Ladies clinch Connacht title in style

Mayo ladies Connacht champs

Photo: @Mayo_LGFA

It was Mayo v Galway in this afternoon’s Connacht LGFA senior final at MacHale Park and it was the Mayo ladies who claimed victory in decisive fashion, running out winners by 3-20 to 0-16. In doing so, they captured the Connacht title for the first time since 2011, denying today’s opponents a fifth successive provincial crown in the process.

I had other fish – of the two-wheeled variety – to fry myself this weekend so it was never my intention to get to today’s game, nor, to be honest, did I manage to follow the action as it unfolded this afternoon. Instead I awoke this morning down in Killarney with a small hangover, a slight bit of sluggishness in my legs and a rather smug feeling of satisfaction at my having completed the Ring of Kerry cycle yesterday.

Back to the football where the most comprehensive take on today’s Connacht final is in the Mayo Advertiser, where Colm Gannon has a match report (here) and post-match quotes from manager Frank Browne and goalkeeper Yvonne Byrne (here). That match report, by the way, has a quote from Frank Browne revealing the rather astonishing fact that centre-back Martha Carter broke her hand ten minutes into today’s Connacht decider but somehow managed to continue playing until the full-time whistle.

Cora, of course, continues to astonish. She bagged a haul of 2-14 today, another staggering scoring display from the greatest forward ever seen in the ladies’ game. Here’s some video of her two goals this afternoon:

Source: YouTube/LadiesFootballTV

Congrats to the ladies on a superb win today, one that sees them return to the pinnacle at provincial level and also ensures that their hugely positive form this year continues unabated. It’s this pedigree that they now take into the business end of the championship, where a serious tilt at the big one is very much in prospect for them.

25 thoughts on “Ladies clinch Connacht title in style

  1. Well done to the Ladies today.Oh to have clinical foward like Cora on the mens team.

  2. Brilliant stuff women, that’s how it’s done. WJ, random question… do you know if Marty O’Reilly (donegal’s motm yesterday) is of belmullet stock? I was just wondering after something I read in the match program last night.

  3. Yes Marty o’reilly dad is from belmullet and they go back to mayo from time to time not only Marty with mayo family Paul Durken and Michael Murphy too

  4. Reports in the media this morning suggesting Pearse Hanley is having a tough time in Australia at the moment.

    The Brisbane Lions have been struggling for some time now and it seems Pearse is being hammered by many for what I would deem a relatively minor indiscretion – he didn’t hold his ground following an opposition mark as he was disputing a decision with the ref.

    He did hint last year that a return home at some point to play for Mayo would definitely appeal to him. Like many from Mayo, I have mixed feelings on news like this as on the one hand I’m very proud of what he’s achieved over there but his return would strengthen the Mayo squad massively.

  5. Thanks Home Sweet Home Mayo. I knew about Murphy and Durcan (oh how I miss Papa!) having Mayo parents alright but only didn’t know Marty did too. Three reasons to be thankful to Mayo!

  6. Fantastic win by the ladies and as good a display of football as I have seen this year. I can tell you, it was a hell of a lot better than the dismal fare served up by their male counterparts two weekends ago. It was great too to see a decent crowd there to cheer them on.

    As always a trojan effort and an exhibition from Cora (what a player she is) but make no mistake about it, this was no one-woman show; it was a team display through and through.

    Congratulations to Frank Browne and his team; after the game yesterday he mentioned the word “character”; and this team have displayed that in spades this year so far. And as for Martha Carter … wow.

    What a year it’s been so far for Mayo GAA – our U21s, our ladies, our hurlers, our juniors and our minors (so far) all excelling in their competitions. Long may it last!

  7. Well done to the Mayo ladies! What was the killing part of the league final against Cork was that they had plenty of chances but they couldn’t take them. What a turn around in this game to score what they did. Fair play to them for learning from their mistakes. Hopefully they can keep it going for the rest of the year. What I like about them too is that they are not afraid to talk about winning All-Ireland titles either, like our U21 team, rather than going with the mantra of Game 1, Game 2 etc. Best wishes for the season ahead!

  8. Great win, great job, a brilliant team effort and dues to you all, congratulations. Cora’s tally was something else, amazing that we are lucky to have such a player in the green and red.

  9. Irish Times today confirms RTE will show a GAA game at 3.10 on Saturday. Anyone know if this is Mayo’s qualifier against Fermanagh? Why is it taking RTE so long to say which game they’re covering. Sky Sports were today able to announce they will be showing Clare v Limerick game at 6.30 on Saturday.

  10. If Sky are showing Clare v Limerick it’s likely RTE will be showing our game. Frankly I hope they don’t. A 3:10 throw in would be a disaster attendance wise.

  11. GAA website showing a 12am 9th July throw-in for Mayo v Fermanagh. Can this be right?

  12. Amazing that the Hurling triple header is announced today with times and all a few hours after making the draw and here we are still waiting…sort it out GAA!

  13. Finborough, RTE aertel page 211.Mayo V Fermanagh. 19.00hrs.. Congratulations to the magnificent Mayo ladies!

  14. Finbar, & Glasshalfull, just double checked, RTE aertel still showing 19.00hrs for Mayo V Fermanagh.

  15. Bloody hell, is Aertel still with us? I thought that fell off the wagon around 1999! It’s definitely 3.30pm on Saturday for us – I’ve had this confirmed to me but there’s still no official announcement from the GAA to this effect. RTE are also broadcasting the match live. I’ve just stuck up a post on this as I’m 100% sure at this stage that this is the correct time.

  16. Good enough, Willie Joe thanks for the Info. 3.30pm is a better time for those who want to get back to Fermanagh when you think about it.!

  17. Marty Reilly, son of Terry from Belmullet I think. Uncle Tom played for Mayo and was recent Cavan chairman. Would be cousins with the other WJ , Billy Joe and David. Has/had cousin on the Cavan team too.

  18. Thanks for that Willie Joe. GAA website was definitely showing 12am a few hours ago. Maybe that is their default time in the absence of a definite time. Does not make much sense but then they fixed an All Ireland Semi Replay against Kerry for Limerick…

  19. As well as the three mentioned, in the league game in Ballybofey in spring there was a Doherty at LHB. To the best of my knowledge, he is son of PJ Doherty who played with Belmullet in 1970s.

  20. Mayo v Fermanagh, Elverys McHale Park, Castlebar, 3.30 [LIVE, RTE]
    Referee: Joe McQuillan (Cavan)

  21. Congratulations and well done to the Mayo ladies team. They are winners because they never give up, and they are an example to us all.

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