Ladies Connacht final on this Sunday

Photo: Mayo LGFA Facebook

While most of the focus is on the lads this weekend, it’s also big match time for the ladies. They’re in action in the LGFA Connacht final on Sunday, with that decider against Galway throwing in at MacHale Park at 4pm.

The Mayo team for Sunday’s decider was named this morning. Full details are here:

While it’s hoped that a big crowd will be in attendance at MacHale Park on the day – which also features Sligo and Roscommon in the Intermediate final – it will be of interest to many, I’m sure, to know that the decider will be streamed live on Facebook – full details here.

Mayo LGFA also had very positive news to announce this week, in the form of an innovative tie-in with Top Oil who have agreed to supply fuel cards to members of the senior panel. Full details on this announcement is below.

Best of luck to the ladies in the Connacht final on Sunday.

19 thoughts on “Ladies Connacht final on this Sunday

  1. Anyone know if you can park on the Ardee Link road to M1 re meeting a lift to Newry. Best of luck to Mayo teams at the weekend.

  2. Michael, this is about the ladies match here!
    The answer to your Q is yes.
    Good luck to the ladies on Sunday..

  3. Good luck to the ladies! The inequality in terms of expenses is jaw dropping, thankfully it’s changing!

  4. Hi Michael,

    People park on the M1 off Junction 14 Ardee as a park and ride. Also off Junction 10 Drogheda, Junction 16 Dundalk South or Junction 18 Dundalk North. I live 2 minutes from the Ardee junction so see this every day.

  5. Best of luck to our women. It’s a tough ask but no better women to rise to the occasion. I’ll be rooting for you all…as always.
    Yes inequality is staggering but fair play to Top Oil for coming on board and hopefully it’ll be a partnership that brings the best for our brilliant women…and for yourselves at Top Oil.
    Mayo well oiled and ready to roar!!

  6. As an example to my last post of players introduced / been tried out by Rochford.

    Eoin O’Donoghue, James Durkan, Cian Hanley and Evan Regan all started last year in the qualifier against Limerick.

    Caolan Crowe, Conor Loftus and Shane Nally came on as subs that day.

  7. The very best to our Ladies against Galway on Sunday. I hope yea enjoy the final and put in a top display. Best of luck.

    Nice to see top oil showing their support to the team. I hope they are fully topped up with fuel for the final.

  8. I don’t think I would give Rockford any plaudits for some if them players. They was no time invested to James Durcan and Cian Hanley they were spurn they were brought in at the last minute after months was spent on the training ground and it showed. Nally got 2 minutes in Croke Park and scored 2 points and wasn’t seen again, typical player that wasn’t trusted to do a job, same can be said for Kirby and Conor o Shea. The only player I would give Rockford credit for blooding was Eoin o Donoghue. Caolan Crowe got minutes with injuries to other players like Ger McDonagh got the odd 30 seconds thereafter.
    This season I’ve seen more young lads got there legs in proper league football not the FBD shite. Plunkett McCormack Ruane Diskin Carr Reape and Darren Coen have all got game time that will stand to them, Horan has a rebuilding job in his hands And I believe we have made good inroads into that development this year. It looked a lot gloomier this time last year. Not everything is perfect but I would rather look ahead than look back. We have a lot more young players in the group than in a long while and they need our support now not Rockford who has gone onto pastures new.

  9. @Mayomessi.
    You seem to be overlooking the amount of injuries we suffered last year.

    Of the other 2 years of Rochfords reign we reached the AI on both occasions. We drew against the Dubs having scored 2 own goals.

    I think if you took all of last year’s injured players out of this year’s panel then this year wouldn’t be looking too bright either.

    Someone commented recently on Caolan Crowe putting in a man of the match performance in Ballybofey and holding Donegals main danger man to 1 point. That doesn’t sound like minutes played to me. Where is he now ?

    Cian Hanley was in Australia and not even in the country. I believe Rochford was right to play him.

    If Kirby and Nally were so good, as you say, where are they on Horan’s team ? Have they both retired ?

    If you lose 6, 7 or 8 players to injury like Mayo did last year of course your going to jettison in new lads.

    Your giving out about Rochford playing new players on the team and giving out about him not playing new guys on the team.

    I’m just curious. How did you rate Horan’s performance on the sideline for the Roscommon game ?

  10. Rochford had almost a full team injured for most of the first half of last year,he had most of the young players on the development panel can’t see why anyone can criticize him for giving players a chance,the biggest change this year is the lack of playing time for EOD,A Coen,C Loftus,and only bringing on C Tracey in the last minute tottaly wrong ,I respect J Horan for putting systems in place to make sure that Mayo are competitive,but his sideline decisions are suspect

  11. I didnt comment after the Roscommon game but I agree that Horan had a howler on the day, maybe he needs an eye in the sky or a man in the stands because I couldn’t understand why certain changes weren’t done. Rochford had alot more experienced background team not sure the dynamics of the setup and who horan listens to. Some senior players should have been taken off and I particularly didn’t like the choice of one or two of his subs as this wasnt the type of game i would use them in. Different horses for different courses, lesson learned and Andy Moran was correct in saying that there was more wrong than just a missed free. I glad it was at that stage of the championship it happened as corrections can be made, hopefully but I have been happy with the progress that has been made.Would I be right in saying that when we played Kildare last year we were missing Tom Parson’s and Seamus o Shea and Brendan Harrison, havent we been missing two of those players all year, together with hanley and for the most part Cafferkey not to mention Mcloughlins wedding.
    When people look back on Rochford achievements it will look pretty decent, got to two All Irelands Finals, implemented the development squad not putting him down. Maybe its me reading too much into it but the way I see it we are comparing who introduced more new players, who had the most injuries. That game against Kildare in particular pissed me off, we needed to score players were dropping in the heat and our first two forwards were brought on in the 67th and 71st minute, Conor Loftus and Cian Hanley. I see the comment above about Ciaran Treacy being a last minute sub. I for one hate this notion, subs for me should be introduced around the 50-55 minute mark for the final 15 to 20 minutes same with soccer is around the 60 minute mark, gives the player time to adjust to the speed of the game. I believe it was @ mayonaze said it earlier in the week about holding one sub back in case of a late black card I agree with that.
    Rochford reminds me alot of Brendan Rodgers, he will be back in whatever colours he will be wearing and will improve on lessons learn. I would personally have to give more credit to Horan on team/squad building and I believe the senior players would too.
    Also I never said I though Nally and Kirby were superstars, both great foot passers of the ball but mobility seemed to be an issue. We seem to go from one extreme to the other, young lads who like to solo the lenght of the field, maybe even abit greedy never learn the art of the foot pass whereas the players that don’t have that extra bit of speed have to learn how to get the ball up the field in a different way and develop this side of there game more. I just stated that they werent trusted to be thrown into the heat of battle when it was needed they were on the bench against Kildare together with Conor o Shea, no Fergal Boland or Mattie Ruane players that could have got up and down the pitch.
    So in all I agree to agree and disagree on some of your points but looking forward to the weekend .

  12. The background to the inequality between men’s and ladies footballers lies in the separate governing bodies. Now I know that ladies football would never have got off the ground unless the ladies formed their own organisation back in the ’70’s. But since that time there were proposals for uniting the LGFA and GAA which failed to progress. Why did they fail? Nobody knows but I suspect that some were not willing to give up their official positions and importance. Some clubs such as my own cater for both sexes by affiliating to both GAA and LGFA but I think that they are in a minority. I suspect that any change will have to be sparked by the players on the ladies side of things. And we all know that players are just supposed to play and not rock the official’s boat.

  13. Dreadful coverage in media comparing us to episodes of Loveisland
    They have damn all to write about, regurgitating all our old failures.
    I hope there’s decent backlash from our team and management on Saturday.
    Opportunities to start some of our new lads, treacy, mcdonagh, McCormack.. whoever is putting it in in training.
    Higgins Barrett McLoughlin goo players to come of the bench

  14. @Mayomessi.

    Very fair post and I respect that. I would agree with almost everything you said there.

    I know with enormity of Saturdays game it completely changes the dynamics of who and how we play. I would like the see the team start that you posted earlier. Don’t think we could have a much stronger team than that one.

    2 days away and the nerves are begining to jangle. I hope the lads are in a good frame mind and ready to put in a gutsy performance.

  15. Few surprises in that ladies team from what I expected. Where’s Fauna Finn and Fiona Doherty for example?

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