Killer’s cruel injury run continues

Aidan Kilcoyne v Ros 2009You’ll no doubt have read by now that Aidan Kilcoyne’s football year is set to end on a fairly miserable note, with the Knockmore man having broken his collarbone for the second time in less than three months.  The first break occurred back in August early in the second half of the All-Ireland quarter-final against Meath and his departure from the fray, as well as that of Aidan O’Shea not long after, was one of the reasons our 2009 championship run ended that afternoon. This latest break happened late last week while he was training with Knockmore ahead of the county final and, needless to say, Killer won’t now be playing any part in Sunday’s joust with Charlestown for the Moclair Cup.

That’ll be a real blow both for him and for Knockmore but Mayo supporters will also be worried about the assessment provided to the Mayo News by Knockmore manager Nigel Reape who said that he fears Aidan “may not play football again for a long time”.  Given his championship form for the county this summer, where he finally began to deliver on the promise he’d shown back in 2006, this run of injuries is cruel luck on the talented Knockmore man so here’s hoping he’ll be back fully recovered in time for the serious stuff next year.  Get well soon, Killer.

10 thoughts on “Killer’s cruel injury run continues

  1. Off the point a bit, but is anyone else feed up to the teeth of Tadhg Kennelly. First there was the country wide Tadhg Kennelly Love in and now he comes out with a controversial piece in his book in order to flog his book and then tries to back track after he realised his error.
    Would someone buy the guy a one way ticket to Oz?

  2. Hear, hear – for a guy who is obviously so media-wise, coming out with the crap he did to try to deflect the criticism he was getting arising from the book extract was fairly pathetic. The sooner he buggers off back to Sydney, the better. After all, he says he has unfinished business out there …

  3. Poor Killer!! Was it not a bit early to return afer the initial break? Anyway thanks for keeping the show on the road WJ!! Must admit last Augusts exit to meath knocked the enthusiasm out of me but there are some signs of a recovery although it has taken a lot longer than normal. Is it just me or did mahony and co get away with murder following one of the most pathetic performances I have ever seen by a mayo team at HQ? Not trying to stir it up but im baffled at how muted the reaction was at loosing to one of the worst meath teams of all time.

  4. It was a shocking display by Mayo alright. We were so fragile. As soon as they scored the goal, Mayo started to wobble. You’d wonder is there much point sticking with the old guard of Harte, T Mort, Gardiner, etc. Can’t see these guys pulling us accross the line in a really important match in Croker.

  5. Best of luck to Killer. We need him back fit and well in ’10.

    On Ted and FTB’s comments:
    There was a good interview with kev o’neill in the Mayo News this week. His take on Mayo seemed to be ‘we have the talent, but we dont have the leaders or the ‘hard men’ that are needed to deliver AIs’. ‘Dogs of War’ was the term he used.
    Reflecting on the Meath match it seems about right.

  6. have to go along with that. i think I have already posted once or twice her in the past few weeks saying the same thing.
    ‘Leaders’ or ‘Characters’ or ‘Hard Men’ or whatever the term might be I think we all understand what it means.
    The fella that doesn’t get pushed around;
    the player who doesn’t have to be the best player but more than makes up for it with passion and committment;
    the chap who motivates and inspires his team mates by example, especially when the game is running against them;
    the player that other teams fear and respect.
    ….. have we anyone like that at all ????

  7. Young O’Shea seems be a natrual leader. He has had not been found wanting yet or gone missing in a big game at any level yet for Mayo.
    That is the only person I can think of.

    David Brady and MacDonald are the only two in the recent past that springs to mind.

  8. Just read Kevin O Neills interview. Does John O Mahoney actually read stuff like that and take the advice given. We are crying out for defenders that defend first and foremost but we persist with dainty , flashy fast moving half backs that cannot do the basic job firstly. Its not today or yesterday that we knew we needed a few “dogs” to defend but we are miles from picking any of them. A few lads will get a few minutes on a frosty night in the FBD up in Sligo or down in Ballinrobe and then the usual suspects and prima donnas will pull themselves up to the standard 5 foot eight , puff out the chest, swell the head and lead us all astray next champinship season. In truth apart from the two goalies, O Shea, Kilcoyne to a degree, possibly Trevor on occasions, the rest could be dispensed with and not missed.

  9. thats more like it…its not just me. Prediciting a bad year for the seniors…mahony will go….the following year we will see the green shoots

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