Kerry preview – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E30

Saturday evening’s win over Galway not only ended a long losing run against the Tribesmen it also guaranteed Mayo three further games in this year’s championship. The first of these ‘Super 8s’ matches takes place on Sunday at Fitzgerald Stadium in Killarney, with James Horan taking his team down to Kerry’s home patch for a meeting that is a repeat of this year’s League Division One decider.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast, we preview Sunday’s eagerly-awaited clash in Killarney. Rob Murphy and I met up with Mayo News sports editor Mike Finnerty at Tuam Stadium on Wednesday night – shortly after Galway had beaten Mayo 0-16 to 0-11 in the Connacht U20 decider – and together we set the scene for Sunday’s Super 8s clash between these two major rivals.

Rob then checks in with Maurice Horan, our resident Kerry expert on the podcast, and the Tralee-based former Limerick manager gives us an insight into how the locals down south are viewing this game. We zoom back to Saturday night after that, where, on the way out of the Gaelic Grounds, Rob catches up with Michael Foley of the Sunday Times to chat about Mayo’s resurgence this year.

Finally, back in Tuam, Rob gets some thoughts on Sunday’s forthcoming clash when he chats with Corofin GAA man and Galway Bay FM analyst, Frank Morris.        

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101 thoughts on “Kerry preview – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E30

  1. Its a dangerous game on Sunday. Whilst there’s a lot of high spirits after beating Galway the reality is we’re playing Kerry away, they’ve had a good rest and there’s the x factor – the motivation they’ll have not to be beaten by us again. They also happen to have the most talented bunch of forwards in the country.

    I think we need to appreciate how difficult a task this is going to be.

    Apart from potential tiredness, we’ll have to gain an advantage in midfield because we generally need a bit more possession to beat the better teams (remember how we dominated against them in league final and still almost lost). The middle 8 therefore will decide this match.

    Don’t forget either how Kerry will target some of our younger starlets especially Carr – Kerry might not be so accommodating as a slightly off-the-pace Galway team.

    BTW, I think there should be a week’s break for the qualifier winners – unfair to have to play all these weeks running.

  2. It’s going to be a hum dinger of a battle. If we don’t conced silly goals than we hopefully will pull through. Donnie Buckley influence on kickouts is going to interesting and’m looking forward to see how we handle that. All said and done I have so much confidence in this team and their ability

  3. I expect Kerry to win this fairly easy. Hope I am wrong though.
    We will have to win in Croke Park and Castlebar to get to semi which is fine.
    Getting to semi is what this step is about.

  4. Without P Crowley to shore it up, it seems you could drive a bus through the Kerry Defence. A third division team in Cork managed to open them up with ease over and over again.

    Borrow the bus from the Rossies if you have to, and run it through them for 70 minutes. That should keep the Kerry Mafia on yerra mute for a while. Their forwards can’t win the day if their keeper is constantly picking the ball out of the net.

  5. Difficult one to call this, will we dominate midfield, are our full back line going to get tired, surely Kerry won’t allow us beat them 3 times in the one year!! There’s no doubt but Kerry will be fired up for this and will come all guns blazing, but our boys have seen it all before, weather the storm and settle into it, make a dogfight of it, then we will see whether Kerry are ready or not.

  6. Starting SOS for 1/2 hour should be considered. He cleaned Moran 2 years ago and he needs to get game time.

    would go with





    SOS (Vaughan after 25-30)



    Boyle/Moran/Treacy/Vaughan giving good impact off the bench.

    I actually wouldn’t go with the running game initially. would keep it solid at the back and kick it long and early into the inside line. The last thing we need is to be loose at the back commiting too many forward that will play right into their hands

  7. Soprano – Are you for real there? Kerry allowing us beat them?

    Real question is: are Kerry any good? Answer, I don’t know, but they are young and a bit green, with very good people managing them. We shouldn’t fear them and Killarney and its pitch should suit us. Indeed, if anything this draw is good for us, with Meath in Croker(THEY won’t be a pushover, but I’d rather them in Croker than Navan), and Donegal at home (again, Castlebar is iffy, but far preferable to Ballybofey).

    Our real opponents could be ourselves. We have shown this self-destruct capacity that is worrying. If we can right this, we can thrive. JH has shown a capacity to make running repairs on the road and let’s hope this continues.

  8. @Willie Joe, Mayo News, Brilliant Podcast as usual…..Superb observation there at the end…Those who thought that there was a Pitch invasion in Limerick ,it be there first time attending ‘A Mayo Match’…. Interesting article on Today’s Irish Times, Kevin McStay asks the question ‘Did the Mayo County Board , and a few other’s,, actually Vote in favor of the Donegal motion to Congress?… I’d like to know the answer, and we should know the answer in Mayo… However it’s down the priority list just now with Killarney on the Horizon… And we have gotten to Thursday this week without any sniff of any rumors about any unwelcome New Injurys…. Great Stuff!. .

  9. we really need to be fully treating every match as a knockout. if we lose we could be going to Castlebar needing a 4/5 pt win to go through if Kerry/Mayo/Donegal end on 2 wins each or god forbid we lose to Meath and we’re gone. Also winning 3 matches likely means avoiding the blue juggernaut in the semi

  10. No matter how much we score, they’ll score more. Clifford/O’Brien/Geaney/JOD could cause us havoc. They’ll get more 50/50 referring decisions than we will, as they are at home…just like the Dubs get on an annual basis playing on their home ground. Can’t see us winning at all tbh, along with the reff and home advantage, their also fresher and we have been evidently tiring in games. Alot of pressure on Kerry though to perform, still, the kerry by 2 i think.

  11. I second what Leantimes said Yee are doing a mighty job covering the side Willie Joe and promoting Mayo GAA in general

  12. @catcol. Tongue in cheek comment there. I believe if both teams play to their potential, we win. Re being our own “real opponents”, I think we have been slowly blowing out the dirty diesel and will improve with every game. Can’t wait for Sunday.

  13. I think the team starting is going to be one of the more predictable ones so far. It really looked like it was taking shape last week. You would think it is going to be very close if not exactly the same as last weeks starting team, although if keegan is back he starts obviously. Who does he cam in for then? You would think either donie Vaughan or s coen even though both of those put in good shifts last week

  14. I know Kerry will be really up for this and will absolutely tear into us – but our lads will be up for this too and the importance of this game won’t be lost on them. I’ve a feeling it will end in a draw.

  15. If Boyle plays I believe Kerry will not leave him free & will bring a forward back on him. He has had two superb games in that role and that has not gone unnoticed by Kerry. We need to be ready & adapt to all situations that present on the day.

  16. Sure even the goats on top of Carrauntoohil reckon it will be a home win for the Kerry lads this weekend.

    Every bit of Kerry wisdom is been tossed in to the (rather small) pot for this one. While a win does not guarantee an all Ireland semi final spot and a loss doesn’t mean elimination, it’s a massive game.

    Each of the Kerry players will be eating 2 lb’s of Kerrygold before throw in. Imagine how slippery that will make them in the tackle.

    Two great footballing Counties. Between us we have won 40 All Irelands. There isn’t too many Counties that can say that.

    To counteract the slippiness of the slippery hoors, our lads have ate nothing except sandpaper since last weekend.

    To rightly piss them off James Horan has emblazoned “I can’t believe it’s not butter” on the back of all the Mayo jersies.

    Originally I thought this game could be a banana skin but I’m thinking now there could be more to it than meets the eye.

  17. I personally think having played 3 games in the last 3 weeks is perfect preparation for Sunday. Having played myself, games brought me on it’s more of a worry for Kerry not having been tested in the real heat of battle. The fitness levels of the top 10 teams means barring injuries 4 games in 4 week not a problem. Our middle 8 is superior then Kerry and our inside forwards if they continue the form can course a lot of problems for Kerry. I personally think mayo by 4 to 5 points if we focus for 80mins.

  18. Well lads its mayo again and believe me Kerry will be up for it this mayo side have something different this year look its football we want to see and its the best team that will come out in the end

  19. Kerry GAA tweeted a few hours ago that tickets are almost sold out and there will be no sale on tickets on the day of the game. Hope everyone that is traveling is sorted.

  20. Good to see a bit of realism on here. Kerry are rightly favourites, Provincial champions, well rested and a forward line that could really go to town on us. They have targeted this game for 3 weeks. While we have momentum and played well on Saturday night this is a step up in class. This Mayo team keep confounding the doubters. Can they do it yet again.

  21. You’d have to think all the games are going to take its toll now . You’d have to fancy Kerry to be victorious here , people keep saying ahh they’re still young etc but they are going to click soon and there is no doubting their talent up front . Aido has looked a bit lonely in the middle lately , think he really needed ruane or Diarmuid , big David Moran will probably win the middle battle .

    Heart will always say Mayo obviously but the head is saying kingdom pulling up .

    I still think we’ve done brilliant this year , satisfactory first year for James Horan , league champions and place in super 8 , Ruane the find of the year , mcdonagh and Carr shaping well also .

  22. Agree with those in that Head says Kerry but hope I’m wrong and wouldn’t rule out a Mayo win. I don’t agree however that Kerry will trounce us.

  23. I have my ticket, arrived in the post this morning, going on a Mayo supporters bus from Galway and I’m heading to Killarney with one steady thought in mind, Mayo are going to win this one!

  24. Head says Mayo.
    Defend properly and we’ll beat them again. Sweeper and allow no shots on goal take yellow or black cards where necessary

  25. Kerry are a good team but have massive doubts about themselves since the league final and not at all helped with the way Cork gave them a right good scare. Fatigue will not be a factor for Mayo – this was not a problem for our run to the final 2 years ago or Tyrone’s last year. Weekly games are an advantage and I don’t buy into this “Kerry well rested” stuff. You can reel off names of some exciting Kerry talent like Geaney, Clifford, Sean O’Shea and O’Donoghue but we can match every one of them with marquee players of our own. Mayo are getting better game by game and yet are under less pressure to win. If we can be a bit more hard nosed on the game management side (Kerry’s game management was atrocious against Cork – they threw away a 9 point lead!) and keep our discipline we will win this.

  26. .MayoDunphy has predicted a Mayo loss again. I don’t want to jump to conclusions but we’re definitely going to win!!?

  27. I agree their is MASSIVE pressure on Kerry. This nearly feels like a free shot for us. Head still thinks Kerry will sneak it though. They’ve a lot of players mid twenties aswell, don’t think their as “young” as the media mafia make out, I think its a ploy to keep the pressure off them.

  28. There is a lot of pressure on them from their own contingent. Seems like a lot of Kerry pundits and supporters are expecting a big backlash from the team.

  29. Hi All,
    Best of luck this weekend….hard to believe that Kerry haven’t lost a Championship match in Killarney in 24 years….I wonder how many they played over that 24 years…

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  30. Great podcast as always. Can’t wait to see the line-up, going to be fascinating to get a glimpse of JH’s thinking. Can someone educate me: If Mayo, Donegal and Kerry all end with 2 wins, is the tie breaker goal differential in the bracket or differential vs. common opponent? Thanks.

  31. I think for the first game since Ross there is no pressure on us,we don’t have to win,if we don’t we are still in not like the weeks before but I think Kerry have too,I see a mayo win with the shackles off,nothing to
    Lose but lots to prove,Mayo 3-0 against Kerry in a calendar year,sounds good to me,Mayo by 2
    Coen man of the match again please

  32. The 4 teams that won their round 1 games last year in the super 8s went on to reach the AI semi finals if history repeats itself then Mayo must win on Sunday

  33. @Martin the Dub, I was wondering how many championship games that were not in the Munster championship have Kerry won in Fitzgerald stadium. Sounds like more of the yerra propaganda to me. This is going to be a right battle. Very hard to call, as was said on the podcast, it is probably going to be a hell for leather start, and we don’t want to be too far behind after the first quarter. Once we stay close to them from the start we are in with a strong chance.

  34. Enjoyed the Pod. I think there is huge pressure on Kerry the way the fixtures fall. If they lose the Donegal game becomes must win.

    Hope that Paddy Durcan is ok, looked in some discomfort last Saturday when he came off. Anyone think that Tommy Walsh might start at Full Forward to surprise us.

  35. There is no doubt Kerry will use a big full forward probably TW if he can play even for 20 mins.
    They have won all of thete All Ireland’s as long as I remember with thast tactic ie Liston and Donaghy so it’s always theor number 1 plan.
    Question is can we hold him. They only have to be successful with that tactic once or twice and it’s close to game over.
    If Walsh goes in and catches a clean ball and goals inside 5 mins what will our line do then.

  36. Hopefully Stephen Coen could take Tommy Walsh if he starts. Whatever about us, Kerry have conceded several goals this year from high balls in to the square. Their keeper doesn’t look steady under them. Pity Diarmuid isn’t around to ghost in again.

  37. REDCOL….I see photos on Twitter , where Paddy attended a Cul Camp in Charlestown yesterday. That suggests to me that he must be okay.

  38. As long as Mayo are compact at the back like we were v Galway then I’m not overly concerned with Kerry’s ff line, they are not the forward line everyone thinks they are. Clifford is obviously a star and could do serious damage but Geaney is not playing well, ODonaghue is not the player he was in 2014 (injury definitely took their toll on him) and Tommy Walsh is a shadow of the player that left for Oz all those years ago (Chris Barrett comfortably dealt with him in league final). I would rather face Walsh than Donaghy any day. On paper Kerry look to have a great ff line but in reality in Coen, COC, Carr for once I think Mayo have just as dangerous a forward unit. Add in our superior middle 8 and I think Mayo are in a very good position to get a result down there.

  39. Hi all.
    Just an observation about the rte sports page this morning. Cynical fouling etc… and the photograph… Mayo man pulling jersey of Dublin player. I’ve just sent a complaint to rte accusing them of cynical reporting. Felt it was very pointed considering the weekend that’s in it etc…
    At least when they showed the photo of cynical play in hurling you could only see an arm…
    Maybe I’m being over sensitive but I felt it was very biased and cynical.
    Come on Mayo…let your light shine and take care of yourselves with all that cynicism that’s out there.
    Maigheo go deo

  40. Goodman MO-direach.

    If we could manage to win in Kilarney the focus will increase.
    Take the extra attention we get as a compliment. If we were no good they wouldn’t even bother with us.

    It is a bit sad though, your right.

    The most exciting team in football, and what do they highlight. A bit of jersey pulling.

    The only place to make them pay for that is on the pitch.

    Hon Mayo.

  41. Observer2 – You can’t read anything into that really. If it’s a muscle injury he’d have no problem walking around but wouldn’t be able to run.

  42. I’d take Mike Finnerty’s word on this from the podcast, that Paddy Durcan should be fine. He was right about Keegan, Doherty and O’Shea last week.

  43. Yeah, good news regarding Paddy. One would think he wouldn’t have been in tuam on Wednesday if he was nursing a bad injury.
    We need him big time for Sunday

  44. I would be quite happy if they started tommy Walsh, he really isn’t the same player since coming back from oz. Done well with the advanced mark rule that was trialled in the league but apart from that he is way off the pace.
    Stephen o brien is the man who needs watching anc Clifford of course

  45. I noticed the photos in that piece too, MO.
    The first county he mentions is Mayo also.
    Are we over sensitive to this not so hidden agenda stuff from some in the media?
    But it doesn’t men it’s not happening.
    But the cynical fouling is and he’s right, everyone’s at it.

  46. Mike Finnerty is better informed than me of course but the fact Paddy was in Tuam doesn’t really mean anything. I’ve had quad injuries before and they don’t prevent you going about your day to day life at all. I couldn’t sprint or kick a ball for a couple of weeks however.

  47. All this media attention can be used as a positive for James. You can really galvanize a squad with this negative stuff. Hope a real siege mentality sets in. We are always our most dangerous when backs against the wall and with a point to prove.

  48. I think Thomas wrote that article to rile up the Kerry guys! He really doesn’t believe that they will or should be losing to us!

  49. So right Mo direach,
    Shows how scared even the Dubs are of meeting us, amazing we didn’t see photo of Dubs pulling down our players right accross the pitch in ’17 final in cynical fouling articles this week.
    Let’s continue to roar like lions/lionesses? for these heroes of ours, and good riddance to the negativity on us.
    Bring it on again this W’end!! Best of luck to all lads and James.
    Don’t forget the lozengers for throats guys!!!

  50. id say he genuinely believes it, i genuinely think Mayo have Kerrys number at the moment, they just cannot bridge the gap in physicality and intensity mayo have at the moment, and its very hard to see how they would improve that defence, they are unable to play the ‘bringing bodies back’ style. This Kerry team will be brilliant in a year or 2, probably the best in the country, but i think they are only in year 1 of transition and Mayo are way further along.
    David Moran is a big plus for them, his performance in Limerick in 2014 was one of the best midfield performances ive ever seen so a lot hinges on him.

    I am quite confident of a Mayo win on this occasion, but weirdly i can see Kerry/Donegal/Mayo all finishing league on 4pts having beaten each other.

    Is it just me or is the atmosphere on here and in general a lot more relaxed than last week? Is it just that its not knockout? The fear of losing to galway? Or perhaps we are just quietly confident now we realise injury situation isnt that bad?

  51. Some world class paranoia there Mairead/Mo Direach, getting needlessly worked up over an innocuous photo over a newspaper article is ‘not good for the soul’ as JH might say :-).
    Not everything is a massive conspiracy

  52. Paddy out, conn telegraph published team, that’s 3 starters with serious pace missing. Anyway we will still field 15 great men in Killarney.

  53. There are alot of folks in Kerry who agree with you on Tommy Walsh Supermac and you have a case………alot of people though Kieran Donaghy was finished before 2014 and we know how that turned out…….

  54. @inisbofin not that it really matters but did they mention who will captain side with captain and vice captain out? Cillian presumably

  55. Connaught telegraph article saying Durcan is definitely out for the Kerry game.

  56. Big loss if true!!. Paddy would a been perfect for O’Brien. We need to remember we will not be out of it if we lose this one. If Paddy isn’t 100% theirs no need to risk damaging him further.

    I hate this shite “No one has ever reached the semis, after losing their first super 8 game”…you’d swear they were running for 89 years or something. They’ve only ever been played out once! GAA terminology would annoy your hole sometimes.

  57. Agree with Sean Burke, this is still a good start for JH in first year back, I don’t think there will be much in this one but its hard to call, Kerry hard to know what your going to get but we know what Mayo will bring. Im looking forward to it, pressure really is on Kerry to preform and that can be tough on young players. If we bring a big crowd it will make a difference when game is in melting pot

  58. Met Eireann giving 26 degrees for Killarney on Sunday, could be a major factor like Newbridge.

  59. I was confident we’d beat Galway Just had a good feeling before the game but I’m afraid we will succumb to two early goals in this one that will make the difference. Kerry will throw absolutely everything at us they are desperate to beat us if we can beat them in their own backyard it will be one of the greatest achievements of this team but I’m afraid we won’t be able to hold the Kerry forwards

  60. Thanks supermac for that observation. I’m not inclined to paranoia but would rather have seen a Kerry man pulling a Dublin jersey…seeing as it was the Gooch’s observation. Of course a picture makes no difference to what ppl see or think!!
    Anyway I expect it’ll be a good game and I’m expecting JH to have whatever team takes to the field to be up for the battle. Substitutions will be important and my hope is that they will have enough to see us over the line. Maigheo go deo…

  61. @MO-direach I have to admit to having noticed that Mayo players appeared in every article I’ve read in the past two weeks about cynicism or street smart or gamesmanship.. one of the articles didn’t mention Mayo, I think it was about Ulster teams.. but many just read the article and the headline.. it’s obvious that Mayo are being tarred with a very wide brush! There must be some very nervous people out there!

  62. Captain and Vice Captain both injured. Wonder who will be captain on sunday.

  63. Team as named in Connaught Telegraph.

    David Clarke, Chris Barrett, Brendan Harrison, Keith Higgins, Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Stephen Coen, Aidan O’Shea, Donal Vaughan, Fionn McDonagh, Kevin McLoughlin, Jason Doherty, Cillian O’Connor, Darren Coen and James Carr.

  64. Kerry odds on to beat us with Paddy Power. It would be an upset if Mayo can beat them. Would love to see us do it but not at all sure we have an answer to teams running at us with all the players we are missing in middle. Galway were poor and a lot of people getting carried away with this win. The loss of Paddy Durcan is another body blow to our chances. Here’s hoping for the best on Sunday but think hype since Galway game is misplaced!

  65. Durcan is a blow, i would have liked to have both of them there for marking jobs.
    ie….Leeroy to do job on sean o’shea similar to when he owned him at croker, then Durcan to pick up Stephen o’brien who does a lot of damage running from deep.

    O’Brien roasted higgins in the league final so need somebody else to tag him this time

  66. Just announced here on Kerry radio that Durcan is not going to feature on Sunday according to the Connaught telegraph !! Must say when I saw him pulling up I felt this weekend would be a hard ask, best wishes to him.

  67. I don’t understand how people saying “Kerry are going to throw everything at us” is some kind of justification in Kerry winning on Sunday. It’s the fecking All Ireland Quarter Finals, every team playing this weekend will be throwing everything they have into it. Mayo will be no different to Kerry in that regard.

  68. Agreed mayomad but I think attitude and defiance will be worth 2-3 points and with the home crowd I’m hoping we will get plenty of this and drag this one over the line. You know there’s even some down think that we could win this one by ten to twelve points ?
    Safe travel to all and don’t forget the coast road from limerick to Tarbert as a good travel option also to avoid Adare, Newcastle West and Abbeyfeale which are a real pain in the ass, the Killimer to Tarbert ferry is maybe also worth a think but the wait times could be prohibitive so I’d telephone first, the no. is 065-9053124

  69. Paddy is a loss but Lee is not a bad sub to bring in. Kerry sound nervous and they know that we will play with an intensity not encountered since the league final. It is a tough ask to go there and beat the feckers, especially with a few missing but we have the confidence and resilience to do it. If the Kerry lads wear those cute Black and Tan outfits like in the league final, we can get a few Tyrone lads down to sing for them at halftime.

  70. I’ve no idea how this game will go. One thing I’ve learned from following Mayo is that anything can happen, Following Mayo is a good way to give the arteries a good flushing and I find that going to a Mayo match gives the heart something that would be the equivalent of 4 months in the gym.
    I’m expecting that Kerry will have improved from when we met them in the League but to what extent we might benefit from momentum or lose out from tiredness I can’t tell. I’m hoping the extra day we have will be put to good use for recovery.
    We’re also carrying a few injuries, with Paddy being sidelined a bit of a killer for us in terms of moving the ball forward at pace. I’d be a lot more confident if we had Ruane and Diarmuid O’Connor available but we don’t, so that takes away from our midfield engine quite considerably.
    The Killarney factor and the fact that Kerry will no doubt feel they owe us a bloody nose at this point also gives them further motivation, if it were needed.
    Match ups will be key, and we need to cut out unforced errors or we’ll be in trouble. This fixture is certainly winnable if we get all aspects of our game plan correct.

  71. I would replace Paddy for Caolan Crowe, and bring Keith Higgins out to the half back line.

  72. The team probably won’t line out as selected.
    David Moran would be the main asset Kerry have, turned the league final in Kerrys favour v the Dubs 2 years ago, was Kerrys best player v Mayo in 2014 semi final, he is very mobile for such a big guy, great vision and kick pass forward. He is a great outlet for the Kerry kickouts, Mayo need to have a plan for their own kickouts.
    Somebody will need to limit his input into the game from the word go.
    Long ball will cause Kerrys back line big problems, this game will be much faster than the Galway match, remember Cooke seemed to get alot of freedom v Mayo.

  73. I can see why Kerry are money on for this game.

    Mattie and Diarmuid were excellent for our previous games.

    They have 3 or 4 players back who were not fit, or not fit for a full game against us the last time. Moran, Geaney and O’Donoghue were 3. Not sure was Clifford fully fit either.

    Mayo will need to improve again all over the pitch. The good thing is we have been improving each game since the qualifiers started.

    It’s a mighty ask to win this on Sunday. I don’t know will we win but we won’t be found wanting either.

  74. I’m trying to get used to being back in the All-Ireland series again. It’s a funny and nice feeling to be back at the ‘business end’ of the Championship. It’s a long time since September 2017. Newbridge and all the injuries last year blocked off our path.
    I wonder are the lads excited and ‘in flow’ being back in the whereabouts of Croke Park. They struck me in previous years as a team that liked a cut at those big games.
    Is that feeling there still? We don’t know but I do know we’re right where we need to be if we want to get back to contesting at that level – if we still have that self belief, Kerry in Killarney is just where we fit in. Let’s give it a whirl!

    By the way, for me, in the journey ahead Mayo’s experience, determination and resilience are things that set them apart and may count for a lot before the summer is out.

  75. Has Conn Telegraph a hotline to Mayo camp. They seem to be always first with the news. If Paddy is out it is really disappointing. I thought he was our most important player v Galway. Have to say while I love the Summer weather 25 degree or more is not something this Mayo team would want, after having 3 games on the spin and Meath waiting for us next week. Was very warm in Newbridge as well but at least that was an evening throw in

  76. TH, are you actually having a laugh in suggesting Crowe should start? He hasn’t kicked a ball all year and you want to start him v Kerry? Which one would you drop from the half back line to accommodate him, Boyle or Coen who both had great games v Galway or perhaps Keegan.

  77. I can’t see Mayo beating Kerry now with half the team injured, it’s too much to expect at this stage. So for me it’s Kerry to win out handy enough on this occasion. Make no mistake Mayo will have a right go at them but I think it’s going to very hard for them on this occasion to beat a very good Kerry team.

  78. Chin up Left Boot.

    Our forwards are beginning to spark.
    Our midfield will get a little help.
    Our backs will be busy but Kerry will bring out the best in them.
    Our goalie is having a great championship.

    Believe me this mayo team have no thoughts of loosing this game. They are on a nice steady improving and winning run.

    This match is another rung up the ladder as regards difficulty but this is to be expected. There are only 8 of us left now.

    Its a great test for us and I suppose the only big positive is that there are lads getting championship game time that they might not have got if we had a fully fit panel. All that experience might be badly needed later in the Summer.

    Chin up. Sure the friggen ball hasn’t even been thrown in yet.

  79. Good point Revellino, I think I got a bit down when Paddy D was’nt named on the team, & you are right, there is great talent coming in now, it will be a tough fast game, so my chin is up & my chest is out, bring it on,

  80. Fair play Revellino and others. I think we need to be positive and carry a positive energy with us to this game too. Remember”not today sham”… that’s the attitude. You’d get awful sick of the plámás and yerra ye gave us a great game and all that baloney. Time to shine and let’s see what we got in our panel. These injuries are a great opportunity to see the strength of our squad. We’ll be ready to rock when it’s needed. Come on Mayo hearts… we’re in this together. Maigheo go deo ???

  81. Don’t think we should overreact to a loss on Sunday , try beat Meath the following week and it will be a big showdown v donegal (still believe we should ask to use Croke Park for that one , dubs do it , what’s good for the goose).

  82. This is the Kerry team that has been named tonight. Not a bad team but there are a few noticeable absentees. Looking forward to seeing how they get on as they are peppered with youth and inexperience compared to the battle hardened Mayo team.

    1. Shane Ryan Seán Ó Riain Rathmore
    2 Jason Foley Iasún Ó Foghlú Ballydonoghue
    3 Tadhg Morley Tadhg Ó Muraile Templenoe
    4 Tom O’Sullivan Tomás Ó Súilleabháin Dingle
    5 Paul Murphy Pól Ó Murchú Rathmore
    6 Jack Sherwood Seán Ó Sherwood Firies
    7 Gavin White Gabhin de Faoite Dr Crokes
    8 David Moran Dáithí Ó Moráin Kerins O’Rahillys
    9 Diarmuid O’Connor Diarmuid Ó Conchúir Na Gaeil
    10 Micheál Burns Micheál Ó Beirn Dr. Crokes
    11 Sean O’Shea Seán Ó Sé Kenmare
    12 Stephen O’Brien Stiofán Ó Briain Kenmare
    13 David Clifford Dáithí Ó Clumháin Fossa
    14 Paul Geaney Pól Ó Geibheannaigh Dingle
    15 Dara Moynihan Dara Ó Maoineacháin Spa, Killarney

  83. Interesting Gamechanger. Jack Barry missing could be crucial as he wouldn’t be beaten for strength/athleticism while young O’Connor might be. That partially offsets us missing Paddy/Diarmuid/Matthew.

  84. I smelt an ambush before the Ross game and I`m feeling it again. (lookback) All this talk about records about to be broken.

    It`s counter productive. Looking at that Kerry forward division and there might be a record broken but not the one we

    were expecting. Please ……………………

  85. Thanks for that, Gamechanger.

    That’s a good idea, Sean! After all, the line trotted out at Congress about Dublin having the second Croke Park game was that they were doing all and sundry a favour by giving up home advantage to play it there.

  86. Evergreen, I get what u mean about the rossie game, that cud be smelled a mile off. Theirs no ambush here, as we are playing the Munster champions in there backyard. We are under dogs and they are the bookies favourites. If we lose this it cannot be compared to the Rossie game, Roscommon were/are a now Div 2 team, who got there 1 in 33 yrs victory. Kerry are a top Div 1 team and no one will be surprised if they beat us Sunday.

  87. Durkin is a huge loss on top of Ruane & O’Connor, but Keegan returns, Vaughan, Carr & Cillian have a game under their belt, therefore can only improve. If we mark O’Shea, O’Brien & Clifford out of the game, it’s a big ‘IF’ I can’t see where they are going to get their scores from. We on the other hand have six dangerous forwards. Therefore its a simple game plan defend in numbers with tenacity and catch them on the counter. We now have two threats a running games and a direct fast ball game. We also need to make our physicality count, and cut out these silly mistakes. Also A.O’Shea should never be allowed to take a free unless he is fouled and moves the ball on quickly, he should be an outlet for the free taker.

    Can’t believe the bookies odds, the bookies get it right most of the time but every now and them they give great value and this is one such occasion – load up!

    Here is why;
    1. We beat them twice already
    2. We are much more physical than them
    3. We should have beat them by 10 point in the league final, don’t believe they have improved that much since then
    4. We are an improving team that likes the big time, cometh the hour cometh the team
    5. Still hurting from 2014 and I’m sure that Horan is as well – Assuming no recurrence of Cormac Reilly ref performance albeit the media are trying to influence the ref once again.
    6. We now have a reliable free taker
    7. Our goalie is outstanding and also controls the square like a full back- hope I don’t put the jinx on him!
    8. Venue, media, kerry ex-players all plotting against then – a siege mentality. Corner a rat and he will come out fighting.

    Traveling to Killarney with confidence, first since 1982 and we won the All-Ireland that day too against Kerry!

  88. It would be madness to ask Croke Park to host the Donegal Match… Do any of ye really think that we would have beaten Armagh any where else other than Castlebar?.. Donegal play a very expansive Game nowadays and Croke Park would be just as big a bonus for them as us… No Danger of Kerry giving Mayo the advantage/parity of Croke Park, never in a million years, and of course they are right!.. Besides it’s about far more than a single football match, it’s about pride of place….. It’s about the fact that, by the time the final game of Super Eight’s come along, we could be out of the Championship, or we could be through to the Semifinal, either are equally possible… And another thing, If Mayo was to do such a fool thing.. Isn’t that as good as saying that Dublin could play all their Super Eight’s in Croke Park?… It might be them the Dub’s we would be compelled to play our Home Game against in Croke Park, if we were to set a President ..And above all, to do it to Donegal would be despicable, at least their County Board, brought forward a motion to the and make the playing field a bit more fair, by stopping Dublin using Croke Park as their Neutral Venue… And voted that way….(Incidentally Kevin McStay had still to be convinced that the Mayo County Board, voted with Donegal in yesterday’s Irish Time’s, Despite what they would like you to believe, they haven’t came out and said so)It is a fact that , Despite Dublin not having paid for Croke Park, even with all their wealth, they virtually NEVER play a meaningful Championship Match away from it… And finally it’s about every other County, in Ireland as well…If Mayo were to do such a thing with the fantastic All Seater of about 36K , what chance any other County with a far smaller Stadium ever have of playing the Dub’s in their home Super Eight’s match , if Mayo did actually sell out their Fine Home Ground’s!

  89. I really believe it’s within us to win this if we can motor on from the progress achieved thus far this year. And avoid our habit of finding new ways to lose, God knows we’ve done enough of that. We couldn’t beat Galway for so long and yet we did it in Limerick last Saturday despite Mayo being well and truly beaten at midfield. Galway’ s Peter Cooke scored four points from play. This, for a midfielder, is almost unheard of at inter-county level. Aido has been our rock and our saving grace all year but he wasn’t at the races at all last Sat. Maybe he’s injured. Maybe he was minding himself. I don’t know. But without him pulling the strings while conducting the orchestra we, on our Limerick form, are in for a rude awakening.

  90. Leantimes, I’m fairly certain the suggestion of using Croke Park for Donegal game was made in jest, to highlight the excuse Dublin gives for playing their “HOME” game there. So really no need to get so tired up about it

  91. @Mayomad. .It almost certainly is the case that you are right, and the suggestion was made in Jest…. But it does make me mad…. Even if Mayo was the worst Team in Ireland, or like Kilkenny didn’t take part in the football championship, It would still make me angry!..

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