Lahardane looking to seal Connacht glory once more

Lahardane MacHales are back in action this coming Saturday, with this year’s Mayo JFC winners aiming to win their second provincial title at this level. Their opponents in Saturday’s final are Owenmore Gaels of Sligo and this Connacht JFC title decider throws in at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park on Saturday at 1.30pm.

If you’re planning on going to the game to cheer on the lads from Lahardane – which I’m planning to do myself – then you need to purchase your tickets in advance. The link for that is here.

If you’re opting to watch the livestream from Connacht GAA (match pass costs €10) the link for that is here.

Mike and I will be recording a Final Whistle pod at MacHale Park once the match is over and our Patreon club members can expect to see that show popping into their feed soon afterwards. I’ll have a match report here on the blog a bit after that as well.

Later on tonight, by the way, we’ll have another pod relating to Saturday’s match up on Patreon. This one features Mike in conversation with Lahardane manager Eddie Conroy and it’ll be online in a bit. UPDATE: This new pod is up now on Patreon.

The best of luck to Lahardane as they aim for second helpings of Connacht glory this weekend.

60 thoughts on “Lahardane looking to seal Connacht glory once more

  1. That article is such a load of nonsense, it’s so easy to come out after the fact and say it was comfy and never in doubt, u never hear a player come out after a loss and say i knew we where going to win hahaha. if ryan scores that penalty in the second half mayo go ahead by 2 points and its a completely different game and it definitely would of been in doubt then, also he says they had another 30% in them well did they also have that this year when kerry beat them out the gate.

  2. Im not sure why you think its nonsense , as hard as it is to admit but we are famous/infamous for losing all Ireland finals. Every county player from the top counties want Mayo in the final ,its become such a massive thing now at this stage, 12,13,16,17,20 &21,i very much doubt it has ever been done before in that time frame to lose 6 finals . Of course any opposition will tap into that and easily convince thwmselves that they wont lose to Mayo in a final .My main concern is the longer it goes on the heavier the weight of history becomes for whatever generation it is .

    For this uocoming year we could do with winning the under 20 all Ireland .would Much prefer a harder line approach too ,drive it on to become winners with them lads as an awful lot of them let Galway take their minor winners medals .

  3. I dont want to see Mayo in an All Ireland Final again until we have a team that can win it. I think we need a break of at least 10 years out of a final that loss to Tyrone was hard to take. Every team in Ireland wants to play Mayo in a final and they feel theyd have a great chance of beating us. Look at Louth for example we just about beat them in our own patch by a point and Kerry came along in the next game and whipped them. I was at that minor final against Galway in Hyde Park too we absolutely threw in the towel way too easily

  4. I don’t know, I haven’t listened to it either. I was, though, interviewed for it but I’m not even sure if my bit is included in it or not.

  5. Glory days. If we don’t get to all ireland final we cannot win it. I really feel the under 20 could win the all ireland next year. I also think Mayo will be better prepared for championship next year. This year was a learning curve for the new management team but in 2024 they will be up to speed. Roll on 2024

  6. Personally I’m happy if we’re always competing at the business end because even if it ends in heartbreak we’ve had far more good sporting days. Whenever you get to a final there are 30 other counties plus London and New York who are envying you. Sure it’s easy to say every team in Ireland wants Mayo in a final but in the last 10 years when Mayo have been so competitive other than Tyrone in 21 the only other team to beat us in finals was Dublin. The team recognised as the greatest of all time and for those 10 years most of these other teams barely got a sniff of a final. I think we should accept that even though we’ve come up short at times we have still been the team to actually stand toe to toe with the best on so many occasions.
    It takes a great team to win an All Ireland but it also takes a great team to keep climbing off the floor and going again. Saying every team in Ireland wants us in a final is an easy way of slagging Mayo because other than a very small select number the rest are bloody well no where near meeting ANYONE in a final!

  7. You’d imagine with the power of revert to the mean we’d win one of the next two finals we make.
    One will come in if we can stay in that top 6 kind of level.

  8. @JoeG you are spot on great comment !!

    I have many friends from different counties who always envy mayo being in finals even though we lost them they said there are soo many county fans who would love to be in mayos shoes even with all the heart ache .

    They said when mayo play to their full potential best they can beat anyone on their day and so always have a chance when in the final. But when it’s their county its quite the opposite story and they know it !

    They said every county loves to slag mayo off but that’s only cause we have a great team who come back year after year after all the heartbreak they dust themselves down and keep staying in the top 6 teams in the country!

    I for one hope we get to final every year we can make it and I’ve no doubt that we will be back in finals again !!

  9. I stick to my statement. Id settle for being like Donegal got to their first ever final in 1992 won it weren’t seen again for 20 years got the final again in 2012 won it again id settle for that.

  10. @Glorydays fair enough but for us to always be be the top level the last decade is an achievement in itself is well we will get there one day .

  11. 14% increase, this is in a time when fuel, food and accommodation were running something around 14% inflation so fair enough I’d say.

  12. It’s the fact that we have been consistently competitive over the last decade ,more or less,is what keeps our best players involved. If we drop down and don’t see ourselves as having a chance of winning Sam we could see lots more of our best going to other sports or ”going traveling ” for a year.
    As for everyone wanting Mayo in a final, that’s a good statement for the dressing room wall and should, you would hope provoke a let’s fn show them reaction.

  13. @2hops totally agree with you ! If we say oh let’s not bother get to a final till really think we can we win one hardly great motivation for the very young team that we have!

    I guarantee that our guys will come back with a bounce after last years awful hammering to dubs they will want to prove themselves again.

    Ryan O D was shining in the sigerson Cup final and had a huge part to play in them winning it Tommy conroy is getting better every time he plays and will be back to his top level soon I still have the faith haha!

  14. I see in that Independent article between management and backroom expenses it came to nearly €300,000.
    Regarding all other counties wanting Mayo in an all Ireland final. The reality is at least 25 out of the 32 counties have no hope of reaching a final.

  15. I’m at the Lahardane game in Castlebar. Heavy fog here, the media tower on the far side isn’t visible, hard to see anything at all. Equally hard to see why the fixture has gone ahead. Five minutes played, no score so far (I think).

  16. 4 points to 3 to Owenmore after 18 minutes.

    Barry Leonard off injured a loss for Lahardane.

  17. South mayo Exile, you’d get few bags a tattoo and cups a coffee out of that 🙂

    Lively game in MacHale park, Lahardane 2 points up

  18. Top class game in castlebar, fair play to both teams on the performance they put in especially in December and the foggy conditions, well done lahardane!

  19. Well done Lahardane……watched on Connachtgaa and in the first half could see zero action due to the fog. Stream then went down at half time until halfway through the second half when it came back and the fog had eased. Fair play to Mike Finnerty being able to commentate in the gloom. Is it the Ulster winners next?

  20. Well done Lahardane.

    Just the 1-8 for Shane Walsh today in Leinster final. What a signing.

  21. Great win, great little club ….and Shane Walsh is back. Look forward to see the young Corofin players tomorrow, 24 Could be a big year for Galway, well ahead of ourselves in every department but in particular the young talent. However pressure is on. I feel we will need next year before we are seriously competitive
    TG4, GAA Beo
    Sunday, 3rd December, 13:00 – LIVE
    Live coverage of St. Brigid’s v Corofin in the AIB Club Championship Connacht Football Final.

  22. Final Whistle pod is up already! Mike and I are on it, with match analysis from John Maughan. Lahardane manager Eddie Conroy, co-captain Aaron Murphy and MOTM Kyran Jordan are all on it too. Available now on Patreon.

  23. @ontheditch we heard that this year could be a great yeat for Galway and that 22 could be a great year for Galway..

    Shane walsh maybe back in form but they are not well ahead of mayo at all..

    Don’t know where people get this from !! Did we not knock them out this year ? Did we not beat them in league final?? Yes we got hammered by the Dubs but by no means at all are Galway are hardly welm ahead of us in every department…….also my dub mates say they always fear us more then Galway in the long run !!

    Anyway congrats again to lahardane its a great achievement!

  24. @ Clare, the Dubs might fear us but we seldom beat them. In fact, we struggled to beat teams way inferior to us, Louth and Cork jumping to mind from 23. Sometimes we need to be realistic about expectations. No shortage of young talent but they are not the finished articles by a long shot. No structure down the spine of our team, maybe in 24 we will sort that by finding a CHB who will offer serious leadership.
    Enjoy the skills of the Corofin lads tomorrow, and as you say well done to Lahardane, who do they meet next?

  25. Congratulations to Lahardane, a brilliant achievement to win Connacht again after 6 years. So proud of them all.

  26. @ontheditxh I know we had a terrible championship even I the optimistic one agree with you there!

    I am realistic about expectations I’m not delusional.. sure when we were going to play louth I said I think we will struggle and we did..

    But I just don’t think Galway are that far ahead of us if that was mayo loosing that final v kerry we would have been called bottlers ha maybe it’s a inner rivalry coming out ha but I just don’t see Galway as being that far ahead of us .

    I’m actually not to sure who lahardane play next? Think someone mentioned an ulster team? Eeek that would be tough if so but they did themselves proud today!

  27. Sorry for this double post but just saw brendan Harrison has announced his retirement sad to see him go best tof luck to him!

  28. Best wishes Brendan, a great defender, done so well to comeback from injury’s he had to be able perform again at top level is some sign of the man’s character.
    Only 31 still, and had a very good club campaign from what I saw this year.

  29. @Gizmobobs got so sad when I saw the announcement! He’s a huge loss was so unlucky with injuries. He’s a true gentleman to sad loss for mayo most the old guard gone now bar aido & cillian o Connor.

    The best team we ever had so unlucky not to win Sam.

  30. Well done to Laherdane. Great win.
    Sorry to hear Harry has called time. A stylish footballer.The litany of injuries especially when you are self employed in the building game probably made his mind up for him.

  31. Even with 1-8 Walsh didn’t have a great day in Croker, Mannion never showed up.

    Hurling the real winner today.

  32. He didn’t in fairness, but I’d take a few poorly performing forwards who put 1-8 on the board all same

  33. I really like Walsh as a footballer @Gizmobobs, but when Naas applied the pressure in mid 2nd half it was the Kilmacud backs particularly O Carroll and two smaller guys that really stood up, the Walsh goal was great to see right at the end as one one point from play in the 2nd half.

  34. Sure we shall see if the amazing walsh will turn up in championship next year he’s no Clifford.

    Mannion on his day is 5 times better then walsh .

    Walsh is a good player no doubt about it but he’s no where near the likes of cillian o Connor.

  35. Well done Lahardane.

    That’s a real shocker – Harry’s retirement. On reflection, I shouldn’t be shocked, but I thought he had licked the injury problems and had pencilled him in for 24 – big time. So sad for him, only 31. Great tribute from McStay – he nailed it – ‘a beautifully balanced footballer, with real attacking flair’.

  36. Agree Clare no Clifford, but we have yet to produce a forward who has done what he has done on an all Ireland final day. In his pomp he can be devastating.

    Catcol I think he’s shaken off those injuries as can be seen by his inclusion this year and his performances at club level. Could be number of factors involved such as the injuries given his trade of course, time constraints due to lengthy of commitment needed, may not see a title in reach at current time, lot of his old buddies have gone to. Very hard to keep giving so much of yourself, unless really enjoying it, it becomes like work.

  37. U21 is a brilliant competition. Claremorris won a thriller and instant classic in Foxford this morning 18 to 1-11. Three points down with 7 minutes to go, Niall Hurley kicked three, Darragh Beirne kicked two amazing frees and man of the match Craig Cassidy kicked the pick of the bunch after doing brilliant work in the buildup.
    Usually u21 is dominated by 21 year olds but it was the St.Colmans college students who impressed for Claremorris today, with fellow students David Slattery and Rio Mortimer also impressing.
    Moy Davitts will be disappointed with their final ten minutes, but has strong performances from Conor Reid, Fiachra Cruise, Jamie Clarke and Cathal Clarke.
    Both McHales quiet for their own high standards.
    Mitchels did enough to overcome a spirited Davitts side in Ballindine. Locals not happy with the refereeing on display.
    So it’s a Claremorris v Mitchels final, and based on the last 4 years of Minor winners (Two Mitchels Two Claremorris), it feels right.
    Mitchels will be favorites but rumours Kevin McStay not releasing Bob Touhy and Donnacha McHugh to Kevin Filans disposal, after picking up slight knocks. Seems a bit crazy in December having a manager telling another manager what to do when the league doesn’t start for another few months.
    Anyways. Sean Morahan also injured, and Claremorris will have no fear in them whatsoever.
    If it was half as good as the football on display in Foxford today, it will be a dinger.

  38. Both semis probably went along expected lines but great to see both sets of underdogs really putting it up to their more fancied opponents.
    Quite a few in view who should make the county cut in time to come.

  39. You may well be right in your analysis Gizmo, but Harry’s statement included the line, ‘injuries mean that I cannot continue to train at the required level’, so I feel they are a major factor, but perhaps among other. Anyway, very sad, that his marshalling skills, his defensive knowhow, his experience, his Keith-like bursts upfield, won’t be available to us next year.

  40. @ Redrocut McStay needs to be put back in his box if that’s his attitude.
    Peaking again for the league it appears

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