Kerry game confirmed for Killarney on Saturday week at 3pm

The GAA have this afternoon confirmed fixture details for the first round of All-Ireland SFC group stage matches the weekend after next. Our Group 1 game against Kerry has been fixed for Saturday week (20th May) in Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, where throw-in will be 3pm. The match will be streamed live on GAA GO.

215 thoughts on “Kerry game confirmed for Killarney on Saturday week at 3pm

  1. Will be a great game. I expect Kerry to win by a few pints,but we will then avoid them till final.
    Any gamblers on this website?
    After Mayo beaten by Roscommon in semi,Ladbrokes had Galway to win Connacht at 4/5. Roscommon at 9/1. So stuck a few grand on Galway and a few hundred on Rossies knowing I couldn’t lose. Bet accepted. But no money in my Ladbrokes account today 24 hours after result. They normally pay out straightaway. . Any others with this problem?

  2. @John Duffy, Looks like a wrong odds issued case @4/5. I don’t know their policy on that or if you’ve message on email you didn’t see.
    Suprised Roscommon were 9/1 also.
    They all look like odds prior to championship starting that did not get updated.

  3. At least the game throws in at a sensible time for those of us doing round trip on the day. Kerry not tested yet and we don’t know what Mayo team will show up on the day or where we are at as regards our injured players. It’s like the start of a new season after such a long break. I think it will be a cagey affair with Kerry wanting to put us back in our box after the league defeat. It’s not knock out so we won’t be showing our full hand this early in the new format. Or neither will Kerry. A draw would suit both teams.

  4. I think it’s a disgrace that alot of people who don’t have access to GAA Go can’t see the game, unless pay a 70 euro subscription. Pure and Utter greed from the GAA, the same as a preliminary quarter final , a money making spinner. It’s taking the good out of the game and now the average Joe Soap can’t even watch the game.

  5. Any update on David McBrien and Enda Hession , need them back badly to mark the 2 Cliffs??

  6. @ John Duffy,we will avoid Kerry in the quarter finals but semi finals are an open draw.

  7. Loads of these games were never broadcast.
    The organisation won’t raise the money it needs in a 2024 world off of simply ticket prices and a pittance from Rte.
    Every GAA cost is up, this is not some lobbying share listed energy utility with a trapped consumer base.
    There is literally no other sport with the same standard of facilities in every town and village across Ireland.
    If the revenues stall the costs and investment needed won’t be met.

  8. I meant to phrase it that there is no other sport world wide with such a standard and amount of high quality local facilities.

  9. JP
    Ladbrokes odds were quoted the same as before Mayo were knocked out. A mistake on their part. Rossies were 9/1 before Mayo game. Galway 4/5 and they remained the same after Mayo were beaten. So an obvious mistake.
    As a gambler,I gambled,but if it was wrong,why didn’t Ladbrokes return money to my account. If they did,I would have gambled on Galway winning Connacht in other bookies at 4/9.
    So,I would eventually have won money.
    Now,I don’t know what Ladbrokes are at.
    I assume other gamblers noticed same anomaly,so trying to hook up with them. I am sure a lot of Mayo fans with Ladbrokes accounts took same path backing both Galway and Roscommon at those great odds.
    By the way,this is Ladbrokes online and I didn’t get any message or email from them.

  10. Odds were wrong but if they accepted your bet online you will have proof and as far as I’m aware they have to pay out . What usually happens in my experience(nly once )they pay out and then send you a message saying they made a mistake and it would be appreciated if the winnings were returned along with a link on how to Return winnings . Obviously I returned the winnings , yeah right .

  11. Bookies don’t slip up very often and God knows Mayo have been good to them.
    Have a look at ‘settled bets’ and see what they say there

  12. The Round Robin only gets rid of 4 teams which is a farce and a money making racket for the GAA.
    The top 2 teams in each group should go into the quarter finals but clearly it’s all done to create revenue and fat salaries and expenses for the elite at the top.
    The GAA get a huge amount of tax payers money so the very least the public should know are the salaries and expenses of the top brass. Does anyone know if they are published.

  13. If I’m right in thinking that Mayo have played a challenge this weekend against one of the third seeds (or maybe fourth), then it’s likely to have been a belter, which should leave Mayo and indeed Tyrone and Monaghan (possibly Donegal too) in good fettle for their first group matches. This would be in contrast to Kerry and Galway (and possibly Dublin) who have had games with little competitiveness.

    In other words I think our prep will have been good – doesn’t guarantee anything of course, but keep winning matches and we will have a good lead in rather than a three week run of games, which second and third placed teams will have to endure.

  14. @John Duffy. I doubt you will get the pay out but I hope you do.

    Back when I used to have a bet the rules fiasco was infuriating.

    I remember betting on a US basketball team years ago. I did them +1 point.
    Game ended up tied and I was delighted I had done them +1.
    There was no money paid in to my account.
    When I enquired the following day I was told that foreign sports couldn’t be decided on a tie at normal time and so my +1 didn’t count at that stage, and so, the only way my +1 point could have come in to play is if the basketball game was tied at full time and at the end of the first period of extra time and tied again at the end of the second period of extra time. I mean, that +1 odds bet shouldn’t have been up as a bet at all as it would have taken a miracle for the game to be tied at full time and also through 2 overtimes.

    I kind of got my own back on another bookie on a different occasion.

    I had done a four team soccer accum.

    I noticed that the first game had tipped off 5 minutes before I placed the bet.
    I explained before presenting my slip that I had placed the bet 5 minutes after the first (early) game had kicked off.
    The bookie was adamant then, that the 4 team accum was void and that I could only be paid for the treble. The late kick off could not be counted in the bet.
    I asked sheepishly, were they sure that I couldn’t get the 4 team accum payout.
    ” No ” they told me. ” Your bet is only a treble at this stage “.

    ” Great ” I said. The first team I picked, that they had scrapped from the bet had been beaten 2 -1 and they had to pay me out the treble.

    They were a little angry that I had got them to agree to the payout before they knew that the team they were scrapping from the bet had actually been beaten.

  15. Lots of people criticising GAA and GAAGo and they have a point to a certain extent. Hurling people are especially raging as a lot of excellent hurling matches have been on gaago and they claim it’s done to promote this pay per view channel. However there were similar gripes when Sky had the games over the past few years. You won’t have to pay 70€ to see Mayo v Kerry. You can get it for 12€. In fact if you bought the gaago package it works out at roughly 2€ per game. That is some value. Having said that I do have sympathy for those living in areas with poor internet and also those who may not be comfortable with IT and digital media. Some people are also having issues with going to club games where cash is not being accepted at the gate and tickets have to be purchased on line in advance. Back to the coverage of games on TV , when I was a young fella the only live games on TV were the All Ireland semi finals and finals. Now there are loads of games televised every week from underage to ladies to senior men’s. And while money is tight at the moment the price of the gaago package is good value. Were you to travel to Killarney the price of tickets, food and fuel (for car and person) would be a lot more than 70€. As for it being a farce that only one team in each group gets knocked out in the round robin, I will reserve judgement on that. We might yet be glad of that rule. A loss to either Cork or Louth/ Dublin would send us packing and I’d prefer to be in a preliminary quarter final than watching eight other counties playing games minus Mayo.

  16. @to win just once. Pay 70€ for what ?

    We already pay 160€ or is it 180€ already for a TV lisence.

    With the ” no coverage ” shenanigans of the gaa and the ” pricey tickets ” the top brass are obviously unaware of the amount of damage they are doing to our games.

  17. That’s a lot of sense you’ve spoken in one post there to win just once. Pity Donal Og and few others wouldn’t do similar.

  18. @to win just once, great post there. Agree with everything you said re: gaa go. Sky end their coverage, and now the bandwagon switches to raging about gaa go. Its a brilliant service, and as rightly pointed out, its only 12 euro to watch Mayo v Kerry, I can gurauntee you if their was no gaa go, people would be going mentle about not being able to watch the game at home. It has quality commentators (Mike Finnerty) and good pundits, brilliant service.

  19. RTE can only show a certain amount of Gaa. Other sports have to be catered for. Problem will be solved in a few years when the Gaa have their own tv channel .Until then lets enjoy whats on. Cheaper than Sky .

  20. There’s an awful lot of noise surrounding gaelic games out there at the moment. GaaGO is what it is and to make profit they have to show the big games behind the pay wall if it is to exist successfully as a business model. With all due respect not many would have paid to see the Galway v Sligo or Clare v Kerry games yesterday. It doesn’t mean it’s right but that’s the lay of the land with RTE and the GAA right now.
    There’s a sense among many that the football championship is not going to start in ernest until the 20th of May. I know there are some old school die hards out there but the provincials have had their day and a lot I have spoken are simply willing them to be over this year so we can get onto the group games and quickly.

  21. New pod up now on Patreon, in which Mike chats with Michael Moyles, manager of the Mayo women’s football team, who yesterday won the Connacht title, beating Galway.

  22. Don’t think the Round Robin will be similar next year. Far too many games and with 3 outs ie a team can now lose 3 times once in their Provincial and twice in Round Robin and still win an All Ireland it won’t get exciting until knock out stage. Also as there are so many games it’s not possible for RTE to show all top games like previous years. Our game against Kerry is clashing with Heineken Cup Final. Can’t remember an occasion ever before where Mayo were due to play Kerry in Championship and very little excitement less than 2 weeks away from kick off. The 2 Provincial Finals on RTE yesterday were a borefest there was more excitement in 5 minutes of the Munster Hurling game Cork v Tipp on Saturday night. Roll on the Pre Qualifier Stage when the serious stuff only begins and there’s no more back doors. Will be interesting to see how many of the round Robin games are a sell out. There’s 2 Munster Hurling Championship games on 21st May and both will be a sell out so fair play RTE are showing both those games.

  23. Perhaps some clarity here is needed re “powers that be”.. the GAA is a volunteer led organisation, assisted by professional staff.. ever single decision, major or other, is pretty much passed by GAA Ard Comhairle.. obviously things are prepared for Ard Comhairle etc by various committees and the likes, but ultimately its AC that says yes or no.. (this is outside of the business of Congress).. so who’s AC.. the volunteer chairs of County boards, the president etc etc the key thing here is its only the volunteers who have a vote.. the professional staff have no vote.. same as Congress..
    Now none of us are naive enough to think there isn’t politics going on by both professionals and volunteers! But, if your that pissed, then through your club delegates get a complaint made to the county chair and that goes to AC.. if enough agree with your chair, something changes.. if not, it won’t.. that’s democracy in action.
    That’s the process pretty much.. its not a secret, its well known if you get anyways involved in GAA administration.
    As someone said earlier look at the facilities the GAA has up and down the country.. look at all the staff around the country.. look at international GAA which is getting bigger and bigger.. however, responsibility is getting worse.. safeguarding, good governance etc all cost to train volunteers so we meet best practice and then qualify for government grants.. I don’t have the exact figures to hand but say the GAA raise 80m profit, something like 75m goes straight out to the various elements.. hence why we were in bother during covid re staffing as we don’t have a pot of gold.. its all sent around the place to keep all towns and villages addicted to the GAA!
    Iv always been bemused as to why some GAA people feel something should be given for nothing.. perhaps look at the wider picture and you will see more of the pieces that make up the GAA.
    P. S I don’t work for the GAA!!!!

  24. Mayo vs Kerry Match ups:
    Shane Ryan
    Jason Foley/Aidan O’Shea
    Dylan Casey/James Carr
    Tom O’Sullivan/ Ryan O’Donoghue

    Tadhg Morley

    Graham O’Sullivan/Jordan Flynn
    Gavin White/ Paddy Durcan

    Diarmuid O’connor/Jack Carney
    Jack Barry/Matthew Ruane

    Dara Moynihan/ Sam Callinan
    Sean O’Shea/ Diarmuid O’Connor
    Paudie Clifford/ Enda Hession

    Conor Loftus

    Tony Brosnan/Jack Coyne
    David Clifford/David McBrien
    Paul Geaney/Padraig O’Hora

    Kerry Subs: Paul Murphy, Killian Spillane, Ruairi Murphy, Stephen O’brien, Adrian Spillane, Michael Burns, Brian O’Bealoigh

    Mayo Subs: Cillian O’Connor, Tommy Conroy, Bob Tuohy, Eoghan Mcgloughlin, Jason Doherty, Kevin Mcgloughlin, Michael Plunkett, Rory Byrne, Darren McHale, Stephen Coen, Donnacha McHugh, Paul Towey, Fionn McDonagh,

  25. WJ- would you be able to clear up whether we can meet Kerry again in the semis. Some people say it’s an open draw but I believe Connacht and Munster are paired i.e. winners of Galway and Kerry groups.

  26. Many of us have travelled to Support Mayo for decades and hopefully for many more years.
    For many reasons sometimes things can happen we can not travel.
    I think it’s utterly disgraceful that Matches are not available for all to watch.
    Give the GAA a few more years and it’s possible if you are not lucky enough to be able to buy an All Ireland final ticket we will all have to pay a very large price to see it on any screen.
    I think it’s very obvious that any format the GAA adopt now will Only be about Money.

  27. With all this money the GAA are getting from TV and streaming services its time to pay the players. The GAA top brass gets paid and are professional now in all but name so pay the players, be it an appearance fee or something else but pay them

  28. Just looking at how a full strength Mayo match up v Kerry team from Munster Final

    Kerry: Mayo
    Shane Ryan;
    Tom O’Sullivan, Ryan O Donaghue
    Jason Foley, Aiden O Shea
    Dylan Casey; James Carr
    Graham O’Sullivan, Fionn McDonagh
    Tadhg Morley, Jack Carney
    Gavin White; Jordan Flynn
    Diarmuid O’Connor, Diarmuid O Connor
    Jack Barry; Mattie Ruane
    Dara Moynihan, Enda Hession
    Seán O’Shea, Stephen Coen
    Paudie Clifford; Paddy Durcan
    Tony Brosnan, Sam Callinan
    David Clifford, David McBrien
    Paul Geaney. Jack Coyne
    Colm Reape

    Killian Spillane. Donnacha McHugh/Padraig O Hora
    Brian Ó Beaglaioch. Cillian O Connor
    Stephen O’Brien. Eoghan McLoughlin
    Barry Dan O’Sullivan. Bob Touhy/Conor Loftus
    Mike Breen. Tommy Conroy

    The big match ups will be A O Shea v J Foley, D McBrien v D Clifford. And J Barry v M Ruane
    If McBrien can hold Clifford to 3 points and A O S and Ruane could pick up a 2 points each, Mayo won’t be far from winning

  29. We may have to pick and choose which games we attend this Summer with the time and cost to take into account along with the like extra games on top of the group. Kerry in Killarney is the obvious big one while Cork in Castlebar is the easy one logistically but Louth (presumably) could be the most important one. I guess I’ll go to all 3 as it’s hard not to at this time of year but for anyone not travelling to Kerry €12 really is a bargain. RTE were never going to be able to maintain a monopoly on gaelic games and for the millions of Irish people across the world GAAGO is a fantastic way of keeping up with the games here.
    Congratulations to the Mayo ladies and management on a fantastic performance and a Connacht title. Watched that one on lgfa coverage and this is another Mayo team well worth following this summer.

  30. JoeG, Louth game will be in Castlebar, and Cork game will be at a neutral venue.

  31. My team
    Colm Reape
    Jack Coyne David McBrien Sam Callinane
    Stephen Coen Paddy Durcan Enda Hession
    Jack Carney Diarmuid O’Connor
    Fionn McD. Ryan O’Donoghue Jordan Flynn
    James Carr Aidan O’Shea Matthew Ruane 3rd midfielder
    – Tommy Conroy
    – Cillian
    – Bob Tuohy
    – Sam Callinane
    My logic
    – plenty height, power and pace
    – a 3rd midfielder with an engine who can score who is much taller than their corner back
    – 4 subs who are likely to make an impact and on average maintain that pace, height and power.

  32. Unfortunately the more I look at the schedule I don’t think you have any chance of all Ireland glory unless you win your group .

    The group games finish on the weekend 17/18th of June . It’s then six weeks till all Ireland final Sunday . A preliminary, a qf and a sf inside four weeks is too much . We’ve already seen this year how flat we were after winning the league final and expected to be up for championship game the week after . It just doesn’t work

  33. It depends on the difficulty Sean of that preliminary and quarter final. Ya, you’re going to need a kinder draw or you have a risk of being knocked out or battered with things like extra time and penalty shootout.

  34. @Tuamstar – I think it is actually worse for teams in the other groups if Louth beat Dublin.

    It would increase the chances of other groups playing a tougher preliminary 1/4 final and 1/4 final. As far as im aware if Kerry, Dublin and Mayo are in the same group they cant meet in a preliminary 1/4 final or 1/4 final.

  35. @Joe. G??

    Nobody is saying to scrap GAAGO and as you say, it’s there for the millions of Irish people spread around the world. It should have no problem making a profit with as you say the millions of our people spread all over the World.

    It’s not all a question of euros and cents though. Older people and many not so old have no idea what GAAGO is and will never see a match if it only goes out on this service.

    People in hospitals or indeed some in homes would also love to see their county play, and when decisions on showing games are made, everybody should be considered, not just the people with the ways and means of paying for it.

  36. Probably should be an income tax levy , let’s call it the tax of the Gael , couple a euro pw and then all games are televised everywhere, non payment of Gael tax would result in public hanging in the pheonix park on all Ireland weekend .

  37. @Tuamstar if louth beat the Dubs we would be able to beat them I think ha

    Still think your group is the death haha 3 ulster teams in 1 what’s that about like!

  38. @Revellino, I genuinely think it’s bs to say ‘older people’ or ‘people in nursing homes’ could watch Sky (which includes having to sign up for a paid service) but not manage to watch a game on GAAGO. The cost argument has been debunked, €2 p/game for a season is superb value given the quality of content. It is not the GAAs fault is SKY or RTE aren’t interested in buying more of the games than they already have. RTE are showing all the games that they have always shown plus a few more.

  39. @GBXI a lot of older people wouldn’t know how to access gaa go /broadband etc they might not even have broadband sure and gaa is clearly out to make as much money as possible with the way the fixtures are now 16 teams ? And a preliminary quarter final like?

    Gaa as rhey are as knownas grab all association !

    Ridiculous Atm from the gaa.

  40. Probably one of the Kerry/mayo or Tyrone/Galway games should have been free to air as it may well give us some idea where theese teams are at but Micheal Martin can talk about it and can do nothing about it so we certainly can’t.Louth beating Dublin and now we have groups of death.I just don’t feel this championship is getting anyone excited about the actual games.Connacht final day was always a big occasion with a great buzz around castlebar in watch the players marching around McHale park last Sunday in what appeared to be a totally dead atmosphere was very this what we are going to get in group stages

  41. With 24 games to knockout 4 teams in the football alone this would very conservatively require RTE to televise 90mins per game:
    24 X 90 = 2160 minutes
    2160 ÷ 60 = 36hrs.
    36hrs of football alone over 3-4 weekends. It’s not feasible to show everything, not everyone likes GAA, what about other sports? News? Kids? Sitcoms etc?
    We have access to more games than ever before free to air.
    I don’t think the GAA can be pilloried for this one.

    RTE have a limited budget, and a small paying pool in a rising cost environment. Sure some stars are overpaid but that’s not biggest budgetary issue. To show all these games all over the country has to be paid for. Not everything can be free.

  42. The cost is only part of the issue. It is the accessibility to watch the games and only being able to stream the games. After paying the €12 per game you are also relying on having good wifi and a good device to be able to watch it.

    It is all good and well to say it is only €2 per game if you buy the season pass but many family`s might not be able to afford to fork out €79 in a one off payment and many people who would tune in to watch the game don`t want to watch other counties play.

  43. Fair play to Donal ?g for calling them out.
    That will probably mean you will not see much of him on again.
    There is a certain brigade on here and else where who probably think 100 Euro a game would be good value .
    They also probably think 10 Euro for a cappuccino is also Good Value.

  44. @gbxi. The cost of the package is actually closer to €1.50 per game for anyone who bought the package before the new year deadline. There’s no way of pleasing everyone in this situation and maybe there’s an argument for the real big games to be free to air but overall for me it’s a great service and as we hear alot on here everyone is entitled to an opinion

  45. GaaGo should be a terrestrial channel with a portion of the licence fee given to GAA to cover their costs it is an amateur association after all. I only watch GAA and the odd Irish soccer match and maybe the news a few times a month for my 160 quid. RTE is a gravy train run for their staff and hangers on just look at their holding of land in D4 even trying to get it designated as heritage. You could run an amazing sports channel on Saorview platform it could even include old matches being replayed, documentaries etc but the GAA want the 12 quid a game as if people have a spare bob left on top of everything else in this rip off country.

  46. I’ve been making that point in a number of posts, Sean and JP about the incentive, indeed the necessity to win the group stage. I’ve no doubt that management will be looking at it that way too. McStay’s mantra was, win every game, and that was pretty successful in the league, but the scheduling tripped us up. I think he’ll be of the same mindset from now on. I think we could be well set up if we have had a tough challenge match under our belt (Monaghan or Tyrone) last weekend.

  47. JKel88 would people be happier if they didn’t stream them at all and just showed a few more games per year than other years like they are doing?
    No additional cost to the status quo, and scrap the GAAGo altogether.

  48. If we’re going to debate different sides of a topic it’s a waste if people post Facebook type hyperbole.
    10 euro cappuccino and 100 euro a game.
    Thats nonsense.
    Do people never stop to think what the GAA does for the fabric of community life across Ireland? GAA for all initiative. Facilities in every village.
    The costs have risen substantially and they would be totally naive to ignore a streaming revenue.
    Tickets and TV revenue will not keep pace with costs.
    TV is dying a death.
    If you want to know where the money goes the GAA publish annual accounts.
    The early purchase price for GAA Go was only 59 euro.
    Loads of these games were never broadcast.
    Try and ignore that point.
    The only feasible way to broadcast these games is a paid for streaming service. A broadcast is not a lad on a day rate and a lunch voucher with one camera, there’s a whole team involved to broadcast each match of highly qualified, paid appropriately professionals.
    But ya, 10 euro cappuccino, ya, that added to the debate.

  49. There is a lot of waste in RTE I am sure, but the costs of streaming every game that only small percentages of the country would have an interest in would be huge.
    Advertising revenue minimal due to numbers viewing, and something else would have to give in other sports or programmes.

    Remember we run a full country on taxes with population the size of greater Manchester area. Potholes, hospitals, housing, social welfare are all a bigger priority than streaming about 60 dead rubber games.

  50. Great podcast with Michael Moyles. Sounds like a very intelligent guy. He knows his stuff. What an excellent backroom team he has. Would be great to see the Ladies go all the way this year

  51. Agreed catcool, it’s a serious ask and most likely unlikely but we still have to go all out to win in Killarney, personally think it’s bonkers to take any other attitude. Look the bookies have Kerry at 8/15 to beat us so it’s hardly a 1/66 shot like they were against Clare for example . It’s not talking out of both sides of your mouth to say Kerry are the favourites for the all Ireland but they are not unbeatable either , they didn’t kill us last year in quarters they simply were far more accurate (absolutely deserved their victory though). I won’t travel expecting but I’ll travel in hope at the same time if that makes sense . There’s still an element of the unknown about where we are at but we will know for sure when this game is done if we are contenders or pretenders

  52. @Gizmobobs – You are missing the point and keep referring back to the cost which is only part of the problem.

    GAAGO was established 9 years ago for the international market, it did not just show up overnight, the games were always going to be streamed to an audience regardless. The fact is that people within the island of Ireland now cant access the games without paying a fee, having good wifi and having a compatible device to watch a game on.

  53. @JJell88 By your post if one reads it as written, you make it sound like all GAA is now gone off of RTE.
    It’s a bit more than a small nuance the fact that a lot of these games were never broadcast.
    Do you want gaa go to be free in Ireland but basically International viewers subsidize viewers locally?

  54. @nephin, That’s totally against the blog rules that horrible, flippant, casual, standards don’t matter modern social media gutter.

  55. Don’t let anyone including the GAA forget, its the tens of thousands of us that have given our time for Free that makes the GAA and always will. not a handful of Paid people in Croke park.
    Hope that’s not seen as a Facebook type hyperbole as I have never been on Facebook.

  56. JKel88 and people without televisions can’t see what’s currently free to air. Should the GAA buy these people TVs?

    True it is there a while, but cost is the biggest issue, it has to be viable. While predominantly a volunteer and amateur based organisation, the GAA is not a charity.
    My point is that go back a few years and feck all was televised on the so called free to air. That’s increased substantially thankfully.
    GAAGo is an optional extra that people can pay for to get even more content.
    Ya can go to McDonald’s and get a big mac meal (free to air), ya can also pay bit extra and get the meal supersized (GAAGo).

  57. @Mike H, Not hyperbole, I think they are running things on the overall with the wider community in mind. The revenue they need is in the tens of millions. It’s really hard done without the streaming is my point.

  58. I’m old and I have no difficulty accessing GAAGO .My Wifi isn’t 100% either but I get by. I think it’s a great service for the nominal fee. Sick of whingers moaning about nothing.If anything RTE show too much GAA.Lots of people have no interest in Hurling or football and would prefer to see more news documentaries etc. And another thing Mayo supporters should have no complaints as they were able to watch more than their share of League matches free on RTE and TG4

  59. @Mayojoe its hardly whinging about nothing and I know plenty older people who don’t know how to access it even younger people for that matter and that’s not being patronising its just facts .

    Yes we were able to watch our fair share in league but that’s only because we have knew management this year and more people are interested in us.

    There’s plenty of people who only have rte 1 rte 2 or only just the Irish channels and might not have any Internet at all so it’s not whinging about nothing loads outside of the county think it’s ridiculous to .

  60. Clare, how would you propose the GAA fund showing all the games for free? Without impact on keeping stadiums and grounds up to scratch, covering insurance costs, players milage, training programs, club development grants, legal fees etc?
    As JP says, the accounts are there for to read. It’s an expensive organisation to run.
    Even at club level registration fees etc. At start of year are massive for insurance, McHale park redevelopment funding (less said about this the better) and so on.

    It sounds like people would be happier and have less to give out about if there was no GAAGO, and just the few free to air games on telly annually and the rest can either go to the game or listen on wireless.

  61. @Gizmobobs its not up to me I don’t work for the gaa ha but the gaa need to come up with a better solution they have plenty of money as it is .

    They have been able to keep up the maintenance of pitch and other costs for the last few decades without gaa go so that point is not really a valid point as to why they should have gaa go !

  62. It’s a very valid point Clare, production costs for that number of games would be massive.

  63. It surely wouldn’t be too much for RTE to show one game every Saturday, taking their total to 3 every weekend – still a small subset of the total inter-county action but if they had shown Clare/Limerick and Cork/Tipperary the last two weekends, there would barely be a word about all this

    It did seem a bit odd that when i flicked on RTE saturday week ago there was no sign of Clare and Limerick, I would have thought showing matches like that was a given on Ireland’s national broadcaster

    I’m happy enough myself to subscribe to GAA go though given the circumstances, streaming and subscription services are soon going to be the way forward anyway

  64. I know that Phoenix Park reference was originally made in jest but what followed (referencing someone who could easily be identified) was in extremely poor taste and I’ve deleted the comment in question.

    Interesting debate on GAAGO. I’m old enough to remember the good old days when only the All-Ireland semi-finals and final, as well as the Railway Cup final, were transmitted live. No League games, no club games and, heaven forbid, no women’s football either. In 1985 we drew with Dublin in the All-Ireland semi-final and the replay wasn’t broadcast live. The good old days, indeed.

  65. i totally agree with Clare The Gaa Have plenty of money how about the money they made from The Garth Brooks Concerts and the numerous USA Football teams that play in Croke Park ? its time to televise all the games free to air

  66. It may be technically feasible for them to do so James Patrick, but something else would likely have to give. Even with the 7 concerts profit was just €6.7m in 2022 (increase of €4.8m on 2021). Also a lot of grant aid received in 2022. If they were to stream 60 or so games you would not find eating up a few million I would imagine, would you cut:
    – coaching and games grants,
    – capital infrastructure grants at both club and county level
    – Player mileage/welfare funding
    – Other?

    “A combination of the full return of spectators to matches and a record number of seven concerts held in Croke Park played a big part in enabling the GAA’s Central Council to return a consolidated surplus of €6.7m, which was an increase of €4.8m on 2021.
    Over €21m in state funding and supports were received during the year. €14.2m of this being direct pass-through income (€8.2m in Intercounty male and female player grants and €6m received for onward distribution to clubs under a 2022 Government Covid Club support resilience scheme).
    The balance of state funding is made up of €3.5m in National Governing Body Covid rescue funding brought forward from last year, €2.5m in coaching and games grant funding along with Department of Foreign Affairs, community, and healthy club grants.
    All of this enabled the return of the full restoration of coaching and games grants, the reintroduction of capital infrastructure grants at both club and county level, regular match day supports, and all operation grants.

    The full breakdown of the distribution of funds was as follows: €24.1m went on Capital Grants, €16.4m on match, team and competition costs, €13.3m on player welfare, €11.3m on administration and organisational development, €10.2m on games development, €9.8m on operating grants and club supports, and €8.5m on county distributions.”

  67. Regarding the Gaa go controversy, I think the elephant in the room is the condensing of both the hurling and football championships into the months of May and June, when most games will be played in both codes. Its just not possible to televise all games free to air, purely for logistical reasons alone. We have shortened the inter county season and increased the volume of games 2 fold. Its madness and hopefully players, management teams and ultimately county boards will shout stop, sooner rather than later. Move the all-ireland finals back to the end of August/beginning of September and maybe play some midweek games or even Friday night games in high summer. It works for rugby and soccer. Why not the GAA too.

  68. RTE and Im not a big fan of RTE CANNOT transmit every GAA game live , They have only two ordinary channels , RTE ONE and TWO, They also have the News channel , which is for the news, and some people have this notion that news is more important than sport. Even if every armchair stay at home GAA fan got their way RTE would have to cancel or postpone something else, the viewing public comprise of more and equally important people, who are just not into the GAA, and they might just prefer another cookery programme. Maybe more would be interested if the format done something about the reward of victory or the perils of defeat, and we have to accept that. The REAL problem is that there are just too many virtually meaningless games in the GAA especially the football Championship, and a cookery programme, or Nationwide might be exciting in comparison. Mark my words some intercounty players will have gone to America instead of waiting around for what to them would be meaningless, and they wont even be tuned into GAAGO to see whats going on in the old sod.. RTE would need to plan in advance, they could cover a match and people will just change channel. And all that money spent on makeup would just be gone to waste, again.

  69. Very good point Maroon Rover. I would imagine the congestion will ease in time if/when provincial system is scrapped and become the pre-season competitions. League will feed into the championship groupings so Season flow will be logical and less condensed.

    Will take a while for this style system to get through the delegates at convention I would imagine, but that seems be what they trying to get to.

  70. There was a fella from Kiltimagh on LiveLine today even giving out about travelling to Kerry to play a league game at 7:30pm. Should we Damon’s all Mayo league games be at home? Should they be played at 3pm on a Saturday so you’d rent home late? Then you would put people out who work on Saturdays etc. You just can’t please some people.

    I even seen Galway fans moaning that the Connacht final was on in Castlebar. Coming from a county who have a very small travelling support. Some GAA people want everything laid on their doorstep.

  71. @JKEL88. I’ll get around to reading the article in a minute and I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to disagree with a word written . However I fell asleep a few times watching the borefest that both the Munster and Connacht finals were last Sunday, I expect another borefest in Croke Park next Sunday. and that’s with Silverware at stake Hopefully Ulster will live up to it’s billing. I expect a good few more borefests before anything meaningful happens.. The free to air debate started really about the Munster Hurling Championship, which has been very exciting and usually is very exciting. If you are missing out on game’s like several already played in this year’s Munster Hurling Championship, because it’s not on free to air TV you are missing out on something. The Munster and Leinster football championship, good games have been few and far between, you need a very good memory to recall. The GAA are much to blame for this , it’s a very long time since the 4 Dublin/Meath games enthralled the Nation, and Setanta viewers overseas. This latest format will likely comatose the Nation and many believe that RTE should cover it live and make it free to air?

  72. I did wonder if virgin media had been approached when sky pulled out .surely they were an option

  73. Yew_tree well that’s completely fair enough the guy was giving out that he had to travel to kerry to play a league game at 7.30 ??

    The journey there and back as doubt he’ll get accommodation down there .

    Pretty reasonable to be giving out about that times for games from gaa are a bit stupid sometimes. You mean people can’t give out about something these days without being told you can’t please them ? Your man was right to give out about that 7 30 time in kerry whoever he was anyway that’s totally off topic .

    GAA go is a money making machine and they get plenty of money from concerts etc for croke Park so no reason for it except to rip off us some more.

  74. Completely unacceptable and unfair fixing the match for 3pm in Killarney. Some of us can’t afford cars and have to cycle to the matches you know.

  75. I’m not surprised re RTE, like most things in this Country, there seems to be one rule for one and a different for another, not a level playing field.
    Semi State etc.
    Jobs for the boys.

  76. JKEL88 VMTV are dead right. VMTV should be able to show matches not being shown, but between them on their terrestrial channels would they be able to show all the games??

    There are 15 inter-county games on this Saturday I think I seen earlier and 9 or so Sunday.

    I don’t see VMTV offering to show free streams….

  77. I don’t think anyone is looking to have every game shown but sky were picking up alot of theese games as tv3 were before that .virgin could possibly have shown mayo v Kerry and Galway v Tyrone

  78. In the classic book on Galway GAA over the bar he describes long bicycle journeys from say Ballinasloe to Thurles in groups all discussing the game and the rain sodden journey back usually after we were bet by Tipp. I think its the cumlative effect as prices of everything goes up and people are stretched the extra 12 quid to see a game is a focal point for ire. I agree way too many pointless games, better to scrap provincials and only run the leagues with top 6 teams in Div 1contesting All Ireland quarterfinals based on end rankings. There would need to be a playoff between top 2in Div 2 and team 7-8. It would make it exciting and cut away the no hopers.

  79. 1985, where is the fairness in that then?? A lot of the comments are for all to be free to air, especially on some other forums. Equal access to all.

    Some people looking for the red button option so ya can pick what game ya like. Let’s not talk about the fact RTE runs off approx 300m income a year versus BBC 4.9b.

    Would there be as many comments on this thread if Mayo Kerry was on TV next week? I doubt it.

  80. Not posted since we lost to Roscomman,I was disappointed because winning is a habit, but we are where we are, we need to win every game we can,as regards gaago I have mixed feelings because I don’t know weather I will be able to see it,but also I remember back in the late sixties and early seventies trying to get radio coverage of games,we certainly have improved on coverage ,perhaps not enough but certainly better than back then,on the amount of games we have been shouting for some years for more games, it is difficult to get the right balance,I am not trying to show that it is not easy ,not sticking up for the gaa or anybody else,I think that Clare is ready to pick up my batton for cheer leader for Mayo so I will take a back seat as long as she boosts Mayo

  81. Meanwhile, the League of Ireland is enjoying a renaissance. It’s now trendy to support Dublin (and others I’m sure) clubs, and attendances are way up. And rugby? Well you have Leinster (Dublin really), going like an express train, Ireland favourites for the World Cup (yes that may not mean anything, but it’s deserved at the moment).

    And the GAA? They must be working like blazes to compete with these global games?
    – No actually, you see they’ve compressed the season by a couple of months. They’ve introduced a new system, which gives counties more games, but it’s quite complicated.
    Oh I’m sure their PR people have nice glossy material explaining it all, they probably have produced nifty apps, and they must be relishing a chance to make these draws on prime time TV or radio shows, like say The News at Six or Morning Ireland?
    – Again, no that’s a bit simplistic, they make these draws on their own channel, far from the madding crowd.
    Well, when they do surely all the counties know who’s playing whom?
    – No, it’s in stages.
    Well the first and second seeds are known, surely?
    – No, third and fourth.
    And the venues?
    – All in good time…

  82. Every game has never been shown free to air .there are 4 possible all Ireland contenders in action in those two particular games.I would imagine that would be of interest to the entire country to view those games.the ex gaa president made a statement on rte that tv3 lost the original rights because they were going out of business which virgin media corrected today in that they didn’t go out of business but were taken over by virgin

  83. I forget to mention the TV license that actually plays a part in the Funding of RTE.

  84. Sure theres room for you too Corick Bridge as well as Clare. No harm to have a good Erris opinion on the Blog

  85. The rte head of sport was just on rte news and when asked why the two games I referenced earlier couldn’t be shown on rte he spluttered like he had a hot potato stuck in his mouth and of course didn’t answer the question while blathering on about soccer and rugby

  86. The League of Ireland games are also behind a paywall on LOITV. The average LOI premier league attendance is up 27%, with an average of 3,590 a game. Not sure what average inter-county championship attendance is now but in other years it’s near 22,000.

    1985, there are 4 contenders surely, but in a game that is far from knock out and could be seen as shadow boxing. What about the round 4 hurling championship with Kilkenny which be on same time or some of the round 5 Christy Ring or Nicky rackard games on then. I’m sure the people in those counties would rather see them, than a first round group game where 3 of 4 teams go through after 3 games.

  87. All big games should be fee to air on some Irish TV Station. Best to go to games if possible, if games are far away like Killarney with cost of ticket/petrol and meals etc it might be out of reach of some people , cost or age grounds then GAA GO is a great system on these occasions, it is also great for our people over seas to see our games and their home County playing. This year I have seen games on GAA GO and teams that I have never seen before and would never see only for GAA GO, most people now have the Internet in there houses or phones and can see a few games each weekend for very little cost. A mixture of both is the was forward.

  88. Don’t know anything about the 4 hurling championship with Christy ring and Nicky rackard games usually be shown live on rte

  89. Tickets on sale tomorrow hopefully common sense ticket prices unlike Connacht GAA.

  90. No 1985 they do not. Mayo are blessed to get the coverage on TV we do for those not able to travel. Most counties rarely get the chance to see their team on TV or streamed.
    GAAGO will make this more regular for them, at a reasonable enough cost.

    I’ll not forget the thanks I got last year or year before when I carted my laptop and a 32″ TV to my father’s hospital ward in Castlebar hospital. Set up the stream via hotspot off my phone so all the lads in ward (and several staff) could watch us play as our game wasn’t on free to air. The GAA are far from perfect, but the good they do IMO outweighs any negatives, when you see the joy (and heartbreak) it brings.

  91. Thanks glory days,I have been known to post rubbish,bar need to set out our strategy now,Mayo for Sam,give it our best shot, for sure Kerry Dublin,or Tyrone won’t be talking about three year plans,we need to hammer the hammer

  92. Mayo get the coverage because they have been at the business end of the championship for the last 11 years and along with Kerry and Dublin would have been covered more for that reason alone.I do recognise the good things the gaa do but this deal seems to have been done in an unusual manner.would there not have been a case for offering virgin a chance to bid on a portion of the games .anyway I’m sure everyone is sick of this isn’t going to change for this year anyway

  93. Some of yea are making me laugh.

    The poor Gaa, and how can they be expected to suffer the loss of showing a few extra games.

    It’s been well documented, and on many occasions and in countless newspaper articles, and debated on TV, that the Gaa fund some counties per registered player, by multiple times the amount as they do for other counties.

    It has often been pointed out the huge discrepancy between funding of different counties per player in this regard.

    If the Gaa were to quit overcompensating some counties like they do, they would have plenty of money for showing a few more games.

  94. Has there been any Mayo buses advertised going to Killarney Saturday week yet, theres no public transport from both Bus Eireann or Irish rail from Mayo to Kerry at all in this day and age, a disgrace how the Western corridor hasnt been opened up yet.Not even one Bus Eireann route to Killarney from Mayo.And then we have a Green party in Government trying telling us theres too many cars.

  95. There is probably no new TV Companies going to be set up in Ireland such is the idea that “RTE is the National Broadcaster”, maybe RTE should set up a designated Sports Channel.

  96. Sam og – political debate isn’t encouraged here. I’ve left that point of yours in but I’ve excised the insulting adjective from it.

  97. Revellino do you know what it would cost to stream all games?
    It wouldn’t be a small cost.

    Agree the distribution of subsidies is very skewed, but some figures I’ve seen published. include funding not just from GAA but other sources

  98. @Gizmo.

    I never said all the games but they could show a few more than we are seeing.

    I’m not sure how TG4 manage to finance all the games they manage to broadcast, and their coverage improved again this year. They did a great job.

  99. I’d agree on that, but playing devils advocate they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
    People will moan their county never gets shown.
    If it’s not free to air on terrestrial TV but free streamed people will give out about areas with no Wi-Fi.
    They should make games they don’t intend to stream or show on TV available to VMTV and TG4 and if they want show them fair enough.
    But a substantial percentage of population have no heed on GAA so it can’t be wall to wall on The 3 state funded channels.

  100. Pay per view for our national games…..on the state TV service ?……disgraceful !

  101. Stop the whinging for Gods sake! I would think that many of those complaining on this blog about the lack of RTÉ coverage will be in Killarney on Saturday week and I look forward to seeing thousands of you there! We all have members of our families who couldn’t care a hoot if Mayo won or lost against Kerry . The last Sunday of July is the only day that our National Broadcaster must give the general public what they want. Now, Willie Joe , will you please ask your contributors to comment on Football matters and leave it to the politicians to have a barney with the GAA and RTÉ.

  102. I think at this stage everything is just a disgrace. It’s a disgrace that we can’t watch every match on free tv It’s a disgrace that we have to travel all the way to Kerry and not be subsidised for it. It’s a disgrace that the GAA make so much money. It’s a disgrace that All Ireland final tickets cost 90 euro. It’s a disgrace that rte are covering the Heineken cup rugby while poor old Mayo and Galway are stuck on gaago. It’s a disgrace that we haven’t won an AI final since 1951. Etc etc. Donal Og was frothing at the mouth because the hurling was not on Rte. He couldn’t give a damn if there was never a football match ever shown or even played. I don’t expect we will hear him moaning in 11 days time when two high profile football games are on gaago whilst the elite Munster hurling games are on Rte And then you had the fake indignity of a number of supposedly concerned TDs lining up to get their bit of publicity in the Dail today. My God what sort of a society have we become when there are such pressing and serious issues going on in our country. Sport is brilliant and the GAA is especially brilliant. Going to games is the best of all and watching them on TV is a decent alternative. I think the only Mayo match in the league that was not televised live was the game against Monaghan. We were spoiled with coverage of our county’s games and if we had beaten Roscommon we would have three Connacht championship matches free to air as well. If we reach the quarter finals that will be on free to air TV as well as will our semi and final if we are lucky enough to get there Not a bad old service in fairness. Throw in the U20 as well. If we had stayed in that competition everyone of our games would have been on free to air TV also.

  103. I’ve no issue paying to see a game on tv. After all you pay to get in the gate don’t you? We also have the excellent coverage of our club games in this county which is in effect pay per view.

    I accept the point that GAA go requires good broadband and older people might not be up on technology but surly family or neighbours can help out. Maybe a special rate could be offered to pensioners? The days of watching terrestrial tv is coming to an end. Hardly anyone under 30 watches tv in the conventional manner anymore.

    With so many games it’s now impossible for tv stations to cover every game but tonight’s statement is damming as virgin media appear to have been locked out of any deal to show GAA games. RTE own 50% of GAAGO. It’s a state owned company so it’s also a bit rich to see TD’s in power becoming the lack of tv coverage from the state broadcaster.

  104. @to win just once.

    Surely if you pay a €160 TV licence then you cannot really call anything free to air.

    The question was, why we weren’t seeing more matches on Rte. It is Rte that gets the licence fee money.

    You are correct. There were plenty of Mayo matches shown on TV.
    Most on Tg4 I think you’ll find. We can thank Tg4 for their great coverage this year.

    By the way, people have their rights to complain about having to pay higher stand and terrace prices than other provinces. Why shouldn’t they complain.

    It’s the ” don’t give a damn ” blasé attitude, from some people, that will ensure your stand and terrace ticket will get another hike AGAIN, next year, as well as the pay per view pricing. I’m beginning to think, aren’t the Gaa right in jacking up the prices when you see some people more than happy to pay the increases.

  105. @Yew_tree but that’s the point this new format is ridiculous by the gaa its a money making scam from them why are their sooo many games now? It’s ridiculous not only hard on the players but 16 teams I’d totally stupid I think ! It was even discussed in Dail and rte news yesterday like!!

    Anyway onto the game in killarney still fully believe we will give the lads in killarney a run for their money tough ask but I have faith in the guys. Some from kerry saying we will be rusty maybe so but I think we will be bouncing to get back and I have heard we are anyway.

    Let’s hope hession , calinan are fit we need them badly. Any update on other injuries also have they been playing challenge matches against any other counties ? Id say mcstay & co will have them ready to go anyway after the loss to the rossies they will want to prove themselves again! Should go all in attitude for every game not this half attitude ah well are going to loose so we won’t go full gear.

    Mayo to edge it haha

  106. Virgin media have really thrown the cat among the pigeons with their statement. I never knew RTE own GAAGO (50% shareholder). RTE employees all singing dumb on Katie Hannon show the last night.

  107. I agree Yew tree. I will be in Killarney but I did purchase gaago at the beginning of the year and it has been brilliant and shows games that if RTE had a clear run still wouldn’t be shown. One of the persistent claims put forward even by political representatives is that pensioners are not able to access gaago. Bloody patronising and insulting nonsense tbh. I’m in that bracket and most of my match going friends are the same and to a man and woman they have no problem getting gaago. While there are bound to be some not able, they surely have a family member or friend to help them.
    Honestly I’m far more worried about players being fit and on form for the Kerry game than listening to politicians scoring brownie points on a non-problem when there are far more pressing issues for them to deal with.

  108. Well as just stated on here Rte own 50% of gaa go so I imagine they have a fairly clear run at it .I know a few pensioners who have no desire to have broadband as they would have absolutely no need aside from viewing gaa games.Rte demand 160 year a year and inflict an horrendous soap on the nation where the plot lines must be written by a 5 year old .virgin media have now put the cat among the pidgins.the Rte head of sport used the old commercial sensitivity answer last night when questioned on this deal

  109. Tickets on sale at 11am this morning folks for the game in Killarney. No prices confirmed yet. Hopefully pricing will be more reasonable than the Connacht Championship, I think back in 2019 it was general admission to the ground in Killarney, the stand was first come first served on that day.

  110. Anyone having issues with season tickets website to get tickets for game ? Also why are none of the stand tickets available ?

  111. The ticketmaster season ticket portal is an abomination “pardon our interruption” is the latest message. Can’t get into Kerry tickets

  112. I see it reported 3 players injured for Kerry. How is we always seem to have more injured players than other counties.

  113. @Gizmobobs: “There is a lot of waste in RTE I am sure, but the costs of streaming every game that only small percentages of the country would have an interest in would be huge.
    Advertising revenue minimal due to numbers viewing, and something else would have to give in other sports or programmes.”

    Wouldn’t be too sure on that.

    What is the cost of streaming a single game (without the bells and whistles of pundits that aren’t needed for 99%)?

    Tried going back through the old Mayo GAA accounts to get a ballpark from the old Mayo GAA TV expenses. Back when it was being run by Liam and a few others in ’20 (huge number of streams given Covid) the expenses were €19,581 and in ’21 they were €6,859 (generating a revenue of €74,709 and €11,476 respectively for healthy profits on games that would have much lower averages than county games and not have the pulling power of much better season pass sales from the odd big big game).

    Obviously those expenses could well be on the low side just covering the videographer and out of pockets for each game (for some reason the 2022 accounts where Stream Ireland were brought in to do an external job on the streaming weren’t released in PDFs that I can find? if anyone can direct me to ’em that’d be super) so scale them up significantly for higher production costs, payment of commentators/pundits where necessary and even adding 2nd/3rd/4th videographers for the higher end games with better quality production but you’re still looking at a product that would turn a significant profit there. Add in the economies of scale selling multiple season passes with higher breakage and the increased attractiveness of national coverage for sponsors and as the costs scale so do the revenues to match.

    When you look at the likes of Connacht GAA streaming the minor games through InPlayer and Eir managing to stream significant amounts of the Sigerson the costs there aren’t as prohibitive as you might think. I’d have to imagine the limiting factor there is the GAA using the exclusivity of the games available for others to bid on (RTE/BBC/VM/Sky/potential other entrants in the future) to try and hike the short term value rather than seeing the true long term value of expanding reach and exposure. A foolish call, IMHO (and completely ignoring the value of repurposing all that additional conten in the form of highlight reels and clip access for analysis to content creators. A small additional revenue channel while also getting extensive free advertising for their game)

    All sorts of questions to be asked now on how games can fairly be selected by our single national broadcaster RTE when senior figures involved are also on the board of GAAGO.

    “GAAGO Media DAC increased its revenues by 43 per cent to €2.86m as its profits almost doubled from €550,000 to €1.04 million.”

    I’ll be keen to watch how that €1m profit explodes going forward with the new focus on internal PPV sales and how the likes of the GAAGO board holding vested interests are financially compensated for that profit explosion. I fear it won’t make pretty reading.

  114. Very interesting interview with former Mayo forward Alan Dillon TD on “Off the Ball” re Pay per View Games v Free to Air .. basically calling for Transparency and Questions answered by RTE. Conflict of interest ECT. You can see it on You Tube if ye want.

  115. Hope I’m not breaking any rules and I’m not going to allude to what it is, but has anyone seen the craic about Derry’s manager? Go to twitter, type his name in and you’ll see. Absolutely shocking if true.

  116. Mayo45 – I can’t see how that’s an appropriate topic for discussion here. That’s nothing to do with the substance of the issue it raises but I would be very uncomfortable about people potentially making all manner of loose comments about this particular situation.

  117. Don’t know how we have got to the cost of streaming every game.that wasn’t the point anyone was was that rte/gaa go were putting games behind a paywall that would be of interest to the whole country.Alan Dillon has now weighed in on the subject and I believe rte/gaa go are being called before a committee to explain this deal and the games weren’t offered to other networks to show on mainstream tv.not streaming

  118. €25 General admission the cost of tickets at least cheaper than the daft €35 price for the Connacht final. Should be package prices if one wants to attend all three group matches.

  119. @1985: It’s very much part of the more general issue.

    If our national broadcaster and the GAA are going to offer a joint venture where they’re putting high demand games behind a paywall, where their only competition in potentially showing that game is run by the same folks running the PPV service with senior figures from RTE involved with both, the fact that they’re not willing to offer coverage to less profitable games around the country (we’re very fortunate here in Mayo that our level of support and interest tends to keep us on FTA TV a majority of the time and on PPV guaranteed the rest) is a part of this discussion.

    The GAA should be doing everything in their power to expand the reach, exposure and interest in our game. If they’re doing deals that only cover a smaller fraction of the most profitable games when all games could potentially be covered (and still run at a profit) that’s something I’d be very interested in knowing about. It suggests a big failure in the governance when they’re doing deals (poorly, leaving potentially interested parties like VM on the sidelines) that aren’t serving the best interests of the fans or players of the game.

  120. I’m trying to not make a political point, I’m making more of a common sense point. Lots of politicians are now sticking their oar in and that is always about vote getting.
    So just be always wary on the merits of the arguments put forward and the research done when politicians get involved.

  121. Yea I accept that but it wasn’t the general point being made suddenly veered off into a discussion about the cost of streaming every game .my earlier point was that while I know older people who would have no problem with the technology but they have no need otherwise for broadband and the expense it would obviously have researched the streaming options.the answers given to oireachtas committee should be interesting or maybe not

  122. GAA hitting back at Virgin Media now!

    Could this in itself become the biggest match of the year? 🙂

  123. That makes a lot of sense mayo magic in every group.
    The returns would be much greater imo.
    It’s going to be an expensive venture for counties like Sligo whose season would normally be over by now. Still they may gain developmentally from extra games quality games. Same for louth

  124. Bleed Green & Red, Check your Inbox again, a second e mail came out there at about 4.30pm , saying the first email had the wrong link attached

  125. TsuDohnim, you could do a cheap job alright, but they would get pilloried for that. The club level stuff has improved a lot but still has good few meltdowns or jumpy screens/slow motion time lag like I experienced during ladies game recently.

    If you look to add 3 or 4 more cameras per game, and there are 15 games a day as in this Saturday, check out price of these bad boys, which are studio cams, not as fancy as the ones needed for outdoor streams.
    Some club finals would probably have higher pay per few sales than county game attendees when see crowds at recent IC games.

    Conor Loftus who is listed as injured in CT is hammer related from what I’m told.

  126. I am sure the advertising RTE would have got during the 2 big football games next weekend would far exceed what they will pull in from Gaa Go.

  127. Poor Loftus, now out injured after getting dogs abuse for trying to play a position he is not used to for the teams benefit.
    I have confidence in the management and think they have to try something new, no point in having Aido inside if we can’t get good ball into him
    Fair play to Aido he is in the shape of his life and will play wherever he is asked.

  128. I don’t recall Conor Loftus getting dogs abuse on here as I don’t think that’s allowed by the house rules .people might have been questioning his role in the team and by the same token I don’t remember Loftus kicking any good balls into Aidan o Shea from that’s not a criticism of the lad just an observation

  129. Wonder who’s a good choice instead of conor loftus then at 6? Hopefully he recovers soon .

    Any update on paddy Durcan? We seriously need him in the pack against the kerry lads!

  130. @ 1985 point taken but there are other forums. As regards balls int Aido I think it is a work in progress best executed in summer conditions.

  131. New pod up on Patreon. Mike chatting with Colm Boyle about the Connacht final, Mayo’s preparations for the group stage and who he fancies for Sam.

  132. @Clare

    Diarmuid at 6 would be my call. Mattie and Jordan in midfield, Ryan at centre forward and Cillian inside. 2 from Coen,Paddy or Eoghan Mc to play either side of Diarmuid in the half back line.
    That doesn’t weaken us in my opinion. If anything it strengthens us.

  133. @Mayo88 I wouldn’t listen to rumours innocent till proven guilty sad story either way and if it’s what I think I know what your talking about here is not the place to be talking about it to be honest as @Willie joe said earlier here is not the place !!

    @mind the house good choice Diarmuid could hold the Fort well at number 6!

  134. Regarding the season tickets, I purchased a stand ticket after getting the email and now they email me that it was the wrong link but they still took my money, any ideas what I should do now, I am an oap and not too tech savy, have they a phone number

  135. JP2 welcome to the OAP club, lots of good and bad memories
    My dad was a Limerick man, how proud he would be now.

  136. Don’t know if it was said in jest or not but just heard a comment on radio 1 that Mayo team are having difficulty in getting hotel accomodation in Killarney. Would be far from ideal prep if true.

  137. @Gizmobobs: Not sure why you’re linking the equipment costs. Even for current RTE broadcast games RTE aren’t outright buying most of the gear used. They use outside broadcast teams like TVM (who we’d have recently watched doing Mayo v Roscommon, Roscommon v Galway or Kerry v Clare) and pay per game/project rather than the full capital outlay on gear like the £21k camera for the odd weekend of use.

    Wouldn’t agree much on the ‘cheap job’ getting ridiculed either. I’d be in strong favour of giving me an iffy stream over no stream any day of the week.

    The standard of streaming services, even at the lower end of the scale like Clubber TV where it’s just a local videographer tapping into a backend system to provide the scores/clock/team sheets, have improved dramatically. There’s a significant number of excellent videographers well known in the system (Stream Sport Ireland have the local scene in Mayo/Limerick/Tipp/Cork/Galway) that match what’s currently on offer on GAAGO. The Sigerson streams (fully FTA from Eir and with relatively low audiences compared to either club or county draws) this year were close to flawless technically from memory. I’d also be a strong believer in “perfect is the enemy of great”. Saying something that lots of people are crying out for shouldn’t be done because it can’t be done perfectly is something I’d never buy into.

    Issues with lagging are connection problems. Potentially on the user side but I’d imagine more often than not on the rural ground side of things. Lots of pitches that don’t have suitable WiFi connections in place with enough upload bandwidth to run a stream well. That certainly could be a problem. Though when you’re moving up from smaller local club grounds to all significant intercounty venues it shouldn’t be nearly as frequent a problem. You’d also be able to pretty quickly figure out which grounds might present a problem and put that headache back onto the county board in question to resolve saying their pitch is simply unsuitable for broadcasting. It’d be amazing how quickly every county ground would have a workable internet connection once they start getting put on a ‘dead zone’ map.

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t for a second expect we’ll reach a point where we’ll see all games being covered…. I just won’t agree with the premise that they can’t be. They absolutely could. And at a profit. They just aren’t.

    (I’ll go further and say they never will be under the current system.

    While they would be profitable as stand alone ventures… RTE would lose too much money on their advertising during the bigger televised games, where they can charge highly inflated premiums for a targeted audience all gathered in a single place watching a single game, for it to be profitable “FOR THEM”.

    It’s the main reason the PPV joint venture being with the same body as the main broadcasting deal is slightly disconcerting. The GAA fans want to see the most eyeballs on all games split any which way they like. RTE’s interests are better served having larger number of eyeballs over a smaller group of games and much bigger numbers focused onto a handful of key games. The goals don’t line up quite straight for both parties there so plenty of care needed on how it pans out.)

  138. @2hops wouldn’t be a bit surprised at that hardly any accommodation in hotels at all in Ireland in general with the way things are Atm awful stuff.

    We probably will have to fly down to kerry and back maybe jeez good luck to our guys either way terrible for the hotels Atm feel bad for them.

  139. Looked at the league final again tonight. And, why not!

    A few things I hadn’t really noticed before:

    *Mattie did tremendous defensive work, particularly in the first half
    * Colm Reape did a great sweeping job, apart from his saves, his scores, and his pin-point kicking
    * We were very controlled- when the game was down to a point in the third quarter, we rode it out
    * Galway were very wasteful

  140. TsuDhoNim that’s true, but the number of these outsourcing options aren’t that high naturally enough as we such a small country.
    The lag issues I experienced were possibly server or connection related on supplier end as opposed to connectivity on mine as have high-speed fibre and ping test showed I’d be able to stream plenty.
    I, like you would be in favour of going with a better option rather than waiting for perfection and just getting the content out to the masses.
    But if there was issues with streams they would know all about it, some people aren’t very forgiving. Having manned support lines for game streaming services abuse could come very thick and fast. Social media allows small number of voices to create alot of noise nowadays sadly.

    I think this issue will resolve itself naturally when the powers that be finally get to their desired competition format. I don’t think this set up was what was wanted, but was what they could get through Congress for now. The bulk of the next 24 games of this year’s championship feel pointless, if everyone done predictions on which 12 teams they think will make it through the vast majority will likely be right.
    The attendances are likely going to be low as well so that doesn’t really tie in with the Grab all title many attribute to the GAA, they won’t be big money spinners. The Leinster semifinal double header was what 33k?

  141. I watched the 2014 replay , masochistic behaviour at its best tbh . Crikey I’ll never get my head around that referee display . The decision to award a penalty for a drag down in the square but not to issue a card to Shane enright will haunt me to my grave .

  142. Why would you inflict that on yourself Sean ?

    I never watch back games Kerry lost…

  143. Is this as simple but probably on the money view of our game against Kerry.
    Mayo need to use their height and physicality to win the middle eight battle and get a tune out of Aidan at 14.
    Fail on either count and Kerry are just too prolific compared to our team.
    So you top up that middle eight height and power early.
    As part of such a strategy could we go the route of a 3rd midfielder picked at corner forward Mattie Ruane?
    The Kerry keeper looking out at a field of tall opposition versus their own numerous regular height.

  144. I done the same thing during covid, don’t think I slept for a week!!!. Reilly was awful, I wonder were the same fitness tests in place for referee’s back then? He seemed so slow and far away from the action. The game itself had everything drama wise, Vaughan shoving Donnacha Walsh into the stand, Aidan and Cillian knocking each other out, Donnaghy at his disruptive best, the duel between Keith and O’Donoghue was something else. Scary part is its almost 10 years ago now.

    But if anyone wants to really flog themselves and repent for their sins, then watch the Tyrone final in ‘21. I think the game should be banned like the exorcist was in the 70’s.

    All joking aside, im looking forward to going down to Killarney, obviously more in hope than expectation. Intersted to see will we have our energy back? Kerry have more or less the same team as last years quarter final, we have lost Keegan and Mullin, but have got Tommy and Ryan back up front, plus a hopefully fullt fit Cillian. You’d like to think we’ll convert more chances than last year, but on the flipside Cliffords could run riot with no Lee and Oisin.

  145. @Margie the Clifford’s played against us and castlebar they didn’t run riot then but sure guess they are in championship mode now.

    I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the 21 final why would I put myself through that again ha.

    We have been doing just fine without mullin&keegan well a lot better then people thought we would be doing anyway! Course they are huge losses though .

    Still think we will give kerry a run for their money.

  146. @Clare, David Clifford came on in the game against Castlebar and immediately started knocking over points from play and played well.
    Paudie was quieter is true.

  147. @JP yes I do know he came on in the 2nd half and got some points but he certainly didn’t run riot!!

  148. @JP also never said Clifford didn’t play well course he did but he didn’t run rings around us but next week will tell a lot where we are and also where kerry are .

    Some saying it will be like last year’s quarter final i don’t think so at all we were in a bad place all year last year . We have a bounce back this year.

    Also I’m sure mcstay & co would have done challenge matches over the break to get the guys ready .

    Really think people are being a bit to pessimistic on how we are going to be next week but sure each to their own looking forward to it next week and it will be a lot closer then people think let kerry think they will hammer us suits us just grand ha!

  149. You need to relax Claire . Get some fresh air ha .

    Honestly though I used to be like you getting all worked up before a game , it’s just futile . Think about the lovely occasion it will be , hopefully a dry day , organise your logistics , order a flag online for the occasion perhaps and look forward to the bucks giving Kerry an honest to Jesus rattle . Enjoy your weekend ha

  150. I used to be like you too Clare totally engrossed in Mayo football hopping on planes to Ny and London following them and up and down the country going to all the events in the TF and Radio shows around the county before the all Ireland finals and replays at all the homecomings and fbd matches etc then they failed to show up for the final against Tyrone a very winnable final and i sad ah feck this and have been only at 2 or 3 matches since.

  151. @Glorydays yeah 21 I really did loose the faith to is well to be honest last year I knew we wouldn’t get anywhere .

    This year feeling more optimistic probably a bit to optimistic ha but sure ..haha

    Hoping it’s a good game next week either way ha!

    Cab make it to killarney but so having the debate with myself weather to pay for the gaa go or not haha.

  152. Great pod with the Boyler lads, really enjoy listening to him. A rock of common sense. For anybody who didn’t hear it he also revealed we had a challenge match against Tyrone recently and it probably carried more intensity than the Connacht and Munster finals.

  153. @2hops haha thanks maybe that’s what it is !

    Sure better to be enthusiastic then not as it puts me in a good mood if I’m really negative about it I’ll just get myself in an awful mood thinking about all our worst defeats and I can’t have that haha !

    Hopefully this won’t be a repeat of 2019 in killarney though ha!

  154. Kerry v Mayo Tickets available on Ticketmaster – just terrace it seems currently

  155. i think the best defence will win this game – both are untested really – paddy tally’s is in year 2 and mcstay’s is year 1 – but i reckon we have better natural defenders (and better system) so if don’t concede a goal and not have the shit-show scoring wise that we did in early part of the 2nd half our championship meeting last year – we have a decent chance… 2 big IFs!

  156. Glad to hear my speculation confirmed about a challenge V Tyrone, and I would expect that we had a better workout than Galway, or Kerry. Those injuries are a bit worrying if true, but we have to accept that having everybody available all the time, is expecting too much.

  157. GloryDays – I’m in the same boat. I really believe that 2021 final knocked the stuffing out of a lot of fans.

  158. @Sean Burke I still watch back the full Hillgate 2006 match v D’Dubs.
    Mc Donalds free from the Left Hand Side is a thing of pure beauty.
    O Rourke and Spillane, saying it will make no difference to the result. I will never tire of it 🙂

  159. Keep up the good work Clare , you are like a breath of fresh air on here.

  160. @James+Fleming aww thanks so much!

    Always try my best to be positive about things haha!

    Got to give it to mcstay & co though they’ve brought the bounce back that was gone since 21!

  161. Our diaspora are delighted to have GAAGo and see a lot of matches! My son is domiciled in London and was delighted to pay £80.0 for it! The diaspora were never mentioned in this debate! They are hughley important in raising money for MayoGAA!
    If we did not have GAAGO we would not be able to see the Mayo v Kerry match!
    I remember in the 1960’s we barely had any matches on TV except the All Ireland Finals which were shown in the early 1970’s. In fact we only had a few TV in Upper Achill and the reception was very poor-showy! So we went to Johnny Patten’s pub in Derreens to watch the matches! Johnny was so welcoming Beannacht De lena anamh dilis!
    So let’s embrace modern technology like GAAGO and get behind foireann Mhuigeo!

  162. Well said, Oilean acla. There’s no answer to that. We are so wrapped up in our own little worlds at times that we lose sight of the bigger picture…
    Now how do we beat the Kerry boys in there own back garden

  163. @Oilean acla: “If we did not have GAAGO we would not be able to see the Mayo v Kerry match!”

    Can’t say I’d agree with that.

    If GAAGO didn’t exist I don’t think there’s any doubt RTE would be covering that specific game. It’s a huge draw from both counties involved and a decent number of neutrals. It would simply be too profitable to ignore.

    If GAAGO didn’t exist we’d also have seen a very different outcome to the discussions with Sky. The GAA walked away from the negotiations where Sky wanted more league coverage rather than continuing to find a workable middle ground or turning those discussions to other broadcasters.

    GAAGO was selected as the most profitable option, which I’ve no issue with. That’s a major factor to be considered for sure. Whether it’s the best option? Very much open for debate based on stuff like overall access, overall coverage levels and the ability for the GAA to promote and improve coverage of the games.

    To suggest it was the only option that would have that game on TV I’d disagree with strongly (whether speaking about access nationally or internationally). Facts do matter in discussions around stuff like this.

  164. The 21 final definitely has had a negative impact on so many people. I still can’t understand why people, especially Mayo people after all our negative experiences, were so confident of winning. If we had looked at it logically, Tyrone were the form team. They won a really competitive Ulster title and then took out a very strong Kerry team in the semi.( Kerry would become champions the following year) In contrast we had two non events v Sligo and Leitrim, played fairly well in second half v Galway. We were woeful in the first half v a Dublin team that were in decline. We had a good last 15 minutes and extra time. On top of that we had to wait four weeks for AI final while Tyrone profited from their alleged Covid scare and had their semi two weeks before final so what positivity we got from beating Dublin was well diluted four weeks later. AND we were missing the one forward who we can pretty much always rely on as Cillian was out all year with an injury. Yet so many Mayo people were super confident. When their confidence was seen to be misplaced their anger was directed at a man who did more for Mayo football than any man I know. James Horan who was lauded to high heaven for masterminding victory over Dublin became the villain of the piece only four weeks later. While I have to admit I was very disappointed by our performance I certainly was not over surprised by the defeat. For me the biggest ever disappointment while following Mayo was what happened us in Limerick in replay in 2014. The referee performance was the worst I have ever witnessed and the incredible bad luck of Cillian and Aiden clashing heads. You couldn’t make it up. It got worse the following day when Dublin were ambushed by Donegal in the other semi. I am convinced Mayo would have beaten Donegal in final. That was an excellent team at the peak of their powers, far better than the one beaten by Tyrone in 2021,

  165. Not sure everyone was that confident of winning the 2021 final but it had a feeling that shur we couldn’t lose another final could we .will we ever know the true story of the covid scare .pat Spillane appeared to know something when he got into a frenzy with Sean cavanagh.2014 was a missed opportunity with the hapless refereeing of cormac Reilly.I was at the Clare end of in limerick that day and former Tipperary forward Declan Browne happened to be standing in front of us .he couldn’t believe the frees Reilly gave against us where any contact of any description on donaghy had Reilly racing in to give a free

  166. If Durcan is out, we won’t beat Kerry in Killarney. Paddy would be the perfect match up for Paudie Clifford, has the pace, stamina, and tackling skills to nullify him. I would think Kevin is wise enough not to risk any player that isn’t 100% for this game, when realistically the two most important games for him and the team are Louth and Cork.

    Plunkett has to start at CHB, a lad who is a natural defender and currently in his prime. He’s a very good defender and I beileve he’s a far more suited to that position than Loftus. O’Hora should come in for Coyne, need a bit of steel in the FB line. If the injury situaton is true, I would go with this team in Killarney:
    1. Reape
    2. O’Hora
    3. Mc Brien
    4. Hession
    5. Coen
    6. Plunkett
    7. McLaughlin
    8. Mattie
    9. Diarmuid
    10. Flynn
    11. Carney (just about)
    12. Tommy
    13. Ryan
    14. Carr
    15. Aidan

    I can easily see Callinan start, but might be no harm to start with more experience, as Kerry will aim to blow us out of the water in the first quarter.

  167. @Margie durcan is only one player clas as he is it takes a team to beat another county not 1 person !!

  168. @To win just once I wasn’t overly confident was iffy about Tyrone but it definetly as you said had an affect on the whole county and team for sure .

    I still remember the tears rolling down my face to I didn’t cry at any other final losses sure I was disappointed at other final losses but I don’t know just felt like we should have won in 21 I know friends and that now who are like I have lost the faith completely can’t say I blame them.

    I just like as everyone knows still like to be positive ha we will cross the line one day maybe not be this year but at least we are at the business end of the championship nearly every year only team to be able to keep up with the Dubs 6 in a row team for the past decade sure. How many other counties would have loved to have gotten to a quarter final let alone as many finals as we have been in? Least we come back every year.

    @James+Fleming thanks! Happy spread some positivity haha!

    Anyway should be a cracker of a match next weekend either way hope its mayo way though haha!

  169. @Margie – I agree with most of that lineup but I’d be starting Cillian from now on. I know that is probably an unpopular opinion amongst most fans, but he’s definitely fit enough to play 50 minutes, he’s not that old yet.

  170. @mayo 45 should hope he’s not that old yet as he’s the same age as me haha ! It’s It’s hard one to tell who should start .. cillian can get some magic points for sure though.

  171. @clare.don’t let anyone talk you out of your passion for football and especially mayo. There’s enough bad things going on around the world so hang onto the love of mayo as long as you can and get lost in it all every now and again.

  172. @Clare – Yeah I could be wrong here, but there just seems to be this notion that Cillian should only be used as a sub from now on. I see him coming off the bench and it just doesn’t feel right at all, unless it’s a fitness issue of course.

  173. Love the passion Clare as the man says its the hope that kills ye.

    Really looking forward to this game its the first real box office game of the summer.

    Hopefully its a dry day, Would be expecting 31k at the game which should make for a great occasion.

    I know Kerry have referenced that hiding you gave us in Feb so that has very much focused our minds.

  174. to win just once – not to rake over old coals, but I completely agree with you on the reaction after 2021. Tyrone had relegated us in MacHale park the previous year and also beat us in the 2022 league. This notion that they were an inferior team to us is nonsense. Yet James Horan got lambasted for it.

    We got the goal chances to win the game, but missed them. That’s not down to management.

    Personally I wasn’t over devastated to lose that final. 13, 16 and 17 were much worse defeats to take IMO. 2014 vs Kerry is up there too!

  175. Margie – Hession is the man for Paudi Clifford. Did a great job on him in the league game. Paddy should mark Sean O’Shea if he’s available. Any word on Brickenden? He would be ideal for marking Geaney in terms of height. I wouldn’t start O’Hora personally.

  176. @No Doubt ah thanks ! Just feel like mayo are always blasted for abuse for loosing but my god are we are not entertaining ? Saw an article to what would gaa be without the whole thing of mayo gaa and coming so close?

    Also an article this year during the league the Great entertainers are back but never went away only for a short period haha!

    Wouldn’t it be some mad party in mayo if we did win it think I would be off work for the week if we did haha !

    And sure aren’t my dub mates sick of me going on I would say ha!

    @west kerry thanks! Yes it’s the hope that kills us but than again why shouldn’t we hope like any other county does ??

    @mayo45 no not wrong at all..just a hard choice isn’t it ?but aren’t we great to have options on that front !

    Here is to a good match next week hopefully either way and can I say again what top class players &gentlemen the Clifford’s are especially for playing last weekendwith everything they said what the gaa means to us all top class players to!

  177. @Mayo45, The idea around Cillian as a sub was put in the spotlight by Tom Sullivan last year. He was a half yard off on a tracking and perhaps he’d be right on Tom Sullivan’s shoulder being fresh from the bench.
    If we are togging Aidan at 14, then that is one player we want to leave inside and not track back too far.
    Teams now attack with their full backline.
    So we can’t have two players inside who cannot track.
    Then, in the middle eight, that tends to be needing high mobility and workrate also. Maybe could Cillian work at 11 if there was a 6 who stayed at home? But the opposition would probably attack with their centre back if Cillian is 11.

  178. I can help you on this and a whole load more, Sean! Kevin McStay had a press conference this morning and he provided full details on the panel for the summer as well as the current state of play with injuries. I’m in the middle of a blog post detailing all this, it’ll be up in 15 minutes or so.

    Kevin also spoke afterwards with Rob for the podcast and we’ll have this up for club members on Patreon shortly as well.

    Quick spoiler alert: Paddy is AOK. That press report wasn’t at all accurate. Quelle surprise.

  179. Pod up on Patreon now! Blog post taking a bit longer – Kevin read out the names alphabetically by first name and, anally retentive person I am, I’ve transposed this to alphabetical by surname, with club details added, broken down by goalkeepers, backs, midfielders and forwards. Nearly there …

  180. Fair play WJ, I just could not be dealing with alphabetical order by first name myself 🙂

  181. It will be great to have Mayo back playing Football after the 6 week break. Hopefully the team will have made good use of the time to rest as well as train. I would imagine a challenge game vs Tyrone would have been as good a test as they could have gotten coming into this series of games.

    On the whole GAAGO thing, I’m not that bothered about games being streamed. I’d be of the view that it’s better to be able to watch it streamed, or on sky, than not at all. What does grind my gears a bit is how all the RTE commentators whinged and created a character – poor audl Dan – as reminded to me by An Spalpín Fánach on twitter a while back when games were on Sky.
    Poor auld Dan lived in 2 channel land, with a coat hanger and a bean can providing connectivity his only source of contact and entertainment with the outside world, TV from RTE. Poor Auld Dan was crestfallen and stunned with the entrance of big bad Sky, showing Dan’s very favourite games that Dan could not see with his meagre technology, and also seemingly poor Auld Dan was not living anywhere near someone he could watch Sky with, nor having anyone such as Michael Duignan or Tomás O’Sé who would be good enough to raise his case on the Telly every Sunday but not good enough to bring him to a match or even a pub where he might watch the game.
    No, Sky was the Devil’s buttermilk, and would eat away at the notion that Gael’s like Dan could watch any game they wanted, (as long as it was on RTE), with high quality analysis (from the Bullshitters on RTE) that would show tactical awareness and outline to the view what was going on with the game, key plays and team structures (cue RTE lads going on about lads haircuts, how the game was played back in their day, and in some cases personal attacks on players).
    So then Sky had enough, and now poor Old Dan has to figure out a way to watch the games on his air fryer, as he doesn’t have a smart phone, an Ipad, laptop or computer to connect to something called the Internet.
    Are any of these lads at RTE giving poor auld Dan the airtime now?. Where are these defenders of the true Gael like poor Auld Dan with their lack of modern connectivity, and will they continue to speak for poor Auld Dan on the Sunday game each week?. Donal Óg did, but I expect he might be the last to do so.

    In short, having more games available to watch is a good thing. No one is forcing anyone to pay for it, so people have a choice. Does anyone remember watching the Connacht final in 1985 when the Mayo players carried Dermot Earley off the pitch as a mark of respect for the Roscommon great?.
    Only those that were there on the day could I expect.

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