Kerry review – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E6

Mayo enjoyed an emphatic win over All-Ireland champions Kerry at MacHale Park on Saturday night – the biggest win the county has recorded over the Green and Gold since 1948 – and in this podcast episode, which was made available to our club members the day after the game was played, we review the match against Kerry and get some reaction to the result.

Rob Murphy hosts the show and I’m on it too, along with special guest Colm Boyle, who picks out the key plays that won the night for Mayo and assesses what the win means for Kevin McStay’s youthful side. We also hear how the action developed in an in-game slot with Rob and Edwin McGreal and we hear post-match reaction from Stephen Rochford and from Kerry manager Jack O’Connor.

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Tomorrow, for example, our latest Here Comes the Weekend show will be available on Patreon, in which Mike Finnerty looks ahead to the Tyrone game in the company of podcast regular Billy Joe Padden and Tyrone legend Peter Canavan. Club members can also look forward to our Final Whistle pod after the game on Saturday night followed by our match review show on Sunday.

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21 thoughts on “Kerry review – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E6

  1. When we have a good win like last week it’s important to note some things for improvement. Some points here as follows:

    1- we gave away some very easy possession particularly in the first half
    2- some other forwards other than Flynn need to start scoring as we can’t rely on Ryan and COC- that’s the biggest issue facing the team
    3 – AOS at FF never really worked in the very big games in CP against Dublin for example so we must wait and see how that pans out. Tyrone have managed to snuff him out Ali
    4 Not sure we’ll be seeing Conroy any time soon

  2. I particularly agree with point no. 2 Spotlight. Only Jack Carney kicked a score from play in the forwards in addition to the great scoring from Flynn again Kerry.
    In relation to no. 3, I feel Aidan needs to pull the trigger quicker and take the shot on. He had an open goal at one point in the 2021 final but hesitated. Seems to still hesitate at times when in scoring positions but is playing great stuff otherwise.

  3. I wouldn’t be worried too much about only 2 forwards kicking 5 points from play if another 2 of them are able to otherwise able to rack up 2-5 between goals from play, marks, frees and tapping the ball over the bar with the hand. Another 4 scores coming from midfield and back is ok too. All in all racking up 2-14 is a good days work. Players getting into a position to score and then scoring is what matters. They can score points with their arse, who cares as long as it adds to the scoreboard.

  4. James Carr got 1-1 from play and a mark. He has been our top scorer from play in 2/3 league games so far. Some people would do well to remember that goals are worth more than points!

    Why do you think we won’t see Conroy anytime soon? By all accounts he’s training away and playing in-house games.

  5. My stab at team .
    Mc Brien Brick Hession
    Coen Loftus E McL / Coyne
    Mattie Flynn
    Carr Bob Carney
    Cillian Aiden Ryan .
    That’s presuming DOC is carry a knock
    Think Carr is more suited to running at defenders and big enough to contest kickouts

  6. I count scores from marks as equivalent in achievement to scores from general play. If you kick the ball into a guy 5 times and he marks it ahead of his marker 5 times and kicks the score, that is perfectly fine by me.
    Also according to Ahref, Tommy Conroy is flying in training.
    A negative or caution I would say is that Kerry were really poor. They had 52 tackles. Expect that to be over 90 by the time championship comes around.

  7. I agree with Spotlight about Conroy. Three games in and he hasn’t even made the bench yet, over one year since his injury. It’s hard to see him coming back and playing to the same level he did before the injury. Max he will play 3 full league games before the Rossy game. Hopefully he surprises me but I’d be concerned about the level of impact we can expect from him.

    On the other hand, James Carr is adding hugely to the forward line. I don’t know a player in the country like him that has the courage to go for goal from distance. He is a massive weapon and never mind the barstoolers like James O’Donoghue and Paddy Andrews who question his consistency when in reality his scoring record is better than any other forward we have.

  8. Regards to conroy hoping he comes bavk soon but if I remember cillian didnt make it back till the league final . It was an awful injury cobriy got and it’s great hes bavk in training& doing challenge matches.

    I think he will be named on the bench soon.

    Think Hames carr is going great we need forwards like that who can score those kind of goals and are not afraid to try wouldnt be listening to the likes of padd andrews and that slating him James carr is coming a long nicely glad management are giving him game time hes had awful hard luck with injuries !

  9. Good podcast. We shouldnt gdt too carried away about beating Kerry at this stage but our performances are progressive from game to game.
    Boyles comments on Loftus are interesting. Needs to score when play opens up in front of him but otherwise, hes making a fist ofvhis new role. Not alone did Hession put Paudie Clifford in his pocket, but he moved forward at pace, lovely little jinks to sidestep opponents. I could watch him all day.
    I think well be seeing Conroy making the bench now. I agree with other posters, we need scores from all the forwards. Id love to see us eleminating balls dropping short into goalkeepers hands, leaves us vulnerable to quick counter attack.
    Mayo are fantastic entertainment value, arent we so privileged as supporters. Carry on winning

  10. again it is noseworthy that Hession was playing in the half back line, his 3 best games fot Mayo all were in the half back line.

  11. Really liking how our defense is working so far , our full back line number 1 priority is to defend which is a definite change as before they were expected to be involved with scores too often . It’s was an unfortunate result of having so many athletic quality half backs that we tried to shoehorn them into team . It may turn out to be a bit of luck that we lost Keegan and Mullin. Not saying we won’t miss them but neither should be in a full back line by choice .

  12. Agree thought hession had paudie in his pocket and thought paudie looked a bit shocked haha.

    Not getting carried away though with the win but was great all the same! Feel we needed it espcially after how we limped out in quarters last year and really felt we could have pushed on to win the quarters last year but our heart just was not in it but anyway thats the past!

    Great well deserved win and will give our guys confidence for a tough test against Tyrone if we beat Tyrone then fair play to mcstay & co really have brought the energy & confidence back to mayo team!

  13. I know what you mean patrick but team selection and placements are so fluid now that program lineups and jersey numbers are pretty much irrelevant these days. I think especially in the backs players are given match ups and mostly go where there target goes. Personally I’d like to see McBrien patrolling in front of our goal but in fairness there are better football brains than mine in charge of Mayo so I’ll go with the flow. Incidentally I think we’ll get the win on Saturday and go top as I reckon Monaghan could derail the Rossies.
    I said before that the league final the week before the Championship should be avoided but I’ll stick in a caveat. If we had qualified a week or so before and could rest players prior to a league final I’d go for it.

  14. Anyone see the Kerry player shoulder Reape into the post towards the end. Reape was just after clearing the ball and unsighted, pure spiteful low move from the Kerry player.

  15. Until recently I’d always want to win every game but for me a league final is a nonrunner. Imagine trying to keep lads focused on a championship match coming up with a league final before it. If mayo win they can’t celebrate and are distracted from the game in a few days and if they lose its very hard to lift the spirit in a week so for that reason I’m out.

  16. Agree @ No doubt… win at the weekend would be huge . Big panel of players so able to put out much changed team v Rossies and give lads a chance to put their hands up for selection

  17. Should we win tomorrow (and I think we will) I wouldn’t agree with putting out much changed teams in following games. We are gathering a bit of momentum but its a different style of game being implemented and some players are still trying to adapt. We need to be consistent to develop our style of play, beat Tyrone then keep the changes to 2-3 players v Ros. Making too many changes could undo some of the progress made over the past 3 games.

  18. @mayomad

    I’d agree with you but if we’ve absolutely nothing to play for in the final game against Monaghan, I might put a second string side and see about playing a challenge game the day before. Like we did with the FBD

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