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There’s plenty in the papers today about the fall-out from the decision to stage our replay with Kerry down in Limerick and while none of this will help to calm you down some of it is still worth a read.

A lot of focus has understandably been given to the high-handed, arrogant and utterly crass remarks made on the issue yesterday by GAA President Liam O’Neill. First of all he patronised us by telling us it’s in our “best interests to get on with it” and then he followed this up by insulting us with his asinine “end their barren spell” jibe.    

I had to read those remarks a few times to realise that this was what he’d actually said. This is, after all, the President of the GAA saying all this, not some backwoods gobshite, so the least you could expect is a degree of even-handedness in what he might have to say on the issue. Instead we get a waspish put-down, one designed to put us firmly in our place and let us know that it’s up to others of higher standing in the world to make the decisions that count.

I’ve never been one to slag off the GAA. I’m a proud member of it and I fully appreciate the way that all the money they raise is ploughed back into facilities and all the rest. I even understand the need to maximise the use of Croke Park on a commercial basis. In light of this decision, however, and the cack-handed and downright objectionable way it’s been defended by the top brass, I’ve never felt the degree of contempt for the organisation that I do now.

It’s abundantly clear even to someone as pro-GAA as me that something is radically wrong at the heart of the organisation and I firmly believe that can all be traced back to the way in which financial decisions involving Croke Park are now made. This was front and centre in the case of the Garth Brooks fuck-up, it’s the reason why Dublin will be playing their 47th championship match in a row at home next Sunday and why we will never, ever, ever see them sent anywhere else to play a championship match in the future.

The need to avoid the slightest chance that Dublin might have to play outside Croke Park is, of course, the real reason why we’re being shunted off to Limerick on Saturday, a point Keith Duggan nails beautifully in his piece in today’s Irish Times where he says:

The official explanation – that the GAA had to take into account the possibility of a draw between Dublin and Donegal next Sunday – is flawed. It inadvertently suggests – or perhaps betrays- the sense that the Dublin/Donegal fixture is somehow pre-eminent in the minds of those who run these matters.

That’s the nub of it. We truly are Children of a Lesser God.

I know it’s no help to us but Keith goes on to suggest two workable alternatives to the Limerick option and even poor old Martin Breheny in the Irish Independent manages to do the same. The point being that if what the GAA says is true – which their chief spindoctor Alan Milton stated on Off The Ball last night – and this American football nonsense has been planned for 18 months then surely those fine minds on Jones’s Road could have come up with these kind of options as well. They didn’t because, bluntly, they don’t give two flying fucks about ourselves and Kerry. Money, and only money, is what concerns these people.

The contempt shown by GAA HQ towards us poor benighted boggers was further underscored today when Alan Milton – whose job title, don’t forget, is Head of Media Relations at the GAA – refused to come on Midwest Radio this morning despite numerous requests for him to do so.  The brazen arrogance is just breathtaking.

So Limerick it is on Saturday and as it’s already Tuesday we need to start focusing on the replay facing us. Some good news comes in the form of this piece by Mike Finnerty in the Mayo News confirming that we’ve no new injury worries ahead of Saturday. Mike says we’re likely to appeal Lee’s suspension but that Brendan Harrison, Chris Barrett or Richie Feeney are all options to start should the need arise. Tom Parsons is also likely to come into the reckoning after his positive second half showing off the bench on Sunday.

Keeping the focus on Saturday, let’s end with a poll – how do you think the replay will go?

Will we win the replay?

  • Yes (83%, 369 Votes)
  • No (17%, 74 Votes)

Total Voters: 443

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79 thoughts on “Last word on Limerick

  1. Would it be a mad idea to start Kevin Mc at wing back and Freezer and Andy in the forward from the start?
    Tom Parsons starts in midfield with Alan Dillon moving to wing forward where he plays most of the time anyway.
    KMc is a converted half back anyway and I thought he played brilliantly with his front to goal on Sunday, although he would be a loss on breaking ball.
    Only disadvantage with that plan is that we have even less to come off the bench but if we go balls out from the beginning and power down the middle I’m not sure if Kerry really have an answer for that so the bench might not be that important.

  2. Milton and O’Neill are idiots.

    C’mon Mayo!! Rally around the cause!! Limerick here we come!!!

  3. We might seek to have Keegan’s red card overturned????????
    Would Dublin,cork,Kerry etc say they might seek to have one of their key players card overturned? We must truly be softer than I first thought, we go to a soviet style gulag of a stadium in limerick so American football/cheer leading/hotdog eating is played in the stadium we should be playing in? And we meekly accept the ruling, for certain my dear friends, for certain Dublin would not be moved to limerick were they in our shoes, no way on earth would they go. We just don’t dig our heels in and stand up for ourselves, the game is going to be on Kerry’s doorstep and we re ok with it?

    I don’t blame the knucklehead president of the GAA or the pro fella that refused to go on the Midwest radio, I blame our county board for not digging in and telling them that they had better make alternative arrangements because we are not travelling to a stadium that gives our opponent an advantage at this stage. My wife is from a hurling county, likes watching mayo play football and cannot get over how soft our county board are, she laughs about how we just roll over and accept it. Sometimes you get what you deserve.

    The county board better be beating the door down to have the ridiculous red card overturned, no ifs or maybes.

  4. Yes – you nailed a lot of what wrong with the Gaa heirarchy there Wllie Joe. Cant say i’ll be holding my breath waiting for anything to change.

  5. Lads just had a argument with an employee. My wiser wife persuaded me to back off advising me that falling out with staff coming up to the busiest time of our working year is just not a good idea. Likewise with this situation. I agree totally with the sentiments expressed here but it is just not the time or the place. Much better to concentrate on the match as it is – going on in Limerick on Saturday evening. Leave all that other crap to the boardrooms or the county board meeting. Don’t give these cute Kerry guys any advantage. Instead of complaining about O’Neill we should be concentrating our anger on the fact that we did not finish the job last Sunday and bring that anger to the pitch on Saturday. Every Mayo player should hate every Kerry player. Why? One reason only. They stand in their way of winning. All this nonsense of wrong pitch, bad ref (which is not true), 6 day turnover, poor Leeroy, Bombers poor journalism, etc. These are just side issues. We hate them (Kerry, Dublin, Donegal) because they stand between us and what we have to have! Stop whining. This is worse than 96 and Meath.

  6. David, we did not meekly accept the ruling. Our manager made his unhappiness clear in the post-match interview. The County Board requested a postponement until Saturday week. Given that there are now 5 days to the game, that is as far as we can push it without distracting our players from the major task at hand.

    Winning this game is much more important than any rows and perceived slights over the change of venue.

    Frankly, if we win on Saturday, that will be a bigger two fingers to O’Neill and his cronies than any digging in from our County Board or anyone else.

  7. I think the county board are as well to lie in the long grass till congress & just table a motion that no event of ANY sort be held from league semi finals time until a potential replay date for all Ireland football finals has passed.
    Maybe with Sam Maguire in our possession we could also table a motion of no confidence in Mr.Milton as a pound of flesh,”Smiley” O’Neil will be gone by then…

  8. Your summing up of the dictatorship is spot on WJ.
    They know that for the kerry fans to travel to a replay anywhere else but next door would be a poor show, like wise the dubs, put them anywhere else but CP and only a handful show up.
    They are cynically aware also that we with probably the best following would go anywhere to an AI replay so are guaranteed a sellout.
    Ironically we give them a sellout and get sold out in exchange.
    We have to win Sam this year it’s the only way we’ll get any sort of recognition and make the gobshites eat their ‘Barren spell’ tripe.
    MaighEo Abu

  9. As someone who tries to assist my local club as best I can I feel very let down by the top brass with this whole affair. To me the biggest thing is that we cant have the replay on Saturday week because of a potential Dublin vs Donegal replay.

    @east cork exile I was wondering the same thing myself about McLoughlin in the half backs the next day. To me it boils down to a choice of either Barrett, Feeney or Harrison being 100% ready for battle vs would we miss his influence to much in the forwards.

  10. Come on lads, lets just do this and forget about the venue for now. I suspect if we pull of a famous win against Kerry on Sat evening then nobody will give two hoots.

    I have never felt as “up” for a game as this one coming up. Hopefully the players will be the same. I see a Kerry poster on another forum spouting that Kerry fans will outnumber Mayo in Limerick…not a fucking chance. Lets lay siege to the Treaty City and send the yerras packing. Up Mayo!

  11. davyj

    i know the players cannot be distracted and j horan made his views clear immediately after the game, i seen and heard him saying it on tv, it makes my blood boil that we are moved to limerick/north kerry for a semi final replay and cannot show our dissaproval in any meaningful way and then have to listen to condescension from the gaa president and a refusal to speak on our radio station by the gaa pro fella.

    dublin, 47 championship games in a row in croke park!!! the day we should be in croker for the replay is not available in case dublin need it for a replay.

    you could not make this stuff up.

    by the way i think kevin mcloughlin is needed at half forward much more than in defense. surely we have a lad to take keegans spot and just defend, let vaughan or boyler do the attacking if they need to.

    if caffs legs are giving him trouble let him raise his hand and be switched before damage is done and if donaghy is put in there to catch high ball then put somebody like seamie in on him, or whoever, but do it straight away. i seen him against cavan last year in the quarterfinal, high ball in all day but caught none because he was marked by a big strong lad.

  12. If i hadnt Saturday to look forward to id be busy devising an email for our fine GAA President. So instead i looked at another quote this one from Eammon Maurice in the post match interview .He said ” I was disappointed that our lads sat back for most of the second half and let Mayo back into the game” Well unfortunately for him they didnt have much choice in the matter.Far from sitting back they were for 20 mins more to the point they were put back on their holes and could not deal with the intensity from Mayo .Last 10-15 mins we were fucked.Mayo generally put in their best spell of football at the start of the second half for 15 mins. If we can go to the break with a point or 2 up get our spell in the second half and go on to close the game out we are in business.

  13. The decision fucking stinks (although not as much as O’Neill’s arrogant comments), but it’s done now. Time to move on and concentrate fully on Saturday’s game.

    For 25 minutes in the 2nd half we looked pretty much unstoppable. A repeat of that and we’ll be well on our way.
    I’d bring Barrett in for Lee and leave the rest of the team intact. Gibbons and Freeman deserve another shot, their form could be crucial if we do indeed make the final. It’s tough on A Moran, but his impact as a sub is suddenly becoming crucial for us.

    Loved the audio piece WJ. I can see by the lack of negativity on the site that the threat of being shot has put some posters off…

    Also loved that picture of Joe in yesterday’s Indo. We’ve all been in that place at some point following Mayo through the years, great to see it captured in a photo like that.

  14. Regarding the appeal , can anyone explain just what are they waiting for. The worst that can happen is it’s turned down.

  15. As well now to concentrate on Sat.However if you want to register your utter contempt with that prick O’Neill, just dial 01 8192300-as I’ve just done……aaaah feel SO much better for fuckin them out of it!!

  16. Right lads we’ve vented enough energy on the limerick debacle. Were stuck with it now I’m afraid so let’s get that anger into a siege mentality and blast our way home. After the match Oisin mc conville said these things can be turned into an advantage like he experienced on their way to Sam. I think he said they were sent to navan to play a quarter final. He said the crowd were close to the pitch and an electric atmosphere was created. He said it was something different that actually helped them. This idea I’m going to hold on to. Our anger plus our hunger will drive us on. It could be a special day yet. No one seems to have any info on lees appeal. I’m still fuming about that

  17. His comment is a bit rich coming from a Laois man.

    One answer for him is to have him hand over the cup to us later in the year.

    Time to move on. Any word on the players? Boyler was getting magic spray near the end of the game, hope he is good to go again.

    I’d be confident of the replay. We played at 50% capacity in the 1st half with our containment tactics. If we even get to 75% the next day we would be ahead at half time.

    It will be hard enough I’d imagine on Kerry in their current cycle to complete the 6 day turnaround. The Kerry injury list is growing a little longer also. Can’t see DOS making an appearance the next day.

  18. Hill st Boy – Armagh did indeed play a quarter final in a packed Navan and it was against our neighbours Sligo who were very unlucky and could have beaten Armagh who went on to beat Kerry in the final.

    Every team has to come through adversary…god know we have gone through the mill as supporters and this team. But their dedication and never say die attitude is a sight to be behold. We shall overcome…no surrender!

  19. Lads and lassies, there’s not much we can do about the f@*k up of a situation they have put us in. The team and management are focused on Saturday as so should we as supporters. We should not be creating any distractions or fan any either, you all know how the media like to portray us! One thing we could do as supporters that would (in a small way) hurt the top brass coffers, refuse to buy programmes at the match. Re-use last weeks, it is more or less the same. Imagine them being left with 30,000 programmes unsold!

  20. Great idea Mayo Mick! I’m with you on that one. The programmes are mostly rubbish anyway. It’s not like we don’t know the lads well enough by now.

  21. Our County Board are mostly to blame for this. Why?, well a draw was always a real possibility, yet nobody ever discussed that possibility or where a replay would take place. I for one, considered a draw but never thought of the College football game (it’s not relevant to blame the College football match) being in the mix. However, OUR COUNTY BOARD AND THE CONNACHT COUNCIL KNEW! They knew ahead of time, if there was a draw if would be replayed in Limerick….so why did they accept that in the planning stages, before ever there was a draw???? That’s the question. Our anger should be directed at our County Board as much as it is at Croke park IMO…..

    Meanwhile the comments by Liam O’Neill are condescending and unworthy coming from the president of the greatest amateur association in the world. He should apologize, or resign, or both! #Oneillshouldresign

    Having said that, we should leverage his condescending remarks and use them, much as we used Larry Tompkins dopey comments last week, to fire up the team. They will be aware of this…make no mistake about it. We are going to Kerry’s backyard and better be fired up. It’s a rallying cry.

  22. lads get on play the match ye should have won last day but ye didt ye cant last 70 mins against a young Kerry team god help ye v Dublin ye b gone home by half time

  23. Nobody better than a Laois man to recognise a barren spell. They’re looking at one a lot more barren than ours.
    However its time to concentrate on the match now and I think there was no point in getting into a confrontation on the issue when we would never have won that confrontation. Remember Clare and Ger Loughnane in 1998? Siege mentality is one thing but there is no point in letting it dominate our thinking.

  24. Is there a bigger shower of shites in any organisation than the top brass of the GAA. To call them DONKEYS would be an insult to that noble animal.

  25. @MayoMick, I’m liking your idea about the programmes!! I’ll be using the €5 towards the Park N Ride bus now and I’d always be one for the ole programme collecting!!
    Also, on an aside Gaelic Grounds pitch is the exact same size of McHale Park pitch (137 x 82) as opposed to Fitzgerald Stadium which is 144 x 82… Maybe this will actually work to our advantage!

  26. Kerry for Sam15…haha! Yes we should have won, but how does that look on a team 5 pts up, 30 mins to play and against a team with one less man. Still, now that ye are pretty much playing at home next day, that’s worth a few points to ye. Good luck!

  27. I have a cairde mayo ticket but want to bring a child with me. Does anyone know if the county board will give me a kids ticket for the stand

  28. “I have a cairde mayo ticket but want to bring a child with me. Does anyone know if the county board will give me a kids ticket for the stand”

    Cairde Mhaigheo tickets are one per member so Mayo CB have said. With our season tickets from Croke Park our “bring a friend” option is not available either.

  29. Fair play lads and lassies,
    North Kerry is over an hour to limerick, mid Kerry is almost too hours and south kerry Is almost three hours away from Limerick. We are devastated that we are not in Croker so stop with this s..t that this some kind of conspiracy by the Kerry County Board. Trust me no Kerry player or supporter wants to be in limerick next Saturday no more than the Mayo lads,,, this is not our home ground Fitzgerald Stadium is.

  30. We should just ignore that laois gobshite and concentrate on supporting our heroic lads however our Co.Board should request an apology for his rather crude insult about our proud County who play a brand of football that is both stylish and manly.This is the prick that is responsible for the introduction of the black card that is totally unworkable and has become the newly yellow card.I will not lower myself to his level and make derogatory remarks about his county as I know that they are equally proud GAA people and I trust that they are embarrased by having this gobshite in their midst.Back to the team our problem at the back will have to be a dressed there have some very good suggestions and I would go along with putting a player like SOS in there we have plenty of CF players to take his place maybe not as effectively but on this occasion we have to do what is best for the team

  31. kerryfor Sam

    Beat mayo and whoever to Sam and get back to us then about how poor we are.
    By the way you’re the ones that had 15 men and a 5 point lead in the early stages of the second half, you should be more concerned about that than what Dublin would do to us.
    Kerry vs Dublin 2011
    Kerry vs Dublin 2013

    2 games for you to review and enlighten us all on the blog here. Thanks.

  32. Every man woman child cat and dog from this proud county of ours needs to be in Limerick Sat evening. Travel by bus train car or plane but be there for our men! If those travel options fail ass & cart options are available! Contact Liam o Neil or Alan Milton! Supply your own cart the two donkeys will do the rest! Let’s not match the Kerry support but let’s out do them. “Boys (and girls)join together in all kinds of weather” make the journey it’s well within our capabilities! Maigh Eo Abu!

  33. As I said in my post yesterday its the 6-day turn-around that perturbs me most – other than favouratism being afforded to Dub/Don the venue is of less consequence.
    The short turn-around does NOT bear equally on both teams as Mayo was playing with 14 for such a long period of the game. As a consequence its players expended far more energy than Kerry – it would appear most of them ’emptied the tank’ before the end.
    The recovery period is inadequate particularly for Mayo and will manifest itself in the final quarter when Kerry will pull away. That is why I want no part of this cockup and neither should you good people – its so unfair on a wonderful football panel and mngt. As for the charm-challenged Uactharan of thr GAA – well he is typical of what emerges within that clique. .

  34. Going to Limerick and getting the result is all that matters this week. No need to look in the rear view mirror as Limerick is being left behind and the show heads to the its next stop in CP.

    As far as getting into the heads of the suits at GAA headquarters, it is probably best left alone. Probably would not do one’s sanity any good.

  35. Time to move on now. No point blaming Co Board.. They did not make decision. GAA HQ did. Our PRO was on radio this morning saying he had no advance knowledge that replay was going to be in Limerick. Also disappointed with Kerry Co Board. They too should have demanded a return to Croker but their chairman was on yesterday on Today fm talking about how financially the gaa need these American football games to raise finances etc and his response to the question of Mayo supporters travel plans to limerick was yerre shure we Kerry people have traffic jams travelling through Adare. That allied to donnacha walshe s efforts to get keegan sent of doesn’t reflect well on kerrys” noble” position within GAA. One more point. If GAA really had to move it out of croker(which they did not) the match should have been played it in Thurles. 2 covered stands, 53,000 capacity great access and well used to holding big matches. It might be a slightly longer journey than limerick but at least it would not be on Kerrys door step. But no it had to be given to Limerick as they got no big games this year while Thurles had 5 or 6. Anyway that doesn’t matter now. Lets go to Limerick and win.

  36. Lookit, the cards have been dealt. It’s a shitty hand but we have to play it.

    We can turn adversity into advantage. Anyone who was in Croke Park on Sunday will have experienced the raucous noise and colour of the Mayo fans in the second half. In fairness, we greatly outnumbered the Kerry supporters (4-1 was my reckoning), and we won’t have that advantage on Saturday evening. But, by God we can make our presence felt.

    We can’t just be observers at this match. We need to make noise. A lot of noise. We need to have as much green and red on show as possible. Even if it means rooting through the hot press and finding a red rag and a green one and stitching them together, then do it.

    When the stadium announcer reads out the team sheet, give every Mayo player a huge cheer. Five minutes before the teams come out, start a chant. Stamp your feet, blow horns, beat bodhrans, just make a lot of noise. Let the lads in the dressing room know we’re there in number and that we’re going to be their 16th man. And then when they come out, we raise the fucking roof off the place.

    All through the game, we keep going. We cheer not just every score, but every time a Mayo hand touches the ball. Every pass completed, every turnover won, every broken ball won, every free won, we shake the rafters. Vent your frustration in the most positive way possible and do your bit to lift the boys home.

    And when we have won, in one voice we sing:

    “You can stick your American Football up your arse, up your arse!”

  37. It’ll be a while before we hear the last word on Limerick but we really need to drop it now.
    Our only focus now should be on channeling our anger into those 75 minutes on Saturday evening & giving our response on the field & in the stands.
    The issues are:
    1. The emptying of the tanks with 14 men on Sunday & the 6 Day Turnaround. We are going to have to use more of our subs in this one than heretofore & that is an area where we haven’t exactly excelled in the past. It’s essential that we pre plan here, trust our judgement & not overload the warriors who gave their all last Sunday.
    The middle 8 will have to be rotated like never before if we are to keep this going to the finish.
    2. The aerial bombardment into our square … we need to be ready for it.
    3. After that it’s ‘mano a mano’ to the finish. As Brolly said we are now in ‘battle mode’.
    Win each individual battle & the war will be won.

  38. Barry Moran would be a good option to bring on for Cafferkey the minute Donaghy appears.
    This would also give Caff the opportunity to run his heart out and draw Donaghy in when they think he is running out of steam. Also allows us to maximise the benefit of all the good mid fielders we have.
    We are going to win and being somewhere so daft just adds to the occasion.
    Nancy Blakes after!!

  39. We know Limerick likes a good old siege so let’s give them one on Saturday. We’re going there on a f’cking mission so let them know all about it.

    The players need to keep a cool head and use their energy methodically. We do NOT.

    Each and every Mayo man, woman and child should (using some game terminology) empty the tank on Saturday evening. The roar greeting the lads onto the pitch should be f’cking guttural.

  40. Absolutely loved your audio WJ. They have you fired up man. Great to hear that unguarded passion. I don’t agree with you on the Keegan red card. I hate that fucking letter of the law bullshit as regards kicking out. The ref should have used his discretion and given Lee a yellow. It’s not that Lee was gonna bury the boot into your mans balls. It was a stupid petulant kick purely comming from Keegans frustation at having the guts knocked out of him. I have no doubt though that the decision will stand and the GAA Oracles of dung, will nod sagely in solemn agreement and come to a difficult but fair decision, that although “It may seem harsh, the rules must be adhered too for the benifet and integrity of the game and the greater good of all who participate.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch the GAA overseers, whistle dixie, lather themselves up in their own shit, while standing under a shower of pure slurry. They are disrespecting Two great footballing counties here and themselves and all they purport to stand for.

    We gotta get on with it, that’s the bottom line. It’s unfair, no doubt. The famine roads were unfair too and we survived that. Look it , this replay will stand to us. We need it. In the long run I think as hard as it may seem right now, It could be for the best.

  41. WJ. had to check twice to make sure it was you writing that piece, still think i’ll be handing out huge red cards at the gate Sat eve to mayo supporters and everyone can hold them up at O Neill, is feidir linn

  42. How many of us know what is the hierarchy that is the GAA HQ management. Who runs this so called corporate sector of the GAA with responsibility for fund raising. Who are they answerable to and who calls the shots when it comes to the fiascos we have witnessed this year.
    Make no mistake the GAA belongs to the players, the supporters, the man or woman who give countless hours to training the under six’s, the under eight’s the under twelves, the under sixteens, the minors. the under 21’s the juniors,the intermediates, and the seniors. The army of people who transport the players, make the sandwich’s, wash the jerseys, provide first aid,organise and attend meetings, work out schedules, fundraise, and attend match’s hail rain or shine…….. the list goes on. These are the GAA. These are the shareholders of Croke Park. These are the custodians of our heritage,our games and the ethos that is the GAA.

    So Mr O’Neill and central council be afraid. Be careful how you treat the plebs because the plebs will bite you in the arse when you least expect it.

  43. I wonder when will we know the result of Lee Keegan’s, appeal,

    James O Donoghue , seems to be immune to 4 steps rule,
    As soon as he gets the ball, he starts running, taking anything up to 8 or 9 steps before playing the ball, this makes him very hard to mark.
    Referees , turn a blind eye to this.
    I , would suggest, that Mayo defenders, shout out, ‘ STEPS ‘ , to the Ref, every time he starts running with the ball,
    Kerry, targated, Lee Keegan and spent the whole game pulling and dragging Aiden O Shea,, and got away with it, He gets so much abuse in every game and Ref, just lets it go,
    Kerry will do anything to win,

  44. WJ – would you point me in the direction of that audio link please. Might as well keep the blood boiling until Saturday.

  45. I aw Mayo play Kerry in a league Semi in Limerick in 1969. We drew with them but were well beaten in replay in Galway. Lets forget about venue & get on with the game.

  46. o’neill is our man. He is the President at the end of the day. Appointed by the members and their representatives to serve the best interest of the association. He is acting instead in the interests of the rich and powerful interests who seek to improve their balance sheets on the labors of genuine sports people. You are correct WJ in your in your conclusion about money being the driver de force. When does this mans term end. I would love to be able to do something to shorten it. He does not represent me and I have supported the association for a very long time now.

  47. Good man kerrysam2015 you conform to the stereotype all right!

    Yerra sure we’d love Mayo to win the All Ireland …… but just not this year.
    Jack O’Connor after the all Ireland in 2006 (Kerry’s 34th and 3rd of the decade) … “We really needed this one” .

    Well guess what “We really really really really need this one and sure we’d love to see this Kerry team win one …. but not this year”

  48. Lads we need to get on with it.
    Oneill told me at a function in uk earlier this year he really wanted Mayo to win Sam this year and I felt he was genuine about that as he also said we threw last years final away (not in a condescending way).
    From now on let’s knuckle down and ensure we give Mayo on Saturday the best possible support to beat Kerry and get another shot at winning the all Ireland title.

  49. Kerrysam2015 – I’ve deleted that comment and you’re also now on moderation watch. This is a site where intelligent contributions are expected and that stream of incoherent nonsense you posted has no place here. If you’re incapable of anything more erudite, I’d suggest you try somewhere like Hogan Stand instead. For info, the house rules on comments are here and the comment I just deleted broke rule nos. 5 and 21.

  50. The national school teacher from Laois talked down to us in Mayo as if we were his pupils,ironic he should mention ”our barren spell” when his county won their only senior title(hurling) 99 years ago when the first World War was on.
    Worth looking up The Peter Principle as this eejit a prime example.
    Good luck to all on Sat.

  51. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t but help see our county board interactions with Croke Park (not just in this matter), in light of our financial situation concerning the McHale Park redevelopment bailout.

  52. Rock – link to the audio is here. Just so you know, all the audio reports are accessible via the ‘Audio’ tab on the top right-hand corner of the site and links to each of the audio reports are also included within the match report links for each game under the results section of the site. Enjoy!

  53. I wonder will mr. O Neill honour us with his presence in Limerick? If he does he should receive an appropriate welcome when his dial appears on the big screen just to show him how much we appreciate him.

  54. For sure its a kick in the teeth going to Limerick rather than Croker and then hearing the condescending shite talk from droopy chops . BUT team mayo got the better of bigger knocks last Sunday; ..Playing badly for 35 mins. first half ,talisman missing scorable points and an open goal , Best half back of our time being sent off ..and our heroes still came if anyone thinks that going to Limerick where in 2008 Aido Kevin Robbie and co bate seven colours of shite out of the Kerry minors aint seen nothing yet This is going to be Awesome.

  55. Exactly Digits,

    “The history of it is that people initially question, then they accept the decision and get on with it,” said O’Neill. “I’m sure that Mayo are long enough in the game at this level to know that it’s in their best interests to get on with it and play the game and qualify for the final and hopefully, for them, end their barren spell.”

    The phrase ‘best interests’ as in play ball here or your financial position could be compromised further?

  56. To anybody interested. Due to Saturdays debacle, I have two lower tier Hogan Stand tickets for the Dublin v Donegal match, section 328, Row pp, seat 17 and 18. I will not be attending and I believe that all tickets are gone. The tickets are 40 euros each (face value) Any body here who is interested can contact me at my email address, I hope this is ok to post. I won’t have any bother shifting them but would prefer they go to someone on this blog. Nothing worse than being taking advantage of by touts etc when the house is full.

    If this post can’t go on I fully understand and apologise if I’ve over stepped. My intentions are honourable.


    Joe Ruane

  57. There’s an interesting article on the calculation of the value of the American Football game to the Irish economy at
    Thanks to @NiallMacD for this.

    On the general point of moving the match, I have had several conversions about it since Sunday – mostly with Dublin supporters and most are involved with the GAA. Every one of them agreed that it is a total cock-up.
    However, it is now time to refocus on the job in hand. There is a game to be won and a place in the All-Ireland Final to be secured. We need to secure every ticket we can get and roar the lads home. We were on top with the support last Sunday. As supporters our job is to be on top again on Saturday to cancel out the proximity advantage that O’Neill and his buddies have given Kerry.

    Keep the Faith!

  58. Let’s all be sure to give Liam O’Neill a big welcome should he grace the stand on Saturday in Limerick. #ONeillOUT

  59. Great article WJ and any little bit of respect I had left for O’Neill, or the bean counters that run our association nowadays is gone.

    They get away with this dictatorship attitude because we the grassroots let them! And the Mayo PRO on Morning Ireland yesterday didn’t even mention the possibility of Saturday week in Croker or all priorities being given to the all mighty (cash cow) Dubs.

    When I pay good money to attend matches (not just the ticket price) I’m sick of being treated like a child by Croke Park. We are kept in the dark and not shown replays on the big screens of any incidents that could in anyway be controversial so that the referee are not exposed to the crowd! That’s just more contempt being shown to real supporters.

    It’s time the those running of the GAA, the paid officials and their puppets are reminded that it is our association, not their cash machine! They’ve lost touch with what really matters and are in need a serious shake up IMO !

    On Mayo regardless !!

  60. Wj, im sure you have a new post ready to publish today.

    Asshole breheny has a very poir headline in todays indo.

    Time to move on from the venue and not give these so called journalists ammo for more false reporting.

    Martin, get you facts right. The mayo camp had no rant over the venue. You bizarre gombeen!

  61. Am I the only one who couldn’t give a fiddlers about O ‘Neill at this stage. Our focus should be on supporting the team and beating Kerry. If we win then we won’t care of the circus that went before the game.

  62. Steve don’t worry the team are focused, the supporters are just about getting there and will be fine by Saturday.

    But the gall of that clown o’neill!!!!!!

  63. Looks like its going to be a sellout, so if you are prevaricating about getting tickets, DONT, even if its just to keep them out of Kerry hands, buy early and often.
    It being a sell out, and hopefully lots of vox pops about people being stuck outside and not able to get tickets will just add to the ridiculousness of all this decision.

    WTF does it take so long to hear an appeal? That cant be good not knowing until Wednesday or Thursday if you have a player at your disposal or not. Why cant they do it the next day? Another fecken joke

  64. I am finding it very hard to concentrate at work this week….the game is on my mind 24/7….Id say I am not the only one though.

  65. Cheers for that WJ. Love that piece. Very honest appraisal of how we performed. I’m exiled in Meath and a couple of us Mayo folk have met up over the last few days. Recurring themes include real balls, guts, determination and most of all – pure pride.

    God I hope we can finish the job on Saturday as I just want to keep watching these guys play ball in the red and green.

  66. Steve, you’re not alone. It’s on a lot of minds 24/7.
    The nerves have settles and clarity has returned to the old mind, if there’s one thing that comes from that game is that this Mayo will not give up, and I’d imagine Kerry are twisting and turning this week when they wonder how 14 Mayo men clawed them back, it won’t go down easy with the confident Kerry lads, they’re supposed to batter us in championship football even if we have 16 on the field.
    I might be crazy but I think MAYO would not be stopped by the pick of the 3 others left.

  67. We need to pick up where we left off last week. Bring feckin anything you own that is green and red and wave it like a madman/woman. Let the boys know we are there with them from the throw-in. Let’s make the Gaelic Grounds our own! Because as annoying as this is, I have a feeling Saturday will go down in Mayo history.

  68. Limerick is what it is now,so lets get down there and have the biggest roar ever heard in Gaelic Grounds when Mayo take to the field and then break that record again at the final whistle when we will be heading back to another All-Ireland.Save our talking about O Neill and co for the victory speech in Castlebar when we are the champs

  69. Jesus christ lets forget about limerick and oneill for now, massive task ahead of us saturday. I would start parsons as a sweeper and keep him back infront of caff all day. Geaney cleaned up on high balls in aswell. Then when donaghy comes on we dont need to waste a sub especially on him as we will need every pair of fresh legs for the tired ones

  70. Anyone who thought the GAA was gone to cancel a major NCAA College Football game that has been organised for close to a year at the drop of the hat to keep a few lads out West happy was living in cloud cuckoo land. There is more to this world than Castlebar and Croker lads.

  71. Welcome toLimerick Mayo Supporters , Secure carparking and pints plus BBQ available at Shannon RFC in THOMOND PARK 5 minute walk from The GAELIC GROUNDS.Follow the signs for THOMOND PARK on the motorway. Have a great day in Limerick and best of luck to MAYO

  72. I said prior to kick off that the game would be won from the side line ? We done very well with our switches in the drawn game but on this occasion we were slow off the mark ,why on earth was Barry Moran not substituted far earlier , James and his team has done a wonderfull job in taking us to a new level , but unfortunately making crucial switches is not our managements team strong point , Eamonn Fitzmaurice and his team eat humble pie and replaced Killian Young after 10 minutes Which plugged a lot of gaps in Kerry’s defence , We were so unfortunate to loose Aidan O Shea and Cillian O Connor when we were on top , It was a nail biting encounter in which the referee was a joke , COME ON. MAYO,

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