League campaign over for Evan

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Yesterday’s confirmation that Evan Regan had suffered a “facial bone fracture and concussion injury” arising from that disgusting, late hit by Kerry’s Ronan Shanahan the last night means that a player bedevilled with serious injury is once more consigned to the sidelines.

The Mayo News (paper and digital variants) reports this morning that Evan is likely to be out for eight weeks, which means he’ll take no further part in the current League campaign. In all probability, it’s unlikely that the Stephenites man will feature much, if at all, for us for the remainder of the year.

It’s desperately sad for the player himself and there’s a cruel irony in the fact that the last time he suffered serious damage on the pitch was also against Kerry. That time, three years ago, Johnny Buckley came steaming in recklessly, like Shanahan going for man instead of ball, and Evan was lucky only to have ended up with a smashed collarbone on that occasion.

That Mayo News piece also confirms that Evan is due to undergo surgery today. All that can be done is to wish him well and hope that he recovers fully and speedily.

Lee Keegan is in the papers today (Irish Independent, Irish Examiner) and he doesn’t hold back in calling out Shanahan’s hit for what it was. It’s no harm that he did so: can you imagine the howls of reaction if a Dublin player had suffered something similar up in Omagh the same night?

Ultimately, though, as I said last night, the main person – aside from that thug Shanahan – I have a problem with in relation to this incident is the ref. Derek O’Mahoney failed to curb Kerry’s thuggish excesses early on and they, quite logically, took this as carte blanche to do whatever they wanted.

So Aidan O’Shea was pulled and dragged all evening with impunity, including at the start of the move that led to Kerry’s goal, likewise Jason Doherty every time he tried to make a run. Evan’s injury was the inevitable outcome in a match where a spineless ref had lost all semblance of control.

What should happen, of course, is that this idiot – who failed completely in the player welfare department on Saturday night – is removed from the elite roster. What will happen, though, is that no action at all will be taken. He’ll ref again next week, Shanahan – who was eventually sent off on two yellows on Saturday night so faces no further sanction for the assault – will line out for Kerry again at the weekend and it’ll most likely be 2019 before Evan Regan gets another chance to play for his county.

That, in a nutshell, sums up much of what’s wrong with how Gaelic football is officiated.

205 thoughts on “League campaign over for Evan

  1. You sound angry Willie Joe, and rightly so. What went on in Castlebar under the eyes of that incompetent and spineless referee was simply unacceptable. The thuggish behaviour of Kerry certainly leaves a bad taste. It’s significant that Mayo supporters afterwards didn’t talk about the defeat, only about the disgraceful approach of Kerry on the night.
    Best wishes to Evan for a speedy recovery to full health.

  2. Agree with your sentiments WJ. However I wouldnt write off Evan for 2018 yet. It’s a long season and 8 weeks only takes us to early April. No reason at all why Evan can’t play a major role later this season – remember we will need all hands on deck most likely with extra games in summer.
    Furthermore it’s the kind of injury that should allow him to keep ticking over fitness wise after 3 or 4 weeks. Wouldnt be looking to 2019 for Evan just yet and hopefully he’ll have a big say this year!

  3. Hopefully you’re right, Larry, and you could well be. The problem is that when a player gets an injury that keep him out for a prolonged period, especially a player aiming to force his way into the reckoning, team development for the year has moved on hugely by the time he gets back. There’ll be a much narrower window for Evan come April.

  4. Yeah I’d imagine he would still be free to do plenty of non contact training and ball work etc etc. It’s a bitter blow for him and it’s a shocking injustice, but hopefully Evan is able to get the head down and bounce back from this. I’m sure that he will.

  5. It was an absolute disgrace. Once again at the hands of a Kerry player Evan is out. I wish him a speedy recovery. Aidan gets no protection from refs at al, some of the slaps he got were awful. In relation to Mayo play, could they have done anything else? We do not seem to have learnt any lessons. We are still running into trouble. Not passing the ball quick enough or no support up field for a running player. Is there really no good forwards coming through the county. I know conditions were hard on the night. None of the players seemed to take on shots from around the 45. I really hope that there is an improvement on this on Sunday. We need to beat the tribesmen Sunday, its a matter of pride for this Mayo person living in Galway. Maigheo Abú.

  6. Fair play to Lee Keegan for highlighting the dirty tackle by Kerry that has left Evan Regan needing surgery and out of football for 8 weeks, at least.
    Also the spinless referee who failed to do his duty @ issue a red card ,for that dangerous tackle, as well as letting Kerry away with dragging and pulling, all day.
    We saw Kerry, down in Limerick do anything to win @ get away with it.
    Anthony Moyle’s on Sunday’s TV programme, saying Mayo tried to bully Kerry but couldn’t.
    Was he at the game, from the first minute till the last Kerry were the agressers.
    I would say Kerry pride was hurt in Croke Parke, last summer.
    Let’s do it again this summer, Kerry have no divine right to win
    Mayo, always.

  7. Is anything going to be done to this Kerry thug?
    Someone in power has to call out for this behaviour to be punished. If we let this go again we are not doing justice for our dedicated players, and we just soft idiots again. So not right on every level. Wish Evan a speedy recovery. I’m beginning to think ref’s and their buddies are winking and making bets on us and against us. Maybe I’m just paranoid now!!

  8. Wishing Evan a speedy recovery. An old team mate of mine after having got a shot in the puss very late in the game declared to all comers “there’ll be agin!” and he meant it. And there was. I suspect Evans injury will be remembered.

  9. So upset for Evan (wishing him a speedy recovery). So unfair. Well done Lee K for highlighting it. Your words this morning Willie Joe are exactly how I feel. And yet another game when Aiden O’Shea is constantly hit. What is wrong with these Refs/Linesmen that they cannot see/control whats going on. I for one am raring to go to Galway on Sunday. Mayo abu!

  10. What are the consequences for Mr O’Mahony the ref, and his merry band of incompetents who were with him on that night.

    He has overseen brutal attacks on Diarmuid O’Connor and Evan in that one very small area of McHale Park in his two visits.

    His lecture to Aiden on Saturday was the pits.

    Could do with a spell on the sideline himself. Clearly not up to the job and too small to see through the crowd of players.

  11. Nothing will be done, Mairead. Shanahan only got a yellow for the hit (which itself was an outrageous cop-out by the ref) and he picked up another yellow later on so the red he got means he’s not even suspended for the next game. Eamon Fitz was only delighted with how his team had played so you can be sure Shanahan will be there for them again next weekend.

  12. I think the Gaa has to pass a law to give more power to the linesman, Just like in soccer They should be able to call fouls while in play and not have to wait for a break in play before reporting it to the referee. I dont envy referess at intercounty level so much is happening off the ball, Kerry have been playing like these for years ( remember limerick) but because they are the so called aristocrats of the Gaa they get away with it

  13. Wishing Evan a speedy and full recovery. The. attack on him was disgraceful. Surely the GAA hq and the kerry county board.can.act to make.sure.the culprit never has the chance to assault another player on a gaa pitch again. Has the kerry manager.spoken om the matter? Will he pick the offender for next weekend?
    As for mayo v galway any chance that Keith and Tom will be back? Their leadership and athleticism badly needed.
    Gopd luck Mayo.

  14. Would like to get the Kerry view on the Regan incident? Isn’t there one or two decent contributors from Kerry on this blog. Very disappointed for E. Regan given his well documented injury problems. And more importantly very annoyed with the referee and his team. Do mayo gaa make any complaint in relation to this incident to any refereeing committee or Croke Park directly?

  15. Sutfol – Fitz has already spoken about his team’s performance. He’s only delighted with how they played.

    Mayomagic – there was a group from Kerry, looked like a family, behind us in the stand on Saturday night and if they’re any way representative of their county they were 100% behind what their team was doing. What they (kids included) were calling Aidan O’Shea was unprintable (which, for me, is saying something), likewise Andy Moran when he came on. What I took from all this was (a) they REALLY hate us and (b) our win over them last year hurt them badly. All the more reason to stuff them again this summer.

  16. Kerry are a sickener.
    But at the end o the day what time is dinner Gooch? Their iconic star sold out in the end.

  17. Come on lads I’m no fan of Kerry but you can’t go calling the lad a thug. We have one or two fellas we’ll able to lash out too. I honestly don’t believe a player sets out to break another’s jaw.

    It’s very hard luck on Evan and hopefully his recovery is speedy.

  18. Jaysus Willie Joe, i never saw you as angry as this.

    The whole thing is a disgrace. Regan’s name now added to the list. John Finn in the 1985 All Ireland semi final is one of the first names on the list. A broken jaw sustained that day too after an assault by a cowardly thug. The cowardly thug responsible (who i wont name out of respect for house rules) still walks the streets a free man without justice ever being served on him.

    Two weekends in a row now that we’ve ended up playing against 13 or even 12 men if i remember rightly and the referee still let an awful lot go.

    I’ve said before that Mayo need to go on a “dark arts” training course and get a masters or phd on the blasted topic. We are too nice and gentlemanly altogether.

  19. I am still seething over the incompetent and spineless performance from the ref, his linesmen and statuesque umpires, but also at the negligence of O’Mahoney. His reffing is as much to blame for Regans terrible injury as the cowardly Kerry thug Shanahan, who blind sided him with a forearm smash to the face.
    Let’s not dance about the PC warriors and “late tackle” brigade. Shanahan knew exactly what he was at and he succeeded. Anyone saying that it was a late tackle, or misjudged, or wrong-footed or any other type of spin you want to put on it is just hiding behind words. Shanahan went to inflict maximum injury on Regan, illicitly, and he did it. If he went to hit him hard, manfully and fair, he would have led with his shoulder. He didn’t, he flew past him with his forearm high. A cowards act.
    I don’t have the words to explain my anger and frustration at what I was seeing, along with 000’s others in the stand, going on unpunished on the field last Saturday evening. I don’t give two shites about the defeat, I couldn’t care less. But I have ranted and raved on Twitter and to anyone that can bare listening to me, about the performance of the ref, and his officials, last Saturday. I am sure that I was a complete pain in the arse to be sat close to during the game but my annoyance at constant and targeted Kerry baiting, sledging and assaults (always off the ball) on Mayo players that went unpunished boiled my blood.
    Crowley started at AOS and as AOS kept moving back away from him Crowley kept following him, right in his face. This went on for a min, the crowd were shouting at the linesman but, of course, he had his head up his hole. Crowley continued until AOS eventually had made his way all the way over to the stand side, right in front of the linesman. And still Crowley kept in his face. eventually, when they were both off the field AOS flung Crowley to the ground. And then the linesman went mad waving his little white flaggin’. The flag should have been shoved up in his h##e. AOD got spoken to then. Of course.

  20. I have to say the only positive to come out of all this is to see Lee Keegan speaking up. Fair play to him. The more time passes, the more furious I get about this and while I will hold my hands up and say I was never Evan’s biggest cheerleader I was delighted to see him make such a strong start to the season and I am physically sick that his season has been curtailed in this manner – again! – and that the perpetrator has gotten off scott-free on the pitch and in the papers. Again.

    Never mind the utter incompetence of the referee (and there is more than this lad at fault – Conor Lane and Maurice Deegan are two more that spring to mind), why are linesmen never, ever held accountable for failing to highlight and curtail this behaviour?

    Fitzmaurice – deceptively soft-spoken – has instilled this mentality in his players from the very start as we know all too well since 2014. We need no more motivation than this to absolutely hammer them the next time we see them. Preferably on the scoreboard, but this will not and should not be forgotten. Donaghy got an easy enough ride last year for punching Aidan in the face – can you even imagine the talk if our lads started behaving like that?!

    I really hope band of brothers start standing up for each other a bit more – starting with this Sunday in Salthill because I can assure you, Galway are licking their chops at the thought of roughing us up – again.

  21. I was in a position to see the full view of this assault on Evan Regan – The blow that he took was horrific.
    The linesman & umpires had a clear view of exactly what happened….shame on them. The Ref was diabolical he had lost the run of the game long before.
    I always enjoyed the Mayo V Kerry games and the banter with The Kerry supporters….not the case of Saturday evening.
    I thought Liam Hassett had retired from the field of play many moons ago ???
    His presence certainly interrupted the flow of play.

  22. I still shudder when I think of Evans kamikaze fall against the same opposition. He could easily have broken his neck

    It was the first time they wore that strip if I remember rightly. I was also at the battle of limerick in 2014.

    I` m not going to make a long spiel about this but I do think that players are not being protected by officialdom.

    I gave up playing when our first child was born because I was coming home with too many broken ribs. – – fellas

    flying in with closed fists. And I had a job to go to the next morning.

    I wrote a few words on this blog before the game last Saturday. I warned of a backlash. But I did not expect it

    to be as ugly and low as it turned out. There are enough officials out there to guarantee the safety of the players.

    And I don`t want to hear any crap coming back about it being a `mans game` In his interview on TV the Kerry

    manager praised the “bravery” of his players. But to me it`s a coward who commits a foul like that not a hero.

    Our games are not a licence to do something that you should get jail for if you did it outside in the street. Yes I`m

    angry as others. Very angry. If it were my son I would ask him `do you need this abuse` That`s exactly what was

    said to me when i chucked it in.

  23. There is perhaps one positive from all of this. Mayo won’t be complacent the next time they meet Kerry, hopefully in the championship or Super8s. If we had won on Saturday (and boy do I wish we did) we might have started to believe our own propaganda. As it is we should be in the mentally tough frame of mind for Galway, who as Billie Joe Padden says in the MN, bullied us in recent encounters.

    That’s what was annoying about Saturday night. We’ve pasted a lot of teams in recent years. They were hurting and dying to get a crack back at us (Cork in league final of ’12, Dublin in AIF of ’12, Galway in ’16/17 to name a few). If we hand out pastings we must anticipate the reaction and be ready for it. Even the experienced players seemed surprised and bemused by what was going on on Saturday night; surely can’t have expected Kerry to come up and go through the motions.

    The Galway game is an ideal chance to address this issue and deliver a performance of controlled fury, even if we are probably a fair bit behind on fitness at this stage.

  24. Gooch cooper was a genuine footballer. He played the game the way it should be played. Maurice Fitzgerald and Seamas moynihan did too. But this new crowd are a shadow of those guys and revert to dirt and sneaky late hits to beat teams that are a match or better than them. Much as it pains me I think Mayo should keep playing the game the way they are playing it and the county board should be the ones to bring the likes of Saturday’s behavior into the bright lights and kick up a stink until the gaa take action.
    If this method doesn’t work, then we target the jaws of kerry and anyone else that wants to try it on. I watched the game entirely last night and the hit on Evan Regan was a cowardly act and he should get a ban of 6 weeks or more.
    Mayo actually played middlin good football but are a good bit off kerry in sharpness and fitness. Both of these facets will improve sharply in the coming months and with a bit of luck Mayo will meet kerry this summer again. The Mayo county board needs to step in and lodge a complaint, stop worrying about upsetting the gaa bigwigs or worrying what the neighbours think, kick up such a stink that the likes of deegan and even dublins pet, Joe mcquillan are forced to watch for aos being hit and fouled off the ball.
    Rochford as far as I’m concerned today, will have this team bursting to go and playing a great game of football by the time that it counts.

  25. Been reading comments here since Saturday night, and although I may get scolded I will give my two pence worth. I watched the game live on Eir, and I saw the “hit ” on Evan. At first viewing I didn’t think that he was hurt badly, Billy Joe Padden on commentary said the same thing and said the yellow was the right call. When I saw Evan visibly unstable on his feet I realized it was a serious situation. Now I don’t believe or id like to believe that any player especially a young novice would go in to intentionally do damage to his jaw so I think the referee probably saw it at first glance and not the serious side to it.. I don’t think calling the lad a thug etc is right, every team has players that step over the line now and again, Anyways looking forward to Sunday, I believe Mayo will be well up for it and we may see a reaction to last Saturday. Hopefully 30 players will finish the game but I have my doubts!

  26. Yew Tree, I’m sorry but I don’t agree with the ‘he didn’t set out to break Evan’s jaw’ line of reasoning. There has to be an element of personal responsibility for your actions on the playing field. Using language of ‘hard hits’ ‘dark arts’ etc to excuse all manner of what amounts to me as assault, is a cop out and it’s insidious within the GAA and in GAA coverage. So if I decide to lunge at someone with my elbow and I knock them out then the ‘I Didn’t mean to injure you’ excuse doesn’t really hold water does it? Call it for what it is, thuggery!!

  27. Evan Regans injury is a digrace hope his recovery goes well, Now we in Mayo should know by now that for certain teams Playing Football is only a part of how they win Matches and Finals .

  28. Completely agree with Pebblesmeller and while some on here are adamant that our lads need to ‘toughen’ up what happened to O’Shea Saturday night proved that the minute they do try and defend themselves they get punished for it. While I’m not saying our lads are whiter than white what I am saying is the incompetence of the officials really is something else, to say that refs need more help is a bit of a cop out as thats exactly what the linesmen are there for but they also turn a blind eye to the majority of the stuff that’s going on, some which is downright dangerous. Fitzmaurice has come out and said he has no issue with the cards his players got on Saturday night, that’s big of him!! Fair play to Lee for addressing the dirty tackle on Regan but I think a lot more in the public as well as Rochford should come out and address this as otherwise the welfare of our players are at serious risk every time they take to the field. While I don’t want to open up old wounds, Tom Brett has an excellent article on this weeks Western People about last years All Ireland Final and again about the complete incompetence of the officials on that day and the complete need for video refereeing.

  29. The Kerry player didn’t set out to take Evan’s head off, that would be straight red. He set out to stop him on goal and to tread the line of staying on the pitch or being sent off. He took one for the team but got away with it for a while at least.
    People are overreacting and while Kerry were indeed dirty to the point of the ref being called incompetent, we had a systems malfunction like the one against Tyrone a few years back but against a lesser Kerry team which the scoreboard reflected. Let’s hope we focus more on getting our team play right the next day as many lads last Saturday were beaten by their opposite number and Kerry’s team play was superior. Number one priority for me is regaining confidence in the team.

  30. Can groups of Mayo supporters do anything about this if the powers to be do nothing. The day is near when a very serious injury is going to occur. I think we have a responsibility to our players too as we have followed them all over for last no of years.Can we petition for a response to this tackle that broke a jaw bone. Surely that didnt happen lightly or accidentially. Why not the ball and not Evan’s face.It’s upsetting and more upsetting to do nothing official bout it. What’s worrying is next round of games,and injuries before the championship even begins.

  31. There’s some video available of the hit (here, courtesy of Cormac O’Malley on Twitter). It’s pretty clear – the hit is to the head, there was no attempt to play the ball, the aim was to do damage. It can’t, of course, be claimed that he attempted to break bones with the challenge but it can’t have been a big surprise to him when he learned that he’d succeeded in doing so. On balance, then, I think “thug” is a fair description for a player who’s willing to put himself about in such a reckless manner to inflict an injury like this on an opponent.

  32. As was said previously, could you imagine the meltdown there would be if Boyle had broken Cliffords jaw and knocked him out! There would be no mention of a late tackle, or a mistimed tackle or anything like that.

    I truly hope that the picture from the Western People sports section of Shanahan breaking Regans jaw is pinned up on the back of the dressing room door for every Mayo training session and every Mayo game, home and away, from here on in. That every Mayo man who leaves that dressing room stops and looks at that picture. That he takes it in. That he feels the disrespect shown in that hit. That he feels the injustice of the token, cowardly decision by the ref to award only a yellow card. That he feels the unfairness of a team mate who, yet again at the hands of a “cute” Kerryman (substitute cute for coward if you want), has to miss out on his chance of establishing himself in the squad. That he feels he owes it to his team mate to exact revenge. That he feels that lump in his gut. That lump is the pang of injustice, of being cheated, of knowing that you and your team mates have been bullied and almost laughed at. I hope that every Mayo player feeds off that feeling. All Spring. All Summer. And use that reserve of anger and hate to win Connaught, put Galway in their place and get primed for the Super 8’s. And I hope that when we meet the Yerras again, and their “beautiful” game, we let them know just what is it like to be disrespected, bullied and beaten. I hope our lads exact revenge both on the scoreboard but, more so, in bruised bodies and broken ribs. In the white heat of Croke Park where they failed to live with us last August.
    Sometimes, enough is enough. Sometimes, a stand has to be taken. Get that picture up on that door now.

  33. I recall at one stage a mayo player telling the linesman that he was being dragged and pulled off the ball the linesman brought this to the referees attention but the ref done nothing and allowed a fee in to Kerry to continue where at the very least should have been a hop ball. I dont have much of an issue with cynicism .When you want to win it is a natural instinct to hold onto a player or haul him down but when you fracture a players facial bone that is not merly cynisim that is dirty play.That wasnt the only one Cillian took a big hit and there were others. I think Willie Joe is right as per Kerry supporters they dont like the fact how we beat Kerry in last years All Ireland semi final hence the big turn out for an away game in middle of Winter. They were out for fucking blood no two ways about it .

  34. Fair Play to Leroy for calling it out for what it was.. When a recent PotY says something, some other people seem to hear.. Those in authority may still turn a blind eye.. But it makes it more difficult for them to continue with their head’s in the sand… Like many politicians ‘weasle word’s’.. It’s past time for the GAA to take’ Player Welfare’ seriously…,while Uachtrain an Corporate GAA trots out figure’s about finance !.. I am firmly of the belief that only for ‘Mick Barrett’s’ intervention in Limerick, the memory of the excuse for what was called ‘Refereeing’ on that particular day, would have whittered by now.. I’m not advocating pitch invading.. But by God it’s past time we as loyal and numerous Mayo fan’s made our voices heard.. Remember the whinging of Pat Spillane and his ‘Puke Football’ and comment about the championship exit to Tyrone… It was a dirty match, if referred properly on that occasion, Kerry would be down to 12 men after 10 minutes, including their goalkeeper.. Anyway I hope Evan can recover faster than your worst fears Willie Joe… On to Galway… It will be a different match, sure to have plenty of ‘Spice’.. Let’s hope it’s all comes within the definition of’ ‘sportsmanship ‘ and let the best team win on merit!

  35. I don’t know if Willie Joe is fed up but I am very annoyed I won’t use stronger language. It’s a disgrace what happened to Evan an absolute disgrace. I think if we ever win an all ireland we will have to be 10 points ahead with a minute to go to negate the cynical play referees let teams away with against. I’m so pissed off id nearly go out and play for Mayo myself on Sunday and God help and Galway footballer that would get in my way. We all need to wake up hoarse on Monday after shouting on the lads at the top of our voices.

  36. Mareid thats an over reaction, a petition to the Gaa or what? When Keith Higgins punched Damien Comer in his goulies last Summer , which is very serious too, was there a massive outcry? Im not condoning any of this behaviour but come on, the referee missed it so why havent the authorities ie Gaa cccc etc done anything this week?, because they feel and of course are wrong that the yellow means it was dealt with. I believe in Karma, our Kerry friend will get his commupence again..

  37. It is quite clear at this stage that more than 50% of the referees on the inter county circuit are simply not adept at controlling the levels of aggression, the spill overs of pent up energy, the shemozzles and all the pulling and dragging that is the game particularly at this time of year when teams are trying to lay down a marker for the year ahead. Unfortunately this goes right back to the underage game where pulling and dragging of arms and clumsy lunges resulting in dead legs are let go as being part and parcel of the physical game. Only from such time as we are willing to nail down what is within the physical parameters of the game and what is completely unacceptable particularly at underage level, will be be ready to move on and rid the game of it.
    Despite the fact that the tackle on Evan Regan happened in a high tempo movement, the Kerry lad had committed to protecting the near post and threw out a trailing arm when Regan stepped back to make contact with whatever part of Regan that he could land a strong arm/fist on. It’s a minimum card probably a red, but unless this becomes implemented and educated at underage right throughout the game we will continue to be entertained by this kind of play which does nothing but convince those on the cusp of the “stay and play or move onto another sport” decision, which way to go.
    On the young Kerry culprit, I would not brandish him with a name or label, he is young and I would like to think he regrets it and will convey that yet. We have all seen guys who have committed these deplorable acts to have long careers and be held up in lights so I would not be overly harsh on that Kerry lad.
    Also all of the very best to E Regan and for his own safety and in view of what will hopefully be a long inter-county career, he needs a little coaching on how to protect his head/bring back up his head when stepping around a clawing defender. Finally there is so much press and editorial out there nowadays on the need to do whatever it takes to win/know the dark arts/cross the winning line at all costs. That sort of easy to trot out commentary is on every back page over the last few years and in my view incorrectly justifies to a certain degree the behaviour that has been doled from all-irelands right down to club games. Of course many will throw it back that one should look to the all-ireland of 1983 etc. to see what it was like for real men etc. but simply throwing back to the years of yore will do nothing to counter the exodus of youth. Poorly officiated and poorly punished late challenges resulting in broken jaws will most definitely help to swell the ranks of youth exiting the game.

  38. Wow that footage of the incident is hard to watch – much worse than I thought originally but I guess it takes something special to break someone’s jaw. Extremely reckless and dangerous – the player has to take responsibility for that. Very tough on Evan.

  39. Where is the CCCC in all this ?, should they be investigating this considering a player received a broken jaw, Mayo management are far too quite in all this, what are the County board doing about it ?. I recall a few years ago where a club player ( a Garda ) had received a broken jaw in a match. The result was that the injured player sued the offender and won his case. For too long it seems that whatever happens on the field stays on the field.
    Maybe ( as I said here a few days ago ), its time to pick certain type of players for a particular opponent and a left footed freetaker.

  40. Im actually fuming at this and a bit upset for Evan Regan . Its getting sickening the shite we have to put up with. Even as supporters when we make a counter argument , its whinging Mayo blah blah .

    Imagine if colm boyle or whoever broke david cliffords jaw the last day , it wouldnt be just a kerry backlash , the whole GAA country would be at us . Look how aido is despised by a lot , yet show me one fookin incident where he has ever even boxed someone .

    Chip on my shoulder, bitter , yes I probably am but dont tell me there are not shit loads of people out there that are hell bent on us not succeeding.

  41. Colm Parkinson and Joe Br*lly on Twitter are both in agreement that there was “very little” in it and that Evan was “unlucky”.

    I have no words. Apart from one or two unrepeatable ones.

    Off the Ball meanwhile have a segment on whether Kerry have “become” a dirty team (which I haven’t listened to yet).

    I am fit to be tied.

  42. Were I the injured party I would be making a formal complaint to police or/and initiate civil proceedings We all should support him financhially in the event of the latter. The alternative is to boycott the GAA until it deals with this incident to the satisfaction of the injured party.

  43. Me too Anne Marie. I’m getting madder by the hour. No one outside Mayo wants us doing well. Im convinced of that now when you read the crap that’s written about us. God if we could bottle this anger and unleash it somewhere.
    I hope your right Tuamstar that Kerry will get their communpence, so it’s just leave it to Karma is it. I’M kinda tired doing that after this latest assault.

  44. Very sorry for Evan
    In Clones he stood out as a player who could play a big part of Mayo 2018
    His overall game had improved not to mention his frees
    I hope he recovers quickly for his sake and for mayo

  45. Pebblemaster..i am ready to take to the field myself after knocking down the dressing room door after your post. Just so well said. I am flittering all day.

  46. Not much in that segment Ann Marie .Just Ger Gilroy and the other chap cant think if his name kerry fella who happened to be in Castlebar on Saturday evening with his buddies who were called up for some comments they were shouting out about O’Shea.So as the the segment the kerry lad was trying to make the point if it wasnt deliberate then it was not a dirty challenge .What else would ya expect to hear.

  47. Kerry Dublin and yes even Mayo are all dirty teams they will do whatever it takes to win. The challenge was so missed timed and dangerous it was a clear red. Thought it on da night watching it pitch side and have saw nothing to change that view. Would be careful of throwing the Kerry lad under the bus tho we’re no angels and if we haven’t broken any facial bones it’s by da grace of God. We can and have mixed it wit the best(worst) of them. Feel really sorry for Regan but he will be back

  48. Regan is just another name added to the long list of players who have been let down by the ineptitude of refs and linesmen..I dont mean that to sound glib but its the reality..The game was completely out of the referees control very early on and as mentioned on the blog I will never understand how Aidan O Shea keeps his cool on the pitch..He receives terrible abuse..and from Saturday night that looks set to continue..

  49. First and foremost I’m gutted for Regan and wish him a speedy recovery. Secondly, I strongly echo the views being shared here and all over Mayo. It was an absolute disgrace what happened and we can all be spared the bollix of Higgins and Vaughans incidents that are being rolled out in bitter opposition counties.

    Those incidents were a reaction in a heat of moment and madness. This one was not. The man had clear intent and malice with only one thing in mind, and it wasn’t one for the team either. He knew as much as Kerry did that Mayo were trying out rookies in the league for a potential summer adventure and the message was clear and simple. “take him out”.

    I was entering hoarse territory after the match such was the fury of anger and disbelief I was in as one oblivious crook let a young shower of scum do at their will.

    Something that really angers me is the narrative after was Mayos bullying tactics, it wouldn’t take a dog of the street to spot that the only team who came to not play football were Kerry. It was an over reaction from a bitter August sting last year.

    Nothing will change in the slightest unless people involved in management, county board and media around Mayo stand up and put pressure on the gaa to stamp out this crap. Keegan and Horan seem to be the only people willing to.

  50. I am absolutely gutted for Evan. No sportsperson on any field of play should expect that kind of behaviour, it drags the game into mire and debases the perpetrator to no end.

    Kerry may have won the battle on Saturday night but in doing so they have woken a sleeping giant. This will not be forgotten come championship. Us supporters must do our jobs, let us follow the team and roar them on as loudly as we can. We owe Evan and the team that much.

  51. Tuamstar, I don’t recall anyone here on this blog condoning what Kieth Higgins did in Salthill.. He rightly and immediately received a ‘Straight Red’ was sent off and served a suspension.. I don’t think that Damien Comer was injured in the incident,.. Two Mayo players were subsequently injured by Damien Comer, Diarmuid O Connor and Seamus O Shea.. Ref Dublin Joe McQuillian awarded Galway a free in both cases… Not many would… Need I go on!

  52. That’s the point Regina. Aiden has reputation for having cool head. Not reacting. With that reputation ur in the firing line for punishment. At 6ft4 and 15 or 16 stone u should be able to stand up to it better. I’m not advocating that he turns violent. If the ref sees him as big guy who can mind himself then he should do so. Lots big guys down through the years dealt with it and sometimes u thread a thin line doing it. But I’d rather incure some wrath from a ref than allow yourself be thrown to the ground and incure the wrath anyhow.

  53. I did say on Saturday night after the game that there’s far too much tolerance of fouling – particularly petty fouling – like dragging a player down when in a scoring position. All of this ‘tolerance’ rewards cynicism at the expense of positive play. For example, tripping a player in rugby is a straight red card offences i.e. it’s just not tolerated.

    Our game is blighted as a spectacle due to constant pulling and dragging. In Aussie Rules they have a properly defined tackle.

  54. Mayo need to go to Salthill on Sunday and blow Galway away like we did in Stephen Rochfords first season in charge against Roscommon when we badly needed the points and we had a terrible game the game before that. Against Ros that day Evan Regan got a goal. I’m not advocating agression against Galway just controlled agression. We’re on the road a good while now it’s time to go hard or go home.

  55. I underestimated the severity on seeing that clip ye posted it was a straight red. However there’s an unmerciful load of shite being talked here about Kerry lads and Galway lads and Karma the one about training Evan to hold his head at a different angle is taking the biscuit altogether.
    Best approach is get the smart PR in early, brand Kerry as a cynical team, give the dog a bad name. Dublin for all their supposed cynicism have only 2 corner backs and maybe a wing back at it, and one hot head who won’t be guaranteed his place going forward.
    In our current great era we’re not holier than though but I can recall 2 matches we were noticeably cynical in closing out games against Sligo and Dublin probably both in 2012. As for the other 3 or 4 at the top they are all a bit more cynical, Kerry being the worst of the bunch particularly v us in 2014 but Dublin 2013 AI final pre black card did “what it took” too. Teams play on the edge of cynicism and bar a handful most officials are not up to what’s happening. Dublin have more dished it out to Kerry in 2013 and 2015 with eye pokes to Gooch (pinned down) and Donaghy. If Dublin didn’t get a hold of Gooch in 2013 they would be bet out the gate. If they didn’t get a hold of Donaghy despite being the better team they may well have lost. Monaghan were pretty cack the previous week to Kerry too. Time to introduce video playback bans as per Aussies rules. That might put a stop to the shite. Also give the bloody linesmen more power. They are all refs anyway.
    King of the cynics is Tadhg Kennelly deliberately taking out Nicholas Murphy in an AI final in the 1st minute, lined him up and boasted about it after. Ref completely chickened out that day.

  56. Exactly Leantimes thats what i said, there was no outcry from anyone? My initial point is there are examples in every game of foul play some serious some very as in last Saturday. For an incident like Evans which was dealt with incorrectly by the ref the Kerry player should face some resprospective action, The CCCC should be meeting on Monday’s after games to deal with issues. Rugby have citing , Soccer has a judging panel etc. No, you dont need to go on… But whats the bet we will be here next week discussing more cards fouls etc hopefully not id rather talk about the game itself. Lets hope Sunday is an open enjoyable game minus any negativity.

  57. Comparing what Higgins and Vaughan did is totally inaccurate on so many levels.
    1. Both players rightly got red cards and Mayo suffered on both occasions. Shanahan, aka Thug, got a yellow and played on until he eventually got the line. However, Kerry were not at a disadvantage immediately and Mayo, potentially had a goal lost as Regan had shimmed one Kerry defender on his hole and was heading in on goal, 1 on 1. A situation I’d fancy him in.
    2. Neither Comer nor Small were injured and had to leave the field. Small was going anyway but you get my point.
    3. Neither were concussed.
    4. Neither required surgery as a result.
    5. Both of those deserved what they got, Regan didn’t.

    Now. A couple of questions.
    1.What the hell is Brady at? Normally full of waffle, chat and bullshit. Now when one of his own club mates gets cleaned out in this manner he goes to ground. You can bet every cent you have, if Cliffords jaw was being wired as we speak, as a result of a Mayo man assaulting him, you would have Quirk, Spillane, the O’Sea x 3 etc screaming blue murder from every media outlet.
    2. What can we do? Support our lads more than ever.
    3. What can the county board/management do? Officially they can make a formal complaint to Croke Park re the standard of officiating at the game. They could start by influencing the narrative by using the media to paint the picture in their colours, not Kerrys.

    Enough is enough.

  58. Very sorry for what happened to Evan – it’s not as if we are oversubscribed with top calibre forwards and Evan was going great – his dummy to get into that position was delightful before he took that disgusting hit. I wish him a speedy recovery and I know his resilience will see him back this year. Delighted that Lee came out and highlighted what happened – in this day and age only those who shout the loudest get taken seriously. I’m not concerned about our performances at present – we need to pace ourselves for the championship – id gladly start an inexperienced team on Sunday – lose gracefully and give Galway a good mugging come the Connacht semi-final. A couple of wins is all we need to stay up – we have plenty of games left. As for Kerry – nothing much will change if we meet them in the summer – they know now we aren’t afraid of them and if anything their spineless tactics last week was a clear indicator of Fitzmaurice’s fear of us. We need to take the long view as I suspect Stephen and his team are doing.

  59. Hope Evan will be ok. In agreement with the sentiments expressed above. Very disappointing with the lack of protection from the match officials. Lets hope that the County Board take this cynical incident to the powers to be!
    It shows the importance of the Mayo GAA lotto for the injured players and it is imperative that muintir Mhuigheo support the lotto every Monday evening. Maybe WJOE will put up the link. Go neiri le Evan i gconai agus le cunadh De beidh se aris ag imirt le foireann Mhuigheo i gceann tamhail.

  60. The ironic thing is that last year both Tom Parsons and Danny Kirby received a one match ban after the game in Tralee in the League for what was referred to as contributing to a melee (they had done very little wrong really), yet this year there is no sanction for breaking a player’s jaw.

    Best wishes to Evan and here’s hoping that he makes a speedy and a full recovery.

    What happened to Evan was the culmination of a drip, drip feed of niggling fouls from the Kerry lads that got worse and worse as the game went on. A broken jaw was the end result. Surely the GAA should be clamping down on this compared to silly things like last years suspension for Tom and Danny.

  61. I think a little bit of balance is called for. What about Shane Nally sledging young O Sullivan when he missed the penalty. If a Kerry or Dublin lad did that we’d be calling him a thug !

  62. The dirty ball – I really hope O’Sullivan is ok. Do you know what hospital he is in I like to send him a card.

  63. Get well soon Evan. Hopefully he can still play a role this season. Lord knows we could have done with his free taking in the 2nd half the last night!

    DIT had a big win in the Sigerson tonight against IT Tralee. Conor Loftus played the full game and scored a point. Danny Kirby named on bench but must still be injured. They play the winners of NUIG/UCC next Tuesday so Conor may not see much action against Galway either.

    I had hoped to drop over to the UCD v DCU game tomorrow after work but I see it’s down for a half 3 throw in. Who thought that would be a good time?

  64. The sad reality Lads and Ladies is… we were seething after being brought down to Limerick in 2014. There we were subjected to a game which was not football, by whatever accounts people want to take of it. Yet again the same thing happened on Saturday evening. Kerry do what Kerry do, cause they get away with it. Its inbred in them now. They are not seen as a cynical team and no one would hear us cry. There were Kerry folks all around me at the game. They were extremely quiet for all of the incidents even though I was shouting about Crowley from early on. They are used to it, they expect it and mostly they accept it. We are seen as a softer team with a few who play “on the edge”. If we get a backbone and do what they do, its us thats in the papers, not them. A crowd of whingers yet again.

    I feel very sorry for Evan and I really do wish him a speedy recovery. Its beyond sad for someone that puts they life on hold to play for the jersey gets sidelined in such an incident.

  65. I cant fathom this not intentional line, unless evan has a glass jaw, ye do realise you have to use a right bit of force to break someones jaw. The kerry man came out to give him a puck into the mouth and did so in a very nasty way. Nobody will convince me otherwise, not brolly nor a million anti Mayo team twits . Fook them all , up the tempo the weekend if ye can bucks and bate Galway for Regan.

  66. A lot of emotion and missing the point on here. The point is that the excuse for a ref was never in control of the game from start to finish. He is not alone as Croke Park have assembled a small army of chancers in the field of refereeing senior inter county games. He did not demonstrate even a rudimentary knowledge of the rules of the game. Wait until you see what will be appointed to protect the Dubs on their visit to Castlebar in 3 weeks time. To point the finger at players from different counties is to point your finger in the wrong direction. Most players will always test the waters to see what they can get away with. Kerry done this and got away with it. As for calling on the Mayo County Board to do something about it I find amusing. Pretty sure some of the guys I know on the County Board are having a good laugh at that one.

  67. PJ we went all the way to croke park after the appalling referee display in 2014 in limerick. How far did we get there? He was sidelined away, hidden for a while. They never look at the full picture. Only individual cases that are splashed in their faces. Believe me, in that 2014 incident, in response to my complaint, Mayo players were named that they should have stepped up and take the blame!

  68. Pj mcmanus, I think it is you that is missing the point , sure what good is the ref in the context of prevention of such an incident. The individual is responsible and we need to take this bollix out of our game. These lads are not even semi pro ffs , who gives anyone the right to assualt someone . We beat them playing football last year , they were ridiculous in the opening twenty mins of reply with ott aggression ,donaghy then striking out at the end really summed them up.

    Every spectator loves the hard hitting but there really needs to be a clampdown on serious intent to injure , present game offers no protection to the light skilful footballer at all. Regan was targeted in many games hes played so.far , I particularly remember Galway in 16. Only two weeks ago in clones , he actually got a box to the stomach as the teams left the pitch at half time.

  69. @pebblesmeller..The individual you mentioned knows what side his bread is buttered..He was quizzed about the “tactics”used by Dublin in the final few mins of the All Ireland at a post match analysis and brushed it under the carpet..

  70. Really disappointing that David Brady hasn’t used his significant media platform to stick up for his Ballina club mate Evan. He’s obviously afraid to criticise the establishment in case he loses some of his media gigs. Can’t be arsed listening to him any more.

  71. Wishing Evan Reganna speedy recovery. These young men give sonmuchbfor the Mayo cause and indeed other young men for other counties also. The GAA needs to do some soul searching. It is not protecting these young men from thuggery or from physical exploration. Guys in their 20 ‘s needing hip operations is morally wrong. There may be a lot of compensation claims quite rightly from ex players in years to come.
    Not that you would wish the stress on Evan but he really should make a domain to the Gardai. If nothing else it would shame GAA into addressing the thuggery in the game.

  72. Cmon David Brady support your clubman. Also conor mortimer is usually commenting on all sorts. And any other high profilers in media – now is your chance. We are awaiting to hear from ye

  73. Something puzzled me before the game but I dismissed it as me being an ignorant tool. But subsequent events may prove me partially right. What does a Tipperary man know about football? What standard of club games are played in Tipperary? Not very high I’d say, apart from Clonmel Commercials that’s it. Would you find a Mayo man reffing a hurling match between Waterford and Galway? I doubt it. O’Mahoney should be struck off the national panel for that display on Saturday.

  74. Billy Joe and Mike Finnerty were working for Eir Sport Saturday night. Billy Joe said the ref got it right that it only deserved a yellow card.

  75. Can not believe The Kingdom have resorted to such thuggery, They should have ended the game with 11 players.
    The sunday Times reported the ref let the game flow as if to commend him, thats a very dangerous thing to do
    when it leads to such thuggery , our officials are too weak & do not support our wonderful players .
    We should never play a game under this ref again.
    The great Mick O Connell , or Mick o Dwyer would be appalled that Kerry are no longer able to play fair

  76. Folks I think that people should calm down here calling players thugs and using inflammatory language like tinkerish behaviour and such, Ronan Shanahan had no intention of harming Evan Regan in that tackle, now before ye run for the pitch forks and Parafin soaked turf let me have my say.

    The footage in this section is not clear enough to make an informed opinion in fact it does quiet the opposite, on the previous section “Monday March Reports” in the lase post Willie Joe has a more conclusive bit of footage. It is still not very clear but if you want to know exactly what took place record it on a smart phone on the slow-mo setting. If you do this it is as clear as day what actually happened, Evan sold a Kerry defender an excellent dummy and then ran straight for the Kerry goal. Shanahan made a b-line for him to stop him and as he neared him he raised both arms, Evan then planted his right leg in the sod and went to side step Shanahan on his left side. The critical moment came when Evan attempted to shove Shanahan’s extended right hand (which was about elbow height prior to contact) up and out of his way as he jikned left and so doing dramatically changed both the height and direction of Shanahans open hand (and not fist as has been stated repeatedly here on this issue) into his own face.

    I know I will hear aah will you go away with your bullshit etc etc but the evidence is there to be viewed and the way to view it correctly is as I have suggested above. This was a totally accidental head contact and despite the seriousness of young Evan Regand dreadful injury the ref actually got the card right. I’m not trying to be disrespectful to you all and I know you are all very annoyed about Evans injury but view the footage as I have suggested and you will see that I have descridpbed the chain of events very accurately.

    I do hope Evan makes a full recovery and I hope plays plenty of good championship foot ball in 2018, now excuse me as I have to let the dogs out and arm myself and go to an upstairs window to defend my home, good luck on Sunday against Galway.

  77. Lads, we’ve spent since Saturday moaning and complaining about Kerry thuggery, it’s time to move on.
    Hopefully Evan will make a full recovery and we’ll see him back kicking points soon.
    Although thinking about the game over the last few days, it’s time we started to mix in a bit of cynicism and thuggery into our game. I just feel we are too nice and go out always to play football. We are in the top 3 along with Dublin & Kerry and a long way ahead of the chasing pack. There’s nothing between the 3 teams, but I just think Dublin & Kerry play on the edge and that’s what gets them over the line. Guys like Cooper, McMahon, Connolly & Kilkenny do what it takes to win, whether legal or illegal. Kerry also have cynical players throughout the team as we saw on Saturday night. They’ll systematically pull you down once you reach their 45 to close out a game, and God forbid if you happen to be bearing down on goal you’ll just be dragged to the ground.
    We don’t do this, I think ultimately it’s stopping us getting over the line.
    We really don’t have any cynical players bar maybe Cillian who has made a nuisance of himself in the last few years. For example last year in Salthill when he sprinted into Tom Flynn’s back and then threw himself onto to ground. The ref bought it and sent the bewildered Flynn to the line.
    We need bring more of this into our game, people might say it’s not the right way but at this stage if it gets us over the line I really don’t care.

  78. I’ve heard way too much bullshit on this thread. People were rightly annoyed by Kerry level of foul play the last day but many of us not happy with Mayo’s performance either. Since the extent of Evan’s injury has been made known, people have flown off the handle. Despite foul play Kerry were better in playing football. Like Dublin game in League last year I suspect some hard weekday sessions aren’t helping. Time to move on to Galway and hope for an improved performance.

  79. The time to dispense justice is on the field of play – it’s cold comfort for victims having to wait for ccc adjudications when the perpetrator has succeeded in his aim of “taking out” an opponent- and receiving plaudits from his manager. Keith Higgins challenge on Comer, although deserving red, was not premeditated. So in that regard not in the same category as Shanbo’s. Make no mistake, Kerry are the most cynical team out there. In fact, they did exactly the same to Dublin in Tralee last year. My advice to Mayo is “bottle the injustice” until Aug/Sept. No medals being given out in Salthill, or indeed the near future. And Willie Joe, you are right there – Kerry supporters are sore losers, and some, but not all, spew the greatest vitriol from the stands.

  80. Pebblesmeller, the County any one comes from including Ref’s is absolutely irrelevant.. Tipperary (A county that knows a bit about GAA not only was the GAA founded there, but their senior football team has won more All Ireland title’s than Mayo) and Roscommon played a Div 2 football game, it was a joy to behold… A game that young people could be encouraged to play,.. Wonderful scores, wonderful skills, tight encounter, a beautiful game and above all a sporting contest… Within the rules of GAA…. Tipperary know plenty about how to play the game or Gaelic-football, even though they lost a game of Gaelic-football on Sunday, Gaelic-football was the winner…. No doubt that Kerry were the better footballers on the night, but even disregarding the appalling Shanahan foul on Evan Regan.. Their actions all over the pitch and for the whole 70+minutes were a disgrace… If you think that where the Ref comes from is a reason…. Factor in Cormac Reilly, Meath, Maurice Deggan, Laois, Dublin Joe McQuillian, Cavan…. You can either do the job or not …Who’s yer man from Tyrone, his name escapes me just now, that allowed(sorry insisted to the unwilling umpires) a Try to be registered as a goal, depriving Louth of a first merrited Leinster Title for almost half a century… !.. Your point is irrelevant!

  81. Evan Regan was seriously assaulted in Mc Hale Park last Saturday night while engaged in playing sport The assailant, named Shanahan, was masquerading as a sportsman but in reality is best described as a thug.His team and management clearly came with the intention of playing on, or beyond the famous edge. The referee, and his officials largely abdicated their duty during the entire game, and especially in relation to this incident of voilence. Disappiointingly Evan,s colleagues on the field did not seek to sort out Shanahan, as playing colleagues at any level normally would in such instance.. Evan,s team manager did not show any concern publicly in after match interviews, for the assault on his player. Mayo Co. Board once again has remained silent. Evan must by now be wondering where his friends are ? Thankfully he can be consoled by the knowledge that at least one person had the courage to speak out publicly on his behalf namely Lee Keegan ( who else ) It is worth recalling that a short time ago a footballer from a club in Mayo received a two year Jail sentence and served time for what was a similar but clearly less intentional injury to an opposing player. That is how the court would rightly consider Mr Shanahans thuggery. In my view it is now time that the appropriate legal action is taken.

  82. You’re right about the BS Gamechanger. Would you get outta that !
    This was more thuggery from the pretentious princes of pigskin. Fitzmaurice team have been so from the get go. I dare say they are not the first Kerry team to be like this. But they are pretenders for sure .

    I am a huge fan of Micko and the team of 70’s and 80 ‘s who were genuinely Real Men and the best team ever. They were my first team back then for a few years .

    But FFS have a bit of respect for us all and maybe for yourself by not indulging in this stupid Bill Clinton” I didn’t inhale “ type of analysis . Plausible deniability doesn’t cut it in this case . A man had his jaw broken. Being technical about it ( especially in the context of the deneanour of the whole Kerry team both on Sunday and frankly since 2014 ) is infuriating .

  83. The main issue is the closed fist. The moment of impact is on the42 dot ie and clearly shows the fingers closed into a closed fist.
    When you close your fist you intend to shake up the forward with a hit.
    Evan may have changed the arm higher but a fist should never be closed.

  84. Imagine if it was Dublin’s golden boy Con O’Callaghan that this happened to, I’d say that it would be front page news for days and nearly every ex-Dublin player would be gone mad about it in the media.

    Again though the ironic thing is that if we had taken O’Callaghan out in the first minute of the All-Ireland final last year rather than allowing him to score that goal against us, we could now be All-Ireland champions.

  85. That makes perfect sense gamechanger. Evan broke his own jaw with Shanahan’s fist. Seriously man it’s time to either up the dosage or change the meds.

  86. Keith is hurling. And so he should be. The man has given more than enough to be entitled a season playing the game he loves. He will be back in good time!

  87. No matter what anyone says (even if it’s your good self Gamechanger!) you can’t really accidentally break a man’s jaw/ fracture a cheek bone with your fist or elbow. I don’t accept that that is possible without an element of real intent.
    On to Salthill now for the rest of the team and I wish Evan the best in his recovery. He’s facing a long enough lay up away from what he loves and he still has to try and negotiate his day to day life with this injury. I’d have given up years ago.

  88. Yer still nearly all talking shite on this subject. It was a foul blow brought about by panic that Evan was shaping for a goal… a last gasp reaction because he was to far away for drag down. Not premeditated, deserved a red on 2nd viewing but FFS move on. We were below par, and all the focus instead on Kerry dirt. I’m getting bored of this victim mentality.

  89. It’s a sad reflection of the rules when a man can be black carded for putting his hand on an ankle to take an opponent down and only a yellow for trying to decapitate an opponent. Maybe not the rules but the clown out there who was supposed to enforce them. The only people that some of these refs protect are themselves. If the ref himself had been cursed at or nudged or a card knocked out of his hand believe me the player.would have walked. A referee’s overriding job is to protect the players on the pitch and enforce the games rules. That’s not happening and it’s not good enough.
    The culprit won’t face any further sanctions for this assault. If Fitzmaurice is a true sportsman he should bench his player for the rest of the league.
    I wish Evan the best and we’re all upset for what has happened to him. I hope he recovers fully from his injuries and that someday he can again play the game he loves without having to fear been assaulted by a coward.

  90. That’s the problem Shuffly Deck. “Move on”. Do you think that’s the.justice Evan deserves. “Move on”. Bullshit. Evan deserves better than that. His season has been destroyed.

  91. I c Conor Loftus scored one point out if 3-17 for DIT last nite. Fionn Mc Donagh only came on as sub for a very average UL team. Neither Matty Duane or Brian Reape Played any part for DCU last week (mabye injured??). Its not a great sign when these are our future county players. Rochford is seeing these lads in training. The fact that they are not getting game time in league – is that telling us something. We were all shouting for Shane Nally to get more game time – he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire.

  92. Gamechanger that has to be the worst effort to defend a player i have ever heard.
    Playing something in slow motion is just a nonsense arguement,the player wasnt thinking in slow motion.
    W.j put up a link last night and that link and what i saw is enough.
    Evan being taken out of it twice by yer lads not good enough.
    Can you explain to me whats hassets role?
    I felt like doing mick barrett several times and going and giving this pleb a root in the hole.
    Hes a man i had pints with after he ritired but have lost all respect for since august.

  93. Evan was hit in the face with a shoulder. SHOULDER. not elbow or a forearm. I have this recorded and anyone who wants to come to my house I can show them. Can people stop on about it. Tommy marren is on about it now. For fuck sake. Are we gonna keep this up all year? Are ye blaming the ref or the player. I have extended my good wishes to Evan. It’s a pity it happened. But we gotta move on. The kerry man led with his shoulder so he has claim for mistimed legal hit. His elbow or forearm did not make contact with regans jaw. So even if it goes to croke park for analysis they will come up with the same outcome as me. So stop branding the lad as a thug. Willie Joe led the way for that tag and everyone jumped on the wagon. Judge jury executioner. As I told ye I have full evidence here. Yer welcome to come and see it. Gamechanger was always a great poster here. So in my conclusion. Yes the kerry man went in hard. Defenders are supposed to do that. He went in to hit hard and fair. Evans jinked inside avoiding shoulder to shoulder. The follow through could not be avoided. Accidental. Momentum. We must stop playing the victim. Keegan should have kept his mouth shut and let the football do the talking later in the year. I won’t be liked for my comment but it’s a fair one. I’d rather be disliked as I’m willing to take what happened on the chin. Move on. Now count yer sour grapes before they hatch

  94. I don’t need to go to your house to show that what you’re claiming isn’t correct, Spectre. It wasn’t a shoulder charge, it wasn’t even close to one. He led with the fist and this footage (look closely from 35 seconds onwards – https://www.facebook.com/enda.coyne/videos/10213279999607312/) proves it conclusively. Also, did you see the photo on the cover of the sports section in this week’s Western, by the way? It’s here. No sign of a shoulder charge there either but more evidence that it was an attack with the fist.

  95. Time to let it go lads. I commend Lee for calling it as it is. He was dead right to say what he did and he’s as entitled do to so as much as any of the “there was nothing in it” brigade would be.

    I would be interested to see the reaction if the shoe was on the other foot – I know that a number of media commentators would be out for blood if it was.

    We need to look to Control the controllable, and forget about the rest.

  96. @ South Mayo Exile….not sure Ruane or Reape are at DCU this year, may be on work experience or something, but don’t think they are available for sigerson

  97. I have never seen a kerry crowd so animated during a league game, or so jubilant after a league win. They were embarrassed by us last year in the reply. Its no surprise kerry came with such a cynical attitude, they had no option but to leave with the win by whatever means necessary. Its the officials that let it get out of hand, you cant blame kerry players, they did what their manager and supporters demanded, its up to ref to nip in the bud. That approach actually in a funny way shows that for the first time ever kerry fear and respect us. They never were to bothered about losing to us before in league “sure we’ll beat in championship” is no longer their attitude. One of they kerry guys tried it on with boyler and boyler pinned his man to the ground in a way McGregor would be proud of. Pity its took a 5 9 guy to teach them a lesson. I was a bit disappointed we didnt fight fire with fire. The ref allowed a war to happen and I though we cud have been more dirty, I dont mind saying that.
    Lets not forget rory o carrol was taken out by a sly elbow in 2015, we’re not all angels either.
    Best of luck to even, hopefully the county board cover him for all expenses as well as loss of earnings.

  98. Willie Joe that picture shows his hand pass by Evans face. U can clearly see that his fist ain’t closed either as his thumb is outstretched. Ur 100% wrong. Stop leading the march and calling this man a thug. That picture don’t show what happened at all. I know what happened I won’t explain myself again.

  99. Spectre it matches exactly to boxing photographs a millisecond after the hit. You can see the knuckles contracting.
    The heel of his hand is too far away and sorry but you cant break bones with an open handed slap. Heel of yer hand would, but I dont see any other way contact was made there than with knuckles.

  100. I’m not relying on the photo, Spectre – the footage I’ve linked to shows the hit clearly but what the photo does help to prove (and the video shows conclusively) is that the notion it was an attempted shoulder charge is 100% incorrect. But, sure, you know exactly what happened so that’s fine.

  101. Wishing Evan the best with his recovery.

    I have the height of respect for Gamechanger and is a regular contributor on here and is always honest and decent with his/her views.
    I don’t agree with people calling Shanahan a thug and other name calling. I remember being at a Westmeath-Mayo league game a few years ago when Liam O’Malley was sent off for striking out at a Westmeath player and a Westmeath supporter shouted something like ‘send that tramp off’. Unfortunately for that supporter, a neighbour of Liam’s was in earshot and called the Westmeath fan out on his name calling (putting it mildly).
    It just reinforces the point that there is no room in the GAA community for such name calling.

    For the record, I don’t agree with Gamechangers interpretation of events. Shanahan knew what he was doing. By that I mean he didn’t intend to damage Regan. Just meant to give him a belt that would prevent his team from conceding a goal.
    It’s unfortunate obviously that the repercussions of the tackle resulted in a long term injury for Regan.

  102. Spectre
    I think your video evidence is wrong, look at it again. That photograph proves beyond doubt what part of Shanahans body done the damage. His open hand.
    Shanahan absolutely knew what he was doing and should be held accountable. Whether he will be held accountable is unsure but I’d say he won’t, sadly for the game.

  103. You are perfectly correct Willie Joe based on the available evidence.

    Spectre, can you SHOW us the evidence you have that it’s a shoulder hit?

  104. My evidence is correct. Evans head swings to the right before kerry man’s hand comes into contact at all. The shoulder done the damage. The defence rests.

  105. Some of the “mental reservation” type analysis here would make the Vatican blush, God only knows how you could break a man’s jaw with an open palm.

    In any case, Evan’s now going to be out for a considerable period of time, a shame given that he had started the season reasonably well. The only positive I can see is that should we meet Kerry later in the season, there will be no shortage of physicality from Mayo men, mark my words.

    We can expect similar from Galway next Sunday, and it’s up to our lads to front up.

  106. Catcol u seem genuine person If I give u my email address u contact me and I will send on to u what I have. Would u agree to that

  107. Spectre, can you show US ( that means the blog here) your evidence. I’m sure Willie Joe is more than willing to post all relevant clips on the blog.

  108. If the defence is resting, Spectre, it’s resting on nothing.

    I’d repeat the point I made about the video I’ve linked – it’s clearly shows the hit with the fist. That’s from the Eir TV coverage. What’s your video evidence?

    If you have it on your phone, laptop or computer just load it up onto YouTube or equivalent and post the link. If it’s recorded on your DVR or something like that I’m not sure what you’d do but I’d say others more savvy in that department could advise.

  109. Right I will look into uploading it. My defence is on what I have observed very carefully. I’m not sure what yer evidence is based on. U must have been looking at different footage to mine

  110. Yeah it will be swept under the carpet like countless others over the years, Aidan O’Shea in the semi final, Tom parsons headbut, split open in full view of official’s, and eye goughing, and putting players in head locks, the list goes on and on, yet nothing gets done about it, like some posters on here want everyone to keep quiet about it, Well ye are showing u through colours now, and showing ur hands a bit early , lot of games to come, starting Sunday, release the beast, and up mayo.

  111. Very hard luck on Evan,i felt at first it was dirty and still feel so,I usually agree with gamechanger but feel he is out of order on this one but be sure you will still be welcome to post more balanced views on other games,on a lighter note there was a lot of not air last year about a GPS and that there should be action taken,are all these people who were such sticklers for the rules on holiday

  112. WJ the first 5 seconds of the Eir TV footage shows a clear swing of the right arm and blow to the head of Regan. Whats also clear is the ref position- about 4 metres away and looking straight at the action. How he determined a yellow card was the correct call only he himself knows the answer.

  113. I feel sorry for Evan Regan and I hate to see any player badly hurt at a game. The truth is Fitzmaurice had this game targeted from a long way out and he pulled off an ambush. His young bucks got the older heavy weight when he was out of shape and still recovering from the off season. The Kerry lads were in 100% peak shape, they’ll be no fitter in August. They weren’t on a team holiday, they weren’t traveling across the globe on fundraisers in November and December. While they are undoubtedly a talented bunch of young players, they are not going to improve much more between now and August, next year and the year after are a different matter.
    Now ask yourself will we be the same beast in July or August when we start peaking? Imagine the dressing room before a game against Kerry in this years championship, who will have the most ammo for revenge? I’ve no doubt in years to come this Kerry team will heap misery on our county but I can guarantee it won’t be this year and all they did last Sunday was ensure the dentists of Tralee and Killarney will be busy replacing fillings this summer.
    Expect another testy one this Sunday by the way if the FBD was anything to go by.

  114. Yes I looked at it and the 37th second u can clearly see the shoulder making contact with the head. His head swings away to his right. He never led with fist. He never led with forearm. The shoulder done the damage and if ye can’t see that yer blind.

  115. I see a lot of posters talking about a broken jaw. Was this confirmed. I only saw info about a facial bone fracture. Someone from Ballina posted on GAABoard that it is an eye socket. Not trying to belittle either injury. Normally, we have confirmation about things before posting

  116. Redcol – you’re correct, it wasn’t confirmed as a broken jaw, though, as you say and which was also stated in that report I linked to yesterday in the piece the injury was confirmed as a facial bone fracture and there was some concussion for good measure as well.

  117. Spectre, for the third time, can you SHOW US, ON THIS BLOG, your clip which proves definitively it was a shoulder charge? You’ve already got permission from WJ.

  118. He doesn’t need to, Catcol. He’s already saying that the footage I’ve linked to, which clearly shows Shanahan leading with the fist, actually shows him leading with the shoulder. I’m blind, he’s right, case closed. That’s his take on it anyway, from what I can see. But sure what can I see? I’m blind apparently.

  119. I studied it from that same clip catcol. It’s there in front of us. I would only be uploading a larger version. Tell me at what point in that video does a fist make contact with a jaw

    It’s u that’s blind Willie Joe.

  120. Gamechanger is always a great poster on this site & is probably entitled to defend his player. While I wouldn’t condone the incident, I would probably have a different view if the roles were reversed. I was impressed with the physicality of the Kerry lads for young guys. Let’s hope we have a chance to lock horns again later in the year! Onwards to Galway, we need a big improvement to get a result

  121. Right, Spectre – I’ve let you insult me several times now. Don’t test my patience further. I know what my own eyes are telling me in that clip and I’m happy that I’m seeing correctly.

  122. If you think Shanahan’s hand is the same thing as his shoulder, Spectre, then I need to have some of what you’re smoking, must be mighty stuff altogether.

    That said, I’m looking forward to the build up to the Galway game now, enough talk about the Butter Men and their antics.

  123. The impression given by many observers in the media after last year’s AISF replay was that Mayo “bullied” Kerry.

    They don’t forget that kind of thing in the Kingdom. Hence their mindset on Saturday night.

    There’s lots of talk here about retribution from Mayo when the counties meet again… I guarantee you that Kerry will be just as physical whenever that day comes. Saturday’s win might have sated them for one night but it won’t make up for what, in their eyes, was a humiliation last August.

    Kerry don’t rate Mayo as a football county. They say they do, but they don’t really. Witness Darragh O’Se giving the game away in his preview last August: “On top of all that, there’s another motivation for Kerry. You’re talking about a group who don’t want to be the ones who let Mayo in through the door. Kerry, Dublin and Mayo have been more or less equal over the past five years in terms of general play. But in terms of winning, Kerry and Dublin have always come out in the end. You do not want to be on the Kerry team when that run ends. You just don’t.”

    Mayo have enough problems without worrying about Kerry or retribution or anything else. We could start by scoring some points from play in our forward line.

  124. I have insulted no one. But all week yer referring to a kerry man as thug. Yer well able fire insults.

  125. Spectre, surely you can see the fist been swung at Evan Regans face. His fist makes contact with his face. Now answer me this ? Is.it possible to both shoulder and punch a guy at the same.time ? Answer is no. If he intended to shoulder Evan then why was he swinging his fist. His intentention was to punch Evan in the face which he did. You don’t swing a punch if your intention is to shoulder someone.

  126. I’m not explaining myself again. I have just watched it again at home. I’m happy with my conclusion. I’m not hear to argue. I just want truth facts reality. Let’s just leave it at that.

  127. Alternative facts seem to be in vogue down in the Kingdom, sign of the times really.

  128. Lord i thought ye would be well into the chat about this weeks game at this stage… Time to move on lads..

  129. Revellino what swung Evans head to his right while kerry man’s flat hand was near Evans back? Was it fresh air ?

  130. That’s it, Spectre – off to moderation with you. You’ve been there before when you stepped out of line using the previous name you used to go by here so the experience won’t be a novel one for you.

  131. I think what is really gnawing at Kerry is that we are now clearly the second best team in the country and Kerry firmly pushed into third spot.Tuamstar I am ready to move on to talk about Sunday.I expect another very physical game .A win would be nice but it will be a hard dogged win if we were to get it.Galway boys will be well up for it.

  132. Well I wouldn’t speak too soon about being clearly the second best team. Nothing guaranteed in sport.

  133. Fair play MayomaninGalway, Galway are delighted with their start, survival is the main aim and if we win on Sunday id say we will be there. But, and there has been a but with our footballers for a good few years now until they show consistency over a long period of time then we wont move on. Stephen was in Letterkenny last Sunday running the rule over both teams but I’m sure he will have watched Galway closely and will have a plan in place. Id be very surprised if Mayo dont come out all guns blazing for this one, and yes i think it will be quite physical…

  134. https://youtu.be/Twd1jsOhpog?t=2797

    From this point it is clear that Shanahan’s arm is at upper arm/just below shoulder height not head height, if you press play at slow motion you will see Regan tries to push him out of his way which causes Shanahan’s arm to rise to head height and thus the unfortunate collision occurs

    Shanahan stuck the arm out trying to make it harder for him to score a goal should he just get out of his way entirely?

    Our corner back was struck square in the face twice and remarkably got a black card for his troubles luckily no serious damage https://youtu.be/Twd1jsOhpog?t=1928 and https://youtu.be/Twd1jsOhpog?t=4117

    The outcome in Regan’s case was really unlucky and everybody hopes he recovers quickly

    Lastly as regards the game itself and the outcome I wouldn’t be getting too worked up or excited about a game on a bad pitch on a cold February night – absolutely no relevance to Croke Park in the summer

  135. Musha, yerra,yerra, yerra, 37th Heaven.dont try and make excuses,for God’s sake, everyone is wrong bar out jonny is it ?

  136. You’re proving nothing new there, 37th Heaven. The clearest view is the one I’ve linked earlier where the hit with the fist is obvious. He went in hard and played the man, of that there can be no dispute. The incredible thing is how the ref, who was right beside where the incident occurred, could possibly have viewed it as anything other than a red card but that’s another day’s work.

    As regards those other two incidents, they’re much ado about nothing and to claim your no.2 was “struck fair in the face twice” is ladling it on a fair bit. At least, from Kerry’s perspective, you got frees for both of those. Aidan was fouled from start to finish in that manner, including in the lead-up to the Kerry goal, and got nothing all night for his trouble. And O’Beaglaoich got a black card because he committed a black card offence!

  137. Mayomaningalway there are no prizes for being second best no prizes nothing Nada. We need to lose this mentality of being happy with being second best second best is first of the Losers that’s all. It’s time to be winners we won’t get respect until we win Sam. Not saying this team will win Sam but that has to remain the long term goal.

  138. @ JP i would agree I too wouldn’t speak too soon about being clearly the second best team. Sure only last summer Mayo lost to Galway struggled past Derry,Cork and needed a replay to beat Roscommon, Kerry would beat all of those teams comfortably.

    Tough luck for Evan Regan wishing him a speeding recovery

  139. Backdoorsam I hear what you are saying believe me I am not happy with second place at all.I was just saying in my opinion we are ahead of Kerry given we have been in last 2 finals regardless of how we got there and this might not sit well with Eamonn fitz or the lads.Winning Sam is the goal 100%.

  140. With respect Willie Joe all the videos I used are available at 720p that Facebook link isn’t even close in quality (I’m assuming that’s the one you are referencing)

    If you are going to label those tackles to the face as ‘nothing’ tackles then I don’t know what to say because the two commentators who both happen to be from Mayo (both were fair and impartial throughout the whole game let me say) said as much AOS got the ball poleaxed our man and got the free while our man got the road!!!! Certainly no free like you said and Aidan wasn’t ‘fouled from start to finish’ !!!!

    I’m not to portray Kerry as angels but to make out that we didn’t try to play Football (even though none of our score came from frees) is disingenuous

  141. Leantimes, he is showing good form at the moment and i think he will improve, the captaincy seems to be improving him as a player. The thing for Mayo is, he will start full forward but spends a lot of time out the field winning dirty ball. He will not stay in the full forward line. I think Kevin Keane maybe physically might match him but he would have to follow him around the pitch..

  142. Spectre,I know you are in moderation but like into Paul Galvins company,if that is a shoulder that connected with Evans face the jerseys will make a fortune,must be at least a six foot chest

  143. Were you at the match 37th Heaven?.. Sledging, pulling, dragging, anytime Mayo overturned Kerry they were immediately and deliberately pulled down…. The well groomed propaganda department of Kerry Gaelic-football has has nothing to learn… The English Royal Family or Vatican could learn from them.. , I believe what I seen with my own two eye’s.. Kerry may have been the better team on the night, but never have I seen more planned and deliberate ‘Skulduggery’ in a single match, all be ‘aided and abbetted’ by an ‘aquesant’ referee.. Maybe he Ref O’Mahony has bought into the ‘Myth’ that Kerry are pure footballers!

  144. 37th Heaven – the difference in picture quality doesn’t alter the fact that there’s video to show that Shanahan clearly hit Evan Regan in the face (and broke bone) with his fist. I really don’t understand all the dissembling about this.

    If that’s poleaxing by your book then I’m the one who doesn’t know what to say! I was there on the night and I can confirm that Aidan was, indeed, fouled from start to finish.

    I didn’t ever say either that Kerry didn’t play football on the night. They did, plenty of it, and fully deserved to win the game. I’ve never said anything else and I don’t think anyone else from Mayo posting here has claimed this either.

  145. Well said Willie Joe..Kerry played some quality football mixed with cynical physical stuff, very lucky not to end up with even less players on field at the end…. Preparing for the dubs I’d say…they are not going to be undermined or found wanting in any aspect of the game.
    Mayo are a tough physical outfit too. But I think the ref could have done much better on Sat night. He sets the tone in the first quarter for the type of game we are going to have. I’m he laid down very weak markers, very reluctant to dish black cards.
    I’m a believer in the sin bin, works well in rugby, and there’s no way to beat the system. In gaelic when you’re coming to the end of your tether it’s the same to be replaced as it is to take a black card and be replaced…

  146. You know why we shouldn’t move on from this? So one of our own doesn’t gets boxed out of it and is in hospital. Wake up folks. There is a big difference between cynicism and thuggery And Kerry crossed that line. Wouldn’t take a genius to spot that. If you were there in the crowd, and in particular the stands, you saw all you needed to know.

    And regarding poor Mayo play perhaps it has something to do with being pulled down off the damn ball everytime it comes in.

    Not to say Mayo are saints and that but it’s not rocket science. They were bullied out of it on Saturday and the next thing we can hope for is they channel that aggression and release a green and red tsunami when the time comes to meet the apositiles of football again.

    For the present, I’m expecting a bull coming out of a china shop on Sunday. Galway will be rightly up for this but as will also Mayo. I fully expect Met Eireann to get that red warning up over the weekend because the beast is awoken now. Time to fight fire with Fire.

  147. Mayo fans can ye calm down a bit a few days have passed and hopefully ye All have more pespective now
    Ronan Shanahan is not a thug he lunged in desperation when Evan was heading for goal
    Yes it very unfortunate for Evan Regan
    But it’s a miracle we only had one serious injury
    The whole game was wreckless from start to finish I’m surprised that there were not 4 or 5 players in casualty after it .
    If Dublin can get away with asssulting 4 Mayo players in a packed Croke Park without censure then this game is lawless.. Saturday’s game was an abomination and only the referee and the Gaa can fix it because players managers will push to the very limits otherwise. Saturday is not a one off this has been happening for a few years now
    And when at least 4 mayo players charged at the 19 year old rookie and tried scream in his face thst not what any mayo people I met do
    That is pathetic I thought that was an automatic black card pre meditated Taunting in groups that could only have be drilled into the Mayo players on the training ground. Barry Moran floored the Kerry Corner back with two hand charge straight to the head also not good.
    I’m sick of this game now I’m a football fan but there more wrestling now than football
    Please don’t blame the players alone
    Lobby your GAA officials and ask them please tidy up our game because it’s toxic right now
    Imagine what a few red cards or black would have done to the game in the first 10 minutes.
    It’s doesn’t take much to fix it just a good referee and team of linesmen and umpires
    Let’s hope for brighter days ahead

  148. *again.

    The last thing Mayo need is another player injured because of a “no malice or intent” tackle.

    Dublin wouldn’t take it, Kerry wouldn’t and Tyrone certainly wouldn’t, its high time we wise up to this and have every single green and red representative howling at the gaa. If we claim to be a top team then we need to back that up by getting behind our own. Other than just fans, the media , management and county board have a duty and responsibility to stand up for their county.

  149. Backdoorsam . John here. Retired from the site a long time back. On pension now. All changed here I see, utterly.

  150. There’s a misapprehension about Kerry being bullied by us last year. Kerry were filthy in both games, but their dirt caught up with them in the replay when Gough punished them by issuing cards early and often. We were well able for them physically on both occasions; we’re no angels and we’ve got deserved reds and blacks at critical stages of matches and no major complaints. However, I don’t think I’ve seen a Mayo team that sets out to take the opposition out. Kerry do (and Dublin do).

    Kerry don’t ‘do’ losing to Mayo, or say, Donegal. Remember the 2014 final when Aidan O’Mahony spent the entire match kicking the bejaysus out of Michael Murphy? That was his sole job for the day. I was right behind it. Murphy was/is no angel either but Kerry’s ploy was effective; Murphy’s contribution was negligible. They’ll be studying the video evidence of Crowley’s performance on Aidan O’Shea to see how they can go one better when we next meet.

  151. This was an assault and should be followed up by the Gardai. Evan should report the assault and has 10,000 witnesses plus TV footage as proof. This is the only way to put a stop to this criminal behavioir masked as playing hard.

  152. Gutted for Evan, Having studied what that Shanahan lad done was nothing short of disgusting, cowardly and unacceptable, we all have kids playing the game and this sort of wreck less behaviour is every parent or partners nightmare. Evan and his county teammates have worked tirelessly, their efforts and the sacrifices for the pride and a chance to represent your county then to have this wiped away because of some lad wreckless behaviour !!
    Please God he will recover soon to return to the fold

  153. Wow. Mayo blog being discussed nationwide now. Some very poor posts. Lads I don’t think it was deliberate. Remember Cillian’s elbow on O’Carroll, 10 stiches required. Was said at the time he deserved for dragging. On reflection would you agree any player deserves an injury like Eirher received?

  154. https://imgur.com/UqDaKFA

    No contact whatsoever by Shanahan’s Hand/Fist/Arm on Regan’s head/Jaw.

    Arm hits Regan on the back, Regan’s jaw hits Shanahan’s shoulder, Regan goes down.

    Desperately unlucky, but you are looking for a scapegoat and so will go through Shanahan to make yourselves feel better about losing Regan.

  155. Evan Regan was punched in the face with a closed fist.
    Shanahan is a scumbag. I hope we get a chance to get revenge and take it i really do.
    By the way shouldering some one in the face and breaking a bone in their face is a red card offence too and the actions of a scumbag.

  156. Guys, shanahan was wrong and he knows it as good as we do. I think at this stage we should take note, let our county board do what needs to be done and all move on from it.

  157. Wow Peiladoir, Regan hit Shanahan’s shoulder with his jaw, did he? I hope the poor lad’s okay. He’s not in hospital recovering from surgery by any chance?

    Lookit, I think this one has been done to death at this stage. Those of us who were there and have looked back at the footage again since have drawn our conclusions. Those who choose to paint it as one of these unfortunate things have also had their say here. It’s as well we left it there and moved onto our next games. Except Evan Regan, of course, as he won’t be playing another game for quite a while after what was done to him on Saturday night.

  158. Not overlooking the seriousness, of what happened to Evan Regan, I wish him all the best, a full and speedy recovery, but on a lighter note, maybe we should get the big fella that was in limerick, out of retirement, he would soon sort the referee out, and some of the players and management 2. We could do with him in our corner badly.lol.

  159. Kerry hatred and thuggery? Time to get ready for what Galway are going to throw at us on Sunday. Hopefully not a Kilkenny ref… !!

  160. lads best thing to do is build a Seige mentality and come out swinging in the championship and if that helps the team well then so be it but will ye straighten a small bit on the thug and assault claims. Has anyone done what I suggested with the slow-mo to see exactly what happened, it’s there to plainly see. If not than I suggest you do as the place now sounds like a set out of The Life Of Brian,, ShalI throw him to the floor sir?? Ooh yes thwo him to the flow etc etc.

  161. If football fields were courtrooms
    The ref let no one out on bail
    He’d have sent half them to the sideline
    And fucked the other half in to jail.

  162. Please, what’s done is done and has been more than sufficiently analysed.
    Now let’s move on.

  163. If I said I agree with spectre will I be put in moderation too? The initial contact does seem to be with the shoulder. Then his arm was outstretched and caught Regan afterwards.

  164. No you won’t, Martin. That wasn’t why he ended up in chokey, it was because he was acting like a spanner and persisted in so acting despite being warned of the consequences.

  165. Kerry – the good, the bad and the ugly!
    The good
    I was at the match and as far as I could see Kerry were by far the better team and deserved to win by much more than three points. They were also very physical in the tackle and worked extremely hard to put pressure on us when we had the ball. All this is to their great credit.
    The bad
    Their cynical approach was less credit worthy but still not beyond what now seems to be acceptable for “winners”. The referee should of course have dealt with it early on but failed to do so with obvious and predictable consequences.
    The ugly
    What is to Kerry’s great discredit was the dirty and dangerous play.
    We come then to Evan Regan’s injury. Clearly, Shanahan caught him in the face with a fist or open hand – I’m not sure which – in an attempt to stop him getting in on goal. Evan swerved suddenly. Hitting Evan was no accident but I doubt if Shanahan set out deliberately to do that kind of damage or indeed connect with his head at all. To me it looked like a sudden instinctive reaction. But it was nasty, dirty, reckless and dangerous and he most certainly should have got red and a proper suspension. That said I am slow to brand him a thug. If he set out to do that kind of dirt then thug would be too kind a term in my vocabulary. I’m not sure that was the case.

  166. Very sorry for Evan Regan. Play on youtube and pause at vital stages. Complete accident. Evan as he trys to jink by The Kerry back, lowers his body and as he comes back up his jaw collides with edge of kerry lads shoulder. Kerry back had his arms up at level where all players would have in the modern game. But the jink and lowering of body followed be upward movement collision as i describe. It looks like his hand hit the face but shoulder had caught Evan before that. The picture makes it look like his arm / fist hit Evans face. Little or no contact with these at all, it was the shoulder. Problem with modern game. Its downright dangerous. Would i want me youngfellow playing??? Speed and power to the fore and all this happened so fast. Never posted before but dont think you can call the lad a thug. Thats the modern game and all players are trained and expected to challange with this intensity.

  167. Think you should be careful when using a telephoto lens as proof of contact (ie the picture on Western and the42). Hollywood directors use this to make it look like a car hits a pedestrian when in fact the pedestrian is nowhere near the car. It scrunches distance. Speedy recover to Evan Regan.

  168. @Dr Hyde… It is indeed a strange case,.. A live crowd even by the most modest estimates in excess of 11,000 presumably most have had their own seeing eye’s, and the majority in the the Bacon Factory End, side of the half way line , … And you want to talk about Hollywood & camera lens somehow distorting reality … In the Robert Louis Stepheson Novel,… ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde’…. Your Character reminds me more of’ MISTER HYDE… and definitely not the good Doctor,… And I doubt it very much that despite your name, that you have anything to do with Roscommon either !..

  169. John Cuffe, come out of retirement for a guest post , id really appreciate as would others your take on this and how we should react as a team and as supporters

  170. At the end of the day we made Monaghan’s indiscipline count against them on the scoreboard by scoring more than them as we did against Kerry last August.

    Even though we were shite on the night, if we had taken our chances we would have done the same last Saturday. Then the headlines would have been, ‘Kerry’s Indiscipline costs them’.

    That’s something for us to think about, we still have to figure out how to make these extra men count on the scoreboard when the opposition have players sent off.

  171. Ah, Takecare, do take care, what u were looking at, and posting on here, he made no attempt to pull out of the tackle, or keep his fist out of range of Evan Regan’s face, so its assault plain and simple, Like, Kerry, Dublin, Tyrone and a few of our neighbours, have being getting away with for years, time to call a halt to it all, and let’s see some wonderful football the way it’s meant to be played, and the joy and entertainment that it brings, even fot complete neutral’s to enjoy, gaa need to set out their stall now, and set an example for the championship, before the big fella in limerick comes out of retirement, and takes matters into his own hands.lol.

  172. I’m surprised at the outrage here. None of us know what was in Shanahans mind at all. We all think we do and some have called him appaling names. We were quick enough to dismiss the Dubs outrage last year when Cillian seemed to elbow one of them cant remember who in the jaw in the league. I remember thinking he was in trouble but we defended him to high heaven. A bit of perspective is needed here imo.

    This notion that we aren’t able to dish it out isn’t what I am seeing when we play. Wishing Evan the quickest of recoveries. It’s a shocking injury to deal with and I daresay he might struggle come championship too with regard to his nutrition.

  173. The 1 thing that is clear is from the thread that is that everyone feels deeply about player welfare. None of us like to see a player getting injured. I hope Evan knows that we are all wishing him the best and that we don’t continue to see the some of the filthy play that we have had to watch through our first 2 league games. It’s time for the powers that be to enforce the law rigorously and protect all the lads who tog out to.represent club and county. It would be a big mistake to allow the current trend to continue.

  174. Here here Revelino. Well said. Player welfare should always be priority number one. If reminding the higher echelons of GAA management that players are their “Golden Goose” is what is needed to ensure this, then no harm.

    There is a secondary issue of just how far players are willing to go to “win at all costs”. As Fans and supporters, we are in no small way responsible for creating this drive, and the players feed from it. How do we ensure competitive doesn’t become over-competitive? I guess that’s the $64,000 question.

    All the best to Evan and a speedy recovery to him.

  175. imgur.com/UqDaKFA

    Spectre you are spot on, this is the impact that caused the injury. I was so busy trying to figure our where this imaginary fist caused the damage that I was focusing on the hand and after they came together his hand did rise but it rose as a result of what I described here before.

    I was in fact baffled as to how the open hand which didn’t seem to make any real contact of significance with evans jaw could do that damage. But as you said it was before any hand went near his face that the impact occurred. You are correct when you said his hand was on Evans back at the moment Evan jinked to the left and the top of Shanahans shoulder and the upper left side of Evans face impacted. This would also account for the concussion as it was a heavy clash, and very very clearly not an intentional strike or not a closed fist as has been repeatedly confirmed on this site.

    I think everyone was so focused on Shanahans hand they missed the actual impact which occurred almost instantaneously when they first came together.

  176. That didn’t transfer as anticipated but enter the link on google and it will be clear what to look for on the actual live time footage.

  177. Gamechanger – I think it’s time to pull the shutters down on this debate now. Everyone has had their say on it and I think everyone who has an interest in the matter have their minds well made up on it at this stage. For us, the debate needs to be shifted onto the Galway game now. We’ll turn our focus back on your lads when the time comes to do so.

  178. Yeah Willy Joe, pull the shutters on the debate after your embarrassing personal attack has been exposed for what it was. The video evidence is clear, but you are too deep in it all to man up and accept your mistake in demonizing Shanahan. Nothing to see here folks.

    As a poster said above, everyone’s concern is player welfare, but collisions like this happen regularly and no injury occurs. I wish Evan all the best, and I mean that sincerely. Absolutely torrid luck with injuries, and a fabulous footballer. It really wasn’t a dirty challenge whatsoever!

    Kerry were further along in their training, which was the difference between the sides on the day. A sharper O’Connor/Doherty would have punished us for the fouls we gave away and only for an Enright goaline clearence Mayo would have won the game.

    But seriously lads, the scum and thug comments are so far out of line it’s unbelievable. Nobody (especially the players) want to see anyone injured.

  179. Wrong and wrong, peileadoir. There’s nothing embarrassing in what I said – which was focused as much on the ref as it was on the utterly reckless challenge made by Shanahan – and nothing I’ve seen or read has “exposed” anything to the contrary about what I said. If you think the video evidence is clear for the line trotted out by you and your Kerry buddies who have posted here then it’s you that’s the embarrassment.

    The other reason you’re wrong is that you came late to this discussion, which had largely played out before your contribution. It had got to the stage where people were simply repeating the same old lines and I concluded it was time to move on, given that the next round of matches is on this weekend.

    I’m sure Evan will be touched by your good wishes. He’s no doubt used to being showered by such sentiments by Kerry folk seeing as it’s the second time in his inter-county career that he’s ended up in hospital with a broken bone following an extremely reckless challenge by a Kerry player aimed squarely at the man and not the ball. Put that in your “I mean it sincerely” yerra pipe and smoke it.

  180. Wishing Evan a speedy recovery! Evan you can see you have amazing support!! Pure class of Lee to speak out on this too! Character matters, Mayo Proud!!!

  181. Kerry boss Eamonn Fitzmaurice has refuted claims made by Lee Keegan that the broken jaw and concussion suffered by his Mayo team-mate Evan Regan in last Saturday’s Division 1 league tie in Castlebar was in any way malicious.

    Earlier this week, 2016 Footballer of the Year Keegan hit out at “a very bad challenge” by Kerry defender Ronan Shanahan on Regan, who is likely to face surgery and sit out the rest of their league campaign as a result of the injuries suffered.

    While wishing Regan a speedy recovery after an injury that “nobody likes to see happening”, Fitzmaurice went on to rebuke Keegan’s suggestions of a dirty tackle, describing them as “way off the mark” as he defended Shanahan.

    “They were way off the mark. It wasn’t a dirty tackle at all. It was a genuine attempt to play the ball and I don’t think Lee looked back at the replay of the incident to be honest with the comments he made,” Fitzmaurice said yesterday evening ahead of his side’s clash against Monaghan tomorrow.

    “There was absolutely no intent on Ronan Shanahan’s part, I spoke to him and he said the same thing. I knew it from looking at the replay of the incident myself. So no I don’t agree with Lee and I refute Lee Keegan’s assertion that there was any malice in Ronan’s tackle.”

    surely a career on the stage awaits

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