Lahardane lose out to Listowel

Photo: Irish Examiner (David Farrell Photography)

O’Connor Park in Tullamore proved to be the end of the road for Lahardane MacHales in their pursuit for further Junior club football Championship glory. They lost out there this afternoon to Kerry’s Listowel Emmets who were comfortable 1-11 to 0-3 winners in their All-Ireland JFC semi-final meeting.

This was a match in which Lahardane really needed a positive start. Instead it was the Kerry team who settled first, scoring four points without reply. Then, before Lahardane had opened their account, Listowel bagged the game’s only goal and so the task now facing the Mayo and Connacht champions was a daunting one.

By half-time Listowel were ten points clear, leading by 1-8 to 0-1, and there really was no way back for Lahardane at that stage. Listowel won at the finish by eleven points.

Given the structure of club football in Kerry, it’s little wonder that teams from the county have proved so hugely dominant in the Junior club Championship since its inception just over twenty years ago. In fact, since this club Championship was first contested in 2002 Kerry clubs have triumphed on eleven occasions, more than all the other winners combined.

It’s little surprise, then, that Lahardane found the going so tough today. Every team that encounters a club from Kerry in the Junior Championship will, by definition, be up against it and Lahardane are far from the first. They won’t be the last either. Indeed, you’d have to wonder at the value of this competition at all, so weighted it is in one county’s favour.

Lahardane’s focus now turns to their return to Intermediate level this year. Having only just dropped down to Junior before bouncing straight back up, they’ll be well equipped for Intermediate, as their fine run last year showed. Commiserations to them on today’s loss and here’s hoping to good days ahead for them.

10 thoughts on “Lahardane lose out to Listowel

  1. Tough luck on Lahardane. The club system in Kerry makes a mockery in provincial and All Ireland terms, especially of Junior championship and to a lesser extent intermediate championship. Ironically their senior teams don’t do quite so well as their senior championship is often won by divisional amalgamations who can’t represent Kerry in Munster. That’s why Dingle represented Kerry this year and got beaten in Munster final. Anyway far be it from me to criticise their system as it seems to have a positive effect on their county team with all good players in the county getting the opportunity to play senior club championship regardless of what club they come from.

  2. Hard luck Laherdane. Just proved to be a bridge too far. No shame in that, still a very successful season for a great community.

  3. Theres an argument about how the Kerry system is making junior and intermediate unbalanced, but I think Lahardane will be disappointed with there performance, they conceded 1-5 or 1-6 id say from there own kickout and there passing was very poor.
    Hard luck to them though, and really they got what they wanted which was back up to intermediate everything after that was a bonus.

  4. Hard luck Lahardane, beaten by a better team. I thought an awful lot of the refs decisions were strange especially in the first half. They seemed to get frees much easier than us. One in particular had me baffled, maybe someone here can enlighten me. Ref gave Listowel a free in , around the 45. Moved it up, probably for dissent. The free was kicked wide and he then gave it again and moved it up a further 13 mtrs. They scored it. All I can think of is that someone infringed on the free taker, but I didn’t see it. Wouldn’t have made any difference to the result, but I don’t think they needed any help.

  5. ; losing to New York and London at ‘home’ on consecutive days is not a good look… regardless of competition…cue the joke writers.

  6. Split London in two lol its only the FBD wouldnt.worry about it sure there will be a female poster on here soon putting a positive spin on it ha

  7. Same old story for Mayo with 14 wides. Still unable to play and score through a Blanket. I know it’s only the FBD but surely we should be beating the likes of London? I’m sure Kevin was looking forward to playing Roscommon next Saturday. Plans gone awry already!Long few weeks now till we start The League. Very disappointing.

  8. I wonder have the gaa ever heard of the weather forecast .an all Ireland semifinal played in the fog in January

  9. Great start for the new lads. How many will never be heard of again? Martin Carney giving them great credit for having pot shots. Without the goal it was a hammering. A loss to Galway the next day will put us in relegation danger given the opposition in the following two games. London for Sam!

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