Killer almost sure to miss Sligo game

The issue of injuries to squad members is something that has come upon us all of a sudden and now it appears – according to this story in the Mayo News – that an injury recently suffered by Aidan Kilcoyne is sufficiently serious to rule him out of the Sligo matches in under three weeks time.  Aidan got a bang on the knee in a club match last weekend and it now seems that he has a medial ligament tear so the initial prognosis is that he’ll be out for at least a month.  I’d say that’s the shortest period that might be expected: when Keith Higgins did the same damage to his knee during the league campaign, he was out for the best part of two months.  At that rate, there’s every danger that Killer won’t be back until the Connacht final (if we make it that far) or the early rounds of the qualifiers (if we don’t).

A number of other players are also nursing various knocks at the minute – this report in the Mayo News has full details of the players involved and their respective ailments.  None of these appear to be all that serious but Alan Dillon’s problem is hamstring-related and so I’d say his fitness for Markievicz Park could be open to question too.

By the way, that first Mayo News report confirms that throw-in this coming Friday night at Hollymount – where we’re playing the Dubs in a challenge match – is set for 7.30 pm.  My thanks also to Steve who emailed me with the same information earlier on today.

6 thoughts on “Killer almost sure to miss Sligo game

  1. Begs the question is 3 friendlys in a week this close to championship required, my opinion would be the team has to be selected by now.

  2. JJ is correct, daft playing three friendies plus club matchs as well. Thats how Kilcoyne got injured. Killer has now got the bones poor old Barry Moran had. Injury after injury. Thats what happens when guys put themselves under pressure to return from a bad initial injury too soon. Tyrone dont do friendlies and I dont read too much about Kerry doing them either. Would suit Mayo to play a selection from Junior or Intermediate clubs that have been overlooked. More meaty and more use. What will we learn from beating the worst team in Ulster in a gale in Belmullet and a team like Westmeath that dropped down two divisions witout winning a single match?

  3. ontheroad

    ” Would suit Mayo to play a selection from Junior or Intermediate clubs that have been overlooked.”

    now that would be a proper challenge

  4. Dunno about the lads, but I would definitely prefer to be playing matches rather than more training. I think that now is the time to be taking the heavy load with 3 matches in just over a week, and gradually taper down to the real match in a few weeks time.

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