Lee Keegan is our Player of the Year for 2022

Photo: Pundit Arena

It’s time to bring the voting on our Player of the Year for 2022 to an end but, to be honest, the result of this one was apparent within minutes of the poll going up. Lee Keegan was miles ahead in the vote from early on and that’s how it stayed as the votes piled up.

By a proverbial country mile, he’s the person you’ve voted as our Player of the Year for 2022, the third time the Westport man has won this award. Lee came out on top with a whopping 77% of the vote, with Ryan O’Donoghue on 13% and Oisín Mullin on 9%.

The voting reflects Lee’s enduring importance within the Mayo team and, if anything, he was more important than ever this year. Unusually, he was prominent right throughout the League campaign, at a time of year when, in past years, he wouldn’t have been as much to the fore. And, of course, once the serious stuff started in early summer, Lee’s performance levels went up accordingly.

Now obviously in the latter stages of his inter-county career, we can only hope that the five-times All-Star is prepared for at least one more campaign under the new Mayo manager. He’s already hinted that he’ll be back next year and we can only hope that he will.

In the meantime, congrats to Lee on once again being voted by you as the Mayo GAA Blog Player of the Year.

9 thoughts on “Lee Keegan is our Player of the Year for 2022

  1. Just a phenom for Mayo. Our greatest ever by a distance.

    He still sets the standard. Just so good and can perform so many roles for us. Never gets too flustered, and tends to get better when the heat is turned up.

    He’s clearly a fine athlete and a super footballer. But I think it’s his mental strength that sets him apart.

    A privilege to watch him play and hopefully we’ll get to savour him for a few more seasons.

  2. Lee is right up there amongst the greatest gaelic footballers of all time.
    Skill levels, workrate, speed, endurance, strength, kicking ability, marking, playing on the edge, psychological strength … he excels at literally every facet of the game.
    Yes. We are privileged to have seen him, and surely to be able to look forward to seeing him perform for our county.
    If there is any justice, he should not have to retire without a celtic cross.

  3. Good nights football at the U19 league finals in McHale Park. Well done to Achill and Castlebar. Pity the grounds person didn’t bother to freshly line the pitch

  4. Top man. Make him player manager! No need for interviews with other 4 lads, and no need for backroom teams. Seriously though Mayos greatest ever.

  5. What a man and what a player. For once I doubt there will be a single dissenting voice. For Ryan and Oisin to be the main competitors to Lee augers well for the future.

  6. Nearly alway an 8/10 performer. Alway in top 3 in running for man of match. Nearly Alway given the opposition danger man, Alway played in position that help team, not nesserary position that suits Lee. Lee has been tearing it up for over 10 years for Mayo. While other have played for Mayo, nobody has reached the consistent level of brillance for such an extensive time period

    Legend, full stop

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