Lee’s appeal to be heard tomorrow night

Leeroy red card

Photo: The Score (Donall Farmer/INPHO)

There’s more in the papers today about the Limerick furore but, as a number of you have already indicated, it’s time to end the debate on that and focus instead on the replay itself. There’s far less on this in the media today, though Colm Keys in the Irish Independent does have a piece on the five issues he says we need to address if we’re to win on Saturday.

The only bit of concrete news I’ve come across so far today was the story carried on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland programme a bit earlier on where Darren Frehill reported that Lee Keegan’s appeal to the Central Hearings Committee will be heard tomorrow night (Thursday). That RTÉ report didn’t say what the appeal grounds might be but this piece in Hogan Stand (which doesn’t quote any source) states that Lee will be relying on video evidence to exonerate himself. Evidence like this:


Source: The Score (RTÉ)

Given that, as the GIF above clearly confirms, this will show Lee was being fouled by Buckley and Riverdance Walsh and it was Buckley’s punch that instigated the whole incident, our man must have a reasonable case for getting off. Here’s hoping.

With the appeal not taking place until tomorrow night, this undoubtedly means there’ll be no team announcement until Friday at the earliest. In fact, I’d say there’s a good chance we mightn’t hear any team news at all ahead of the day itself.

For those planning to be in Limerick on Saturday – and, apart from those of you domiciled outside the jurisdiction, that’s all of you, right? – here, courtesy of @gkellynow, is a handy seating map graphic for the Gaelic Grounds. The Irish Independent is reporting this morning that there’s “unbelievable” demand in Kerry for tickets so we obviously need to be there in large numbers too.  If you haven’t got yourself sorted for tickets yet then today’s the day to do it.  What are you looking it? Get it done now.

88 thoughts on “Lee’s appeal to be heard tomorrow night

  1. It might seem like the GAA can’t win at the moment but I think it’s a little ridiculous that this appeal isn’t taking place until tomorrow, particularly given the six day turnaround for the replay.

  2. We need to pick up where we left off last week. Bring feckin anything you own that is green and red and wave it like a madman/woman. Let the boys know we are there with them from the throw-in. Let’s make the Gaelic Grounds our own! Because as annoying as this is, I have a feeling Saturday will go down in Mayo history.

  3. If there’s any justice or any cop on in the GAA, he should get off. Look at Pat Horgan and Diarmuid Connolly.
    Don’t hold your breath though.

  4. For the last few days the media columns and sports talk has surrounded by the decision of the Gaa to play the AI semi final reply in limerick and not Dublin. Each person speaking officially from Croke Park and the Gaa are so condescending and just plain pathetic and they remind me of a line from a famous film when they speak of the output supporters “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”!!

    Anyway, it’s away with now! I’m looking forward to it again now, hopefully Leroy will be exonerated and take his place on the teamsheet, if he doesn’t we have very capable replacements! Let’s go down south in force and rattle a few cages!!!!!

  5. Defo need to be there in force! I’ve filled my car for the trip on Saturday… If any of you have spaces in your cars and know someone that would love to go but have no means of travel, offer them a lift! It’d be a shame to think that people stayed away because the location was so difficult to get to!

  6. Good point amcc…I’ll be going from Carlow and have just my daughter with me…any Carlovians welcome to tag along…so long as they are Mayo supporters that is. Hope we bring the intensity and belief with us from Sunday…exhilirating stuff!!!

  7. Fair play guys, car pooling! Get as many Mayo supporters there on Saturday. If anyone has any details on buses travelling please let everyone know.

  8. I bought two extra tickets just to make sure they got into Mayo hands. So if anyone is stuck…let me know. Clare End Terrace.


  9. We’ll have a post up on the Club ’51 site later about transport, parking etc so if anyone familiar with the place has any nuggets of info let us know. I drove past it this morning but at great speed on the way back to Dublin unfortunately.

    I second MayoMark and Mayonaze’s call – everyone bring a flag! Check out the GAA’s “Were you there” video – there is a crowd shot in there at about 1.40 that we want to emulate on Saturday – a proper Sea of Green and Red. Let’s make the place our own like we did on Sunday – and for god’s sake get your tickets into your hands today!

  10. Just something that crossed my mind….will Liam O’Neill & Padraig Duffy be in Croke Park next Saturday or in Limerick? You can be sure if the semi had been decided last Sunday, they had planned to be in Croker for the US College Game, but sure they cant not be in Limerick for a Semi Final replay….although they will get a very hard time bumping into any gaels, particularly Mayo ones! Another tough call for the philistines in the ivory tower! No doubt they will make their decision ‘in the best interests’ of the GAA

  11. Anyone got any idea how many tickets the Mayo county board were allocated for this game?

  12. I have a spare Season Ticket for the game in the Mackey stand if anyone is interested. Will be travelling to the game from Cashel too if anyone needs a lift.

  13. Anyone who takes the spare tickets must promise to bring Mayo flags! 😉


  14. Think should concentrate on having Chrissy or feeney ready and if Leroy gets off excellent but I can’t see it myself. If only they would look at the big red s punch on Keegan.

    Matter less they are trying everything against us but it will solidify us and give us extra motivation to defy the odds.

    Actually confident this time around wasn’t last time out.
    Our halfback line will damage they. Boyler has new lease of life at 7. Vaughan will outrun big red he won’t keep with him. Chrissy or feeney should make hay on a limited garey the no 10 Paul Galvin wannabe.

    Centerfield seamie and parsons will be ready and waiting for Moran and maher. Moran can’t play aswell again and won’t be allowed by big Tom.

    Half forward will be allowed attack this time in Kevin mc doh and AOS we need to push up in them and create overlaps.

    Inside Cillian will be a watched man so freeman this is your chance to step up to plate. Be confident There’s goals in this game for freezer.

    Dillion will be alert to breaking ball and be there for overlapping players.

    I’m confident we will do it but we need to concentrate and use all the motivation from past seasons.

    Roll in Saturday Jon mayo.

  15. A big ask I know, but I am bringing the young fella (2 year old) and the Mrs to the game.
    I’ve ordered 2 adult and a Juvenile ticket from Tickets.ie for the Clare end terrace as that was all that was available.

    Would be looking for a swap for stand tickets – don’t mind where as long as at least 2 are together, or reasonably close – i’m sure people would move seats to accommodate the small lad.
    Am happy to pay the difference in price for each.

  16. As I stated in a previous blog I’m really fuming over leeroys sending off. A red card should not be a black and white thing( joke). There should be grades of red. Leeroys offence was in lower category of red and should be adjudicated on now as such. Even in the courts of the land there is no mandatory sentencing each case is judged on its merits. Why not in the gaa. If they are now going to look at video evidence in leeroys case why could they not have looked at the incident that sent Kevin mac off with a blood injury in the cork match At worst lee should have only got a yellow. He’s now been punished enough. He missed most of the drawn match. Why should he miss another match for a minor offence. Is this any way to encourage a young fellow take up sport where he slogs his guts out over the winter in training and then get fucked off the pitch for one of the biggest events of the year. The gaa should remember that their revenue comes from the players. Sure we have to have rules but let’s refine them a bit. They’ve brought in 3 coloured cards to cover a variety of fouls. Why not bring 3 grades of red to cover the various levels of offence. I really hope he gets off but I wouldn’t hold my breath as some other blogger suggested.

  17. Lee hasn’t a hope of getting off, but surely this is the perfect opportunity bring Richie straight back in to the 15. I’ll never forget his impact when he replaced Leeroy early on v Dublin 2012

    Crazy to think we missed Lee for most of that game and Boyler for the full game! we’ll be alright lads

  18. ^^^ I fully think he should get off by the way but sadly by the letter of the law states it is technically a red and I couldn’t see the GAA overturning it 🙁

    We have barrett and Richie ready to come on though, two great wing backs! We have a serious squad, believe

  19. Does anyone have a spare kids ticket for the mackey stand. Small enough to sit on my knee but just need to get him in.

  20. One of the lads mentioned on a previous post that that have a spare for mackey stand.

    Not doing Leeroys appeal until Thursday nite is bullshite. Game on Saturday. I dont believe for a second that the decision will be overturned so the planning must be done without him.We can and will win without him .We should have a plan to curb Donaghy and O Donaghoe however lets not change our whole game plan and our style of play . We are stronger in most of the positions. We need to come out strong in the first half and lead at half time. Second half for first 15 mins blow them out of water and then go on to close out the game. There will be a huge amount of pressure put on Cillian so maybe putting good ball into freezer will be a good idea. Aidan needs to be in the game from the start . He is a key player for us and needs to make himself available for ball from the get go. Hopefully Cillian will be on form because there will be no shortage of frees . Not long now lads and lassies

  21. To mayo fans i live around gort area here are some runs you could use -go to lougrea from there to gort and take old road to ennis bypassing entrance to da motarway at the outskirts of gort

    go in to kinvara take moy road to crusheen and then to ennis pic up motarway there or if the fools on the railway ar not on strike get the train from ardhran to limerick they should put on extra trains if they are smart
    i hope this will help, post if ye need any more directions and by the way ;up mayo’

  22. @daves Lad… I think there is a Rally around the Loughrea / Ballinasloe area on Saturday which will have road closures… so anyone who is considering taking a route through Eastern Galway should check out this before hand… But sure Mayo people love a challenge!! Hope the team are already settled in Limerick!!

  23. I agree Anne-marie. Kerry should be worried about what they have to do to beat Mayo considering they had everything going for them. Im going to take the train from Galway. 9e return tis great to be a student 🙂

  24. Anybody staying down in Limerick? I see all hotels practically booked up even before our draw as there is a gay pride festival on down there. Have heard one of two on about going back up to Ennis or Galway sat night…

  25. Funny to see Darragh in the Times today trying to spin the line that Mayo were the ones who missed their big chance.

    Pull the other one big man, it’s got bells on.

  26. Forgiven for clogging up the blogs this evening but the lee thing is wrecking my head. I’m getting phone calls from mates telling me the appeal is a waste of time. If so it’s a foregone conclusion what’s the point of having it. Willy joe opened this blog with the title ” lees appeal tomorrow night” If the result is already known there’s no point in us discussing it. What is the make up of these appeals ? Who sits in on them? Is lee called in to defend himself or is it a kangaroo court? Do these gaa heads get paid for a few hours mulling over an insistent that has only one outcome. Do they sit around drinking tea and telling each other jokes and then after an appropriate amount of time emerge like Moses with the commandments. I know how these things work. All bullshit and show. If I’m wrong I,ll climb croagh Patrick next week in a mayo jersey and look down on the most beautiful county in Ireland. Mayo for ever

  27. I’m heading to Ennis Saturday night – couldn’t face the drive back in that traffic. If there’s a few of us around, we could make a night of it!

  28. anyone know what the story is with Park & Ride from Limerick hotels to the game??? Sounds like a great idea and saves the hassle of getting lost…heaven forbid I spend the game driving about Limerick looking for a game!

  29. It cud b a long dark night if we go to extra time and then back to Croker for replay

  30. “Think Mayo need to concentrate on playing their own game on Saturday as opposed to focusing so much on Kerry.”

    Dead right Anne Marie I hope Mayo learn from the last day in this regard!

  31. “Davy J” I like Darragh usually but in fairness when looking at who “missed their chance” the last day it is easy to say straight away point at the opposition. In reality both teams sort of did, though I think it’s a bit harsh on both

    The only certain thing is Kerry missed two opportunities in injury time when the game was level. Either of these would have won the match. So looking at it this way you could certainly say they missed their chance moreso. Obviously Sheehan’s was very tough but O’Donoghues was fairly standard for an intercounty forward

    The reality is that both teams could have both won it and lost it and both will get their “chance” again next Saturday. Thing is I fully fancy Mayo to take it

    I’ve said it time and time again I’d have given my left arm for a draw the last day at half time. It had all the hallmarks of a real “kick in the teeth” defeat at that stage. How wrong I was/plenty were!! Up Mayo

  32. Can’t wait for sat hoping mayo will finishthe job who is going to win on Sunday I fancy donegal jim will have donegal ready hope no dubs read this.

  33. If lee is not allowed to play, then I would leave Kevin Mc in that position. I would leave Jason in midfield with Seamie as Tom Parsons would like the last day make a impact sub. I would put Andy in corner forward with Freeman in full forward and Alan Dillon taking up Kevin Mc’s position. If Kerry bring on Donaghy then I would move back Gibbons to catch or break ball away from him and put Parsons on . We will need some player that has the ability to not allow Donaghy to catch high ball. If things are not going well around the middle I swap the O’Seas . After watching the TV coverage last night I thought Gibbons was unlucky to be taken off at half time, he was our better midfielder in first half. Also Alan Dillon was taken off too soon. If he got a ball like the way Turbo had it he would have popped it over with his eyes shut. Also Vaughan should have contested the ball that Donaghy got instead of looking at him. Not enough guts or courage. I hope Lee is cleared as we need all hands on deck for 70 mins. When we went man to man marking in 2nd half and threw away the game plan we showed guts and courage. We were playing to a script in the 1st half, 3 men watching OD. Keith is good enough to watch him. Tom Cuniffe was caught out on several occasions as was Seamus O Shea. We have to have learn to be ruthless.

  34. Take a look at Connellys here. This was far worse as he didn’t even have the ball and he struck 3 times. If that was overturned I would be fairly sure that Keegans will be overturned.

    But however the GAA is a biased organisation and have made complete fools of themselves so far this week. I would expect them to make a cock up of this one too.

  35. Parking is going to be an issue. There is a shopping centre on the right before the grounds but early Saturday afternoon this may be a bad choice. The Tesco Coonagh shopping centre on the way into Limerick has huge parking capacity, is free and is only about 15 minutes walk. It may or may not be possible to drive a bit further on to the Greenhills Hotel & Caherdavin Estate. It will depend on how the gardai marshall it. Avoid Clarinbridge if at all possible it’s a nightmare at the best of times. If you go out the old Dublin road as far as Craughwell you can turn to the right for Kilcolgan. It’s a bit of a rat run but could save an hour or more in Clarinbridge.

  36. Good god true grit you must have see a different game, how anybody can question vaughans courage, or how fourteen men played so poorly, I dont know, anyway all the best for Saturday to the management and team

  37. Gibbons let David Moran through him on two occasions to knock over great points. Didn’t catch anything. Seemed off the pace. Probably out for too long. Was great in the league. Parsons was much better in the second half and we won midfield.
    Andy must start. Along with Dillon, Cillian and Kevin Mc we have 4 genuine marquee forwards this year and we should recognize it. They are playing great football.
    Freeman, on present form, is only good for a cameo but Doherty is worth his place.Its the best forward line I’ve seen for Mayo for a long time. If they get ball they will score. .

  38. as regards parking, just get there in lots of time and be prepared for a walk. maybe the gardai will allow the usual “wreckless abandonment of vehicles” on the day and youll be ok or maybe theyll be difficult and move you along. its a fair walk from city center to the stadium so be prepared, and parking there is a hoor as well on saturdays.

    coonagh cross shopping centre is perhaps a mile away on the mayo side of limerick with a big carpark, theres another big carpark on the right on your way into limerick just before the stadium but i think itll fill up fairly fast on saturday, with mayo cars, the kerry crowd will likely park closer to town and walk out.

  39. FDBinashui , i have one adult and two juvenile for mackey stand, id swap them for clare end terrace but ive just realised its two adult you need.
    Anyway i want to swap for terrace as daft flag i have is too awkward for stand.

  40. Wondering what quality of seats have yee all got with season tickets and chairde Maigh eo. Sitting at the end of the Mackey stand very disappointing compared to where season tickets do be in Croker, but at least i have a seat, were are all the center stand tickets going VIPS like Hyde park again?

  41. I would play Chris if lee not available.Big stars often play better second time round so we still need to marshall O Donovhue and double mark him.Anything less and he will run riot.
    Of course we can do it.Convinced of it.This team has a Clare like quality to it….nothing will stop them.

  42. Got a place to stay somehere outside Ennis. I think it’s probably around a six hour drive from up here in Tyrone, so I’m staying somewhere out in the boonies, everything is booked up in the city. I think this is a good sign that the support for the lads will be strong. Can’t see any of those cute hoors overnighting for a semi final. I would love to hook up after the game with fellow Mayo people who are also staying. Is there a place after the match that ye’d be setting for? I’ll worry about getting back way after it’s long too late.

  43. probably kerry supporters tom, reports comin out of Kerry, they cant get enough tickets.

    Neutral ha!!

  44. I hope Freeman gets plenty of game time on Saturday as I feel the confidence has drained from him a bit and he just a good game to get going again. A bit like Doherty really. I think people are being a bit hard on Caff, he’s not long back from an injury and when you look at the stats he’s not that far back on last year. It’s not like the full backs are being very well covered this year anyhow. I think we more or less got the match-ups right until Donaghy came on, we didn’t seem to have a plan for him. Some think Seamus O’Shea is the only man that can mark him effectively but if it turns out we are in the same position towards the end of the game we have to throw the big men back and close out the game proper. The Dubs have it down to a fine art. How many teams since 2011 have come back at them in the closing stages? We have had three big scares this year that I can remember, Dublin in the league and Cork and Kerry in the championship. Our luck has to run out sometime, we have to choke the life out of the games if need be, it’s not pretty but all the big teams do it.

    Can’t see Lee having the card rescinded, but one man’s misfortune may be another man’s opportunity, Feeney in the forwards with McLoughlin starting back, switching as the game goes to keep the Yerras guessing?

    There’s a lot to be said for the six day turnaround, I’ve hardly had time to think since Sunday and now this time three days we will know if we are back in the final! Exciting times, I’ve never seen so much activity on the internet between stadiums, tickets, bans the whole lot!

  45. It will be interesting to see if Lee does not get to play what changes James Horan will make. You’d think that making a direct replacement for Lee might be the least disruptive option. Maybe it might be the day to give Richie Feeney some game time. In relation to Ger Cafferkey, you’d like to see him punch the ball a bit more when those high balls come into our full-back line. The Kerry backs did a lot of this in the first half as Cork did too against us in the first half of the quarter-final game. We have the perfect players in Keith Higgins, Colm Boyle and Tom Cunniffe to pick up the breaks. It was great to see some more players get some game time, Mickey Sweeney and Tom Parsons did well as did Michael Conroy. Jason Gibbons was given a chance as well so at this stage I suppose Richie Feeney is one of the only players who has not been given a chance since the New York game maybe along with Darren Coen. It’ll be interesting to see if Barry Moran will come back into the reckoning as well to match up against his namesake David Moran. Roll on the big game!

  46. I can’t see Andy starting. He has performed consistently from the bench and gives the lads and fans an enormous lift when he comes on. Dillon went off on Sunday solely because he was out on his feet. Six days of total rest required for him.

    I think Gibbons struggled to get into the game and may lose out. Freeman also didn’t perform as we know he can but he had his moments. He put COC through on goal with a clever flick, won one free in front of goal and had a decent effort for goal saved in the second half. He might well be worth retaining.

  47. On the topic of concentrating on our own game – yes, but it’s about striking the correct balance between that and being prepared for the tactics of the opposition.

    The best teams are able to control the pace of a game and then close it out. I’d love to see us achieve this on Saturday.

    Funny reading Darragh today. I read him every week, enough to easily notice the green n gold coming out of him in the times today. He said no hype down there or rush for tkts…yet hearing from other Kerry sources they r mad to get to limerick. You can be sure it’s the latter!!!

    We need to be really vocal for 70+ mins on Saturday and…

    BRING A FLAG!!!!

  48. Sean Burke – thanks for the offer – i think I may be sorted now – will know for sure in the morning.
    As it happens – I decided to get an extra adult ticket for the Clare end, thought if i needed it might be easier to swap that to just get the lad in on full blown adult ticket.
    As a result, I may be left with a few spares for the terrace but if I do I’ll be on here and the Club 51 site looking to offload.
    I’m Probably nuts, but I just don’t fancy trying to marshall a toddler on a packed terrace, its easier if we all have something to sit on. Probably a bit mad bringing him anyway but the poor lad is most likely going to have to live in Dublin for most of his days. No harm in getting him started shouting for Mayo early either.

  49. Some words of wisdom from Darragh O’Se –

    “I hate giving out about the GAA but as far as I can see, they’ve basically told the people who are central to their operations that they’re actually at the bottom of the food chain.

    As for how it will affect the game, I would see it as a slight disadvantage for Kerry. This is going to sound a bit airy-fairy but there’s something about heading for Dublin at this time of year as a Kerry footballer. This is what you live for. There’s a sort of magic about it.

    It’s small things. It’s the train journey. It’s the overnight. It’s the Garda escort. It’s the feel of being in Dublin, of knowing that you’re there doing what generations of Kerry footballers down the years have come to Dublin to do. You can’t quantify it obviously but I always think that’s worth a few scores to Kerry.”

    Absolute bullsh’t!!!

  50. Joe Ruane
    Quinns in Ennis good spot or Ciarans bar near queens hotel.Few of us heading there after match.A famous man like yourself would be welcome.We will be the ones in Green and Red

  51. Tom
    End of stand tickets it seems for Croke park season ticket holders . Section 102 and 111 that I’m aware of . At least it’s match tickets but compared to the home of America football they seem like poor seats .
    Was on tickets.ie earlier and tickets are still available for both terraces . I wonder have the clubs being allocated tickets yet and If so is there big demand ?

  52. From what I hear they are going mad for tickets in the Kingdom.
    I actually think they would prefer to be playing us in croke park.We all know they produce their best stuff on that soil and to beat us they are going to have to play their best stuff. Bit as Saturday draws nearer I have a feeling it won’t be as close as last Sunday and Mayo by 4.my own opinion would be to not start Andy.He played well when he came on the last day and looks a lot sharper as well.

  53. High ball problem, Donaghey coming on with 15-20 left, could bring Duffy on to man mark him, nothing more, though when others are tired he could be very useful as he can do an AOS charge. He is well used to fielding high balls with the opposition tanking down on him. That doesn’t happen in football. He’ll punch it away no problem. I’m sure JH will have considered all options a million times.
    After the game I asked who would be happier, JH or E F. For me it is JH, as EF has given it everything and that against 14. Kerry will have tremendous difficulty handling a full Mayo team focused on their own game, rather than seeking to neuter the opposition. Let EF adapt his plans to counter us this time. If he doesn’t then he is gambling that they can match us and I don’t believe anyone, including Dublin ( and I am not being arrogant, but basing that on what I saw last year) can do that.
    I feel for Keegan. It was instant reaction, but I will be delighted and astounded if the appeal succeeds.
    I’ve been interested in the posts and articles in papers about the role of managers, substitutes and today’s focus on players’ position in the overall perspective. I long for the days, both in football and rugby, when 15 aside took the pitch and they represented their team, their county, their country. No substitutes unless the doctor said someone could not continue. Why should a manager play such an influential role during the match? I fear it may be to make a game more enticing, but for whose benefit?
    Someone put a hyperlink up to a Kerry site and I had a look. Like us they were frustrated, but some praised Mayo for a great game. It takes two teams to produce a classic second half like last Sunday. Congratulations to them all.

  54. Re; Coric bridge. I was at the match. On the way home Oisin McConville was giving his thoughts on Mayo’s performance. He said Donie Vaughan was not performing except for 3 runs, other than that he said he was not giving any help. Re: Up she flew, Moran did score 2 points against Gibbons, but so did O Donoghue score 1-4 against Keith Higgins. I did not see Higgins being replaced. Anyway Maher was Gibbons,s opponent. Just making a point on my previous blog.

  55. Not sure if ye are aware or not limerick has a gay pride parade also on Saturday starting at 1 the bridge into the city on the Ennis rd will be closed from early morning best parking is coonagh cross roundabout on way in off motorway shopping center on left handside. Clampers will be on duty watching for no disks and parking on grass in estates at best ull be clamped at worst towed away. Be aware also of speed camera especially in the 100km zone on motorway.

  56. GJC
    Well said, last Sunday was a testament to all involved, I would strongly suggest that every man, woman and child was bursting with emotion, pride and unbridled excitement. Those are the cornerstones of endeavour and sporting reward in the GAA. As GLC said, congratulations to all who played, paced the sidelines, performed the cameos, and all who sweated in Green and Gold and Green and Red in the caldron of Croke Park. Only half of the gladiators competing on this side of the draw will play there again in the year of Our Lord 2014.
    As the cheerleaders hero would say “Dear Mr President, Let me fight for my County” the Presidnts reply might be “CRAP” or “Championship Relocation for American pennies”…

    When you suceed or fail, bleed and sweat, cheer or cry on our lined fields, then and only then should you have a say in where great men fight,, HQ this is a shameful day for ye. Now commence putting the lipstick on the pig with the best advice from the PRO’s,, this descision is still a pig….(president Ignoring Grassroots ) wakey wakey this is not your field but All Of Ours.. When the coveted prise is on the podium The Colisium is the only worthy venue. Give me an “F” give me an “A” give me an “I” give me an “L”.

  57. Gamechanger 10 GFC. This is the best BLOG I,ve ever seen written. CONGRATULATIONS you have made the best contribution to Our County, that can only motivate all concerned. Thanks again.

  58. Well done Anne-Marie and club 51 on that travel guide. I drive the rat run around ClareGalway every morning for work so be careful, the road is bad and there si a narrow bridge just before Cregmore school that allows only one car at a time to pass over.

    Pity we couldn’t organize a charter from Knock to Shannon 🙂

  59. True Grit, your admirable loyalty to Gibbons is misplaced on this occasion.He had a very poor match last Sunday and I was delighted that Horan acted decisively enough to rectify the situation at half time. All commentators had expected us to lord it at midfield. We had done so against a Galway pair who won the midfield battle against Kerry. Yet we lost badly on Sunday in the first half. Maher and Moran were brilliant for Kerry.Moran sailed through Gibbons on several occasions. He is their third choice midfielder and he scored two points.
    It doesn’t give me pleasure to criticize a talented footballer. I was delighted to see his name on the team sheet as he was our great discovery in the league. He is strong, mobile and has an eye for a score. He forced himself into a midfield section where we are particularly well endowed. However, it is sometime very hard to get back to your best after an injury lay-off.Obviously Horan thought he was right or he wouldn’t have picked him. He wasn’t, and the practical decision was made to take him off. These things happen and we have to trust the manager to call it properly. I hope he gets back to his league form as I always fancied he would be great against the mobile Dublin midfield (I know that is a jump but we have to believe)

  60. Cheers Steve, but the credit has to go to the rest of the crew on this one, and also everyone who has contacted us with information, it’s much appreciated!

    The charter would have been the job alright! 😀

  61. What about Barry Moran in midfield along with Seamus O’Shea for the replay? I know James wants more mobility there (most likely with an eye to Dublin) but the Kerry midfield, while able to field really well, isn’t the most mobile. In a high-fielding battle, I’d fancy Barry to thrive there.

  62. Ya Barry mitened be a bad idea in midfield. I was looking at some of the stats from the last game. We werent in the game at all in the first half not that we needed stats to prove that but the point im making if we dont get into the game and make our mark we are fucked. So if big Barry is going to come in he needs to make an impression. That goes for all the lads we need to be showing for ball and commanding midfield and turning the Kerry lads over wherever possible and then punishing them. Going by the stats COC got very little of the ball but when he did he generally makes the most of it. It would be great to see our forwards showing and receiving good possession more. Basically there can be no hiding places in the gaelic grounds. Hopefully we can go to the break in the lead come out in second half and up the pressure for 15 minutes and go and then go and close out the game

  63. Was thinking the same thing myself, WJ – why not bring Barry Moran back into midfield. Thought we were horsed out of it in the first half the last day and Barry would certainly prevent that. The more physicality we can bring to Limerick on Sunday the better. It’s a tighter pitch so Moran’s apparent lack of mobility may not be as big an issue and we need something in reserve so Parsons could be held back.

    A surprise or two in our selection the next day would be good – not like the two that everybody knew about last week. An unannounced Barry would fit the bill nicely here.

  64. Would agree on the tighter pitch in limerick suiting Barry Moran. Also feel that parsons has surely moved ahead of gibbons in the pecking order after the last day? Donaghy at full forward would be my biggest concern. I’d feel seamie o Shea is the best player in our squad to counteract donaghy, at least he wouldn’t catch clean ball over his head.

    Freeman or Andy is Horans other big call. I’d rather see Andy start. While freeman is probably more skilful, Andy’s guile and ability to dog it out in what’s sure to be a tough battle would suit us more in this one. Aidan o Mahoney had the upper hand on freeman while he was on the last day. Then again in replays the fellas who played the worst the first day often star in the replays and vise versa.

    I also feel we shouldn’t get complacent about O donoghue who will be out to make a bigger impact the next day.

  65. Can we drop the “We go again” tagline. This was used by Liverpool supporters when they blew the chance to end a famine from winning their dream prize. We don’t want to associate ourselves with labels of failure.

  66. I think Barry would have been introduced at half time ahead of Tom Parsons if he was in the running. I would be extremely hesitant to removed Seamie from centre field. Does a Trojan amount of work around the middle and is a very under rated runner with the ball.

  67. We need to lay into them from the start this time.
    The last day Moran at midfield & Geaney at 10 were causing us problems.
    If we can turn the tables at midfield then they’ll be supplying less ball to their dangermen with less pressure on our defence.
    I would agree with Barry getting some game time this time.
    If we’re protecting a lead at the finish as in the last 2 games we need a midfielder back as an auxillary full back for the last few minutes …. if the opposition need a goal what else are they going to do only rain high ball in hoping for a break ?
    I don’t know if it is going to happen but I would like to see Feeney get some decent game time in this one also. It would be an opportunity for himself & JH to mend whatever fences need mending for the greater good of Mayo Football.
    Anyway onwards & upwards.

  68. Pat Murtagh – Could be associated with worse teams….like man whoo but lets not get into an argument here 🙂

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