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With thanks to Gamechanger for the heads-up about the announcement, Kerry have this evening named their team for Sunday’s mouth-watering Super 8s meeting with our lads. Here’s the team they’ve named for it:

Kerry (All-Ireland SFC quarter-final, Group 1, Phase 1 v Mayo 14/7/2019): Shane Ryan (Rathmore); Jason Foley (Ballydonoghue), Tadhg Morley (Templenoe), Tom O’Sullivan (Dingle); Paul Murphy (Rathmore), Jack Sherwood (Firies), Gavin White (Dr Crokes, captain); David Moran (Kerins O’Rahillys), Diarmuid O’Connor (Na Gaeil); Micheál Burns (Dr Crokes), Seán O’Shea (Kenmare), Stephen O’Brien (Kenmare); David Clifford (Fossa), Paul Geaney (Dingle), Dara Moynihan (Spa, Killarney).

The team they’ve named shows one change from the side that started against Cork in the Munster final three weekends back. Out goes midfielder Jack Barry and he’s replaced by Micheál Burns, who slots into the team at wing-forward. The consequent switch sees Diarmuid O’Connor – their one, not ours – shift to midfield alongside David Moran.

Looking back to their League final line-up against us, this is a very different Kerry side. Sunday’s team only contains nine survivors from the fifteen who started against us that March day in Croke Park.

Gone from then are Peter Crowley, Graham O’Sullivan, Gavin Crowley, Jack Barry, Tommy Walsh and Kevin McCarthy with that sextet replaced on the team named for Sunday by Jason Foley, Tadhg Morley, Gavin White, David Moran, Micheál Burns and Paul Geaney. Of that group, Jason Foley and Paul Geaney both made substitute appearances in the League final.

No sign of any official team announcement from our end yet but, once again, the Connaught Telegraph have published a leaked version (which is here). When the paper did this last week the details proved to be correct so you’d have to assume that this team-list is accurate too, though that remains to be confirmed.

What also should be confirmed is the identity of whoever is leaking this information. Aside from being counter-productive it’s an embarrassment and a leak that needs to be plugged.

43 thoughts on “Kerry team named

  1. Just wondering how come the Connaught telegraph is getting the team before the actual team is officially named…not a good situation yet again

  2. Very true willie Joe. Don’t think knowing team etc. Makes a difference for opposition much given amount slobbering with changes that does go on v programs. But the fact someone internal of group/organisation as a whole is leaking it is very disappointing.
    Looking forward game now heading early in am to make sure I get try as many pubs as possible.
    Congrats also to knockmore minors retaining division 1 minor league title tonight.

  3. That team has oodles of pace and a quality forward line – but we’ve beaten stronger Kerry teams in the past. NO FEAR | NO SURRENDER

  4. Completely agree Willie Joe – loose lips sink ships and all that.

    As regards fans mentality heading into this, I believe that we have to view this as a must win game heading into it. Some people are saying that we don’t have to win and while that’s technically correct having that mentality in my opinion sets us up for a fail, it should be win at all stakes and don’t even consider the alternative. You won’t hear dublin saying if we win 2 of the 3 games we should be ok….

  5. I’d be guessing these leaks are agenda driven and not emanating from the dressing room. The internal politics of Mayo GAA would make Machiavelli blush and there is a certain element within the county that would hate to see this group of players succeed (I’m not referring to the current CB either).

  6. Not a Kerry line up that will give any of the Mayo players or management sleepless nights between now and Sunday. I’ll be surprised if Kerry start as selected though, Paul Geaney for one is bang out of form and could be given the sub role.

  7. Agreed
    What is their agenda ?
    Also the article was terribly written and even the headline was wrong as they just seemed to ignore Lee Keegan was also named to play which is also a change from last weeks named 15

  8. @Liam . Early night might not do ya any harm .. More interested in football than alleged conspiracy theories..
    Going to take a massive effort to win now with Paddy out as well .

  9. In not sure is Shane Enright is injured, I would love to see him start, he would be destroyed for pace against Carr and McDonagh or by craft from O Connor Coen and Andy Moran. I hope Mayo can bring the same attitude as we all saw v Galway last weekend.
    Durcan may still play a part in the match.

  10. Lads, for some bizarre reason a few posters have been saying “no surrender” as some sort of rallying call.

    Can we just nip that in the bud today, of all bloody days, and out a stop to it? Not a dig at you 45,it’s something I’ve noticed recently and it irks me a little

    RE the connaught,m and the leak, it is an embarrassment and I’d be fairly sure that the leak will be found. That leaked team may even be a fake from within to try and suss where it’s coming from. I’d be surprised if Andy didn’t start

  11. So mean spirited of that publication putting team out…who is leaking and why??? Is it to undermine James and team. This does not happen in other counties. They wont turn fans – we behind them no matter what. It bad enough with Brolly/Breheny writing baloney about us. Also on Tuesday in Co. Tipperary i saw a queque of people in Mayo jerseys for tickets! We everywhere! Anyways best of luck – I know they will give it all.

  12. Pace in that line up is electric, it will take some effort to contain that lot . 26 degrees forecast too ffs.

    As for the leak , I know what I’d do for the next game if I were Horan I’d add my own Machiavellian twist and make an ejit of yer man .

  13. I would be on favour of a full media blackout even after a game is won, didn’t the same paper print a number of questions, about 7 or 10 re Mayo management tactics after the 2013 All Ireland, I thought it ridiculous, even stupid at the time.
    Anyway, this is not the focus right now, big game v Kerry, they appear to have picked a young team, they will be full of running and try and wear Mayo down.
    Mayo will have too much power all around.

  14. Anyone with the best interest of the Mayo footballers at heart keeps a lid on info..Simples.
    Disappointing that we are not all in the same boat.But not surprising..
    Roll on Sunday..

  15. MayoMark – I’m deleting that comment of yours. You’re ascribing a motivation for a course of action to an identifiable person that I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to stand up, including from a legal point of view. I think it’s safest not to leave such a comment up and I trust you see the wisdom of this too.

    Just a thought – as the saying goes, paper never refused ink. While I’d agree that it’s not very professional of them to publish the information, the bulk of the blame has to be directed at the person on the inside who’s doing the leaking.

  16. Fair call Mayo Mark. Hadn’t even copped the date and certainly nothing sinister intended. All I’m trying to say is that we should not be over awed by this young Kerry team and take the battle to them on their home turf and in front of their big home crowd.

  17. Paper won’t refuse ink and a journalist won’t refuse a scoop but a paper won’t last long if people don’t buy it. Clearly by publishing the team without sanction from Mayo GAA the paper and the journalist in question are trying to harm our chances. I won’t be buying it again in protest and I would encourage others to do the same. If what they say is true Paddy Durcan is a loss but we have options. It’s still a 50-50 game and we have players that are more than capable of tipping the balance in our favour.

  18. The Connacht Telegraph is fast becoming the Mayo version of The News of the World. And we all know where that ended!!

  19. Not sure what process is for submitting teams but are they submitted at this stage to send to the publishers of the match day programs? I’m guessing so, as the programs for the qualifiers have been particularly shiny and well put together, definitely not a rush-job the day before, hence the early submitting perhaps. So maybe when this happens the team becomes known to media even though not officially released. In other words, when management send it off it’s no longer really private anymore and can easily get intercepted, but management etc know this is the way it is and theres no problem.
    I’d be shocked if there is a leak of the serious kind from within.

  20. Plus, isn’t it the one program for all the days (or weekend) matches so early submitting of the teams is essential so the shiny finished product
    can be sent around to the 4 corners of Ireland.
    Easy in that case to see how the info could get intercepted by media etc

  21. Having just read WJs comment above I also agree that the bulk of the blame must be directed towards the inside “mole” but thats an internal matter to the mayo team and management. All I as a supporter can do is direct my displeasure to those that pedal such things.

  22. If it’s the case that the printers are leaking the teams @Liberal, why are they only leaking our teams?

  23. I hear ya Liam but maybe someone knows someone at one of the links in the chain but not a mole from within. My sense is when the list leaves the managers desk it’s no longer private and it’s not a big deal, albeit they’d probably prefer it goes out official. What difference would one day make to opposition? Especially when they’re dummy teams anyway. I wouldn’t pay any heed.

  24. Whoever the mole is the Connacht Telegraph should not be leaking the team. If the other newspapers in the county heard the team before it was announced they would not publish it.

  25. To be honest I would be very suprised if James has actually settled on his starting 15.

    Only over 6 days since we played and nearly 2 until we play there will be lads getting late checks for niggles that might have been carried from the Galway battle.

    He might not even have his definate starters penciled in this time tomorrow night. No problem with that. Let him take his time and get it right.

    His only comittment to the program would be to name 15 (per say starters) that will definately be on the panel of 26.

    I kind of see why the paper puts the team out. They want to be the first with the scoop. Hot off the press and all that. I don’t agree with it but that’s what papers like to do. Be first in.

    Regardless of who is supplying the information or where it is coming from, it is wrong to be dishing the information. This should only be coming from the official source.

  26. If there was a malevolent mole surely they’d be far more juicy info to leak than a dummy team and so far things have been kept in-house.

  27. Exciting weekend ahead, starting with Dublin V Cork, I will be very interested in this game as an indicator of how good Kerry are. If Dublin hammer Cork then I will travel to Killarney with confidence if not then not so such!

  28. I would be very confident of beating Kerry, if Mayo start with high intensity then they will bully Kerry all over the park. The Kerry forwards are good but Mayo are just as good at man marking and with Carr, Coen, Cillian and Mcdonagh, Mayo have a new dimension to there game. Its the most balanced team i have seen in a while, with good options off the bench.

  29. I’d say that will be the Kerry team that starts. Jack Barry is injured. Hope to start at a break neck pace and get ahead. We don’t have much on the bench. Only scoring forward is JOD who hasn’t played will since 14.

    About the Mayo leaks, I wouldn’t there is any leak. Think management themselves are passing on the team. Then they get to set the agenda for what’s out there. If it was coming from croke park all teams would be leaked. Unless it’s a disaffected county Secretary or admin persons. Doubt it tho

  30. Goodman Aidan in Kerry.

    Don’t yea be up awful late in Kerry.

    I’m up meself early milking. I talk to the cows to relax them. They give more milk when they are relaxed. I told them what you said about yea only having J’o’d. on the bench. All the cows started laughing. Couldn’t get a drop of milk from them after that. I had to give up.

    If I get talking to James Horan later in the day I’ll tell him that yea are alot of players short and hopefully James in his wisdom can give yea 10 or 11 lads to make up the Kerry 26. I think it’s the least we can do for yea.

    It’s hard to fathom, that after yea winning about 40 minor all Irelands on the trot and racking up biblical size scores in the process that yea find yourselves with only J’o’d on the bench who you say hasn’t played in 5 years.

    We’ll be heading off to kerry as soon as the leaks tribunal finishes early tomorrow morning. Our pro active county board have brought in a crack team of detectives from kerry and a plumber from Ballinrobe to see can they locate the source of the leaks.

    Kerry are making great strides with their hurlers, and the very best of luck to your hurlers.

    Cannot wait for the match. Throw in is at 4pm Mayo time on Sunday but with the time difference between the 2 Counties I don’t know what time throw in is at in Kilarney.

    Enjoy the match Aidan from Kerry. I hope it’s a great game. Talk again sometime. I’m off to the leaks tribunal.

  31. As regards to leaks it was know in Ballina on the Friday night of the Galway game the exact team that was going to start not the dummy team that James had announced but the exact team and again Saturday morming in a certain barbers in Ballina I frequent it was common knowledge who the changes were to the team
    And who was starting and who was not so it must be someone close to the Mayo set up telling their friends whose starting? and word spreads like wildfire through text and social media etc. the Connaught telegraph should know better than to be leaking the team before there is an official announcement I haven’t bought it or the Western People in years ( especillay since they started publishing it on a Monday) why would you when you can buy the Mayo news a very decent newspaper with excellent sports coverage

  32. i don’t think it makes a difference either way them releasing the “team” because it may or may not be the team that starts so it’s really useless information. the first time you get real information is when the squad is listed on match day

  33. Thats true to a point centerfield but its also an arsehole of the highest order who would go against your own , that’s what I find disappointing.

    Anyway I’m setting off now soon for Killarney , train booked out for tomorrow after the game back to Dublin , so I have to get the coach back , game changer or any Kerry poster could you tell me how far mission road is from the stadium ?

  34. Really good darren coen feature with malachy clerkin in the Times today

    His comeback has really been one of the stories of the year.
    Nothing better in sport than a story like that where it looks like somebody has missed the boat obly to bounce back. He is on track for an allstar and has been mayos player of the year (so far). Incredible story

  35. We really need to get over this naming of teams lark. People going on as if it’s treason for it to be even talked about, it’s childish nonsense. There’s nothing lost or gained in this information is out in the open and it’s also fairly meaningless as teams often make changes before throw in. If a manager wants to spring a surprise or feels the need to keep the team secret, they’ll name a dummy team – that’s it.

    People giving out about the Connaught Telegraph would want to learn a bit about what journalism is as well. Reporters have a job to report information, a newspaper is in the business of breaking stories, they’d serve no purpose of they merely parrotted old news from official sources. The Telegraph is nothing to do with the team or Mayo GAA, they’re in the business of selling newspapers and they shouldn’t be expected to adhere to some sort of Soviet style censorship.

  36. @Willie Joe – I really have to disagree with you calling Connaught Telegraph journalists unprofessional. Refusing to report information would unprofessional for a journalist. They’re not supposed to be mouth pieces.

  37. Fair enough, Rasta Joe, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that. Showing a bit of discretion doesn’t make a paper a mouth piece. I did, however, say that the bulk of the blame for this lies with the person leaking and that’s true of all the harmful stories provided from that source to the paper down the years.

  38. Local newspapers like the Connacht Telegraph, Mayo News and the Western People have for generations been part of the fabric of rural society. They focus on the local and have given great service over many generations covering,for example, football at all levels from the U12 up.
    All of them are finding the going tough at present with dwindling advertising revenue and decreasing circulation because of the impact of electronic media. I doubt if all or any of them will survive too much longer. We will then be a poorer society in my opinion.
    Certainly, some have made mistakes in the past and they deserve criticism for this but I think they need to be given a little slack (and in this case the Connacht) and not be targeted unduly by some online contributors.

  39. Roger – I’m going to have to delete that comment. As I said in relation to another comment I had to delete last night, you can’t just make an allegation about the motivations of an identifiable person.

  40. Sean Burke,
    It’s about a 12 -15 minute walk to the stadium depending where the bus stops. Killarney is very foot friendly town as regards accessibility and proximity to the most relevant events. Ask for the plaza Hotel and when you get there ask for the Friary Church, when you reach it turn left and take the next right, follow your nose and you will reach Fitzgerald stadium,,

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