Launch of strategic action plan next weekend

The formal launch of the Mayo GAA Strategic Action Plan is set to take place in McHale Park on Saturday next (19th February), with throw-in for the event set for 8pm.

Invites to attend the launch are being extended to all members of Mayo county board, club officers and county board delegates, as well as all members of the Strategic Action Plan Steering committee and sub-committees. The Fourth Estate are also being invited along as are members and supporters of the GAA in Mayo.  That’s basically everyone who might be interested in being there, I reckon.

The Strategic Action Plan Steering committee and sub-committees have been working on the plan for the past five months and the document will now go before a forthcoming meeting of the county board for formal ratification. Members of the Steering committee and sub-committees will be in McHale Park again on Sunday next where they’ll be handing out copies of the plan to supporters attending the league match against Kerry.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to give both the Saturday night event and next Sunday’s clash with the Kerrymen a miss – there’s just too much going on up here on the work and family front at the minute, I’m afraid, which means that a trip to the west can’t easily be added to the mix on this occasion.  It’s an event I’m sorry to be missing and if we whup some Kerry ass the following day, I’ll be sorrier still.

10 thoughts on “Launch of strategic action plan next weekend

  1. launch has been defered, seemingly some of the recommendations regarding future finanacing of team and management were too close to the bone for some board members who now won’t let the report be published until its ‘edited’.

  2. My understanding is that the launch of the action plan is still going ahead as planned on Saturday and that the report will be made publicly available then.

    Please release the plan to the loyal Mayo supporters in Mayo and outside the County.All associated with this project have worked so so hard and they deserve better.Please do the right thing.

  4. This is remarkable.

    Will the report be online?

    In fairness the Board are the paymasters – should they not be the ones launching it?

  5. Not the paymasters of the Board.

    The plan can only be adopted and implemented by the Board. Without their support it is nothing.

    If we are not happy we make representations to our club officers. Supporters will not have a say outside of such process

  6. The use of the word “paymasters” is a bit unfortunate, Cynthia, and in no way accurate as none of those involved in the review (which, including all the various sub-committees, involved close to 100 individuals) were paid for the time they gave to the initiative.

    You’re correct, of course, in saying that it’s up to the County Board to decide what they want to do about implementing the report but equally it’s important to be clear about how the report came about and in particular that those involved are not beholden to any “paymasters” in this respect.

    I hope to have more about the report here on the site at some stage tomorrow night.

  7. WJ I did not mean to suggest that any Committee member was paid. I have no doubt that all had the best interests of Mayo GAA at heart.

    I sincerely support the idea of the review and hope it gets an open mind from the Board. I doubt it and wonder was it a cynical plan to distract supporters in the aftermath of our darkest hour? Did they actually think it would ever take off?

  8. That’s fair enough, Cynthia – I just felt that the context in which the report was produced needed to be made clear. Regardless of what the original motivation may have been in calling for the review, the important thing, as you say, is that the County Board view it in a positive light. Once the report is published tomorrow night (and I understand that it will be publicly available at that stage), the ball will then obviously be in the County Board’s court in terms of what they do with it.

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