Lee Keegan our MOTM from yesterday

Lee Keegan v Donegal 2015

Photo: RTE

Right, the votes are in and the result is clear – with 35% of the poll, Lee Keegan is by popular acclaim our Man of the Match from yesterday’s memorable and oh-so decisive victory over Donegal.

Aside from Lee, other obvious heroes from yesterday’s game also featured in the shake-up, with Tom Parsons’ storming shift earning him 19% support, while Barry Moran’s surprising but hugely effective role as an extra defender saw him claim 14% of the vote. Aidan O’Shea’s towering performance, capped by that cracking goal just before the break, saw him attract 9% of the vote.

They’re not, of course, the only heroes from yesterday – I thought Kevin McLoughlin (1% of the vote), for example, was fantastic, as was Keith Higgins (4%), as was Seamie O’Shea (2%), as were the whole bloody lot of them in fact, sideline included. Hearty congrats to all of them.

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  1. Was awful hard to pick as so many lads were good and not a single player was poor. The O Connors mightn’t have scored their normal ammount but worked hard. I voted for Kevin Mc but after seeing it back on replay recording Lee had most possessions and he was like a wall against Donegal forwards pushing them back a lot and was very decisive when he broke upfield. Tom Parsons was very influential. Possibly the best lad for changing his style to help the team was Seamie who didn’t run down any blind alleys and hit accurate kick passes when he got the chance including that pass to his Bro. He’s obviously taken management advice on board. Added to normal high workrate that’s a real bonus and his steal off Mcglynn was probably the biggest lift of the day apart from the 2 great goals. Keith also played super and his steal off McHugh should’ve been free to us also for touching on the ground. Caff did well too.
    Fair play to all the lads.

  2. I’m astonished that Aiden got such a low percentage of the MOTM vote considering that it was his goal which, coming when it did, torpedoed Donegal. However there are countless heroes there.

    Can anybody tell me what was the verdict of the Sunday Game panelists on Keane’s red card? I was watching the program in a pub but could hear nothing. I thought having seen the replays that it was a harmless enough offence but foolish even so.

    Regards somebody’s comment on the previous thread that Ciaran Whelan suggested that Cluxton would kick as long as possible against Mayo. I agree. Especially if Mayo press high up the field he would be mad to do otherwise. The Dublin tactic may be to push up and create as much space as possible for their forwards in our half of the field.
    However there is a limit as to how far he can kick and if he concentrates on distance his accuracy, so important to his and Dublin’s strategy, is bound to be affected. All in all leading to a fascinating match.

    Re Tyrone and Mickey Harte, Mickey always says the right things and has great respect around the country. I have heard him myself speaking to a minor team and he created a great impression on them [and on me, too]. His personal tragedy and how he dealt with it probably accentuates that public opinion. Tyrone’s tactics may not be devised by him but he is tolerating them and doing so tarnishes his reputation, with me at least. The reputation of the GAA is also being tarnished and these tactics are becoming more widespread. Unless the GAA takes some action it will become as ingrained in the game as it is in soccer. Tiernan McCann [and Michael Murphy] should be before the disciplinary authorities along with others who got cards to justify their actions. Some years ago a rule was introduced making the third man into a maul liable for a suspension and it worked for a while, until referees forgot about it. And refs who do not implement the rules should be dropped from the panels, not just used as linesmen as seems to be the case with Cormac Reilly.

  3. Saw Kevin Keanes red card on the Sunday Game. I doubt if an appeal would succeed but there’s no harm in trying. Hopefully Tom Cuniffe is ok as we will need cover in the backs v Dublin.

  4. AndyD – Aidan and Cillian have set very high standards for themselves. Highest scorer usually gets a lot of votes. While Cillian was a little off with his free taking I still think he made a very nice contribution in the forwards as did all up front. Nice to see a great performance even when one of our star forwards is not at his best. May make Cillian less of a target against the Dubs.

  5. One light slap with the front if his hand and then a push an Murphy who immediately started mouthing at the umpire after him provoking it. Keane’s body language was just get outta my way and stop annoying me, not a red mist or injury intending thing. Very like Lee’s last year a minor response to provocation. Would be mad not to appeal it. What was Keane meant to do? Him and Murphy should have both got yellow simple as that. Ref didn’t see it and umpire pressurised by Murphy.

  6. Just seen Tiernan McCann’s collapse on Balls.ie. Happened right in front of the ref, just a few yards away but he seemed to be writing in his notebook. It seems to have got a lot of comment on Twitter. Some of the best: He suffered a hairline fracture. He is to have an MRI scan at an Omagh Beauty Salon in the morning.
    I also saw Conor Meyler’s sending off on a black card and it seems to me that it was the Monaghan man who should have walked. Meyler kicked the ball, ran on and collided with the Monaghan man who seemed to be running across Meyler’s line. As he fell he had his arm around the Monaghan man, as you would if trying to prevent yourself falling. All in all, that game should keep a disciplinary committee occupied for quite a few hours.

  7. Olé, Olé, Joe Brolly likes us. From the Hogan Stand, quoting the Sunday Indo, I think, Joe says he likes us a lot because there was nothing else good happening in Croke Park on Saturday. Connelly and Holmes are truly working miracles. Now who cares where Sam ends up for Christmas?

  8. Was in Croker yesterday… Tyrone’s Display was the worst display of sportsmanship I have ever seen….. At times I was cringing for the GAA in general… Justin Mc Mahan’s behaviour was nothing short of Disgraceful…..

  9. Hopefully this day two weeks time there will be the three best football teams left in the Championship. At least our All Ireland will be a game worthy of its title where teams are judged on their ability to kick, catch and score.
    Not one where the team lines out in their own half and jersey numbers are merely an ID number for the referee to record after each of the many infringements. It is in the blood of all genuine fans to celebrate skill and individual moments of brilliance and our games are attractive for a neutral as well when played in the right spirit.
    I am on holiday at the moment and in a place where I don’t have access to live games but I did see Aidan O Sheas inspiring goal, wow he’s the real deal.

  10. Hi, just had a free read of Western People and WJ you might like to hear some of the comments. He also would have voted for Lee – the best wing back i Gaelic football with a licence to roam becsuse of Barry Moran.
    He was full of praise for Jason Doh and particularly liked the tackling of Diarmuid on one of the McGees who tried to barge past him and ended up on the floor as in another tackle. He is confident that Cillian will resume normal service next time and that Tom Parsons will even improve more. Kevin getting back to his best and the whole team are a credit to the County and the best is yet to come. They will get the heads down and prepare for the Dublin game in their fashion. He praised their power, fitnee and tackling.
    There is a pic of the agony on McGees face on the ground as Aido scored. Not one that one like of oneself. Still it is par for the course. That’s the jist of it i think. Ciaran 2.

  11. centrefield &Joe Mc

    Tyrone are no angels but neither are Kerry and Donaghy and Donnachda Walsh in particular and in fairness Dublin try to play football and succeed generally.
    Kerry were arrogant after their win last year but of course Kerry people generally are sound.Just thought Walsh in particular was nasty last year .Review the tape.O Donoghues diving has long been highlighted too.
    Mayo do not have that streak…that is why most counties would love to see is win it.
    Keegan deserving mom as indeed Aido was and a few other contenders too like Keith and Tom.

  12. Hueyandlouis you’re spot on there, in fact when I think of diving the first person who comes to mind is o’donoghue. Tyrone’s antics yesterday were shocking (even though I witnessed plenty of it in ballybofey on our first day out) but it’s now been well and truly highlighted in the media. I doubt prevoius Kerry antics will be even glossed over. I’m afraid I’m going to be shouting for Tyrone as I always stick with my ulster counties and quite frankly, I just can’t cope with the deluded attitude of superiority which emanates from some kerry quarters. I will of course abandon my provincial leanings when I cheer Mayo on against Tyrone in the final.

  13. Played defence all my club years. Security in the square grows the entire defence. Interesting who will be sweeper the next day. Dublin create little windows of time and space 30-35 yards from goal. Connnolly/Flynn/Other lad hf name escapes me. They pop up and shoot immediately. To stop this we need as much.mobility as possible and tight man marking of their three half forwards. Not to mention Mccaffrey n McMahon the long range kickpassers.

  14. Terrific performance. Cillian was off target but worked very hard and his lovely pass sent Lee through for goal. Best performances of year so far from very many players e.g. Cunniffe, Cafferkey, Higgins, Keegan, Barry, SOS, Jason, Tom P.,Kevin Mc etc. For the first time too, management have shown that they can actually bring something extra to James Horan’s terrific progress. Re; Tyrone- they are an absolute disgrace but have been for years. Some naïve commentator suggested Harte should send a message by dropping McCann for next day – the fact is the players are carrying out Harte’s instructions IMO – it could not be any other way.

  15. Absolutely delighted with the lads and their performances to a man superb .
    That is a level of consistency and professionalism that sets this team apart from our past teams.

    Great use of bench also and impressed with Chrissy Barret, Andy and Freeman when they came on and got stuck in .

    The managment obviously highlighted McHugh, Murphy and Gallagher as their main men and did we ever boss them , we totally controlled and out fought them.

    Special word must be given to Ger Caff and a fine performance .
    Very Good and great to see him back to best once aided with some help, I think that will bring his confidence on .

    For the Dubs, I would be more confident of beating them than was of Donegal.
    I think we have the men to mark their star players and that we will bully them around the middle .
    If we are on form up top we should win .

    After games like that, where team was paramount for all on board, Man of the Match needs an additional “man” – ENSEMBLE.
    Or, as in the honoured tradition of “A. N. Other” and “D. Eile” – N. Semble!
    We could all be allowed to vote for an individual or N. Semble
    Thanks for this Fantastic Forum, W.J.

  17. “For the Dubs, I would be more confident of beating them than was of Donegal.
    I think we have the men to mark their star players and that we will bully them around the middle .
    If we are on form up top we should win .”

    Steady on!

    Dublin are a much better team than Donegal nowadays (Last August was an absolute freak) and over the past few years are better than ourselves tbh

    If we are on top form we could still very easily lose. I’d go as far as saying it’s in Dublin hands and they should be the ones claiming if they are on top form they’ll win! But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a roaring chance at the same time. Sport isn’t black and white all the time

    But we’re up against it- rightfully underdogs.

  18. After seeing Keane’s ‘strike’ again on the Sunday game the ref was well and truly correct in applying the rule book and he hasn’t a hope of getting off on appeal to be honest

    What in God’s name was he thinking?

  19. Agreed re Keane, ciaran, it was foolish, he had a chance to rewrite some demons there but played into Murphys hands.

    Ya I guess my confidence in beating the dubs stems from us lording midfield, Keegan stiffling Connelly, Brogan being kept quiet by Ger Caff and his sweepers.
    Flynn having Boyler/ Vaughan right up his …. and McCaffrey is going to be made defend whether he is marking Kevin Mc, Doh or DOC .

    Then our inside line is far superior to their defence.

    Any word on Clarkey, hope he is ok as he brings an extra level to the Goalkeeper position .

  20. Dublin are 4/7 on with paddy power. That says it all. We now need the media to go into overdrive on a Dub / Ker final.

    But one thing for sure. Dublin will not be complacent, so we need to be at 100% and hope for a bit of luck and a favourable referee. (I know I’m pushing it, with the referee bit)

  21. Realistically Dublin have to be favourites. Favourites do not always win of course but we are there and the fundamentals are sound.
    Yes Dublin are serious team and respect goes without saying.It will have to be monumental performance to beat them but that is the goal.Then Kerry….one thing for sure we wont get handy All Ireland.

  22. Someone in the Mayo camp needs to give Jimmy McGuinness a call, a two hour conversation between Noel, Pat and Donie Buckley would be no harm at all to help us build a tactical plan to beat the Dubs.

    interesting yesterday that Donegal gave us so much ball, on our shortkickouts we were allowed to get up to the half way line or beyond sometimes with no pressure, this allowed us to pick better passes inside and have more men free. At times it looked like a practice drill, “defend the ball in”. Dublin will target that and defend our kickouts a lot more robustly I think.

    Cillian’s form was a bit of a concern yesterday, he missed some kicks you would normally bank on him getting, and he looked very frustrated with himself at times. His general play around the field was good but I hope to God he isn’t having a bad run of form.

    I think Pat and Noel might come up with a variation of the Barry Moran sweeper system for Dublin but with a change of personnel to someone more mobile. barry was a horses for courses choice with the ariel threat Donegal were going to bring.

    There is grounds for optimism over Dublin, not sure if Jim Gavin has really been tested tactically and I am absolutely delighted to see that the boys on our line have some tactical nous about them. don’t know if it’ll be enough but we’re definitely in the top 3 (after Saturday, the 4 has become 3 in my book, Donegal are gone) and that is a huge credit to all involved. How these boys keep the hunger and keep coming back is beyond me.

    While theres no real point bringing this up now but I will anyway, the county board did make a hames of the manner of this appointment, but in fairness you have to say it looks like it was the right one. Could a fairly untested McStay/McHale combination really have done any better at this stage? Cant see it and Noel and Pat really have to be credited with not radically changing a broken system. while we all ultimately want to win Sam, a loss yesterday would have been very disappointing as we wouldn’t have fulfilled our potential. We are now at least where we deserve to be, what happens next is anyone’s guess but at least we’re back up there.

  23. Fantastic team performance. I suppose it just shows how tactically weak horan was or else just plain naive. And makes you wonder what could have been. Would we have had an all Ireland at this stage? Anyway let’s hope this year is the year. Dubs will be a big test.
    Re the Tyrone match. I wasn’t surprised with some of the decisions with marty duffy in charge and cormac reilly on the line

  24. Dublin are a super team who play football by and large the right way. Our lads have a big task ahead of them but Dublin are not perfect and have weaknesses. They started brilliantly in Championship but momentum is flat where the other 3 semi teams are rising admittedly from long way behind.
    Seems strange to be shouting for cynical Kerry ahead of more cynical Tyrone in the other one. There’s something wrong with the culture in that County which given how many good young teams the produce is a real shame.

  25. A funny rule that,which equates a tap on the cheek above an attempt to choke a player! And as far as the pictures show Mr Murphy was the aggressor…laughable and bizarre!
    D Clarkre …muscle pull in groin, scan will tell a tale.
    The only, one and only Sky Sports in Balla has that game recorded by the way; for those who want a peep through the window……free viewing of such on Mayo GAA banter!!!!

  26. Folks………….don’t forget Mayo has beaten the Dubs in our last two AISF meetings……..and only lost the AIF to them by a single point when our lads worked hard to draw level with 20 mins to go in that game………….this years squad has serious potential for next day out………..respect for the blues, sure…….but no fear…….onwards and upwards !!

  27. Dubs obvious favourites, the more we’re written off the better. If you were given a 1000e free bet you’d have to put it on Dublin. Dublin v Kerry final 😉

  28. Sure Dubs are deservedly favourites but don’t fear them… come up with the game plans, fire the lads up and see what the hell happens. Only 4 teams left and we’re in the mix.
    One player I’d like to see on is Andy whether from start or as first forward sub the guy seems to always do well in big games and has a knack of scoring goals against the Dubs. Bit like Kevin McMenamon against Kerry.

  29. The 16th man needs to be mobilised to full effect from here on in. We need to be very vocal and fully behind the team from start to the finish. Remember James’ comment about the negativity rolling down from the stands.

  30. Twas great to be in Croker on Saturday eve.Fair play to all concerned they did us proud!
    We still have the hardest part of the reek to climb ,the slippery part .This will keep the hype at bay we will be underdogs all the way.
    The Dubs have been the best team in the country for the last few years and will be very hard to beat especially after what happened last year with Donegal.I notice the hype about them is not anything like it was last year.
    Hopefully the management can pull another rabbit out of the hat the next day, not one person on here or anywhere else thought of using Big Barry to stop Murphy in the square.
    Have you noticed how little is being leaked from the camp this year not a word is being said.So far they are doing their talking on the pitch .Keep it up lads just two more wins…*

  31. I think first sub is the best role for Andy, especially if we deploy a sweeper again. Barrett i think wud b best to start as corner forward, drop him back on rock or andrews an let keith do the sweeping. Think we’ll need speed more than height for the dubs. Barry was excellent but maybe he’ll be needed to be in reserve for the first tired midfielder. Great to see Freeman show well in his cameo role, looks like his confidence is back. Another class sub to bring on if legs start to tire.

  32. Dublin will be favourites and deservedly so. We will need to get them reacting to us rather than the other way around.
    Barry might play again but think about it, this time how would they handle him placed on the square?
    Can help on our kickouts long range on the wing.
    Aido brings OCarroll away from goals.
    Someone like Kevin Mc might move back after being picked in the corner.
    It could be time to try Barry in around the square. Who can honestly pick him up from the Dublin panel? They would move Bastick back probably. Id have confidence in SOS and Parsons handling MDMA and Fenton around the middle.
    Barry showed yesterday that he is sharper and more mobile than ever. As a result he can do a job from sweeper to full forward. Wouldnt care if he didnt score as long as he was winning ball and laying it off. Dublin have another weakness in that Cluxton is relatively short. I think it is time to really test Dublin with high ball. They dont in my view have enough tall options to deal with it.

  33. Of course Dublin will have much too much guile and je ne sais quoi for this bunch from down the country. Did nt they prove that in Castlebar during the winter? Wasn’t that the poorest effort by a Mayo team for as long as I care to recall?
    But maybe they they were only ‘ lettin on’ ! My father used to always say after a poor performance “Son, they were pacin themselves” Aye , they were,for years and years it seems!!
    Come On The Dubs!

  34. Anyone notice Connelly out taking to AOS about 5 mins before the goal came? He was clearly pointing at him to get back in towards goal. This game had the gameplan of the new management written all over it.
    Funny to listen to comments from people around me (most clueless) a girl behind me roaring and giving out that Mayo didn’t have enough forwards up front and then that we should be hammering Donegal with 10mins left while we were protecting th e lead and just killing the game. You won’t please everyone in football.

  35. East Cork Exile I don’t think any Donegal “tactical masterplan” beat Dublin to be honest, a Dublin system failure beat Dublin! Had Connolly not missed a sitter they’d have won by well over 10 points. Cest la vie

    We are a good bit better than Donegal as proven so I think we’ve a far better chance v Dub of beating them in a head on contest

    Had a good think about the match last night. I have to conclude Dublin have a better team than in 2013 but I honestly think we have improved ourselves. Cillian is much better now and we have a beast in Full forward- a real threat!

    But for Dublin KK and JMcC are miles better now and Rock & McManaman (likely ff line imo) >>> Andrews & Mannion. Cooper has improved as has Philly Mac. Fenton is a good addition too

    Dublin by a couple of scores I make it but I won’t stop believing! We won’t be without chances. Our defence will be asked a lot of questions so it’ll be fascinating. No way Cluxton will be hitting his kickouts anywhere near our midfield so I’m not sure we’ll even get a chance get a foothold here

  36. Marty K in fairness 2006 was almost a decade ago (no starter from then will start for either team bar Keith Higgins) and in 2012 Dublin were awful, Laois should have beaten them in quarter. We’re playing a miles better Dublin team than those years, however we are a better side ourselves!

  37. Yes Steve i spotted Conneally with him arm around O’Shea that time before the goal.
    He had been wandering out the field a good bit before that and fair play he went straight back in and the rest is history.
    Then when we got to 8 points up O’Shea was shoring up the defence.The lad seems to have matured into a fine team player this year.We have the best T E A M ie.unit of players playing as a whole for the greater good that i have ever seen in this county!

  38. Well done to Lee Keegan, keep up the good work! All the talk had been that our half-backs would be minding the house more but at times Lee and Donal Vaughan popped up in very advanced positions which was great to see as this probably caught Donegal a bit off guard as well, while other players were left to shore up the defence.

    I make it that we have now used 24 players in our three games so far. Two goal-keepers, 10 backs, 3 mid-fielders and 9 forwards. Thats great to see and will add to the morale in the camp. The mantra is that the management trust all of the players in the 26 man match-day squad and the players brought on have repaid this faith shown in them.

    In relation to tactics, the management team get 10 out of 10 for their performance on the side-line. Everything went well for them. In saying that every game is different. I remember last year in the All-Ireland club semi-final, Castlebar Mitchels managed by Pat Holmes got everything right against Dr. Crokes from Kerry, all of their tactical plans worked out. Then in the All-Ireland final Diarmuid Connelly ran riot in the second-half for St. Vincents and again all the talk was why were Castlebar so naive in defence. So that should be a warning for us. Some days the management are geniuses and other days they are not. So its one game at a time for us. Dublin have plenty of headaches ahead to try and make plans for us so roll on the next game!

  39. my audio only lasts for 3 seconds are others encountering this problem???
    can you sort this wj – please!
    its monday

  40. HopeSpringsEternal, i believe Tom Cunniffe was matched up against Mossy Quinn that day and kept him relatively quiet as far as I recall – I don’t believe Mitchells had another defender available of the appropriate quality that would have been able to keep Connolly quiet, hence his ability to run riot that day.

    I also believe from speaking to someone involved with Vincents that Connolly was put out that Mitchells put Cunniffe on Quinn as opposed to himself – that may have spurred him on a little more, but that’s a bit of hearsay.

    Richie Feeney also got a black card in the first 5 minutes – that won’t have had much of a bearing on the result but lads may have been a bit less eager to put in certain tackles after that.

    I would defer to Willie Joe himself or those involved with Mitchells for a better commentary on that particular game and the quality of players however.

  41. With Dublin now firmly in our sights, IMO there are 5 absolute certainties in the manner in which they will set up. (1) B Brogan will play full forward – despite Ger having more than broke even marking him in the past, Brogan’s return from playing at no. 14 against Mayo has been very rewarding for them and them will not change that now. (2) The 2 best half back lines will be pitted against each other but I expect O’Sullivan with his speed, agility and bravery to be their only option to double mark AOS every time we attach with most likely Paul Flynn spending considerably time dropping back into their half back line. (3) D Connelly is an exceptional footballer, I have watched him many times for club and county and Dublin are either 20% a better or a worse team with him on form or off form. He has only 2 small weaknesses as I see it, firstly if he is kept out of a match for the first 20 minutes he does not seem to switch it on automatically and secondly he has a tendency to switch switch off chasing back on occasion when his marker breaks at speed on the counter attack (4) Cluxton will continue to play precisely the same manner in which he has done for the last few years varying his kicks from very short, to wing forwards coming at pace to long on occasion – the notion that he will now exclusively kick long only is nonsense (5) Finally their main artillery is speed and I expect that their plan for us is simply to break out even faster, quicker and slicker.

    Right, with all the nerves that were around last week, it will be hard to make contact with the keyboard over the next 3 weeks so I better post this comment now! Up Mayo.

  42. hueyandlouis, i agree with you to a point. What i am saying is, as everyone is now saying, Tyrone are making it part of their game, all over the field. It is almost part of their heritage now. Of course there are players who cross the line all over the country, but this is a systemic team thing. They were saying last night that it is a terrible example to give to children, who will always copy the players.
    As for O’Donoghue, he is diving, i saw that. That makes him a bollix. I wonder what Kerry folk will think of that.
    centrefield, why keep harping about Donaghy?? Just because he’s big and tough and helped to beat us doesn’t make him a source for scorn. In his younger days he was a class footballer, one every county would love to have. Give it a rest!!!

  43. I am well aware this has been debated at length but that does not take away from the fact that it was a scandal that two wtr finals were exclusive on sky.Not everyone can go to a match and especially on a Sat but to deny supporters the right to watch the match or force them ho go to a pub is scandalous.Clearly the grassroots and the old in particular do not matter.I have relatives in nursing homes without sky and they were denied this little comfort.Padraig Duffy can defend it all he likes it is a shocking betrayal of loyal g.a.a supporters.

  44. Mammoth task ahead …anyone spot pat holmes smirking when asked to explain the defensive plan ?? Gave a very vague explanation and finished with “easy really “…boom!!

  45. Just an observation, like my one in the league, second half, against Donegal. Everybody is talking about sweepers, etc; etc. I would throw in the mix that it is more of a defensive system than just having sweepers. In the league i noticed that Vaughan was going forward, stopped in his tracks, looked around him at the others and stayed there. That said to me : a system:!!

  46. Mitchell’s beat Corofin, Brigids and Crokes, 3 games on the trot to reach the AI Final-that’s one hell of an accomplishment. To say they punched above their weight would be an understatement

    If I recall correctly, the talk at the time was that Richie Feeney would be man marking Connolly if Reilly/Durcan (I can remember which) couldn’t handle him.

    Obviously the black card put an end to that plan.

    All things being equal, Mitchels were still in that game entering the final quarter, but without Feeney they just couldn’t pull it out

  47. hueyandlouis agree with you 100 per cent. The game at the weekend was surely the first example where two big rural footballing counties were involved in a proper high profile game where peoples access to sky would be limited especially as you say especially for the older generation. Ive no problem with Sky and itsgreat that it makes it easier for those living further afield to watch the games live but even say half a hour delayed coverage or a re-run on terrestrial tv immediately after the game would be some sort of a solution. It goes absolutely against everything GAA should be about.

  48. @ FDBinashui and Whitey, I didn’t really mean my post to be a criticism of Mitchells, far from it, it was more so a comment on how some days tactics work out perfectly and other days they don’t. When the tactics work well the management are seen as geniuses and when they don’t they are seen as naive, when in reality its somewhere in between. In fairness to Noel and Pat so far that have got all of the big calls right with Mayo and thats what you want to see and all you can ask for really, that the majority of the big calls are got right. As you were saying FDBinashui, in that game if Tom Cunniffe had marked Diarmuid Connolly out of the game and Mossy Quinn did all of the damage, everyone would have said why did Tom not mark Mossy Quinn! Its hard to win sometimes for management. Yes the black card for Richie Feeney was a real sickner both for himself and for Mitchells. Again it was that bit of luck going against a Mayo team in Croke Park in a final. If it had been Diarmuid Connolly who had got a black card and not Richie, then who knows how that game would have gone.

  49. hueyandlouis, we are on the same wavelength here. I put a stinker of a post up last week about Sky and the GAA; saying just what you said. I can’t find it…:
    Not one here commented”!!!!.
    I think nobody, but nobody, gives a shite. As long as people are happy themselves, no other poor eejit matters,
    It sickens me to the core; people in the middle of the country; people in towns, houses with no Sky; no transport; sick people; old people. Those were the people who built the GAA. Without them there would be no GAA today: This is the thanks they get and nobody gives a shite. Someone said, “it”s too late, it’s a done deal for another year”.. Well ok, then it can be changed, Where are all the delegates, where are all the objections??? A shower of miserable, selfish fuckers!!!

  50. The Sky deal is done and dusted, and was debated to death last year. That’s why most people don’t see the point in starting it up again. That ship has sailed… at least until the current deal runs out.

  51. Alana – that’s because it is only 3 seconds long! I put up a tweet just after to say I’d screwed it up and wouldn’t be redoing it as I had no time. I’m aware it’s Monday – and I’m on holidays.

  52. Pk was Horan tactically weak when we whacked Donegal in 2013 beat dubs in 2012 beat Cork twice in quarter finals etc etc I thought he was the manager who gave us respectability and made us competitive and so on. Now I am absolutely delighted with Pat and Noel so far and would give anything to see them manage Mayo to win Sam but I think I will wait a little while (hopefully only 7 weeks) before I will canonise them as tactical geniuses. In the meantime I will give credit to JH for making us into the force we are and hope that Pat and Noel can take us over the last few hurdles.

  53. Eternal….no offense taken re Mitchells, but for folks to judge Pat Holmes tactical awareness on that one game is flawed to say the least.

    Richie had won Mayo Senior Club Player that year and is (in my opinion) tailor made for a man marking job on a guy like Connolly. They might still have lost, but Connolly would have had his work cut out for him

  54. Joe Mc, I agree entirely with you. The GAA authorities have a lot to answer for and I. for one, will be awaiting any talk of a new sky deal with interest.

  55. Willie Joe , I cant understand that response at all , surely if you are on holidays you have more time to do us up an aul podcast there , its Monday!

    🙂 🙂 😉

    I know it is against most people here but personally I am fully behind the SKY deal. Viewers saw qualifier games this year that RTE would never have shown in a million years and would have given 2 minutes to on the Sunday game. It’s not just about Mayo people.

    Mayo people will see potentially 4 of their 5 matches on free TV and countless people have SKY across the county.

    SKYs coverage is so far ahead of RTEs that it is like watching the old footage of that mayo sligo game from the seventies and then watching our game against Kerry last year. light years in the difference between canavans analysis and spillanes donkey talk. Licence payers are being screwed by these jokers.

    The GAA were able to bail out our own county board after the mess they made in Castlebar, The GAA has a duty to optimise its revenues.

    I hear the argument about the old people but lets be clear, they get treated well by the state , we are not at the SKY vouchers stage yet though.

    My mother had to listen in on the radio, she will be back enjoying Marty and Brolly in 3 weeks , it would be worse if we had lost.

  56. The H&C connection deserve praise for the we setup on Saturday, fair play to them.

    I think there will be hype around the county with the build up for the 30th. Although, most of us expected to beat Donegal, our mindset should not change. Let’s do the talking on the pitch, Dublin are the favourites, let the pressure rest on their shoulders while we quietly go about our business.

  57. Tubberman, surely now is the time to bring it up, before it’s a done deal again. When that time comes without current action, it will too late once more, signed on the dotted line!!! Anybody cares???

  58. Pat & Noel got things bang on the last night and deserve full credit for it. In all the years watching Mayo, think that was the first game I could truly say Mayo were using their smarts and were working to a pre-determined plan set for the team they were playing. Yes I know when you win, all your calls are good ones, but lets give the lads the benefit of the doubt. People are talking about mayo’s inability to hammer home in the last 20, but I was way more impressed and happy with the change in the shape of the team which resulted in us holding not less than an 8 point lead for the final quarter – if there was one wish any Mayo fan would have has before this game / this season – it would have been this.

    I was of JH’s biggest fans and that team would not be where they are if not for him taking them to the highest level a mayo team has been in my opinion in terms of conditioning, commitment, team etic and expectation. Indeed he has taken the whole state of Mayo football from being a county of nice footballers who could match any of the big teams on a one-off high-octane match to re-shaping the senior set-up at least to be consistently within the elite group and hopefully this is a foundation for the future, not just this team. But maybe he was too rigid in sticking with Plan A when maybe an adjustment was required in some of the big matches we lost. But time will tell whether the lads are any better in this respect when the real heat is on.

    But that was the Donegal match – the lads will need to be equally astute the next day – lets trust they will.
    But for the life of me I cant understand how the last day the sweeper set-up with Barry and Boyle worked so well and now some are saying play a different sweeper or play Barry in full forward!! Jaysus, you get something bang on and people want to change it! If we are to deploy a sweeper in any of our coming games, whoever we are playing, then it should be Barry. Pure stupid to start trying someone else – why on earth would you do that?

    On Dublin – are they really the super top team of these past few years that everyone seems to claim? Yes they have two all Irelands, but in my opinion I think they were fortunate enough to win both of them, particularly v Kerry. I think the fact that they can hammer minnows better than anyone else gives them a gloss that is a superficial one. Not saying that they are not a top, top team, but not as good as people make out. Credit where its due, McGuinness absolutely out-foxed Galvin last year and Dublin were themselves found wanting big time tactically.

    I actually think they are not as good as they were 2013 and we appear to be somewhat better. Certainly some of their big names are struggling for form big-time this year – Flynn, MDMC, McMen and even Brogan until the last day. O’Gara is a massive loss to them, they have lost a big option to their game when he is out. Think trying to get players into form when you are hammering minnows is not great preparation.

    If we get our tactics right and can adapt smartly as the game evolves, it’s a 50/50 game. Our experience and momentum from Saturday leaves us certainly in a better place preparation wise than the Dubs ?

  59. Roger Milla, Wow, wow. No answer to that. As i said, nobody cares. For you to dismiss older people like that, shows your caring side!!! As a matter of interest, why cannot Sky share the quarter finals with RTE. We then would have the “genius” of Sky and the ‘crap”of RTE.

    You say, “I hear the argument about the old people but lets be clear, they get treated well by the state , we are not at the SKY vouchers stage yet though. ”

    Do you really mean that statement? As a 74 years person, i was never as insulted in my life…. I am gobsmacked at your reading of older people.. For me to really comment, Willie Joe would ban me for life. You’re not worth that!!!

  60. Now Now Joe mc, you should play the ball and not the man. if you met me you would think very differently about me , I assure you.

    I see you took absolutely no notice of my comments about the difference between SKY and RTE or about the revenues.

    The thing is Joe , loads of people do care, in fact the treatment of the older people is the biggest argument against the SKY deal.

    I offered a different analysis. It doesn’t agree with yours. That’s what sites like this are for.

  61. I don’t always agree with you but I’m 100% with you on this one. The deal with Sky has annoyed a lot of people I know but few of them would have access to social media to express their views. This has to change when the present contract runs out.

  62. Diehard, I think Tubberman is correct in what he says that the lobbying would need to start long before the renewal itself.

    Personally I would be sorry to see SKY no longer carry GAA but I can see I am in the minority.

  63. Ah the Sky deal is a joke in fairness (not their coverage) – I really don’t understand what the GAA signed up for if not for the greed of cash.

    My mom is one of the biggest gaa fans I know – not the typical type – she doesnt go to matches and indeed has no interest in going. She is actually from another county. What she loves though about the GAA is how it brings friends and family together, be it in the home or going to matches, and indeed it does this in our family as much as family ocassions. But alas, she did not see the game the last night – again I cant understand who this deal is actually benifiting?

    Put it another way, as big as a Mayo fan that I am…..I honestly dont feel justified to get a Sky package as I’d be at the mayo games anyway. What would I get? A handful of half meaningful matches a year? Its not like its a 50-60 game premiership competition. I actually went out of my way only once last year to watch a game – Dubs v Monaghan and indeed I left the pub before the end as the Dubs had killed the game. If the GAA are trying to promote their games, if someone like me wont even go out of my way, well they are missing out on pretty much all non-GAA people with the SKY deal.

    Having said all that, Sky coverage and analysis is much better that RTE – whatever influence the GAA have on RTE they need to get them to sort themselves out and provide a proper and modern games coverage

  64. Mayo top scorers from play in 2014 and 2015 championship games (excluding NY) is as follows

    COC 2-15
    AOS 5-5
    Jason Doherty 1-14
    Andy Moran 1-10
    KMcL 0-9

    If one excludes AOS unbelievable exploits against Sligo I think there are two stand out things for me. Firstly, the extent to which I feel (maybe wrongly) JD is under rated by not just the media but even Mayo fans. He is up there with COC who is regarded by many as the rare species that is the ‘marquee’ forward. Secondly how important it will be to start Andy Moran and get as much you Mayo can out of him. His 1-10 came from a fraction of the game time of the others and almost always in trying circustances…the 2 points that knicked it agasint Ros last year, 1-1 against Kerry in Limerick, 2 against Donegal. If the Mayo v Dublin match is a shoot out – which I think Mayo would be well advised to try and negate/avoid but it may not be in their nature – then Moran should start….i know there is lies, damned lies and then there are statistics but Moran will give you 2-3 points from play in every 50 mins he plays. Its a big call to leave that on the bench until 10 or 15 mins to go when much less likely to give you a return like this.

    appreciate its a moneyball argument but that in itself is something to consider!

  65. Any word on injuries?. If Cunniffe is still injured Chris Barrett will start leaving Harrison and Durkan the only 2 subs we have for the backs (from saturdays 26). What other backs were not named as subs on saturday is it just Drake and Coen or is Coen injured as well?

  66. I wouldn’t worry too much about the backs. Boyle can fill in at corner back and there’s plenty of cover for the half backs with Durcan and Kev Mc.

  67. I always liked Harrison. Very comfortable on the ball and can drive forward. I know he has played very little, but he is a good back-up to have in FB line given that Keane will unlikely be available for next match.

  68. Well done Leeroy.. an exceptional individual display that formed part of an overall stellar team performance. Firstly on the Tyrone Monaghan game I counted a total of 47 pigeons over at our corner of the field where they stayed undisturbed for most of the game, hypnotic really.. the football that is, not the pigeons.. the less said about the football the better, awful stuff.
    The most thing I am still delighted about today is the selection by management.. More often than not people on here will guess the structure of the team b4 an up and coming game and be right.. We put combinations together to see what others think and throw in a wild card or two.. it was debated about the high ball into defence and in fairness a few suggested bringing a midfielder back into this role.. but we got more than that.. We got support under the high ball when needed, sweeper duties when needed, long kick out defensive midfielding.. we got defensive solidity.. but most importantly we got the right set-up for that particular game and no one for certain saw it coming. And that’s the best thing, Dublin won’t have a scooby doo how we’re gonna set up next day out.. who we will play, where they will play.. will we go ultra defensive and try to Donegal them.. they have had a year to learn that lesson.. or do we go all out attack.. A cold winters evening in McHale park earlier this year brings back bad memories. What ever is decided we have three things in our favour..1)If AOS plays full forward they will have to double mark him 2) we have a better midfield 3) we won’t be cluxed by Cluxton again.. We know all his moves so I vote we frighten the shite out him let’s put big bird in beside him ?

  69. Coen is still injured as far as I know Done Deal, based on a comment from one of the players in last week’s’ papers (I think it was Keith Higgins but I couldn’t say for certain).

    I wouldn’t panic just yet about Cunniffe, three weeks is a long time though hamstring injuries can be dodgy. If we’ve lost both him and Kevin Keane it does leave us a bit light at he back should (God forbid) we lose anyone else. I can’t see Kevin Keane’s red card being overturned and being honest, while I do have some sympathy for his hotheaded reaction (it’s the redhead in me) I’m not convinced it should be.

    Wonder if (hypothetically) there would be a recall of some of our other defenders to the panel? Shane McHale springs to mind …

  70. Cantini,
    With regard to your remarks about Jason Doc and Andy I couldn’t agree more. You are spot on.
    In Jason’s case your facts speak for themselves.
    I’ll champion Andy’s case in any company. In my lifetime ( supporting Mayo since the 60s) we have not produced a more honest footballer. He is your proto-type team player..unselfish, brave and determined. And, as you rightly point out, his scores are got during limited game time. He’s also a man for the big game and, importantly, a leader. He must feature on Aug 30 for some segment of the game. We’ll leave it to Noel/Pat to decide when that should be… Early to set us off in the right direction or later to freshen things up.

  71. Roger Milla – agree broadly with you on Sky.

    However, it is irritating that we can’t see a replay of the match. Why can’t RTE show Q/F matches in delayed relay, like they did/do with big rugby matches?

    Or, does anyone know where one can get the full match at this stage????

  72. Let ye be takin it easy there now on the Sky question. It’s a business world we re in and that’s that. Sky has the dosh and therefore the necessary class to produce fairly good stuff. RTE, well they do their best. Regard ‘ The wild Atlantic way’ show. It certainly would nt encourage me to go traipsing up or down along the coast and all RTE stuffs like that…an attempt….usually apeing BBC cept in a limpey sort of way.
    As regards the football if u want to keep someone outa your house you do all u can to shut it up well in the first place. There ll be times too when you ll find the best defence is attack so off you go just make sure it’s the right time. Time too when you ll take a rest and times when you ll reconsider strategies. It’s all in the game and that’s what makes it worthwhile.
    Dublin ball is going to be coming in along the three usual routes
    1…high into square
    2….thro hands up the field from the back
    3….long smart punts to expectant runners .
    And variations of the three…nb!
    I don’t know of any other options and three of the four remaining teams favour this play. Ty is the exception! The team that goes thro that procedure most efficiently will be the winner on the day.
    To put names on the leading lights in this show is easy enough . To counteract is not but once u know what’s goin on you ll have taken note.
    Brogan will be expecting his usual spot on service…nice long high ball,nice bit of space, nice turn , nice score!! He’s great at this when there s no one beside him interfering with his thoughts. If he doesn’t catch he can knock it off to the flyers coming in. That bring so I see nothing wrong with B Morsn being there to contest and hassle and just be present. The presence of a bit more green and red around there will give him more than the jitters. When they re not gettin their own way u know what happens ! We saw it last year gainst Dong. System was in state of shock.
    High ball therefore well covered their options are stymied and that puts spanners in the works.
    Those runners , often starting with Mc caff on a Ciaran says:
    August 10, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    ball have to b dealt with. Big deal this for any team. Doh and Mc l vital in this department with the half backs. Close hard clean marking , no falling just a lot more of what we think we re pretty good at.
    As regards those nice long kicks forward , well it simple and difficult at the same time. First they have to get hthe feckin thing and then they have to have the freedom to discharge that nice kick in tune to the roars from the hill . The onus is on our men to be there to interfere with the procedure!!
    We all can see something of the picture unfolding on the day but I think there’s two bits of the puzzle been filled in since last we met the Dubs . B Morans face can b an one bit while the other piece has two faces on it… P Holmes and N Connelly. And no doubt one will notice the big wide open acres that have blue jerseys first into for Cluxton ball. Recall last time big grown mayo men, nearly crying standing up roaring and shouting and pointing to these acres in front of them. I hope there ll be no more tears of anguish spilled on that score next time!

  73. As stated last week…felt Donegal game would highlight difference of management of P&N and JH – and it did just that!….very astute management and team selection from P&N. Modern game requires massive action from the sideline and tactical awareness. Very happy with maturity and progress ( not discounting that JH got us to this level but to win Sam you need IMO a squad of players selected to suit the scenario). Happy out this Monday;-)

  74. In betweenne r which mc are you talking about jack or James there too much hype with jack mccaffery I would be wary James mc he fast d o c has to stop him

  75. Both Horan and Galvin developed a similar style of play over recent years, a high line, high tempo running game designed to overload and overwhelm any defensive weakness. This can lead to huge scores if the opposition fails to match the tempo and workrate or leaves defensive holes unplugged, and IMO, is a greater cause of the increasing margins of victory than the perceived growing gap between the elite and the rest.
    The high line and the “overload” generating runs from deep deliberately leave large gaps in defense, so if the opposition can get sufficient quality possession they will be able to run up a big score themselves. (I believe) Horan’s point about losing in Limerick was that we lost because Kerry won a lot more possession than we did around the middle, and not because of defensive failures. Dontfoul’s analysis of the game tends to back this up.
    One flaw with this strategy is if we stop pressing with the same intensity and/or try (subconsciously or otherwise) defend a lead, the opposition can get a lot of scores very quickly.
    However, the really big problem is of course, if there are NO defensive flaws or gaps (i.e. a high tempo, hard working, coherent blanket defense), which is where both Mayo and Dublin have struggled.
    I believe the reason the 2013 final panned out as it did was because both Dublin and Mayo effectively canceled each other out (who knows better how to counter a system than the people playing against it every day in training matches), so we were down to small skill differences to separate us (i.e. Brogan, MDMC). I think if we go to-to-toe again, the same result will ensue. Which brings me (finally!) to the point…
    The only proven way to beet this Dublin team is:
    1. Press high on Cluxton’s kickouts to force them into contestable log balls
    2. Create effective defensive structure that stymies Dublin’s running game, & break fast from deep when ball turned over.

    2013 AIF excepted, we have repeatedly shown ourselves to be capable of the first. With the improved kick passing, AOS’s ball winning capability at full forward, and what we showed on Saturday, I think we are now capable of the second as well.

    Better finishing and a different structure will of course be required, but if the mgt can get the tactics and matchups right i think we are in with a great chance!!

  76. He maybe but I still think he is overrated cause of his pace I have James McCarthy ahead of him James has an all star mccaffery has none.

  77. McCarthy is better in general I agree, and I do think McCaffrey’s pace does get an ott fawning, but in fairness he has been very good this year, granted not up against much

    Probably 4 of the 5 best wing backs in Ireland clashing in this one (mcglynn the other)- on form

  78. Obviously hindsight is a wonderful thing but on reflection I think it was the wrong call to put KK on Michael Murphy even if it was supposed to be for only a couple of minutes in the closing plays of the game. Unfortunately the nightmare of 2012 will always stick in the recesses of Kevin’s mind and, no matter how deep those memories are suppressed, any kind of verbals from Murphy were always likely to strike a very raw nerve. I know Kevin should not have reacted in the way he did bit the chance of being provoked was always going yo be high. Brendan Harrison might have been a better option in hindsight.

  79. I was never a firm believer in bringing on players in the full back line for the sake of it either. Even if the game was practically over

    I’d have much preferred a Conroy or a Regan to get a decent run out in the forwards and let them tag on a score or two. We had already used Barrett and Paddy D as defensive subs

    Interestingly, Horan didn’t deem Keane good enough to come on for us at HT in the final of 2013. While he’s improved since I really couldn’t see him matching up well to any of those Dubs forwards to be honest bar an O’Gara maybe, who’s injured.

    In a strange way it might be a weird Blessing in disguise in that it’ll surely be a lesson to all our lads not to ever retaliate in such a stupid way. In all honesty we can do without Keane but we certainly cannot do without an AOS, Cillian, Higgins etc

  80. Is there anywhere to watch the match back? Either a link or recording or a venue willing to show it on Sky on demand/catchup?
    Any help appreciated, thanks!!

  81. I think that P&N will keep the Dubs (and all of us) guessing for as long as possible by naming the same staying 15 again for the semi.
    How we’ll actually start will be another matter. I expect that there will be yet another main course, specially cooked up for the Dubs, ready to be served up hot at 3.30pm on 30th Sept.

    C’mon Mayo.

    Keep her lit!

  82. I presume Kenneth O’Malley is back in the squad now to cover for Clarke. I said at the time he and a few others were let go that it was, in my opinion, a mistake. After all it is only two years ago that both O’Malley and Clarke were out injured and Hennelly and Brendan Walsh had to be brought in. And we were very lucky that Hennelly was at home and available. I only saw Brendan Walsh a couple of times and against Corofin last year, I think, he looked rather nervous and was very wayward with his kickouts.

    Regard tactics against Dublin the main issue is not sweepers but preventing Cluxton from placing short kickouts to his defenders to work the ball upfield which is his and Dublin’s farourite tactic. If he has to go long his accuracy will decrease and our midfield will be well equal to theirs. He will, though, not be kicking long ball to suit high fielders but rather ball on to the chests of running players. If we employ a sweeper it means that they will have an extra man in their defence to pick up those short kickouts. Mayo employed that tactic two years ago in Croker in the league match and it resulted in Cluxton getting very frustrated and kicking out at one of our players and getting a red card.

  83. Great to be back in another SF – 5 in a row.
    Was delighted with what was primarily a
    TEAM WIN. Heart, spirit and passion.
    Before game I had thought we needed to bring something new – a more defensive Shape to our time that would stifle the opposition.
    And we did. And how great it was to see.
    But a massive challenge awaits against a team
    who when at their peak can destroy you.
    So let’s defer on judgement just yet and not get too carried away.
    Horan got us to 2 finals, yes, and we lost.
    We’re not there this time yet.
    I hope we can be talking in the same positive voice reg C + H after next game, but far too early for comparisons between them and JH.
    I will be thrilled if they show the same tactical nous again, the next day.
    We will have to consider the effectiveness of a sweeper system, like last day as opposed to the high pressure game on Cluxton kickouts.
    Above all, whatever way it’s achieved, we need to deny Dubs possession and turn over ball at every opportunity.
    This will frustrate them.
    Stick it to Steo and annoy the shite outa him.
    It may be good for the diaspora abroad to see games they wouldn’t otherwise see, but couldn’t it have been arranged that both SKY AND RTE show some of these games?
    So many people don’t have SKY and it’s an insult to them, after all the years of watching games on “terrestrial” tv, to be told now they have to buy SKY to see them.
    For a few oul games??
    And a whole pile of theatrical diving and overpaid brats that the Premiership has become.
    And I loved soccer growing up!

  84. make you wonder what Horan was thinking not having a plan for Donaghy in Limerick. It was well signposted and not that complicated. Very basic stuff (i think).

  85. congrats on win against Donegal,just wondering are ye mayo fans any bit concerned that the 6 mayo forwards only managed to score 1 9 against the Donegal backs where magee was taken off hurt and lacey was only about 30%fit.lee keegan is unlikely to score 1 2 against Dublin when he be up against Connelly or Flynn.

  86. Think the plan was to clean out midfield and they wouldn’t get a chance supply him. What happened was we got wiped out in this sector sadly

    We really should have had a plan B though, especially with a week’s warning

  87. My first comments on the game…
    Agree with the MoM but could easily have made a case of AOS and/or Tom Parsons.

    I thought Lee’s goal was somewhat lucky, Durcan was off his line just enough and the ball took a nasty (thankfully) dip once it cleared his outstretched glove and into the corner. Great stuff, for we usually are the ones on the end of such “wondrous” goals!

    Aidan’s goal was top drawer stuff…and for me, considering the opposition, the goal of the season so far!

    Tom Parsons played like a champion, he commanded the middle of the field and ads a completely new and unexpected threat for Dublin to handle.

    By the 10th minute of the match, I was fairly confident we’d win this, but for some reason I was still uneasy up until Lee’s goal went in. Reflecting on why, I think this was because of a a very unorthodox game plan, executed flawlessly by Mayo. We all knew going into the match that we had to shore up the FB line and not leave them isolated so as not to allow goals! The fact that we played an unconventional Mayo game and that the team executed it flawlessly suggested a well planned and rehearsed approach to this game. For example, the way Barry repeatedly trotted out to center field for Durcans kick-outs (because we took the short option away) contested the kick-out and then like clock-work, retreated to the edge of the square to assist Ger with Murphy. I was really impressed with the discipline he, Caff and Boyler showed. I think it was drilled into them…NO GOALS ALLOWED!

    Now, there’s plenty to work on for sure. Some of the balls dropped into Durcans hands yesterday were poor for this level. Cillian had an off day with accuracy by his standards but we were still very comfortable throughout. Dublin are a completely different animal but he will be up for that. He will relish the challenge.

    Anyway, a very satisfying win, but more impressed with the strategy employed by coaches and how the players remained disciplined and executed on the game plan.
    I don’t think they could have done it much better.

  88. Roger Milla
    I am shocked at your attitude.Old people built the GAA and many played it.These were quarter finals …big games and many many people just did not see it.And you think that is fair.
    I just despair.Plus we could not even tape it and many of us like to rewatch and analyse it.
    You have always been an interesting poster and I like reading your posts but I think you are way off on this one.Of course you are right to have your views but I think it is a dreadful money grabbing decision that needs reversing.

  89. Facetheball, no disrespect – but it really IS time
    to forget about Donaghey and Limerick!
    Done. Dusted.
    Learn from it (last sat??)
    And look forward.

  90. hueyandlouis, was it really that much of an ordeal?

    If someone couldn’t make it to Croke Park, then why not head down to their local and watch it? Who knows, they might have had some fun.

    Also, how is it ‘money grabbing’? Sky are paying the GAA practically the same amount of money that TV3 did. At least with Sky, our games are being viewed by a larger audience.

    Jesus, the way some people go on about the Sky Deal is way over the top.

  91. Ciaran, your comments over the last few days have started to annoy me, and now you are insulting a county senior player, I think you should keep you comments to yourself. For a guy who didn’t think we would beat donegal and now don’t think we will beat dublin, what is it with you???

  92. I have no issues with the Sky deal, but maybe I’d feel differently if I was at home. I do feel for the older folks though…vast majority cant afford Sky and therefore don’t have it.
    But the GAA is looking to expand its revenue and Sky were willing to pay more. I pay a subscription service (GAA GO ) and its no cheap, but I’m fortunate!
    Like I said, I do feel for the folks who don’t have it, including my ‘ould fella.

    Now, back to the games, Kerry and Tyrone will be a classic dog fight…there’s obviously history between them and both dislike each other intensely.

  93. It’s about the fact that people have
    watched these games all their lives
    and now u want to say to them
    sure pop down pub there and watch
    I think they have the right to watch in their own homes
    What about older people who might not be able to make it down pub “for a bit of fun”.

    What about maybe all the people who may not be able to head to pub cause of old age or not well enough?
    Is it feck them?
    Is that it?
    What if it’s ur father, mother, uncle?
    Maybe I’m missing something here,

  94. Nah, I never said ‘feck them’ but obviously they don’t have a right to watch it in their homes, if they did, the Sky deal wouldn’t exist, would it?

    What’s so bad about going down to the pub to watch it either? It would help the local economy and it would be good for some to get out of the house for a few hours. Failing that, surely they know someone who has Sky. It’s not as scarce as you’re making out. I know plenty of people who have it, my parents included. Failing that, it’s on Midwest and available online.

    Also, Setanta have the rights to a lot of league games, Setanta is not a free to view station. Where’s the outcry there? It only seems to be the ‘big games’ the toys get thrown out of the pram for.

  95. Didn’t say u did say “feck them”
    But saying. “they don’t have a right to watch it in their own homes”…
    Well that’s akin to saying “fek them”

  96. How I watched the replay was a brother who was in US paid for it 15€ I think. He arrived Sunday back so I watched the replay on his subscription which covered playback.

    Problem is it won’t play back in Ireland so yer Internet needs to go through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to make the system think you’re in UK, US or somewhere foreign for it to stream.
    He already had VPN set up but it was bit slow so as soon as it started to play I switched the VPN setting off and it sped up and kept playing.
    Ye’ll need to find a relative or friend living abroad who subscribed to this type of service and probably your resident technology savvy nephew or niece, son daughter or cousin into streaming from Internet to get it working.

  97. Think deploying big Barry at the back should not be necessary unless Connolly pushes further forward than usual.
    Thats not to say Barry should not play. Per JP’s comment above , put him forward beside AOS and frighten the sheet out o the dubs !.
    Think that would really unsettle their backs and Cluxton too. Maybe mess up his kick out too. When upset he makes mistakes.
    That would really put them on the back foot….

  98. Look our preformance on Sat was A1 however I would have serious concerns over Kevin Keane. He could and more than likely would have featured against the dubs and now cant,,, and now it is vital we wrap Ger caff in cotton wool or we will be beatan.WE HAVE NO OTHER BIG FULL BACK

    A Tyrone Player would never be stupid enough to throw a fist at the end of a game, we as a team lack brains and common sence. I tought we had this problem solved in my seat in croke park sunday when we had retreated to kill the game out in which we succeeded you cant do that keane im sorry HE IS A HUGE LOSS.

  99. ok I understand now Ken Kennedy.I didnt really think there was anybody who would object to.old people and indeed young people watching games ..quarter finals…the national game in their own home after paying 160 euro licence fee for it.And sure all the nursing homes and hospitals and entire families can decanp to the pub.
    Yes I understand how this agreement was reached now.
    I will say no more but it was a pity every Mayo person could not see Aidans goal on Saturday.

  100. KL I think you miss East Cork Exile’s point made by about Barry’s selection being horses for courses. Admittedly he really put himself on the line for the team but selection is about match ups and picking one player over another is very fine margins.
    Only Higgins, Leroy, Aido, Boyler, Kevin Mc, Cillian and Parsons are guaranteed selection though some others like Doherty and Diarmaid have now made themselves very hard to drop. SOS played his most tactically aware game the last day and we’ll need MDMc doing the running into blind alleys rather than Seamie the next day.
    Dublin trained for the blanket this year with basketball coach so man to man the way only Mayo can do is probably better.

    As regards Barry at FF, a workmate and I had that very discussion earlier today as they’ll be planning for Aido who could do plenty of damage at 11 so why be predictable. Barry is our highest fielder. A smaller faster sweeper could be more appropriate. Kerry won by being most adaptable team last year and this year they’re letting e.g. Stephen O Brien do the damage first half against Kildare when game wasn’t over but you can expect the unexpected from them in every game.

  101. People would have had the right to watch the quarter finals on free-to-air – it was on the recommended list but Pat Rabbitte decided to keep the status quo as all the rugby bucks were going mental.

  102. @cait

    Don’t put too much stock in all stars. Diarmad conolly had none until last November….u telling me he wasn’t one the best around long before taking that accolade? Caffrey is major threat. Dublins equivalent of Keegan…in the modern game pace is a massive plus so wouldn’t agree with ur point there either.

  103. Regarding Brogan, not sure he’ll play FF but his 2-2 in 2013 was not a fault of Caff who played him very well bar first goal which was 50% his responsibility, one Brogan point was snapshot from a pinball style comedy of errors clearing a ball which we should’ve controlled and 2nd goal emanated from out the field… his 2nd point was a very good shot from way out the field whether Caff should follow out that far is debatable.
    However I feel Brogan is in better form this year than 2013, longer free from injury. If he plays corner Keith should man mark him, if FF Caff with sweeper as he’s their most potent forward. Lads should be coming back from HF as soon as Dublin get the ball so our HB’S can sweep.

  104. @ Whitey, your grand, no worries. I suppose the point I was trying to make was, if you look at the Monaghan manager, Malachy O’Rourke, in the Ulster final all of his tactics worked perfectly but in the Tyrone match, the opposite was the case, nothing worked for him. So the lesson for us at the moment is to take one game at a time.

    Noel & Pat and the backroom team have done super so far. They have done all that could be asked of them. To have given 24 players game time so far is great to see. We have seen Andy Moran, Alan Freeman and Mark Ronaldson come on and get crucial scores for us. We have also seen Barry Moran, Robbie, Chris Barrett, Alan Dillon, Brendan Harrison and Patrick Durkan slot in excellently. This bodes very well for the games ahead, it is great to see subs making an instant impact when they come on, it’s a sign of a great team spirit.

  105. hueyandlouis thanks for that, we can certainly agree to disagree on this one.
    this emotive stuff about family members etc is very understandable , as I said in my post my own mother couldn’t watch the game. she tuned into mid west.

    I know WJ our Hausmeister here is completely against the SKY deal but the advent of GAAGO and the increased exposure in the UK and in Australia has been a massive boost to the games.

    I am sure this circle can be squared , tubberman had a good idea about delayed coverage or something like that.

    but also perhaps the GAA will discontinue the deal. personally I would be sorry about that. although it would mean david brady back on TV3 , more brady!

  106. hope Clarke will be ok for Dublin.

    Any word on the injury? think its a groin strain.

    I think he is the safer option to Robbie and Bernard brogan will fear him from 2012

    How serious was cunniffes injury?

    I genuinely believe we can take the Dubs

  107. The Sky debate is a non-issue. 70% of homes in Ireland now have some form of pay TV service. The GAA has to stay in the commercial world if it is to survive – it is competing against professional sports. In truth RTE has made huge effort to improve its coverage since Sky came into the arena – thats what competition does. Sky punditry with Canavan and McGuiness is refreshing throw back to real analysis without the theatrics of Brolly and co. I see Cusack is now trying to emulate them in the hurling.

    Its not 20 years since you couldn’t even see a connacht final live – amazing how quickly people forget. You always get these anecdotes about old men not being able to watch it. Where are the neighbours who do have Sky sports that wouldn’t bring them in for a cup of tea. I find it hard to believe that in this day and age anyone that really wants to see a game can’t. Of course you will always be able to find 1 or 2 edge case anecdotes but an entire organisation/sport/industry or whatever can’t be run solely to cater for edge cases…community however can ensure the edge cases are looked after.

  108. @RogaMilla
    Can you explain why the GAA need ‘exposure abroad’? Is it that Joey Barton can watch hurling, tweet about it and the GAA feel good about itself?
    GAA will always be an indigenous Irish game(s) with the games played abroad in Irish communities – what more do the GAA want? Half of the Asia playing it? Well if thats what they want, they better go a different way about it. A biteen of a deal with Sky, where great champions like Kilkenny are watched by less that 20k, is not going to get this exposure. And the line that it was intended for the Irish abroad to be able to watch games – everyone knows that before the Sky deal, any decent Irish Bar would have a set-up to show the matches.
    I love gaelic games with a passion, but the GAA do my head in with their greed and disrespect for both players and fans sometimes. When it comes to money, they operate like a poor mans FIFA 🙁

  109. cantini
    This was a qtr final…one of the three boggest games of the year.
    In fact very few houses in the West of Ireland have Sky Sports or hospitals or Nursing homes.The GAA is about community not business and they do not need the money bow do they.
    Also I have no.problem with Sky or GAA go showing it as long as ordinary people can see it too.
    It is not a ‘non issue’ for those who.did not get to see it .
    Thats my final.view on it.Ver sad state of affairs.

  110. @Cantini
    Yeah commercial world and all that, but the GAA is a bit different in that its a purely Irish Sport. Its not a Sky deal that the GAA need to survive, its sorting out their competitions once and for all to make it what it says on the tin, be a proper ‘competition’. They have a situation where less that 45k turn up to an AI Hurling Semi Final between probably the greatest hurling team ever vs a team hoping to make the break-through. They need to do a root-cause analysis of this and sort out their real problems. Probably the fact that KK ad to play 3 games (Wexford, Galway and Waterford) to get to a final, which is a joke, is one reason. A situation where 1 team play all their championship games in the same ground is not fair competition in any ones argument. But its done to maximize revenue. Money, money, money….well in time it will be the ruination of the games where cash is a priority over fair competition……every time

  111. Someone earlier wondered about donal vaughan and his purpose on the team? He works very hard and covers alot of ground. He hassles and troubles opposition everywhere, every game. For me, a great player, a very dependable and commited player.
    And about adding danny kirby at some stage up front? Why not? Between league and championship people here argued the need for the spine of the team to be big men and having aiden upfront and barry at the back has been very successful.
    Can anyone say exactly what the position of jason gibbons, kirby and douglas is? Injured or available?
    And finally, about that seven tonne bronze statue of himself on the top of the reek….surely we could get together and make it outta gold, right? Just a thought!

  112. There’s an awful lot of dismility anguish and pain among the fans over the non availability of that game. Surely there must be nervous pubs around the place that have recordings retained. Would nt be a big job to organise something! Who wants to see it ? Hands up!!

  113. At this stage of the championship, if you have real ambitions of success, you must bring something new and innovative to each game, something that your opponent would not have seen coming. It can be a tactical switch, a surprise selection or whatever management deem necessary but, I believe, you must have something new to put your opposite number thinking about your team, rather than his own. Think young Podge Collins for Clare hurlers two years ago. Selected out of the blue to start the All Ireland final, scores a hat-trick and skips off home with a winners medal in his poca. That takes balls for a manager to do though, assuming that he has the player with the talent and, more importantly, the character needed to carry it through. Think Peter Canavan starting the All Ireland Final, being subbed off, and then subbed back on again to see Tyrone home. This innovative, “outside the box” thinking is required at this stage of the competition because the margins between success and failure are so tight and the gap between the top 3 or 4 teams is so close.
    Last Saturday was the first time in a long while that a Mayo side had a “surprise” in it, that didn’t involve A.N. Other lining up because someone failed a morning fitness test!. Up to Saturday, our line-up and style of play would have been very predictable. It would have been easy for an opposition manager to guess our team and therefore devise his strategy to counter us. Now, opposition managers will have to think a little more deeply about how to handle us. We have have our own “Podge Collins” being held in reserve, an unknown quantity at this level but a talented player nonetheless. If we can find a way past Dublin then a rematch between Kerry and Evan Regan could very much be on the cards. Thankfully the hype around the lad has abated, but he was named on the bench on Saturday and is returning to full fitness with each passing week. I’m not saying for one minute that our hopes hang on him, but, it is another variable that Noel & Pat have up their sleeve and that cannot be a bad thing.

  114. Haha be annoyed as you want castlebarred behind your computer screen like a good lad but I’ll say what I think, and we’ll leave it up to WJ to determine what should and shouldn’t be said on the site

    Don’t get up on some high horse just because we won and you predicted it. Everyone has a right to call matches as they see it, and lest we forget we’re underdogs against the Dubs so it’s hardly crime of the century backing against us in that one

    I’m not going to get into an argument with someone throwing digs behind an anonymous username but I insulted absolutely no-one and you’re well out of order with that one.

    Now jog on and take your OTT preciousness with you

  115. @KL

    I was at the hurling on Sunday and as a nuetral I can tell you what was very obvious and that was that i was in a very very small minority. The crowd was made up of entirely Waterford and Kilkenny fans, i’d say neutrals didn’t make up 1% of the crowd….and as sad as it may sound i think the simple reason for that is Kilkenny. People just expect to see same again….and Sunday proved they were right again. It is obviously ridiculous to criticise Kilkenny for this but there is a genuine boredom factor there that will not go away until more counties can really compete with them.

    Take Dublin v Mayo in the football and it will be a sell out with probably 20% of the crowd made up of neutrals (if they can get tickets!) because everyone is expecting an enthralling match with the result too hard to call.

  116. I have only now read Kieran Shannons article in The Examiner. He’s saying exactly as I was 🙂 🙂
    If I had read his article first I would not have posted the one above! He’ll be after me for copyright.

  117. Summary of how the Dubs are thinking on their blog….


    They’re bricking about midfield and MDMA form but some believe he can come good. Fenton a rookie but hasn’t let them down yet.
    They agree with us that Bastic only has 35 or 40 minutes in him, and he’s also mentioned as sweeper. Connolly, they feel doesn’t play well with Keegan marking, some think swap with Flynn or play him inside and others suggest keep Leroy busy defending.
    Some regard 4 of our backs as journeymen.
    Split on whether to put sweeper in to help ROC or trust he can deal with a big man but more worried he’ll get dragged out to wings (guess they think size an issue when he’s outta the danger zone). They really had the idea of ROC dragged out the field.
    Worried about P Mcmahon being too attacking as a CB and maybe replacing him with Small.
    May move Cian O Sullivan out to midfield or may deploy him to help ROC (if we use a big FF and if Small plays).
    Similar mix of optimism to pessimism as our site.
    Many are more worried about Leroy than Aido.
    Some think their forward subs are not great this year with the statistics to back it up.
    A few think Flynn is below par this year (but my comment on this is even a below par PF is a good player)
    Debate on Brogan marked by Caf or someone else and they note that Caff did fairly well on him in 2013 despite being given MOM for scores. Comment that Rock there more for frees though some rate him.

  118. Pebblesmeller

    Good points but I think you mean Shane O Donnell.Definitely agree with thrust of your article.
    Mick Byrne could make a fortune Regina!

  119. 3 things I remember from the AI defeat to Dublin in 2013
    1. Cluxton’s kickouts. Mayo did push up on them aggresively but they were so accurate and so rehearsed I don’t think we won a single Sub kickout in the 2nd half. Open to correction on that.
    2. Connolly and Flynn blocked (fouled) every attempt by Keegan and Vaughan to break from half back. Keegan had some success but Vaughan, who had been brilliant up to the AIF, was totally taken out of the game. Expect more of the same and worse in the AI SF
    3. The problems Keith Higgins caused for Dublin the the first half. I would seriously consider re-deploying Higgins in the same CF role on Aug 30. It would totally through a curve-ball to the Dub defence expecting an avalanche of high balls to AOS

  120. Agree with a lot of the credit going to Noel&Pat for setting the team up correctly and the players for executing it brilliantly.

    A few points on it though:

    1) I don’t think this group would have been capable enough to do something like that in ’11 or ’12. Horan came in and instilled so much in this group of players: S&C, mental toughness, skills, trust in each other and a style of football. Players like AOS, SOS, Cillian, Boyler, JDoc are so much better than they were then. Look at how Monaghan faltered the last day because of poor execution of skills (tackling, hand passing, holding onto ball) under pressure. It reminded me slightly of ourselves in the final of ’12, just not good enough.

    2) Horan era probably peaked in ’13, our style was established and high pressing truly ingrained (unlike ’12), skills, body and mind strong, nearly everything went to plan (except for a soft goal in the 2nd half). I will agree that last year the tweak that should have made in terms of defending the high ball in (or having a plan B for it); but we doubled down on the pressing game.

    3) It’s not possible to come up with a dependable plan B or big variation in style in a week. I couldn’t criticise Horan in retrospect for Limerick, anything else would’ve been a Hail Mary shot. What is good to see is that Noel&Pat have obviously been working on the system we say the last day throughout the winter and spring. Read McGuinness’ column on implementing a style from a few weeks back.

    4) Dublin are a different beast to Donegal or Kerry. Less high ball, quicker ball, more running game, more space in defensive, more reliance on their kickouts. We have to see a different system again for them, probably closer to a Horan style. High pressing, force them to kick long, have someone with mobility on MDMA and Flynn (Cluxton killed us in ’13 by hitting Flynn on the run to the sideline with AOS or SOS trying to keep up), no Big Barry as sweeper.

  121. Ciaran (or whatever your name is),

    Thanks for your response, its content and tone a clear indication why I posed the question with regard to your motives in the first place.
    Maybe you didn’t insult anyone and maybe in your glass half empty world a negative comment is a positive! Would the player himself consider your comments insulting?
    Anyway enjoy your right to make your predictions and the contradictory after the fact comments.
    But, in my opinion, “In all honesty we can do without (Keane) your comments but we certainly cannot do without (an AOS, Cillian, Higgins etc), the comments from the other intelligent contributors!

    Míle buíochas,


  122. I have a recording of the full match on Sky + but from what I can see it is not possible to upload the recording to a usb or dvd. I would if it was possible but the sky box appears to be encrypted so such action can not take place. Any whiz kids with a jailbreak idea and I will try it.

  123. This is great craic lads… My computer was being upgraded so i missed a lot of the fun and Roger, you can breathe again. 😉
    I will state clearly and a couple of *******s on here might get their heads out of where their eyes are blocked and read this carefully…..

    Personally, i think Sky is a good idea!!!!! It does open up a new vista for those abroad.. Have ye got that????

    Now, my grievance is the treatment of those who cannot see it, thousands and thousands of them, through no fault of their own, and to those morons, who say they can go to the pub etc; etc, lovely boys!!!
    My solution, let RTE have the main matches as well!! So simple, everyone happy. I will now have a chocolate bun.. End of!!

  124. @cantini

    Your stats on scores from open play are interesting and as you say shows how scandalously under-rated Jason Doc is. However I think you forgot at least one of our biggest scorers from play, Lee Keegan.

    He’s scored 3-6 from play in 14/15 champ, not including NY. That has him level with J Doc in 3rd.

    Anne Marie from what I’ve heard of Shane McHale’s injury, he’ll do well to play football at any level again unfortunately.

  125. Willie Joe a few times people have come on here wondering how they could support the team financially.

    We can do it now with the Players Lotto.

    Could I be so bold as to suggest that we have a type of “Blog Telathon” here on a day before the Dublin game where everybody logging on the day is encouraged to play the lotto for a fiver?

    Your viewing figures are phenomenal so you can imagine the potential revenue streams available to the lads to cross the finish line. Anybody have any other ideas.

  126. @ Steve,

    It can be done. You need to have a DVD recorder and a scart lead to connect from the TV out on the sky box and connect to the video in on DVD recorder. It has to be done in real time, start playing the match and hit record on the DVD. Your sky will be out of action while playing. Need to use DVD R+ I think is the best discs.

  127. Castlebarred

    The reason for my “tone” is I was blindly accused of something i didn’t do (or certainly didn’t intend to do- I understand writing can be hard to fully gather tone from, as looks clearly the case in my original post)

    I’ve met Kevin Keane a good few times in Sligo (had a mate in college there who was in his course, used to go up to him for nights out). Awful sound lad, great time for him. However, I don’t think the team will miss him the next day out and if anyone finds that an insult, then so be it. Considering he didn’t start the last day I thought it’d be true, no? I’d actually look at it as more praising the team as a whole for the amount of squad depth we’ve built up. It wasn’t a dig at him at all. I also don’t think we’ll miss David Clarke if he’s out- as Hennelly is such a good replacement. If WJ thinks I’m out of order then I’ll apologise and retract it, but I’m not going to change my ways to suit random posters

    I couldn’t be less glass half empty if I tried. If you read my posts throughout this site you’ll notice I’m always fully in support of the team and often find myself sticking up for them after they get pillared by some. With everyone getting understandably giddy during these recent times, I try to bring my own objective view to proceedings. I know that the traffic increases during championship and that a lot more posts brings a lot more diversity and maybe my posts are only standing out now

    the problem with the internet is it’s very easy to misinterpret tone overall though

    If predicting against us is automatically being negative though, then I don’t know what to say tbh. It’s ridiculous thinking- to put it frank

    Even this site would be much more boring if every comment was just 100% full of praise and only positive comments. diverse comments are great (as long as they’re not OTT negative- WJ keeps it well in check in this regard though). If you are uncomfortable with negative comments, only want to see the good stuff, then I’m not sure online discussion fora are your thing. You’ll get all sorts of opinion here

    Anyhow if you don’t like my posts, no hassle ignore them, life’s too short to be getting ‘annoyed’ over musings by a random guy on the internet. If they cross any line they’ll be pulled up on undoubtedly, which is perfectly fair enough

    Now I’m leaving it at that anyhow, no hard feelings anyway, we’re all Mayo fans.

  128. All – just a gentle caution if I may on the tone of some recent comments. I’m not going to name names or cite any particular examples but I’d just appeal to everyone to refrain from responding and/or making reference to others (specifically or generally) in an offensive or confrontational way. I don’t want to start citing people at a time when we should all be on the happy gas but, holidays or not, I may have to if this trend continues. Thanks in advance for your understanding and, I hope, co-operation.

  129. I’ve only just read back my initial post to Castlebarred and it crosses the ‘confrontational’ line in my view and I’d like to apologise for it. I thought you were having a go and got a little annoyed which did translate into my post as I can see, however I didn’t mean it to come out like that and it’s only reading back now I can see the error of my ways. it’s a bit embarrassing tbh!

    Honestly, zero hard feelings, it’s a time for celebrations now!

    But I accept responsibility and apologies to those offended.

  130. @GBXI

    Well spotted on Keegan – shows I didn’t even consider looking beyond the half forward line…jaysus that is some going for a wing back alright. I’d be surprised if many people knew that before now.

  131. Was it last year keegan scored every game in the league? He had some ridiculous stat anyway

    Some player

  132. I am going off topic but im really angry about it, a so called supporter page Mayo GAA Banter Page put this us up on Facebook:
    How do mayo beat the dubs:
    We use O Shea. Dublin have weaknesses in the back line.
    How do Dublin beat mayo:
    High ball in to whoever Cafferkey is marking.
    That pretty much sums up 3 weeks from now! -SC.

    It absolutely disgraceful for to be them saying that where he will almost certainly see.
    They also blame him than in the comments for losing 2013, the year he won a fecking all star!

    For the last 11 months Cafferky has been condemned for essentially failing to single handily stop Donaghy, probably the most effective target man in the last decade, Keane was being called for to replace him, not putting him down but in fairness he got his chance to prove himself in croker and managed to get sent off in less than 2 minutes, something Cafferky has never done. I mean for feck shake hes an all star full back and this is how he is treated by so called supporters. If these people hate him so much i suggest they should stay at home. (And to be clear i dont know Caff personally)

  133. You are tight to be mad , Tom , thats pisspoor form from a forum which as per its title should portray positives aspects as regards supporting this Mayo team.

  134. Tom I saw that and commented myself in defence of Caff.I was surprised mysel by their stance .I was a little disappointed.

  135. Ciaran – no need to apologise, I wasn’t singling you out and I really don’t want to get into naming names either. It was just a general plea for everyone to pull in their horns just a bit so that I can relax more this week. And smile, thinking thoughts about 2-13 to 0-11!

  136. hueyandlouis,

    Thanks for the correction. I didn’t do my research very well, lazy journalism!

  137. We’re so fortunate to have Kevin and Ger on our team, two of the best full backs in the country. They will learn from their mistakes as all players do.

  138. I think we all know that, up to last Saturday, our full back line was purposely left exposed and therefore, particularly in the modern game, the full back is always going to be under pressure. Horans belief was that we push up on the ball carrier and ensure that the delivery of ball from out the field in to the target man was inaccurate. This is a form of defense and is based on the statistical proof that you are more than twice as likely to score from a turnover in the middle third of the field as you are from creating your own chances in general play. Therefore the idea was to win it out the field and increase your own chances of scoring. The downside to that tactic, and there are downsides to every tactic ever developed, is that the opposition only need to get 2 or 3 deliveries spot-on and the chances of conceding a goal greatly increase.
    It is unfair and inaccurate to solely blame Cafferkey for the goals conceded in the ’12 & ’13 finals. Donegal and Dublin targeted the “downside” to our tactic and they benefited from it. The same full back (Cafferkey) marked an equally feared target man (Murphy) and restricted him to 3 points from play. The difference this time was the choice of defensive tactic used. Proof, if anymore were needed, that a tight, cohesive and properly functioning defense is built on shape, tactics and discipline. Not one man on his own.

  139. Agreed 100% Pebblesmeller and while I have admittedly felt nervous over the past year watching Ger under the high ball there isn’t a full back in the country who has consistently been left exposed as he has been and he has shouldered a lot of the blame unfairly. I really hope those days are over.

    Unfortunately the days of half-witted idiots on the intermet criticising people whose boots they wouldn’t be fit to tie will probably never be over.

  140. I think the adjustments made to protect the FB were effective against Donegal. Dublin on the other hand are a different animal and can hurt us in many different ways. I think Ger had a good game against Donegal as did the entire FB line, but if turned he’s caught for pace and under a high ball he’s often beaten at cortical times.
    And lets not forget, he gifted Dublin their first score in the 2013 final, when they couldn’t buy a score. Many players make mistakes but its when they make them that really matter. Unfortunately, a FB is often singled out, for that role is key..when two finely balanced teams play, one mistake could be decisive(ala McGee last weekend)…and the game is gone….just sayin’..

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