Lee Keegan is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

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Right, I need to pull the shutters down on this particular poll a bit quicker than usual, as I’ve another time-dependent one that needs to go up. The result is, however, clearcut so there’s no need to wait any longer on it.

Yesterday, we were kept scoreless in the second half for over twenty frustrating minutes. During that time we missed a few decent scoring chances, hit a few bad wides from low percentage efforts and passed up on more than one decent enough shooting opportunity. It looked then like we wouldn’t score again before full-time.

It was, however, no surprise when the man to get us moving once more on the scoreboard was Lee Keegan. He shot from distance – in the way he’s done so often – and an enormous roar erupted around MacHale Park as the ball flew over the bar. It was a classic Lee Keegan moment.

Lee’s been such a stalwart for us over the past decade and more and yesterday, yet again, he delivered in spades. Your votes, deservedly, confirm him as our Man of the Match from yesterday’s game, which he won with 24% of the vote.

Others to feature prominently in the vote are no surprise and all were to the fore in helping to chisel out yesterday’s win – Aidan O’Shea (20%), Enda Hession (10%), Oisín Mullin and Cillian O’Connor (9%) and Eoghan McLaughlin (8%).

That’s a nice mix of youth and experience and it was that blend that got us over the line yesterday. Well done to them all and especially to Lee for another totemic display in the Green and Red. We truly will weep bitter tears when he’s gone.

10 thoughts on “Lee Keegan is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Voted for Leroy – no contest really.

    Really good to see Aido and Cillian filling minor places. And great to see Enda Hession featuring also.

    If you had asked me beforehand, who I would like to see high up the MOTM rankings, those three would have featured strongly.

    While we’re on individual performances, I thought Darren McHale did very well when introduced. Was disappointed in James Carr though; thought he would up it further on the back of the Galway game.

  2. Have to agree on Carr, catcol. It was a game where he really needed to push on and grab it by the scruff of the neck, but he’s painfully inconsistent unfortunately.

  3. I really don’t understand saying James Carr is inconsistent. What more was he expected to do in that game yesterday, how can a forward play if the ball isn’t played inside, or when it is played it is into a defence that is set and three men near him?

  4. Willie Joe, love reading this blog. I was wondering would you ever consider writing a post on player ratings after a match, Bit like the MOM post but rating all the players out of 10. Would be great reading.

  5. Lee is, and I’m open to correction on this too, the highest scoring back in championship history? Fantastic footballer.

  6. First of all, I would like to say that Mayo were the better team yesterday. Period. And Monaghan are no slouches. So let’s take the positives out of yesterday.
    I am 100% agreed on Lee as the star performer v Monaghan.
    I am also 100% agreed that Aidan was a close second. He had an unbelievable match. When he has the ball he is so secure in possession it is good for the nerves. Billy Joe Padden has said consistently that Aidan’s position for Mayo should be as a defensive midfielder. He is dead right. He is excellent and so secure there.
    I am not sure of the numbers of possessions each player had in the match, but Aidan was either at the top of the possession stakes or very close.
    Also, Mayo need players who can break tackles consistently and not lose possession attempting to do so. Aidan, Oisín, Enda are three that I can name. Players with that ability are thin on the ground. But we need players that can do that consistently if we are to break down blanket defences.
    In addition, we held Monaghan to 0-12. That was a really good defensive performance. Let’s not forget that. The defence as a whole played brilliantly.
    If we count Aidan as part of our defence, then four of our defenders topped our poll.
    A mention for a few other players:
    As for James Carr. I am a fan. He is so unbelievably quick off the mark, and he can really tear past tackles. Personally, i think he would be better off in the half forwards.
    I was glad to see Darren McHale come on. He has an eye for a score. But he is best used like yesterday when his style of play troubles tiring defenders.
    Fergal Boland should have been brought on as well. He is one of our best ball strikers. A shame he did not get a run.
    I was glad to see Stephen Coen having a reasonable game. He is no Aidan, but he played well in the sweeper role.

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