Last chance to win a limited edition t-shirt

Right, there’s less than a week to go to the match now and it’s time for all this frivolity about t-shirts and what-not to end and to start thinking – pretty much exclusively for many of us, I reckon – about Sunday’s final and how it might play out.

Before then, however, there’s one final chance to win a limited edition All-Ireland final 2012 Mayo GAA Blog t-shirt, with thanks once again to T-Rex Clothing. For this final round, I asked John Cuffe to devise a tougher nut to crack and this is what he came up with:

Which Mayo player from the starting team in the winning All-Ireland final of 1951 was the last to finish playing championship football for the county?

Answers as usual by email to before 5pm this evening. Best of luck all.

10 thoughts on “Last chance to win a limited edition t-shirt

  1. Nice shirt WJ, but i think I’ll stick with my 91 jersey.

    Nervous tension beginning to set in. One minute I’m ultra confident, the next I’m seeing the wide count rising.

    In my opinion, we will need goals to prevail on Sunday. My fear is the quick & clever balls of A Moran earlier in the championship, were the key to getting goals. So if Cillian finds himself here again, he will need to be quick thinking on the day, it’s a different mindset to that of taking frees. I personally think someone like mcgarrity would do well here. Good ball winner and good hands.

    Horan will change the point of attack again to the centre and i would expect to see more of Higgins and Vaughan popping up in the attacking third and feeding of CF. The latter hasn’t yet found his form, but i hope he is a man for the big day.

    Overall, Mayo have the better footballers and if they stick to the game plan set out by J Horan, they will reach the promised land.

  2. God is it still 6 days to go? i know i said i would enjoy the build up but are we there yet?

    Looking at the papers yesterday was a waste of money. Is Mayo in this match at all? Noone giving us a chance, low key build up, Horan keeping cards close to chest. Sounds like build up to Dubs match.
    Thought the Indo had a poor attempt at rising things with Mort story. Just get the feeling the media want Donegal to win for some reason.

    Doesnt matter really. The work is done. Horan can do no more. Its down to the players now. They have got us this far. Time to have faith in them. Our need is greater. Hup Maigh Eo!

  3. Read Conor’s interview on the Indo today.
    While ill-advised, there wasn’t much in it at all. He didn’t give away any trade secrets or get stuck into James Horan, as many had feared he might. It seemed an ill judged attempt by the Independent to stoke the flames again, particularly with their silly ‘Should he have been asked back/Shouldn’t he have been asked back’ piece on the side. James won’t worry about it nor should anyone else. We have moved on.
    It was disappointing by Conor to do the interview though, particularly the week that’s in it. At least he resisted the urge to start throwing out digs but he should have left it alone, in my opinion.

  4. He could but it’s All-Ireland week and the pickings the journos would have got down in Breaffy the other day are likely to be so thin that they’ll hardly see them through the week so it’s understandable that they’d turn to someone from Mayo who was far more willing to talk in order to fill all those dirty, big blank pages of theirs. As Horan’s Brigade says, though, Conor didn’t do the dirt on James and the squad in this article and, to be fair to him, he hasn’t done this at all since quitting the panel. Remember, it wasn’t Conor that issued that toe-curling pile of crap that ‘the family’ put out back in July and everything he’s said publicly since leaving the squad has been supportive of the team.

  5. For those involved in the #nohypeplease campaign, the Western apparently has a 72-page supplement on the match tomorrow.

  6. facetheball says:
    September 17, 2012 at 3:38 pm
    This mail will probably be deleted by WJ but [deleted].

    WJ you can’t tease us by having that intro into a mail and then let our imaginations do the rest. What about a few f***’s and delete the odd word so we can get a jist? Otherwise delete the lot!

    Its a fair reflection on the build up alright that C Mortimer is given any airtime. I know I’m removed from it all up in the big smoke but its remarkably low key compared to other years.

  7. Oh! Jhasus one minute I’m ultra confident-next, the butterflies start doin the Hucklebuck!!

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