Ladies lose out to Dublin

The Mayo ladies footballers lost out to Dublin in this afternoon’s All-Ireland SFC Group Stage Round 1 clash at Parnell Park. With three points between the sides at the break, Dublin pulled away in the second half to win decisively by 1-10 to 0-5.

The essential difference between the teams was that Dublin had far more ability to take their chances whereas we struggled badly in that department. Lisa Cafferky – our leading scorer, who bagged three from play – was our main attacking threat but she lacked the necessary support up front.

The weakness in our attacking play was evidenced by the fact that we went close to forty minutes out of the hour without a score. When Lisa Cafferky pointed on ten minutes we led for the first and only time this afternoon but by the time Maria Cannon got our next score, from a free on 48 minutes, we trailed by seven points and the result of this game was no longer in doubt.

We’d started the contest in a positive fashion. With plenty of possession, we moved the ball around nicely, working it into good attacking positions but, in what was a feature all afternoon, we repeatedly coughed it up, gifting possession back to the opposition.

After Hannah Tyrell had opened Dublin’s account from a free, Erin Murray levelled with a great burst and a give and go before shooting over from a central position. Lisa Cafferky then edged us in front and the portents were looking okay at that stage.

Two Dublin points put them back in front but we had the ball for close on five minutes, probing for an opening that never appeared in the deep-lying Dublin cover. Their blanket was sitting too deep, in fact, for manager Mick Bohan’s liking as he shouted instructions at his players to push up.

And push up they did so that from there to half-time we struggled to get the ball out of our own half. We also failed to add to our tally, while they tacked on two points to take a three-point lead into the break.

Having played against a tricky wind in the first half, that still wasn’t a bad position for Liam McHale’s charges to be in at that stage. We’d lost Ciara Needham to injury in the first half, with Sinéad Walsh replacing her, and for the second half Fionnuala McLaughlin replaced Erin Murray.

Dublin continued their press on the resumption. Laura Brennan was having difficulty with short restarts so opted to hit them long and it was from one of these that Dublin’s goal came as they won primary possession out the field. The ball was moved quickly inside, Carla Rowe batting it to the net and, although the ref consulted his umpires, where the topic of discussion was obviously whether or not it was a square ball, the goal stood.

There was no way back from there, not least because our scoring drought showed no sign of ending. It was too late when it did and, after that Maria Cannon free, we only added two further points, both from Lisa Cafferky, as the All-Ireland champions eased to a facile eight-point win.

All is not yet lost for Liam McHale’s team in this year’s Championship but they now face a must-win game against Kildare in six days time. This will see Ballina native Diane O’Hora taking her Lilywhites to James Stephens Park knowing that a win for the visitors will knock Mayo out. That adds a further twist to what’s already set to be a do-or-die test for us in this campaign.

Mayo: Laura Brennan; Saoirse Lally, Nicola O’Malley, Kathryn Sullivan; Éilis Ronayne, Ciara Durkan, Danielle Caldwell; Aoife Geraghty, Erin Murray (0-1); Annie Gough, Ciara Needham, Fiona McHale; Aoife Staunton, Maria Cannon (0-1, free), Lisa Cafferky (0-3). Subs: Sinéad Walsh for Needham, Fionnuala McLaughlin for Murray, Saoirse Delaney for Staunton, Maria Reilly for McHale, Alana Fitzpatrick for Sullivan.

9 thoughts on “Ladies lose out to Dublin

  1. Bitterly disappointing performance. Some very poor handling errors that players at this level simply shouldn’t be making. Huge improvement needed for a game that kildare will fnacy themselves for.

  2. It was clear when mayo played against the wind in the 1st half there plan was to keep the ball and starve dublin of possession and it worked only 3 down at half time but In the 2nd half they couldn’t get going with the breeze they needed to show there attacking intent but just to many basic skills errors, also dublin get away with so much its incredible, no yellow card for the high tackle on erin murray a tackle that would of been a yellow in the men’s game nevemind the woman’s, but mayo have the hardest game out of the way and we need to improve going forward.

  3. For a non contact sport there was a lot of contact in this game. Just like the men find it hard to get scores from play.

  4. @Ontheroad13 are right about Dublin getting away with allot. Any turnover by Mayo resulted in a cynical foul by Dublin to stop the quick counter with impunity, this is the hallmark of this Dublin team against most teams for years. Two very hard working teams …despite what Dublin seem to get away with Dublin were the better team and could score more than Mayo with less possession. But a massive effort from our girls.

  5. Leantimes is right – Dublin at this cynical fouling for years and getting away with it.
    McHale left Mayo mens senior team management because of the style of play the team were playing. Have to say the style of play his own ladies team played today left a lot to be desired. No forward plan at all. Played all day just to keep the score down.

  6. It looked like the same style of play as the men. Get the ball up, then keep passing it around but do not try to score. It was awful to watch. Disappointing.

  7. Yes Tommy +Joe. The ball handling was very poor. Very slow to get it away before being surrounded too. Surely this is a basic of the game. I think Sinead Walsh tracked and tackled really well, when she came on. I was hoping we would be more adventurous in the second half, with the wind. McHale seemed to hint at conserving energy for Kildare. That to me was a very defeatist attitude.

  8. I’ve seen a few comments suggesting it was Mayo’s preference to throw the ball around and hold onto possession, especially in the first half.
    It seemed to me that the Mayo ladies were forced to hold onto the ball and pass it about due to the determined and solid defensive wall Dublin deployed in the first half.
    It seemed to me like an aggressive mass defence, if a person could say that. Mayo were being allowed the ball but were not, under any circumstances, allowed close enough to score.
    Dublin were also physically aggressive, looked to pressure the person on the ball, cut down the person’s time and space on the ball, and once close enough to strip it off them and create an attack.
    They looked to catch Mayo on the counter attack in that first half when they decided to venture out.
    In the second, they appeared to change tack and switch to being much more offensive minded. They scored in well worked moves.
    Tactical, physical, smooth play by Dublin. They choked Mayo, I think, and Mayo didn’t help themselves by unforced errors and inaccurate shooting more often than liked.

  9. Not sure what going on with Ladies, played 2 match in championship. One against Galway, who I was expecting them to win, but very poor performance. Seemed to have no plan for Galway star players, and not sure what game plan is. And very disappointing yesterday, now in fairness Dublin a very good team, but to score 5 points in total, that really poor. Not sure who to blame, but looks like management and players need to sit down and come up with a plan, because I dont see it from were I sitting. Remember Galway were not going well before Mayo played them, so that lose, should be alarm bells ringing

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