Kerry name their team for Sunday’s final

Kerry have just named their full match day panel for Sunday. Here it is:

The team named above shows four changes from the one that started against us down in Tralee last month. Out from then go goalkeeper Shane Murphy, as well as corner back Dylan Casey, centre-forward Jack Savage and corner forward Tony Brosnan, while in come Shane Ryan, Gavin White , Stephen O’Brien and Paul Geaney.

All four who drop out from the starting line-up from Austin Stack Park are on the bench for Sunday, as are the likes of Joe O’Connor, Killian Spillane and Gavin Crowley. Seán O’Shea and David Moran are also included within the subs list on what, all in all, is an extremely strong Kerry selection.

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  1. Just listened to the podcast. I’m very surprised by all the chat around the place about not taking the final too seriously. Especially with the dearth of national titles and occasions where we have seen Mayo teams climb the Hogan Stand steps. The Galway match is three weeks away and competitive matches are much more useful than training sessions. Please savour the build up and occasion on Sunday. Up Mayo

  2. strong team and strong bench with Oshea, Moran and Brosnan. An abundance of forwards when you can leave a talent like Brosnan on the bench.

  3. I can’t see them not starting the best number 11 in the country if he’s fit, and there’s a fair hint in the team sheet that they wont play as selected.

  4. Well said @travelling wilbury.. “savour” is the word, Gavin white is back, shows how serious Yerras are taking this.. expect Brosnan to start

  5. Desperately sad news emerging from Sligo this evening with the passing of Red Og Murphy. Only a kid with his whole life ahead of him.

  6. Very sad about Red Og. A young man with his life in front of him. Puts football into perspective. We have to remember in victory or defeat – its only sport. May Red Og rest in peace.

  7. Shocking news coming out of Sligo, stomach churning stuff and puts Sunday’s game in perspective. RIP Red Og, god help his family.

  8. RIP Red Og Desperately sad news Condolences to his family, friends, Curry GAA Club and all involved in Sligo GAA.
    On a separate note that Kerry team looks incredibly strong. Imagine not starting S O Shea and then dropping Tony Brosnan to the subs. If we had either of those chaps in our forwards we’d be raving about them Then they have a couple of brothers called Clifford and an ould fella called Geaney at corner forward. Not a bad squad alright. Meanwhile Mayo will probably start a set of forwards without Cillian Tommy Conroy And Diarmuid. And some Reckon we will beat them in a high scoring shoot out!!! You have to hand it to us when it comes to being optimistic Anyway roll on Sunday . Maigh Eo abu

  9. Never underestimate Jack ó Connor. He destroyed us in 2006 with high balls into our small full back line. We learned nothing of how Tyrone beat Kerry in 2005.we were naive enough to think we could beat them in football.

  10. I have checked mayogaa sites so many times today (and yesterday too) for the team announcement. Its ridiculous we still dont know. That is definitely a very strong Kerry team.

  11. That red og murphy news has rattled me, desperately sad

    Very strong kerry team, very surprised to see Tony brosnan not starting though, he played puck against us in tralee and seemed to be offering more than geaney lately.

    Interesting to see David moran back ahead of schedule

  12. I have been checking in all day yesterday for team news. Now that Kerry have named their team first I don’t care if Mayo don’t name team or squad until Sunday. Up Mayo.

  13. Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Red Og Murphy RIP, incredibly sad… Still nothing on the Mayo team, even though we can’t talk about the selection because we don’t know it.. I imagine the team know themselves .. Consolation is that Jack O Connor doesn’t know either.. Jacks modus oparindium ‘Hammer the Hammer’.. but there’s more to Jack O Connor than just Hammer the Hammer, if Jack sees a weak link like he did with our full back line under the high ball in 2004, Jack will ruthlessly exploit any weakness as well..So on a dreadful night in Tralee, what did Jack figure out was our Hammer, and what does he believe is out weak point? ..I remember in the league game in Castlebar I think around 2007, sitting in the very front row in the old stand , right behind the Kerry dugout, and truthfully feeling very anxious about our chances v the Kingdom..Jack turns to us all sitting there, ‘How ye lad’s good to see ye again’..You’d swear he knew us..It was the day someone threw a wooden spoon at Star man Kieran Donaghy….I think we won by a point, and Star turned to the crowd, from his gesture, that he got suspended for, he didn’t seem remotely as considerate as Jack O Connor was earlier as to our well being!

  14. Expect OShea to start in that case perhaps Oisin Mullen goes on him……surely Keegan is the man to try on David Clifford and maybe OHora on Paudie?.
    No mention of Keegan getting that job and he is the man marking expert

  15. The news regarding Red Og puts this match into perspective. Serious player, watched him play 3 times in club championship games here in Sligo last year when Curry were promoted back to senior level, they lost after extra time in county semi final to Tourlestrane. He was selected on Sigerson team of the year.

    Maybe it resonates more as I have young adults of a similar age so can only guess what his family and friends are going through so sincere condolences to those that knew and loved him.

  16. “Hammer the hammer “ I don’t believe it means anything , it doesn’t make any sense , what would you hammer a hammer for , you’d look like an awful clown hitting a hammer against a hammer , you’d be ran off site that’s for sure . So let the Kerry bucks hammer the hammers with their made up saying that makes no sense and we may drive the nails home with the hammer and get the job done .

  17. Guess who’s back , welcome back to history’s top scorer . Great to see his name there , welcome home Cillian .

  18. Thought we turned a corner in relation to naming the team but soon as a big game comes along, back to the usual.

  19. Very strong starting team on paper .
    Plunkett to switch with coen . Great to see Hession starting and that O’connor buck on the bench

  20. Yes , the two names missing takes a big part of the dynamic of Mayo away but as much as we’d like to win tomorrow i think we would all agree no way should any risk be taken with players not 100% with Galway in mind . This game is there and go for it of course but it will pale into significance come Galway .

  21. Mayo Team is as follows:

    1. Rory Byrne – Ruairi O Broin – Castlebar Mitchels

    2. Lee Keegan – Laoi MacAogáin – Westport

    3. Stephen Coen © – Stiofáin O’Cadhain – Hollymount/Carramore

    4. Padraig O’Hora – Pádraig O’hOra – Ballina Stephenites

    5. Michael Plunkett – Micheal Pluinceid – Ballintubber

    6. Oisín Mullin – Oisín Ó’Maoláin – Kilmaine

    7. Enda Hession – Éanna Ó hOisín – Garrymore

    8. Jordan Flynn – Siuirtán Floinn – Crossmolina Deel Rovers

    9. Matthew Ruane – Maitiú Ó Ruáin – Breaffy

    10. Conor Loftus – Conchur O’Lachtnáin – Crossmolina Deel Rovers

    11. Aidan O’Shea – Aodhán O’Se – Breaffy

    12. Jack Carney – Sean O’Cearnaigh – Kilmeena

    13. James Carr – Seamus Mac Giolla Cheara – Ardagh

    14. Jason Doherty – Séasáon Dochartaigh – Burrishoole

    15. Ryan O’Donoghue – Riain O’Donnachadh – Beal a Mhuirthead


    16. Colm Reape – Coilm O Reabaigh – Knockmore

    17. Donnacha McHugh – Donnacha Mac Aodha – Castlebar Mitchels

    18. Rory Brickenden – Ruairí Brickenden – Westport

    19. Eoghan McLaughlin – Eoghan McLaughlin – Westport

    20. Kevin McLoughlin – Caoimhín MacLochlainn – Knockmore

    21. Conor O’ Shea – Conchur O’Se – Breaffy

    22. Darren Coen – Darán Ó Cadhain – Hollymount Carramore

    23. Darren McHale – Darán Mac Céile – Knockmore

    24. Fergal Boland – Fearghal Ó’Beolláin – Aghamore

    25. Aiden Orme – Aodhán Orme – Knockmore

    26. Cillian O’Connor – Cillian Ó’Conchúir – Ballintubber

    Manager: James Horan
    Selectors: Ciaran McDonald, James Burke, Tom Higgins & Martin Lally

  22. The bit of good news from that announced team is the return of Cillian. Great to see him back . No Robbie, Harry, Paddy or Diarmaid. Surely the yerras must be raging hot favorites.

  23. No 26 for mayo is one to watch, I predict big things for him, Mark my words lads

  24. No more pricking around. We need to go out with a strong team tomorrow and beat Kerry.

  25. Surprised Shane Ryan got the pick over Murphy… great to see cilllian, Swanny on dclifford I hope, expecting big games in Croker, from Oisin, carr and Ruairi, glad Hession named. Who will take long range frees?

  26. O’Hora hasn’t the pace to keep with Clifford, I think its likely we’ll see Mullin on him again.

  27. @rakestreet.according to Spillane frees don’t count so doesn’t matter about the long range frees. Happy with that team considering the injuries. Good luck to all.

  28. Interesting to see Darren McHale in the 26. Cillian too, of course.

    I’d say Kerry will try to hit us early.

  29. Red óg Murphy’s passing puts everything into perspective. A student in St Pats with Aidan Orme, Jack Carney, Enda Hession, Séan Fitzgerald, Rob Finnerty, and Oisìn Gallen. A seriously talented footballer that would walk onto any team in the country. My heart goes out to his family.

  30. Paddy and Diarmuid have been our MOTM so many times in Croker. Will be a big loss on Sunday but better to hopefully see them back on 24th. Strongest team we have starting but still an unsettled forward line which will depend on the other 8 outfield players to help with scores. Leaves us vulnerable on counter attack from Kerry and turnovers could be very costly.

  31. Surprised mcbrien isnt starting thought he did well the last two games adds a bit of size to the fullback line

  32. After Ryan, I’d say Michael Plunkett is probably most accurate kicker from open play. He is seriously underrated. Good to see Cillian back. If he gets close to anything like he was in 2020 then our full forward line is sorted. In saying all that, I think Kerry will sneak it. 2-15 to 1-17

  33. Connacht telegraph reporting that Robbie will definitely be out for Galway, paddy a serious doubt and also diarmuid doubtful . That’s some amount of loss.

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