Kevin McLoughlin our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: RTÉ (Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile)

The votes are in and counted for our seventh Man of the Match award of this year’s League campaign. Step forward, Kevin McLoughlin, your name is – deservedly – on this one.

Kevin was in electrifying form for us at MacHale Park yesterday. Back to his livewire best and looking very much at home closer to the opposition posts, the Knockmore man helped himself to 2-2, in the process playing a very significant part in the win that propels us into next weekend’s League decider.

Kevin wins this week’s award with 38% of the vote. Not far behind him were Fergal Boland, whose dashing display – capped by three delicious points from play – earned him 24% in the polls. Aidan O’Shea, who put another mammoth shift yesterday, came next on 12%.

Last week, Aidan became the latest Mayo player to follow up winning this sought-after accolade by also claiming the GAA’s Footballer of the Week honour. Kevin now has the chance to do the same and if you want to vote for him in that one you need to do so (by 10am tomorrow) via the GAA’s Instagram account – details here.

Here’s the leaderboard from this week’s MOTM poll. Well done to all the lads who feature on it.

16 thoughts on “Kevin McLoughlin our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Congrsts and so we’ll deserved. Kevin always puts in a great performance. He’s s one very important part of this Mayo group. He has to get an All Star this year.

  2. I am delighted for kevin .over looked time and time again.congrats well done.and all the best to management and team in the final .what a start to 2019 hon mayo

  3. Kevin makes this team tick. You’ll find that when we’re really purring, Kevin is often very prominent. He’s probably our most skillful footballer, a superb link-man and is so flexible in terms of where he plays.

    He’s been scoring heavily since moving closer to goal, and given the emergence of Boland/McDonagh, maybe that’s where he should stay?

  4. I’d be of the same view Rock – keep him close to goal. He very nearly got the third goal the last day before a Monaghan man helped it into the back of the net. He’s been key to this team since he started.
    He really is one of our most versatile players.

  5. Not only is he prominent when we’re going well Rock – he’s one of two forwards (Cillian being the other) that will always get us a score from play when we’re NOT going well, which is arguably more important.

    Looks like the mini-break he got earlier in the year is doing him the world of good.

    And yes, it is an absolute outrage that he doesn’t have an All-Star. He should have got one as far back as 2012.

  6. 2012 and 2013 the years when he was definetly shafted to be fair. If you recall the Dublin game in 2012, he was of the pitch with a blood injury, before which we had a 10 point lead. Once he was off the pitch, Dublin whittled away the lead and got very close to seeing us off. No surprise he was targetted that day. There’s form there too.

  7. Well done Kevin, one of the great unsung heroes of this team and for my money the most skilful member of the team. I just love watching him play – the balance, trickery, movement and intelligence is just top class. If he can add a little more consistency and accuracy he can be a real scoring addition to the FF line.

    Unlike all those golfers who seem to go off the boil after getting married, Kevin has come back better than ever. Must be something in the cake !!

  8. Like most left peggers, myself included, he is very left dominant but on Sunday he took a pretty nice point with his right as well!

  9. Well done Kevin. Unsung hero.
    Will we ever forget that pt last year too that kept us up in Div 1.

  10. Well done to Kevin.
    One of my all time favourite players. An absolute joy to watch. Probably our most consistent performer over the past 7 or 8 years.
    He’s the ultimate team player, so I’m sure the lack of an All-Star won’t bother him. But yeah, an absolute joke he doesn’t have one.
    He seems to be constantly underrated by many, particularly by supporters of other counties.
    Other counties players know all about him though, probably why he’s constantly targeted by the opposition. He’s well able to handle himself though.

  11. I wouldn’t imagine he gives a toss about all-stars. I’m sure he wouldn’t turn one down but in the grand scheme of things they’re of fuck all relevance.

  12. Well done Kevin. What a brilliant footballer. It’s only fitting that the man who kept us in Division 1 for 2019, thereby enabling all these new squad members rapidly develop by playing the best teams in the country, gets the MOTM on the day of the last round of league fixtures.

  13. Its no concidence that the return of Kevin has coincided with a step up in our performance. Simply a class act that contributes so much of what is good about the way we play. Well done Kevin.. very much deserved recognition

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