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Lee Keegan is all over the media at the moment, having taken part in a promotional event yesterday to launch the National Féile competition. He had plenty of interesting things to say.

In the piece with him on the RTÉ website (here) he talks about the successful League and looks ahead to how we’re shaping up for the summer. He also has some very complimentary words to say about the county’s fans and how that vocal support at Croke Park a few weeks was so important to get the team going.

When asked by Ian O’Riordan in the Irish Times (here) if James Horan is different second time round, Lee says the manager is “definitely more scary.” This is an interesting piece, providing some good insights into how James is approaching the job this time.

Lee also makes some very valid points about the need for a sensible balance between football and life off the pitch, thoughts that are amplified in a piece on him in the Irish Independent (here). As the Westport player stresses here and in those other pieces, there are no daft contracts or drinking bans in operation under James Horan. The lads act like adults and are treated as such, which is exactly how it should be.

Other sources carrying pieces with Lee today – GAA, Irish Examiner, Irish Mirror, Balls.ie.

20 thoughts on “Lee lauds the fans

  1. That’s a great interview with Lee, particularly the Times piece.

    He’s 100% right about all this craic with drinking bans and GAA players being held to a different standard than other sportspeople. I mean with the GAA being amateur, surely there should be even more leniency there.
    I’ve heard people giving out about seeing a few Mayo players out drinking after an All-Ireland defeat. As though they should just go home and stay in their beds for a few months.

    A “scary” James Horan also sounds good! You can see an even steelier determination in him this time around.

    Any interview with Lee is good value. He speaks his mind, no bullshit or boring soundbites.
    A legend on and off the pitch.

  2. Yes the drinking debate is all over the media today. By and large most people agree with Lee though some are questioning the drink culture in Ireland. In the context of GAA players, I think they’re much more tuned into diet and recovery these days and trusting the players is better. Competition is so hot for places the lads will self police. Although I don’t drink, it’s good for people to be able to relax over a few pints. Most sports people keep the ammount of pints well in check and given the level of sacrifice I don’t think we should begrudge them a few on their downtime.

  3. A very balanced and no-nonsense interview with Lee. A mixed reaction to the drink bit but in general he ticked all the boxes.

  4. I always enjoy Lee’s interviews – he shoots from the hip, isn’t afraid to speak his mind and he always gives the impression that he is his own man when it comes to the GAA – he does it on his terms and seems to have a great sense of perspective. Rightly so – regardless of how much of an honour it is to play for Mayo no-one should be a slave to an amateur game. And really anyone commenting on grown men going out for a pint would want to wind their necks in and have a word with themselves.

    No tickets here yet for New York either. Five of us on the hunt. Might as well just cancel the flight …

  5. See you bright and early Sunday. Might have to “self police” myself Saturday night at Rosie’s for that to happen.

    Can’t wait to see Leeroy play again in person. Was my first “favorite” player. He still is but he’s been joined by a host of others like Andy, DOC, AOS, Plunkett, ……….

  6. Anyone know of any plans to broadcast the NY game, or will anyone there be able to stick it up on facebook live or Periscope?

  7. From the Connaught Telegraph

    MAYO manager James Horan has moved to reduce his squad to 35 ahead of the 2019 championship series.

    So far six players have been informed they are not on the panel.

    They are Jason Gibbons, Conor O’Shea, Colm Moran, Cathal Horan, James Kelly and Ryan O’Donoghue.

    It is expected this number will increase over the coming days.

    With the campaign starting against New York on May 5, there will only be 35 played in the travelling party.

    A question mark hangs over the fitness of Tom Parsons ahead of the series.

    The talented Charlestown midfielder is expected to return to squad training but regaining the fitness level required for inter-county football this year will be a challenge for him

  8. With the six mentioned above there maybe still a few more cuts to bring it down to 35 based on players that have been involved since the turn of the year, dont think we need a third goalkeeper.

    Existing D Clarke/ R Hennelly
    Newbie M Schlingermann

    Fullback line E o Donoghue B Harrison K Higgins
    C Barrett G Cafferkey C Crowe
    Newbie Ben Doyle

    Halfbacks C Boyle L keegan P Durcan
    D Drake S Coen D Vaughan
    Newbie M Plunkett J McCormack

    Midfield S O Shea A o Shea
    T Parsons
    Newbie M Ruane

    Half Forwards K McLoughlin D o Connor J Durcan
    C Hanley C Loftus F Boland
    Newbie F McDonagh O McLaughlin C Tracey

    Full Fowards J Doherty A Moran C o Connor
    E Regan
    Newbie C Diskin D Coen J Carr
    B Reape

  9. Mayomessi Thanks for that. A few fine footballers on the listof 6, and my guess is we have not seen the last of them. Giving guys a taste of what it takes is a first step and should not be taken as the last step.

  10. PJ you’re right There is plenty of time for some of the young lads released to come back as well as a few more on the outside looking in like Liam Irwin.

  11. Mayomessi. If 6 are already let go and their is still 40 on the panel you have named, and only 35 can be on the travelling party, why was not the panel cut to 35 before the trip to NY, it does not make sense, but then again a lot of things that happens with Mayo panel does not make sense. For instance who is this Ben Doyle?

  12. He’s from Westport, True Grit, son of Joe Doyle who is a member of James’ backroom team (operations manager). Ben’s sole appearance this year was when he came on as a second half sub in the opening FBD League match against Leitrim.

  13. @True Grit, we are still carrying a few injurys like Tom Parsons and a few others just coming back off surgeries and are not 100% as yet I think Willie Joe stated we used 34 players in the league, two of those have now been let go “Gibbons and Colm Moran”. Out of the 39 players remianing players that have been involved in the FBD or made matchday panels in the league Schlingermann, Ben Doyle, Caolan Crowe Oisin McLauglin didnt get game time and Cian Hanley, Cillian o Connor and Tom Parsons were injured. I personally think that Schlingermann, Doyle and McLaughlin will be let go and Parsons is not quiet ready as yet.

  14. Commiserations to the lads that have been let go it’s not easy to be dropped but if they want it bad enough they can go back to their clubs work really hard and hopefully another opportunity will come their way. Out of all the lads dropped bit disappointing to see Jason Gibbons go but in Horan we trust. A happy and blessed Easter to one and all, enjoy the good weather.

  15. It’s Incredible that Tom Parsons is this close to getting himself on the panel. After the level of his injury that is a testament to his resolve

  16. Conor Loftus will be lucky to stay in the panel,very little game time under JH in the League and scored nothing for Crossmolina against Bonniconlon last week.If you are to be considered a top 6 forward in the County, you should be putting up big scores for your club especially at Intermediate level.On current form club players outside County panel like Liam Irwin, Jack Reilly, Neil Douglas, and Peter Naughton are all putting up big scores for there clubs.
    James Carr’s Ardagh play Knockmore “B” in the Junior A championship tonight in Knockmore , it will be interesting to see how he goes after playing so well in his debut game in the League final.Really exciting player and looks a cert for the starting 15 for New York and Roscommon/ Leitrim games in the coming weeks!

  17. I think Jason Gibbons can feel a bit hard done by. The form/fitness of Tom Parsons and Seamie O’Shea is very much up in the air so we don’t have many options in midfield.

  18. With the number of newbies who featured so strongly in the league some more established panellists have to be looking over their shoulder. It’s tough on them, esp. the older lads like Jason Gibbons who has given great committment for years now even though luck was never on his side. For the younger lads who have been dropped like Horan, O’Donoghue and Colm Moran they can look forward to coming back into the picture again next year. Hopefully they will put the experience gained to good use during the championships this summer.
    Re the issue of a third goalkeeper remember when both Clarke and O’Malley were both injured and Hennelly had to be brought back having already been dropped or opted out. We do need a third ‘keeper to cover all the possibilities.
    Having a third ‘keeper on a panel of 35? is not unreasonable.

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