Kevin McStay emerges as contender for manager’s post

The deadline for initial expressions of interest in the vacant position of manager of the Mayo Senior panel is 6pm tomorrow.

Over the last few days there’s been a fair bit of speculation about who might or might not be going for the position but tonight RTÉ’s Damien Lawlor has broken the story (here) that was doing the round all day, which is that Kevin McStay “has emerged as a strong candidate” for the job and that he’s already assembled a strong backroom team.

The names mentioned in the report in this respect are Stephen Rochford, Donie Buckley, Liam MacHale and Damien Mulligan.

That piece also states – as the local press did earlier this week – that Mike Solan, Ray Dempsey and Declan Shaw are reported to be interested in the position. Whether or not tonight’s news will impact on other nominations may (or, indeed, may not) be revealed once tomorrow evening’s deadline has passed.

153 thoughts on “Kevin McStay emerges as contender for manager’s post

  1. For me this is definitely the mgnt team to go with.

    McStay should have got the gig in 2014. He has lined up an impressive and experienced crew this time. Give the man a chance.

    Regardless of who takes over, there’s a lot of work to do.

  2. That’s a good lineup. Everyone on that ticket would bring something to the table. Would like to see someone that has played in FB line at IC level involved aswell, need a specific coach to work with the FB line and the GK, that area has been our biggest weakness in the AI finals

  3. It’s a strong team, 1st mover advantage, it may prevent some expected applications from even happening

  4. I think the CB have to go for this, that’s an impressive line up. I’ve always felt that McStay has unfinished business with Mayo. Time to give him a chance. The County Board need to get this right, Galway are edging closer to the finishing line, we can’t let them get there before us.

  5. So many big names on that ticket I’m really not sure. How could Rochford go to no. 2 after managing Mayo so recently? Buckley back again? McHale wasn’t liked the last time, what’s changed now? It’s just too many big personalities for my liking. Also I’m really not sure there’s that much substance with Kevin as a football brain despite him seeming like a lovely guy. It drove me soft listening to him fawning over Clifford scoring average frees when Walsh was doing other worldly things on the same pitch and he barely noticed.

  6. Nice Balance to that managment team. One thing i need to credit Mulligan for was leading Belmullet to an intermediate county title and naming Ryan O’Donoghue captain at 18/19 when he could have picked Chris Barrett, Eoin O’Donoghue and a few other top quality older players. He is clearly not afraid to make a big call and thats the kind of people we need in the backroom.

  7. That’s it for me
    Give him/them the gig
    Would be delighted with that . And I think the players would too.
    It’s got a bit of everything .

  8. That’s a serious line up which if chosen will bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Such a strong backroom team. Can’t recall as strong a ticket contesting the position before. The very best of luck to them!

  9. Great stuff, that’s a very strong management team .Now please County Chairman and your crew at the top table – get this right and give Kevin McStay the job and give us hope going forward to 2023.

  10. I wouldn’t like to see McStay as Manager, from listening to so much of his Co Commentry on RTE, I would worry about his objectively when he couldn’t see that Eoghan McLoughlin double jaw break was an horrendous foul, not just in real time but after getting to see a few replay’s.. For me making judgement in Real Time is essential, compare Eamon Fitzmaurice to Kevin McStay for fast objective information on what’s happening and the remedy if things are going wrong in some area of the field.
    …Chalk and Cheese!

  11. We are Mayo – I’ve deleted that stupid, ignorant comment of yours. Please don’t post here again if that’s the best you can manage.

  12. Out of all the tickets I’ve heard bandied about I hope the Ray Dempsey ticket gets the nod, want something new and fresh, A clean break.

    Rochford has been there already and is too familiar to these players, same with donie buckley, I don’t care a lot for what mchale and mcstay come out with in media though to be fair to them the AI with Brigids is a serious feather in their cap.

    I also wonder about the dynamics with all those big personalities there, would rochford really settle for no 2 role at a team where he was top man a few years ago?

  13. …out of all the big names and ‘big personalities’ on the that mcstay ticket, the addition of Damien mulligan is the one I’m most sold on. The rest of them I could give or take

  14. Leantimes, if anything I think he may on occasion have tried to overcompensate (probably subconsciously) by not to be seen to favour Mayo when commentating.

    But don’t forget when he called out Cormac Reilly for his “appaling” performance in Limerick in 2014 and went on to outline how we were screwed. Kevin said that comment on the SG that night or the following night. That probably irked a lot of Kerry people. Top marks Kevin. It was the first time we ever saw a Mayo pundit truly stand up for our county on the national stage.

  15. Supermac, I believe I read, heard or saw before that Rochford prefers to be coach rather than manager. He came in at the deep end as manager in 2016/2017 and I think he said there was a serious amount of work involved coordinating everything in that position. We can imagine.
    Leantimes and others, I disagree with ye on Kevin’s co-commentary.
    Personally, I love this management ticket. It says a lot that they’re willing to go for it. I also think Buckley has unfinished business at intercounty level given how unceremoniously things ended for him in Kerry (I always disliked how he was overlooked there).

  16. Only aspect of that ticket I’d be unsure of is Liam McHale. Players didn’t go for him before so I can’t see how anything would have changed.

  17. Bold move by Mc Stay going to the media and highlighting his team. In fairness he has assembled some group.. He has thrown the curve ball now and basically saying to the board pressure is on lads , go high or go home…
    I’d expect other contenders to pull out now..

  18. If that’s the case Dreamysleepy the players know where the door is and what they can do….

  19. Again like others it’s the best line up I have heard so far with a good geographical spread, knowledge and experience. It puts pressure on the other candidates to come up with an equally as good if not better backroom team. If they cannot do so then they have to give it to the McStay Rochford ticket

  20. And who will they be replaced by liberal? Management need to have the buy in of players. The era of players being seen and not heard is well gone and rightfully so.

  21. @Swallow Swoops, ..On the Sunday Game the day after the event in 2014 as regards Cormac Reilly reffing I’d not Real Time.. Standing on the sideline n the white heat of a big Championship game IS real time, .Jack O Connor took off David Moran immediately after he got overturned and gave the ball away to Dublin in a great attacking position for Dublin and Dublin scored a goal.. David Moran was replaced in less than one minute.. and Jack O Connor didn’t get the chance to look at any replay’s.. that’s objectively in Real Time!

  22. McHale was not liked cause he wrote an article in the western
    Any player still holding grudges over that should be dropped.
    One thing about McHale. He won’t listen to player selection emails.maybe it’s what mayo need

  23. Absence of ego, honesty of effort, Dreamysleepy. If players are calling the shots we’re goosed. I’d rather pick a panel of complete unknowns and work with them rather than have current players dictating especially as they’ve all failed to get over the line. But in any event, I don’t believe this will happen (sticking their noses into the new appointment, regardless of whoever is chosen).

  24. Leantimes, t’was Liberal above who mentioned Kevin’s comments on Cormac Reilly in 2014, not myself.
    I do agree with Liberal that Kevin has probably overcompensated in his commentary over the years so as not to appear biased to Mayo.
    You mention Jack O’Connor above – Jack was not doing co-commentary when he moved David Moran. We’re talking about the things a person considers when they are commenting on front of a national audience. Words carry power but also responsibility. You need to be fairly sure when you are making an assumption, assessment or accusation “in real time” – I’d personally be worried about my words being repeated if I made an accusation. Not to mention that you could have a case to answer if you got it wrong. Kevin did come out that night and say he got it wrong. Maybe too late.
    On O’Connor, I’ve seen him praised for taking Moran off but in reality, was that actually a bold move? Kerry people before the game were anticipating that he would be given 50 minutes. Likewise O’Connor was some ruthless man for taking off Geaney – correct me if I am wrong but was Geaney not taken off in one of Kerry’s earlier matches too?

  25. For me it’s a no. The only one of that crew with the requisite knowledge , temperament and big game experience is Stephen Rochford. Take him out of that line up and you’ve a very mixed bag. I don’t make the rules but Kevin and Liam are very polarizing figures at a time when we all need to come together. I don’t think they have the tools to unify a county.

    If we want to win I believe The leader of the mens county team that’s needed right now should be a bit of a silver backed gorilla ? like Cody or Gavin or Horan or Jack O Connor.

    Rochford,Solan,Dempsey,Mulligan,Shaw may all have things to recommend them.

    The man or woman in charge should be a unifying figure and a strong figure who can handle big personalities and big pressure.

    For me someone like Boyler would be perfect. That’s a silver backed gorilla right there who’ll take no shit and unify a county.

  26. It’s likely players will be consulted and rightly so, but that’s as far as it goes. They certainly won’t get to decide who should be in or not.

  27. How are we writing off the process here and now… I’m of the understanding the applicants are in and undeterred. There’s equally strong tickets about. None have been “leaked” either.

  28. Fair play to McStay thats some management team he has put in place , and I think he will address the main problem in Mayo since 1985 a lack of scoring forwards ,bad kicking techniques and decison making in the last third of the field.

  29. Of course Kevin should have got the gig in 2014. He subsequently went on to do a fantastic job with Roscommon – although not always appreciated. With regards to costs, it’s an absolute no-brainer, given team members geographic locations. I also like the idea that he has remained so loyal to Liam McHale – that’s what good guys do.. Mayo County board must now show a bit of class and let byegones be byegones..

  30. Colm Boyle was a great player . He has absolutely zero managerial experience . Lunacy to suggest he is a better option

  31. If McStay doesnt get the gig now, I will personally not bother purchasing Cairde Mayo season ticket and County Board draw ticket next season.Final straw for some of these County board Executive members.Cant see any management team been as good as McStays.Dempsey would need something big.

  32. Lunacy is a strong word. There aren’t too many characters strong enough to manage these players or the expectation that comes with this job. As someone who has made a very successful living out of picking ,coaching and managing managers,I think I recognize a good candidate when I see one. It would be preferable to have the experience but with equivalent experience – eg playing a huge number of big games and leading by example -when someone is in the right place at the right time , and they’re good enough ..well I,for one, would be willing to try. It’s unlikely that he’ll get the job ( if he even wants it) but his appointment would be a far sighted option. He certainly should be considered for back room team.

  33. Two Yellows, I agree with your point. There is a process in place. I am really not keen on leaks (we’ve had enough of that).
    I like the McStay proposal that’s being mentioned and he probably didn’t want this being discussed prematurely. I would like him to be treated fairly along with the other candidates.

  34. Brian Codyand Colm Boyle for the Mayo job says food for thought??? This blog is hilarious sometimes!!

  35. I couldn’t disagree more Swallow Swoops. It looks like McStay has deliberately set out his stall in the media, hoping to court favour with the masses and against the wishes of the County Board. Wouldn’t be a very unifying approach in my opinion.

  36. Just fyi Achill 75 I did not suggest Brian Cody or any other Cody for the job.I did say Boyler though and as I’ve outlined above my work for 30 years is focused on identifying , hiring,coaching and managing mangers.

  37. @The West is Best.

    Are you sure it was Kevin who leaked the details of a proposed team. Can you prove he leaked the details.

    Hypothetically. Even if that were the case I wouldn’t blame him one bit. He has every right to let the public know who or what his team make up might be.

    Would you advise him to keep his mouth shut and be dragged in to a dark corner by the CB and not even get an interview and be ignored and insulted like he was in 2014.

    Some of the people calling the shots in Mayo are walking around around full of their own self importance.

    No ticket should be hidden away from the public.

    Why should anyone have to keep quite about running for the manager position and who might be on their ticket. Does that not smell like there’s something suspicious going on right there.

    Fair play to Mcstay. Name the different tickets and let’s hear the Elon Musk’s of the Mayo CB explain why they are denying each of the applicants.

    It would be far handier for them to keep everything hidden, like most other things that go on.

    I think Kevin Mcstay deserves his shot and would make a fine manager.

  38. Let’s see what comes from the other excellent candidates. A backroom team is a backroom team. Important pieces around a key leader. That man is essentially the central piece. I’m worried about Rochfords commitment to the job given he was, and let’s be honest here, in for the Meath role. If Flynn gets the job on Monday then Rochford is in with Meath. And I have had great time for Rochford in his previous stint bit let’s be frank, we can’t be second best to anyone if we want to be the best in the country.

  39. Liam Mchale just signed up with Belmullet.
    He can’t get involved with the County set up or can he do the 2 jobs?

  40. The only one I like on the ticket is Damien Mulligan think he did great job with Belmullet. It’s bad enough we’re always going back to mangers for a second time. Now we could have Buckley and Rochford coming back. Buckley was already with Mayo for 6 years

  41. Only yesterday the Connaught Telegraph ran an article to say McStay wouldn’t be putting his name forward once again they are a mile off with the news.

    The main thing that stands out is the management team McStay has put together, its probably strong than any of Horans or Rochfords management

  42. Yup..would very much like to see team McStay installed.. he was a great servant to his county as a player and deserves his shot, not just based on sentiment but also the fact that he has proven his knowledge for years and also has done it at club level (with McHale) at club level…let’s not be thinking what might have been..Also, add Boyler to the ticket to go in and teach some our lads to harden up a bit to compliment Buckleys tackling expertise
    K McStay is on the way ? ?

  43. If the rumours about McStay and the team that he has assembled are correct, he has to get the job, as I cannot see how any of the other candidates can come anywhere near matching that. It is a team full of experience and knowledge and McStay deserves a shot at it. We all want to see Mayo achieve the Holy Grail and finally land Sam and whatever manager manages to do it will automatically become Mayo football legend and will probably replace St. Patrick on top of the column in Westport. I would that it is this prospect that has persuaded Kevin to throw his name into the hat and give up his cushy number with RTE. I couldn’t care less what he said or didn’t say in Co-commentary or elsewhere, if his management group is the best available, then give him the job-it’s a no brainer. Kevin himself has plenty of managerial experience, Stephen was happy to be number 2 at Donegal so why wouldn’t he be happy with the same with Mayo(presumably Kevin cleared this with him) Donie is highly respected and, also, was highly rated previously with Mayo and it is my understanding that Liam’s coaching was highly thought of at Roscommon. It would take an extremely strong package to better this one and I hope that the decision is made on purely football grounds and what is best for Mayo, at this time.

  44. Originally i didnt think much of mcstay for alot of above comments. But this is a boxoffice ticket, Major experience, nothing beats experience . He did well with rossies. Hope he gets it.

  45. I thought you didn’t allow discussion on rumours WJ? Will all the rumoured mgmt teams be getting the same coverage?
    I trust this has nothing to do with the fact McStay is closely associated with the Mayo News podcast.

  46. I’m going to post something very fence sitting and boring for me.
    I’m trusting the process to select the best mgmt team.
    Ray Dempsey is well capable of putting together a strong ticket, so is Kevin Mcstay and so is Mike Solan.
    If Ray Dempsey does indeed have Paul Galvin that would be a serious backroom member. That’s if.
    I’ll back whomever the process selects.

  47. @tubberman, To be fair this isn’t a ‘rumoir’ it’s been reported on RTE news. A respectable media outlet. So it in the public domain, hence in line with house rules.
    It’s not some Whatsapp message going around.
    Your comment showing disrespect to Willie Joe who runs this blog.

  48. Yes Tubberman, nothing to do with the fact that there is an article in the national press about McStays ticket

  49. Can they kick the ball over the bar though? Maybe McStay in his heyday, granted 😉

    Joking aside, hard to know what to make of it really. Was never overly enamoured with McStay’s analysis on the Sunday Game, he’s a very nice guy, but talk about mastering the art of stating the obvious. That said, I won’t let that fully cloud my judgment. Didn’t do anything with Ros really that Anthony Cunningham (who I don’t rate from his time in Galway) didn’t subsequently go on and do. never beat Mayo however if I recall, which Cunningham did do

    Credit to him, he won an All Ireland club championship, which was a fine achievement. Yet a harsh critic might point out that Brigids absolutely ruled Roscommon in that era and were guaranteed a spot in Connacht every year, which obviously was a huge help in peaking much later than other sides who came through very tough county championships. Also the same harsh critics might point out it was the one year that neither Castlebar or Corofin won their county titles, and they used their momentum beating lesser sides in Connacht incredibly well. So delving more into the detail some may question whether this alone places him on an automatic pedestal over some of his competitors. That said I wouldn’t be knocking the achievement at all myself, any all Ireland win is certainly special. How much it was down to management vs virtuoso performances by Frankie Dolan, Karol Mannion, the Kilbrides etc. is a matter of opinion I guess

    Declan Shaw, in fairness to him, had to contend with (and beat in 2015 – with a certain S Rochford over them that day) the best club side ever, within the province. Dempsey is on the back of a two-in-a-row with a far from vintage Knockmore side, this is no one-off golden generation or anything like it – they don’t even have a guaranteed inter county starter, and there are at least 3 or 4 sides in Mayo with better players available, and starting teams on paper. Maybe this feat is actually the finest one pulled off by any of the contenders… I guess achievements are all relative

    Anyhow lets see what happens!

  50. Joe Ruane – that’s a disgraceful comment and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that you’ve previous form from some years back in relation to posting comments of a personally insulting nature about this person. You won’t be doing that again here.

    Tubberman – as others have already pointed out, the mooted management team had already been reported widely in the national media – as well as RTÉ, all the nationals covered it last night – so it’s more than a rumour. Your sly dig about the podcast is, however, duly noted.

    All – I need to ask for a bit of restraint in making comments about this development and the individuals involved. While I’ve no issue with contributors making criticisms about the merits of named individuals on this reported ticket, these have to be measured and reasonable. Those who can’t – or, more properly, won’t – do this would be better off sharing their thoughts with the world on other platforms, as I’m not interested in hosting character assassinations here.

  51. Has the job ever been about who was best for it or who was best for the CB to control? I hope the selection process doesnt become a s*h*t show for the media to fill space during the silly season and negative focus again on Mayo GAA.

  52. Very strong team. No reason to believe McStay leaked this as there has been some info let out previously and some even attributed to CB members. I would imagine it would be a huge risk for CB to go elsewhere because if that alternative ticket wasn’t successful (define success for yereselves but I think it means All Ireland success) they would be chewed. Tubberman, this is way more than rumour with RTE and IT reporting. Back to my what I said at the start though, it looks like a very strong and balanced team. Delighted to have Rochford and Buckley named too because those guys have unfinished business with us and can only imagine that they would be hugely motivated to succeed.

  53. If Damien Lawlor got this right you’d have to say it looks like a strong ticket. We all have our own opinions on the subject but shouldn’t dismiss anyone who has a different view. Being honest here I couldn’t really say I know what any of the candidates would bring that makes them the obvious correct choice. However if the article about Kevin McStay and his team is correct I believe it shows a depth of belief that he can get the job done. It looks like a backroom team that ticks plenty of boxes and proves McStay has real desire for the job.

  54. BlackRock Exile no doubt it’s a strong team on paper but to suggest going with another management team that might be unsuccessful is a bit unfair. You said success as winning all Irelands. No body on that management team has won a senior inter county all Ireland but yet it’s being talked up as a dream team. In my opinion it’s a team of big names that have had relative success and get a lot of media attention. But for me the must exciting name in that list is Mulligan as a few others have said also. It just seems by all the reaction on social media that this process is now finished before it even started. A lot of pressure coming on the CB to “give” the job to this team. Very unfair to other candidates. Would this carry on go on in Kerry up Dublin? It was tried last year in Kerry with a star studded management team that was getting a lot of media attention but didn’t get the job. If someone other then McStay does get the job there will be a lot of sour talk about them now because of what has happened in the last 24 hours.

  55. I like the McStay ticket. It has all the qualifications with experience in club and county management. I remember Brigid’s as a strong club team who repeatedly failed to make progress in the All Ireland series, and McStay/McHale steered them to the title. This is a good blueprint for the Mayo job, and I think they deserve a crack at it

  56. Would be delighted with that team. McStay is a hugely knowledgeable GAA man, Buckley top class coach, Rochford has seen it all before while the others will also bring their own merits. While I think he is an excellent TV pundit, I would not base it on that. He should have got the job in 2014, was always keen to manage the county team at senior level, so maybe now is the time. Interesting how he and O Rourke are keen to get off their comfortable chairs in The Sunday Game and put their necks on the line.. Kevin, like other potential Mayo managers know, that its a demanding gig. The desire for Sam is huge and success or failure may be judged on securing that.

  57. It’s a rumour in that the deadline for submissions has not yet passed, and nobody involved in the rumoured ticket has yet confirmed they are part of that, or any other, ticket.
    It just seems a very coordinated release – across multiple platforms and newspapers.
    Maybe that’s a sign McStay is trying to make sure he’s not outflanked again which would be a sign he has more cuteness than I thought up to now.
    I just don’t think it’s fair to be anointing to new mgmt team before we know all the runners and riders.

  58. I am attending Mayo games for over sixty five years. I have experienced more than my share of disappointment down through the decades .The team of the last ten years gave me optimism but we still wait and hope .
    If it is true that Kevin McStay has assembled that group to manage Mayo then it should bring hope one more time to the county. Maybe in the next year or two we might reach the pinnacle before I have my second foot in the grave.

  59. Met Sean McBride a few years ago in Spain and he said McHale was the best coach his 2 sons,inter county players,ever played under.

  60. Wouldn’t necessarily disagree with what you’ve said, Green & Red, just saying that it would be a big call. I can see that the other guys that have been spoken about that are in contention are very similar to where JH would have been back in 2011 and, for me, he worked out very well for us and has brought us on so much. So, it might be the right call to go with one of the other guys. I for sure don’t know enough about them either way but I do like the look of McStay’s proposed team.

  61. Mayo is neither Roscommon nor St Brigid’s, where it must be said Kevin did very well.

    He deserves a shot with his own county, where he’ll bring all his expertise but most importantly his immense drive and passion for Mayo. There are no guarantees how any candidate might fare but Kevin and his backroom team certainly tick plenty of boxes. It’s an exciting prospect.

  62. @Towinjustonce, keen to get off their comfortable chairs or have RTE told them politely to move on? Spillane, O’Rourke and McStay all gone in one season may be coincidence but the social media coverage giving out about RTE analysis and punditry wouldn’t be gone unnoticed in Montrose….

    @Ciaran, valid considerations, a great achievement alright but could you add also with a team that had been in previous years all Ireland final before they came in?

    @Green&Red also very valid points, while looks good on paper what’s new or fresh about it? No voice of A.I. winning experience there.
    Buckley clearly an excellent coach but having done so many years with Mayo already what can older guard get from him now that that’s different? Sometimes a completely different voice can make a difference to lads, especially if one has winning experience. Even if they came out with something that may sound daft lads be thinking, “that’s mad, but feck it he has the medals, let’s give it a whirl…”

  63. Hello

    Will have to get to like Kevin McStay.

    At least he might give up his co-commentary role.

    Too many cooks…….?


  64. Rochford and buckley, been there done that, for several years, need new faces. McHale and mcstay a bit too fame hungry for my liking but they can point to a great win with St brigids so there is that. I am enthused by the mention of Damien mulligan though

    I’d like to see the tickets solan and Dempsey have lined up before making any judgement on best one, the one I was hearing for Dempsey sounded like the freshest most modern lineup to me.

    If its a case that it’s already been decided to go for the most famous ticket because of media coverage then we will be doomed before we begin

  65. youre spot on Gizmobobs.. had forgotten Brigids made an All Ireland final in 2011, and indeed a semi in 2012, before McStay came in

  66. Interesting.
    For me this is the stand-out management panel. If they don’t get the gig the CB would have an awful lot of explaining to do as to why they DIDN’T get the job. There is a huge bank of experience and knowledge in that group from club to county to intercounty, allied to some pretty smart individuals too. Rochford and McStay are smart, measured, calm personalities who will be well capable in getting their message across. Buckley and MacHale are widely regarded as tactically, innovative coaches and in Mulligan you have probably the brightest young manager in the county.
    Some are dismissive of McStays achievements with St.Brigids in Roscommon. You had two Mayo legends going into the heart of Roscommon GAA and getting “buy-in” from a very challenging and talented bunch of players, many of them senior intercounty players. That alone is a great achievement but to get those players to follow them all the way and get them to listen and believe in their message wasn’t easy done. Would Mayo players have done likewise for Rosies coming in telling them how to play football??
    It has also been commented above that by having Buckley and Rochford on the ticket is “going back” to what was tried and failed before. Firstly, no one got us closer to winning Sam than those two men. Compare Rochfords 2 AIFs to Horans 4 AIFs. They are chalk and cheese on every aspect of the game, tactically, match-ups, control of the tempo of the game, calmness and decision making of the players, etc etc. There is no comparision. Secondly, many of the players who were on the panel during that time are no longer on the panel, eg Clarke, Barrett, Higgins, Cafferkey, Boyle, Moran, Vaughan, Parsons, Seamie O’Shea and these have been replaced by new faces. There is only a handful of lads – Hennelly, AOS, Durcan, McLoughlin and Keegan who are still present.
    As for McStay, he is on record as having a very definite idea as to what to do with AOS and how to get the best out of him. That is crucial going forward because, like him or not, AOS will have an influence on next years panel. Whether inside at 14, or coming from the bench, he is still a weapon to be used. One that Horan never had a really true idea how to use.
    Over to the geniuses’ who designed the “process” and the selection committee. For once, get this right!

  67. Whoever gets it I think it’s vital they get a strong performance coach as I think this is Mayo’s weak link over the years

  68. Yep, I like it, Buckley was crucial in are tackle and turnover counts when he was on board.
    Rochford has been in the cauldron and tactially i think is good.
    As been pointed he got Bridget over the line when they could have faded away like Clann na Gael who never got there
    Give him his shot

  69. While Rochford won All-Ireland with Corifin, and got Mayo job. So too has McStay at St.Brigids, which is a bigger achievment as far as I am concerned. But not sure how the dyamics of his backroom team will work. Individual these are all good GAA brains but I just dont know. But I like Liam McHale as a player, might have been my favourite player as a teenager, but as a coach, I have my reservation. Well if he got the job, I would be hoping he keep his head down and concentrate on on field stuff, as Ciaran Mc, done under Horan

  70. Tubberman – as you well know, seeing as you’ve been using this free of charge facility to post comments for several years, the rule here about rumours is that people aren’t allowed to post unconfirmed stories. If a story is covered by all the nationals, then it’s fair game for discussion. That’s always been the way and there’s nothing new in relation to this story.

    How the story came into the public domain is another issue but of course all manner of Mayo GAA stories – much of them pure fiction – make it into print nowadays, to say nothing about the scutter that’s spread on social media on a more or less constant basis.

  71. Yes, players should be consulted on the management team and they should be listened to if there is an aspect of that management team that they don’t necessarily believe in. They are the ones going to training and going out to play. This put up and shut up nonsense isn’t actually going to make players play. And as for going with “unknowns” – good luck and enjoy the doldrums.

  72. Jr, thank you for saying this about McHale as a coach – giving a report of how excellent he was found to be by two intercounty players from another county.

  73. Not sure about Rochford and Buckley coming back. We’ve been there and done that. Surely there are some coaches out there who could offer a new voice?

  74. @pebblesmeller
    What is McStays grand plan for AOS? If its to play him at full forward then God spare us all, thats been tried and failed to death now.

    I think McSTay likes to be liked, going by his grovelling after the john small incident last year, worry that McStay would be afraid to go after sacred cows in that squad, nobodys place should be guaranteed. Why should AOS or anyone else be guaranteed their spot?

  75. Supermac, “likes to be liked” and “afraid to go after sacred cows” – there is no solid basis for sweeping statements like this about McStay. None that holds water in any way.
    Have you ever played under him? It’s an outside shot to ask you that, I know. I’d listen to those who have actual experience of what he is like in the engine room, coaching field or sideline.
    For example, if you met Lee Keegan or heard him commenting a game, you think he was the nicest fella going.
    Met him on a playing field and you might think the opposite.
    It’s annoying – for me anyway – to hear pronouncements like this about McStay and making out he hasn’t the mettle to manage where the ideas don’t hold up. I actually think he could be quite a formidable leader.
    End of rant.

  76. From my previous comment it might sound like I am anti McStay. I actually quite like him and his success with Brigits has to be noted. But one thing I can’t shift my mind on is when he was over Roscommon he had a documentary crew from AIB in the dressing room and meeting rooms when they were prepping for match’s. To me that seems very unprofessional. And I know it’s in the past but I don’t see how that rubs well. Could you imagine if Roscommon had lost that Connaught final and that doc had been released? The Rosie’s would have killed the poor man.

  77. Posted this in another thread in relation to the leak of the McStay ticket:

    I would think it was done ensure a repeat of 2014 doesn’t occur where despite there being a “process”, the preferred candidates were already selected in advance.

    You might also recall more recently in 2018 (as stated by Edwin in the Mayo News) about county board officials calling to a house in Ballaghaderreen prior to any interviews taking place.

    And possibly the most positive media campaign in 2010, when the county board had selected Tommy Lyons but for a furious backlash amongst the public and the media which resulted in James Horan taking the job. How different would our last decade have been if this hadn’t happened.

    I don’t blame McStay one bit for leaking his ticket. He’s been screwed a few times by a lack of due process and he’s not going to let it happen again.

  78. dreamysleepynightysnoozysnooze,
    The players are the LAST ones that should be consulted. Players play, managers manage. If players don’t understand that then they should be shown the door. There can only be one dog in the house, and that dog MUST be the manager. Also, after last Septembers display and all of this year, the players have ZERO authority to call shots on a new management team. In my honest opinion, they’re very lucky boys that Galway did not win last Sunday. I believe there would have been a massive backlash against the Mayo squad if we, as supporters, had to put up with the Herring Chokers further ridiculing us for failing in AIFs, had they gone on to win. The players had their say that night out in the Ballyheane clubhouse when they, in effect, ousted a management team. Like them or not, neither Holmes or Connelly deserved that treatment. It wouldn’t have been that bad if the players went on to finish the job by winning Sam, but they didn’t. So, in summary, the players should just STFU and play.

    I don’t believe AOS at 14 has been tried to death. It hasn’t always worked but we have never had the correct structure around that tactical ploy to make it work. There is a world of difference between getting him in on the edge of the square and then getting hard-running half backs and half forwards trying to hand pass their way up the field to him, as opposed to gettin a nippy corner forward around him and half forwards who can accurately deliver long angled foot passes in front of AOS. That tactic is a high risk v high reward decision. The risk is that you will probably only retain 50% to 60% of the balls that go into a target FF, but the reward is you’ll almost certainly either win a free in front of the posts or get a shot off in the scoring zone. Our current tactic of very low risk v even lower reward (ie retaining 90% through handpassing but never getting a shot off) is not working.
    Also, read my post again. No where did I say that AOS is guaranteed a spot…”Whether inside at 14, or coming from the bench”.

  79. Rochford on the ticket is a plus for me. Cool, calm and happy to be at the back. Was unsure about McHale’s input – granted I know little of him in a coaching capacity – but as someone posted above about his popularity with inter county players, that will do me.

    As for putting Boyler in charge, I’ve heard it all.

  80. If that’s the management ticket then I’d be all for it.I wouldn’t have wanted McStay but the whole team he’s allegedly put together swings it for me.

    One thing that’s bothering me is what is the source of this news? I know it’s been reported now on reputable sites but the only source that I can see is that rat on twitter.Nobody on the alleged management team has confirmed anything or indeed to my knowledge has it been confirmed yet by any other source.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the original source just plucked names out of the air to then put the boot in when this team (or not team in full) are not accepted by the CB.The narrative has now been set that its a major mistake by the county board if they don’t ratify this management ticket (none of whom have confirmed or commented if this proposal even exists)

  81. Exactly, and why are all the national papers and Rte (and the blog) so keen to run with it when nobody involved has commented on it!?
    Or maybe someone involved has released it and doesn’t want to put their name to it. Curiouser and curiouser…

  82. Bit heavy on the North Mayo side of things but not putting that down as a negative. I could see McStay operating in stand and Rochford on ground.
    As some poster said theres a bit of everything there. Its certainly the strongest team mentioned to date and would keep most supporters on side imo.

  83. What’s curiouser and curiouser, Tubberman, is that you seem intent to fire repeated slurs in my direction about this. As I’ve pointed out, I’ve handled this story on the blog in exactly the same way as I’ve done with numerous other ones down the years, i.e. once something is reported in the media (and this has, by several reputable GAA journalists), then it’s fair game to be discussed here. That’s all that’s to it, as well you know seeing as you’ve been active on the blog for years but this doesn’t appear to fit the narrative you’re seeking to peddle.

  84. I agree wrt mcstay being screwed over by not playing the media game before.

    For me this is a positive, whatever you think about leaking in general, it shows he’s learning from previous experience and potentially a ruthlessness that we’ve all too often been accused of lacking

  85. The fact that our revered host has opened this up on the blog and that it has nigh on 100 posts tells us everything. This team has raised the stakes and set pulses racing. I’m keen on it, while not dismissing other options. It puts McStay in a new perspective, though not so sure about McHale.

  86. The other issue I see about the amadan on twitter is someone from the executive is obviously leaking info to him if this all pans out to be true .

  87. Fair play everyone call it off. Someone contact Solan, Shaw and Dempsey and say they need not apply as McStay and his media friends (who would not report a random source like that lad on twitter) have wooed ye all with some names. Disappointing to see no one can realise other teams will likely be equally as strong and show patience.

    Best of luck McStay. Contract signed tomorrow hopefully!

  88. Ah just trying to stir healthy debate and not necessarily take everything at face value. There’s always games and back channels involved in these things.
    No disrespect meant to you personally WJ.

  89. The idea that players should have no input into the new management team is ridiculous. Comments like ”Show them the door” are off the mark. If for instance 50% of a Mayo panel have no confidence in the Manager selected or of some of the management team ability how do we expect to win an All Ireland. Its the Players who make the sacrifices . Traveling hours to Training, Training very hard and some will not make the match day 26, Some will be dropped after the pre season training . missing out on Social activities with their friends , injury, dealing with the personal disappointment when not been selected or after a loss. Maintaining a specified diet. Receiving and dealing with abuse from some ”So called fans”

    Players need to have belief in the entire Management Team . When preparing and receiving instruction in how the Team are to play in any give game, Half Time Team instructions etc. If the players have no confidence in the Management Team they will not buy in 100% . Listening to the Limerick hurlers and Kerry footballers in the aftermath of this years All Ireland wins you could see the close bond between the full panel of players including the extended panels and the management teams

  90. Two Yellows,
    I hear you but to be fair Rochford, Buckley, Mulligan and McHale are not just “names”. You have county, provincial and All Ireland winning club managers in there and, in Buckley, one of the most sought after coaches in the country. They may not be your preferred choice but they’re the only ones we can comment on at the minute.

    As for the other candidates? They have missed a trick by not revealing their backroom teams because they are on the backfoot now. I think that was a smart move by McStay and if it meant leaning on his media friends to “leak” it then so what. Jim Gavin had the media in the palm of his hand for 5 years and it didn’t do him any harm.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree so. Many of our players haven’t even won a league or county title with their clubs so how any of them could judge club All Ireland winning managers is beyond me. The old phrase of “show us your medals” does mean something.
    I get what you’re saying but I stand by what I said, after last September our players have no authority to dictate who gets the job and if we go back down that road you’re as well to forget about it because they will never be consensus among the players group as to who is the best man for the job. Inevitably there will be splits. Keep those Ballyheane clubhouse keys handy, because they’ll be needed again!
    Players play, coaches coach and managers manage.

  92. Pebblesmeller it’s hard to judge this management team in my opinion. I’ve heard a number of people on here say that club management is different to inter county management. This is a star studded management team that has 0 all Ireland medals to their name. For me I can’t call that star studded. It’s a decent team but I would question if it’s the answer.

    I had a comment deleted on a previous thread about comments I made about Buckley. Apparently my facts were wrong. Donie Buckley seems to be classed as an excellent coach in every county outside his own, Kerry. In 2011 he was with Jack O’Connor. In 2012 Jack went with a different coach. Peter Keane did the same in 2020 with Donie. And only last year he was on the Kerry management team with all the big names that was rejected by the county board. The man is a good coach, but if Kerry don’t think he’s the answer then I’m worried.

    It’s become quite clear now that the media have jumped on this, in particular the national media. It looks as if McStay has backed the CB into a hard place. And when you have that genius on Twitter leaking the management team yesterday and then today recommending solan and Dempsey pull out then I’m sorry, but this whole process has been a disgrace. And then we wonder why the likes of Jim Gavin and Jim McGuinness wouldn’t dream of coming near Mayo.

    Anyway it’s like this, if McStay gets the job (which looks guaranteed now) I’ll back him and support his team. But I just hope that he gets it in a fair way.

  93. The comments here are a timely reminder that no matter who gets the gig not everyone will be happy!

    If true, it’s a strong ticket with a mix of everything. McStay also brings experience at inter county level.

    It will be interesting to see the other candidates and their respective teams.

    Side note but it’s really noticeable the underlying anger and toxicity in an awful lot of comments. Having to moderate and keep people (I’d assume a lot of who are adults) within the bounds of basic house rules is getting tiresome to read let alone actually police! This is a free blog done in spare time, can’t be hard to give it a bit of respect. And before anyone asks, I don’t know WJ from a bar of soap, I just enjoy the blog and generally enjoy the comments section.

  94. This is Kevin Mcstays last stand to secure the mayo managers job and he is doing a mighty job . He is putting everything out in the open and not bothering with the sealed package like in 2014 when he assumed he would be getting the job. YOU would have to admire his determination. Time will tell whether he has done enough to get the job but i think he has now forced the county board to bend over and give him the mayo managers job. I think he will do a fantastic job with the players we have and SAM will soon be coming back to MAYO.

  95. Green&Red – completely agree about Donie Buckley. Not sure why he’s so highly rated? Came into Mayo in 2012 when we were already one of the top 2 teams in the country so there was no big improvement during his 6 years with us. 3 of those years we didn’t even win Connacht.

    Probably the fact he was a Kerry man coming to Mayo made people think he was doing some great work.

  96. Wide Ball, I think Buckley is highly rated because players from teams he have been involved with have spoken very highly of him and what he brings as a coach.

  97. It’s interesting Wide Ball. I’m not coming on here to insult anyone but I’d just love to look at things with a clear view. He didn’t exactly get a bounce out of Monaghan over the last 2 years either but I wouldn’t put that all down on him. I would love to see all the candidates teams. Just to get a flavour of what’s out there. But I personally think the media and leaks have made this process extremely difficult now. Does anyone know what the actual process is? I was under the impression that the club nominated a name for the job. If that’s the case why didn’t McStay just give his name? And then detail his management team in the process. I can understand why leaking the team could put pressure on the CB but is it in the right spirit?

  98. MayoMayo1 – when Andy Moran retired he had huge praise for James Burke’s coaching under Horan. Many players have said how good a coach Ciaran McDonald is. TBH it’s rare players will say anything negative about a manager/coach in public.

    I just can’t figure out why Buckley has this legendary standing compared to others who have achieved as much and more than him.

  99. forget all this nonsense about having to have an A.I medal in the back pocket to be any good, we had a manager in mayo with seven AI medals in his back pocket and he was the second worst manager we ever had .

  100. When i heard the McStay “Team” as a rumour a few days ago it was a big NO from me but its growing on me.

    Kevin McStay – initially a no, but when you think of his background (Army) and the way the managers job has evolved plus his experience in Roscommon and St Bridgids I think this can work
    Rochford – was not in favour of him as a manager this time – thought it was too close to his last time. Here a part of the “backroom”, doesnt have to spend time on the other tasks – he can coach/work on team stragegy then this works for me
    Buckley – No. Did he work under three management teams for us (from end of Horan onto Holmes/Connelly and then with Rochford). He brought us on a long way. He was best coach in Ireland at the time. But other coaches have caught up. I would prefer someone else
    Liam McHale – would liked to have seen how Belmullet do this year. He has got of to a great start with them. BAckroom experience in Roscommon and Clare. Again i think this will work
    Mulligan – I think this is a super appointment. Has proven himself in club management. Has knowledge of the Mayo club scene

    In summary would like to see Donnie Buckley removed from the ticket but overall this is a good fit.

    But lets see what the alternartives are. Nice to see competition for the job and people putting themselves out there. At least they are motivated for it

  101. To me this is the best option with no disrespect to the others, I’d be delighted with that combo

  102. I have a strange feeling this might not go the way most people are thinking. It seems as if the CB are backed into a corner. Dont be surprised if they react badly to that and do the unexpected. I think it was Mark Twain who said “There ain’t no accountin for folks!”

  103. I think its a master stroke by whoever leaked the management team and puts a massive amount of pressure on the county board, and really puts them under the microscope.

    Any ticket that beats the leaked management team will really need to be of top quality and will need to interview well. If this isn’t the case and there is any sense of a backroom deal, the public outcry will be massive.

    Any idea that the county board have already selected their man and the rest of the process was just a sham is out the window now.

  104. I’m not convinced by McStay option but I’ll support them if that’s who gets it. I think there’ll be conflicts among the assistants especially with McHale having McStay’s ear. Mulligan is the best of them IMO, was a solid player and now a solid Manager.
    I prefer Dempsey’s ticket as its the only truely New Approach which I think this group of players crave. Whoever gets it I’m optimistic for 2023. #keepthefaith

  105. You know, I’d be afraid to put my name forward for anything. Very strong opinions and polarising comments on practically every name mentioned.
    Fair play to each and every person who put their name forward. It’s terrific that people still hope and believe in Mayo football.
    I honestly don’t care who gets the job so long as they get the very best for Mayo. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to others and their success or seeming success. Mayo is a bloody amazing county. Our football, when we play with wild, enthusiastic hearts, is spine tingling. We have talent and passion and I hope we never lose that.
    Hearing ppl disparage Donie Buckley because he wasn’t good enough for Kerry, reminds me of those lines, a prophet is never accepted in his own country/County. He did little wrong with Mayo previously and my memory of our tackling and ruthlessness still excites me.
    Let the county board get on with their job. May the best person or people get the job and let’s get behind them and give them all our support.
    Willie Joe. Thank you. You do amazing work on this blog and other platforms. You deserve credit and respect for the dedication to Mayo GAA.
    When a team pulls together they’re much stronger, much more effective than people pulling and dragging in all directions. Let’s get ourselves focused. Park your gripes and trust… Mayo will do just perfectly when we pull together. Hup Mayo.
    Maigheo abú. Míle buíochas.

  106. Thedarkyfinn, how can you say this is the best mgmt team, when we don’t yet know what the other potential mgmt teams are!?

  107. I would like if people paused before assuming McStay or part of that ticket leaked this team to the press.
    It is an assumption to say he leaked it. I don’t personally buy that he did.
    We have experience here in Mayo over the last few years of other quarters leaking things. It is just as likely that the ‘leak’ came from another source.
    And why would that be? Sensation. Funny notions.
    McStay’s ticket is strong enough to stand with any others within the process when all the applications are opened after close of business this evening. He doesn’t need leaks.
    I also have a feeling that there are other good management proposals coming down the tracks. It makes me nervous to see this one so much talked about. I don’t want hopes raised and then dashed. Please God it all works out well – the entire process, I mean.
    On Buckley, he is a top class coach. Why have people such short memories? He is credited with our tenacious defending from 2013 to 2017 where in the words of Gamechanger10 Mayo defenders like Chris Barrett, Colm Boyle, Keith Higgins would strip the bark off a tree, they were that mean, tough and unrelenting. Not to mention Lee Keegan. Andy Moran said Donie Buckley did great work with Lee, in particular, in helping him to channel his aggression.
    It’s inspiring to think that these men (and the ones on the other tickets) are willing to put time, energy, reputation, commitment on the line for this team.

  108. Mcstay certainly got the first punch in but was it to put pressure on county board or could some of his team also be part of other tickets looking for the gig.Rochford wasnt done any favours by being named on an unsucessful management team bid for the Meath job earlier this week.

  109. If the reports are true and not yet having a view of other management teams as yet and what they might bring…..on balance you would have take this ticket very seriously as they are experienced and have all been very successful in other roles and there is no evidence to suggest that they could not be the team that gets Mayo over the line.
    This is a management team that carries less risk than others and at this juncture thats important.

  110. I know we can’t mention the other tickets (yet) that are doing the rounds but if they are true they are all strong in their own way, some look very fresh and would be a different approach. Mcstays is very obviously strong but if we keep doing the same thing ……. Hope the CB list all the names, its very impressive.

  111. Not as yet, Mayoman in Meath – in fact there’s no confirmation at all about who is or isn’t going for the position. The deadline for expressions of interest is 6pm this evening so there may be word after that, though that’s not certain either.

  112. WJ, any consideration to getting involved at some level yourself or have you enough on your plate trying to police this place and improving the national infrastructure? Thanks again for this blog, great service.

  113. Any chance of the CB releasing a statement listing the official candidates for interview for transparency? It will quieten the rumour mill of who is or isn’t in for the job if nothing else.

  114. Thank God it’s not some of the people on this blog that are making decisions. How can people just pick the 1st ticket that they see? It beggars belief. Have any of the people involved ever coached their own club teams at senior level. Would love to hear from some Stephenites folk as to why McStay and McHale did not get their gig.

  115. I must say Willie Joe that you have the patience of a saint,because no matter what you do someone always feels that they know more,I have spent many years following the blog without paying for anything,but I have joined the patron section so now feel that I am giving something back,if this is the management team so be it,I for one think that it is a good one ,thank you again Willie Joe and up Mayo

  116. Bit laughable some saying Buckley is only fancied because he’s from Kerry. Do me favour, does anyone think that in all the jobs he had before it was purely because he was from Kerry rather than his credentials as a coach? Sometimes things just don’t work out, maybe personality clash or disputes about tactics but whatever, it doesn’t mean the one who moves on is a failure. John O’Mahony got us to a final we could have won but was forced out 2 years later. It didn’t prevent him winning 2 A.I.s with Galway. No more than any on here I don’t know who will get the post but I will be fully behind whoever it is because there’s no point in praying for one group and going against the eventual winners if it’s not your choice. I just hope the right group get the job because let’s face I, for some of us following the Green and Red from boy/girl to fairly old men/women time is starting to run out!

  117. For some reason I think this job has been given to someone already or the the Co Board know the person they want and a backroom team is included in the deal.
    Never going to be an easy job, being manager of Mayo Senior team, all applicants should be commended for their bravery, tough job.

  118. Kevin Mcstay& Co is definitely the dream team
    & anything other that winning Sam in the next
    3 years MsStay would consider it a failure,
    I really admire the belief he has in achieving
    this goal ,Up Mayo,

  119. Christ alive… Patience folks. There’s tickets to come, how can you declare a strongest ticket when it’s literally the only ticket. Incredibly reactionary. By all accounts around the place the other tickets are as strong if not better.

  120. Does anyone who had repeatedly suggested that AOS play Full Forward, who was in Co Commentry on RTE when AOS played Full Forward v Dublin in last year’s All Ireland semifinal and again last year’s All Ireland final v Tyrone, when AOS was given the perfect pass 60 yard pass over the Tyrone defense and the Tyrone Goalkeeper outfield, with an open Goal at his Mercy, and Zilch.. deserve to be the Mayo Manager?..I think Aiden O Shea can have a huge role to play for Mayo in the future, probably as an impact sub… Anyone who would start him Full Forward forget it!

  121. Also, fair dues to the rest for not stooping to the same process today. Thought many would. Shows they’re willing to go for it on their own merits and not a wave of hype and media support.

  122. A very good appointment if Kevin McStay & crew are brought in for Mayo management & coaches, looks good going forward. It’s time to change it up a bit now & the players will realise that’s what’s going to happen fairly quickly which is a good thing.
    The panel of players that McStay & crew chooses will be very interesting to say the least, I’d say there will be a few surprises, hopefully they will find 5 or 6 players in the next few months to freshen it up & bring a bit of bite to training to see who makes the squad in January/February. A v B games should be very interesting to sort things out properly, Best of luck to all involved.

  123. Mayo man 89,I totally agree with the different applicants with their approval of course.

  124. left boot, McStay is not the new manager at this point in time, so talking about him picking a panel is just a small bit premature. Should the other applicants be given a hearing at all?

  125. There is ONE thing I admire Kevin McStay for,(even though he is still not my choice as manager)..He stood up to the the Connacht GAA board and insisted on a certain Connacht Final being played in Dr Hyde Park, even though Roscommon lost that particular game he was 100% to do that, for many reasons..Whoever gets the Job, in my opinion needs to be prepared to stand up to many in the GAA, be that Connacht, the CCCC, or Croke Park and ensure fair play in terms of fixtures and Venue’s and Times as well,.. and who knows it might help bring back some of the Mayo support lost in the last few years..In fact I think that virtually every County GAA manager needs to be prepared to stand up to those in authority in the GAA, bar Dublin’s Manager… Since the turn of the millennium and especially in the last decade, you would wonder if those in Croke Park and the CCCC were puppet’s and Dublin GAA were the puppeteers, .. For me it’s another minimum requirement to be able to stand up to the Pro Dublin Corporate GAA!

  126. I have always thought McStay tried to be a crowd pleaser, go along with whatever he thought the general consensus of the day was. When did you ever see/hear McStay annoyed or passionate about anything?
    Maybe he’s more his own man and knows his own mind – he’d have to be, or else I just can’t see how he could make it work in the Mayo job. It’s certainly not a job for the light hearted!

    I’ll be waiting to see the make up of all the applicant teams, I’m hoping Dempsey has a strong setup behind him, a shrinking violet he is not 🙂

  127. @Two Yellows you should get two yellow cards from saying ticket(s) so often in that sentence

  128. @Green&Red

    On the AIB documentary Mcstay has since stated why it was done. Basically Roscommon had no money and he stuck a deal with the AIB which ended up paying for the Roscommon panel to stay in a hotel in Dublin the week of the AI quarter final. He’s not going to have the same lack of money issues at Mayo

  129. Sometimes the way posts are written, or maybe it might be the spelling, but sometimes the posts read very funny.

    Earlier someone had suggested that Mcstay should get the job for

    ” getting Bridget over the line “.

    Bridget must be a very cantankerous creature if it takes that kind of effort to get her over the line.

  130. @tubberman are you the new stirrer in town.. For me this is an exciting ticket. I’ve always liked mcstay and think Mchale gets a raw deal about past stories that may not even be true and I would like the basketball side of things he would bring. Recently coming up to big matches we would be reading here about all the secrecy around the football matters and now when there is news some are complaining. As posted by someone earlier we had a manager with a bucket of medals who was disastrous and pj with 2 medals has failed so far with galway so managers with medals don’t guarantee all irelands. Let the rest of the teams show their hands and we can have a right debate until then none of this rubbish telling us not to be commenting when we only know one ticket.

  131. On the issue of the camera in the dressing room padraig Joyce had it this year following galway and nobody complaining about that or 98 when O’Mahony had it with galway.

  132. The McStay “rumour” has certainly generated a huge amount of comment on this blog, which I suppose is a healthy sign of our interest in the appointment. Best of luck to all the candidates, who all deserve credit for putting their names forward, considering the amount of personal abuse that they are likely to be subjected to, especially on social media by the keyboard warriors-I can only assume that they are all motivated by a desire to bring Sam to their native country, at long last-why else would you do it? I am trusting the county board to make the decision, based purely on what is best for Mayo football, at this point in time, based on the management teams put together and their ideas and plans and not to be influence, either positively or negatively, by any prior rumours. There are too many conspiracy theories already, such as some of the rumored teams inability to get on with others-presumably everyone knows who else is on their team and are happy with that. I also don’t agree that you need to have an All-Ireland medal in your arse pocket to make a successful manager or member of the coaching staff-there have been many successful managers, in various sports, who were not hugely successful as players. In any case, we all need to get behind whoever gets the gig.

  133. True Green and Red. Sure Sean Boylan never played football as far as I know. He was a hurler.

  134. An intriguing queen’s gambit against a county board lining up the draughts board.
    McStay got shafted last time when he somehow didn’t get the job when he was the only candidate.
    This time, he’s played a blinder – presented what is a very solid team with great experience to the media the night before closing date.
    To my mind, the most intriguing person on that ticket it mulligan. Took an unfancied Belmullet all the way to a county final. Serious operator.

    One thing for sure – this will not be the last turn in this particular road.

  135. Independent reporting Solan with Aidan o Rourke, Eamon O Hara, Mark Ronaldson and Alan Murphy ex league of Ireland. Hopefully the other candidates/teams are now also made public…

  136. Wonder what happened Liam McHale on his sudden departure from Athlone. If Kevin did not have his brother in law on the ticket who would he have.

  137. Home alone and watched the ’17 final again to pass the night. What a team we had then and it brought it all back watching it how the players, management and fans all looked so passionate and in it together. You would miss that drama and those heroic displays. Rochford was so animated I thought and if it happens it would be class to have him back involved.
    Cillian was in some form back then and how you would miss Boyler, Higgins and Barrett. I wonder if we will ever be able to recreate such a team again. They were fantastic and they really did deserve at least one

  138. Tubberman – My support of McStay ticket is based on my opinion it is the best and most experienced combo most likely put forward. I don’t think it will be bettered in all honesty looking at the names put forward and those listed in the betting

  139. I understand why people were annoyed at one or two of Kevin’s takes on hits on Mayo players as a pundit (I was too), but I don’t think it should be a consideration for the manager’s position. If the players want to have it out, then a meeting should be arranged where everyone has their spake and then it’s done with and the work can begin in earnest. But ultimately players shouldn’t be choosing the manager.

    That approach was taken by Jack O’Connor and the Kerry panel when his second term began, one or two players being miffed at comments made in O’Connor’s book, “Keys to the Kingdom”, which focused on his first term in charge. Kerry went on to win the All-Ireland that season. Didn’t work out too badly for them…

    IMO the McStay ticket looks the strongest so far.

  140. As someone who is not a Mayo native but in keeping with the majority of GAA supporters who would love to see Sam being paraded through Westport, Ballina, Castlebar etc I wish the best of luck to Kevin McStay and his Team. . Without doubt Mayo fans are second to none and please God the Dream will come true in 2023.

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