not score enough and for a forward thats part of the equation I agree DOC should have got a nomination. Chris was solid throughout.
    The good news is we got all three nominees for young player of the year and ROD had his best game in the final.
    Since ALL Stars seem to be reserved for semis and finals we need all stars for best of the rest. Very few players are as talented as Shane Walshe and he had an excellent year.

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