Kerry match fixed for 4pm at Croke Park on Sunday week

The GAA earlier on today confirmed fixture details for the All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals. The four ties will, as expected, be played as two double-headers the weekend after next.

Clare and Derry meet on Saturday 25th June at 3.45pm, followed by Dublin and Cork at 6pm. Both of those games will be broadcast on Sky. Then on Sunday 26th, Galway and Armagh face off at 1.45pm and we take on Kerry at 4pm. Both of these games will be shown live by RTÉ.

There’s no word yet on when or where the All-Ireland U17 (which, I guess, I should really start calling the Minor Championship seeing as the prize at stake for it is the Tom Markham Cup) semi-finals will be held. All the GAA website is saying is that both semi-finals will be played on Saturday, 25th June.

It would, of course, have suited ourselves and Kerry for the Minor and Senior semi-finals to be played together but the ridiculously squashed match timetable this year doesn’t allow for it. In any event, both Galway and Derry would, no doubt, have wanted to see their Minors on the same match-day card as the big lads but that was never going to happen either.

190 thoughts on “Kerry match fixed for 4pm at Croke Park on Sunday week

  1. “ For what it is worth here is my preditcion.
    All games in Croker.
    2 triple headers.

    1pm Galway Derry U17
    3pm Derry Clare
    530pm Dublin Cork

    12pm Mayo Kerry U17
    2pm Galway Armagh
    430pm Mayo Kerry

    Something like that”

    What took them so long 😉

  2. Any bandwagon supporters and supporters who are moaning about JH and Mayo losing big games in Croke park I hope they all stay at home for Kerry game. There negativity is not needed, Mayo beat the highly fancied All Ireland champions Cork in 2011 without them.

  3. Game fixed for Croker … no point in anyone moaning about it or alternative venues …
    Should be 2 good games to watch ..
    Great challenge for Mayo . I’d expect a big crowd from Mayo at this one ..

  4. Not complaining but I am not going – too far, too late and seriously disillusioned especially with our national league final performance/lack of effort or plan. Choosing to leave a sole marker on Clifford was totally unbelievable. Am I the exception? I did go to most of the league games and enjoy them much more than the slog that is Croke Park – traffic, cost and bother. Much easier to pull up a seat, order a pint and walk home afterwards. I feel that the unbreakable bond between team and supporters has been seriously damaged. Tell me I am wrong!

  5. Amazing how quick some posters are to attempt to shut down debate on topics they don’t like.

    We’ll have to do the business irrespective of where it’s played, and I’m sure the Mayo squad would play the game on the Mall in Castlebar at a minute’s notice. But that doesn’t mean that one doesn’t have the right to question why the GAA have fixed this game for the time it has, as opposed to say, putting on Dublin v. Cork, which will be attended by about 95 per cent Dublin supporters with a short journey home afterwards.

    The Kerry fans that do travel will have an even longer journey on a school night.

    Anyway, hopefully the minors also get put on, allowing a two for one for Mayo supporters.

  6. @It means nothing to me.. Agree with you, plenty of complaining on the Kerry GAA forum as well re the quarter final fixture, location and time. One poster called ‘Peanuts’ has an interesting post as regards Croke Park and it’s environment friendly pretence. Wonder was he/she reading what I was writing earlier last week!…

  7. @it means nothing to me
    Nobody is trying to shut down anything.
    The moaning is gone beyond a joke now,the game is 4pm on Sunday in Croke Park,if we get to the final it’ll be 3 30 on a Sunday,will you be moaning about that too?
    Fixing the last game as a round 2 qualifier on a sun at 6pm was a bad move and people voted with their feet,complaining about a qf at 4pm is just whinging,plain and simple.

    There’ll be a massive Mayo crowd there and we’ll hopefully contribute to what’s going to be a great day.Looking forward to mingling with all the Armagh fans aswell who bring colour and noise.

  8. If Cork County Board had any balls or self respect they should start a campaign now to have game played in Thurles, don’t play the game unless it’s in Thurles, there very unlikely to win anyhow but it would start the debate against the really unfair advantage Dublin have of playing in there Home venue in quarter finals. The Gaa brought Dublin to Thurles in 2001 v Kerry and was one of the most memorable games ever, why can’t they do it now

  9. TH while I agree with you in principle people and companies will not continue to pay for premium seats and boxes in Croke Park with little games.
    Start by not allowing Dublin to use croker for league games.
    They are blooding new players where they will play in big games later in the year

  10. It should be played in Croker. I’d stay at home for the rest of the season if it meant Mayo would win the All Ireland. It’s not always about the fans. We’ve had our days, lord knows we’ve had. We’re in the All Ireland series now and matches need to be on the best surface in the best stadium. Croker. End of. Move on folks.

  11. @TH..I reckon that Cork should start a campaign for Pairc Ui Caomih… Dublin’s exclusive home advantage in Knockout Championship games probably exceeds 50 game’s in a row by now..Past time to call a halt.. And you never know, might just garner the ‘Newbridge or Nowhere’ siege mentality and bring the desired result. .. And I reckon every other County should back them… Don’t expect the Mayo County Board to do so tough, they didn’t even turn up at the GAA annual Convention in Cork a few years ago,to back the Donegal motion to take Dublin out of Croke Park for the so called ‘Neutral’ Super Eight fixture!

  12. So the Gaa is about the people who are in corporate boxes now, Bullshit!! It’s players that hold the power if they decide not to play, and in this instance Cork shouldnt play as Dublin have a really unfair advantage.

  13. All I will say as at the end of the day we are Mayo no one expected us to beat dublin last year,we did and also we went down to Tralee in March and lost by a point and Leeroy had a last minute opportunity,the league final a few weeks later was awful but we didn’t set out to win that game.I think going in as the underdog will suit us hopefully we have Ryan back and our lads just go out and give it there all and make our journey worth it apart from that we can’t ask for anything more.

  14. @Liberal role, do you reckon Croke Park playing surface is better than McHale Park?

  15. Genuinely not sure Leantimes, but it’s a heck of a lot bigger, and better suited a free flowing, expensive football. Castlebar isn’t an option as its not neutral and don’t even get me started on Limerick.

  16. Leantimes – you’re going to have to back off on this one. Talk of ‘campaigns’ about possible venues is just daft. All-Ireland quarter-finals, with very few exceptions, are played at Croke Park and that’s how it’s been for years.

  17. It’s only right that The All Ireland quarter finals are played in croke park.
    There are posters on here who went to the match at the weekend and Boy did they let everyone on here know they did .
    It seems to some on here if you say anything negative about Team selection , tactics or traveling to all Mayo games you are not a “True Mayo Supporter” and a Moaner which is a load of nonsense as many of us have supported good Mayo teams and yes not so good Mayo teams for decades and will continue to do so.
    There will not be a large Mayo crowd at the next Mayo match for good reasons and those who will say different are probably the same one’s who said there would be a large crowd at last Saturdays game and Mayo would beat Kildare out the gate.
    This attempt to Define what a Mayo Supporter is is disturbing.
    All of us want Mayo to win every time we play
    But some times we got to be realistic as well.
    Maigh EO Abu.

  18. Couldn’t agree more FW, it’s fixed for croke park against a team who has as far to travel. So truely neutral for a change and like I said in a post earlier this week, from quarter finals on, games are always played in croke park. Let’s get on with it and stop the whinging. It’s never gonna suit everyone. If you can’t make it, cheer on from home, it doesn’t make you any less of a fan.

  19. On a side note how the fook do we not have a sports psychologist in the set up? What other reason is there for our consistently switching off for large periods in games? All top sports teams have a sports psychologist nowadays to give them an extra 1-2%. It’s like we don’t want to admit we have a problem well we clearly do and the only way to overcome a problem is to admit you have one and then do something about it.

    Imagine where we could be if we didn’t collectively switch off for 10-20 minute spells in games?

  20. Time to stop the moaning about venues. Croke Park has been home to quarter finals for a long time now .Counties who qualify for quarter finals deserve their day in Croke Park .Having said that I do think it would be better to swop the days .Mayo Kerry Galway and to a lesser extent Armagh (Yes I know Cork Clare And Derry also) have long commutes on a Sunday evening. Putting Dublin at 4 pm on Sunday would I think have made more sense. Anyway it’s great to be there .Armagh will bring massive support and color. Maybe even a few Galway fans might make the trip now that they have a good team to follow. Kerry are convinced it’s their year so will be there in numbers.And us well despite all our issues and being rank outsiders we still have a hard core of support who will back the team to the hilt . Should the unthinkable happen and we win the bandwagoners will make it for the semi and should the unthinkable happen again the once a year gang will secure tickets for the final.

  21. Croke Park is the GAA’s flagship stadium which is where quarter-finals have been played for two decades now. It was never seriously going to be anywhere else. Dublin’s access to it as their de-facto home ground is a separate issue which the Leinster counties should have got to grips with years ago. Mayo have been playing big matches there for many years now and hopefully will continue to do so well into the future. Maybe the Cork players don’t want to play in Thurles, and playing it in Páirc Uí Chaoimh would be the same unfairness in reverse. All this whinging and moaning about venues is getting embarrassing now and needs to stop. There was no-one moaning when we beat Kerry there in 2017 or 2019.

  22. The you miss the point, corperate etc are a huge source of income. All players want to play in Croker but letting Dublin play all their games there gives them an advantage.

  23. How do you know there isn’t a sports psychologist involved “Our time has come”?

  24. @FW: Unless I slipped into through some sort of parallel universe today, we can all have our spake in a democratic country, subject to the rules of engagement set out by the moderator. It was remarkable how quickly out of the traps some of the “nothing to see here” brigade (including yourself) were.

    So call it moaning if you like, but as Leantimes has already mentioned, Kerry fans are not happy with this scheduling either, as some of them will also get home very late. As opposed to, say, the Dubs, as per the example in my previous post.

    And might I add also, it’s entirely possible that either one (or both) of the games at the weekend could go to extra time or penalties, something which also needs to be allowed for in the scheduling, and which could also add to the late return.

    My concern is that the Association is slipping further and further away from the concerns/realities of ordinary members, dictated primarily by the needs of media, sponsors, corporate interests and pretty much anyone else.

    I am sure there will be plenty who will still go, and good luck to them. If you’re suggesting that those who don’t aren’t real fans, kindly desist from further engagement with me, as I try not to enter into such debates online.

    @TH: Agreed, they won’t fight HQ on anything, despite the Ard-Chomhairle having backed down several times on such matters in recent years. What can you do?

  25. I can simply can wait for the throw-in! Back in feb I posted here, that it might be no harm to go via back door to meet Kerry early and it’s now come to pass, so bring it on.. plan b plz let’s have a plan b

  26. @Willie Joe, you could say the same thing about All Ireland semifinals, expect for when American Football takes over what used to always be with the odd exception for years… Because thing’s have been so (so wrong) for years is not a reason to continue it!.. Anyhow the people will decide with their feet what they think of it.

  27. The hurling quarter finals are in Thurles despite Clare filling it themselves against Limerick in the past few weeks. It’s also €40 for a stand ticket and €30 for the Terrace. This is where I really feel the GAA are shooting themselves in the foot. I appreciate they lost out on revenue during Covid but supporters missed out on going to games. They should have discounts maybe a free programme, entertainment and discounted food. I think the attendances the last few weeks and in the coming weeks will be a wake up call for them.

  28. Not ideal but what are the alternatives? Could try and play matches at the same time in different venues but miss out on TV audiences, would we want to play in Limerick, not sure that this was popular a few year’s ago. I guarantee that there will not be unanimity on any proposal.

    The team does not need to be distracted by such issues, I would hope that the gaa would be able to help with accommodation with the team if required. Hopefully we would have planned for this weekend and so cross that concern off the list.

  29. That exception doesn’t prove the rule either, Leantimes. If you’re planning to die on that particular hill it’ll be a lonely place to do so.

  30. Tubberman a list of backroom staff was released I think it was last season and there was no sports psychologist to be seen. So unless somethings changed, I assume there’s still none in the setup. If it has please enlighten me

  31. @It means nothing to me. I agree with you wholeheartedly..@Willie Joe.. that lonely Hill is not Hill 16 by any was certainly lonely last Saturday…

  32. “you’re suggesting that those who don’t aren’t real fans, kindly desist from further engagement with me, as I try not to enter into such debates online.”

    Go to the match or don’t but you’re embarrassing yourself with the moaning about a QF…in Croke Park……where every QF bar a handful have been played for a generation.

    I actually can’t believe this is the standard of chat on here in the run up to a massive game.

  33. @Liberal role,… You’ll probably be surprised that I agree with you 100%’ in your reply to me?..It certainly is more suitable for ‘expensive’ football!

  34. For crying out loud, Leantimes, just let it go. If you keep up this endless gibberish there’s only one direction you’re heading in.

  35. Willie Joe, I think it’s time to stop this debate regarding the Croke Park venue . It would be commercially disastrous for the GAA NOT to have the quarter finals in Croke Park. They must pander to RTÉ and SKY and while A lot of us don’t like it , we must accept it . I know that playing in Croke Park last Saturday was hard on so many supporters resulting in a lower attendance but the County Board would have been wasting their time protesting about it . Cork County Board spent over 100 million on renovating our pitch down here but 2 pop concerts got preference over 2 championship games. Cork hurlers had no problem going to Thurles ! Kerry footballers didn’t object too strongly about playing in Pairc Ui Rinn ! i doubt if Any Mayo footballer would prefer The Hyde,Tullamore or Portlaoise over Croke Park. Now let’s stop this nonsense and concentrate on the game in CP at 4pm on Sunday week.

  36. Haha Leantimes that was a genuine typo. You’ve a good eye.
    Perhaps it was a Freudian slip on my part?!

  37. We needed to draw one of the big 2, and we did. Croke Park is a fair neutral venue, we are not exactly strangers to it. We will have a train service to and from the game. All the positives.

  38. I used to enjoy this blog . Far too much bitching going here among our own .

  39. I’m with you on that, Michaelincork. My aim here is always to try to keep the focus on the on-field stuff but that’s being drowned out by all the complaining, which is now reaching cringeworthy levels. It really is time to call a halt to it.

  40. Jesus christ its happening again. Not even going to bother arguing the venue this time. Its an AIQF ffs, where else was it going to be?????. Delighted its croker, best stadium in the world for me.

    Now the draw, no luck at all. Not buying this Kerry will be cold, they’ll be well prepared and come at us at 100mph. Surely no defender will be left 1v 1 with Clifford. James really has to do something different here.

    Last year was a one off v Tyrone, for a few days Tyrone had pulled out of the championship, and their was talk of a bye etc. it was the greatest ambush I ever seen. Kerry won’t get caught twice in a row. Hoping for a more competitive performance.

    Galway got worst draw possible aswell. Roscommons peeformance doesnt really frank their form. The hardest game of the quarters to call.

  41. Agree WJ, I get that people are within their rights to complain, but it gets to a stage where you just have to move on and get on with it, you get nothing from living in the past. Listen, we are in the final 8 of the All Ireland, we have a tough draw against the favourites for the All Ireland. We’ve been here a thousand times before, no hope, no chance etc. We had half a team fit against Kerry in the League Final, you add Hennelly, Durcan, McLaughlin, Mullin, O’Connor X2 to any team in the country and you improve that team greatly. We’ve been piss poor in Qualifiers before, Fermanagh and Derry spring to mind, both at the time were far lesser teams than Kildare and Monaghan. We are still winning games, that’s all that matters, we have a great chance here, this team will not fear Kerry. The days of coming up to Dublin and being afraid of Kerry are in the past, they’re only human too! Keep it tight for the first 20, set a screen so that no goals are conceded, DO’C to 11 and Mullin to 6. Pressure everything that they do. Stop White coming forward (Durcan). We have every chance here, the game in Tralee is a closer reflection of where the two teams are. For the next two weeks, let’s get behind the team, the time for moaning and bitching is after the championship is over, not when it is only heating up. Keep the faith.

  42. What do people think of Mayo’s black jersey being used against Kerry’s blue? I thought it was hard to pick out Mayo players in the league final. If there’s even the slightest chance of players taking a few extra milliseconds to pick out a teammate when they look up I would say that could be a not insignificant disadvantage. As per the infamous Man United grey jerseys that were ditched at halftime against Southampton I feel we should ditch that as an option right now. The old red away jerseys would be much better. But no doubt sponsor issues may be the determinant. Any thoughts?

  43. I have no problem going to Croke Park for the quarter final and im going to go up with the attitude ok were up against it but i think we will be competitive with Kerry to pull away in the last five minutes and if thats the way it turns out i wont be as depressed as i was after last years final but I will be hoarse

  44. Dominate the middle 8 and we win the match in my opinion – cut off the supply chain to their forwards who will make hay if they get possession.

    That said here’s my middle 8:

    McDonagh or Kev Mcloughlin

    That middle 8 will dominate any opposition bar none and the Kerry forwards supply will be limited. Horan has to be bold here, we need to be like jackals on any breaking ball. It can be done

  45. @MikeinLimerick. Hadn’t taught about that issue at all. .. You have a valid point, both sets of jerseys far to similar especially for afar. Plenty of time to sort it out before the Match.

  46. I’d nearly gamble, play man-on-man, putting Oisin on Clifford. No more than Lee’s development as a corner forward, I can also see gradual improvement in Oisin as a successful man-marker. Before people say I’m mad, I do of course see the risks of this. But seriously, can we just all of sudden play a sweeper and make it work? Oisin is in the form of his life and I’d fancy him to break even on Clifford right now, I really would, and to put the Kerry man on the back foot by making attacking runs up the field.

  47. Our time has come I think you have nailed it there. We need to stop their supply and I think that’s how we will approach it. Very strong middle 8 too, & love Durcan in half forward line. But who marks Clifford? But i suppose if we stop the supply, then he’s not as dangerous

  48. Common sense in relation to the jersey issue would be that Mayo and Kerry toss – winner keeps their traditional jersey and loser changes. But GAA and common sense don’t go well together

  49. Right!!!!!! My thoughts on the game. I don’t think Kerry are that hot in their backline and I definitely think we can get a goal or two. How’s contentious !!!. On Sunday past Mayo were sluggish up front. I paid particular notice to players off the ball and they were a few who were so slow getting into position or tracking back I hoping the bus journey from Mayo that morning is to blame and not something else. I don’t think it’s fitness as we did it work Kildare in the end.
    So if Kerry backline can be exposed and I do think with the forward we have we can expose them then think we’re in with a big shout. My worry is leaving our backs exposed. Ive noted suttle change in that department but will it be enough. I’m up for Ohora one on one with Clifford again, but with support to close goal threat.

  50. The pressure is building on this Kerry team.

    They haven’t lifted Sam since 2014, and this team have been hyped out the wazoo every year now for the past several years. They keep coming up short and may do so again this year.

    They demolished a half a none to bothered Mayo team in a league final, and the expectations on these lads is that they are expected to go out and do the same thing again in two weeks.

    By the way, Tommy Walsh was on Newstalk last week and asked the question on who he thought was better, Gooch or Clifford, having played with both.

    He said that he would have to say Gooch as he saw him do things he had never seen before.

    He said that maybe someday down the road in years to come that Clifford might get to the Gooch level and might one day surpass him but he wouldn’t put him in the Gooch category just yet.

  51. Could we move all the venue discussion to its own thread . A lot of valid arguments that I agree with but also a lot people who are fed up of discussion and want to focus on team and game.

  52. Hi all, any thoughts on Kevin mc Loughlin
    sweeping in front of the full back??
    Clever player good positional sense!

  53. If we’re to go out, which we probably are, let’s go out swinging. We’ve Oisin and Paddy back since that League final so maybe Kerry might have a worry or two of their own about us. I’m clutching at straws but I’m just not sure playing a sweeper is the way to go. I’ll probably change my mind on this in a few days though!

    One positive? The form of Lee Keegan and Oisin Mullin. How could this not give a Mayo person some hope….

  54. Oisin top class player but lacks height v Clifford just as he lacked height v McShane in final last year. Not sure who Id put on him. O Hora did reasonably well on him for chunks of league final but lacking a bit of height also. Maybe Leeroy. After not giving Kilkenny, Connolly , Cavanagh and other great players a kick, could he be the man for Clifford. However Clifford is just one threat, they have serious threats from all the forwards not to mention their marauding wing back. Big, big task for us but I am sure we will approach it with gusto and give it our best shot.

  55. WJ , sorry about this as not strictly about on field stuff, but I think it’s important none the less. James Horan said on the podcast, that they traveled up on Saturday morning. Surely this could have contributed to the poor first half and I hope it’s sorted before the Kerry game. Said they couldn’t get a hotel. Maybe the Gaa should block book hotels, (provisionally) regardless of who’s playing. Teams only finding out on Monday last, when and where they’re playing, doesn’t give much time to get sorted.

  56. Re the sweeper discussion, did we not play a sort of half sweeper in the last two games against blanket defences? More knowledgeable posters than I might be able to answer.

  57. @Nephin why would you even apologize for making that comment? Like are comments about on-field topics only allowed here?! Of course it’s important and adds to the argument that many are making about there being way too many games in Croke Park these days – last weekend’s decision was farcical. Only my own opinion, but Leinster final, semis, and final should be played in Croker. Quarters should be neutral and all games before that should be home and away based on first-out-of-the-hat / home-away agreement.

    Also, it’s 13 days until the actually game – now is exactly the time to be talking about this. The game will be talked to death by Sunday week.

  58. It’s easy to overthink and become preoccupied with the Clifford marking job…He isn’t the only forward they have who is capable of scoring, but ultimately what will go a long way to stopping him and their other forwards is is cutting off the supply of ball.

  59. Oh my God. Will people please get a grip and concentrate on football. Kerry v Mayo in Croke park All Ireland Quarter Final. Many a county will never the the opportunity. Plus it might be our last time this year (Hopefully not – Keeping fingers crossed) far too much negative commentary these days. The world is in turmoil so let’s have some positivity

  60. Just listened to the examiner podcast, and fair dues to mcconville, he is always fair to Mayo.. but the 2 yerras on it, could not hide their supreme confidence in beating Mayo…happy to use us as fodder for the build up to Dublin… I love it…

  61. Clifford will get scores maybe even half of Kerry’s total. Thats reality. But if we can keep them to 14 scores and max of one goal we need about 16 scores to win.
    I think we have to play with sweeper even 2 at times. Then use our lightening quick counter attack but we have to hit 60% conversion rate on chances. We need our most accurate forwards and shooters to be on the end of those chances to do that.
    Osion on Clifford best option he did well on him in castlebar in the last game before lockdown. Clifford will not track him when he is attacking, someone else will be told pick Osion up when he goes. Lee wouldn’t have pace to mark Clifford.
    Heard Billy Joe Padden on newstalk this evening. He is a brilliant analyst of the game. I would love to see him in a management set up..preferably Mayo’s .

  62. One big question for me is can Carney be as influential for Mayo as Clifford is for Kerry.
    He is outstandingly athletic and extremely confident player. Maybe not as clinical in his finishing but he has grown into the ff role. A big ask but Jack is going in the right direction.
    He’ll be a handful for Kerry.

  63. Oh the cut off the supply approach. The one i heard all the way back to the run up to the 2006 final. The teams that beat Kerry swamp the area in front of the goal and apply serious pressure to their forward unit knocking the confidence out of them and hit them on the counter attack.Tyrone have shown the template historically.

    We need to play at least 5 deep lying defenders who protect the goal. if stop goals going in that gives a path to winning the match but play man on man and we will get a hammered.

    For me this Kerry team has a soft center that’s been shown the last few years, there’s no major changes in personnel. If major pressure comes on them there’s a good chance they will crack.

    On Mullin he could be an exceptional player if played around the middle but he’s average to poor when in the FB line he is simply not a full back and his talent is completely wasted there.

  64. Why does the match train stop in Hueston station and not take the phoenix park tunnel and go to Drumcondra direct?

    You can get a train from Newbridge direct to Drumcondra on a Monday morning but not on a Sunday
    Instead, Mayo, Kerry and Galway fans get Dumped in Hueston and have a mad dash home after the match
    If they want people to go by train then this is a no brainer

  65. Miss the Kildare game but a positive from the previous two games, Kildare and Monaghan was no goals. I know against Monaghan they never had a direct shot at goal.

    Didt get to see the Kildare game but no goal scored again that must be a record because in champo we are always leaking goals.

    It’s a big ask versus Kerry but if we can keep them from scoring a 3 pointer, well, it certainly is our best chance at beating them.

    As regards the venue it was always gonna be croker. Anyone who thought otherwise was only kidding themselves.

  66. I’d can’t see Clifford getting half of Kerry’s scores off Oisin. He’ll score from frees and several from play but he will not roast the Kilmaine man like that.

    While Oisin is our best guy to match physically with Clifford, I’d agree the height disadvantage might be a problem. But what’s the solution? Bring Aido back to double-team Clifford? I don’t think so. Could get Oisin to break the ball on him and deploy another sweeper, i.e. O’Hora, and leave Coen where he is. Name Swannie in the forwards like.

    As I keep saying, we can’t screw with out well-functioning defence right now. That’s curtains for us then. They’re developing as a unit, gaining confidence. We must think logically about this. I’ll keep repeating this like a broken record.

  67. A Brickenden or a McHugh simply are not yet experienced enough to play sweeper in a match like this. Kevin Mc is but his form is very very poor. So who do the sweeper-advocates suggest we use? For me, if we are to go that route, it must be Swannie with Coen starting again at CHB.

    Isn’t it ironic that all of a sudden we’re becoming bare of cover in the backs. Plunkett’s and Harry’s loss may be fully realised on Sunday week.

  68. Expect huge crowd from Armagh and Galway. Hopefully they get behind Mayo as well as our own supporters on the day. Should be like a home game for us!

  69. @Centerfield, I don’t think you are accounting for the recruitment of Jack O’Connor and Paddy Tally or the fact that those young lads who may have had a soft centre are now men, bigger, stronger, more experienced and coached better.

  70. Will Galway even manage 5k supporters? I wouldn’t think so.
    Hopefully Armagh will be shouting for us.

  71. @Justoutsideballagh, I hope it’s not like a home game for us !

    You could hear a pin drop in McHale park when the team really needed support.

    There are no fans in the country come anywhere near the Armagh crew for numbers, colour, noise, flags and banter, they’re miles ahead, fair play to them.

    We’ll see them in the final.

  72. They won’t fix the minor game at noon on the Sunday given the travel and acccomadation issues. They would have to on the road to Dublin at 7am and what about the Kerry minors ?

  73. Have any season ticket holders got an email yet ?
    I just seen on Official Mayo Gaa Facebook that tickets are going on general sale at 10am tomorrow????

  74. Fuck it, let’s just play Swannie in the half forwards (not sweeping). He’s played there for Club. Loftus, Jason Doc, or Carr to lose out.

  75. I admire Oisin McConville’s attempts to make it seem competitive, but I don’t think the Kerrys are totally wrong to feel confident. If the shoe was on the other foot and we were motoring as well as Kerry are currently, I’d strongly fancy our chances. We simply don’t have the personnel they have in the forward line, which is what it will ultimately come down to.

  76. I would put oisin at 6 and OHora in half forwards or 3rd midfielder to work breaking ball he has the type of mentality that Boyle brought and we now lack can score as well like Boyle try Brickenden at FB and AOS as sweeper.
    That would have paddy oisin and eoghan as the half back line.OHora, DOC, Loftus in half forwards not sure about starting Boland as he might be better with 20 mins left when he might get room Cillian and Carr up front

  77. Whatever about the venue I’m more concerned who is stopping gavin white running amock. They hammered Tyrone last year in the league but championship was a different story. We cannot get too hung up about them. We have to play our own game.

  78. Gavin White is dangerous alright. Paudie Clifford often brings David into play perhaps limiting Paudies interaction with David could cut some supply off to Mayos benefit. Kerry are great if allowed freedom to express themselves so Mayo need to disrupt, disrupt, disrupt. Bear in mind this Kerry team while a fine league team is not a proven AI team like previous Kerry generations.

  79. The one thing I would say in Mayo’s favour is this – if we do manage to drag this into a dogfight, I would have question marks over Kerry’s stomach for a battle. I think they can get a bit jittery when it comes to the crunch in tight encounters. Not only were they outfoxed by Tyrone last year, but they were outfought too when push came to shove, and lacked a bit of composure when it was in the melting pot. I wouldn’t be surprised to see such a thing happen again this year (even though I don’t believe Mayo will be the ones to do it). For that reason, I can see Kerry wanting to put it to bed early on. They’ll try and hit us for goals and wrap it up early. I don’t think they’ll want any kind of down to the wire situation developing and certainly no mayhem.

    I don’t see fitness being an issue for them after the way they got caught last year though. I think their management will have them properly prepared this time.

  80. The Kerry game is where Mayo need to carefully pick their fastest players, alot of pace in Kerry.
    I don’t know what their fullback line is like but Carney seems to be a good fielder, he is powerful and aggressive.
    No way can Mullin be allowed to man mark at full back, it would be criminal.
    Mayo need to seriously look at nr 6, one of the midfield and one of or two forwards.

    Mullin took his goal very well with the left boot, what is he like taking frees, we are stuck for a left-footer.
    Some great ideas, ie playing O Hora around half forward, I reckon he will be brilliant in winning that dirty broken ball.

  81. Galway didn’t want Armagh but I think they would be a good match for them. Should be a good game. Heard something about a few Kerry players injured but am not sure if that’s true. Mayo were missing around 5 of their key players in the league final and only lost to Kerry by a point in their first league meeting back in February.
    Croke Park is the right venue for the quarter finals to be held. The quarter finals have nearly always been played in Croker so why stop now?

  82. Christ I never thought I’d say this but have a listen to Anthony Moyles’ views on Mayo on OTB today, it’s good. He notes that Mayo’s 2, 3, and 4 attack more than Mayo’s half forwards, bypassing midfield and our HF line. They’ll do this against Kerry and it may put the Kingdom on the back foot. This is something we already know about the way we play but he outlines it well.

    Interestingly, he thinks Aido will be deployed as a “double 6”, not double marking Clifford but more “marking space”, as Clifford is too smart to be double marked, i.e. he’ll use it to Kerry’s advantage and make space for others, leaving a corridor to goal. Aido’s role though will be to stop “easy balls into the D”. He attracts players and he’s got quick hands. With this in place, Moyles thinks we should then just go man to man.

    It’s worth a listen.

  83. Not a very regular contributor, read the blog all the time, and as as result my opinion may not carry , but for what it’s worth,play Aidan O She’s as a sweeper just on front of full back later me , we have no tall backs , could prevent a lot of diagonal balls coming into Geaney/Clifford, just traverse that area , for which he has sufficient mobility and fitness.
    Obviously there are other areas that need attention but just thought I would throw this out for comment.

  84. True. That’s not a bad idea at all. We definitely cannot leave the full back line isolated.

  85. The game will likely come down to a handful of key moments.
    For example, Eoghan McLaughlin has been playing very well in recent weeks and I expect him to get at least one one clear goal chance against Kerry.
    Is he (a) going to balloon it straight at the Kerry keeper and miss just like he did against Monaghan and Kildare or (b) learn from previous weeks, compose himself and rattle the net when the chance inevitably comes against the kingdom.
    This and a handful or other key moments will decide our fate.

  86. That’s how I’d see aidos role also , marking the space around the D , dealing with Hail Mary balls coming in . He’s still a massive unit and not everything Kerry do is silky skilled , it’s a matter of good organisation . I’d love a fast start in this game , if there is any substance to Kerry been cold due to lack of competitive games then only a blistering start will see us capitilise on that

  87. Tickets on general sale at 10am, but no word if that includes season ticket holders as well. At least i didnt get email from them, yet

  88. Look it,in the league final we hit the woodwork four times their last goal should not have been allowed it was clearly a square ball,we had half our team injured,we are not that far from them

  89. Personally I can’t wait for this one. Would hope the hierarchy see sense and give the minors a runout in front of a big crowd, but we’ll see. If we had been years waiting like in the 70s and 80s there would be no debate on the venue but we really have been spoiled for over a decade now. I certainly don’t hold with any stay-away nonsense because these salad days won’t last for ever and even though it’s not ideal and it’s expensive we should all try to get there. One team one county should be our mantra through thick and thin. Of more concern would be the arrangements for the team to be able to stay overnight on the Saturday. Travelling up on Sunday morning would be a disaster. Let’s all get behind the team and management with a united front and stop the infighting. Maigheo Abu.

  90. @FW: I was going to leave our exchange there until I saw this morning that you misquoted my post, which I won’t let slip idly by.

    You completely misrepresented my post by omitting the conditional “IF…” which I wrote at the beginning of that sentence. Not to mention that I wasn’t objecting to the use of Croke Park per se but the slot allocated to the two furthest teams from the stadium, when the local team could play then with minimal fuss to their supporters. Or indeed that it’s not just Mayo fans who might be discommoded by this but also our opponents. This is not just something thought by me, but is quite prevalent across several GAA discussion boards.

    And by the by, who would have thought that a post on the scheduling of this fixture might attract…conversation on the scheduling of the fixture? We have almost two weeks to discuss the tactics, team selection and whatnot associated with the match on Sunday week.

    Anyway, that’s my final response to you and indeed on this topic, given that the owner of the site has asked for posters to desist.

    @Liberal Role in the Tie: Yes, I saw that, excellent analysis from Moyles, although he is as baffled as to our “style of play” as anyone else is, at this point.

    @Grain of Rice: Yes, I agree that Eoghan could do with a little bit of goal shooting practice or instruction, should he find himself in a similar position again the next day (which maybe in itself is not a given, given that Kerry do a lot of tactical fouling out the field). Low and hard is almost always the best option, unless the keeper lowers himself early.

  91. With regard to Eoghan Mc goal attempts. Firstly he did really well to get into that position for a half back. On both occasions he hit the ball at a good height for the keeper and both were saved. With regard to Oisin, he did brilliantly to get into a goal scoring position for a full back. He too hit the ball at the right height for the goalie, but lucky for us O Neill dived early so Oisins shot crahed into the net. We are hugely reliant on our defenders to score and in fairness they don’t let us down, but when you get one on one with the keeper you keep the shot low along the groud which minimises the keepers chance of saving it. Easier said than done in the white heat of a championship game.

  92. @it means nothing to me
    Out of respect for the host I’ll not be interacting with you again,I gather you feel the same so we all move on.

  93. My main concern is the form of our midfield, it is the area we have had the upper hand on Kerry over the last few years but now it appears they have their house in order in that department.

  94. Kerry lads I know have question marks about their midfield. Moran will come in for 2nd half if its going bad. Not many I know travelling up from Galway as the cost is high im in Dublin so will travel but family dont want to go either so I will be with the men from the kingdom. Anthony Moyles dismissed Galway in a sentence as he gushed about Armagh. Lots of contempt and plamas for West of Ireland teams as usual.

  95. Right, I can see I need to restore a bit of order to the debate.

    It Means Nothing to Me/FW – I’ve excised the unnecessary personal barbs from both your comments so please leave it at that. You’ve both been contributing here for years – in a positive way too – so you know the story in this respect.

    Dod12 – I appreciate you’re both new here and were responding to another comment but you just can’t insult the entire Mayo support base in the manner you did in that second comment which I’ve now deleted. Because you’re new to the neighbourhood, it would be worth your while reading the house rules on comments (here) which are designed to foster a reasoned debate, which avoids antagonising others.

    On the road again – you helped cause that issue with Dod12 so please dial down the rhetoric about Kerry. ‘Hatred’ is not a word I want to see used by a supporter of one county aimed at another and so I’ve softened the language in that comment.

    Kerry 38 – welcome aboard! It seems like a lifetime since that pre-Covid game. I didn’t think that comment was overly objectionable but I get where you’re coming from and, seeing as it doesn’t contribute positively to the discussion, I’ve deleted it.

    On a more general note, I’m delighted to see a few new Kerry contributors joining the debate here ahead of Sunday week. Providing everyone (from both sides of the fence) keeps it civil, this should lead to a more informed discussion for all of us.

    I’m also proud of the fact that, while this is and always will unashamedly be a Mayo house (so the Green and Red specs are staying on), there are a number of long-standing contributors here from other counties, notably Galway, Dublin and Kerry, whose input is always measured and reasonable. They bring a valuable outside perspective to the discussion and I think that’s something we should all welcome.

  96. Agree that Aidan O’Sheas best position is now around the number 6 area for a number of reasons. He’s very good at linking play which will allow our marauding half back and full back lines to get forward. He’s a another kick out option for both short kick outs on our side and also if Kerry go long on theirs. He provides a big physical presence in the centre back area and should help block up runners through that channel. He’s probably our best tackler. He’s never been a prolific scorer so especially with our current options up front I don’t think we need another low scoring forward taking a place in our front 6. .

  97. Kerry have a soft underbelly that has been consistently exposed over the last couple of years – it’s becoming a longer term issue for them.

    The longer they go without Sam, the worse that will get. You might scoff at the hilarious concept of going on a 7-years-without-Sam-famine. But Kerry’s track record is better than 1 in 4. The prospect of 0 in 8 has them restless.

    There are great footballers the length and breath of the country who do not have, nor ever will have a Celtic cross to their name – that is the nature of sport. But such is the nature of Kerry’s pedigree that you won’t even be considered in the realms of greatness unless you have a handful. David Clifford is the messiah, the saviour of Kerry football, and the epitome of what a great Kerry footballer can be.

    And yet, he has not a single one to his name. How many of the starting 15 have even held up Sam on the steps of the Hogan? Every year it grows fewer, and every year the support base grows more listless. And with this comes the inevitable backlash, Kerry support will turn on their team for failing to deliver, such is their familiarity with winning – ask Paudi himself, he’ll tell you.

    This feeds to the team itself, who do not want to break the long tradition of the right of Kerry to collect Sam, except for the times when it is unfairly stolen from them by the Gym-bunny Dubs and their robotic displays, or the blanket defences of those scurrilous northern teams, and their twisted mind games and cynical outlook on game management.

    Kerry believe that they should win, because they are Kerry. And that is their Achilles heel.

    Cork (fucking Cork) took the fight to them for 50 minutes, and made them look very ordinary indeed. They just ran out of gas, and couldn’t press on and tear into the soft underbelly they exposed.

    A fitter team than Cork, staying within reach, and applying a controlled ferocity that allows doubt to creep into the minds of Kerry players can be their undoing. There or thereabouts at 60 minutes, and then hit them. I really do wonder if they have the mettle to come out on top of a dog fight – I’ve seem little evidence of such over the last few years.

    But don’t let them get a lead built up – there is good reason they are on top of the roll of honour. Once they have you at arms length, they’ll disrupt the counter, and take the fouls against – and the cards, and slowly strangle the life out of the game.

  98. The best and only way to stop Clifford is to stop the supply of good ball into him. Remember 2012 the ball into Murphy that did the damage not the fullbacks marking, same last Sunday with the ball fromn O Neill into the full forward. Stop the supply.

  99. @liberal if aido is put there he will be run at and passed every time. Kerry have a lot of pace. Galway did it last year in Con final and every team has done it since… But we keep doing the same things every time too. That’s the problem.

  100. @Jaden: Looking at their panel from their recent NFL final against us, I see only David Moran, Stephen O’Brien, and Paul Geaney from the 2014 All-Ireland win, though maybe I overlooked someone and no doubt our newly arrived Kerry contingent might put me right. The other lads have stacks of All-Ireland minor medals, of course, but only the big cannister counts down in the South-West.

    I do think that Jacko has hardened them up significantly, though. They conceded very few goals during the league (we helped them a bit there by scuffing a few down in Tralee) and do a lot of tactical fouling out the field. Paddy Tally has definitely helped them get a better defensive shape, and they have definitely focused on disrupting our strike runners from midfield/half-back in the two games we’ve played them (albeit we were missing Paddy Durcan Oisín Mullin and DOC for the league final game).

    My hunch is that if we want to be in any position to challenge them, we need to avoid the concession of goals, at least break even around the middle and be within touching distance heading into the final ten minutes. Our non-functioning forward play is also a big issue, and I would like to see us take a risk on some point-scoring forwards rather than a few of the lads who offer a lot of graft but little else.

    It would be a huge boost if we could get a run out of Ryan O’Donoghue too.

    It’s a lot to ask IMO but no doubt that the lads will put in a better shift than the NFL final.

  101. If we do have most of our runners in place, the higher press does become a credible option in the way it wasn’t for the NFL final. If we can find a way to keep that pressure on whilst also not being left exposed at the back that could go a long way. Mayo fans go absolutely mental for turnovers and if we can get that part of the game working that will give a massive lift. Having Carney as long ball option is a good development, but being patient on the ball if Kerry funnel back would be key. They can’t score if they don’t have the ball and if there’s no space for kicked ball there’s no point forcing it. I’d also much rather see wides than balls dropping short as that can be just as dangerous as a turnover re counters.

  102. Anthony Moyles and several other ex Meath players are always dismissive of Galway even in league games. Some of them associated with that Meath team in 01 ,who were raging hot favourites by the way ,also struggle with neck issues from watching PJ raise 10 white flags on the day. Can’t have been easy

  103. True Big Mike poor Moyles never got over 01. Remember them cheering each pass against Kerry in the semi a bit like Armagh against Donegal on Sunday. 10 points in a masterclass. Long time ago now though time to get new heroes much like hurlers in 17. Need a couple of defenders though I think to really challenge.

  104. Big Mike, LOL.
    I’m sure this is getting exciting for you guys too.
    Paddy Andrews on this week‘s Off the Ball Football Pod with Tommy Rooney sees Galway v Armagh as the game of the Quarter Finals, not the Mayo v Kerry game.
    In fact, Andrews (who I enjoy as a commentator) and his fellow guest, James O’Donoghue – esp James – see Mayo as having no likelihood of winning versus Kerry. None whatsoever, so much so that they don’t even idly speculate on the matchup. (LOL).

  105. Anybody else having issues with the ticket exchange for season ticket holders?

  106. The Hill is open, 30 euro for a ticket, 10 euro cheaper than the stand. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of green and red up there!

  107. I understand now why Mayo GAA were publishing so much that the tickets came out at 10am,never in a million years did i think i would log on at 10am this morning on the dot and struggle to get good seats,I’m in 302 which is near the corner but my god i feel like I have just been awarded with a golden ticket.

  108. Thanks everyone. I am enjoying the chat and glad to see the divisions and disagreements healing. Yes, it’s time to move on and get 100% behind our team.
    I do think that the idea of our athletes traveling a long bus journey before a big game is ludicrous. It is even worse than that.
    I wish I had a hotel in Carlow or Kildare that I could offer the lads but I would gladly vacate my house and let them settle for the night. This cannot be acceptable to the GAA…player welfare is for every county…especially those from far far away…like Kerry and Donegal and Mayo…and more.
    I like the idea of Aido marking the D . It is a real access point for Kerry attacks and his presence along might just cause a few second thoughts. These are the kind of things that can make a huge difference…incremental things can have a great effect.
    Of course we are in the ‘no hope saloon’ but we don’t do no hope. I am bursting with hope and although I complain about the cost of traveling and such things, I fully intend to be there and to be heard.
    I know Jack has done his homework and nothing delights him more than to stuff Mayo. This alone is enough for me. I want to see him worried and anxious and hurting. I want us to inflict a wound on him that he won’t forget for years…nothing personal, I just want him beat!!
    Have we got the men for this…you bet! Have we got a hope…sure as hell we do. Have we got the support…that’s up to you lads…men and women, boys and girls and any other gender there might be. Let us arise and go now and give our hearts to Mayo. How often have we seen them do it for us…this is our time. Hon Mayo…
    Maigheo go deo.

  109. Thinking about it a bit more I would start Aido and have him as an extra man back operating from the edge of the square and getting into mf for long kickouts.Maybe run with this tactic for the first 20-25 mins,Kerry will be letting a few high balls in early as they have done for years against us.Its crucial we dont concede an early goal(s) If kerry run at Aido hopefully we have enough back to help him out.
    I would start either Boland or MacHale leaving one to come in and up the tempo,probably Boland to come on when the physicality might be less of an issue.
    I don’t think Horan will change anything defensively though,he never has and is not going to start playing an extra man back now.He really does have absolute belief that we can go one on one with anyone and win.Whilst I’m not sure about that and I think you sometimes have to tweak your system depending on opposition I certainly admire the balls of the man and the players buy into it.
    I think we have a good chance for a famous win Croke Park

  110. Looks like croker on course for a sellout that day, armagh fans seem to be travelling in huge numbers for this one

  111. What are all these calls for AOS at sweeper based on? He was run ragged at the weekend not for the first time this season, he doesn’t have the pace for it and it will just allow kerry to gave the sweeper in tadgh Morley.

    AOS has role to play in the tighter provincial grounds but he struggles badly in croker, bring him off the bench for the last quarter surge to get us over the line

  112. Something small that I thought was lovely to see was the big smile on Mullin and Flynn after their goals. It kinda showed they’re enjoying their football. Big task ahead next weekend but it won’t faze them.

  113. Swallow Swoops.

    I’ve been consistent on Mayo. 2/9 is an outrageous price for a team that’s been in the last 2 finals and beat the greatest team of all time less than 12 months ago. Kerry were ran into the ground last summer by Tyrone, now if there’s question marks about conditioning Mayo will ask them. Kerry getting Paddy Tally on board changes things, Mayo are going to need pace in the forwards and lots of it.

    On Galway, great chance to get to a final and they need to go for it. Still think it’s been a good year, back to div 1 and Connacht Champs but need to grab this opportunity. The more focus on Comer/Walsh/Conroy the better, the likes of Finnerty, Patrick Kelly, Heaney, McDaid can all play a bit. I’m not a Corofin man but I like watching Molloy and McHugh, I always tell the young lad to watch them, positioning, hand passing, kick passes, basics but all perfect. I always tell him to watch Kevin McLoughlin and previously Keith Higgins in the Mayo warm ups, same thing, basics but accurate and at pace all the time every time.

  114. I don’t think double marking clifford is a viable option, their other forwards are too good to be neglected, paudie clifford and paul Geaney played puck in the league final too and seanie I shea wasn’t even there (though leeroy is absolutely tailor made for Sean o shea so not too worried there)

    Gavin white punches a lot of holes running from deep so would be starting one of eoghan or durcan at wing forward to keep him honest

    It’s all about hanging tough for as long as possible, if we within 4 coming down the stretch for last quarter would fancy our chances with superior fitness

  115. The two positions Mayo need to hone in on are Tadhg Morley and Gavin White in the Kerry back line. Maybe push E McLaughlin up on White but what would be ideal if RO’D was fit, is to put him at 11. That would put them on the back foot. Carr then running at them all day and Carney at 14 gives them something else to think about.
    Just hope if Flynn starts that he hasn’t revenge in mind for the late hit in the league final. Discipline is absolutely key.
    The obvious match ups with what to do with Kerry forwards will be interesting. Sean O’Shea was missing In the league final remember. Would be interesting if we put Durcan on him. So much to get into with the match ups but that’s for another day!

  116. Hadn’t even seen your comment Supermac before sending mine. We are in the same wavelength 🙂

  117. I am one of those happy to get Kerry. Right time to get them and think the supporters need it to – a win to get rid of the negativity and we are rockin again.. Like a few posters I think Jack will revert to type and try and hit us early for goals so first 10-15mins will be crucial in this game. Can we win ? yes definitely because this is not a new Kerry team just a fitter and possibly a nigglier version of what was there before. One thing i noticed in their Cork game they were on the edge on several occasions with their discipline. Several yellows and a few blacks could easily have been issued (which could/should ultimately have lead to reds). The ref could also have a big say if this is still part of their game…..Mayo / Galway final anyone, wouldn’t it be great you just never know

  118. the team I would start for Kerry v (wishful thinking I know )

    ————————–Rob Henley ——————————
    Lee Kegan – Padraig o Hora -Enda Hession

    Paddy Durken – Osin Mullen —- Eoghan Mc L

    M Ruane – J Flynn
    D O’Connor Ryan OD E Boland

    J Carr J Carney C O’Connor

    Swany to hold Clifford with paddy to sweep infront of him ( Like boyler used to do )

    Ryan and Carney to switch positions as needed , carney there for the long ball into him – a goal chance from each of the last 2 games , Ryan to spray the ball around and act as a playmaker

  119. This game against Kerry will have a total of 80 minutes playing time. The team that does the higher performance differential for more minutes will most likely win. Not guaranteed, but most likely taking into account freak events.
    Now here is the thing of general things we know.
    1. In general first halfs are lower scoring.
    2. Final quarters are the highest scoring. Even moreso with our recent form.
    3. High speed running, 3/4 pace efforts and above are almost 20% down in the final quarter.
    What does that mean?
    Well can one honestly say Aidan OShea will go better on this sweeper second number 6 role, versus him coming into a game fresh where the opposition are not as fresh as the first half.
    We need to be in touch with Kerry for 3/4s of the game.
    That simply means five main factors.
    1. We have to play a blanket defence. Anything else will get ripped asunder. We should start seven defenders with one picked in the forwards but comes back into defence, freeing one extra for Clifford.
    2. We can only afford to have one player Cillian who lacks pace. Only one.
    3. We have to double up directly on David Clifford. Directly. None of this ” Oh switch in front at times”. He goes for a water bottle two go with him. He ties his boots you go with him. Clifford scoreless from play, very few touches, make it happen. Strike one guaranteed psychological blow. Cutting off the supply is the biggest nonsense and we have never ever ever managed to do it successfully against Kerry.
    4. Selection. We need Oisin Mullen at midfield with Jordan Flynn and Mattie Ruane possibly to engage shorter six foot Gavin White on our kickouts. Mattie has the pace and size to keep with White. Don’t deal with White….end up trashed. Honestly beaten out the gate if no focussed plan for Clifford and White.
    5. We need a plan to change tactics and go for the win in the final quarter. Aidan OShea fresh sub some point. Everyone who comes in a scoring threat. No slow subs, burst of 4 subs with only 2 left for injuries.

  120. I had the joy of seeing, close-up, AOS bury a goal in the Donegal net just before half-time in the quarter-final back in 2013, that propelled Mayo into a fifth successive All-Ireland semi-final. He’s has had many off-days in the Croker since then – very few shots on goal let alone scores. JH now has 2 options – start him to protect the D, as outlined in previous posts, but hook him if he’s being over-run, which is always a risk; or use him as impact for last 20 minutes, when his lack of speed would be less of a liability. Note that I haven’t said he should be dropped – he’s given heart and soul for Mayo but has been going AWOL on the big days in Dublin. Maigh Eo Abu!

  121. @Jaden

    Great post, and I agree with a lot of that, spot on tbh.. The problem is you need a defensive structure to keep it tight till the 60th min, we haven’t displayed that yet. Theirs been visible signs in the Monaghan and Kildare game, that we are dropping a man back (Aido) and blocking off a bit more space compared to our league games. But more is needed, and I don’t think its in Horans DNA to drop two men back for 80-85% of the game. If it were me id concede the short kickout a bit like Cork did, and let them build from the back. We can get set and will be less likely to concede a goal. Push up now and again of course, but time it.

    Worst thing we can do, is full press for their kickouts, lose the kickout with White or O’Brien sprinting into the danger zone, while Clifford and co are left one on one. Horan will probably want to stop the supply coming in by flooding the middle, but your not going to stop it all the time. They will get their share of breaks and pump it straight inside….a bouncing ball infront of Clifford being marked 1 on 1 is a goal…simple as.

    Our inly way to win this game is to not concede more than one goal. Just like the semi last year. Ultra defensive football is needed to be either ahead or in striking distance on the 60th minute, then we can stare them in the eye and see what their made off.

  122. It’s total fallacy to say AOS has been AWOL or terrible in Croke Park since 2013. @John that goal you reference was 2015 QF v Donegal when AOS ended up winning his 3rd All Star in a row, and 3rd in a different position, not 2013. 2013 was a MotM performance at midfield v Donegal.

    He also was excellent against Cork in 2014 QF. Against Kerry in 2014 SF, and especially against Dublin in 2017 final when Mayo won the midfield battle against Dublin at their very peak.

    He may not have scored in a final but that simplistic stat does not mean he hasn’t played well. He’s bailed Mayo out more than anyone else other Lee Keegan in the last 10+ years.

  123. @JP, Nice writing as usual, but one question, for everyone actually, what do you see as the Mayo managers first job of work in preparing for Kerry ?

    I’m interested to see the answers as it will give a good insight into how different people look at problems and what their solving skills are.

    I know you wont shirk the question @JP, but take your time and think about it.

  124. I’d agree Aidan has never been a game-changer for us on big days in Croker and this is a big problem, reason being because he has been regarded as a key Mayo player, so when it continuously doesn’t work out for him it drains energy from team and supporters alike. Him and many others too, he’s not the only underperformer.

    But Horan needs to factor this in. I’d tend to agree that we probably need to hold him until the second half, all things considered. The evidence is there.

  125. Love these players. But in my view a disservice to Aidan to start him. He’ll get outran badly.
    Bring Aidan on and he will impact the game.
    We cannot start Aidan and Cillian in the same team in Croker. Opposition legs will always find the gap of slow legs.

  126. Dont think Boland will start. I think he’ll come of the bench in the second half.

    Couple of things I noticed at the Kildare game.

    Jason Doherty seemed to be signalling to the bench that he wasn’t right for a good while before he came off. Hopefully he hasn’t picked up another injury.

    Also, James Carr seemed to be struggling. He dropped his runner quite a few times during the game.

    I’m a big fan of both and I think we’ll need them in flying form for Kerry. Hope the fortnight gap sees them right.

  127. I’ll be saying a quiet prayer that in two weeks time we finally get that ‘bounce’ from heavy training blocks, ie we’re timing it right, injuries finally clearing up etc etc. We’re owed it at this stage.

  128. Jaden – 100% agree. That Kerry team haven’t come out on top in a proper dogfight yet. I think they’ll have last year’s semifinal firmly in the backs of their minds though. They were embarrassed that day and I don’t think they’ll want a repeat of that. Hence why I believe they’ll be looking to strike fast early on and hit us for goals in order to prevent any squeaky bums.

  129. Alot of complaining about the venue, I don’t live that far away but either way I would won’t it played on Croker, we may have last against Kildare if it wasn’t in Croke Park, we have put are best performance in Croker

  130. JP – we aren’t going to play a blanket so we can forget that.

  131. Aos very good in league from bench, think it’s an option for this one, if we can stay in it for 50 i give us a shout

  132. Got Cusack 709 dragging the kids in with me. Got the fear it would sell out.

  133. No official updates on ROD ? Rumours are saying he’s good to go but shur how can ya know if it’s true or not .

  134. I would say to anyone that is doing the exchange for season ticket holders to refresh the page and not select what is offered straight away. Usually the new location is not as good as what you are exchanging from. New seats become available all the time and with patience you can pick up something not too bad. There is a rule when exchanging seats that you can’t leave a single seat behind on its own so people may be running foul of that as it won’t let you process your selection if that’s the case. Otherwise the exchange option looks to be working fine

  135. @ Sean Burke – i hope you are right but until i see him out doing the warm up Sunday week i wont believe what i hear. It would be a massive boost for all the supporters and team to see him out there.

  136. @drrsmysleepy Ya, almost certainly we won’t play a blanket. Unfortunately I think we’ll rock up with just minor tweaks from the last two games.
    I read Jack OConnors biography. His approach is like Bill Belichik, he likes to identify known weaknesses and go after them.

  137. The only fast start we got off to this year was in Carrick against Kildare. I agree with Sean, we need a lightening start, hopefully we are capable of that.

    We are written off due to the league final which was a non event in reality and I doubt the lads were too focused on that.

    Plus, if it’s league form in the discussion let’s not forget Kildare drew with the yerras earlier in the league.

  138. Big Mike and Chesneychet, enjoy the build-up, if ye can. I find it’s equal parts excitement and nerves.
    Delighted for ye both and ye must be happy to have a new opposition team to think about. I do think Armagh are flying but ye are dark horses, with some very talented footballers without a shadow of a doubt.
    I feel the entire Galway team and back room are in the zone this year (from looking at their reaction after the Connacht Final).
    I like the balance ye now have between defence and attack. I want ye to do plenty of attacking versus Armagh (they themselves are attack minded) but it’ll be vital ye protect the goal too.

  139. JP, hopefully this is what we are very pointedly doing too in the run-up – identifying known weaknesses and going after them, thinking mega-strategically. I wouldn’t put it past us at all.
    I think some of this strategic thought was shown last year v Dublin though it didn’t appear that way, the way the team set up for the first half, the timing of the substitutions, Hession’s role.
    In addition, and forgive me if I am wrong, but we have to be one of the most street-wise on the block at the moment. This manager and this mad Mayo endeavour has been on the go a good few years now and we’ve got into and out of a lot of scrapes.
    In my humble opinion, our managerial heads are every bit a match for the bould Jack.
    But let’s see!

  140. I wonder would Boland have seen game time at all on Saturday if Walshe or Kevin Mc
    were available? Probably not.
    Was wondering why Horan had him first sub in.

  141. No time to ponder on the what ifs , it’s a ruthless business , he got a chance and he did well . I would of admittedly been one of those unsure he had the physical presence to make an impact, Tyrone league game he was made look well light of what’s required but in fairness he did very well last weekend . Onwards and upwards for Boland hopefully.

  142. Just reading over some of the comments. I might be off the wall on this but, the one thing I am not worried about this year with the current Kerry team is stomach for the battle. Mainly because one thing Jack O’Connor always instilled in his teams was a bit of steel. Hopefully there should be two good games of football that day. Would fancy Armagh to take Galway

  143. Yes, would love to see Fergal do well. It strikes me that he has the ability to be mobile in small spaces on the pitch, can manoeuvre himself into positions. He appears to have good balance and is confident taking on shots. There is something of the hurler about him. Good man!

  144. Team i would go with:


    O Hora Coen Hession


    Keegan Durcan EMcl

    Ruane, Mullen, Flynn



  145. Team for me, (agonised over playing stephen coen as he is in such poor form but we need a steady stay at home defender in plunketts absence there too to give the lads protection to bomb on)


    Mullin (d clifford)
    O’hora (geaney)

    S Coen

    Durcan (p clifford)
    Keegan (Sean o shea)


    E McLaughlin (pushing up on white)
    ROD (at chf to keep morley busy)



  146. Supermac’s post re AOS struggling at Headquarters (whether we like to call it that or not!) is spot on – “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” usually credited to the acclaimed genius Albert Einstein. Selecting AOS as a sweeper in the vast expanses – ditto.

    Likewise the comment on Boland, who turned the game and saved the day, getting his chance – probably only because Kevin Mc and Walshe were injured. Sorry JH, we just can’t afford to leave an accurate shooter (both long and close range) on the sideline while we get overun in midfield. The Kildare was proof positive – rem Einstein’s maxim! Up Mayo.

  147. @John Martin…That particular quote..Does Pat Spillane not have copyright to it?…He certainly has repeated it enough of times on the Sunday Game, mind you there are Parrot’s with a bigger vocabulary than RTE’s ..All 3 Wise Men put together ‘… I think Aiden could do a starting job for Mayo, but only protecting around the D, for about 50 minutes, he’s definitely not a 70+ minutes man in Croke Park… Alternatively he could come on, with about 20 minutes to go and play a much more dynamic role in driving Mayo forward. Either way I believe he’s going to picked to start. I wish him well in whatever role, but I think he needs a specially defined role for whatever length of time…I think Donegal, fell between two stools with the neither, full time at full forward or full time at midfield role for Michael Murphy last Sunday, any of those big men unless you have an engine like Brian Fenton to get the best out of them are going to have a limited role, for a limited amount of time in Croke Park… Just my opinion on the subject!

  148. Thx Leantimes – I don’t think Einstein and Pat Spillane belong in the same sentence, do you? Love to see him, O’Rourke and the attention seeker-in-chief Jolly Brolly get their comeuppance. Go Mayo!

  149. @John Martin..I actually do think Pat Spillane and Albert Einstein belong in the same sentence… Anyone that can keep their plum job repeating the same cliches , time and time again and not get found out, has to be some class of Genius..

  150. With apologies to John Martin, who makes a good observation, but I think I need a ‘mute’ button for that Einstein-attributed phrase.

  151. Strange how the “F” word is acceptable banter on here , yet certain posters get rebuked by “the management” for their opinion

  152. Was very worried when the draw came out but gradually the confidence is seeping back in.

    Kerry are a hype train but actually have very little to back up that hype so far. They have only won one Championship match in Croke Park since 2017. This means the likes of David Clifford have lost three, drawn one and won one in their Championship career’s in HQ. Not a great record for this all conquering team!

    Mayo on the other hand haven’t lost a quarter final (including one Super 8 match) at Croke Park since 2009. We are 8 from 8.

    They may have the hype and the big names but Mayo have the pedigree. In the heat of championship, pedigree might be that little bit more important! Lets hope so anyway!

  153. Hard to figure out where we are really. Have to take into account that the team had to travel up the day of the game, which may have factored into the early sluggishness and struggles to get into the game.
    Kildare showed in the League they’re capable of long range scoring and they did score a few from distance the last day. They bossed midfield for a good bit of the game in Carrick too, as I recall, before running out of gas around 55 minutes. That was a different game all the same, we were safe at that point and given the ructions from the League final, we may have been as well to let them off with a draw or victory itself that day too.
    Delighted for Jordan with that goal too, I’m sure that has banished a few demons for the lad.
    Anyway – I’m hearing the attendance for the games in Croker on Saturday was around 16,500. Hopefully Croke Park will take note for future qualifier games.
    On to Kerry – we’ll need a big improvement to realistically challenge. I’m fearing the worst as I don’t know that we will be able to compete though I’d expect we will be vastly different from the injury riddled squad that lined out at the beginning of April against the same opposition. I’d be pessimistic enough, I’d have had Kerry as one of the favourites to win the Championship at the outset, certainly ahead of ourselves. I’ve not seen anything to really change my views on that but this bunch have surprised me before, so hopefully they’ll do so again.

  154. Just to say, I have enjoyed the last 100 or so comments… what are the perceived Kerry weaknesses? the goalie?, discipline? Midfield aerial duel? .. agree with @supermacs suggested to have E mclaughlin pushed up on white

  155. Corrick I agree with you on that. We re not as far away from them as people think. It’s not 2004. I believe if playing to our maximum potential we can beat them. Alot depends on who is available. Injury list. Tactics. Scoring forwards. Team selection.

  156. I was wondering about that woeful first half performance against Kildare. It extended to 55-60 minutes. Really you wouldn’t associate that with us. (I will commend Paddy for having a go a couple of times. Why not? Shoot, take it on, put it dead. And we looked more comfortable in possession as we rotated the ball outside the defensive shell).
    But what could have fed into that bad showing? Were there things we didn’t expect?
    1. Team travelling up on the day.
    2. Down 2 subs from those listed on the Thursday.
    3. Kildare play defensively (I wouldn’t say Mayo were expecting that).
    4. Ryan O’Donoghue not playing. I still think that can be listed even now as a disruptive factor.

    In addition, Hennelly missed a few points you wouldn’t expect him to.

    Before that explosive quarter-final replay against Roscommon in 2017, we were dead as a door nail too (flat). Granted these are different times. We really are an unusual team.

  157. Thanks Swallow it’s hard not to be nervous. I’d say PJ will be happy all focus is on Armagh. Can Galway improve you would think so but time will tell. Both are good matches that will take winning.

  158. Some Armagh crowd going , you’d imagine they will take up 75% of the tickets or possibly more .

  159. @Supermac, I hope Horan doesn’t pick your team as listed
    A few observations,
    Any manager would need to be fully crazy to keep Mullin stationed at fullback, as Clifford will stay put.
    Two of your players have been out of form for a few months, surely they cannot start v Kerry.

    Give a another a go.

  160. Armagh were always known for great support. Is it a case of us grown a little tired of chasing the dream ?

  161. @Swallow Swoops, I’m not wondering about that, the Kildare game last Saturday took the same pattern as the Dublin semi last year, throw in the Galway Connacht final in 2021 and All Ireland final last year.
    It has to be the training & Conditioning.

  162. One aspect of our game that we can definitely sharpen up on in the next two weeks is our passing…I know we have been passing the ball to death lately but from hand or kick passes we’re inclined to bounce the ball in front of the teammate…not to be too critical of Diarmuid but he ,and others can be very casual when passing off. He sends it in the general direction of a teammate but it’s into the breadbasket it needs to be going. If the player receiving has to change direction or wait for the bounce,that split second means the chance might be gone or a hand comes in. Fergal’s first chance against Kildare was blocked down due to him having to wait for the ball to bounce up…a good pass and he was away. At this level those small margins make such a difference. I hope we iron our the basics before Kerry & at least give ourselves a fighting chance

  163. @James+Fleming. james i think u should get them off ticketmaster or in a super value shop as soon as possible or they may be all gone or only bad tickets left . I got 4 tickets myself this morning when they were released. We need as many mayo supporters as possible at the game to cheer the team on. Hopefully the Armagh and Galway supporters will stay on to support MAYO. I believe Billy Joe Padden lives in Armagh and hopefully he can spread the word in Armagh to support Mayo. I really think the Monaghan and Kildare games will have brought MAYO on a ton and will be well ready to take on and beat Kerry.

  164. I know it’s too late for this year but Kieran king had the sweeper role down to an art form for knockmore. Was he not worth a place in the squad knowing we’d need that option in our panel

  165. I would start with the team that finished against Kildare. If ROD is available I would drop Orme and Lofus to the subs. Kerry can be beaten but we need to be firing on all cylinders. The 2 captains for 2021 and 2022 are not a duo I would start the match with. Possibly we could bring them on but again I would think they would not pull the game out of the fire .

  166. Some interesting comments regarding Kerry and our frailties.

    A few points to counter these,

    Last years performance against Tyrone, Kerry were left in limbo for weeks no idea if or when that game would be played.

    How could you not be cold going into that ? How could you prepare a training plan to deal with that ?

    Regarding our soft centre, This is a concern for several years however the evidence this year is positive considering we have conceded 1 goal from play in Mcgrath Cup, League and Championship.

    The QF was always our most dangerous game and we have been caught cold before Down 2010 and Monaghan should have beaten us in 06 and 07.

    Walking out of Croke Park on the 3rd of April I didn’t think it would Mayo again for my next visit.

    I believe in this Kerry team but nothing surprises me anymore ?

  167. @West Kerry, I agree big time with regards to ye’re Tyrone game. Didn’t they pull out of the championship for a few days?, ye were definetly left in limbo for a long long time. They also got extremely lucky when ye butchered that goal in the first half. I can’t see that happening again if the oppurtunity arose. I feel ye’ll start at 100mph trying blow us away early.

  168. Lineball,

    Starting fast may be the intention but with a 4 week gap I’ve a feeling it will be cagey and slow for the first 30 mins.

    Hopefully we get a rip roaring game like previous years !

  169. I have read with interest all of the varied posts, suggesting different team selections,positional changes, match-ups, formations, tactics etc and I don’t think that I can add anything new. It is very difficult to make a strong case for us winning and we will clearly need to produce, by far,our best performance of the season and I hope that we do that, regardless of the result. I will just make one observation-I believe that we will need to score, at least, two goals, to have any chance, so I hope that we take the game to them and give it a real good rattle.

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