Last week on the podcast – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E18

Ever since the final whistle sounded at Croke Park on Sunday before last, Mayo fans have been coming to terms with the county’s exit from this year’s Championship, with Dublin defeating them comfortably at the All-Ireland quarter-final stage. On the Mayo Football Podcast we’ve been analysing the reasons why Mayo slumped to such a comprehensive loss that day and what the defeat means for the county for next year and beyond.

In this episode of the podcast Rob and I pick out and discuss some extracts from the three shows we’ve made available for our Patreon club members in the wake of the loss to Dublin. From our Final Whistle show, recorded at Croke Park straight after the match ended, there’s audio from Billy Joe Padden, John Casey and Eamon O’Hara, from our in-depth match review show you’ll hear the voices of Colm Boyle and Colm Keys while there’s more from Billy Joe on our final pod of the week, in which we reflect further on Mayo’s Championship exit. 

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21 thoughts on “Last week on the podcast – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E18

  1. Good strong panel of experts. Look forward to listening. Hopefully it’s not too downbeat. We went in with our share of newcomers and inexperienced players.they witnessed the standard required at top championship level. Next year we will be blooding more up and coming players and we will be back with a competitive squad in the next few years.
    Listen first and comment later

  2. Colm keys comments are worrying .the fact that this current batch of players have now lost two all Ireland finals and suffered two bad quarter final defeats has to have some affect

  3. Colm Keys won’t win us an All Ireland or Brolly or any other journalist.
    @Ontheditch .I agree with your comments above .
    Did any of us really expect us to be competing for an All Ireland when Lee and Oisin left the squad??, .Even with them it would be a tough ask .!!!! Keep bringing on new player’s next season as reality is we may well need them as more of the older lads might retire this year too
    Personally I wouldn’t blame them if they just stuck to club football given the amount of commitment they have to put in and the criticism the get from ” fans ” ,
    Same applies to Management, they get some stick too from journalist and the poison pen brigade on the Internet.
    Think we should give them a break for now and go back to focusing on our priority now .
    Club football.

  4. I definitely get the fear of impact key defeats can have, and a hammering in the quarter final definitely isn’t any fun, but are we really worse off and any team with ambition that got booted out at the pre-lim stage.

    It may well be the case that we’ve left the championship to the eventual winner, which if so is a stretch going on for years. I’d be more worried if morale drops because of a fear that our style of play can be figured out and that we’re still very erratic in our performances.

    Hopefully a long time to come forward with something new.

  5. Kerry targeted the league, won it and went on to win all Ireland, we did same, beat Kerry in Killarney, so on that we would have expected to at least make a semi, it’s not league is back in January.
    Do feel we may have peaked to early, let’s see what next year brings

  6. Well I wasn’t expecting colm keys or especially joe brolly to win us an all isn’t their job but as colm keys was asked to comment on the podcast that’s what I referenced

  7. Great pod WJ. A lot of work to be done. Mcstay now realises the pressure he is under to deliver. Rochford has been here before and needs to come up trumps.
    As always, Mayo will be back!

  8. Colm Keys was excellent on the match review pod and I felt his take on where the defeat to Dublin leaves us was something that was worth an airing on the highlights show. That’s not to say that Colm’s opinion of where he thinks we’re at has any bearing on us for 2024 and beyond – it’s just his opinion – but it is worth a listen.

  9. Nil desperandum, we will be back a little older, wiser and closer to bringing Sam across the Shannon. A serious focus needs to be on U17 / U20 to promote the future generations of Mayo Senior football. Would love to see a big hitter brought in, Colm Boyle or Andy M could do a job here. Let the natural footballers play ball instead of this lateral, hand passing abomination that would bore you to tears.
    Give Mc Stay and Co. a proper crack at it for the next couple of years and despite our exit this year there was some fine football played at times.

  10. Bonni Boyler, Colm Boyler’s been involved last couple seasons minor already I believe.

  11. We’ve another new podcast show out – this one featuring a chat with Ed McGreal about a number of issues, including scouting for new talent on the club scene, the 24-player squad rule for club games, Mayo FC v Mayo GAA and more. It’s online on Patreon now.

  12. #Bonnie Boyler Andy Moran didn’t cover himself in glory in Leitrim
    Great players don’t always make great managers.
    Give me a good organiser any day of the week
    Time for some good club manager to step up

  13. WJ , the lads mentioned that they might have an interview with Kevin McStay coming out. That would be very interesting.

  14. I think the county board should approach stephen rochford or james horan to take over the under20s and ask ciaran macdonald to manage the under 17 team and set up an under16 academy and think outside the box for the betterment of football in the county and bring players through for the senior team

  15. Nephin the one with the CB yesterday or day before should a been bit a craic 🙂

  16. Thanks Gizmobobs, knew I heard something on the Podcasts from Boyler, just wasn’t sure what his role was with Minors.
    JR agree Andy hasn’t had a great year with Leitrim but you have to start somewhere and not sure of the calibre of talent available to him. Wish him well anyway.
    Point was more to get away from the lateral stuff that was evident in the last season, agree Horan or Rochford would be ideal but this could be a long term project and it looks like the Dubs invested in it 10/15 years ago and look at the fruit it has borne since.

  17. I intend to WJ and I expect that Kevin will be forthright and honest in his replies to the questions asked. If he is and gives reasonable answers as to team selection and tactics, it could lead to an easier winter for him. Most supporters are reasonable and if they understand the logic behind his decisions, they will find them easier to understand. Basically we need to know that they have a plan.

  18. Leading up to the Kerry match, I was wondering, like many on this blog, where we were at as a team. After that display I was convinced we were genuine contenders. Since then, of course, the question arises again ‘where are we at?’
    I tend to agree that heavy defeats like we suffered can damage confidence and morale and could well have long term consequences.
    In situations like this it all depends on how you respond. You can let it dominate you or you can use it to drive you on
    You can interpret it as a kick up the arse and go and do something about it. You can mine the pain and humiliation and use it as a motivator to put the record right and prove your worth. Or you can lie down tamely! These are choices. Lets hope we have the character to make the right choice and come back and restore our pride.

  19. Posted this on another thread but will throw it here too.

    It’s taken me a while to post a comment after the game, but reading all the comments on this thread has been very interesting to say the least.

    My opinion on the year is very mixed. If you told me at the start of the year that we would beat Kerry and Galway in the championship, I would have probably said that we would probably go very close to winning the All Ireland. As it was, we just about made it to the quarter finals!

    A lot of people here have said that we aren’t good enough to win the All Ireland. I disagree. We went down to Killarney and bet the current All Ireland champions out the gate. We also bet last years runners up on their own patch. You don’t do that unless you’re a damn good team.

    I truly believe we are good enough. We are just so incredibly inconsistent and I believe there is an element of arrogance to us too! After we bet Kerry, we all got a bit arrogant, and I believe this seeped into players and management too, and therefore the following two performances were patchy at best. We have absolutely no reason to be arrogant in Mayo! We haven’t one Sam in 74 years! But this has been a problem for years, one good result and the hype machine gets going, and you can’t tell me this doesn’t affect the players. We know it shouldn’t, but it does. The only time we should be arrogant is when our captain is walking up the steps of the Hogan to collect the Sam Maguire!

    As a player and management group, they need to go into every game 100% focused on that game, and not take any opponent for granted. This is what happened against Louth and Cork. We had the game won against Cork and then collapsed. This is not because we aren’t good enough. It is because we thought we had the game won and completely lost concentration, and weren’t able to wrestle back the momentum. If even we had nicked a draw in that game, I have no doubt we would be getting ready for a semi final this weekend.

    We all know that this current panel is not as good as the panel in 2016/2017, but there is also no stand out team in the country. If anything happens to Clifford Kerry are goosed. There will be a number of retirements in Dublin after this year, and there is very little between the rest of the teams in the country. If we get our house in order, we have a right good chance in the next couple of years.

    But it’s up to McStay, the management team, and the players to make sure we have our house in order. I agree with posters that we need a proper defensive structure to be put in place, and I hope the current management have the wherewithal to do this. But if they don’t McStay needs bring in someone who knows how to do this. IT’s time to do everything that needs to be done to win this All Ireland. We have a very good panel of players. It’s there for us if we want it!

  20. Very unlikely mcstay will bring someone else in now to the management set up .He pitched for the job on basis of the strength and experience of his backroom team and then with the season practically over had to abandon the game plan that so much faith had been placed.It will be interesting to see how Monaghan set up against Dublin.David Clifford is the X factor for Kerry but they are still a formidable team when he isn’t at his best or indeed missing altogether

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