Kerry name their team, looks like it’ll be Friday before we do

Kerry have named their starting fifteen and subs for Sunday. Here’s the full list:

Kerry (All-Ireland SFC Semi-Final v Mayo, 21/8/2011): Brendan Kealy (Kilcummin); Killian Young (Renard), Marc Ó Sé (An Ghaeltacht), Tom O’Sullivan (Rathmore); Tomas Ó Sé (An Ghaeltacht), Eoin Brosnan (Dr Crokes), Aidan O’Mahony (Rathmore); Anthony Maher (Duagh), Bryan Sheehan (St Marys); Darran O’Sullivan (Glenbeigh/Glencar), Declan O’Sullivan (Dromid Pearses), Donnchadh Walsh (Cromane); Colm Cooper (Dr Crokes), Kieran Donaghy (Austin Stacks), Kieran O’Leary (Dr Crokes). Subs: Tomas Mac a’tSaoir (An Ghaeltacht), Shane Enright (Tarbert), Paul Galvin (Finuge), Daniel Bohane (Austin Stacks), James O’Donoghue (Legion), Seamus Scanlon (Currow), Barry John Keane (Kerins O’Rahillys), Padraig Reidy (Scartaglin), Tommy Griffin (Dingle), Johnny Buckley (Dr Crokes), Peter Crowley (Laune Rangers), Brian McGuire (Listowel Emmets), Daithí Geaney (Dingle), Niall O’Mahony (Spa), Adrian O’Connell (St Michaels/Foilmore), Daithí Casey (Dr Crokes).

So, no Galvin, no Brosnan dropped and no injured Tomas Ó Sé either. With Galvin out, Kieran O’Leary comes into the side at corner-forward with Darran O’Sullivan moving out to 10, as their forward line reverts to that which started against Cork in the Munster final. O’Leary for Galvin is the only change from the side that started against Limerick in the quarter-final a few weeks back.

That’s a lot of subs, by the way – sixteen in all. Whatever happened to naming a match-day panel of 26?

Despite what I said this morning, we haven’t named our starting fifteen yet and, according to the Mayo GAA Twitter site, we’re unlikely to do so now until Friday as there are a “few players to be assessed” then. Make of that what you will.

20 thoughts on “Kerry name their team, looks like it’ll be Friday before we do

  1. Talking of Cork in the Munster final – Mayo would do well to study how exactly Kerry unhinged Cork in that opening half and see what we can do to prevent that happening to us. Because prevent it we must at all costs.
    If need be we should turn that first half into the ‘Pukiest’ of puke football (of the gastric green-morning-after-variety with added carrots peas and tomatoes that you didnt even eat variety!) Frustrate them, annoy them, piss them off, hassle them, slow down the game, waste time, argue with them and the ref, foul them well out the field, be in their faces and up their jersies, pull drag and be a nuisance…….Do a Meath on them…..Send Spillane apoplectic and Brolly beserk at half time……….but in the name of all the great Mayo players that have ever worn the jersey….WE CAN NOT let them settle into their traditional rhythm………
    If we can contain them until half time we are in with a chance of winning……………if not it will be another miserable for Mayo…….and God in heaven that is the very last thing this group of lads need or indeed their loyal followers.

    We have to beat them in the head and the heart first – then on the scoreboard.

  2. If Kerry were to line out as selected what do ye think will be the match ups? Will Keith now go out to wing back to pick up O Sullivan? Agree fully with die hard and if we can eliminate all or most of that early high balll bombardment into our full back line we will be half way there. Of course there is always the possibility that Kerry could move Donaghy to centrefield more or less straight away and try and work the ball at pace through the centre of us with Sheehan going into the edge of the square. Mayo need to be able to counteract if either of these scenarios were to arise. Cant wait for sunday. Best of luck to all the lads and James and his backroom team. To all Mayo supporters lets make the 16th man count the next day and roar on the lads. Up Mayo.

  3. I was wondering how they would get McGeeneys Kildare and Bantys Meath up to Division One of the league, especially since both are/were incapable of gaining promotion.

    Today’s papers tells us the League is to be revamped and we are back to the old format of Division 1A and 1 B. Westmeath and sad Monaghan also benefit under this change if voted through. Every time progress seems to be made i.e a league that has four divisions with movement we then go back to messing with it.

    I can imagine the imbalance in the A and B groups. Bet you Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Tyrone and Armagh are pulled together. McGuinness the Donegal manager is livid and rightly so. Time for the players union to speak up or have they vanished into some office in Croke Park, I never hear of them anymore.

  4. With you there OTR. the Gaa is a comical organisation in many ways. Corrupt even. they should try fixing the rules instead of fixing results. If the love of Mayo football wasnt bred into me i dont think id bother following GAA, well football anyway.

  5. On the road – – looking forward to seeing you up around Jones’s Road on Sunday – – bring the corncrake with you – – you’ll get him in on the family ticket for a fiver – – we want to hear him roaring for the Green and Red.

  6. Looking forward to seeing yourself Samuel. Glad Mrs Sam has lifted up the mattress and given you the few bob from the sale of the bonhams. You deserve a good day out. I’ll be the guy with the corn crake standing beside the tourists as they get their photos taken.

  7. “Not getting to the All-Ireland final last year was a low I had never felt before,” he said. “You find yourselves three or four weeks later asking why we don’t do this or what was I was doing? Watching the game back that feeling got me back training earlier. I couldn’t wait. It drives you on. I couldn’t go through that again.”

    Darren O’ Sullivan

  8. This is what the Kerryman newspaper says about us.

    “And yet let’s be clear here. This Mayo team has achieved nothing beyond a Connacht title (the bottom rated of the provincial crowns by everyone from the other three) and a four-point win over a Cork team riddled with injury and self-doubt.”

    Ah ummm…and Kerry beat …lets see, ah Limerick, Tipperary and “a Cork team riddled with injury and self doubt”, and wait for it…a Limerick team once more. Wow! The province rated the worst by the Kerryman has the current U21 champions, the beaten club finalists, two minor teams in the semi final, what no Kerry minor team this year…oh its Tipp…I see, and U21, decimated by a cricket score by Cork who were then swissed by Galway. Ah yes, shite province alright.

  9. @ontheroad that’s a good one alright, a Corkman riddled with self doubt, I didn’t realise the Kerryman went in for humour in such a big way. Your point about the leagues is spot on- They change the leagues every couple of years from one way to the other, just for the sake of it. I don’t understand why. Having a Division1 North and South might be some rationale to minimise travel – but rationality never comes into it with these boys. The players union have gone v quiet now they’ve got offices in Croker and their snouts in the trough.

  10. Thats the Kerry lads for you. Sure let them ramble away and see what they have to say on Monday morning when we are on the way to an All-Ireland Final!!
    As for that Darran O’Sullivan he doesn’t know the meaning of hunger. Let him try having only two championship games last year and not having won Sam in 60 years! We have a famine in the west!

  11. Flights changed: Check
    Car hire changed: Check
    Wife talked around: Check
    Croker here we come!

  12. can you just imagine darrans interview on Monday morning if we turn them over on sunday. The lad needs to feel more pain to know what true misery is….hopefully we can help him out on that front.

  13. Good stuff ontheroad, let them think that the shower of w##$?s,
    good start is all we need and won nows, the rain too will be welcome if the forecast is correct

  14. Kerry, Kerry, Kerry, Kerry, Kerry…..

    All the pundits backing Ciarrai, former k players, backing k, current k players “Hurt” by last years defeat, this great k team will rise again and claim what is rightfully theirs…

    What a load of B…..

    These pundits are afraid of getting it wrong, so will always back the so called favourites. I read Tommy Walsh (Former k Great)(sitting on the bench in Aus), eulogising over Donaghy and backing k as certs. (in the same article he admitted nat having seen mayo this year)

    As regards the “rightful home” of Samuel McGuire. Right can be lost, a lot easier than it can be earned.
    In the last 2 years, i believe K have lost their right and will learn on sunday afternoon, that their right was never devine..

    Maigh Eo Abu

  15. Let’s focus on the great victory’s of past Mayo legends and not our failures, lets focus on our strengths as a team and not the strengths of others, lets give the Mayo team 2011 the respect they deserve and lets start a new piseog – a new curse that will reek havoc in the county of Kerry!


    After their defeat on Sunday, a Mayo victory plague will spread throughout the kingdom of Kerry, starting with their smallest villages and ending in the bigger metropolis’ of Killarney and Tralee, club after club, school after school, house after house, player after player!
    Evert red headed, fiery, freckled prepubescent reincarnation of the gooch shall be plucked out of school and sent to clumsy camp for a year receiving intensive modules in the skillfull art of knitting and embroidery where all knowledge and passion for the game will be replaced by HOME ECONOMICS.
    The kingdom will become the land of two left feet, etiquette and fine cuisine!
    The long legacy and lineage of football in Kerry shall cease to exist forever…. right down to the bootstring!

    MAIGH EO ABÚ!!!!!!!!!!!

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