Kerry review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E31

The sun shone brightly in Killarney and the crowds thronged to Fitzgerald Stadium where a sell-out crowd came to witness the Super 8s clash between Kerry and Mayo. There was nothing super in the outcome from Mayo’s perspective, however, as a fresher and hugely committed Kerry were far too strong for a Mayo team playing their fourth championship match in four weeks.

In this edition of the Mayo News football podcast we relive the day’s action from Killarney. Rob and I open the show in the company of Ger Flanagan of the Mayo News as we join the crowds flocking towards Fitzgerald Stadium.

Rob and I then take you through the game from our vantage point on the main terrace, following which we hear from Mayo manager James Horan. 

Back on the terrace Rob and I are joined by Maurice Horan and a short while later by Billy Joe Padden to assess the damage following Mayo’s defeat and to look ahead to next week’s Phase 2 clash with Meath. Ger then rejoins us for some final thoughts to wrap up this match-day episode.

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23 thoughts on “Kerry review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E31

  1. Good that James Horan is in there too in the Podcast and all fences mended after the bit of a wobble earlier re injuries in training etc. Please, I do not want to revive that conversation, it is closed I hope.

    All pull together now for the Meath challenge!

  2. What about S Coen full back – seems to me to be built for that position with his size and mobility, move Harrison out to corner where he’s best suited and Chris Barrett to centre back where he played the game of his life in the 17 final. In the other corner i’d have Eoin O’Donoghue starting with higgins or Mcloughlin named as a half forward but playing as a sweeper. Right and left half backs Keegan and Durcan

  3. Excellent analysis in the Podcast done there and then immediately after the match in Killarney….Meath it’s their third Match in as many weeks, for us it will be our fifth on the trot , a very big ask….. James Horan didn’t seem fully convinced that Paddy Durcan will be back for next Sunday, and probably even less so Diarmuid or Mathew….. Maybe we need to roll the dice…. Several possible Player’s could be brought in…. I will go out on limb here and suggest that Meath are not nearly at the level of Kerry, especially in the first half (neither were we) and just take a chance on Several who haven’t seen so much Game Time so far anyhow!…Caff, O’Donoghue, McCormack, Plunket, SOS, Drake, Boland, Diskin, Etc are all name’s that spring to mind…
    I think that we could see in Killarney that the guy’s who were fresher, eg SOS, Andy, Fergal, were better than some who have so much Game Time, but looked leg weary and Fatigued…. It’s absolutely imperative that we are in as close to our best physically ?and mentally for what might be a do or die Game in Castlebar two weeks later… It’s a huge risk, but Playing mostly the same Guy’s five weeks in a row versus Meath is probably an even bigger risk!… and even though it is a risk, if it worked well it would be a major plus for both those who played and those who were rested!

  4. We are in the running to be the first team to win an All Ireland having lost two games. After you have got back on your seat after falling off laughing, it’s still a fact amnd a possibility and it’s a major flaw of the Super 8s.

    A mad thought also came to me a while ago. We could actually lose next week and still go through to the semi final however unlikely.

    Meath beat us. Kerry beat Donegal.

    Kerry beat Meath. We beat Donegal.

    Bottom three finish on 3 points each and we go through on point difference.

    Obviously Kerry have to give the other two a hiding, we lose by a little to Meath and give Donegal a decent beating.

    It’s laughable but remains a very outside possibility and we could then win an All Ireland having lost three games!

    Hope that cheers ye up.

  5. While I am it We hammer Meath, Donegal beat Kerry . We lose to Donegal, Meath beat kerry…….. ok I will shut up now

  6. I was seated near the entry point of the players to the pitch. Ruane and Slingerman were hanging about chatting to people in the crowd ahead of throw-in.
    Ruane looked fine, didn’t seem to have any strapping or bandaging on to hold his shoulder together, though obviously it wasn’t possible to gauge how sturdy his collarbone is and whether it would withstand the heat of battle.
    On the other hand, our captain still has his wrist in a cast. From that evidence, I’d imagine we’re more likely to see Matty back sooner.
    Either of them back by next weekend would be great, but would be a huge boost to have them back to play Donegal in the last game.

  7. Fair play KOB need a bit of craic today….just to keep it country its all in the plan to finish second in the group, Tyrone top the other after an Omagh battle and the AI becomes a replay of the league final. Those lads selling the ice-cream tubs must be happy out today!

  8. Tyrone and Dublin will be qualified if they both win next weekend. It’s possible that Tyrone could beat Dublin in the final game in Omagh. That leaves Tyrone playing hopefully Mayo in the semi-final and Kerry playing Dublin – that would be nice

  9. Can anyone name the best 15 under 25 in the County,these really are the players who should be getting game time against Meath.
    There the future ,lets face it we are not going to win the All Ireland, why not give the younger players a run in a game like this!!

    Team I would like to see v Meath
    1.Robbie Hennelly
    2.Eoin O’Donoghue
    3.Caolan Crowe
    4.Brendan Harrison
    5.James McCormack
    6.Lee Keegan
    7.Michael Plunkett/Paddy Durcan
    8.Aidan O’Shea
    9.Seamie O’Shea
    10.Fionn McDonagh/ Fergal Boland
    11.Jason Doherty
    12.Ciaran Treacy
    13.James Carr
    14.Conor Diskin/ Brian Reape
    15.Cillian O’Connor
    Clarke,Boyler, Higgins, Barrett,Vaughan, McLoughlin ,Andy Moran could all do with a rest and would be great impact subs to bring on.

  10. @Chris Kelly, ..Andy Moran got a good rest from about the 20th minute mark versus Armagh to about 20 minutes to go versus Kerry in Killarney yesterday…He didn’t even make the 26 versus Galway in Limerick… Fatigue should not be an issue with Andy!

  11. Am i right in saying yesterday was Mayo’s biggest championship defeat since 2007 away to Derry which was also by a margin of ten points?

    1-22 (25) the biggest score conceded in the championship by Mayo since 2006 v Kerry when 4-15 was conceded.

  12. Christ I know we need to look to the future as some of our stalwarts aren’t getting any younger but this talk of playing younger guys just because they are younger doesn’t stack up. Quite simply the best players should play…it’s not like the game against Meath is a dead rubber. Didn’t seem to do David Moran any harm being over 30 yesterday.

  13. Tell me it’s not true.
    Tell me it’s not ooover
    Tell me we’ll get through
    We’ll be in the semiii’s
    Brolly thinks we’re pooped
    Nothing left to give now
    So make it easy on ourselves
    Make it easy on ourselves
    Oh breaking up is so very hard to do…..oooh
    Let’s just make it easy on ourselves
    And once again prove he hasn’t got a clue….oooow
    Oh Joe, breaking up (field)
    It’s just what Mayo doooo
    Or maybe Gloria sings a more appropriate song
    One game at a time
    Sweet Jesus
    That’s all I’m asking of you
    Just give us the strength to get over Meath whatever we do
    Yesterday’s gone sweet Jesus
    And Kerry have bolted for home
    Lord for our sake
    Won’t you teach us to take
    One game at a time….

    Next verse anyone…
    I’m frazzled.
    Sitting alone in my home in Carlow wearing my Mayo Jersey and feck me I’m still full of hope.
    It drives my wife crazy. She’s praying to be put out of Mayo misery but I’m anything but miserable. I’m really full of hope and pride. Mayo have not gone away. Maybe we’re fecked but we’re positively fecked… unbendable!
    Lord for my sake
    Teach me to take
    One game at a time

  14. I’d love to get to semi but this hasn’t been a bad year, Fitzmaurice payed the price for bringing in young lads but Kerry are reaping the benifits now, we have to look at building although we might not have the talent that Kerry has coming through
    Hope Kerry beat Donegal and it comes down to the last day at home.

  15. Chris Kelly what did Jason Doherty do to deserve a start the next day? I’m a big fan of Jason but he was no where near the pitch of the game yesterday and a double hop at this level is unforgivable. But in fairness to Jason he’s entitled to one bad day at the office he has been a great servant but I’d drop him the next day and have him chomping at the bit though Horan loves him so he won’t drop him

  16. And Axle m stick to whatever day job it is you do you won’t win the Eurovision or X factor with a song like that unless you team up with Stock Aiken and Watermen if they are even still alive. Fair play to you for trying tho and cheering us up

  17. Double hop Backdoorsam and frees for touching the ball on the ground by different players and it seemed when we were kicking to the forwards we kicked most balls to the kerry backs in the 1st half.

    I still don’t understand how we even managed to score what we did and unlucky not to have 2 goals to add to that.

    AxleM take off the jersey now. It needs to be washed and dried for next weekend.

    Keep writing the songs. One good one and you’ll be a millioaire.

  18. I have seen Crowes name mentioned by various posters throughout the day and am just wondering how anyone can justify his inclusion in such an important game. He has played virtually no football for Mayo, did he even get a few mins in a league game this year? and people want to start him on Sunday against a very good ff!!!

  19. Billy Joes analysis re sweeper and slowing the game down when needed is bang on.

  20. Horan has tended to drop players that underperform so far in the championship. If I’d to guess, I think he’ll make the following changes for Sunday…

    Hennelly for Clarke
    McCormack for Coen (Assuming Paddy is still injured)
    Séamie for Vaughan
    Boland, Treacy or possibly both into the HF line.

  21. Thanks as always for the great podcast Willie Joe and Rob. Sobering day yesterday but I’m pretty certain the players will be raging with themselves for such a collective meltdown (bar Cillian and Darren Coen even!). Long long time since Mayo have put in such an inept championship performance.
    But it’s done and time to move on now as all roads lead to Croker and our old foes Meath. I’m hopeful the lads will not accept a performance within an asses roar of yesterday’s and come out swinging for Meath. We’ve gotten used to the last chance saloon scenario the last few years and have so much experience I’m confident we’ll get a win.
    I wouldn’t go making massive changes to our lineup we’re limited as it is with the injuries we have. Horan is a good manager he knows who he can depend on to bring experience and cunning to a game of such importance. Down but certainly not out, keep the faith.

  22. If Paddy out would go with








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