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AISF pre-match parade

As has already been signalled in the comments, Kerry have tonight named an unchanged team for Saturday’s All-Ireland semi-final replay against our lads down in Limerick (throw-in 5pm). For good measure, they’ve named the same bench too. Here, then, are the full details:

Kerry (All-Ireland SFC semi-final replay v Mayo, 30/8/2014): Brian Kelly (Killarney Legion); Marc Ó Sé (An Ghaeltacht), Aidan O’Mahony (Rathmore), Shane Enright (Tarbert); Paul Murphy (Rathmore), Peter Crowley (Laune Rangers), Fionn Fitzgerald (Dr Crokes, captain); Anthony Maher (Duagh), David Moran (Kerins O’Rahillys); Michael Geaney (Dingle), Johnny Buckley (Dr Crokes), Donnchadh Walsh (Cromane); Stephen O’Brien (Kenmare), Paul Geaney (Dingle), James O’Donoghue (Killarney Legion). Subs: Brendan Kealy (Kilcummin), Declan O’Sullivan (Dromid Pearses), Killian Young (Renard), Bryan Sheehan (St Marys), Darran O’Sullivan (Glenbeigh-Glencar),  Barry John Keane (Kerins O’Rahillys), Kieran Donaghy (Austin Stacks), Kieran O’Leary (Dr Crokes), Jonathan Lyne (Killarney Legion), Mark Griffin (St Michaels/Foilmore), Pa Kilkenny (Glenbeigh/Glencar).

44 thoughts on “Kerry unchanged for replay

  1. I’m worried, when will donaghty appear, and this on top of trying to mark, O donoughue.

  2. Smart call by kerry management. The lads that were subbed the last day should up there game so we need to be ready.

    We need to start andy for freeman. Id leave the rest as is assuming lee gets back in (id say this is likely, it wasn’t even an attempted strike or kick imo).

    Our midfield will dominate on sat for more if the match than the last time. This should give us enough attack options to outscore them in a shootout.

  3. Id say one change possible change to that team is Barry John Keane or Kieran O Leary in for Stephen O Brien if his injury hasn’t cleared up from last week.

  4. Andy to good coming off the bench to start i think. Knowing the shambles the GAA has become they prob wont decided till Sunday when they make there verdict regarding Lees red card.

  5. Sheehan wiil start I’d say…

    I disagree, Freezer should start, Andy off the bench, that’s when he’s been most effective and if the game is in the balance, I’d rather call his number that anyone else’s.

  6. Full carton of salt required with both team selections.

    Mayo need to plan for (a) Donaghy starting, and (b) Donaghy arriving 15 minutes from the end. The second one is easier of course – tell one of the O’Sheas to pick him up whenever he comes on, wherever he goes, and bring on another midfielder to keep us on top in there. But if Donaghy starts, Mayo have a decision to make; if two men are picking up O’Donoghue, are two men going to pick up Donaghy as well?

    A fully fit Ger Cafferkey would do well enough on Donaghy. But Ger looks unfit and hesitant this year. He’s not himself. Yes, his man didn’t score from play on Sunday, but he won an awful amount of ball. Donaghy’s at the stage where he doesn’t care if he scores himself, but he’ll create goal chances all day if he’s let win ball. Ger doesn’t look capable of dealing with Donaghy right now.

    I don’t envy JH and co. their decision here.

    Nonetheless, if Mayo’s attitude is right, then I can’t see even Kerry stopping them.

    The appalling situation at half-time made up Mayo’s minds for them; we have no choice here, we have to go for it. That ignited the comeback. Can JH get them into that mindset before the first whistle on Saturday?

    I’m thinking of Fergal Costello’s quote years ago before the 2004 Connacht Final against Galway. He threw down the gauntlet for his team. ‘Have we the guts to really fly into Galway? Have we the heart and the balls to beat them?’

    He got the reaction he wanted. The same reaction we need on Saturday.

  7. Ger Cafferkey will handle Donaghy, he was out on hes feet the last day, if he comes in on the last 15 20 minutes it may be worth looking at a change

  8. Freeman has to start, he will come on alot from last wks game. Donaghy will not start, nor will declan o sullivan imo. We just need to play without fear let kerry fuckin worry about us. I would like to see david clarke start if possible, he would deal with high balls in better than robbie.

  9. I think that we should not get to fixated with Kieran Donaghy as we did last week with James O’Donoghue. Andy Moran caused them a lot of problems when he came on as well. We should let them worry about us. In saying that I heard Mossy Quinn say on Newstalk that when Donaghy came on against Dublin last year Paul Flynn followed him wherever he went, we have players well capable of doing this as well, as he is a very dangerous player. Kerry don’t really do dummy teams, so I’d expect the team named to start but you never know either so we need to be ready if they do make changes.

  10. Lee is free to play on Saturday, what better news could we ask for. Yepee….. Now we have Kerry….

  11. “Highorlow”

    Can’t share your optimism, I’d be amazed if Lee got off! I hope to God I’m wrong but by the letter of the law it was a red sadly…

  12. I don’t believe Donaghy will be starting.. he’d be ate alive by the fresh legs of the Mayo midfield. The guy is carrying a lot of excess weight at this level and is only good for ten minutes of running between midfield and fullforward generally making a nuisance of himself, breaking ball, one or two clean catches, laying the ball off and that’s it. When he came on the last day our 14 lads were out on their feet, Caffs legs were cramping up and he was trying to get substituted to the line before that high ball came in. Donaghy is undoubtedly strong and was able push Caff to one side (illegally in my opinion), we just need to have someone equally as strong to track him and then he wont bee worth jack shit to Kerry.. Donaghy coming on was like the last sting of a dying wasp.. sore but not fatal..

  13. It’s a worry if donaghty starts, with 2 men on him as Ger won’t do at all, and 2 men on o donoughue, we are in trouble straight away, Paul Geaney won’t be as wasteful again, he’s really the 1 we must be careful off

  14. Well WOW I take all that back!

    I’m amazed that Keegan has got off but absolutely delighted

    I hope you accept my apology “Highorlow” you were spot on!!

  15. Frees up Kevin McLoughlin to go back upfront. We badly need him there, Cillian and Dillon had to do most of the scoring the last day.

  16. To ignore Donaghy’s impact last week is foolhardy. Ger is no match for Donaghy…but I’d love to be proven otherwise. When he does come in, we need a big man there with him, wherever he goes…just deny him the opportunity to catch and dish it off for an easy score.
    Either way, he’s the X factor. Changes our posture completely, but if Horan and Buckley are as smart as we believe they are, then they will have a plan to deal with him, unlike the last day when they didn’t.

  17. Can’t believe red card overturned but delighted that gaa have seen some sense…finally! Hope he has a kick ass game on Saturday.

  18. Just shows that the ref messed up last week!

    Although he was in no small part assisted by Riverdance Walsh!

  19. Its the quick switch in from midfield into edge of square that we need to be alert to. IF He starts at fullforward or is subed directly in there caff has allways had his number ono on one. 15 v 15 caff wont be as tired if we press them harder and further up the field. And put Clarke in behind (no disrespect to Robbie) hes better/stronger under high ball.

  20. Mister Mayor it may be 15 v 15 but it’s obvious this is a huge boost to Mayo and before a ball is even kicked

    We’re talking one of the best footballers in Ireland here. It says it all when I’m seeing Kerry lads going daft on twitter this is already 1-0 to Mayo psychologically wise

  21. Excellent! I think Buckley’s antics may have been taken into account.

    Roll on Limerick!!

  22. Not entirely surprised, they had to oil the squeaky wheel some way, reinstating lee Keegan to play is the best and only option to shut Mayo up. We ll take it and run. Thanks.

    All our bitching and crying did have an effect, much like all the screaming and cheering from the stands has an effect. There’s a definite air of destiny about the whole thing, keep her lit!!!!!!!!

  23. Great news about Keegan. He needs now to show his true worth on Saturday evening. As to Ger Cafferkey I cannot understand all the pilloring and bad-mouthing he gets.

    first of all he was not in any way to blame for the goals last year in All Ireland final. Also he wasn’t to blame for last weekends one. If anything it was Keiths fault. He got sucked into Donaghy and the ball instead of following his man. All Donaghy then had to do then was lay it off and O’Donoghue was in for that goal. To be quite honest he lost concentration a couple of times and on 2 of these O’Donoghue directly scored points.

    Now he did very well on him. However if he actually kept his concentration when he was supposed to he probably would have marked him scoreless. The only other point O’Donoghue got was when Colm B dropped the ball. Again this was a mistake.

    And it was other bad flaws the last night that were costing us. It happened to Kevin Mac a lot and even Tom Cunnife got caught by Buckley before he could offload.

    I guess the bottom line is what we saw the last day was a whole host of mistakes. If we can cut these out I would be pretty confident but keeping the concentration across the board and not giving the ball away so cheaply is vital.

  24. Anyone know the reason given for overturning the Keegan red card (or do they even publicly give a reason)?
    Have to say I’m surprised at that.It was obviously totally harmless but by the letter of the law the ref was correct in sending him off (even the 2 Mayo mates I watched the game with said this:-)).
    In a club game that would rarely ever be a sending off (common sense comes into play a bit at this level) but at county level the refs are being assessed from the stand in their implementation of the rules so they don’t usually see applying common sense as an option.
    The inter county referees won’t be happy with this decision undermining them I’d imagine.

    It’s a big boost to Mayo all the same. I really can’t see ye losing this one

  25. Fantastic boost. Hopefully the hassle involved hasn’t taken too much out of him and that he will use it as a massive motivator to show everyone just what a footballer he is.
    I’m off to start makin the sandwiches! Can’t wait.
    Kerry will not start Star……I’d love to see him in from the start because we’d eat him alive. I’d put Cuniffe on him and instruct him to go forward at every opportunity and run the shite out of him and see how long he’d last at that Craic! (I’d have one of the midfielders drift back to cover the runs).

  26. To true Galwayman but it just goes to show the GAA hierarchy don’t give a crap about the grass roots, the players themselves and now it appears the referees. They dont even have the back of one of their own when it suits them. Now don’t get me wrong, im no fan of referees and im absolutely thrilled Lee got free but where does this leave the rule book (wide open to interpretation) and where does it leave referees (without any rug under them it appears).

  27. Jpm your defense of Ger’s performance is not based on fact! And please let’s not rake over old coals wrt last years AIF. although I thought for sec there you were going to blame chris Barrett for JOD’s goal.

  28. Ger Caff did not cover himself in glory for the two goals last year, but really Robbie Hennelly made an awful mistake for the second.

    The big mistake Ger Caff made was giving away that silly free to Dublin for their first score that helped them settle in to the game.

    However, we are lucky to have him, and he is one of the few specialist full backs in the country. Bar Neil McGee who else comes up to the same mark at full back?

  29. Question is guys if he will be able for Donaghy, what if he starts,,,??? Don’t think he will as the general consensus is that he will be held for at least the first 40 to 45 mins. Caff could have a real handful with Star soaring and JOD screaming past him with his marker in his wake with PK darting in a different direction,,, will your half backs be thundering forward in this scenario. I think it could have the potential to shatter the current confidence and put ye on the back foot. I know ye are definitely a more balanced team with strong structures and deadly men in almost all lines, but do ye think that Kerry haven’t looked at ye as much as ye have looked at us,,, now who is the more astute manager and what will the posts reveal this time tomorrow,,, just organic food for thought !,, none of the justice, passion or we are badly treated stuff. Great teams come up with solutions so both a managers will be burning the midnight oil. As stated all of the blog dreams will not matter to them as they have our destiny to pick from….

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