Lee Keegan our MOTM from yesterday

Leeroy's the man

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The votes are in and counted and the result is a decisive one. Just as he did in his mano a mano with Seán Cavanagh yesterday, Lee Keegan was in charge of this one right from the throw-in and he won it decisively. He claims the Man of the Match award with 45% of the poll.

Lee’s performance yesterday was simply a masterclass from one of the finest players in the game right now. But it wasn’t the only strong showing within the Green and Red ranks and the support in the poll for Aidan O’Shea and Brendan Harrison (both on 11% of the vote), Cillian O’Connor (9%), David Clarke (8%) and Seamus O’Shea (6%) reflects this.

Well done to all of them, to the whole team, management and supporters too. Take a bow the whole lot of you! Onwards and upwards we go.

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  1. Just watched Sunday game to hear tomas o shea describe keegans performance as epic..Enough said..He was a warrior yesterday..

  2. Well done lee unbelievable performance from all the players but lee was outstanding hope they keep it up now for Tipperary up mayo

  3. But then he goes on to state that this could be made for Mayo to go all the way and I start to dream again..ffs

  4. O`Shea also said we need to keep the focus! Dont want to be ambushed next day

    do we?

  5. Some performance by keegan must be on the way to a fourth all star bit early I know but some baller if he gets a fourth is that a record for a Mayo player?

  6. Scored two great points.. just when we needed them… great player and servant to Mayo football

  7. The guys at the fringes of the team are going to have to start stepping up. Its the same dozen or so guys that are carrying this team every year. Then when things go wrong the likes of O’Shea, O’Connor get blamed

  8. Lee’s first point a lovely ‘nod’ to the brilliant match winner against the Dubs by CMcD back in 2006…….Exact same left footed bomb from the left side of pitch on the run…a beauty !

  9. Brendan Harrison, one of theach great finds this year. Fantastic game – really growing in to his position. With a couple more displays like this, he will in with a shout for an All Star!

  10. Well done to Lee.

    That podcast WJ put up is well worth a listen. The overall sense from it is that we just got over the line, but Tyrone sure as hell will be kicking themselves with their numerous missed opportunities at the end. 3 terrible wides. Jesus we did our best to throw it away in those last 5/6 mins.

    David Brady was spot on to remind us of Fermanagh in 04 and we all know how tight that was. Tomás O’Sé described Tipp as dangerous.

    You would hope as supporters that we’ve been thru too many horrible moments to take any team for granted and particularly at semi final stage.

    Our team and supporters learned its lesson about ‘complacency’ v Galway.

    More importantly you would expect that this bunch of Mayo players won’t want to be remembered as a team that lost a third All Ireland Semi Final in 3 years.

    As the mantra goes, ‘semi finals are for winning’. Time to win one now.

  11. Lee Keegan was immense the last day. He’s the best man marker in the game right now and seems to relish the big occasion. He showed massive leadership when it mattered. One of my all-time favourites to wear the green and red.

    We had leaders all over the pitch in this match though. Cillian and Aidan standing up to be counted, Brendan Harrison put in a great effort and David Clarke making a couple of great saves and intelligent interventions. Kevin McLoughlin did very well too the last day. He is growing into his new role more and more with every match. Not to mention the great showing from the sideline who got this just right.

  12. Sideline did well but Diarmuid prob needed to be relieved of his duties earlier. The lad will literally not stop but he couldn’t even jog.

    Hopefully he is OK the next day.

    Important we remember that it was just one game. Remember holmes & Connelly were lauded after the QF last year and we all know how that panned out.

    We sure as hell needed that kind of battling performance though but still plenty to improve on. Both defensively (ie: falling asleep for their goal chance) and allowing 31 attempts on our goal (granted some were frees) and up front.

    Very vague there Jungle Bunny…

  13. Jungle bunny, something tells me the player your reffering to must have knocked you on your hole in a few club matches, or maybe took your place for the ted webb cup a few years ago??. You seem to have a pretty clear agenda to turn people against this mystery player. At least have the balls to name him, while hiding behind your keyboard.

  14. Jungle bunny when this unnamed player did go off how much did we score.zero plus we lost our shape completely.
    We were so lucky not to throw this game away but we didn’t and think that will stand to us.
    Best team performance and togetherness I have witnessed from a Mayo team in years,good things on the way.
    Paddy durcan proved me wrong the man is made croke Parke well done paddy.

  15. Great win from the lads good performance a lot to work to do so we need not get carried away Tipperary are a treat and if no giving the right approach yea can see what can happen I know it’s hard been a mayo fan but if anyone wants to go back and see the posts from last week it was negative and now we’re in an all Ireland so we need to find the middle ground and take it game by game Tipperary need the respect they deserve

  16. well done Lee epic performance just about sums it up. Won’t be easy against Tipperary but we are a lot further down the road than them and if we tear into them from the start and not get complacent we should do it

  17. Is it true that the GAA are planning on not opening the top tier for the semi vs Tipp? Read yesterday that GAA are only expecting a crowd of under 40k.

  18. What a player and what a performance …abs worthy of any plaudits that come his way. It’s one of the joys of life to see someone at the tip of what they’re about and that applies to all spheres! Well done Lee and may you be an all time inspiration.

  19. Massive performance from Leeroy. He seems to thrive on pressure and always steps up when needed.

    Notable mentions for Aidan O’Shea, Cillian O’Connor, Seamie O’Shea and Brendan Harrison. Some huge games from these guys and all moving into some serious form.

  20. Willie Joe ,
    the name jungle bunny is completely racist term and should not be on this site, please delete the user and all references to his name unless we want to receive some unwanted traffic here.

    either the lad knows this or is a complete idiot

  21. Jungle Bunny – having reviewed your post from last night, which went up too late last night for me to look at properly, I’ve decided to delete it.

    First off, as has been pointed out by someone else (thanks Roger) the handle you’re using is an outdated racist one and I’m not going to allow you post under it here. If you want to post here, then come up with a less offensive one.

    On your comment itself, you don’t name the player you’ve done a hatchet job on but it wouldn’t take a genius to work out who you were talking about. From my seat in the stand, I saw none of our lads showing any lack of effort in the pressure-cooker environment they were operating in and I can’t allow you make any insinuation – which you haven’t back up with any specifics – to that effect.

    If you do plan to post again, please read the house rules about what’s acceptable and what isn’t (they’re here) and please bear in mind that this is a site created for Mayo SUPPORTERS. Thanks.

  22. You’re absolutely right, Roger – the comment shouldn’t have gone up and the handle used is unacceptable. I’ve deleted it now – thanks for the heads-up.

  23. Fair play to Lee Did a brilliant job on Cavanagh and then hit 2 points. Just as well he did as I think we only got 3 points in last 30 plus mins including injury time. Cillian got a free and Keegan scored 2 That’s a concern and to be honest we created little either. No goal chances and few wides. The amazing thing is that when you go through the team I thought a few were excellent and about 13 played well. Also subs did ok. In contrast a smaller number of Tyrone players played up to standard. But tyrone will be kicking themselves (though they d probably miss) for having lost. They had lots of good chances. Thought management did well, but after we beat Donegal in QF last year Pat and Noel were getting great praise as well. Need to keep defensive shape v Tipp and not get dragged into a shootout. They hit 1 15 v Waterford, 3 15 v cork 2 10 v Kerry 1 21 v derry and 3 13 v Galway That’s not bad shooting and before anyone asks who did they play, their opposition are a bit more impressive than the teams we played. Having said that they also concede quite a bit. So we need to defend well, which we have been doing and be smart up front. If we do that we should be ok

  24. Interesting to note the players who stepped up the last day…ones we were waiting for as it were,and players coming from different places…the more mature prob realising that this is it,while Durkan COS etc are coming of age! We can be looking forward to more of this with time. Parsons/CoS/Barrett/Regan nicely sifted into the fray to good affect as well.Rochford and co are showing their quality also at a good time. DB btw will have a rethink about the issue or maybe he might like to have a talk with someone about it.The new game as pointed out features the mangmt highly. One time you hardly knew who was the manager and I don’t remember what his title was.Reminds me of the refs of old… you forgot about him cept for the throw ins. the bits of paper and the final whistle. Nowadays he’s a major player God help him and most often seems not to be up to the task. However, in all fairness his job is probably beyond him given the nature of the game he is now dealing with. The game at present ,due to the nec close supervision of the liathroid and the all important focus on possession has become infected with many of the less savoury behaviours of human nature.It doesn’t happen in hurling because the game probably suits our kind more.In other words we cannot be trusted with the guardianship of a large ball. It hangs around for too long in the one place and we all know what comes out of hanging around!!In former times dirty play was easily identified and often was extinguished by someone shouting ‘cut out the dirt…play football’!! Now we needs major repairs unfortunately.
    A number of changes that could be considered might include..
    1…curb the hand pass/encourage the kick.
    2…kickout beyond 40 yds
    3…allow pick up off ground/ chip will still feature/ and a flying scoop as in rugby is more of a skill than what you have (encourages pretence)
    4…take timing + bit of paper off ref.
    5…and I feel the proposed mark wouldn’t be nec in the new set up…in fact is a naive inclusion..daft!
    A game in its structure is a work of art fashioned over long years but what we have is far from it and is an indictment of the messing that’s gone on in recent times by people who propose to know better.

  25. Lee is a warrior and a devil…but he is our devil.
    Tipp are a good footballing team but I except a focused Mayo to beat them.
    As for attendance I reckon a crowd similar to today’s Hurling semi will attend…34,000 are there abouts. Tipp will only bring 1-2000 fans so ww will have the place to ourselves. Pity as Tipp deserve better support but it is a Hurling county I suppose.

  26. This was a huge huge win in so many ways, not just from the obvious perspective of winning a quarter final as underdogs and reminding people that your achievements over the past 5 years deserve a lot more respect than what they were given. To be almost written off in some quarters, and expected to hand over your spot as one of the top teams in the country to Tyrone shows once again why most GAA punditry is so poor. GAA is one of the few areas the bookies still don’t get right consistently and there is some value there still if you are a punter.

    The reason it was so huge was because, given the excellence of the sideline decisions, the players can feel vindicated in their very brave stand last year. This win means they didn’t back the wrong horse, no management team that we have in the past 5 years, and I mean no disrespect to them, appeared capable of making some of the calls these guys have. And, notwithstanding the effort, bravery and no little skill the players showed, the sideline won this game. I don’t recall us being able to say that for quiet some time. And they won it against a man who has been doing this for 14 odd years, has 3 senior all Irelands to his name, numerous provincial crowns and a host of underage all Irelands.
    That means two things to me 1. As I said their decision was vindicated to a certain extent, a loss and they are going to question everything 2. I am not sure if the senior players fully trusted the management team up to this and that had to be dragging them down a little. I don’t know anything about issues inside the camp or any of that, but they were playing with very little joy, When you stand up and make a big decision like you did, it is pretty much the end of the world if you were wrong. Everyone will love to knock you, but more importantly from a players perspective, it means they have potentially sabotaged the thing that they live their lives for. No matter what happens after this, I think Saturday showed that the right choice has been made. Even if we don’t win it this year, with the age profile of the majority of our top players, and the others we have coming through, we will still be dinining at the top table for a few years to come, and I think that is partially the reason why you saw such emotion from them yesterday.
    I think we will now play with more freedom, the players will be a bit easier in their minds knowing that this is not coming to an end anytime soon.
    Some in Tipp will twist the reaction to say that we celebrated like we had won a semi, that we feel we are already through, I don’t believe that, I think what I have mentioned above is the reason, plus there is nothing better than beating a bully, which is what Tyrone tried to do. Crying about what they did, getting involved with it, looking for the GAA to step in “and do something about it” are all nonsense. The only way you get vengeance for that sort of carry on with a bully is dump them out of the championship, and that’s what we did. Tipp should understand that given their experiences in the all Ireland U-21 last year, so they should misinterpret that.
    Huge win, congratulations to all involved. I should acknowledge as well that I was quiet negative on here about our chances. What the feck do I know?

  27. Its great to come on this site most especially after a Mayo victory such as last Saturday. Life is just so much better, we are positive, bright, enthusiastic, united, and eagerly looking forward to our next day when we proudly troop our colours again. All of the praise and tributes paid to players and management are well deserved and please God will keep flowing towards them for the rest of 2016.
    One other mention of praise though – that Mayo News podcast involving yourself Willie Joe is fantastic – love the way it catches the roller coaster of emotions throughout our game, I cannot fathom how you find just enough of composure to do it all and save a little sanity to round it off at home in the attic – I was consigned to the couch by the time and condition that I made it home with child in toe.

  28. Congratulations to Lee. Massive performance on Saturday not only to man mark their mot dangerous player but to kick the 2 winning scores for us as well. Well deserved.

  29. If anyone has a bit of time this morning there’s an article on sportsjoe.ie that would have the hairs standing on the back of your neck..It does however gloss over those last 5 mins that aged every mayo supporter..

  30. No, Boyler is ok to start. A double yellow or a black will see him suspended for one match. Single yellow has no effect.

  31. yes Regina, great article.

    with all the stress & excitement in CP on Saturday, I missed the treatment DOC received in the first 10 minutes (SR referred to it). Does anyone know what happened and was this the reason for his quiet performance? Or is he still recovering from injury. I think it was on Sunday Game that someone said he will unlikely play in the semi…

  32. @East Cork Exile
    That summation of our celebration at the end is about as good a summation as it’s possible to write. The picture of Aiden and Cillian embracing at the end say’s it all. The pressure those lads were under would have crushed a block of iron, sadly the most barbed and targeted criticism originated from within our own county. You’ve also had the courage to admit you were wrong, unlike many posters here.
    I’ve always respected Tyrone, mainly because they managed to do what we couldn’t do, beat Kerry in a final. However, watching them standing over Aiden yesterday, roaring into his face after dispossessing him made my blood boil. Mickey Harte’s “Linda Martin” impersonation of “Why me” in the post match interview was irony personified. While he may not condone sledging, Tyrone, at all grades, club and inter county, is now synonymous with it.
    Finally, Lee Keegan, surely on his way to being Mayo’s first four time All Star. He has done a number on them all now. He gave Lundy such a roasting last year he buggered off to the States and packed in Inter County football. He has nullified Connolly and Cavanagh to such an extent that they have become part of his pocket furniture along with his wallet and phone. Yet he has not picked up the pantomime villain tag that traditionally comes with such achievements. He just flashes that rogues grin and off he goes, patting his arse pocket and telling whichever unfortunate had the bad luck of being his target that day to hush down and stop crying.
    Maigh Eo Abú

  33. The win V Tyrone on Saturday was epic, and probably the most important win we have had in croker for a variety of reasons, as in we had to fight in the trenches. It was a real dog fight and one they certainty deserved to win (although they were lucky to hold on in the end). Management team got it tactically spot on. Its now good to see we can change game plans accordingly to deal with opposition.

    While we played well, I still dont think we have hit the highs as yet of what we can do. To date in the qualifiers we have just done enough in each game to cross the line. Without been disrespectful to Tipperary, I dont think we need to bring our A game to that match to win. On paper we shouldn’t have to. Then we are ina final against Dublin or Kerry. I know everyone will be thinking for me to stop talking about finals etc. But we need to believe the team should beat Tipp, if we are to have realistic plans of winning the All-Ireland.

    Interesting to note, Tyrone beat Mayo in Q/f by a point in 08 to eventually go on and win the Final.

    We have now beaten Tyrone at the same stage by a point also………….
    2016 so far is the year of the underdog

  34. I didnt want to post on Saturday or Sunday until watching the game again and what can you say they did it yet again, stood up, manned up and fought a massive battle against a very good solid team.

    Our lads showed all their experience and hunger and were inventive, thinking on there feet, fought hard as ever and yet calm an absolute credit,the lads and management are.

    I love how flexible Rochie is as regards tactics , I was discussing with a few the possibility of not needing a traditional fullback and this was taken as sacrilegious we need a traditional man beast at fullback but Rochford really does the horses for courses act and starting Dillion for the accurate passes inbetween the double sweeper was genus as well as his useage of Keegan, Aidan, Cillian and Tom Parsons.
    Infact all the subs were perfectly timed and added additional emphastise.

    The plaudits to Aidan, Boyler, Leeroy, Seamie, Clarke, Cillian and Andy are all well dished out at this stage and rightly so but in watching back the game again the performance of Patrick Durcan has to be highlighted .
    I always like the cut of Durkan and referred to him as a Peadar Gardiner MK2 in that he was a skillfull super fast flying scoring wingback but hadnt realised how smart and street wise he actually is .
    He put in a tenacious battle , never backed for anyone and won alot of dirty ball but also used his head so wisely, the knock down to Kevin Mc, his interplay creating runs off the shoulder great performance .

    I did see a bit of the Diarmuid attention but feel his role was to be more restricted anyhow in that Dillon was chief distributor , he won alot of primary short kickouts and accurately passed to Dillon and co before holding the house .
    I dont think he was 100% as we all know if he was 100% the minute he kicked the ball to Dillon he would be up the other end to receive the ball once more .
    Either way he played a bit role got alot of attention and hopefuly he should be fit in two weeks time.

    As regards the Tipp game I think Conor O Se has firmly put his hand up for inclusion and Jason Doh done well the last day but maybe Conor can give us a new dimension .
    Tom Parsons for Dillon would be another possible move, that or play Vaughan at 6 and maybe tell Boyler sit this one out as too much of a risk if we loose the little general for the Final (if we get there but we should be confident and forthright that we are as good as anyone in the country and this is our year, we know what we have to do its just about performance on the day)
    Chrissy Barrett to is edging for a start so plenty of competition and plenty of options which as ever is great .

  35. Well done Leroy!.

    Speaking of ‘a man for the big occasion’ reminds me of a commentary by Paddy O’Hara on UTV years ago when Derry were playing Donegal in an Ulster semi final. Dermot McNicholl was coming on as a sub and Paddy remarked: “he’s a man for the big occasion, and they don’t come much bigger than an Ulster semi final”.

  36. Re team selection for Tipp game. Mayo wont line out like they did on Saturday. Keane will be back at fb, parsons will prob be back in with Vaughan stepping down. Id expect Regan to be back also. I would say it will be the team in last saturdays programme with Parsons playing.

  37. Just a wee addendum, it has now been proven without a shadow of a doubt that Mickey Harte is a whingeing gobshite of the highest order, I watched the first half battle between Keegan and Cavanagh and was utterly convinced that the big Tyrone man was the aggressor and he DEFINITELY gave the 1st dig to Keegan at the start of the 2nd half, the bould Mickey has tunnel vision as regards his own team and I have yet to see him take defeat graciously………… Onwards and Upwards for the lads in Green and Red, Hon Mayo !

  38. Am I reading correctly that the Mayo club championship will go ahead the week after the Tipp match?
    Fair enough if they lose – but if they win is this not madness?!
    I know the club player gets a raw deal and all that but club games three weeks before a POTENTIAL final is lunacy.

  39. Frannie Moran
    On the ball there. I watched Lee Keegan and Sean Cavanagh walk towards their starting positions and there’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever as to who was the instigator of the flare up. The Tyrone man did as his manager and his county expected of him. Only problem was Lee hadn’t read the script and was having none of it.

    Micky Harte’s post match whinging in relation to this incident was only marginally less ironic than the cacophony of booing of disapproval when Mayo players started to pass the ball laterally and backwards from the supporters of one of the two Ulster teams who invented and patented this activity

  40. The confusion about Colm Boyle and yellow cards is baffling. I can never understand how “fans” don’t understand the simple rules.

    A black card or a two yellow card sending off will rule Boyle out of a game because he has 2 sendings off that way this year already. 3 strikes and you get a suspension.

    he can pick up one yellow card in his next 100 games and he will never face suspension. When the game is over that yellow is wiped.

    If we beat Tipp I’m sure that the club fixtures will be looked at again. mind you whoever wins has 4 weeks until the final.

  41. Yes Frannie Moran, Cavanagh did barrel into Keegan after halftime and got paid back with interest. I remember thinking at the time that he was trying to get Keegan onto a yellow ( or better still a red if Keegan reacted in the wrong way ) to limit his scope in the second half but it backfired when he and not Keegan picked up the second yellow. Fellows like Cavanagh are always protesting their innocence and have this holier than thou kind of aura about them and the media feed into this bullshit.

    Tyrone have fine footballers but this sledging shit should really be stamped out of the game.The Tyrone fuulback was at it all day and there’s a great picture in the Irish Times today of Seamie carrying a ball past St Sean Cavanagh and Cavanagh roaring some obscenity or other at him.

    This bullshit has no place on a football field and there should be a clear GAA policy to rid the game of this Nordie crap.

  42. Reading over on the GAA board and a lot of other county posters (particularly Tyrones) are pointing the finger at Lee Keegan and accusing him of being dirty etc and deliberately targetting Sean Cavanagh.

    I don’t have an account but it would be more in Mayo fans lines there if rather than agreeing or shying away from these accusations and statements they would defend one of our star players a bit more. One thing I see from Dublin supporters, Tyrone supporters, Rossies etc is they all defend their own vociferously.

    And I wouldn’t mind but Lee wasnt even the real instigator here by all account and is not a dirty player per say like Philly, Johnny Cooper, McNamee, McMahon and others

    What is he is is a supremely tough competitor and a man who will not be bullied out of a job he is supposed to do.

  43. It was a bit of a bizarre match from one point of view in that we had several players played really well or played well and yet we only came out with a one point margin. Someone referenced similar earlier in this thread.
    One player on the Tyrone side who really helped stem the tide for them was Niall Sludden. He is a real operator on the ball. Also those last ten minutes were a bit freakish. If we had to really push for it I think we could have stretched out to a 16-13 type win.
    Would it be fair to say we still counter attack a bit slow. It seemed to be deliberate. I just feel that allows the defence to reset. By contrast Tyrone did seem to get down into our half much quicker. Have to watch the match back, these tactical battles nearly take two rewatchings to figure out the shape of the game.

  44. Yew Tree, I think Tipp will bring a lot more than that! I’d say 6/7000… It’s a huge occasion, an All Ireland Semi Final. They’ll come in their numbers I’m sure of it regardless of how their hurlers get on this Sunday.

  45. Far be it from me to be critical of a democratic decision but as good as Lee Keegan was – and he was excellent – this is a victory for aesthetics of his two points rather than a complete picture….without Aidan O’Shea on Saturday i don’t think Mayo would have come within an asses roar of Tyrone. It wasn’t quite his performance against cork a couple of years back when he dragged 14 man Mayo through but it wasn’t far off it. Just look back at every score Mayo got (bar maybe 2 points) and O’Shea was at the heart of it.

    He is a big game player in every sense of the word. Not trying to take away from Keegan’s performance but the dogs work for scores for O’Connor, Moran and frees he won were the winning of the game – not to mention the best score of the match actually being his own point from play.

    But democracy is what it is.

  46. Great article by Oisin McConville in Examiner where he calls the tyrone antics perfectly. He would have been the victim of this carry on quite a bit. Fair play to Micky H and his optician. He managed to see that Cavanagh was not the aggressor in the yellow card incident. Yet Micky had not arrived back on the field of play at that point. I suppose that’s whats called tunnel vision

  47. re the Keegan dirty player argument – i wouldn’t buy it.

    i felt sorry for Sean Cavanagh but not for Tyrone or Harte. I’m not knocking what they do generally (apart from the sledging which seems to be part and parcel of the game for everyone now) but they know all about this dark stuff and so its a bit rich complaining about it when its done to them.

    Players need to be careful though – when you see what O Gara got sent off for, for Dublin – would it have taken much for Keegan and Cavanagh to both see Red after the first exchange….

  48. Couple of media things – not online I think:

    Snuck a look at the Nordie The Irish News in my local Spar. Very good balanced coverage with excellent line by line player ratings. They raved about Aidan and praised his back pass to Clarkie at the end! Yet they felt Tyrone shackled Andy fairly well. Interesting.

    Also interesting is a photo in the Western of Rochy giving Gough a piece of his mind at half time. Booing by Mayo fans may also have been noted by the ref. These little things can make a difference.

  49. Yeah but Aidan “only” really had to worry about his own game, LeeRoy gets it I think because not only did he contribute from play he also kept their talisman quiet. I think Cavanagh had 2 possesions.
    The great thing about the team this year is we pretty much have a superstar performance from a different player every game. Long may it continue

  50. Less deserves thos for sure….Aido and Cillian were also immense. We need these guys if we are to reach the promised land!

  51. You’re right about GAA Board, JPM. I don’t post on it myself but do dip in and out of it at times and I wouldn’t be too impressed with the backbone of some of the Mayo posters on it. A few are able to fight fire with fire on it – and it really is Nordie Board so you can expect plenty of fire coming from that direction on an ongoing basis – but too many of the Mayo contributors lie down and roll over when the hits start to come in.

  52. Yeah Lee Keegan. You dont fuck with him. Or you get fucked back with interest.

    For too long we were way too nice and gentlemanly and getting shafted in places like Croke Park on big match days.

    I remember just seconds before the 2006 final started, one of our players went up to Donaghy and shook his hand and patted him on the shoulder (as if to say “you are a great fella altogether, can i have your autograph after the match”). Within 7 minutes Donaghy had won the game and burst our net en route. Never again.

    Micky Harte, take a bow. You’ve made an ass of yourself with your comments.

    Stephen Rochford. Look back on the last 6 minutes of that game and promise us that will never happen again. Absolute suicidal tactics but we got away with it.

    We are not the Italian back 4 from the 1982 world cup ya know.

    We are slightly warmer favourites to beat Tipperary than Kilkenny were to beat Waterford yesterday and you see what happened there. Even Cody could not get them tuned in right mentally and they got beaten all over the pitch for 70 minutes by a side that lost the Munster final by 21 pints. Attitude must be right or ya will get beaten.

    Mayo take note please.

  53. Well what can one say after that performance?.

    Tactically, things were spot on, Rochford I think has silenced many doubters although from reading through this blog the last couple of days there still seem to be one or 2. He’s outfoxed the most astute fox Mickey Harte and that is a tall order for any manager, particularly one in his first year at inter-county level. Substitutions made were the right ones to make when they were made, with the exception that Diarmuid could have been called ashore a little earlier, but that’s water under the bridge now.
    A few points on the game:
    Players – I would not have been a fan of Harrison and I felt Durcan had a bit to prove, both did so by some margin as far as I’m concerned. Keith was not his usual self but I think he had plenty to do and didn’t put a foot wrong, might have been a bit easily turned for the single goal opportunity but no doubt he like many others was happy to have Clarke behind him to cover that. Clarke was outstanding – very comfortable under the high ball but he is a bit suspect on the kick outs. I’d rather we had less kickouts anyway so better that he has less of them to worry about, that’s for the outfield players to manage.
    Kevin Mc did very well and has really come on in terms of development of the sweeper role – he really does create so many chances going forward from that role and that was key for us on Saturday.
    Boyler was very good again, perhaps a bit quieter than on previous days but as always you can’t fault him for effort and his score from distance to level things before half time was a work of art. Barrett was very good as one would expect when he came on. Vaughan was kept quiet enough I thought, but he still warrants a starting berth, his running off the ball draws away players and you can see it’s to make space for Kevin Mc to start his runs from deep. Seamie was back to his usual excellence, and it’s a great thing to see. Dillon was very effective for large periods of the first half but I think the substitutions made by Tyrone during the first have nullified his impact somewhat. He was ably replaced by Tom Parsons who again looks like a man who’s picked up his form and a full half of game time will have done him the world of good. Jason Doc I didn’t see a whole lot of during the game but I didn’t see him do much wrong for the while he was on.
    Conor O’Se, Regan, Coen and Loftus did what they needed to do without standing out on the day –which brings me to those that did.
    Cillian, Aidan, Andy and Lee. What an absolute bunch of giants we have and how fortunate we are to have them playing for our County. Aidan’s point was an absolute belter and his knock downs for Andy to score his were what dreams are made of. His work rate is outstanding and given the absolute horse manure he has to put up with from opposing players, scummers on Social Media and the media itself on a regular basis is nothing short of a national disgrace. The fact that Harte and Gavin whinge about his players getting targeted – here lads – your players react to it. Aidan is 10 times the man for not reacting and playing his game to the standard he does.
    Cillian looks to have regained his form and confidence, and it’s come at just the right time. Andy is Andy and there is nothing more I can say about this man that hasn’t already been said – he’s such an intelligent, creative player and he adds so much to our forward line. He does appear in the last few games at least to have stopped some of the riskier shot taking and has opted to either go for the score when it’s nailed on or to wait until it is or to lay off to another player. And Lee Keegan – what a player, what a man, what an outstanding footballing talent. He held Cavanagh scoreless, as he did with Connolly in last years replay (he outscored Connolly from play over the 2 games vs Dublin last year as far as I recall).
    Diarmaid I felt was quiet and I could see from the highlights he was carrying an injury before getting subbed – basically dragging his leg. Might be best he doesn’t start the next day if there is any sort of niggle there as he’s the type of lad who’ll just run himself into the ground. I do think that when he’s on form he adds so much to our attack that we have to keep him as healthy as possible and only use him if things are going badly against Tipp.
    Ref – always a talking point with us I’m afraid and while I think he certainly gave Tyrone a few soft ones, they were probably still frees and the fact that he didn’t bottle it when delivering the deserved second yellow to Sean Cavanagh is something many others in the black Jersey would have taken a soft option on.

    Tyrone fans – lovely bunch – very gracious in defeat, the ones I spoke to at least. They can be hard to listen to during the game but I’ve no doubt opposing fans would hold the same view of myself, and even a few of our own. For those that simply don’t shout or join in the chanting, I’m sorry if my roaring annoys you. Your own lack of voice annoys me so we both have something to get over. So yeah folks – shout as if your lived depended on it, you can see that it makes a difference.

    Overall – most impressed with the tactics employed and the flexibility to adjust to meet the challenges faced by each team we play. I’ve no doubt Rochford will have already done most of the homework needed on how we set out our stall against Tipp. Out shot taking on Saturday was as good as I’ve seen it. Last time I saw us being this clinical was against the same opposition almost 12 years to the day ago in the 2004 quarter final. If I recall correctly we had no more than 3 wides that day. If anyone needs the stats, have a look at the always excellent work by @dontfoul on twitter. I believe he’s calculated our conversion rate at just over 52% over the 2 halves, and at 67% in the second half. A very special shout out and thank you to that man for the excellent analysis he provides on games. RTE could learn a lot from him, and I feel some of the analysis we see from the evening show’s are plagiarised from his work.

    As for Tipp – I’ll confess I have not yet seen how they destroyed Galway and I did fancy them to take Cork earlier in the year, only because I felt Cork were due to blow cold and they duly did. On Paper we should do it but games are never won on paper. What will be to our benefit is our Subs bench vs theirs, if things are still in the melting pot with 10 minutes to go I think the quality we have at our disposal on the bench will be the difference between the 2 sides.

    Kerry vs Dubs will be interesting. I can see Dublin finishing with fewer than they start with again the next day, and Kerry will definitely feel as if they have scores to settle in this game. Dubs should have enough to get through that all the same. No doubt we’ll have the traditional Jim Gavin whinge after the game about how his players are whiter than white, but I think he might be getting into a little bit of hot water about his comments from Saturday. Eugene McGee has an interesting take on that in today’s Indo.

    Anyway – this blog will likely put an end to my productivity at work or at home for the next number of weeks.
    Onwards and upwards, and as always, Up Mayo.

  54. Sorry lads but less talk of the promised land and such stuff. There is too much praise on here also much as there was too much gloom after the Westmeath, Kildare and Fermanagh games. Calm down, go to the matches, attend club games and if you like just put up one Red and Green flag. Time to be mature and level headed – supporters and players alike. Stop being critical of Mickey Harte and Sean Cav. They themselves know where the blame lies. Leave the ref alone. Be calm and gracious. But then 5 minutes before the throw in ‘BECOME AN ANIMAL AGAIN’.

  55. I vowed to myself that I was going to stop viewing this site after the Westmeath game because of the negativity . But I suppose I m addicted to the cause ( it’s also a brilliant site WJ) . My last post said wtf is wrong with you people I guarantee we will beat Tyrone . I also said the one player that’s needs to and will step up to the plate is Leeroy . I m also a huge fan of Donie who gets thru an immense amount of honest grafting which gets little recognition . The point I want to make is 10 out of 10 to SR & co for getting it totally right on the line ( even persevering with DOC ) . Every call was the correct one . This is the first time this has happened since Dublin 2006 with Mickie Moran

  56. I was amazed at Brady’s comments in the podcast on Higgins bring back in his rightful position. I thought Higgins was very quiet, and looking again at the only goal chance in the match he completely switched off and allowed his man to drift away. Funny how opinions differ, for me he’s not a tight marker and is better out around the middle using his pace to break the line of defence.

  57. I’m kind of with you on that Puckout. Personally the reason I feel that Higgins appeared quiet is that we didn’t see him do his searing runs to tear up the field. I think that was just a symptom of the team we were playing and the role that had to be played against Tyrone rather than anything else. We had to prevent Tyrone on the counter attack so any possession we had was closely guarded. Again, I’d have to commend Rochford on that decision.

  58. The Tyrone complaints are hilarious. Sean Cavanagh is one of the best players ever and I had the pleasure of being at the 2008 AIF where he was imperious.

    He uses the dark arts. It’s been part of the game for over a decade. I have not heard him complaining yet because he has little to complain about.

    It’s not great people cheering his red card but when you kick AOS mouth gaurd thirty yards up the pitch which happened right in front of the Cusack what do you expect.

  59. Agreed Puckout. Seemed like he was just waiting to say that, regardless how Zippy played. I’ve time for Brady but felt he was a little negative, thought the player’s and management deserved a little more credit.

  60. Sledging is some form has always been there . I rem playing in an all Ireland final years back and the guy I was marking had wore bright orange & green gloves . After the rain stopped we both threw our gloves in the goalmouth . The match ended in a draw and when I went to collect my gloves I also took his . You should have seen the head on him when I shook his hand before the replay wearing his new bright orange & blue gloves . Anyway it worked cause we won . I actually met him in Dublin outside a pub the night before the 2012 final . Bought him a pint . We had a great laugh about it

  61. Ya I agree Puckout, everyman had a job to do the last day and Higgins did his job very well. Brady is just looking for air time but I do see where he is coming from .

    Personally I see more value in Higgins at 7 or 12 as if we had man marking jobs to do on Brogan and O Gara/Andrews I would prefer to have tighter man markers in Barrett and Harrison , its no dig or no slight at Keith but I belive his best worth is in running off the shoulder being support player, interlinking play, providing that zip between the lines, breaking the lines etc .

    He is a hell of a player but I think we now have better man markers of the traditional focus on this job only in Barrett, Harrison , Leeroy and Paddy Durkan also proved his worth then factor in Boyler and Vaughan I think Higgins in the Jason Doh role adds more .

    As I say he is some player and one I admire no end but do feel he is better not being restricted to the corner and man marking .

  62. Mickey Harte’s assertion that Cavanagh never went looking for a card in his life is astonishing on a few levels:
    1. Name one player who goes out looking for a card?
    2. Cavanagh’s cynical foul a few years ago was pivotal in introduction of black card.
    3. You wrestle with a man, you tackle high and surely you cannot blame others for your actions. Cavanagh is one of the best players I have seen, Harte a wonderful manager who but for some mistakes by his players could well have prevailed the last day. But his comments reflect poorly on him and the fine teams he has managed. Tyrone were beaten, Cavanagh’s loss was felt, but you take your beating and come back stronger……which they should.

  63. Mikey Harte isn’t a bad man but is a sore loser, they believed their own hype and thought we were a thing of the past , we did what they like to do only better, we were efficient, strong , determined, clinical worked as a unit all the things Tyrone aspire to be and all the things Tyrone did the last day only they met a more experienced and well oiled machine which was supposedly a clapped out banger and they got the shock of their lives

  64. Some great posts on here in fairness, some jive talking at times, but mainly good. Over the last week I was talking to a manager of a senior club in Mayo and a man who flies over from the States for every Mayo game after the quarter finals. One predicted a Donegal 2013 like collapse for Mayo and the other that there was no way in a million years Mayo would beat Tyrone. It’s amazing how much time I spend defending this bunch of players to Mayo people. Mayo this year are like one of those amazing mosaics unearthed in Pompeii. Little by little as the ash was cleaned away we started to get a glimpse of what lay beneath and while most people focused on the ash, some of us started to see what lay behind it. Let me tell you something, all the ash isn’t gone yet, there’ll be more revealed in 2 weeks time, followed by the full unveiling on Sunday the 18th of September…..

  65. Cavanagh was great player. He has had his day and that’s it. He also pulled Lee down with the oldest trick in the book but ref did not fall for it. Young macshane did same thing to parsons and got away with it. That’s their style. But Saturday they were not playing against a gang of chumps. Mayo showed more metal than ever I saw. The hard road they have been down and experience they have means they are no push overs. That’s vital on big game days and Saturday they proved their still hungry. Cillian has a steely look in his eyes. He fuck in means business. I’m almighty proud of the way the conducted them selves on Saturday. I myself doubted they could rise but they proved me wrong and I’m happy with that. Every game takes on different agenda. The system in place is coming along nicely. Kmac is flying. Youth took to the field late on which is pleasing and necessary. Roll on tipp. No further than that. Maximum respect

  66. Lads, easy on the criticism of Mickey Harte. He’s a tough competitor and was bitterly disappointed with the result, which is understandable. What HE says now, doesn’t matter a damn to us or our next match…for they are out and we are in!!

    Truth be told, Cavanaghs influence on the game was negligible and from my view didn’t have any bearing on the outcome. Over the course of the match, he had a handful of touches on the ball, such was the job Leeroy did on him.

    We need to focus on a plan to bate Tipp, nothing else.

  67. Rochie is a tactical mastermind in my opinion , Horan is a better manager as such but is a one man band and ultimately his single mindedness and stubbornness were his undoing . The image of Jimmy Nallen throwing the water bottle in fury at the ground as he was telling Horan to change things only for Horan to blank him still sticks in my head .
    Now I have the greatest respect for Horan but just feel we have a more balanced unit now .

    Rochie has McEntee as motivator and experienced winner, Buckley for ingame attributes and basics and Solan for fitness etc .

    Rochie has won an All Ireland as footballer and Manager and whilst he wasnt the most remembered player on the Crossmolina team , he was an integral part an intelligent player,a glue and a steady player .
    His management is looking to show the same attributes.
    The older he got funnily the further out the field he was moved from corner back to wingforward to centrforward and this was done on the basis of his in game intelligence .
    he played minor for Mayo and is a proven winner and what he done for Corofin speaks for itself whilst he had great players there etc I haven’t seen Comer play as well for anyone else as he did for Rochie.

    He worked under Maughan and leaned alot from him but has a shrewdness about him that Tommy Jordan also possessed by means of setting up teams in a certain manner to suit their skillsets for that particular day and not having a regimental system .

    I think this is a balanced management team that as a unit are greater than the sum of their parts and are bringing forward their own experiences and currently the team are reaping the rewards of it .
    I firmly believe in this management team we have a management team who will be able to be at least on par with anyone Galvin and Fitzmaurice included and with our experienced and hungry players we could yet have the summer we all dreamed off so with that I am saving all my works holidays untill the end of September .

  68. Is cillian as good as diarmuid. I can’t make my mind up on it. At least with Mayo and tip their be an open match. Well don to l Keegan on man of the match.

  69. I sometimes get a little embarrassed [internal monologue] about the impact Mayo football has on my general mood and happiness. I simply bounced into work this morning and suddenly the rest of the Summer holds nothing but hope.

    We’ll make that journey again in two weeks and with heightened expectations. I think we were more than irked with the way some commentators [inside and outside] wrote us off this week. We should remember that in the lead up to the semi.

    Tipp are there on merit and deserve our full attention. I’ve no doubt the management team and players will drum this home but it might be no harm if the supporters respected this mantra also.

  70. We will be setup very differently the next day against Tipp. I’ve said many times before, our FB line is vulnerable and that vulnerability has cost us dearly over the past few years, in semi’s and finals.

    We must neutralize their FF line, prevent the goals by pushing them out the field with constant pressure. Easier said than done of course. Tipp are unusual in that we wouldn’t expect to be facing that type of team at this time of year.

    But I believe our biggest asset this year has been our unpredictability and ability to change up and adjust, quickly.
    Lots to think about as we march on toward September.

  71. Well done to Lee, he is some man for one man, he really is a big game player! Well done to everyone involved, players, management and all of the back room staff.

    It was interesting to note that at the end of the game, we had Stephen Coen, Conor Loftus, Conor O’Shea, Evan Regan, Patrick Durcan and Brendan Harrison on the field of play. It just shows that our management team trusts every player in the squad to play a role. Most of these lads are relatively new to this kind of scene, yet they repaid the faith that the management team placed in them which is really great to see and augers well for the future of Mayo football.

  72. Sorry folks but I just can’t get my head around this club fixtures thing.
    I read on the Hoganstand website that ‘Mayo chairman Vincent Neary has insisted the club games will be played on the weekend of August 27-28 ‘win or lose’ the semi-final to ensure there isn’t a fixture backlog at the end of the year. “We need those games to be processed because if we don’t, we’ll run into all kinds of difficulties time-wise, in terms of getting competitions finished in time for the Connacht club championships,” Neary told the Western People.’
    Again – is this not madness?! There is no way club games would be played in Donegal, Dublin, Kerry, Tyrone. The chances of picking up an injury in these types of matches are huge. I know it may be jumping the gun a bit but foresight is important too. If Rochford and co. allows these games to go ahead, he’s running a huge risk for little benefit.

  73. Time to give Sean Cavanagh a break here. A great player, I met him the night Tyrone won the All Ireland in 2008, Have to say off the field, he’s a gentleman. It may have been his last game for Tyrone, somehow I doubt it tough. Mayo have a semifinal to look forward to, we can dispense with all taughts of Tyrone for 2016. It will be the Elverys /Intersport semifinal. Arguably Tipperary have the more impressive path to the semi. Any team that can beat Cork, Derry and hammer Galway out the gate have to be taken very seriously. I’m sure looking forward to seeing them play, and it’s a very attractive style they employ. Mayo are coming right at the right time, Parsons back, Diarmuid may not be quite 100% last Saturday but a fit young man like that heals quickly. That was an enormous 70+minutes energy sapping contest and now that we have came out the right side of it, it should stand to us. The next game will be a totally different encounter. Rochy and Co will have to plan for, big tall ball winning full forwards, They know where the posts are as well. Tipperary cleaned the previously impressive pairing of Conroy and Flynn at midfield. Homework for Mayo!

  74. Regarding the club fixtures, its far from ideal but I think they should go ahead as planned. The club player gets a raw deal every year and they deserve to be treated better and know when their fixtures are being played. This is the type of scenario that proves that a major restructuring of the game at all levels is required with dedicated intercounty and club weekends including a specified off season. They are amateur players after all and shouldnt be messed about is this fashion.

    Going off topic for a second, seeing the abuse on social media towards Paddy Barnes today after his loss shows the need for the rules set down here, well done WJ on keeping a tight ship. These types of rules shouldnt be needed as sport should be enjoyed and athletes of all codes should be respected for the commitment they put in. But in the real world some people are just idiots and need policing.

  75. Club games!? If Mayo lose to Tipp they can play as many as they like. In the meantime, focus should be purely on that semi final clash. I wouldn’t even consider looking past it.

    If we manage to over come Tipp, and believe me that’s going to a serious battle (they blew Gaway to smithereens and their forwards have been scoring for fun, registering huge totals this summer from open play) then no intercounty player will play a club game the following week.

  76. By all means let club games proceed if deemed necessary but IF the county team are still involved in championship then none of those players should be involved.

    The entire club championship is a mess in most prominent footballing counties anyway and that’s a direct consequence of the archaic championship format the GAA still employ. Their new proposals won’t help much either.

    There is a way of making the intercounty championship far better for all counties and therefore allowing county boards have designated club championship weekends/periods but that’s a topic for another day!

  77. Players can get injured in training too. Club games should go ahead. I think some fans forget it starts at the club and club players are fecked about too much.

  78. I have come down from the high if Saturday and thoughts are well and truly on Tipp game.Our lads needs to have their witts about them or we could get caught. I suppose the only question I have is will we set up for Tipp as we did for Tyrone.? Im sure tipp are wondering same.Any thoughts lads?

  79. Lee Keegan – my favourite player of this current panel and one of the best wing backs in the country. Well done lad !

  80. I wrote before the game that the o’sheas detractors should write a letter of apology to pat oshea after we beat Tyrone and AOS puts in a massive performance, well get yours pens out guys.

    our best score on Saturday was when Harry patted the ball down near our own goal to the on rushing McLoughlin, a quick run up the field, pass Dylan, perfect long ball in, patted down by AOS despite being marked by 3 men to Andy Moran and over the bar. Poetry in motion. From dispossessed the opposition it took about 5 secs to get the ball over the bar. That is the type of play I expected to see when rochford got the job and I expect to see more of it to come. That type of lightening transition and using your strengths are impossible to play against.

    Is it the 21st yet???

  81. Agreed yew_tree. GAA starts and ends with club and club players not involved with the county scene deserve to get their games and be able to make plans for the winter months without having to worry about fixture congestion.

    And I’ll go one step further and suggest that it should be up to the individual to decide whether to make themselves available for their club – this is an amateur sport, after all and this is not Jim McGuinness country. Though I can understand why that might not go down well with those of us whose only concern now is a county All-Ireland.

  82. Great podcast by Colm Parkinson this evening including interview with AOS . Sorry unable to link it .

  83. Yew Tree and Anne-Marie, I fully agree that club players are messed about far too much. One of the positive things in the new proposals is the shortening of the All Ireland championship so the club championships can be more structured. It’s proper order and not before time. More needs to be done about it.
    I agree with posters that players won’t be let play in it – if clubs want to play the championship without their main players, then let them, I doubt they will somehow. I do think players get injured a lot easier in club matches for one reason or another. Mayo have fallen foul to injuries from club matches before – remember the Spring of 2013? It’s all very well and good saying let the players play club matches but if Cillian or Aidan or Boyle was to get injured…….well I don’t think I need to get into the ramifications of that.
    It probably won’t come to pass. First, we have this semi final to worry about. If we do win that, I can’t see Rochford or indeed the players allowing the situation to happen. Too much at stake.

  84. V.Proud of Mayo team.Some supporters amaze me.There has been serious criticism of Aidan Cillian and Andy on here with suggestions made they should be dropped.In fairness WJ you called them on these.
    Now club games should interfere with a chance of an All Ireland if we win semi and I say IF.
    On the team I think Clarke was phenomenal and Harrison was class.
    We cannot take Tipp for granted but I really dont think we will.Did Kerry take Clare for granted or Dublin Westmeath.Good teams wont fall at this stage in my view.
    Finally the panel look united to me…why would we pull them apart with any negativity.They have made a bad summer great.
    As Leroy said thats done now so forget Mickey Harte.Concentrate on Tipp …I think we need a big man on Quinlivan.

  85. Kilkenny have played 4 rounds of their club championship so far, agree that we should play club championship after sf and only cancel if a draw. A strong club championship can only aid the county team overall.

    Anne-Marie, your suggestion is valid but may not be practical as players could feel under pressure to play, clubs should come to agreement with county management where some players might be rested, DOC for example.

    Re Tipp, I cannot see us being complacent based on our performances to date, this does not mean that we will win but if we do lose, it will be that Tipp are better on the day. However, I am confident that we will win, in particular because we are at sf stage, and our key players are coming into form. Onwards and upwards!

  86. AOS was on with Wooley on his Podcast this evening . Spoke about how they as a team were hurt to be written off , abuse of his personal life on social media plus how it was not an intentional dive . Worth a listen

  87. Well said ’45’ but I dont think he is ‘one of the best’ but the best defender in Ireland and has been for a few years and I do believe that he may well be one of the finest players to ever don the Green and Red

  88. Mmm, maybe you’re right Mikey. Your suggestion probably makes more sense. As would proper restructuring all over, really. And Rochford’s Brigade, we do indeed know how it’s affected us before.

    I guess it sometimes feels that these days the quest for a senior AI feels like it’s taken over everything else … though to be fair we’re not unique in that.

  89. I used to be amused at how Sean Boylan came across as a completely charming gentleman , while some of his Meath team played the game like feral dogs. Mickie Harte is the same. He is a man I admire a lot but is he having a laugh complaining about unfairness toward Sean Cavanagh? Good God, how ridiculous can you be, with the abuse doled out to Aidan O’ Shea and Cillian. (I didn’t see the Diarmuid stuff)

    One of the most disturbing scenes I will remember from the match was Colm Cavanagh, brother of Saint Sean, viciously running back to jeer at Aidan when he had been dispossessed, and was lying on the ground. This nastiness has no place in gaelic football. People who condone it are bringing the game down to a very low level.

    Aidan O Shea was masterful in the face of this intimidation. He was like a big golden retriever surrounded by yapping terriers. He played his game and allowed them to dishonor themselves and their county. You would be proud of him.

  90. I see aido did an interview with Colm Parkinson on the gaa hour. Que the haters giving out about him doing media work………

  91. Sport is not fair and it’s bloody vicious…sledging has been going on for years. I have it on good authority that the 1996 infamous fight started from a comment made to a Mayo player. Sports like American Football, Hockey etc are also well known for it

  92. Why would you drop cillian and Aidan they where really good. Would you play diarmuid for semi final or would you rest him. Beware of Tipperary in the long grass.

  93. Well deserved Lee Keegan you gave a masterclass.
    I’d compare AOS more with a grizzly bear, big enough, unconcerned and unrattled by the yapping cowardly curs.
    Maigh Eo Abu

  94. I thought Harrison was top class the last day, deceptively tall and quick, think he is the real deal. Rochford got it spot on, fair play to him. i said before the game that I did’nt see hunger v Westmeath, they obviously were minding themselves for Tyrone, because they looked hungrier than ever on Saturday. Jason Doc’s shoulder at half time was a real “go f##k yourself” moment, laying down the marker that we were not going to be denied. No more nicey nicey from Mayo teams, just hard men unwilling to give an inch! The way we shoukd be.

    Tipp pose a completely different and difficult challenge. Imo Barry has to start as sweeper, stay around our square and break the ball aimed for Quinlivan, if Quinlivan gets frustrated and moves out the field, let him off, Seamie or Tom can marshall him out there. Barry needs to just protect our fb line all day. It will be a horses for courses job, so Regan may well start this time.

    Must say fair play to the Tyrone fans after the match, not bitter and wished us well.

  95. Re Club fixtures. This last 6 years Mayo have reached Semi Finals and 2 finals. In those same years Castlebar have reached 2 Club AI finals. Would the County Board for one year not play the club championship until Mayo are out of the All Ireland series. We all want Mayo to win THE ALLIRELAND but yet we want to get the County Players involved with club fixtures at the same time. If a County player gets injured( and to be sure they will be targeted) and we loose AI because of this, the clubs or co board won’t take the blame. Every year some Club WILL win the County Championship, It,s now we want to WIN the All Ireland. In lay man’s language F…K the championship for this year and win a bloody All Ireland. Who won the Donegal championship when they last won the AI? In Donegal they have forgotten, but they haven’t forgotten Donegal winning the All Ireland.

  96. Yew tree
    Spot on re 96. The Mayo player involved told my now departed brother, what was said to him. Disgusting stuff . How low can you go.

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