226 thoughts on “Kerry name their team

  1. David Moran will surely only last max 50 minutes. They’ve no experienced midfielder on the bench without Barry or A Spillane. Interesting.

  2. That’s a serious team. Some firepower on the bench as well. We’ll have to be up early for this one!

  3. I don’t know the subs but just assuming any and all of Swanny, McHale, Fergal, ROD, KMac and Doc.

  4. David Moran has always got the better of us. This needs to change.

  5. Kerry light in midfield calling on Moran due to injuries not strategy. Mayo well in this one lads ye need to rain it down on them.

  6. One good thing about this – they’re light in midfield and Moran won’t last a full game.

  7. Moynihan hasn’t played since the league final so may struggle to last the pace.

    Surely with all the injury rumours, Clifford can’t be 100%.

    Any more straws to clutch at? 🙂

  8. No John Barry for them is a blow, relying on 34 year old David Moran in the engine room? their bench doesn’t look as strong as its made out to be either certainly not at the level peak Jim Gavin Dublin teams was.

  9. I reckon there are at least 4 players on the Kerry bench that would start for Mayo – Paul Murphy, Burns,Spillane and Brosnan.

  10. Kerry so light on midfield options that Jack O’Shea has come out of retirement to be named on the bench.

  11. Midfield cover is a concern but Joe O Connor will replace David Moran at some point I’d imagine.

    Apart from that we have a very decent bench with Spillane, Brosnan and Savage as attacking options along with Murphy and Crowley for the backs.

  12. david moran is a nightmare for us , what are people on about , age profile does not come into it , did ye see him when he came on v Cork?

  13. Long time ago since 2014 Sean, when Moran was very good for Kerry.
    Just one question, I wonder did Kerry name their team having seen the Mayo firstly?

  14. @Sean Burke, at his age its clear he doesn’t have 70 minutes in the legs anymore and he’ll be up against young lads in Ruane and Flynn. Has been used as impact sub this year and that impact was delivered v Cork. Who on the bench will deliver a similar type of impact now when David has to be taken off on 50 mins and at that stage Mayo will be throwing all into the match?

  15. Mayo88 you must be forgetting 2019.

    He’s still the best in the Kerry championship.

  16. It appears from reports Jack o Shea played a stormer at midfield for the Kerry over 40s last week and was called into the senior panel straight away.
    Jack o Connor leaves no stone unturned.

  17. Its the other David i’m worried about!!!! The only impact Moran will have, is if we kick it straight down his channel. Not hard to by-pass him if you think about it. He will be Kerrys go to man on their kickouts obviously, which makes me think their expecting us to push up constantly, I hope we double bluff them, concede the kick outs, pack the defence so we’re blocking the running lanes for P. Clifford and White, then back ourselves to turn them over.

  18. Lineball – that’s a good point. We’ve loads of kickout options on the team so Robbie shouldn’t have to go near David Moran. On the Kerry kickout, leave Foley and Graham O’Sullivan free and back ourselves to tackle and turn them over. A greasy ball should make it ideal conditions for that.

  19. I’d match Jordan with David Moran…. he has gotten the better of Aido too many times. Remember Killarney 2019 folks? ‘That’ qualifier match…. we were destroyed. Bullied. And that was a 5 years older David Moran (from 2014 when he also destroyed us). 40 or 50 possessions??

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  21. Has Moran delivered in the 2019 two All Ireland finals, in 2017 semi v Mayo, how many games has he played in the Leagues of 2021 and 2022 ?, how did he do v Tyrone in semi final in 2021 ?

    Will he play at all?

  22. No doubting David Moran is an excellent player. Played well vs Tyrone last year and wasn’t on the pitch during extra time. Don’t think he has a full game in him anymore would be the only criticism.

  23. Just wondering if I was Jack O Connor would I pick David Moran to start v Mayo?..I wouldn’t really, much better to bring him on and see out the Match, and I believe there is a good chance for that to happen..If Aiden O Shea starts, then it’s an option we won’t have, for Aiden to tag a fresh David Moran in the second half. My preference would be to start Fergal Boland instead of AOS and bring on AOS in the second half. Now this could actually happen but James Horan teams very consistently have been the named team on the program. Very disappointed that Ryan O Donohue, beyond any doubt our best forward in 2022 so far has not been named, hopefully he’s not too far away and will be able to contribute.

  24. @West Kerry

    based on what? at business end of the championship Joe O Connor is a total rookie.

  25. Joe O’Connor and Okunbor are both midfielders. Jack Barry and Adrian Spillane are a big loss to Kerry as both are both are 1st 15 players. The super Kerry panel isn’t too super for Sunday. No Adrian Spillane , no Jack Barry , David Clifford fully fit???, no Dan O’Donoghue , Dara Moynihan hasn’t played since league final, David Moran having to start rather being available to bring on, Dylan Casey gone.

  26. I’d say the views on the blog must be going through the roof Willie Joe with everyone trying to find out did Ryan make the bench.. I’ve looked in a few times now myself in hope more than anything else.. fingers crossed.. positive news on that front would be a big boost for us

  27. Mayomagic – Joe is a very good player and will do fine.
    You don’t get into the Kerry team if you aren’t upto it.

    The islander, I think you are clutching at straws there Casey is new to the panel and will be very good, Dan the same.

    Spillane, Brosnan, Savage, Murphy and Shane Murphy would all start for Mayo no disrespect intended with that.

  28. If its OK and WJ doesn’t mind putting people in touch I have two lower Cusack near halfway line 306 Row H for face value to whoever replies.

  29. “Spillane, Brosnan, Savage, Murphy and Shane Murphy would all start for Mayo”

    Care to elaborate on who they would start ahead of @west Kerry. I think you are over rating that named Kerry 26 and underrating Mayo.

  30. Very good player and will do fine based on what? has he featured in a knock out last 8 championship game before? would he even make the Kerry 26 if A Spillane,Barry,Casey was fit.

  31. Where would Paul Murphy start on the Mayo team? One thing we don’t lack is wing backs.

  32. My final, definite thoughts: Keegan on Clifford. Roll the dice. Let the chips fall where they may.

    May the best man win.

  33. Mayo2021,

    Spillane, Brosnan would start in your FF line with Cillian at FF.

    Savage would start at 11 with Diarmuid at 12 and A N Other at 10.

    Murphy is in ahead of Coen.

    Just my humble opinion.

  34. Mayomagic, Joe has been on the Kerry bench and has featured for Kerry.

    He came on in the league final all be it when the game was dead but he fielded a ball clean over several Mayo lads heads with his first touch.

    I’ve seen him, I know he has what it takes.

  35. @West Kerry, will you come off it lol. Jack Savage is a journey man, wouldnt start. Shane Murphy, no. Brosnan and Spillane yes. Paul Murphy would be close, but he’s not getting in that half back line. I’ll gove ya 2/5 tops.

  36. Two reasons I’d like Keegan on Clifford:

    1. Clifford isn’t a box-to-box runner which will suit Keegan at his current age.

    2. Keegan’s strength and power: There’s a YouTube video where Diarmuid Connolly describes this well, where he said he eventually just gave up taking on Keegan physically as the Westport man is just too strong. Clifford won’t like that.

  37. Savage is an excellent footballer and free taker, He’d be ahead of Loftus and Flynn in that HF line in my opinion.

    And Murphy would be in ahead of Coen.

    So that’s 4 anyway..

    Sure its all opinions and I’m not trying to insult the Mayo lads who I’ve great time for.

    Look I could end up with egg on my face come Sunday.

  38. All about opinions is right. I don’t agree with Savage and Murphy, Coen has been in poor form, but he’s tough as nails and alot stronger than Murphy, a wet day will suit him.

    You’ll have no egg on your face, its blatantly obvious ye’ll win this one, if ye screw this up with our two best forwards sitting in the stands, it’ll be a bigger collapse than the Tyrone game.

  39. Lineball are you taking Yerra lessons lol.

    If we lose I’ll be right behind ye for the rest of the championship.

  40. Murphy wouldn’t make Mayo squad.
    He has been exposed many times intl the past as has Morley

    It’s clear Mayo have much better defenders to a man.

    It’s up top that is the issue.

  41. West Kerry. The difference between yerra and arra is fairly marginal. At this stage, I just can’t wait for the ball to be thrown in. Between you, me and the wall, none of us know WTF to expect after that!

  42. @westkerry. I’ve noticed you don’t like any of your players talked down. I don’t know if it’s annoying or admiral

  43. Ryan O’Donoghue 3rd favourite in the goal scorer market and 5th favourite for RTE man of the match. Does that mean anything?

  44. West Kerry… your correct…your subs would walk on the Mayo team …
    Best of luck Sunday… I expect Kerry to win but if ye do you will earn it and we’ll go down swinging

  45. No Doubt,

    No I can accept criticisms if its warranted and not a lazy comment.

    IE Has Clifford really done it when it matters OR Seanie Shea hasn’t done it for example.

    But ultimately Kerry have failed over the past 3 years and we know that.

  46. Lads I’ll say no more until Sunday evening but just this.

    Whatever you may think of us we are both rural Atlantic counties which have suffered more in migration and economic struggles than most.

    I’ve nothing but respect for ye,
    Yes we will go at it for 70 mins on Sunday but after that it’s done and we move on.

    Hon Mayo, Hon the Kingdom.

    Good luck lads.

  47. Well said West Kerry. Its only sport next Sunday. Something to be enjoyed. There are bigger issues in life to be getting worked up about and worrying about.
    Hopefully we will have a good sporting game.

  48. Dub supporter shouting for Mayo on Sun and hoping we meet in another epic semi final. This page has always been fair to the Dublin team and given credit when it was in its prime. Anyway , previously some people on here have mentioned bringing elderly relations with them to the games. Well I won’t be going on Sun so if there are two genuine fans that need a bit of comfort u can have my two tickets to my executive box . Assuming WJ allows this . No cost , my guests .

  49. We know the conditions are forecast to be wet.
    For such a game you want big mobile men around the middle.
    Jack Barry and Adrian Spillane are losses in that regard. Mayo would be wise to avoid togging a mix n match team and get more pace and tackling into selection.

  50. @West Kerry you still didn’t fully answer my question to what it was based on in the terms of showing it previously in the Kerry jersey at this level of competition . Joe O’Connor in this years Championship thus far got 3 minutes in garbage time v Cork and didn’t feature in the Munster final that alone highlights how far down the pecking order he is with Jack O’Connor and his management.

  51. John, that is very kind and thoughtful. Thank you for offering this. I’m sure that would make all the difference for someone. Best wishes.

  52. Need to be defensive in the first half
    Go at them in the second half
    Twin towers of Aido and Carney
    Kerry goalie dodgy under high ball
    I have a feeling in my gut we can beat Kerry
    We need to believe

  53. Nearly injured myself rolling around the floor laughing when I saw West Kerry’s comment that their sub goalie Shane murphy would start ahead of Robbie Hennelly.
    In one way it’s a fascinating little insight into Kerry gaa peoples mindset.
    Every other gaa person Ireland would have RH in the top 3 goalkeepers in Ireland in 2022, but down in Kerry he wouldn’t even make their 26 man panel

  54. Thats very very decent of you John. MayoMayo has got in ahead of me but if for some reason he/she cannot take them id gladly take them and make a donation to a charity of your choice. Kevevo6@hotmail.com

  55. Some of the talk here about a 34 year old Moran starting is embarrassing. He’s still a class midfielder. And on Ruanes performance, Moran would still clean him at midfield in a 50/50 ball. We’d only be delighted to have him on the panel.

  56. Well almost there tomorrow we will find out just how good we are hopefully very good,we will need to be to take down Kerry,I must I have enjoyed the comments this week from all posters both from Mayo supporters who are always excellent,but also the comments from people outside the county who can give us a different view but are always fair to Mayo may the best team win as long as it’s Mayo,hopefully a great game with no injuries to either team and I am looking forward to meeting Derry in the final so we can sing ,what do you think of that Joe Brolly

  57. Best of luck to all Mayo teams competing this weekend,no reason we can’t make it a clean sweep . In the senior,on paper it’s Kerry. Mayo,and some lads in particular will have to have the game of their lives but there is no reason that can’t happen . Winning quarters & semis hasn’t been a problem for us. But then we’ll be saying it’s a pity it wasn’t the final so we’ll just have to go and do it again and again. Get it done lads and girls. Up Mayo.

  58. Corick Bridge.
    Have to agree, the blog was in chaos a few weeks ago, but really enjoyable for the most part this week. And yes, a special mention to those contributing from outside the camp. And of John and his offer, awesome.

  59. Looks like a messy day weather wise in Dublin tomorrow. Maybe not biblical, but definitely not tropical.
    Not sure if that suits anyone in fairness.

  60. Seán Ó Shea got 10 (7F) points against Cork with D Clifford getting just 4 (3F). Both will need special attention and we have to be very controlled in our tackles as they will punish us with frees.

  61. Fair play John from Dublin. That’s a kind and generous offer. Hope we see lots of good football this weekend. Heart says Mayo… that’s all that matters.
    Maigheo abú.

  62. It wouldn’t be right really if Kerry went any further in the competition.

    Sure haven’t they a few lads on that team that wouldn’t keep up behind the Artane Boys Band, never mind with Paddy Durcan, Eoghan MC and Oisin Mullin.

    And West Kerry said he wouldn’t be commenting again till after the match.

    Shure he was a lovely poor innocent type of crathur, and him blowing up the Kerry lads to no end until he realised they would be standing across from Lee Keegan and associates tomorrow evening. He hasn’t stirred off the toilet since, the poor auld devileen.

    It’s time to have the breakfast.

    The toast is shaped a bit like Croke Park and I notice the Connacht Gold covers it far better than the Kerrygold.

  63. My thoughts exactly Revellino

    There’s no doubt that’s a formidable attacking unit from Kerry.
    But then, who are they facing? The Mayo 1 to 7 are not too shabby are they?
    For all Kerry’s Cliffords, Geaney and O’Shea, we have Keegan, Mullin, Durcan and more

    I back them all day long and they have a blend of class, experience and speed when it’s needed. Aidan will help too, and Swanny in reserve was excellent the last day and will do it again.

    Jordan coming back has allowed for a midfield diamond, with Diarmuid at 11 in possibly his best position.

    The questions are there to be asked of the forwards. Can we make it uncomfortable for this Kerry defence? We need to make a positive start here and if a couple of efforts result in scores, the confidence will rise and who knows?

    One thing I know is this Mayo team, robbed of some quality players, will get my support.

    Yes I’m nervous. But honestly I can’t wait

  64. Revellino, I see that like myself you’re only having your breakfast now although you were wide awake at 5 am!!I. I was in happy dreamland then . You and fellow posters make this blog enjoyable reading on mornings like this. No need to get a newspaper today. Looking forward to tomorrow and , as usual, I’m optimistic. Up mayo

  65. Sun shining here on Dublin coast but we have a micro climate, lads probably clearing drains on jones road ahead of the deluge. Plenty of lads I know from Kerry not travelling due to cost more than any waiting for Semi craic. Think Kerry missing Barry in midfield may be a problem for them if its tight. Hope our lads are not slippin an slidin all over the place. We have named a strong team but light in defensive cover. Expect us to go hard at Armagh.

  66. Just one question, if Mayo play any of the following 4 players in the halfback line is it not the best in the Country, I certainly think so, Keegan / Mullin / McLaughlin/ Durcan, out of the 7 other quarter finalists, is their a stronger line ? I doubt it.
    I saw McLaughlin up close in the Kildare game, he has added upper body power since last year, and his speed was devastating to witness on a few occasions.
    Mayo have the options, why not use them.

  67. The programme is printed but Mayo for some reason keep it from the public eye till someone gets their hand on a programme .

  68. Glorydays might be able to get u 2 tickets for my box as well. Checking now n get back to u in the next couple of hours.

  69. More confident after seeing the Kerry team with the exception of David Moran in which is a good move by Kerry. I don’t think he’s the player of 2014, maybe not even close but what I fear is his passing. It’s one thing him winning the ball (I see Aido as the most logical match up) but when he wins it we need to be putting pressure on him to force simple lay offs instead of good kick balls.
    The Kerry defense’s league record was the best of the 8 teams but aside from Morley and definitely White who I rate highly, I think their record is more down to good organisation with Talty than having the best back 6 in the Country. We definitely have a lot of pace in our backs but 1 or 2 of the pacy lads can be a bit loose.
    I think it could be a tight game especially if management plans it well and puts a lot of effort into the defensive side. So let’s adopt that approach. I’ve a feeling ROD is around the fringes of being back which could be a great boost if it happens.

  70. McHales absence makes that bench look seriously weak. Wouldn’t want to be relying on Orme and Towey to close out a tight finish, hope they prove me wrong.

  71. The reality is Tommy Conroy and ROD were as important to us as Clifford and Sean o Shea to Kerry. We just can’t lose players like that and expect to improve year on year…

  72. Last night I had a dream or maybe a nightmare
    I dreamt we beat kerry and then Dublin but lost the final to Clare.
    The feeling it was awful as if you hit me with a spanner
    Who would have thought we’d lose the final to the banner.
    The kerry game was thriller, end to end football.
    When the whistle blew,mayo were standing tall.
    Our next game was familiar, a meeting with the dubs
    Croke park was a rock’n and so were all the pubs.
    The game itself was edgy, it really was intense
    Nobody could call it, alot of sitting on the fence.
    10 minutes from the end I had to go to the loo.
    Not only did they score a goal jeez they got two.
    The dubs had nothing left they couldn’t make it back.
    Here we go again another all ireland crack.
    Who would be our opposition and any tickets going spare
    I couldn’t believe our luck bledy hell it’s Clare.
    Now all we have to do is show up and collect the Sam.
    Then back home for the homecoming and the traffic jam.
    The game was slow to take off but boy when it did.
    Clare were on fire and our boys only hid.
    The drive home was torture with a pain in my head.
    Jeez I could not believe it when I woke up in my bed.
    The wife beside me not very happy she was giving me the stare.
    Wanted to know about the girl that I kept calling Clare.
    I jumped out of bed immediately and kissed her on the head.
    Told her I never was so happy our dream it wasn’t dead.
    Now come on you boys from mayo don’t put me thru this for real.
    Go and win title ye can do it I feel.

  73. Agreed Lineball – if there will be an injection in the forwards you’d think Kevin and Jason would need to find some form (which sadly there’s not been much sign of recently). However, if the game opens up then hopefully that gives Boland some opportunities. Obviously if Moran can spring a surprise that would be great and would love to see Orme put a hand up. Feels like we’ll have to dog it out for as long as we can, and one thing we’re not short of it fight. Very best of luck to the whole panel.

  74. Feeling a little deflated when I look at the subs options. Sorry not to see ROD or Darren McHale there.
    But let’s try to steady ourselves.

    Boland and McLoughlin can come on to score. We know this.
    Moran is an interesting one. Could be exciting.

    Orme has height and mobility
    Doherty can score a goal if conditions are right.
    Towey knows how to score.

  75. Exile, yeah im hoping theirs a big performance left in K Mc, would love to see him slice a few over and go on them direct runs where he draws fouls. But as you say, the signs aren’t really there. I’ve never been as downbeat about our chances as the last week or so, that subs bench has just killed off any faint hope I had.

    One can only assume McHale picked up an injury, Towey and Moran look like there named to make up the numbers, cannot see either coming on having played zero ball all summer.

  76. Good stuff No Doubt.
    I really enjoyed that and someday your dreams will come true.
    Great auld rhyme there.
    Keep her lit.

  77. Always hope with Mayo! Not that it matters for tomorrow but did anyone hear on whether Walsh’s absence was due to injury or form?

  78. Where is Bryan Walsh? He must be injured too.
    4 forwards out of the best 26 unavailable though injury in
    Conroy, ROD, Walsh and McHale.
    Would even add plunkett to that list.
    It could be too much to overcome.
    Maybe Mark Moran could be a wildcard option?

  79. Possible change in subs bench before game, remember Diarmuid wasn’t in subs for galway game and magically started the game. Could be mind games?

  80. Only way that can happen is through a goalkeeper or else cb have printed a different bench than what was given to hq

  81. Agree on Darren Coen. Was told last night that Covid had a say in team selection. Could explain 1 or 2 absentees.?

  82. No rumours needed but i am trying to make a list of injured players.Tommy,Harry,Rod,Mcbrien,Plunkett,Walsh,Mchale,Fionn .All 8 of those would probably feature tomorrow.I dont know the Coen situation and i may be missing someone but i never remember a list like this.

  83. Boland, Kevin Mc, O’Hora and Jason D can make a difference and change things up if needed. Disappointed no ROD or McHale but it is what it is now. We’ll roll with what we have now. Aido looks likely for FF now to looking at everything in context

  84. O Hora, Boland, Kevin Mc and Jason Doc are all well capable off the bench of influencing the outcome if the game is still in the melting pot at 50 minutes.
    Kevin Mc and Jason Doc wouldn’t have 70 minutes in them any more but I wouldn’t mind 20 minutes of their best tomorrow.

  85. It has to be final 26, as Horan pointed out after Kildare, mark moran was added in only for warm up, he could not be used.
    To me, its about our style of play, if we become predictable, Kerry will absolutely gobble us up.
    Our bench is weakened by absence of McHale and ROD. But Towey and Orme are players of the future, so its great experience.

  86. In the end of season reviews that I would assume all high performance GAA setups such as Mayo routinely do, you have to imagine that Conor Finn, the S&C guy, will have some tough questions to answer. Firstly to be fair to him, there was a number of unfortunate impact injuries that you can’t attribute to anything other than bad luck. Examples here include the Tommy Conroy ACL, Brendan Harrison’s ACL, and the fractures/broken bones suffered by Flynn in the league final and plunkett in the A v B games.
    All of those are just plain bad luck.
    However, if you are judging how good an S&C team is from our outside perspective, you look at (a) frequency of soft tissue or muscular injury occurrence, (b) instances of repeat soft tissue injuries, and (c) how quick the rehabilitation of these injuries is.
    I would think we are underperforming in all three of these metrics compared to our main competitors. Players like Oisin Mullin seem to have repeated setbacks thoughout the last 6 or 7 months. Very hard to build momentum and form in training when you are out injured constantly. Load management in spring is another one. The lads on the Football pod said it last week – when you are flogged into the ground in Feb/March playing too much football in a short space, it’s 6 or 8 weeks later when the hamstring or something similar is more likely to go. Are players coming back too soon from rehab – the ROD groin strain must have happened a good 6 or 7 weeks ago now? It’s a common injury in the premier league where yes, it can be tricky to recover from but after about a month or 5/6 weeks most players would be playing again.
    Maybe I’m completely wrong here but ultimately the job of the S&C team is to make sure the best players are fit and on the park for the biggest games. We should be looking to be number one in the country for that metric to give us the best chance against the top sides. It’s hard enough to win the all ireland without having a bunch of anchors tied around our necks via injury absences.

  87. Glorydays emailing those tickets to u .
    So u plus 1 and MayoMayo plus 1 will be in the box .
    As I said I won’t be there , enjoy .

  88. Re the S&C, I found it interesting that Boyler was on record for saying the set up was top notch. I think the point on where is the best place in calendar for Sigerson is definitely key, that’s a country wide issue and you’d expect that lads from counties that are Div1 will continue to be at particularly high risk under the current set up.

    It’s worth noting that in addition to having no home games in the league, the lack of a CoE meant that the panel was on tour for their training schedule. That’s only been referenced once or twice in media but you’d imagine that’s had an impact too.

    I’m not saying that questions shouldn’t be asked, but would be surprised if there’s not a load of information that we won’t (and shouldn’t) be hearing about in public that’s going into this.

  89. The rumours swirling around O’Donoghue and his absence this week would make you very worried indeed about what’s going on with this team. It’s going to be a long winter when this is all over.

  90. And totally agree grain of rice – Conor Finn will have to answer some questions re the injury crisis. ACL and freak bone injuries aside, the frequency and recurrence of hamstrings, quads etc. has to be questioned.

  91. @facetheball, I don’t know anything about Mark Moran but Towey is way better than Coen. Coen is as slow as Christmas and really erratic shooting from play. Towey has youth and bit of pace. Anyway, as someone else said not a chance he will see any minutes.

  92. I genuinely felt Ryan would be in the subs. Yet another monumental blow. And then Darren McHale out – one of our best subs the last day. Utterly sickened. How can we win this one now.

  93. @grain of rice would length of rehab and reoccurring injuries not fall under remit of physio? I believe we lost our full physio staff after last season with head physio going to a connacht rugby.

  94. Maybe M.Moran & Towey have been shooting the lights out in training lads….give them a chance. They are there for a reason. Keep the faith

  95. Far away from the land of the Shamrock and heather
    In search of a living, as exiles we roam
    And whenever we chance to assemble together
    We think of the land where we once had a home:
    But our homes are destroyed and our soil confiscated
    The hand of the tyrant brought plunder and woe;
    The fires are now quenched and our hearts desolated
    In our once happy homes in the County Mayo

    Long years have now passed since with hearts full of sorrow
    The land of the Shamrock we left far behind;
    But how we would like to going back there tomorrow;
    To the scenes of our youth, which we still bear in mind;
    The days of our childhood, it’s now we regret them
    They cling to our vision wherever we go;
    And the friends of our youth we shall never forget them
    They too are exiled from the County Mayo

    From historic Killala, from Swinford to Balla
    Ballyhaunis and Westport and old Castlebar
    Kiltimagh and Claremorris, Belmullet and Erris
    Kilkelly and Knock that is famed near and far;
    Balla, Ballina, Ballinrobe and Bohola
    Keeloges and Foxford a few miles below
    Newport and Cong with old Straide and Manulla
    Charlestown too, in the County Mayo

    So boys pull together in all kinds of weather
    Don’t show the white feather wherever you go
    Be like a brother and love one another
    Like stout hearted men from the County Mayo

  96. Can’t see us getting over this one with that 26 and Kerry with there full team we are missing some massive guys particularly up front if we are even going to compete with Kerry in this game those 6 forwards have to play this game like it’s the last time they will ever play

  97. I don’t care what anyone says but it would be totally irresponsible not to at least investigate if there is anything contributing or anything being overlooked which may be leading to a totally abnormal amount of injuries.

    Saying it’s wear and tear after 10 hard years is totally absurd when you look at the age of the players.

    And it can’t all be down to genetics either.

    And it’s not about a blame game either, it’s about trying to cut down on injuries in the future, if possible, because if this pattern continues we will never have a full hand to pick from due to reoccurrence issues.

  98. Mark Moran is a good sub. He’s a finisher one v one against a defender. He’s quick and he’s gymnastics bouncy strong.
    Paul Towey is a decent finisher.
    JDoc and Kevin McLoughlin I’d be getting them on fresh on 55 mins, they can’t take on pace any longer.

  99. I don’t mind at all seeing Towey and Moran listed ahead of Darren Coen.
    There’s been a decent investment in Towey and Moran by this management team. I think Towey was on that panel back in 2019. Mark Moran would be in his third year on the squad too, even though he’s been affected by injuries.
    There should have been some organic growth and improvement in both of these players over that timeframe. A 22 or 23 year old Paul Towey with 3 to 4 years of solid work in the Mayo panel building and improving himself each year, should be ready now to go past a player like Darren coen who would be 30 years old this year by my reckoning. Darren has been a good player, a very skilful player but lacks a yard of pace and it’s not hard to see why Horan would look beyond him if a young lad started putting his hand up. It’s very feasible that in 2021, Darren Coen was a better player than Towey and Moran but that’s not the case in 2022. That would actually be a good thing as it shows our lads in their early 20s are improving.
    The lack of pace in our team compared to Kerry was frightening in the league final and surely Horan will have taken that on board.

  100. Great to see Moran in the Subs bench, this guy is well overdue match time in Croker.

  101. Kerry are missing 4 players from
    Injury, and Clifford 50/50
    Is similar, it just happens two are unfortunately are important.
    So can we stop feeling sorry for ourselves and
    Looking for excuses.
    Yes we would have better chance of Tommy and ryan
    We’re fit, but that is just the way it goes sometimes.

  102. Good win for Galway minors. Mayo up next.
    Excellent article by Eamon Fitzmaurice.
    The reality is we dont score enough goals and Kerry dont concede. They have conceded only two goals all season, with one of them being a soft penalty awarded in Monaghan.
    We have to do something differently and the way the team is shaping, it is more of the same.. I hope im wrong

  103. In other news just seen the dublin team and subs named, no James mccarthy or con callaghan in the squad and a very average looking bench, would have been a good time to draw them. Lucky for them they got handiest possible draw in Cork otherwise they could be I’m bother

  104. Galway into the AI off the back of three defeats. Mayo unbeaten and if they lose today are out. Not the best of formats..

  105. No clash with colour clash for minor jerseys.

    Why is there a clash for the seniors ?

  106. Galway improving as the minor Championship continues, best ive seen from them was in todays win over Derry. The kicks need to be varied as lads tired in midfield but pleased to be in final.

  107. Mayo lead 1-5 to 0-6 against run of play. We need to kepp better possesion from our kickouts.

  108. We’re wearing Green and Red today, Revellino, and they changed. It’s the other way round tomorrow – we’re in the black number and they’re in Green and Gold.

    Minors doing well to be up at half-time. Kerry had much more of the ball but their finishing has been off. Good spell for us just before the break.

  109. Black card made the difference. Well done to lads for making it count.. Kerry look like the better team but if we can get a few more points ahead early in 2nd half it might be enough of a gap..

  110. Kerry minors playing puke massed defence football.
    Horrible to see 17 year olds playing that style.
    Easy to see why they won their quarter final kicking just 8 points.

  111. Mayo haven’t started playing yet. Very lucky to be up at ht.
    Need a lot more pace and intensity in our play in second half

  112. I think how we perform on Sunday, has a big bearing on the injuries question. If we can last the pace with Kerry, or hopefully even outperform them physically, then you’d have to give the benefit of the doubt to the S&C team IMO. That’s not doing a bad job for me.

    Let them carry out their own reviews and trust in them to make improvements where needed.

  113. Christ this is some minor team!!! Impressed by Rio Mortimer. Tough and skillful.

  114. Ref needs to pull out the black card again. Kerry to much cynical fouling when Mayo are on the counter attack. Full back line very impressive

  115. Mayo very intense in the tackle and hitting hard and fair. Lessons for their senior counterparts for tomorrow.
    Could still see Kerry getting a goal here. Unbelievable save by Mayo goalie.

  116. A few too many unforced errors today, Diarmuid Duffy and Ronan Clarke to the fore, Niall Hurley very quiet today.

  117. A friend in Galway has 2 good tickets for Davin stand at face value.

    He will meet in Dublin for ticket handover.

    If anyone is interested let me know.

  118. Nightmare if we lose this from here. Bulk of possession and far better team.

  119. Woo, Hoo a Galway vs Mayo All Ireland. Surely ye cant beat us for the third time.

  120. Great win, congrats to the team and management, lets hope the same for tomorrow

  121. Good win but just shows the pressure from playing in a semi final, great to have an all connacht final and plenty to work on for the final

  122. Chesny Mayo are raging hot favourites.. and a better footballing team..
    Mayomagic any format that means young lads get plenty of games is a good one..

  123. Congratulations to Mayo minor’s,.. fantastic, a big lift for the collective Mayo mood..hard luck Kerry.. hope I’m saying the same thing at 6PM tomorrow!

  124. The Mayo team named will not beat Kerry.
    Mayo are a good battling Team but but they have not the same amount of real quality players as Kerry.
    Kerry’s forwards are top class & will be very hard to stop. Lee Keegan & Co will hold them out for 20/25 minutes but Kerry will go on and win. Mayo’s forwards will have to outscore Kerry in the first half to stay in the game, then they will have a chance to have a real go, they have to go at them big time, no messing around with passing over and back around 45m line. I hope Mayo will win, maybe they can up with “Real Battle mode ” and beat them.

  125. Congratulations to the Mayo team and management. Goals and Black cards win games . We had the benefit of one of both today..JH please note we goals tomorrow and no black cards…
    Thanks to all the Mayo supporters who travelled today…

  126. Hup hup!! That was a nice win. They made hard work of it in true Mayo fashion but well deserved.
    What a player we have on our hands in Ronan Clarke. We have possible the best 17 year old footballer in the country here so it’s just a matter of developing him properly over the next few years.
    And the two u16 lads in the full back line in silke and mortimer aren’t far behind him.

  127. Massive win and great to see the minors back in a final! Huge congrats to management and panel. That final win in 13 was huge and look at some of the players that made it through- great tee up for tomorrow!

  128. Why am I feeling frustrated when we beat Kerry in an AI minor semi – beat Kerry in any grade?

    They’re kids of course, but they made hard work of it. 90% excellent movement and build up spoiled by terrible finishing. At least seven or eight better, and it could have been a draw.

    OK, calm down, we’re in the final!

  129. we have some fine minor footballers and a great stop stopper in goal ,but I wouldn’t be bringing him up for the 45s in the final. Well done lads. Hope it’s a good omen for tomorrow

  130. Well done to the minors but we did make heavy work of it .Amazing to see the Kerry team so negative .Those senior Derry forwards know where the net is .Great goals. We will need goals tomorrow

  131. Good to scrape through that one to the final.
    We nearly cost ourselves missing so many scoreable frees. Didn’t have good day on our own kickout either put us under pressure.

  132. Good win by the minors but we need to play a lot better
    No variation in our kick outs and too many bad wides
    Good tackling and fielding in the full back line and we have forwards who are willing and able to take on their man
    Hope we do not train that out of them as they develop

  133. McStay on national radio confirming issues with Oisìn for tomorrow.O Hora then will come in.Wonder why all these stupid games.And what happened McHale? Too many injuries logically to be explained.

  134. Kevin McStay on Rte radio earlier saying he is hearing Oisin Mullen may not be in the 26 …
    Not confirmed

  135. Sometimes I wonder is injuriey news kept under wraps until all tickets are sold out.

  136. Ravellino please give me a bell with details re tickets. 0852568937

  137. All I know is we have a different injury to a different player every game this year

  138. Easier count who has not been injured…even the goalie.There are serious concerns to be addressed and not just by James.

  139. Why would Mcstay be saying it if it wasn’t confirmed ?
    He is either pretty sure it’s true or he is just blowing smoke .
    It’s not the first time I have heard this rumour in the past week.

  140. Horan complained last week that if a player was injured after teams are named on Thursday, they can’t be added to the 26.
    I would be incredulous if he then named Oisin a week later while knowing he would not play, and knowingly waste a spot in his 26.
    Then again nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Mayo football

  141. Another good thing to come out of this weekend is Roscommon’s agony. They must be fuming, kicking themselves watching that circus at the moment.

    Derry allowed score goals, but shows the importance of fitness at this level. That’s what won for Derry.

  142. I said yesterday that I did not believe Mullin was fit and I still feel that way. Heard it too many times from credible people that he did not participate in training this week.

  143. Surely a panel of 32 numbered players can be submitted to cp on the Thursday and the final 26 decided on match day after fitness tests, team and subs would match numbers provided on the Thursday so as no problems with match day programs. Very archaic rule that needs to be thrown out.

  144. @Grain Of Rice

    Mullin is too good to just leave out. If he only has a 50% chance of playing a part then you name him anyway. Especially when we’re already down a couple of key players. Having one less option from the bench won’t kill us, not having key players will. I wouldn’t blame Horan for that one if it is indeed true.

  145. Well done to our minor footballers… well, under 17’s. Great win. A bit more self belief and they’ll be hard beat.
    This talk of injuries is just annoying. If he’s injured he won’t play and if not he’ll be there. There’s nothing we can do about it, either way. So whatever 15 take to the field tomorrow, plus subs, I’ll put my shoulder and my heart behind them. If we’re good enough and lucky enough we’ll win. If we don’t, I trust it’ll be a battle.
    One win for Mayo, so far. Hopefully another one today and another one tomorrow. Come on Mayo.
    Maigheo abú

  146. I hope that some of the tipsters on here that said that Clare would beat Derry have a good look at themselves 🙂

  147. Reality has hit home, anyone hoping for an upset in today’s 2 quarter finals will be left disappointed, poor Clare destroyed by Derry.

  148. The Old Firm in the All Ireland Final……..love it. Fair play to the minors, although they didnt seem to want to put the insurance point over the bar!!!.

    Have to congratulate the Galway minors aswell, great day for the West.

  149. It’s a complete nonsense and an absolute disgrace to the fan base the way things are being released by second hand info . You wouldn’t mind if it wa some kind of cute hoor genius but it’s not , it’s just pure stupid , no trick to it at all.

  150. Ticket available in Lower Cusack if needed. 307, Row A, on the sideline and half way.

    On the game itself, I’m really hoping for a big performance from Mayo tomorrow but I’m very nervous about it. The rumours circulating about new injuries are not helping! To win, many things have to go our way but we have to play with a huge level of intensity for 70 minutes to have a chance. Given who is available, we have picked an athletic and physical team to engage with Kerry and no doubt it’s going to be a very bruising encounter. That alone won’t be enough and we have to get our match ups right and hope JH has a plan to contain David Clifford. If we allow him the freedom of Croke Park again he will simply repeat the dose we got in the League Final. Kerry are a well drilled and coached team with a very impressive forward unit but limiting David Clifford’s influence on the game greatly increases our chances of a win.

    A win would be a massive boost for this Mayo team, it’s management and supporter’s. It’s badly needed. Here’s hoping…

  151. Kevin McStay isn’t one to spread false rumours. He has inside knowledge, So no Mullen but who comes in for him? Mullen i might add didn’t play against Dublin last year and it didn’t stop Mayo winning.

  152. Tickets are 40 for the stand and 30 for the hill , James you must of asked that 100 times .

  153. Mayomagic we had both Tommy and Ryan . Not to sound cranky but if we’ve lost Mullen too it makes the task tomorrow a lot more difficult a task which which was difficult enough before we heard about Mullen .

  154. We can’t have a conversation about mayo football without mentioning the injuries because if it was only the 2 or 3 squad injuries like most other panels well then it’s a different conversation. Stronger squad, stronger bench stronger prospects. Any panel missing 8/10 players through injury will struggle to stay at the top level or say if those players were never on the panel well then more than likely that team would be playing at a different level and probably no expectations on them. That made sense in my head anyway.

  155. Hi all, I’ve a block of 3 tickets (upper davin 723) – can let them go to any regulars here who might be stuck

  156. @James+Fleming…I hope you eventually get enough tickets @ the right price…€40 and sure you would have to throw in the price of a few pints in Phil Ryan’s as well, no body could be expected to part with a ticket for less than €60…Hard luck you missed out on the Free Corporate Box tickets. ..It must cost you a fortune buying tickets, fair play to you!

  157. On reflection and summing up the hand we are now dealt as regards availability of players it seems we are goosed.
    I may be left very surprised but I fear for the result tomorrow.
    We would nearly need to be hitting the net from the throw in and creating all sorts of panic early doors and turning it into a nut job of an encounter to get over the line.
    Then again Mayo are as mad as a box of frogs and if the God’s smile on us who knows but I’m doubtful

  158. @seanburke. The answer to your earlier questions is yes the team staying in Dublin. At least that’s the info I got

  159. Tomorrow could be a long emotional day for Mayo football and here on the blog. I hope everyone keeps perspective..
    What we are looking for is a performance tomorrow from the 15 plus who will play. That we can say we were as good as we could be on the day and who knows that might be enough. Anything can happen black cards ..injuries..lucky goals freak weather…but i dont think its likely.
    In the circumstances of no form, injuries and tactical deficiencies ‘ a good performance, a moral victory of sorts might soothe the pain…heal physically and emotionally over a long break till next year and hope agsin…we may be AL minor champions to boot!

  160. @James+Fleming. Face value €40. Happy for it to go to a good Mayo home…

  161. I hope everyone is sorted with tickets for the match by now. We will be up against it if OISIN does not play but i still think we have a big performance in us to win the day, The supporters have a very important job to do tomorrow in chanting and cheering on the team for the full 70 minutes, I will be roaring for the whole game in the lower Cusack stand section 304 and i hope all the mayo supporters do likewise. TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT. MAYO ABU.

  162. Again not to put a damper on things just a dose of reality , there won’t be a significant amount of mayo support there to create an atmosphere I fear . I’m not down home but like everyone else in here you get the feels from the WhatsApp groups and stuff like that and I don’t think this disconnect with the support base has helped , I hope I’m wrong it’s just a vibe I get . People have given me examples of lack of names for a supporters bus stuff like that which In previous years there wouldn’t be enough seats . Anyway like i say i hope I’m wrong and there’s 20k mayo in croker tomorrow .

  163. I see on the kerry gaa forum there is a suggestion AOS should mark Clifford! They are hoping we will be competitive….so am I !

  164. I get the feeling people here are falling into the rumour trap and are now downbeat about tomorrow’s game, maybe also due to the two hammerings dished out by the favourites in today’s 2 matches.

  165. Ah them kerry lads are very thoughtful hoping we’ll be competitive. Grand lads.

  166. I’m glad Horan is saying nothing to the media. He’s well within his rights given the injuries we’re suffering and given the significance of this match.

    Oh to wipe that growl off Jack O’Connor’s face, with his ridiculous yerra interview during the week.

  167. Don’t like giving credence to rumour mills but I’d say McStay is credible. So we’re up against it, we’d be up against it even if all were fit. So what we need tomorrow is huge intensity and see where that takes us. We’re definitely a hard nut to crack in Championship.

  168. Have a pair of tickets 1 Adult 1 Juvenile if anyone looking. Section 309 Lower Cusack, seats are in covered row.

  169. 100% with viper re injuries. Is there any other county who has had as many injuries as Mayo. ?

  170. I might be wrong but back in 2012-18, there seemed to be much less of this Craic of Mayo lads picking up soft tissue injuries in the week of these games. We went into the 2016 and 17 all Ireland finals with a full deck of players to pick from, more or less.
    Now there isn’t a week that goes by that there isn’t a new issue or reoccurrence.
    It can’t be coincidental. Something is not right.
    As for Kevin mcstay I haven’t got a huge amount of time for his opinions but I can only assume the info would be coming from his nephew who is on the panel (or at least was earlier in the year). So it is likely legitimate.

  171. Don’t like McStsy in football terms, never have. One only needs to look back at his commentary of our games to see his remarks towards who ever we play. Honestly, look at last years semi final and a few other games he’s commented on. John Small clatters McLaughlin and he calls it a hospital pass “nature of the game” Dean Rock goes shoulder into Tommy Conroy’s chest in the first few minutes (yellow card) Kevin says, Dean unlucky, looked.a fair challenge to me. Diarmuid catches Tom Lahiff slightly high, as Lahiff is literally falling to the ground as the tackle comes in, “Thats high, thats a yellow if he’s lucky”. Kevin was also caught tipping two opposing teams to win a particular game, on two different podcasts. He’s a friend of the pod cast crew and thats fine, but that shouldn’t exempt him from critiscm.

  172. Never really thought McStay was overlooked as it was made out for Mayo Senior job in 2015.Everybody forgets McStays time with Mayo in management and it was pretty poor. He was Anthony Egans number 2 in 1995 ,a team which was relegated from Division 2 to 3 in the National League and hammered by Galway in Tuam Stadium. He had a 3 year stint with Mayo Under 21s who had some very good Minor players come through in 96 and 97 and only 1 won Connacht title in 2001.I also never remember him managing his home club Ballina or any Senior club in Mayo , so his club scene knowledge wouldn’t be where it would need to be at for a Mayo senior manager.

  173. Mayo88 – a lot of the rumours are fairly credible. Rumours that were flying around a week ago are now being confirmed and the stuff that’s been picked up by the media is only the tip of the iceberg.

  174. Lineball 2.0 –
    You summed it up perfectly there about mcstay.
    There is a cohort of ex players and other “individuals” on general media and social media that are just waiting for Mayo to be knocked out before triumphantly putting the boot into either Horan or the county board for a multitude of different reasons, and whilst mcstay is not the most extreme of them, you don’t need to be too intuitive when listening to him speak to know that he is not a fan of Mayo. Pretty much every time we play a big game over the last 2 or 3 years he is trending on Twitter and most of the comments come from non Mayo folk so it’s not made-up.
    The John Small assault on EML last season was just one example as you rightly pointed out.

  175. 2 lower cusack 308, Row M, seats 12 and 13 face value for sale, 086 1542152

  176. Lineball 2.0 and Grain of Rice – those comments about Kevin McStay were unfair and I’ve edited out the worst of them.

    I don’t agree myself with everything Kevin says and writes but he’s someone who knows a lot more about football than I and many others do and I respect his right to express his opinions, which he always does honestly. I get that’s not to everyone’s liking but to use this to make unfounded claims about why he says what he does is just plain wrong and is not acceptable.

    On the Eoghan McLaughlin case, he said straight out on The Sunday Game the night after that he’d called that one wrong. I don’t ever recall another RTÉ pundit holding their hands up in this way, and his willingness to do this pretty much negates all of those charges you both have laid against him.

  177. McStay is easily one of the best RTE pundits. He comes across as measured and fair whether he is analysing Mayo or another team. In an era where we have to listen to Spillane and brollix McStay is so superior and knowledgeable in comparison.

  178. Let’s go
    We can be sure of one thing
    Every last one of those players will die with their boots on.
    I’ve a feeling we will see yet another performance for the ages from Lee Keegan

  179. Most people think Kerry will beat Mayo.
    Well most think a camel uses its hump as a hydration source.
    A camel hump is not a hydration source .
    Therefore science.
    Let’s go, camels towards Dublin.

  180. Hard to know what to believe at this stage. According to rumours earlier in the week from people with inside sources, O’Hora and Cillian banged heads and then it emerges McHale is out with concussion. Oisin is then out with a hamstring and then in the team named only for McStay to cast major doubt over this yesterday. Can’t remain a season like this with injuries which had the rumour mills in over drive. Hope we have Oisin today as we are in serious bother if another top player out.

  181. The easiest way to sort it all out would be to name a panel of players 1-35 or whatever it may be at the start of the championship and announce the team an hour before throw in.

    This rubbish of sending the team in before the final training session to print in a program is antiquated to say the least but if they want to continue with this money maker on the day (app anyone?) then having a panel printed and announce on the team should satisfy everyone.

    Anyway, on to today and like I said yesterday (when I was still MayoMayo before I was usurped for that particular crown) let’s actually support the team and leave the inquests for another day.

    I am still feeling confident. This team has really emerged in the last two to three years and already given us some great days out. Watching Dublin yesterday there was no talk of transition even though they are ready with it once they lose. This mayo team has gone through huge change and it isn’t mentioned. Injuries are never mentioned either by those closest to the team.

    The rumour mill is in overdrive, we have all heard the stories about ROD and Oisin, and the other stories coming out but really who cares today? 15 will take the pitch for mayo today willing to do their absolute best for us and represent us in a way that makes us proud.

    I think we can catch Kerry, if we get some good quick ball inside to our forwards and limit Kerry playing quick transition football we have a huge chance.

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