Kerry review plus James Horan steps away – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E26

It proved the end of the road for Mayo in more ways than one at Croke Park on Sunday. James Horan’s team were well in it for long stretches against Kerry in the All-Ireland quarter-final but they fell away to lose by eight at the finish. In the wake of this defeat, James Horan announced he was stepping away from his position as Mayo manager, following a second four-year spell in the role. 

In this episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast podcast we review Sunday’s defeat to Kerry and provide some initial reaction to James Horan’s decision to call time on his period as manager. Host Rob Murphy and I are joined by Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News to provide some context to the game and its aftermath, with Ed giving some detail on the key areas in which Mayo’s challenge against Kerry faltered. We then hear some post-match reaction to the game from Croke Park, with Mike Finnerty getting the views of Martin Carney while Rob discusses the outcome of the match with Colm Keys of the Irish Independent

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94 thoughts on “Kerry review plus James Horan steps away – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E26

  1. I assumed the minor game was in Croke Park on sat 9th july as listed a few places (even though it did say TBC) I maybe foolishly bought 2 tickets for this.

  2. The obvious thing for the minor final is to toss for Tuam Stadium or Castlebar. No need to bring this game to Hyde park. Play the game at 7 or 7.30 pm on Friday 08th July. Promote the game properly on midwest and Galway bay fm. Get the Saw Doctors to play for an hour before the game starts. All u18 in free. Galway people that have purchased a €50 ticket for Croke Park for Saturday in free. Adult tickets €10 each – but two online and get one free.
    With a bit of marketing – is there a marketing department in Croke Park? – a crowd of 15,000 could easily be attracted to Tuam or Castlebar on the Friday evening. But will it happen??

  3. South Mayo exile I know where you coming from and there good points but you put yourself in the shoes of a young buck playing in his first all Ireland he does not dream of looking around at a hay shed in tuam or a graveyard in The Hyde .don’t kill his dream give him his day in the sun .he is the future don’t break his confidence of never having played in a big occasion because like it or not it could be this group that finally climb the hogan stand and that’s not going to be anytime soon with getting new managers and old players retiring .
    As mentioned before the Mayo fans need a break to recharge after the roller coaster ride of the Horan years.
    September last year is open sore with a lot of Mayo fans how they were treated with tickets was a disgrace

  4. Williamstown i don’t think HQ has Croke Park as option for All Ireland minor football Ireland. The Minor hurling final is on this weekend, could have played it before Kilkenny v Clare or Galway v limerick in Croke park but instead Nowlan park has been chosen as the venue on Sunday.

  5. Dempsey an unproven ar intetcounty level. Didn’t do great with the minor s. .is he a step up from jh. I don’t think so. I would like to congaduate James for blooding the finest ever to Don the red and green Jersey. Lee keegan. He didn’t even play minor. A proven intetcounty man is what we require. James as he did before has left a team ready to challenge for Sam assuming of course they stay injury free.

  6. Dempsey made two minor finals in a row in fairness.. hasn’t happened us since…

    2009 in particular we had an average enough squad on paper

    I get minor is a funny age group and more about momentum a lot of the time, but he’d have every right to contest the comment he “didn’t do great” with them

    On the flip side of that he did fail with an exceptionally talented group of players from the 1989 age group, both at minor and under 21 level… Not starting Aidan or Shane nally or any castlebar player (who walked the minor championship that year and had Douglas, Newcombe, mcdonagh, Reilly all available) in minor 07, leaving out gibbons at under 21 2010 despite him being a top club senior midfielder at that point… And he also had some odd selections with the under 21s in 2011 after they should have won the minor in 08

    But this is all a long time ago, and his two club championships in a row with what isn’t a generational or exceptional side by any stretch, definitely has certainly raised his stock again..

    I’d be surprised if it wasn’t him tbh.. the only main alternative I actually see is rochford, although I wouldn’t 100% discount Andy Moran but think it’s much too early myself

  7. Hello,

    Really nice Article ‘Thank you James Horan” in the Irish Examiner today written by the author of the Mayo Football Podcast.

    Ciarán 2.

  8. Best of luck to James Horan a passionate Mayo man and great manager
    Maybe he will have more luck in a third coming .

  9. @williamstown Gerry IMO a young footballer will be a lot happier to have as many relatives, friends, classmates and neighbours at the match as possible. Hyde Park is an excellent facility, great playing surface and exactly the same dimensions as Croke Park. Crazy to be dragging 2 connacht teams to headquarters when we have the playing facilities here. And Hyde needs big games just like Tullamore.
    I fully agree with southmayo exile and leantimes.
    Create atmosphere around the fixture, these are 17 and 18 year olds, but i doubt if any of that comes into the ruling authorities in Dublin

  10. The Hyde for me. Fair to both teams and for once, fair to the supporters because I’m fecked if I’m making another trip to Dublin again this year.
    On another note who is the best left footed free taker in Mayo?

  11. Minor is U17.

    My lad plays at that grade and there’s no question about where he would play if he had the opportunity.
    CP every time.
    It’s a dream for these lads.

  12. Yes Tonyk 16 and 17 year olds. And maybe your young lad should spare a thought for all his club colleagues, mentors class mates etc who want to be there supporting him as always.
    Its the same medal theyll be given out…

  13. Circumstances and good fortune may have handed us our answer. Banty has resigned. Sheedy and Buckley in the package would be a huge bonus.

  14. Anndeedee – that really enough of the funnies: yesterday it was John Maughan and Jack O’Shea, now it’s Banty. There’s more chance of next year’s All-Ireland being played on the moon than there is Banty becoming the next Mayo manager.

  15. WJ, I would urge you not to do a poll on who the next manager should be. We know what happened in recent polls so it’d probably be the least favoured choice that would get it. Don’t tempt fate.

  16. Horan will prove very difficult to replace. Rochford has to be a frontrunner. Surely his years with Donegal will have given him new strings to his bow. But there will be an army of knockers waiting to highlight any mistakes. Can he unite all supporters to get behind him. He may struggle. Thats why a complete outsider might be best choice. So difficult. It would be good to make appointment before club championship. And then there is the money issue

  17. It is time for me to thank James Horan for his services both as manager and player he certainly made us consistently competitive,he must have missed out on a lot of family life and I wish him the best for the future,also the players who gave their young lifes to Mayo football,again all the best for the future,we now have a very serious decision to make on who the new management team should be because it will be just as easy to fall back as go forward we of long memories know how bad the seventies and eighties were,and proud football counties like Cork, Offley,Meath,and Down are very far away from the top flight,we must ensure that we don’t suffer the same fate I must say that I am not at all confident that the county board will make the best decision,we need a strong manager with a strong backroom team,but I could see our county board going for the cheapest option,hopefully they will get it right ,my preference would be for Stephen Rochford because he was not afraid to have very strong people alongside him, but we will wait and see

  18. I’d agree that it’s certainly too soon to be doing a poll now, Ahnow. Let’s see who might be interested first – at the minute it’s all just pure speculation.

  19. I wouldn’t see anything wrong with having Donie Buckley and Sheedy as part of a management team with for example Rochford or Dempsey.

  20. @Ontheditch….I can recall Stephen Rochford setting out the cones at the Albany End of McHale Park in the Summer of 2019 for the Donegal /Mayo final Super Eight (effectively knockout) fixture, for Donegal to do their warm-up ..It’s not often that the coach of another team gets very audible round of applause from Mayo fan’s while setting out the cones, but Stephen Rochford got the applause, I can remember the embarrassed look on Stephens face as he realized the Mayo fan’s were applauding him on that occasion. So I still believe that there is a stilk fair level of appreciation within the Mayo fan’s for Stephen Rochford work with Mayo.

  21. Think we could appoint the best man for the job yet we still will have a problem in not having Top quality forwards that can score from play as Ed has spoken about.
    I went through one of the strongest Gaa schools in Mayo and Connacht that regularly competed and won Titles in the A schools competitions.We trained every day at lunch ,alot more than other schools in the county did , but there was very little emphasis on kicking,or when to use a hook kick or a punt kick or when to steady up before you shoot and to position your body or pressure from coaches for players to develop there weaker foot.There was very little done on the skills on how to evade players using a shimmys or side steps.
    The over use of the solo which is one of the biggest problems in Mayo football, we just seem to love players who can solo the ball fast up the field. Paul Galvin and Joe Brolly have highlighted this about Mayo down through the years.You also rarely see young lads with a bag of balls kicking on pitches anymore there more into getting bigger and faster in the gym.We have to change our coaching dramatically if we are to find forwards of the calibre of Kerry.

  22. Well, that’s me put in my place and rightly so. This matter should be dealt with by our esteemed CB, all though they might also consider……………………….

  23. Kieran shannon making a compelling argument for Jim mcguinness In the Examiner today.

    As to the debates about our lack of instinctive quality that goes way beyond horan right back to grassroots level in the county, Andy moran even said as much, we have a bottomless well of physical attacking half backs and corner backs who are a match for anyone in the country but we don’t produce natural forwards.

    There is nobody in mayo who’s instinct is find a yard with a trick then instantly look for the posts.
    When our lads take aim it seems its because theres nothing else on, with other players like Rob finnerty, Geaney, con, clifford, mcguigan etc the first instinct is always a score. All 2 footed players as well.

    Until that culture of flair and instinctive forward play is bred in from an early age then we will be in perpetual groundhog day. All the kerry forwards are 2 footed, how many of the mayo forwards are

  24. We need a Manager who`s first priority is Mayo GAA and continued development of our players. Who ever it is will be walking into one of the strongest squad`s in the country and division 1 football. I think an all Ireland should be viewed at in the medium – longer term rather than having someone in to get instant success.

    The bulk of the squad is still very young with minimum 5+ playing years left in the likes of Paddy, Diarmuid, Stephen Coen, Mattie Ruane, etc.. There is also good crop of players coming through and by the looks of our minor team hopefully a few more.

  25. Thats true Leantimes and well said corrick.
    Im sure that its not for the want of practicing that our forwards cant score. Paul Galvin said it is very difficult to play as a mayo half forward and i think he is right. Slow lateral/backwards build up meant congestion around the D and shooting under pressure.
    The sad thing is I think Horan and co finally realised this and mixed up their style of play with quick ball into forwards. That meant half forwards were running onto ball. Flynn and Loftus did pick off nice scores coupled with very poor wides, unforced errors.
    We werent quite good enough at direct ball to forward line and maybe didnt win enough of those 50-,50s. But it was a damn sight better performance than against an average Kildare side. Had we this style of play mastered to a fine art, who knows but the fact is we created more chances than Kerry. If Dublin do the same, they wont come out the wrong side of the result. Flynn an excellent kick passer and macdonald himself was a master…
    Thats my view sorry if im long winded. I would be glad to listen to other opinions. The future is bright but we cant let standards slip at the Helm

  26. Forward skills and the ability to kick pass – those are two aspects I would like our players to develop.
    To give us some dues, we have done great work in the last decade in defensive (man marking and tackling) skills.
    Let’s develop a package of good skills in our players. We need to be able to manage on the fly, to get into and out of sticky spots and still survive. A running game is OK but at this stage we need to develop substance too.

  27. Not really sure why Maughan is being ruled out. Before JH he was our most successful manager and he’s going in modern intercounty management. Working alongside the likes of Tomas O’Shea suggests he can attract top quality talent. He’s always spoken of highly by former players too

    Of the other candidates, I think it’s too early in his career for Andy, and too early in the team’s development for Rochford. I would not be hugely familiar with the internal candidates so no opinion there. If going outside the county, I’d maybe suggest Peter Canavan

  28. I really cant understand this call for ‘a proven All Ireland winner’ like McGuinness, Galvin, etc. I actually think it shows a naivety on what’s actually involved in Managing a county team…its not just a turn up to training and match day and pick the team and a give a few All Ireland winning instructions, Its virtually a full time position, day on day, invested in player identification, development, organisation, dealing with officialdom, tactics, personal player stuff….the list goes on and on. It really has to be a Mayo person that can give it that time and commitment and as importantly has the deep desire, like all of us, for our county of birth to succeed. Those knocking the CV of the likes of Dempsey…sure what else could be the required success criteria other than earning your stripes at a club to win multiple titles. Any successful AI winning manager (e.g. Galvin, O’Connor, McGuinness) didn’t come pre-packed as an ‘AI Winning Manager’! They had earned their reputation by being successful at county underage or Club level. And as for other ex-county, non AI winning managers like Malachy O’Rourke…they have been there and didn’t do that!
    And John O’Mahony and Eugene McGee still remain the only outside managers to win an All Ireland……

  29. Agree with that @KL. It’s basically a full time job so I don’t know how someone could do it if they live 3 or 4 hours away.

    By all means bring in an outside voice to the backroom team as that would only be 3 days per week.

  30. Agree @KL about outside managers. Maybe McGuinness is a bit over rated! Yes he won an All Ireland with Donegal or was it a case of us handing it to him because of a massive mistake in matching Kevin Kean with Michael Murphy? (I always felt it was unfair to Kevin and it did him a lot of harm.) We need someone who knows Mayo football inside out and who doesn’t have to spend countless hours in a car every week. He also has to have the footballing experience and the interpersonal skills to manage a squad of 40 players and a whole lot else besides. It’s also a long term project and any attempt at a quick fix solution, expecting instant results is unwise. Although we wouldn’t complain if we did succeed in 2023 but a more realistic goal is 24/25.
    Big decision to be made and I sincerely hope it is a good one.

  31. Another thing that might improve developing high quality forwards but might cause some debate is encouraging young players to play soccer combined with Gaelic football.In this county some clubs have made teenagers choose between both and discouraged lads from playing soccer, also the fact that we operate a summer soccer season In the county doesn’t help as many lads choose just to play the one while in Galway they operate a winter season in soccer so alot more of them play both, but that’s a matter out of Mayo gaa hands.
    Look at most of the Top forwards in the game they have all played soccer at a high level.
    David Clifford and James O’Donoghue played Kennedy cup with Kerry and with Killarney Celtic to a high level ,Paddy McBrearty went to Celtic as a youth,Paul Mannion played with Home Farm and was capped with Ireland at underage, Diarmuid Connolly played with Home Farm before choosing to concentrate an Gaelic.
    In our own County Ryan O’Donoghue played with Sligo Rovers and was capped with Ireland at underage, Andy Moran played with Longford town.Chris Barrett ,Tom King and Neil Douglas were all very good soccer players and all won FAI youth cups with Erris Utd and Castlebar celtic.It would definitely help improve a players touch and kicking ability in front of goal.

  32. Not to mention Mayo minor Ronan Clarke, who was Sligo Rovers young player of the year

  33. Great point Sam og. Soccer and basketball have many transferable skills to Gaelic- foolish to just focus on GAA in youth

  34. In fairness to the Mayo Board, did they not set up an interview panel of 4 or 5 people to get a manager in place in 2010, this panel were not County Board members if I recall correctly.

  35. Let’s face it guys, some names being thrown about are ridiculous, this is serious as Willie Joe has already pointed out.

    Horan will be a very tough act to follow, I cannot think of many names that jump out at me.
    The few are currently Employed and have turned things around in their County teams

  36. That’s actually an on the money point with proof behind it regarding also playing soccer.

  37. All I’ll say about soccer is that Mayo GAA need to be doing their absolute utmost to retain best talent coming through. We simply cannot afford to see young lads lost to other sports and expect to win an All Ireland. A culture too within the county needs to be set, one where playing senior for Mayo is goal and winning an All Ireland the ultimate ambition. That kind of mentality starts locally and is something that people living in the county can strongly influence.

  38. Mayonaze
    That’s the old mentality again, who have we ever lost overseas to soccer, Simon Webb with Tottenham in the 90s is the only Mayo player I know of who played in the Premier League,Tom King went to Plymouth for a few years he was a massive loss but after that maybe a few players to Galway United and Sligo Rovers but no player who was a big name at underage.Most of the best players will usually opt going with Gaelic as it is the more popular sport in the County, I would like to see a Winter soccer season at underage In the County to give all players the option to play both codes and it would compliment there skills in both codes.

  39. Some of the names being thrown around are interesting and some are just daft. If the County Board intend to go with someone within the county then there is no rush, better take the time to get the right man and team in place. If on the other hand they are open to appointing from outside the county then there is more of an onus to get this done quickly and give the new man and his coaches the opportunity to see players during the club championships. Personally I’d prefer to see an experienced manager appointed who can attract experienced coaches to join the setup. I think its important the senior players see a management team that can challenge for Sam next year, I’d worry some may call it a day if they think it’s a 2-3 year project on the way.

  40. Swallow Swoops…….I agree with you……If we had that element to our game, we’d need no new manager……..

  41. I would disagree with some when they say there is no rush appointing a new manager. I would’ve thought it would be important to have a manager in place For club championship football. I would also like to see a manager appointed from outside the county as this in my view would get rid of a lot of the politics that may be involved within the county.I do believe past managers favoured certain players because of his history with them players and there clubs. If Dempsey became manager one thing is for sure there would be a lot more Knockmore players starting on the mayo team and GarryMore players who are probably the second best club in the county.

  42. James Horan left Mayo football in a lot better place than he found it and deserves full praise for that.
    As for the next manager it has to be Mike Solan who kindly stepped aside when JH entered the fray. He is well briefed on
    Mayo football, managed successful under age teams cut his teeth at senior inter county with Leitrim. Andy Moran to support him in this role. Keep the job within the county. Great young talent at his disposal to join a young team.
    Mayo on the march.

  43. MartyK, it’d make you think, wouldn’t it?

    I was making the point drawing on what Sam Og said so very well above.

    I do really think we need skills, skills, skills across the board. Tactics and wanting to win an AI are fine but we have to be able to make our way around a football pitch using the currency that’s traded there, I.e. getting into and out of small spaces, pin point passes able to be made by majority of players, all players willing and able to score, forwards with a direct instinct, and yes, defensively still being able to man mark and tackle well.
    It’d be nice to develop ability with left footed frees too (that’s for the wish list).
    This is not to take away from what we have achieved this last decade! (Our pace has been impressive. Free-taking too, thank God). I just think if we are starting with a new manager and serious about winning Sam, we need to equip ourselves skills-wise to do so and avoid the scenario of a clever team nullifying our tactics if they are too one-dimensional.
    Admittedly the posters here who play or manage will be able to say more or say if the above is too simplistic.

  44. Delighted for Andy and Leitrim, it will give their squad and fans a huge boost and vote of confidence that they could retain him.

    I really hope some day we see Andy over Mayo but this time around would have came too soon.

  45. Hi Seán…ill be going but not sure about Big Bertha!!

    @Lineball. What is your opinion of Solan’s job in the All Ireland u-20 Final in 2018? I could be wrong but I’m not convinced at all. Tho if a manager can get the mojo back in Diarmuid and Conor Loftus cos bar fleeting moments neither have reached the heights of their u21 days. Both were class that season.

  46. Of the names mentioned, Solan and Rochford are the 2 that kind of stand out. Rochford though was kinds a shafted so not too sure he’d want back. I think 80’s era players some of whom we see as pundits are too far removed from modern sports science. Colm O Rourke was a great player but often calls games wrong as a pundit. Spillane annoys people, many people have become too grumpy by that stage in life and appear too old to players who grew up with a very disciplined S&C culture. They would have more respect for managers 10 years older than themselves who they connect with because they understand more. Of outsiders, Canavan was a legend and is very good at analysing games. Failed at 1st attempt in county management but the round trip and work as teacher probably rules out the likes of him. In Galway Joyce was a legend and may be starting to come good. When he finishes with Leitrim I’d like to see Andy Moran in the frame in future because he’s unafraid of losing and know la what it takes. We have Ciaran Mc too but he was more of an instinctive player, not convinced he has all the organisational skills of a Horan or even a Rochford, more of a coaching role for him I’d say. I don’t know any of these guys personally so it’s just opinion. Tom Parsons is someone probably with the head for the job but don’t think he’s managed before, likewise Chris Barrett. Ray Dempsey favourite but I’m not sure because talent wise I think his club should have competed better in Connaught club championship although a bit unlucky with injury. For all of these have we someone approaching a Shane Walsh or Clifford to emerge from the recent underage pool? That’s something Horan was very good at. Jack Carney looks good, Orme needs to kick on a level, Mark Moran has skill but hasn’t made it, U17s will take 2/3 years for the pick of them to be available. Another midfield player would free up Jordan Flynn to half forwards, a guy who proved me and many others wrong this year. A specialist full back like McBrien could free up one of our attacking half backs to forwards like Tyrone do with the likes of Harte and Donnelly. All that said, having Ryan and Mickey available would have gone a huge way towards beating Kerry who were there for the taking last weekend.

  47. It needs to be someone from outside the county who will pick the best players irrespective of which club they play for

  48. John – Who were the best players not picked last weekend? I always roll my eyes when that line is thrown out. If you were to believe some people last year, Jordan Flynn was only on the panel because a fellow Crossmolina man was part of the management.

  49. John, what better players do we have. Is there better players in Mayo than were in the 26 named and extended panel.

  50. John. I don’t know who these better players are. I am from a club who have not had a player on the Mayo Panel for the last 30 years but I attend a match or two most weeks and they are not out there. I often hear people say X or Y should be on the Mayo Team but that is judging them at Club Level where at times they are being marked by a young lad or maybe some guy 39 or 40 years of age. At Club Level most of the time there is a wide mix of age , fitness and ability. Speed is very important for a county player. Also it takes a player who is prepared to make the enormous effort and maybe spend 3 or 4 years on the panel before they develop to make the match day 26. There have been players mentioned on this blog who were very good at underage for Mayo but if you were to judge them on their Club Form in 2021 they are no where near what is required. It takes a very big commitment to achieve the required fitness level to make a Mayo County Panel

  51. Quite right o sullivan. There is an all Ireland in this mayo team if all are fit. We need a proven inter County manager. Not this club manager stuff. This next appointment is vital for players like keegan who hopefully might stay another year. Jim mcguinness perhaps but his type of football may not be to our liking.

  52. Not too simplistic at all Swallow Swoops……..Your description there of the skill set void that absolutely has to be bridged is spot on. On a Kerry Radio interview clip I heard last night, this comment stood out “…Mayo teams I’ve seen since the 60s just haven’t been able to shoot”……And you know, it’s not that untrue…..And this is where I get totally lost. Fast forward to modern times- why, with all the scientific coaching methods, skill techniques, 1-1 drills, trackers, stats etc. have we failed to dramatically drive up our shooting accuracy and scoring success rates ??……..Or is it this (as I believe it is)…….Great Mayo forwards….lots of them…..have actually emerged and can shoot as good as anyone, but the monkey on the back when the going gets really heated, games are in the melting pot and accurate shooting is critical, is momentary anxiety and CONFIDENCE LOSS…….Somehow it’s become a Mayo thing and continuously gets in the way of finishing off the business in AIFs in particular…..Serious toe to toe competitive efforts ruined by a few misses…….That’s my theory and why I’d recommend serious work on the psychological/self belief aspect of our teams as well as the skills practice.

  53. Craggy boglands we could play the most puke football imaginable but if we won an all Ireland, I and I imagine a lot more on here wouldn’t care.

    MartyK I agree completely – serious investment in psychology needed as well as keeping our forwards coming through as forwards. Andy Moran spent much of his early inter county career as a half back.

  54. Someone from outside the County wont work unless they move here or are retired/not working as it probably takes up a significant amount of time to manage a machine like this. Did Rochford say at one stage he preferred the coaching side more so than the overall management. If that is the case then i think it is worth looking at one of the ex players with him as mentioned (someone analytical, has lived the system for yrs, knows what’s needed, has the real life experience, a passion and desire to do it, good with the media). We have a few that ticks those boxes. Some say its to soon, they have no mgmt experience, I don’t buy it for a minute. Anyone that has ever worked for a multinational will know todays colleague often can become tomorrows boss. It happens all the time so familiarity with players also is not a negative in my mind…

  55. If we’re losing fellas like Cian Hanley, Akram, Irwin then that is going to weaken us. Particularly Hanley who was one of the best underage players produced in the last 15 years.I’ve no idea why they’re not involved and may be nothing to do with the management team but as a county if you don’t get the best out the talented players you produce then you are going to be weakened.

    Also, everything possible needs to be done to try to keep Keegan onboard for another year he’s still one of our top 5 players.The Kerry lads on the examiner podcast had a completely different take on Keegan in that he nullified Paudie Clifford.
    Still scope for a big push with the current squad if we get a reasonable run with injuries next year the championship has never been more open or winnable that this year and last.

  56. Confidence definitely a factor. When it comes to shooting it helps if at least 1 player who can score most of the time he shoots. Kerry have Clifford, Dublin have Kilkenny and Con and used to have Connolly and Brogan, we had Andy and Cillian when injury free but not as pacy as some of the others listed, Monaghan had McManus and Galway have Walsh. These guys exploits can inspire a team and doubt doesn’t set in. The last day Carr came on and kicked a great score and then he and a few others including Diarmaid missed a few well scoreable ones. I think a few of those dropped into the goalie. That had an impact on overall confidence. I wonder if Jack Carney stayed on the field would that have happened because he seems to mostly score whereas others can kick great scores but have their off moments. People often laud various players scoring ability here, the 2 Darren’s, Boland, Mark Moran etc. but they haven’t established themselves presumably because of deficiencies perceived or otherwise in other parts of their game and sometimes bad luck with injury. I like Eoghan Mc in defence , he did lots of great work the last day but his scoring ratio was poor until this year and he needs to start taking goal chances. He’s in the team because his net balance of contribution is positive. As Aido approaches retirement age, I’d be more inclined to put Diarmaid in midfield and Jordan half forwards because his distribution is becoming better than any other Mayo attacking player and has good scoring stats. We need to keep mining the club and underage scene. Minor FF scores very heavily but at least 2 years before ready and some others there to look forward to playing senior. In 2012 Donegal transformed a medium light half forward with intensive weights program into a midfielder, Tyrone often convert backs. We need more innovation. Only Kerry and Dublin have a natural conveyor belt and Kerry don’t have a hugely bigger population than Mayo. A great starting boost would be U17s winning. Either way they have promise and we need more of the same next year.

  57. In the next league some experimentation needs to happen.
    Durcan, E Mclaughlin, Mullin and Ruane need to be tried in the half forward line in the league. hopefully one of them will work there.Midfielders need to be brought in. Someone needs to get the role of designated sweeper.
    A central position needs to be found for Diarmaid I would try him at full forward.
    Free taking needs to be looked at in detail it was poor to average this year

  58. With the benefit of streaming we get to see club games and I don’t think there is really that much quality been missed by county selectors . Connell Dempsey of Knockmore had a very good club championship, orme was also good . Possibly Eoin O Donoghue is of standard and missed . But there is not a whole pile of players being missed as far as I can make out . Unfortunately Cian Hanley seems injured a lot and hasn’t really kicked on that you’d be looking for him to be included .

    What we have got is two of the most exciting forwards in the game to return next year hopefully in Tommy and Ryan .

    The Horan era had obviously became a bit stale this year but I still think we have the potential to challenge next year if the new management hit the ground running . I’d prefer management to be in place asap in line with the club championship but would that rule out the front runner and thus meaning they will have to wait till knockmore season has ended ?

  59. Sean Burke,probably K King but perhaps he was injured,not many more putting their hands up, I don’t think that some of the forwards mentioned are big enough or strong enough,they would need at least two years S/C to bring them up to county standards,we have missed out on EOD C Hanley but again can they afford the commitment

  60. Fair play to virtually all the people posting on here the past few days.
    Everyone has kept fairly positive in the wake of our exit and with James stepping down. It’s nice to see and I think the fact that we have the u17 final to look forward to has helped as well.
    It makes a big difference when people are positive and it really lifts the gloom.

    It would be great to see a massive crowd in the Hyde.
    We’ll need probably our best performance of the year against Galway (who have been improving game on game), to lift the cup.

    I think it’s going to be a real tight game.

  61. Andy made the right choice in staying on at leitrim, he is still very young and plenty to learn yet, if he can hit reasonable goals of promotion from division 4 and a tailteann Cup win then he should be ready for a tilt at mayo in 3 years. Also he would be too close to many of the squad at the point, there would be some unconscious bias there.

    Paddy power closed the book with odds shortening rapidly on ray dempsey, they must know something…

    Malachy o’rourke would be my preferred number 1 but would be happy enough with dempsey as my second choice. He has earned it with his achievements at knockmore, they weren’t being tipped to win either of those back to back titles

  62. With Horans departure, we are startig a new page. I would like to see manager in place for club championship. Streaming matche is great, you pick up things you may miss at the game. But the reverse is true too. What kind of off the ball running a player does, his positional sense, his decision making, risk reward runs.. Imo a manager can only fully asess a player when he sees him in action in the flesh. Even then its player potential. When you bring him into a county squad, will he perform with the same level of confidence or how long will it take to bed him in
    New management team is a huge decision. It is very easy to slip back to the realm of ordinary.

  63. There is plenty of potential talent coming through from our U20 grade this year.

    If 3-4 of the below can break into the match day squad in next 2 years we are in a good position.

    Sam Callinan
    Frank Irwin
    Jack Fallon
    Ethan Henry
    Ruairi Keane
    Owen McHale
    Fenton Kelly
    Bob Touhy
    Paddy Heneghan
    Donnacha McHugh

  64. @jklel88…
    That’s a talented bunch you list,no doubt, but unfortunately it’s mostly the same prototype of player of which we are already plentiful….ie athletic half back/corner back types.

    We are crying out for natural forwards or creative players and as far as I can tell there is noone really standing out there. We are probably hoping and praying that Clarke and the Hurley twins off the minor team hit the required standard in 3/4 years

    It occured to me watching killian spillane tap over points the other day that some of kerrys reserve forwards (killian spillane/brosnan) are probably better than any of our starting forwards on current form. Which says it all really

  65. Where’s Conor McStay? Has he been injured ? Looked good for the Stephenites last year. A creative, knacky type just like his father and uncle. Might need some S&C as the talent is there.

  66. Ontheditch

    Your comment is hilarious.
    Thanks for the parenting tip.
    I didn’t say my young lad was playing. ( I wish). Alas I live in meath and maybe he will represent his adopted county.
    Let kids have their dreams I say.

    On a separate issue, every comment on here gets attacked recently. It’s turning into twitter.

  67. All the best to the minors in the Al final in a few weeks. Hopefully the lads can do it. Some exciting forwards and lads belt brand of football.

    For next mayo manager I’d like to see it decided asap too. But as a few people have already said the idea of a Jim McGuinnes or Jim Gavin just doesn’t add up for me. Instead of people saying why they have to have McGuinness we should ask the question, would McGuinnes want the job? He’s getting well paid in Sky and has build one of the most respected reputations in the game. If he was going to risk that reputation it wouldn’t be on a county he has no loyalty for. The only team Jim McGuinness will manage is Donegal. And with that job possibly coming up he might fancy it. Don’t get me wrong I’d give anything to see him on the line next year but it’s a pipe dream not reality.

    I think we need someone within the county as a manger, who knows all the different club players on show. But have a back room team from outside the county. A new coach with fresh ideas. I’ll be honest I’d love to see someone like Paul Kinnerk coaching the mayo senior team next year. One thing that I like about Dempsey is that he built a strong back room team around him, Alan Molloy and Kennedy, very well respected within the county. If he could bring an elite coach to the set up then it might be worth going for. I also like Rochford but if we were being brutally honest about things his time with Donegal was not a success. A lot of talk about Donegal being all Ireland contenders when he went in with Bonner and they haven’t got close. And do the mayo players want to hear an old voice from the past?

  68. I’m a great admirer of Stephen Rochford and believe he should never have been allowed leave in 2018. I am also a great admirer of John Maughan but we cannot keep recycling managers. It is time for a fresh face whoever he will be.
    One issue that needs to be addressed by the next manager is better communication with the media and supporters. Rumours thrive in a vacuum. Proper communication can stop all those rumours that we keep hearing from gathering momentum.

  69. I have been very impressed with Rob Finnerty for Galway this year. There are A lot of things he doesn’t do like win dirty ball, hit hard shoulders, win high ball, hasn’t got burning pace etc. All he does really is kick the ball over the bar. He has the knack of getting into the right positions at the end of moves and taking the simple scores – he is the type of player we badly need. Is he there in Mayo? Paul Towey??

  70. I wouldn’t be very influenced by what the “Bookie’s” do in relation to the next Mayo Manager..The “Bookie’s” always do things like this, to get people interested in the betting market…(Have an early strong favorite) You often hear that the “Bookie’s must know something” sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. I doubt that at this stage there is a ‘definite’ list of those who are interested, or a ‘definite’ list of those not interested. What the ‘Bookies’ definitely DO know, is how to take money off the public.. Even in the ‘Premier League’ this is a very regular ploy to generate interest when a managerial vacancy becomes available!

  71. Agreed leantimes. None of the names touted by the bookies get the job and the’yre the winners.
    Its so important we do not lose momentum.

  72. I dunno in 2023 GAA will be any place realistically for any players that turn the ball over, don’t have at least a 50% shooting % and don’t really have a kickpass.
    In my view we’re too hot on pacey athletes and not enough on skills.
    Michael Plunkett is one of our best defenders by far but a lot would think he’s far behind others.
    But he doesn’t lose the ball, he can kick pass and if a shot comes up he’ll nail it 3 from 5.

  73. Centrefield – what a statement, ‘ a central position needs to be found for Diarmuid’ ? Am I missing something?, is Diarmuid (no issue with him personally it could be any player) irreplaceable? guaranteed a position once fit?
    You don’t create a position for a player, the suitable player fills a position until someone else is deemed better suited. Is that not what was ultimately Horans downfall – certain players played once fit irrespective of their form. The most successful recent GAA Manager Galvin kept a bunch of extremely talented players on their toes with competition (eg Brogan / Rock ). As the motto goes ‘your only as good as your last game’.

  74. JP, you’re on the money; Plunkett was badly missed.

    And, as we are on the subject, what about our injured fringe players, if that pejorative term can be used: Bryan Walsh, Fionn MacDonagh, Darren MacHale, David McBrien? Mark Moran was on the 26, but his injuries are well documented.

  75. Good shout Teamsheet…not naming individuals but there is still a large cohort of undroppables who find it harder to get off the team to get on it, everyone can have a bad game but there are some lads there who have had numerous bad games over the past 3 years and continue to start come what may, then the discussion turns to “try them in new position to get the best from them”, if you had several poor performances you should be sat on the bench. Why should lads who are patently out of form be shoehorned in.

    With jim gavin it was always a case of “well what have you done for me lately?” and he could leave anyone sitting on the bench

    Needs to be a clean slate for absolutely everyone next year, this craic of having 12/13 of the first team pencilled in already needs to be gone

  76. A friend of mine – ex county player (not Mayo) asked me a question yesterday….if things are being done so well in Mayo then why has our scoring ability gone down since 2017. Goal execution against the bigger teams nearly non existent. We definitely need a back to basics approach to shooting. People calling for new management to come from existing people there but if they are the ones coaching shooting then we are delusional.

  77. Interestingly Boylesports have installed Mike Solan as odds on favourite to take the hot seat , pp haven’t got a market since yesterday.

  78. Talk about bookies’ odds at this stage is completely pointless. Leantimes’ comment earlier on summed up very well what’s going on there.

  79. Jesus Almighty, why are ye looking to keep getting kicked in the hole, can ye not move from 2nd or maybe 3rd time managers in Mayo, if it didn’t work the 1st time it won’t work the 2nd time, other Counties have done it also.

  80. In 2017 we had a peakkAndy Moran, a peak Cillian OConnor, a better Diarmuid OConnor, peak Kevin McLoughlin and Jason Doherty.
    A long way ahead of this years forward line
    Part of it also is is is our two wing backs thus season were responsible for a high % of our wides.
    Paddys 0 from 7 shots in two games is a collapse in his shooting

  81. So JP our forwards are devoid of scoring ability even though they are supposed to be coached by a wizard. Expecting backs to do the jobs of forwards seems counterintuitive therefore does it follow that stubbornness in where players are being played in Mayo has helped throw us back to 2011 levels. A new manager has to be given leeway from county board and fans to try and rejig things to a better balance.

  82. Well, I put it like this. What effect do the coaching staff have on Mo Salahs scoring ability?
    All they can do us construct a system of play that sets up opportunities, but then he’s got to take them and on occasion set up his own.
    I think our coaching ticket failed on developing sone basic team plays.
    But also the forwards and backs who commonly shoot were shooting poorly.
    Maybe part of this is tired legs from our style of play.

  83. Yes JP, i think your summing up a lot of the issues. I would give credit to management in that they moved away from constant slow built up defined by lateral and backwards passing.
    Coen is a case in point. When hhe got the ball v kerry he was actually looking to see what was happening in front of him. Wheras v Galway he bailed out with back passes to unmarked colleague. Were all tired JP

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