Kerry 0-16 Mayo 0-15: we almost got something from this one

When Sam Callinan was harshly shown the line with a bit over ten minutes to go, it looked as if Kerry would go on and win this game with a bit of comfort. They pushed three clear soon after and that appeared to be that.

In the closing minutes of a rather strange game, however, our fourteen men fought back tigerishly and they even had an improbable chance to take the lead in injury time, when Rory Brickenden won a mark way out on the stand side touchline. It wasn’t a huge surprise, though, when his outside of the boot effort at the posts went wide.

In the end, far more predictably, it was a moment of David Clifford magic that won it for the home team at the death. They came at us patiently in the closing seconds, working the move until they could get their talisman on the ball. When they did he duly obliged and Kerry were finally out the gap.

When they review this match in detail, Kerry will surely be scratching their heads about the extent to which they laboured against us tonight. Fielding more of a Championship team than us and creating plenty of scoring chances, they kicked nine wides, a number of them very poor ones.

Perhaps more worrying from their perspective was how they buckled a bit when we, down to fourteen, came at them with intent coming down the closing stretch. For all their talents, there remains a large question about the capability of this Kerry team to react when it’s really put up to them. Tonight’s major wobble late on was further evidence of this apparent shortcoming on their part.

We made two changes before throw-in. Sam Callinan and Rory Brickenden – who’d both played in the Sigerson final at the same ground on Wednesday evening – both started, with Stephen Coen and Michael Plunkett reverting to the bench.

We opened the scoring, Fergal Boland punching over with less than a minute played. It was the only time we led all night and that lead lasted less than a minute too, with David Clifford levelling for them.

Two Paudie Clifford scores – the less celebrated Clifford was excellent for them tonight – gave them a small cushion. Up the other end Sam Callinan ended a fine upfield burst with an equally fine finish.

Kerry’s Diarmuid O’Connor was perhaps lucky that it was only yellow he saw when he pole-axed Tommy Conroy. Just before then, Tommy had been clearly held as he burst forward but there was nothing doing from the ref and The Neale man then hacked the ball wide.

A Seán O’Shea free after the ref spotted something off the ball restored their two-point advantage. But they’d kicked five wides already and this wastefulness would continue right through the game.

For our part, our attacks were far too slow, with way too much lateral passing and the dinked balls we tried inside were either badly directed or were passes that simply weren’t on. Our lack of penetration up top was starting to ring alarm bells.

Ryan O’Donoghue (a free) and David Clifford, who fisted over after a mazy run, swapped scores. Then Sam raided forward a second time and bagged another fine score.

In the next play, though, he picked up the yellow that was to prove so consequential later on. Having made that lung-bursting run for the score seconds before, he shouldn’t have been the player back fire-fighting and his intervention was hardly even a foul. The yellow card he picked up for it was little short of scandalous.

O’Shea popped the free but we almost had a goal chance soon after when Kerry ‘keeper Shane Ryan got turned over out the field. He was just back between the sticks when Ryan O’Donoghue fired the ball over his bar.

Aidan O’Shea was then booked, as Jack Coyne had also been earlier on, both for much ado about nothing. The card-happy ref was now really starting to annoy the travelling support, me included.

Two down at the break wasn’t a bad position for us to be in. We’d played poorly and could have been six or seven adrift at that stage but, thankfully for us, the Kerry lads – David Clifford among them – were having trouble locating the posts, on a night where wind wasn’t a factor, nor, indeed, was rain.

They drew first blood, via Geaney, on the restart. Fergal Boland, on an advantage, played on and fired over to open our second half account.

Then Seán O’Shea, taking a clumsy first touch that brought him out to the sideline, found a burst of pace and took a nice score.

We responded with two well-worked scores, the first from Ryan O’Donoghue and the second from Jordan Flynn, to cut the gap to the minimum. A proper match was now threatening to ignite.

Points continued to be traded. O’Shea, from another free, for them and Bob Tuohy from play for us.

We then started to ring the changes. Darren McHale replaced Aidan while long-term injury absentee Enda Hession came on for his first appearance of the year, with Eoghan McLaughlin making way.

They scored, courtesy of David Clifford. Diarmuid O’Connor, from distance off the outside of his boot, responded for us. Then Paudie Clifford finished a move begun when Foley monstered McHale and tore upfield. The Knockmore man made amends soon after, though, by firing over a nice score off his left.

Our changes continued. Stephen Coen came on, David McBrien hobbled off (with cramp, it was later reported). Cillian O’Connor came on, Bob Tuohy departed the scene.

And then came Sam’s black card incident, which, combined with that ludicrous yellow earlier, meant a red for the young Ballina Stephenites player. Whatever about the black card – I was too far away to see what happened with any clarity – there’s no way Sam should have been left on so long, given he’d played a full Sigerson final only a few nights previously and was on a yellow.

That he was showed worryingly poor game management from our sideline. While it would be hard to say that this cost us the game – seeing as we rallied so strongly from then to the finish – having to defend that last Kerry play a man down certainly didn’t help our cause.

After Colm Reape landed a long-range free, David Clifford scored for them. Then Ryan O’Donoghue, who was central to our late fightback, rammed one over for us.

Suddenly, our tails were up. Fergal Boland made space for himself and landed a super score from distance. We turned over the restart and were fouled in possession. Ryan slotted the free to square the game.

You could argue that Rory would have been better advised – with about a minute’s playing time left – to recycle the ball from the mark so that we could have wound down the clock and emerged from the game with a deserved point. But he went for it, missed, and Kerry worked that late, late chance which David Clifford converted to seal a one-point win for them.

So that’s our unbeaten run in this year’s League campaign gone and our time at the top of the Division One tree is over too. We’re still in a strong position, with the four points we have in the bag, but we’re now in an uncertain place, not knowing if it’s a League final or relegation that we’re trying hardest to avoid. I guess how we get on against Tyrone up at Healy Park this night week will bring greater clarity to that particular conundrum.

Mayo: Colm Reape (0-1, free); Jack Coyne, David McBrien, Donnacha McHugh; Sam Callinan (0-2), Rory Brickenden, Eoghan McLaughlin; Jack Carney, Diarmuid O’Connor (0-1); Bob Tuohy (0-1), Fergal Boland (0-3), Jordan Flynn (0-1); Aidan O’Shea, Tommy Conroy, Ryan O’Donoghue (0-5, two frees). Subs: Darren McHale (0-1) for O’Shea, Enda Hession for McLaughlin, Stephen Coen for McBrien, Cillian O’Connor for Tuohy, Ciarán Boland for Conroy.

Who was our MOTM against Kerry? Pick your top three performers

  • Sam Callinan (23%, 583 Votes)
  • Fergal Boland (21%, 527 Votes)
  • Ryan O'Donoghue (21%, 525 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (11%, 289 Votes)
  • Rory Brickenden (5%, 119 Votes)
  • Jordan Flynn (5%, 116 Votes)
  • Jack Coyne (2%, 61 Votes)
  • David McBrien (2%, 52 Votes)
  • Colm Reape (2%, 52 Votes)
  • Jack Carney (1%, 29 Votes)
  • Donnacha McHugh (1%, 29 Votes)
  • Tommy Conroy (1%, 27 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (1%, 25 Votes)
  • Bob Tuohy (1%, 20 Votes)
  • Eoghan McLaughlin (1%, 16 Votes)
  • Ciaran Boland (1%, 14 Votes)
  • Enda Hession (0%, 9 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (0%, 8 Votes)
  • Darren McHale (0%, 7 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,194

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66 thoughts on “Kerry 0-16 Mayo 0-15: we almost got something from this one

  1. TC and AOS not cutting the mustard…we need Conroy taking on players and scoring.

    AOS should be an impact sub for rest of league..too old and slow to be seen as first choice FF…and he never scores.

    Fuming with Brickenden over the mark..should have recycled.

    The 2 points we got against Dublin were taken back tonight.

    Jury still out on Carney in midfield..needs to be more consistent.

    Annoys me the way Kerry were classed as superior and had an off night. If we missed their wides it would be seen as typical Mayo wastefulness. We’re not far behind them.

    All said more creativity is required up remains our biggest weakness.

    Towey deserves more game time.

  2. Also annoying that 4 Kerry scores came from hand passes not coming off and Kerry winning 2 of our kick outs in the last minutes.

    One other thing- it’s a plus not to be giving up goal chances however..we’re not creating them either!

  3. Final Whistle pod is now up as well! It’s Rob with me, along with Danny Carey on it and we’ve match analysis from Lee Keegan and Mick Foley, with post-match reaction from Kevin McStay.

  4. A few thoughts.

    Result is not a big deal but a draw would have been nice and all but confirmed our D1 status. Brickenden was daft to call a mark, total panic.

    Boland, once again, sticking it to McStay. It’s embarassing now.

    Ryan is all over the shop. Very poor wides, giving away frees, but still the most dangerous inside forward Mayo have. On that note, Tommy C is struggling.

    Cillian looked so slow out there. Winter football doesn’t suit him but Towey deserved to be on ahead of him.

    Carney with another very quiet performance. Not sure he’ll ever develop to be a lead player. We’re badly struggling for height at midfield. Bob needs to go in there for our kickouts more often.

    Good to have Hession back. Will be an addition next weekend with Paddy.

    Kerry are definitely better than Mayo. Only Mayo’s halfback like trumps any of Kerry’s lines. But if David gets injured it evens it all up. He is a class apart.

  5. I’d agree with others who pointed out that there was more zip and structure to our forward play when Aido was hooked.

    It’s McStays biggest issue now in my opinion, what to do with him, a big name in the dressing room, underperforming, and McStay continuing to start him. And given his really poor attitude coming off, Aido has no intention of being a sub. At least McStay did make that decision tonight.

  6. @liberal, not even close to being an issue. Mayo’s lack of midfield ball winners. Tommy Conroy’s lack of form. Jack Carney’s inability to influence a game. Reape’s poor kickouts when onder pressure. Keeping Enda Hession fit. They are real concerns.

  7. Decent result for Mayo given that Kerry basically played a championship team and still only scraped a 1-point win against 14, bit embarrassing for them really but we probably should be flattered that they felt the need to roll out the big guns for us. Shame it was The Holy One that got the winner as the fawning over him is frankly nauseating. As is the immediate pile-on that Aidan gets after every loss by Mayo people, maybe take a day off. Refereeing was shocking but that’s not new news.

  8. I would disagree with west Kerry on the referee .although it may not have been the difference.the yellow cards handed out to Sam callinan and Kerry’s diarmaid o Connor are can there be the same sanction for those two offences .

  9. Plenty of positives again.
    No goal conceded for the third game in a row. A good habit for us to get into. We aren’t wide open like we were last season.
    Sam at 6 I thought was very good. Two soft yellows if ever I saw them.
    Boland continues to impress.

    If I’m honest I thought we might get a hiding tonight but we were a kick of a ball away from taking them down. We have some quality players to return. Paddy,Enda,Mattie and James Carr would most likely be in the starting line up. Cillian will get more minutes when the time is right.
    Was there any word on Paddy?

  10. I see in the article that Rory would have been better to recycle from the mark and also a few comments earlier saying the same.

    I stand corrected but my belief is that the advanced mark rule obliges the person calling the mark to take the shot, so Rory had no choice but to go for it, again I stand corrected and I’m sure someone on here could clarify.

  11. We should have been a lot cuter at the end and kept hold of the ball to make sure we had the last play in the game. Recycled it for a few minutes to ensure we came away with at least a draw.
    We could very easily have been sat on 6 points tonight

  12. Kerry deserved their win in the end or be it required a late bit of magic from Clifford. They were a lot harder to beat and score against than the May meeting in killarney. If the objective if to avoid a league final then that defeat could play a big part in it as Kerry v Derry will now be favourites to play in the Div 1 show piece.

  13. Punch to the head equates to a tug of the Jersey. Both yellow cards as per the referee this evening. I’m totally confused by the referee and players should expect consistency in decisions. Good performance but hard to pick out any outstanding players. Easier to pick under performing players.

  14. Jeez it’s a good job we beat Galway and Dublin before losing to an injury time point away to the All Ireland champions whilst down to 14 men for the last quarters. Otherwise it would be very negative altogether . Christ almighty .

  15. I wouldn’t be one bit bothered by the result. I still think Sean o shea is overrated. We struggled ar midfield. Think Tommy should come out to the half forward line. Aos and cillian have a lot of football played Time to look out for a proper target man inside.

  16. @highorlow. A mark can be a shot at goal or a pass so the option was there. @westkerry.the ref was leaning towards kerry all night. I enjoy your posts and sometimes if no time to read all posts i scroll looking for yours as i find them usually balanced but don’t take the opinions about the ref as excuses because we made enough mistakes ourselves to make it harder and could have snatched a draw despite the ref. I don’t agree with some here regarding some kerry players needing more than a yellow card as in most cases a high tackle is usually yellow otherwise they’re would be 5 or 6 send off in every game.

  17. @km79.i must get my tv checked because Dublin won the all ireland on mine. Seriously though I agree with your points. It’s a good league for mayo so far with 3 games played and no goals conceded and not even many chances coughed up so heading in the right direction in my opinion.

  18. We were blitzing teams out of it this time last year lost the tempo no one can keep it up..

    We are in a good place beat dubs not playing our best could well have beaten kerry tonight clean sheat no goals in..

    Lots to work on and missing some key players we are in much better place then this time last year…

  19. Thanks “No doubt”, good to have refs posting here to clarify rules.

    Every day is a school day, I was full sure a mark was different to a free and had to be a shot at goal.

  20. Cant understand why Aiden is not used as a target man with Ryan feeding of him and Tommy running from deep. He has no other use. Boland is a revelation at 11 but we dont have a competitive midfield. Defensively we are sound but Im not convinced about our goalie

  21. This time last year we were cruising or so we thought. We thought Loftus could play 6. We thought boland wasn’t good enough to make the panel……some men thought he couldn’t break a tackle…. Well he did tonight and kicked with accuracy as usual. Not sure what or where hessian s role when he came in. There was alot of square passing and back and kerry were at it too. I was as surprised as fitzmorris that they didn’t launch a few rocket s into Clifford. Overall I’m happy with mayo in February. But midfield and full forward line needs attention. Diarmuid was good tonight for first match back. We will have to look at towy and a few more. I thought Bob struggled again tonight a bit. Sean o shea may have captain Ed kerry… So did ambrose o Donovan in 85. Flaherty in 97. Neither were the best I’ve seen in a green and gold Jersey.

  22. Overall 4 points from first three games is a decent return. Agree that we are learning more this year than last and hopefully will be reflected in our 2024 championship performance. As of now, I am more impressed with our league performance this year as I always felt last year that we were flattering to deceive l.

    Defensively we are showing improvement and to be fair, some of our attacking play was not bad, in particular the intricate passing and movement when Kerry had plenty players back.

    No doubt, our middle third link play requires more work but I am sure that this is being worked on.

    Next week will be a different challenge but I think important that we get something out of it. In terms of our remaining games, Derry and then Tyrone are on paper the more difficult games, and would be good from a confidence perspective to get 1 or 2 points from these games.

  23. Where was paul towey tonight? Aidan and cillian hardly need any more experience. It would be time enough to bring them back in the last 2 rounds of league or even connacht

  24. Aidan and Cillian would be better off lifting weights for explosive power yesterday. Right now they are too slow to be effective at division one inter county level.

  25. I’ve flagged already but clear to see from several posts here that I’m not alone in my concern over our midfield. We really struggle to dominate. It’s such a key area of influence. Flynn had a good year last year, it was his ‘breakthrough’ in many respects. His form so far has been patchy at best. I’d be hopeful he’ll peak come championship but it’s not like he’s some leading player for us for years, I’d have thoughts he’d be really out to dominate around the middle for us in this years league, but he hasn’t. Carney is more of a concern. I’ve watched him closely over the last year. Shows flashes of potential but little consistency and has never played to level where you can say, yeah he really dominated the centre and had a strong positive influence on play. His 2nd half against Dublin was his best yet in a Mayo senior jersey, but he went missing in action again last night and I’ve not seen anywhere near enough from him to be landing a starting jersey in championship when everyone is fit. A rusty Diarmuid, was streets ahead of them last night and Mattie, who can fluctuate from being class to anonymous, would also be a very strong contender because at least he has proven that he can m, on his day, be a match winner. All the best teams have match winners in midfield. At the moment, Mayo are having to rely on our HB line; ie Paddy Durcan more than we should.

    Last night. Thought Cillian should have started. Everyone knows he needs minutes. I’d agree Towey needs more time. There remains a huge question mark over him and sitting on a bench would remedy that. I’d be starting him next 3 games and saying, you’re gonna play minimum 60 mins. Show us what you can do. Like others, I can’t understand why Sam started or played as long as he did.

    The positives from last night; mentally we kept going and when we played well, which was just patches of the 2nd half we showed we can beat them. We were better last night than we were against Dublin, ironically enough! Players who stood up, Coyne, Sam, Boland, Diarmuid..McB did ok and Brick too, ok. Nothing stellar. Rod mixed good moments with bad. His shooting was iffy. Again, league in Feb but for me, I’d be really watching our middle section. We need a lot more there.

  26. And before anyone says Flynn is half forward, you know my point. He is a key player in our middle third. That’s where he operates regardless where it’s 9 or 12 on his back.

    Anyone know how it’ll be before Ruane is playing?

    Bob is an interesting one. Still young and just 3 games in to the league, but he seemed to be going better last year. Was easily muscled off a few balls in the 1st half last night. Looking at him, he doesn’t appear to have bulked much from 12 months ago. He’s a fella with good potential. Hope he has a solid 2024.

  27. Reape looked nice and solid last night……Pulled off a great save and contributed a nice long point from placed ball…a good night’s work.

  28. The sports science tells us those who do really well in cross country will never be explosive or strong enough for field sports. They’ve already converted the adaptable muscle fibers in the slow twitch direction. Donie Vaughan, great servant but he was slow over 10 yards and it wasn’t fixable. But, we’re Mayo and stamina is number one looking at our players builds.
    Look at young Cillian Burke already strong enough and big man legs on him.

  29. We don’t have a midfielder on the panel with the height and physique to dominate a midfield .it’s an ongoing problem.I would agree there were alot of positives to take from the game and if we had snatched a draw it would have been a great result considering Kerry always looked like winning it in second half.diarmaid o Connor was excellent in his first game back scoring one of his trademark points which we haven’t seen for a while.Sam callinan very effective but definitely should have been called ashore earlier.Rory brickenden did a decent job on Clifford allowing for the amount of space left in front of him .the free against brickenden in first half was poor refereeing.Clifford clearly starts the dragging and the ref turns around and sees the end of it .he has to be looking at the entire incident before he can make that call besides giving yellow cards for slight tugs on a jersey and getting himself caught in the middle of passing moves .As usual there is no reason to panic nor is there any reason to be screeching mayo for Sam .we will probably hear about Tommy conroys injury forty more times today but there may be other reasons for his lack of form .as someone suggested there may be an issue with his kicking technique but we can’t keep relying on Ryan o Donaghue to do most of the for Aidan o Shea it’s a hard call now .it just isn’t working.I would hate to see such a great players career slowly fizzling out

  30. We are a good bit off where we were at this stage last year & that’s a good thing. So that’s a positive.

    Defence has work to do, but we haven’t been wide open for goals like we were last year. So that’s a positive.

    Still need to find something consistent in attack to break teams down when the game slows down, but presumably we are working on that in house.

    The match ups were a bit peculiar to my eye. But again it’s early in year & perhaps we didn’t want to show our hand.

    Still need to find a ball winner in the middle when things get tight & you need an out ball. I think Carney may develop into that in time, but not sure if he’s there yet.

  31. There’s a definite shortage of ball winning midfielders in the county. Carney plucked one in the 2nd half v Dublin. Great to see, but it’s something we very rarely see from him. He needs 2 or 3 of those every match. Our midfield were beaten hands down on restarts in Salthill last year in championship and only for Diarmuid, we’d have lost that game. You can’t win an All Ireland unless you’ve got lads in the middle who can control proceedings. It’s the engine room.

  32. @Mayonaze. I agree , we won’t win an Al Ireland anytime soon going on our midfield the last few games or even last year.
    We never found a replacement for Tom Parsons, that nobody’s fault, they are just not there at the moment.
    In the meantime I’m enjoying us being competitive and watching the panel develop for championship.
    No All Ireland in us but we will rattle a few this year

  33. I think things are developing nicely, am impressed with all the younger guys, a special mention for Brickenden, this guy has improved hugely since he played for Mayo last year or maybe even two years ago.

  34. Thought Rory Brickendon, Sam C, Jack Coyne were so solid as young, unexperienced backs against a very experienced forward line, well done all the defenders.
    D Clifford is some player 100%, but it was nausating, insulting & cring worthy the introduction of the Kerry forwards by the PR.
    Clifford gets easy calls from refs, he is not precious. He more or less dictated to the ref to blow the game up pointing to his watch after last score.
    Every county is proud of their players,
    Kerry stalwarts telling us they are petrified either Cliffords will get injured & they will then be in serious trouble.
    Well done Mayo boys & management, lost but felt very positive.

  35. Couldn’t travel, so the telly had to do. Always take it badly when we lose, don’t care what the circumstances are.

    Our unforced errors are very frustrating – same with the Dublin match. How many Kerry scores came off our misplaced passes? Conditions looked bad enough – some got it very hard to hold their footing. And we were back to the ponderous build up, compared to Kerry who looked more direct, although their finishing was poor enough.

    Still, 15 points is decent. Good to see Callinan get a brace, Reape’s free was outstanding, as was Diarmuid’s effort, and Darren McHale got a nice one. We took the fight to Kerry when we were a man down and could have nicked it.

    Tyrone will be tricky – next week we could be on 4 from 4.

  36. Interesting that 2 contributors here from outside the county – West Kerry and Tuamstar – have commented that AOS is not good enough to start. A lot of people within the county feel the same. Is he going to be the Conor Loftus of 2024 where everyone except the management see its not working yet persist with it. If Aidan was shaking his head coming off it should have been because he was so disappointed with his own performance or he was wondering why he wasn’t taken off earlier.
    For Omagh I’d like to see the following forward line: Tommy, Boland and Flynn in hf line and Towey, Bob Tuohy and RoD inside. Tuohy is big man, can score and has a good footballing brain. Definitely worth a try at ff

  37. MartyK. I thought Colm Reepe panicked a lot when
    The pressure was put on his kick outs. Just like he did against Dublin last years Quarter final. The one save he made was a poorly struck shot by Clifford. He did kick a good score in the second half, from left hand side. But the wining of our own kick outs has become very important now . Essentially against the Kerry and Dublins.Our half backs and Midfield have to give him a better option by moving around the place.

  38. Have to say id have taken a 1 point defeat during the week. Still a tiny bit disappointed we didn’t hold out for the draw at the end. But when you look at it, to come back with 14 men against Kerry in Tralee, who were gunning for the win, its a good sign of any team tbh.

    I think I have to lower my expectations of Tuohy. I know he’s raw and in experienced, but he just looks a bit lacksy daisy all the time. Someone posted here before that he has no aggression at all, have to say its starting to look that way. I really want him to succeed. He may need more time than I thought.

    Boland proves me wrong every game, so fair play to him, really liked his second point. Onlty coughed up posession once which is good.

    Still have doubts about Reape, when pressure comes on (like championship) he skews a few kick outs all the time, not all his fault but he does visibly panick. Im advocating for Hennelly to get minutes the last 3 games, really needs game time now because I think he will be needed this summer.

    Not going to say anything negative about Brickenden. Felt nothing but sorry for the lad, left isolated on Clifford, 4 days after a sigerson final, shocking stuff by management. You’d hope that if we meet this summer our defensive set up will be different.

    Biggest positive was DOC, Hession and McHale getting minutes. Thats what the league is all about. On to Onagh we go.

  39. It’s a bit too early to be writing off players ye need to take the following into account.

    Different teams, ie Kerry and Dubs play fast football, some current Mayo players may not be suited in those games but certainly can do a job against all the other teams, Derry included.

    A note from yesterday,
    some Mayo forwards seemed to be wearing the wrong cogs as were slipping when turning.
    Mayo need to improve on winning the breaking ball in midfield area.

    I nearly prefer a midfielder breaking the ball to those around him nearly than catching it above his head.

    Mayo need to clog up the channels and not allow DC to have acres of space to win that ball.

    We don’t need to be in a league final.

  40. Positives – Callinan, Boland, Coyne, DOC played very well. Flynn, McBrien, Brickenden also put in good shifts. McStay looks to have built a really solid defensive set-up after being cut open at will last year. And Mayo look to be taking it easier for this time of year, we need to save our prime for June/July, not February/March. Can’t get over how much Callinan has improved from last year. He’ll be like a Durcan/Keegan type of player that’ll drive us on for a decade.

    Negatives – Persisting with AOS as a starter/forward. I need say no more other than, 3 games, 0 scores. On the flip side, dropping a natural 2 footed forward in Towey. He’s young, he needs minutes and experience. Bizarre not even bringing him off the bench. We’re over-reliant on Boland and ROD for scoring so far. Against Dublin, besides Boland and ROD, our starting forwards got 0-2 from play. Same again tonight.

    Overall, an error-strewn match, but the team is gelling well. Having DOC, Durcan, Hession back will turn us into a hard beat team.

  41. @KM79 I agree about James Carr he is the obvious option for a target man/ball winner inside, he is a big strong man and fast and more importantly a two footed scoring forward. When he is fit he has to be tried in there and quality ball kicked into him.

  42. @KM79: From Kevin McStay after the Dublin game… Mattie Ruane and Pádraig O’Hora were pushing for inclusion against Kerry along with Diarmuid and Enda.

    James Carr – “He’s a little bit further off because he had knee surgery but he’s out on the field which is good. It’s a hard slog for him I’ve got to say and he’s trying to get himself back in contention but we’d expect to see him in National League. Game 4 or game 5 something like that.”

    So we might potentially see him vs Tyrone or Roscommon if all goes to plan (Derry or Monaghan probably a little more likely).

    Paddy’s calf they hadn’t done a scan on yet but they don’t expect it would keep him out next week (sounded like even this week was precaution… and rightly so) and David McBrien was apparently just cramp so no significant injury worries there.

  43. Shame about RB mark at the end .. we looked leaderless not a clue what to do ..needed to recycle it run down the clock and have a shot in dying seconds ..we were guaranteed a draw and might have snatched late victory again. Darren Mc Hale provided an option for a short pass but RB had decided to reluctantly kick by then ..
    No criticism of RB though .. lost Sigerson Cup final during the week and then marking DC ..
    Both he and SC should only have played half a game

  44. Tuohy is making a few mistakes but he did win a turnover in the first half which led to aido tipping the ball on for Ryan’s point. Also got an assist and a point in the 2nd half.

    A lot of people praising Coyne’s performance but he was well beaten by paudi Clifford.

    Mayo1992 – we got 8 points from play out of our forwards and another one off the bench. Five different forwards scoring. If we could get that return consistently I’d be happy.

  45. The most disappointing thing in those last remaining minutes when we had possession was that Kerry to me looked out on their feet, they were incapable of putting pressure on the ball and turning us over.

    I hope it’s a learning moment for Brickenden now. He’s been around long enough. He won’t make that mistake again.

  46. The ref gave us very little all night. Look at Kerrys 9th point from Seanie. Moynihan stepped right across Callinan right in front of the ref. Play on.

    I thought we did OK all said. Paddy was a big miss for us and Paudie was the main one to benefit.
    They are lovely to watch at times Kerry but they can be got at no doubt about that.

    We are not a million miles behind the top teams and as we saw last night and the other week against Dublin,if you don’t concede goals then you give yourself a chance in the final stretch.

  47. @Liberal
    No criticism of Brick whatsoever. He had a good game last night and will get better still.
    We should be running the clock at the end and making sure the last play was ours.
    Imagine the Dubs in that position.

    We are a relatively young team learning on the job and our curve is upwards so there is plenty for us to be positive about.

  48. Overall not a bad result. Agree with most on here regarding the ref. Some poor decisions which probably cost us the match in the end. Absolutely nothing we can control regarding that.
    DOC was moving well. Was a positive to see the ball going in long, even though nothing much came off it. You can see the influence of Canney already. When we pulled back level i thought at least a draw in the bag but its Kerry in Tralee. Cliffords looked sharp but Brick had a decent night on David. Great knock on from AOS for ROD but felt he should have went for goal with keeper only back on his line. AOS had another quiet performance and should have been called ashore earlier or introduced as a Super Sub. Jordan had an ok night but not back to his best yet.
    Cillian needs to start and Towey considering its the league. We look more solid as an overall outfit and no goals conceded despite leaving Clifford one on one for alot of the match.
    Would feel if we had Durcan on the pitch, that would have been a one or two point victory.

  49. To be fair to Brickenden, we were a man down at that stage. Its alot harder play keep ball with 14 men. When he couldn’t get the quick one away he was right to have a pop at the posts. He kicked the ball dead at least and gave us a few extra seconds to set up. If that was a championship group game and we really needed a point, we would have started a row before Ryan got that kickout away.

  50. Fairly good game alright but Kerry should have won by 5/6 points. Mayo were very sloppy in first half, fumbling the ball now is getting serious, time to tighten things up, otherwise they played alright.

  51. Wide Ball – I wasn’t criticising our forwards in their entirety. I said we are too reliant on the 2 forwards I named. 2 points from our other 4 starting forwards for 2 games running isn’t a great return. Towey needs a run of games. McHale deserves a start the next day too after his positive impact today.

    You make a good point about Coyne, I thought he was decent at first, but Paudie Clifford was on fire. To be honest, I thought Paudie should’ve got MOTM.

  52. Last night it was commendable the way we played especially after going to down to 14 men. However there is place for a lot of improvement. I think our own kickout is becoming a problem when we go long. Dublin exposed this in the second half of the quarter final last year and I haven’t seen any improvement here, we are far to slow to get around the middle and physically dominate. I agree Aidan was poor again last night and spent too much time out the field, either he stays I side or becomes an impact player, he doesn’t have the legs for out the field and it’s a while since I seen him win clean ball in the middle third. Sure he’s a great tackler but we need more from him. The form of Tommy Conroy is worrying, but I would agree he needs to be stationed in half forward line running at players. Mcstay has a decision here in whether he stations Boland at 10 or 11. Touhy is an option on the kickout at 10., once again he played in patches last night. Eoin Mclaughlin basic skills let him down again last night and you can see he is not long in this game, he brings great energy but seems to switch off far too often and gets caught in two minds. I thought Sam Callinan was excellent again and what a talent. Diarmuid was a great addition last night and is our first choice midfielder, who accompanies him is the next question as Carney not as prolific last night but my opinion he is a midfielder. No sign of Mattie Ruane yet. Once again Brickenden I thought was solid. We did miss Paddy Durcan , who wouldn’t but overall we need just to work on the kickout and I would like to see Hennelly back in for Tyrone.

  53. How can you praise Reape on last nights performance. He cost 4 points from kickouts not to mention a poor kickoff that cost Callinan been sent off too

  54. I thought Diarmuid was very quiet in the first half .
    Amazing how many Mayo folk down in Kerry last night were asking on the well being of Mattie Ruane ..
    I’m quiet pleased that the panel is taking shape and I’m sure get stronger for championship over the rest of the league matches but I’m genuinely worried about mid field .

  55. At the moment, we are a work in progress and I doubt if management have a strong idea of our championship team yet and I would say that there are 3/4 personnel and positions up for grabs. For me,Coyne at 2,McB at 3,Paddy at 5,Sam at 6, Ryan at 15 are nailed on, and I think Carr should be FF. In addition Doc, Jordan, Boland and TC are probably certain starters, with their positions to be sorted out, with the remaining 5 jerseys up for grabs. Hopefully we will see Carr, Plunkett, O’Hora, Mattie,Hession, Towey, Hennelly, E O’Donoghue, McHale, Duffy, Irwin, and maybe a few more, get reasonable game time for the remainder of the league. There are some positives from our campaign so far, but there is plenty of room for improvement. Areas needing attention include kick-outs, midfield and most importantly, our hand and kick passing in the into the final third. I watched the recording of the Dublin game a second time(the first was thro’ a slight haze, due to some celebratory pints on the way home from the game) and the amount of possession we coughed up in attacking positions was shocking, and it was the same yesterday. These turnovers due to sloppy passes, maybe some lack of movement, lack of physicality inside, but I think mostly due to poor, sometimes aimless hand and kick passes to our inside line, are killing us. Possession in the final third represents scoring opportunities and loss of possession transfers the scoring opportunity to the opponent.,a potential 2 point swing each time, at least. I don’t know the stats, but would think that any top team would expect to get a score, at least 3 out of every 5 visits to their attacking third. So 5 turnovers in a game could lead to a 6 point swing against us, and that is the game gone. In the first half against Kerry, I counted 7 such turnovers/losses of possession alone. We need to show a huge improvement here or we are in trouble-it’s not rocket science.

  56. I like the way the lads are going this year. You got the feeling in Tralee they didn’t panic and stuck with a certain few things they were working on regardless of the outcome. I consider coming out of Tralee the way we did still a win. One comment however about Rory’s mark near the end of game. Clearly he was not sure what to do at that point, no men were showing for the ball so he took on the shot quickly. I think that was a time for one of the more experienced heads on the team to have a quite word with Rory (like Cillian did with Ryan in the previous game) and advise him what to do. On that point we still need a left footed free taker on that side.

  57. @GlasagusDearg: Hopefully we’ll see James able to compete soon but possibly a little early for ‘should’ at 14 just yet until we see him back from the surgery and how he’s motoring. I’d agree with all your other probable picks (TC & Boland you’d imagine the least certain depending on needs/matchups) and I’d go a little further to have Carney & Reape as very likely starters too (flexibility means it could be anywhere from 6 to 15 for Jack but he’ll be in there when they can imho, his brain and profile fit perfectly with the style of play they’re going for). So just the 4 (+ lots of changes on injury/form/rotations) less predictable spots on the ‘championship’ 15 for me (which as we know isn’t how the game works out at all and is just me pretty much wasting pixels).

    4 & 7. Brickenden/Hession/McHugh/Coen/McLaughlin/Plunkett/PO’H/EO’D/McDonnell – You’d imagine giving us enough competition for a solid option on defensive spots, competition for starters and cover for any knocks/injuries along the way. Impossible to ever replace a Paddy/Sam/David with like for like but you’d not be overly worried about most the options we do have there coming in when needed. You’d expect Brick will be favourite for a 4 role and a nearly impossible to predict straight shootout between Hession/McLaughlin/Coen/McHugh on 7 (Hession my own personal favourite but pros to all the lads).

    8 or 10. Ruane/Tuohy/Reid/Murphy/Irwin/Duffy – A little lighter on options around that other midfield/half forward spot if we get a few injuries. You’d love to see Mattie getting his top form back, Bob to continue his fantastic development and really claim one (no doubt he has the potential for it & continually moving in the right direction, even with a few slips against Kerry) or someone like young Duffy to be making an impact with his powerful running off the bench. I could see us easily turning to lads like McBrien/Callinan/McLaughlin/Coen/McHale/RO’D/TC/Carr to help fill gaps and solve problems throughout the year around here depending on form/needs. I’d be backing Mattie to regain his spot and give opposition a real handful to deal with (crossing my fingers and toes I’m right) but wouldn’t be at all worried seeing Bob getting plenty of time this year.

    14. Aidan/CO’C/McHale/Carr/Towey/McStay – If we can get lads confident and in form you’d expect an inside line of RO’D/Tommy and any of those listed to cause havoc… just a question of managing to hit that form. The inside line aren’t getting nearly enough help from the rest of the team (Tommy’s confidence is pretty shot the last 12 months and against Kerry we hit his toes or ankles with easy passes time and time again) but mid February is the time you’d hope for that type of problem rather than mid June. With 4 more rounds to run you’d expect us to be able to clear the dirty fuel and have the inside clicking a little more often & more consistently. We’re finally running the type of hybrid kicking game so many of us have been crying out for for years…. we’re just doing it with a patchy running game and a very poor kicking game at the minute (which again is really hurting the confidence inside). If we actually get it to click it should be great fun to watch. Hoping Cillian grabs a hold of that spot with both hands in the next few games, though excited to see what McHale can bring if he can string an injury free year together (he’s badly due a run of luck).

  58. JR2 what’s the cost of alternatives now or past?
    Some bad kicks Saturday alright, but nailed the long range free. And is more comfortable outfield than most which is clearly a requirement from management as is current trends. Also at games he’s a clear communicator to the backs when listening to.
    We also seem to have very little work done on kick out strategy again this year, which given the lack of fielders we have v previous teams of recent times is disappointing.
    Would argue that while kick for Sam’s second yellow was poor, Management shouldn’t have had Sam still out there given fatigued and on yellow.

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