6 thoughts on “Kerry 3-16 Mayo 3-13: undone in extra-time

  1. My gratitude to James and Mayo players for tbe excitment, anticipation and sheer joy they have given to this Mayo man over the past 4 yrs.

  2. Gutted. So gutted. For the lads, the backroom team, for James Horan, and for us. Angry, sickened, at Reilly’s performance. Immensely proud, but ultimately gutted. Destroyed, in fact. Will take a while to get over this.

    But we will.

  3. Haven’t read the other comments on the main thread of the match just yet, just not ready for it right now.

    Sick, on a par with last September.

    But I’m still fierce proud of our lads.
    They gave it everything. The ref was a bollocks (although he was equally shite on pretty much all his decisions), but sure that’s the way it forever seems to go with us.

    I do feel it’s the end of an era now with James Horan, can’t see him staying on.
    And you know what, I wouldn’t blame him. Some of the shite that man has had to put up with has been nothing short of fucking disgraceful.
    If he does go, he goes with my complete and utter heartfelt thanks for dragging Mayo football back from the brink and regaining our pride and passion.
    I’ll never forget Longford in 2010 and the journey we’ve been on ever since.

    Yeah I know we haven’t won we all so desperately want, but I’ve had some of my proudest moments following Mayo over the past 4 years.

    So thank you James and those proud lads that have represented us.

    We’re not done yet lads and lassies
    The only players that might not be back are Dillon and A Moran (two players that owe us nothing), apart from that are there any other players even in their 30’s?

    We’ll be back next year, sure it’s what we do isn’t it? Hon Mayo

  4. Was unlucky enough to be beside Kerry Fans whose behaviour and language validate Paidi O Se’s statement that Kerry Supporters were effin animals.
    4 Women were worst with no consideration for who was around them.
    Come on Dublin and remind these ungrateful so called fans that Kerry’s famine must continue for a few more years until they start to appreciate success again.

  5. Kerry were way better than us all over the field, they deserved to win, we got to face facts,

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