League final review – Mayo News football podcast E13

Mayo were badly beaten by Kerry in Sunday’s National League final and in this episode of the Mayo News football podcast podcast, specially extended for club members, Mike Finnerty is joined by podcast regular Billy Joe Padden and by special guest Tony Leen of the Irish Examiner to look back on the big game at Croke Park.  

The first part of the show sees Billy Joe give his considered view on why Mayo’s display was so lacklustre on Sunday and how he feels the heavy defeat might impact on the team’s upcoming Connacht Championship meeting with Galway. He also considers how James Horan is likely to have viewed his side’s poor display on the big stage.

Tony Leen then joins the discussion to chat about the reaction in Kerry to their team’s comfortable win at Croke Park. He tells us what aspects of the performance will have pleased Jack O’Connor the most and he reveals why no-one in the Kingdom will be getting carried away by the result on Sunday.   

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The podcast is on Patreon as well, where club members enjoy exclusive access to bonus episodes and much more besides. The Patreon variant of this episode is an extended one, in which Billy Joe focuses on possible reasons why Mayo are suffering such a litany of injuries, while Tony discusses the media’s relationship with inter-county players and managers, in the wake of James Horan’s decision not to attend Sunday’s post-match media briefing at Croke Park. 

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15 thoughts on “League final review – Mayo News football podcast E13

  1. Tony Leen seems like a nice guy but that was some amount of yerra from him. Very much playing down Kerry’s victory and saying that Mayo weren’t too bothered.

  2. It did look that way Liberal.

    Mayo looked heavy legged and disinterested.

    James Horan didn’t look to bothered after either.

  3. The bit that really amused me was him saying that Jack and his selectors’ laughing on the sideline at the end was a reaction to something one of the Kerry players was doing. I mean come on.

  4. Great pod lads.

    Think we all need to calm down. We will get over Galway and it’s an easy run into the Connaught Final. This will by Mayo time and we will be flying fit come the business end of the Championship.

    Kerry won’t be able to maintain the level they are at!! That Kerry team will bottle it again.

  5. 2014.. 2014… Jesus. Ok, This Kerry team is say 4 Points better than last years, it will concede 2 fewer and score 2 more…not scientific, illustrative!… Tyrone are -2, Dublin will be par. What are Mayo? Rod gives us +1, carr and Cillian combined another+1, but mileage and injuries might give us -2 elsewhere, so very hard to know until Galway.. we need tactical changes to give us the +points, just like Kerry.
    Losing connacht might give easiest path to Sam ironically, where we could meet Kerry in QF when they might be more vulnerable. Win CF, would mean then beating -a donegal say, Tyrone and then Kerry in final. I know, steadyyyyy….we are blessed to have this team.

  6. Never even thought about the qualifier route, and the possibility of meeting Kerry in a potential quarter final. I don’t think we’ll beat them again this year, but I’d rather our injuries clear up first. Meeting them in a quarter might be too soon, especially given the nature of some of our injuries and the timelines. But they might be vulnerable as you say Rakestreet as they’ll be completely unchallenged in Munster. It might give us even a half chance. Anything can happen in a one-off match.

  7. I thought at the time that Jack O’Connor and Mgt team we’re laughing themselves at the goal/ square ball / maybe it was re Jason Foley position.

    I don’t think anyone from Mayo needs any more ammo to get riled up at Kerry (so let’s not overdo this match)…..certainly I need no more after 2014 (only ticket to a match I have kept after many days out with Mayo is from Limerick 2014).

  8. Did anyone notice on the pod that Tony Leen name checked Fionn Mcdonagh a few times ? Seems like he is holds him in high regard.

  9. Time to get rid of league finals for division 1, condensed season means focus is on the championship. Mayo used the league to give as many of the squad game time and retain league status. So successful campaign right. Then the bloody final, heavy defeat and injuries. Hopefully mayo can have a good championship

  10. Why have we so many injuries? Now missing at least 4 keys players for Galway . Robbie , Brendan , Jordan , Tommy. Plus other risk. Lots of rotation in league hasn’t helped.

  11. Having stayed quiet up to now,I must admit that I am a long time poster who plays the game,I post just to amuse my self and to keep the glass full rather than empty,I want to give my thoughts on Sunday,we but the posts four times and one of the Kerry goals should have been disallowed,now this is not a post against the very welcome Kerry posters who are very good with their observations,but we should have been much closer to the Kerry team than we were,we were without at least four possibly six first team players who would have made a massive , so I don’t think that we should make decisions on Sunday,but we we need to face up to the fact that from two thousands and twelve that we have not improved on our defending,our defending on Sunday was like children,leaving one defender in possibly the finest attacker ever was shocking we should have certainly left one other defender inside our own half,we need to learn from it and against Galway have someone to support our full back,we can’t blame OHora who done his best banks anyone who has never hi of slagging must never have been to any match,I must say been in that half of the field that he did not start until Flynn got taking out that he didn’t start,so whatever happened he felt upset, Clifford answered by getting some outstanding scores so I would not worry about the slagging,I still think that we have enough to take Galway

  12. An alarming trend in podcasts in recent months is the increasingly long winded nature of them. Here’s an example of a question from Mike Finnerty in this episode:

    “In terms of the set up again, just going back to that I suppose, if you had been in the Mayo dugout, what’s the one or two things that you would have been keen to do, or to try, or to change when the tide turned, you know, when things started to look ominous, maybe after 10/15 minutes, maybe even 20 minutes, what were the things that maybe you felt, okay it’s time now to try this, or we need to go back to that?”

    How can anyone begin to answer that question? Mike Finnerty is an excellent commentator, so it’s baffling to listen to him construct overly complicated questions like this. The answers are also taking on a Joycean stream-of-consciousness quality.

    The MayoAreBack boys have been parodying this style for years, but recent podcasts are parodies of themselves.

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