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  1. The Kerry boys are back in town. They’re coming fully loaded. Going to be an interesting night!

  2. That’s a strong team with three o very capable attackers in reserve but ready to bolster the attack if we start taking on water. As stated in previous print Kerry are definitely weakened in midfield but we still have a few options on the sideline that will at least steady things up in we have an early yellow or an injury.
    McStay looks to be taking late Mayo slippage against Armagh with a very philosophical attitude, I’m not so sure Jack O Connor would be quiet so indifferent to lose a valuable point in the bear pit that is division one football to a side that ye had on the ropes for most of the second half.
    I am not able to go to the game tomorrow evening but I am really looking forward to watching it as both teams deliver consistently in this competition. Kerry are still blowing out dirty petrol and are definitely a few weeks behind Mayo in preparation but these two teams will give it their all tomorrow night and while I think our forwards are capable of hurting ye badly if they hit form I feel that this will be a very close game and difficult to call. I hope it’s a good game without injury on either side and I hope Kerry get at least a draw as points will be crucial in the next few weeks.
    Good luck to all and I hope Mayo have great year in the championship and as I have said before safe travels and good health to all in 2023, Up Kerry.

  3. Strong Kerry Team and only 5, 9, 14 and 15 are newbies but their new forwards have done well so far so their management may stick with that strting 15 and spring the big guns. We could do likelwise with Paddy Durcan if fit, Cillian and a few more who can make an impact or neutralise some of the incoming Kerry threat. That said that’s some subs bench of Kerry’s and I’d count Spillane too as he generally makes a significant impact coming on as sub. Our best bet is out fight them from early on and try to win midfield. Also if Aido is inside, get good ball in and spook Kerry into frees and possible black cards. Regarding our selection, I’d much prefer McBrien at full back than corner back, he’s strong, fast and aggressive enough to herd forwards back out the field. The danger men of other opponents did more damage when not marked by him and far less when marked by him e.g. Comer. We need to make our subs as soon or very soon after Kerry spring the big guns. I’d love to see O’ Hora back for this one as last year’s league final IMO was a blip, Mayo were doing very heavy training and one of Clifford’s goals was one of those genius ones that almost no back in the Country could stop once he got his large frame goal side of O’ Hora’s it’s very difficult to get back around him. No better man to bounce back. Also would be good to see how McBrien would do on him, my guess is better than at least 90% of defenders and O’ Hora if sprung could be put on Spillane or O Shea. We had big injury problems last year and should have given Kerry a much better game in AI Series regardless if we hadn’t wasted several opportunities after half time when we dominated which we’s normally score. Kerry on the other side didn’t panic and Jack’s influence on this helped his team turn the screw. Lesson from that game is take your chances when they come and lesson #2 is scoring becomes far easier for opponents when they have a good gap so don’t let a gap grow. I think Tuohy could make an impact on this one with his pace if Morley tries to play sweeper as he’s normally asked to do. I also think Carney is a bit unlucky at 12 as for me he was consistently good last year and can score and a few average performances do not make a bad player. Guessing he’s also been playing Sigerson along with others so he’ll still be in the mix come April. Eoghan Mac needs to improve his decision making to be a top player, he has the raw pace to do serious damage to any opponents but needs to add composure. I don’t think his place in April is a given. If Plunkett were fully fit come April, I’d have him in ahead of many of the other contenders maybe even in HF line. And I liked McDonagh scoring an excellent point off his right the last day which did his chances of staying in the team no harm at all. Win or lose, we’re developing a big panel so injuries not necessarily a bad thing this time of year if others step up. We need to take a right cut at Kerry.

  4. If Kerry start as selected it will be just 6 same starters from the All-Ireland final. Graham O’Sullivan, Jason Foley, Tom O’Sullivan, Tadhg Morley, Jack Barry and Paudie Clifford

  5. I hope it’s a great game played by two sides who always try and play the properly,it is good to get the views of Game changer and indeed other Kerry supporters,of course Kerry can call on a player who would take his place in any time in history as one of the best ever,I believe that the most we can do is try and stop him scoring goals,if we manage that we have a great chance to get the points,hopefully no injuries and safe travels to everyone up Mayo

  6. Just 6 starters from the all Ireland final team.

    I’d be very disappointed if we didn’t win tonight, in front of a raucous home crowd, squad almost at full strength and way ahead of most teams fitness wise. No excuses

    I have to give kudos to McStay on dropping coyne and eoghan mclaughlim after a gruelling sigerson final. Guys like colm o rourke need to take note and practise what they preach re player welfare

  7. Superman, didn’t Mayo make Coyne play 4.5 games in about 11 days already??
    And thought he left pitch limping during week.

  8. Really looking forward to this evening,

    From a Kerry perspective I’d be very worried about our HF line.

    Far to light for my liking.

    Mayo will push up on the kickouts and going long will be difficult with such a small HF line.

    Will take any sort of result this evening…

  9. Can see mayo absolutely dominating the midfield area. David moran who always dominated against mayo is gone and his young pretenders diarmuid o connor and Joe o connor both injured. I’ve never rates Jack barry that highly and think he can be overpowered

    Ruane/diarmuid/Flynn will physically dominate in there and can put real pressure on kerry 2nd choice keeper (tbh I think kerry might have to start shane ryan if they are to have any chance on kickouts)

  10. @West kerry safe travels of heading west! Should be a good game hopefully.

    I think we are a due a win against ye :p

    Glad to see ye are bringing the big guns to castlebar good test for mayo and both teams should know where we are at. I thinkayo slightly ahead in fitness atm be interesting to see our subs hoping to see Tommy conroy named on bench if hes 100% fit only though!

    Best of luck mayo & hears hoping no injuries to either teams!

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