Lee’s All-Star nomination is richly deserved

Half the day was gone today before I even realised that the All-Star nomination list for 2022 was out. Having not made it to the business end of this year’s Championship, the All-Stars can’t really be seen as relevant for us.

There’s certainly no way we’re going to win one. We got to the final in each of the last two years and we only got two All-Stars in 2020 and again in 2021 so a thumping in the quarters was never going to earn any awards for us this time round.

For all that, though, it’s great to see Lee Keegan being recognised with an All-Star nomination. Lee’s a five-time All-Star and he won the Footballer of the Year award in 2016. This year he was, yet again, in imperious form for us. Here on the blog you voted him – for the second year in succession and the third year in total – our Player of the Year.

Lee hasn’t confirmed as yet if he’s continuing at inter-county level in 2023. All we can do is hope that he will.

As today’s All-Star nomination confirms, however, the Westport clubman remains one of our most important players and, assuming he is still on board, that’s likely to be the case next year too. In the meantime, congrats to Lee on yet another All-Star nomination.

20 thoughts on “Lee’s All-Star nomination is richly deserved

  1. What a warrior this guy has been through the years. I can only hope that he remains for at least another year just to see what Kevin and his management team can bring to the team.

  2. Lee Keegan will go down in GAA Folklore as one of the greatest ever players. He will be an idol for young Kids in Mayo long after he retires, even ones who are not born today. Hope to see him give it another crack next year, but if he decides to step away he can hold his head high.

  3. People talking about ‘1 more year’..I just don’t get it. If Lee can avoid any serious injury, there’s no reason why he hasn’t a good two to three seasons in him IF he wants it. If a player is getting nominated for an All Star then there us plenty left in the tank. The only potential issue is injury because as you get older it takes longer to recover and heal. That’s all. If his ambition and interest is there I’d genuinely be very surprised if he isn’t involved with Mayo until the end of the 2024 season, at least, possibly 2025.

  4. Lee has 5 all stars- the most of any Mayo player.
    I think it’s also the highest number for a player who hasn’t won an all Ireland medal.
    That stat could of course change in the future – hopefully.

  5. We’ve another new podcast episode up, this one for club members on Patreon, in which Mike and Ed preview this weekend’s second round of group matches in the club Championships.

  6. Well done Lee. So richly deserved and hopefully he’ll be there another few years.
    On a note of interest… Queen Elizabeth became Queen in 1951…. just saying!!
    Maigheo abĂș

  7. I know, no doubt…was basing my year on her age when she became Queen….long live King Lee

  8. The King?… give him the captaincy…let him climb those steps on final day of the season and then he’ll be crowned ‘King’.

  9. Kevin would make some statement by making Leeroy captain, think Cillian should be Vice, has always been a great leader too.

  10. @Sam Og – Id like to see Ryan and Paddy Durcan as Captain / Vice Captain and Cillian on the frees.

  11. I wouldn’t be certain about Lee as captain. He has a very relaxed personality, which may not go down well with some of the squad.

    I think JHs attitude was kind of that the older players should be leaders anyway and that the captaincy should be used to bring on younger players, and I’d pretty much agree with that

  12. Sam og not sure Cillian will ever get back to the fitness level necessary for inter county football. He was not up to it this year,hope I am wrong.

  13. @Jr- massive ask to come back after such a long time off and be expected to be at the same level straight away. Cillian will be fine next season provided no set backs.

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