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Lee Keegan has been in the news today and, for a change, it’s good to see the focus on a positive story. Lee’s been out of action since picking up that nasty shoulder injury against Tyrone back in March, having only returned to the fray less than a month prior to then following his double hip surgery over the winter. But he’s back in full training now and will be available for selection against Limerick next weekend.

There are plenty of pieces with Lee in the media today. In the one in the Irish Independent (here) he reveals that he suffered concussion as well as the shoulder dislocation that day against Tyrone and he makes a few interesting points about the nature of the hits that have become commonplace in Gaelic football nowadays. He also broaches the point about our lack of discipline in big games, a theme which features as well in the Irish Times piece (here).

The Irish Mirror has two pieces with Lee, one focusing on our discipline and all that (here) and the other where he talks about the concussion injuries he’s had and his fears for what these could mean for him in the longer term in the game (here).  The Irish Sun (here) tacks in the same direction as that latter piece, as does the Irish Examiner (here).

The Connaught Telegraph (here) and the Times UK (here, paywall) both major on the “war zone” quote Lee made, which also features in most of the articles above. Other pieces with Lee today, which are along the same lines – GAA, The 42.

The Herald, meanwhile, puts a Dublin-centric spin to the story (here), bringing Diarmuid Connolly into it, but this merely enables the Westport man to joke that he’ll “have to stick with Ciarán Kilkenny.” To be honest, though, there’s a far bit of heavy lifting to be done before we have the luxury of thinking about the king of the lateral handpasses this year.

Finally, a morsel of information about the Limerick game. It’ll be reffed by Fermanagh’s Niall Cullen, a relative newcomer to the roster who first started to officiate in the championship in 2017. We’ve never had him before but he was linesman in last year’s All-Ireland semi-final replay, where he became the subject of Darran O’Sullivan’s ire after the Kerry substitute was ordered off on a black card (video clip here).

If Lee does play a part for us in the Gaelic Grounds the next day, he might well recall the Fermanagh official as he took charge of Westport’s victorious IFC club All-Ireland final back at the start of last year.

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226 thoughts on “Lee’s back

  1. Willie Joe, Niall Cullen reffered our 2016 u21 game with Dublin. Was a bit all over the shop from memory, but did us no harm in the latter part of the game

  2. Wow, what Lee has gone through to play for Mayo, is a testament to his commitment, and love of his county, a through warrior like Tom, and the rest of his team mates, incredible mighty Mayo Men, I Wouldn’t swap them for all the Dublin Joe’s and their three handed on a plate to them titles, by incompetent referees, and officials, for any of our mighty warriors. Best team ever? Well where does that leave Mayo. I’ll tell ye, conned by downright atrocious tackles and decisions on more than one occasion, when the game was slipping away from Dublin, and they had to resort to, illegal and disgraceful tactics, to get them over the line, while the referees stood idly by and did all, but applaud them for playing rough house tactics, that u would only see in a boxing ring, or at a wrestling match, That’s why the titles are devalued, and worthless, in any decent person’s evaluation, or assessment, of the 3 in a row. Oh by the way nothing against Dublin people, im going to meet my mate now for a pint, Dublin Dave, and his mates all Dublin, and we really chew the fat when it comes to football, but in a respectable and funny way, lovely guys they are, in case they are reading this, UP MAYO.

  3. One word for Lee. MIDFIELD. He never looks backwards or sideways it’s always forward and that strikes fear in all opponents physically and mentally. We just cannot afford to have all our star players minding the house. Give them a role further up the field, why not

  4. Great news to have lee back in action, he was sorely missed against galway, he was nearly guaranteed to have broken the defense and nipped in with a point or 2, i just hope that his shoulder isnt targeted now by the opposition, i recall the same thing happened to cillian a few years back after coming back from injury, that would be the last thing we need now but im sure stephen, lee and all the backroom team have a little bit more knowledge than me on the situation:)

  5. Thanks be to God for the good news, alot of gloom since the defeat to Galway and Tom Parsons bad injury, it will take a few games for Lee to get up to the pace of the games.

  6. It’s the concussions I find concerning. I wonder if there’s a way to alter Lee’s play that drastically reduces the risk of further concussion.

  7. Gosh Lee has had an awful time and the concussion on top of it all. These players putting their body and health on the line. Very sobering and worrying.

  8. Welcome back again Lee. Your contribution to the cause was sorely missed since last March. I don”t expect to see Lee play a major role just yet but it is essential he get game ready the the summer months

  9. If you read between the lines I think Lee is rightly suggesting that our players are being targeted by opposition for rough treatment because of our reputation for being a “physical’ team. (Which is what happened to him and Evan Regan in the league). Lee is a smart fella and he’s laying down a marker to officials that Mayo players aren’t getting the protection they are entitled to. You could also argue that he’s linking our recent sending offs with frustration with officials not giving that protection. We need somebody to bat on our behalf in the media because not enough of ex-players are doing it. Simply put, in games of fine margins, wrong decisions costs us games and we need to put that right.

  10. You’re right there lee. Could you imagine the outcry if something had happened to David Clifford or con o Callaghan like what was done to Evan Regan in the league. Teams are playing the game in a violent fashion against us this year and are getting away with it.

  11. I was watching the ‘72 Final last night as I had never seen it before . Wow ! What a cracker of a game ! That was manly football at its very best . Simply couldn’t believe Willie Bryan of Offaly. That has to be the best performance by a midfielder I’ve ever seen. And he was marking Mick O Connell ( tho at the tail end of Mick’s career ). Nevertheless wow ! What a treat.

    I am thinking there is cause and effect between how the game has gone with running ( rather than catching and kicking ) and the risk of injuries . Those guys in that game in ‘72 were unbelievable physical specimens on both sides and unbelievably fit. But no one was seriously injured . The game was much more enjoyable played like that .And that’s the first time I understood what Mick O Connell means when he trashes the modern game . That game is exhibit A in great Gaelic football. Manly but fair.

  12. Love Lee… great news. We need to believe… always believe…as supporters,as a team, we will pick up old big lugs and once the dam bursts Mayo will make a habit of winning All-Irelands. Welcome back Lee. Another brilliant wise powerful Mayo man!!!

  13. Will people give over about the Evan Regan injury. There was absolutely nothing in it. He was dropping his head while slipping past a defender who was raising his arm to try to block him. Sorry to disappoint some folk – but there is no conspiracy against Mayo players or the Mayo team in general !

  14. Agree with liamontherunsince51m, this was lee sending a message to officials… great to have him back

  15. Your interpretation of the cause of Evan’s injury is fair enough, 45, and I can give the benefit of the doubt there. However, it seemed to me that there was a remarkable frequency of rough – even aggressive – tackling against us in the FBD and from some of the “big” teams in the National League. I don’t think we were prepared for that. Did it not seem that way to you? I certainly thought some teams were coming out in the League to lay down a marker to Mayo (it seemed to be their power play to “neutralise” us). I’m thinking Galway, Kerry, Tyrone. It also looked as if Galway had a strategy of just provoking us enough that we would gain a red card, but that their players would not. I could be wrong though. At any rate, it did occur to me also that Lee’s frank comments about injuries – that he did not have to make – would be heard by match officials.

  16. Works both ways lads, ye have to stop on about past trangressions against any Mayo players, The elbows issued by both O Connors in the league in Feb and moreso Diarmuids assault on Paul Conroy which left him bloodied and concussed was a terrible act which in fairness was condemned all over. There is no conspiracy against Mayo lads, seriously..

  17. Nobody ever said that there is a conspiracy against Mayo players Tuamstar and 45. Top teams and top players get targeted – that’s par for the course. I was merely attempting to interpret Lee’s comments as loaded towards officials. There’s plenty of pundits from Kerry and Dublin doing for their own counties every day of the week! I do think overall (and not just with Mayo) the GAA could do more to protect players from cowardly challenges that lead to serious injury such as concussion (Diarmaid O’Connor’s challenge against Conroy included). Also 45 that challenge on Evan Regan in the league if you witnessed it would be interpreted as GBH if it happened on the street – and for what? Because he dared to do what all forwards are expected to do – get past their marker.

  18. Jesus Swahili, that is a cringeworthy post. You don’t have to blindly defend every Mayo player no matter what.

  19. He didn’t have to jump into it, as I was wide open as it was, Great to see him highlight that, as it was a full on, no attempt to pull out of the tackle, nasty high challenge, why didn’t the rest of the papers highlight it as well? Anyway he fully expects to be back in Croke park this year, and thats good enough for me. Good man Lee, its great to have u back, hope u have an easy, and great evening in Limerick.

  20. At the time i was raging with Diarmuid, but in hindsight, im glad Conroy got taken out. He was acting the bollox all through the fbd game (when his fake tan was running). Trying to act the big man by dragging O’Shea on the ground in the league, dunno wat purpose that fulfilled? As Aidan was flat on his back, a no contest if Aido was on his feet…Conroy=Coward. At least when Connolly and Keegan went at it, they went at it like men. No shoving lads over the advertising hoarding (Conroy fbd) when the player was’nt looking.

    If a sligo forward levels that short arse kerrin fella on Sunday, then i’ll enjoy me roast dinner even more. Hon the magpies.

  21. Wide ball I agree . What I said was completely inappropriate . Not a blind defender . But Diarmuid is no coward . Willie Joe please delete the comment or the part that is completely offensive and inappropriate . I need to go into self moderation .

  22. Tuamstar – I’ve removed that c-word reference from your post. No need for that kind of talk here.

    Swahili – if it’s all the same with you, I’ll continue to take care of comment moderation around here.

  23. It dosn’t work both ways as you say Tuamstar. Both O’Connors were rightly sent off for their transgressions and everyone fully agrees with that. No problem there. The problem I have is the disproportionate number of Mayo players down through the years that have been seriously injured where the offending player has suffered no consequence for their action. Even Regan is the most recent case in point. Regan ran towards goal with the Kerry defender trying to get back to cut off his path.. like all good forwards Evan saw that Kerry defender was coming in to fast and so he dropped the shoulder onto his left to let him slip past and got an elbow in the face and fractured jaw for his troubles. No action was taken by the referee. No retrospective action was taken on video evidence. It barely got a footnote in the media. So.. naturally we welcome that Lee has raised the issue of player welfare and injuries today, As others have said it’s fully accepted that players will be targeted.. all we have ever wanted is a fair playing field.. if you break the rules you’re punished.. simple as

  24. Yes of course Willie Joe. I was bang out of order and in -appropriate . Would you mind deleting my offensive comment entirely.?

  25. Sincere Apologies to you Tuamstar too and anyone else from Tuam on the site.

  26. Yeah, Aidan O’Shea gets targeted in every game, Keegan, and the O’connor’s too, to name just a few, yet nothing gets done about it, its hard to blame someone reacting sometimes when in the white heat of battle, im not saying it’s right, there’s rules and regulations there, to be applied fairly to all teams, not giving the chosen few, unfair advantages over all others.and turing a blind eye, to blatant assualt, and thuggery, that the Dublin Joe’s of this world seem to condone.and allow for their favourite teams, while complaints gets swept under the carpet, in case the real truth comes out, the boat is rocked.and the gravy train comes off the tracks.

  27. On a lighter note, did anyone else notice the uncanny resemblance between Tom P. and Che Guevara. Imagine a few bus loads of Mayo supporters, all dressed in Che Guevara T-shirts and, matching sun glasses, alighting at the Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, and marching in unison to the top of the Mackey stand with flags. I’ll tell you that would soon put a stop to any off-the-ball stuff….

  28. Regan was done by Buckley a few years back for the colar bone. No idea if was malicious or clumsy but his most recent injury was against Kerry with no proper punishment.
    Lee was done by Tyrone but a Mayo player gave him a loose pass also giving the Tyrone player an opportunity to take him out. No excuse for the Tyrone player but up its to the ref to punish it.
    Cillian should stick to football which he’s good at instead of playacting and he’s received a few too many reds e.g. in Limerick. Diarmaid was only a 2nd yellow in Salthill but after avoidable straight red in Castlebar he should also focus on avoiding any more reds.

  29. The old how teams play in the physical stakes debate it is always a hot topic and gets the blood boiling usually.

    I’d never class either Mayo or Galway for that matter as dirty or bad intentioned.
    Galway have upped maybe the physicality of their play. I don’t think in a dirty manner. I think maybe they have just changed their approach to how they play and don’t want to be pushed around anymore. They have however taken a leaf out of the Dublin cynical mode of play, trying to disrupt the run of play but certainly not a dirty team by any means.

    Mayo are physical and rightly so. Ball winning and retention demand this. We’re always quick to identify players as Mayo supporters who cannot win or retain possession of the ball. Mayo have always tried to win games playing football and ironically have probably lost some big games due to this.

    On the other end of the scale Dublin are the aristocrats of the cynical play. Lord Jesus they are frustrating to play against. Sadly this has never been dealt with by the officials and is one of the big shames of the game. Great footballers but too much time with theatrics. Very physical, very cynical and occasionally the bit of dirty play.

    Tyrone play a filthy game. No cynicism here. No physical only stuff. The guys go out to do damage and that is a great shame and no opponent should have to take to a football pitch with the possibility to be hatcheted to the ground. We can see incidents in matches where a play might look dangerous but unintentional. Diarmuid o’connor is not a dirty player and instantly regretted that contact with Paul Conroy. The Tyrone lads don’t regret these incidents. It’s bad and it’s dangerous and it has no place on a football pitch. Why doesn’t Sean Cavanagh talk about this rather than the shite he talks about Mayo. Ulster football is teak tough but Tyrone are a dirty team.

    Kerry are a physical team and dirty enough when they want to be. Pure football at times over the years and pure dirty and dangerous play mixed in with that when they decide on that brand of play.

    A gripe of mine is how well referees protect themselves. Diarmuid Connolly has been given many bans for merely touching off officials and the likes. He has been over punished in my opinion. He’s a great player and has cost us in the past but I still don’t like to see players over punished or getting lengthy bans for sweet feck all. Galvin got banned one time for slapping a notebook out of a referee’s hand. Another man who used to get the line alot.

    The referees look after themselves though. Curse at a referee and you’ll probably see the line. Touch off a referee and you’ll definately see the line.

    It’s frightening to see some of the assaults our players have suffered and the zombies in black with their silent whistles conducting this carnage.

    Refereeing is a tough job, but any referee who is more concerned about his own welfare on a pitch than he is about the welfare of those people playing the match should not be on the pitch to begin with. I blame the Gaa for the majority of nasty injuries and dangerous play we are served up on a weekly basis.

    Player welfare me arse.

  30. Swahili its a Gaelic football discussion blog.. I think that post regarding Tuam and its people is very offensive and very disappointing. Willie joe apologies for my intial post and the way it was formed.

  31. I’ve just seen the itial posts Willie joe so that’s fine.. We’ll move on..

  32. Incedently, Kevin Mcloughlin was put to the ground early in the Connacht quarter final.

    My interpretation was that a strike, if it is a strike and a bookable offence, must be a red card.

    A yellow card was issued. Possibly because it was early in the game and the ref didn’t want to spoil it.

  33. Lads why are we at this “we are the victim” shite again? Diarmuid got a red card and he was damn lucky he didn’t receive a lengthy ban. Cillian should have been given a lengthy suspension for his elbow on Kerrin in the league game against Galway. The irony is that he got injured in the Tyrone game, a game which he should never have been allowed play in. Lee’s injury was a result of a hospital pass & a massive collision. Did we all conveniently forget the huge hit by Boyler earlier in the Tyrone game that put the Tyrone man out of the game on a stretcher?

    I am no fan of Paul Conroy, but the Diarmuid hit was stupid & could have caused a serious injury. There is a way to hit hard and lay down a marker:

    Boyle on Comer 2014
    Tom Cunniffe on Peter Harte 2013

  34. Well said Mayo focus. Keepmovingforward no way Kerins was a red card, both players harmlessly pushed each other McLaughlin threw himself to the ground. Tv replays conclusively prove that..

  35. I worked with the ref for the Limerick game for a few years
    He is a good ref with no anti Mayo bias.He is human however


  36. Ok, I have no sky plus like the Galway lads and haven’t heard anyone mention the incident.

  37. Jr I hope he has lasered his eyes since limerick, as he was a disgrace that day, no human can make that many errors.

  38. The we are the victims shite is boring. Bye and large the refs mistakes even out. In a tight game there’s a chance a bad call can cost ye but the same could happen the other team. The ref next day I don’t think has done any big games yet so we can expect some errors .. the best approach is to be well ahead of Limerick. Play what’s in front of ye.

  39. On the discipline front we’re no angels, a few too many reds in last 12 months. If unchecked that can result in the Paul Galvin effect, give a dog a bad name. The game is called football not UFC or any other thing where lads batter the heads of each other. Don’t have to be shrinking violets but time now to focus on football. Most Mayo people like Limerick and its great stadium. I recall the welcome we got on the streets there in 2014. Let’s go out and play a really good game of football and win.

  40. I agree Shuffly Deck. There is a cohort of Mayo fans that think the world is out to get us. I don’t like bringing it up for obvious reasons, but there are plenty of examples Mayo foul play over the last year or 2.

  41. Only a small rant today,lol. Its a bit shortsighted by the gaa, and the powers that be, that in this day and age, we can’t see all our national games on tv, only what is dictated by the tv networks, and the secret in society in Dublin, when we can watch any foreign sports under the sun, that is forced fed to us, under the guise of entertainment, instead of our national games.

  42. I don’t know how anyone can think that the tackle on Lee keegan was fair play. Lee was concentrating on getting the ball. He was in no way prepared for contact. The Tyrone player went in to nail him and that’s what he did. I don’t give a fu*k who agrees with that or doesn’t. It was a nasty dirty hit on Lee and it resulted in his serious injury and concussion. Mayo focus it’s not the hospital pass that was the issue here, it was the intent that the Tyrone player went in to nail an unaware Lee and it was an intentional collision which could and should have been avoided.

  43. Mayo Viking – Colm Parkinson had a right rant last week (here) on that very issue. Hard to argue with anything Wooly says in that piece. The GAA really have their head up their ass where it comes to TV rights and their stupidity and inaction in this area serves directly to perpetuate the godawful muck that RTE continue to serve up in their GAA coverage.

  44. @mayo viking. Your 100% correct.
    When did all this sport suffocation start.
    Boxing over the years was made great and dominated in main by poor people in poor inner city areas. Then the money potential from boxing was cottoned on to. Big fights went to cable and low and behold the poor people that made boxing were the very ones that couldn’t afford to watch it anymore.

    It’s shameful that older people and people in hospitals and homes and those unable to attend matches cannot get to see the majority of games.

    Cash is king. Hail the king. Players are amateur, no money for them. Our national games drip fed to us and which games we see dictated by cash.

    Gaa philosophy.
    Money is good but not for players.
    Supporters are essential but cash is more important.
    Cash or supporter ? Cash every time.
    Their screwing up the national games royally.

  45. Yes Ger Bohan and Willie Joe, I remember the Cullen reffing in that Dublin U21 semi final.

    He was very naive and there were a few crazy decisions. After one particularly bad one in Dublin’s favour, there was sustained booing from Mayo fans (myself included). A Monaghan man beside me leaned over and said, ‘yiz will get everything from here on in’. He was right! We did get a few that went our way after that.

    Implications are that we had better be well ahead all through this game. A close run thing with Limerick breathing down our neck in the last couple of furlongs would be dangerous with that ref in charge.

  46. There’s a fine line between having a debate about player welfare/injuries, which in fairness Lee discussed in his interview and the same auld cliché that everyone is out to get us. Of course, when a topic like this is raised, Mayo foke are going to look to their own and cite examples where they feel hard done by and naturally complain about it.. it’s a bit of a stretch to say that everyone is out to get us as a result. We might as well say nothing at all if that line is going to be served up every time we comment on something we don’t like. And anyways we’re missing the main point here which is. Lee, one of our greatest and most respect players, at home, nationally and abroad had his shoulder dislocated, suffered concussion and has had a lengthy period of rehabilitation. He is using his position as someone who is highly respected to discuss a topic which is personal to him, is a hot topic across all sports and he is laying down a marker to the GAA hierarchy yet again.. you guys need to get your shit together and stamp out this stuff. I totally agree with Revellino in that I know full well that the Tyrone player could have pulled out of that hospital pass to Lee but saw the opportunity to take home out.. and he did. To blame it on the hospital pass just simply beggars belief. Stand up for your own and call something out when it’s wrong.. were well past the point of paying any heed to what other think of us by now.

  47. [Deleted].

    U20 match v Leitrim next Saturday is moved back to a 1:30pm throw in the venue MacHale Park.

  48. When supporters of some of the bigger teams (In terms of population) do something bad or wrong, then it’s the “minority” or “they’re not real football people”.

    If something bad or wrong comes from a Mayo person, generally it is assumed to be associated with the majority.

    As an objective opinion, can anyone explain why this could possibly be?… Out numbered? education?

    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Is beauty the only thing the eye can behold?

  49. Thanks, Wille Joe, and Revellino, Fair play to Colm Parkson, he doesn’t mince his words. Feel much better after reading that, kowing someone else is fighting for what should be our showpiece event, and national pride, not a diluted, and watered down version to suit their own schedules. Good man Wooly.

  50. I think we should all go back to writing dodgy Limericks rather than concentrating on hard luck dodgy ref decisions and red cards and injuries

  51. Really, how many times do I have to repeat the same point, i.e. that unsubstantiated reports about the team (in this case a challenge game and who played) may NOT be posted here? That’s you off to comment moderation (again), mayomagic. I’m getting seriously pissed off at this stage about the way some people continually abuse the hospitality afforded here in this way.

  52. Lee was a marked man after making a fool of smiley and Tyrone took their opportunity when presented to them on a plate. The old Testament philosophy of an eye for an eye seems to be part of the holier than thou ethos of Mickey Harte.
    Discipline becomes an issue when the consequences are not imposed equally in all cases. Anybody remember John Finn? Nobody saw anything so he probably did it to himself. If it was a Dub somebody would have been sent off. Lack of intent is no defense as it does not lessen the damage done. Looking forward to trip to Limerick.

  53. Another trip to Limerick is near
    For our brave warriors and fans
    so lets win and hold no fear
    and we will make plans
    for another day in Croker

  54. Hope Keith gets through unscathed, If it was Cavan or Tyrone we were playing next week, I doubt he’d be playing today. Be no harm to rest him next week, start Harrison instead. I think Lee should start from the off and replace Coen, get the match sharpness back into him. Hanley and Durcan to replace Diarmuid and Tom. Cillian to start instead of Doherty/Loftus. Doherty looks like he needs a break, one of our top performers from August on. People might say Andy should be rested, but he has gone on record saying the more games he plays actually helps him. I think Rochford will start this team against Limerick:
    2. O’Donohue
    3. Barrett
    4. Harrison
    5. P. Durcan
    6. Boyle
    7. Keegan
    8. Seamie
    9. Aidan
    10. J. Durcan
    11. Hanley
    12. McGloughlin
    13. Loftus
    14. Andy
    15. Cillian

    Vaughan one of the first subs on for Seamie, Coen likewise for Keegan/Boyle. Jason Doherty for Andy, Higgins for fb line or black card. Nice blend of youth and experience there to get a comfortable win.

  55. Mayomagic what about the rules of posting hear say over matches that are not reported on in media . Willie Joe has made this very clear in the past.

  56. Willie Joe why do you think you can act like some sort of dictator over a bunch of fans who just want to talk Mayo football

  57. You sound a little stressed there Willie. That’s fine from now on i will keep classified info classified.

  58. Mayoman55 – because (a) I set up this place, put endless hours into maintaining it and pay the hosting charges for it so I think that gives me the right to say what can and can’t be posted and, more importantly, (b) if I didn’t have a set of rules – which, if you’d bothered to read them, you’d see are reasonable and don’t get in the way of people talking football – then this place would become rumour bullshit HQ in no time. There are more than enough open sewers on the internet as it is, this one will not be added to the list. And I don’t think I’m a dictator, not even a benevolent one!

  59. I’m not stressed at all, mayomagic – just despairing that some people, yourself included, aren’t prepared to abide by rules that they know full well exist about what can and can’t be posted here.

  60. Meanwhile … back on the pitch it would appear that the hurlers are heading back to the Rackard Cup for next year. 1-10 to 0-3 down to Roscommon at half-time in their final Ring Cup group match. Defeat will relegate them.

  61. Willie joe. Swahili initial comment regarding Tuam and its past which i think most people know what he is referring too is still there and has not been deleted. A comment like that has absolutely no place here and am disappointed that you delete comments regarding challenge games quicker than something so disgusting as to what Swahili was referring too. I mentioned the word coward in my post and it was edited yet his/her post remains . I am shocked that as moderator you have not removed it..

  62. The way people disrespect Willie jobs house rules is nothing short of disgrace. If people want rumours they would be aswell off reading ah ref on twitter. Keep up the good work and don’t heed them Willie Joe

  63. I happen to watch highlights of the first semi against Dublin in 2015. No question about it but we should have won that day only for……missing a number of good scoring opportunities including I dare say, a 3-on-1 goal chance on the Dublin goalmouth when AM went for goal instead of squaring it to a free Freeman.

    It’s the one basic pattern in all our games against Dublin. Plenty of possession and terroritary but not converting the chances.

    Will this year be any different?

  64. The ref bashing here is getting tedious. Players will think twice before they pull & drag Diarmuid in future. I think AoS should have planted one or two opossition players in the league to set down a marker. It was terrible to see Rock barging guys after he scored without a hand put on him. The league is the time to set down markers & the championship a time for discipline.

  65. Except for the final last year when we converted something like 60 per cent of our chances! That would win you almost every game.

  66. Apologies WJ…I didn’t read above and assumed that game was an officially result. I’ll sit here on the bold step

  67. There once was a blogger Swahili
    Whose farce was a pain to read ,silly
    But he just couldn’t cope
    With a cowardly trope
    And that was the end of him really

    He way overstepped the rules
    Which are fair, don’t tolerate fools
    He became way too angry
    Because he was h’angry
    Saying sorry so much is not cool.

    And so fare thee well Willie Joe
    All our times , they come and they go,
    You’re a gent and a saint
    A dictator you ain’t
    Keep it up you’re the pride of Mayo

    So the stage it is yours Revellino
    Don’t blog while “under the vino”
    Your job ,move the masses
    Bring Afros , Sun Glasses
    For Friend Tom ,the great man that we know.

    And I say to you Sean Burke
    For you ,a piece of work
    Make the banner a monster
    Zeitgeist you will conquer
    Sean , this one , you shouldn’t shirk .

    To my friends I say adios
    I know I’m a helluva dose
    For our boys and their pride
    That I hold deep inside
    I’ll be watching , don’t you suppose.

  68. Only tuning in now… Seems like I missed something… /In an unrelated matter, I respectfully disagree with you JR… If you think that getting yourself sent off, as in the case of Diamuid.. I think you better ‘Think it out again’ like Fagen in, ‘Oliver Twist’…. If you show any weaknesses, and’ ‘a reputation for indiscipline’ or ‘indiscipline’ itself opposition player’s are probably more likely to target you, rather than less… And once will be enough for them to think about it, even if they do think about it ‘twice’ … They will still do it… I think Aiden OShea incredible self discipline is to be admired, and although not nearly enough, he is getting the odd free here and there….as Refs at long last take notice of his sportsmanship. ..

  69. Keep up the good work Willie Joe fantastic site follow it every day,can’t understand people questioning your rules on your site,it would be like going to someone’s home and criticising their food

  70. Does anyone know When is Mayo playing New York next year i would like to know

  71. James contact David Brady on Twitter… he is organising a trip over so he will know the definite dates

  72. How good have Galway hurlers been this summer since winning the All Ireland. All the players and Joe of course playing mighty..i so feel that if we could just win ONE, that would be us!

  73. Man up Swahili.

    Your forgiven.
    WJ only deleted the comment and told yea to cop on. He was correct.

    I’m sure Tuamstar forgives yea, he just hasn’t said so.

    Mayo people don’t give up. If we did where would Tom Parsons be or the Mayo team be for that matter.

    I’ve had a comment or 2 deleted in the past and WJ has told me where I went wrong. He was right and I took the advice and on we go.

    Your feeling a bit down today. Chin up old boy. The sun rises again tomorrow and the next day.

    I met a man one day who never made a mistake.

    Everyone who reads that line above knows that has to be bullshit. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s just how you come back from them that determines who and what you are.

    Prove your human Swahili and remain on the blog.
    Maybe not so much when on the grog.
    Chin up.

    Rgds Revellino.

  74. On the great Swahili’s self imposed departure (moderation) – I think a Shakespearean quote from Othello best encapsulates his – well, if not football knowledge, then surely something else, “I have done the State some service, and they know it. No more of that…”

  75. Swahilli think of it like having a row with the wife it happens to the best and worst of us and it blows over and everything is rosy again. Willie Joe is a fair moderator. Maybe you had a moment of madness and said something you didn’t mean or wished you hadn’t said. We have all been there trust me. Tomorrow is a new Day come back and post something again I’m sure Willie Joe won’t mind as long as it’s respectful to all. Now chin up and blow out the jets tonight with a pint or
    Two. Great days await following Mayo on the backdoor journey

  76. Fook sake, Swahili, made a mistake on forum – the depth of your feelings over a sorry period of our history was laid bare – that is the essence of humanity…

  77. Swahili, don’t you dare leave.
    The emotion you feel right now will dissipate and you will be rearing to go again by morning or a few days at most. Everyone can’t be happy with you all the time!! What do you care anyway?! We are Mayo and in this together 😉

  78. I think Keegan in middle has to be way to go. Parsons is a huge loss. Leroy saved us against Ross last year. We have enough backs to mind the house without him and we have to improve our forward play. Only option that I can see to replace Tom!

  79. It was only a yellow card, Swahili, certainly no more than a black and a long way short of a red. Tomorrow is another day and Round 1 of the qualifiers is drawing ever nearer so we need everyone on board.

  80. Fair play to yea Wlie Joe for saying that.
    .OK Swahili your going nowhere.
    That’s an order.

  81. Come on Swahilli as WJ says we need all on board. I got a black card here after an fbd game, we all get them now an again, you take the extra laps in training, apologise to the banisteoir and your back for selection then 😉

    If we get a nice draw in round 3 (one game at a time I know) I really would fancy our chances to do damage in the 8’s. The beaten provincial finalists are looking like Cork, Roscommon, Scutter from Leinster, and tricky yet beatable Ulster team. Avoid Ulster and we’d be odds on against the rest… 12/1 is a mighty fine each way bet…

  82. I admire the great work that you do on our behalf here on this site WJ. Maintaining a standard of any kind is a tough and uncompromising task 24/7. I don’t know how you do it. I know there is a silent majority here that are for ever in your debt for your hard work. Strong moderation has made this site what is today and long may it continue. Many thanks also on the great work and contribution you make on the Podcast. I simply cannot wait for next Saturday and the Gaelic grounds once again.

  83. Swahili. Sinead37 needs her youghurt.
    Youghurt will keep for a day or 2 but remember we don’t want it to go out of date either. Sinead37 needs it for her fair complexion and her stunningly good looks.

    WJ. Didn’t spell your name too well on last post. Posted from a neighbours house with bad Internet and no glasses and the eyes aren’t the best.

    Looks like the Galway hurlers could very well go all the way again. They have a great hurling team. Cannot see them been stopped.

    We’ll be breathing football again in a week Thank God. The breaks between matches are a purgatory. Its like not giving a smoker a cigarette for 2 years and then you give 200.

  84. Well done Willie Joe. You have had a tough job over the last week or so. Things have certainly got a bit heated. I think its because there is such a gap between games. At least now we are into the last week before the next game. Hopefully the games will come thick and fast for us after this. Tickets got for next Saturdays game.. Looking foward to it now. Keep up the good work.

  85. Good to see Lee is back and very insightful to hear the cost of his dedication to football. And it’s not just Lee so many footballers make such sacrifice to play . We should remember that next time we want to critiicise someone after a game.
    I am not sure we should play Lee at midfield as he is our best man marker and needs to be available for that role. How about Paddy Durcan for midfield. Mobile physical and can take a score..

  86. The people have spoken Swahili.. forgiven by all, we expect a response and a posting by suns up!! All is forgiven..

  87. And you better be back as Swahili. Not some alias.
    Be Swahili
    Be Mayo
    Be proud
    And be fuc*en quick about it too.

  88. I went for a run to clear the head .

    Well it’s only right that I respond after all these extremely kind words.

    First of all , for the record , Willie Joe is the nicest , kindest , most decent man around. He is truly one of a kind. What he does is beyond compare. I truly look up to and admire him. To him go the plaudits . All of them.

    The kind words of Man Of Aran about doing the state some service were very nice ….
    ( but I do have a bone to pick with you MOA because of your comment about my football knowledge.While quoting Othello you stick the knife in-more like Julius Ceaser) I’m smiling !

    And to be clear , I did understand that it was a yellow card. But like a Skelpie , I got away with it !

    It should’ve been a red with a lengthy ban to boot.

    To be very honest the least forgiving person about what was said last evening was me. I will try to explain.

    First I do not want to cause problems for anyone associated with this website( Most especially Willie Joe). I do not wish to cause chaos or bring the site into disrepute.

    Secondly the issue I commented on was far too important and far too serious to be used in anger like that on a football blog. The context was way off making my comments truly cringeworthy and borderline disgraceful . In my heart I knew the commentators were right . Totally .

    Thirdly , I completely lost the run of myself . I was totally joking but I should not have talked of sending anyone to moderation ( especially when the person needing moderation in a very big way , was me)

    Fourthly , I thought my comments revealed a thuggish side which is not usually my way. Never ,my way actually . I need to understand this.

    Something about the ( inappropriate use of the word coward for Diarmuid ) poked some inner demons to make me lash out like that . For the record I wasn’t drinking but was definitely starving hungry. That is no excuse .

    TBH it would be wrong to let a moment like this go and not pause for self reflection . This moment revealed something and I’m wrestling with what exactly it is I’m supposed to learn from it.

    I wonder how brave I would have been had I been living around and known about this issue ? Maybe not as brave as I’d like to think I’d be ? I’ll never know about that one.

    So I’ll have to look to the present and see if I’m being honest enough with myself . Are there things right now that I should be speaking up about ? The answer comes quickly . Yes, of course.

    I need to fix this.

    We are all limited in our courage. Limited in our outrage . And mans inhumanity to man will always outstrip our ability to stand up to it. But stand up to it we must . When we see it. When we feel the injustice. When we know wrong from right .

    You guys are the best friends I may never meet . Your support right now means a lot to me. I was really down on myself . Giving up is not my way but I was thinking of the site and Willie Joe .

    Thank you all. I’m very grateful for and humbled by your support .
    I’m going to start right now standing up for what’s right.

    Sinead37 locking her Jackeen husband in the doghouse is just wrong . It’s a total disgrace.

    I know a lot of people on this site know about this but have kept very quiet. Maybe they think he deserves it ? Or worse ??

    But we simply can’t go on being complicit in a gross miscarriage of justice like this . I’d like to start a campaign to set him free ( after the All Ireland Final of course )

    Free Sinead’s Jackeen
    @ Www. Jackeeninabox.com

    Stop this injustice now !

  89. Ha ha ha he is a yellow belly and after tonight’s match has himself hiding away in his doghouse. He even likes it in there.

  90. Ha ha ha Swahili.
    I knew my terrier would get you out of that badger hole.
    Good to have yea back man.
    We have to get ready for the football. Many games coming now.thick and fast.
    Sinead37. Don’t let that fellow out of the doghouse yet. Tell him it’s all part of the process.

  91. I’d just like to say it wasn’t hear say or bullshit rumours i have no time for that either it was factual information and what i said earlier will likely be repeated in Mayo news or Western People during the week however like i said from now on i will stick to your rules and allow the newspapers deliver this type of news first!

  92. I’m just gonna put this out here now nice and early – I fancy Cork to win the Munster title this year. I think we’ll see kerry in the round 4 qualifier pot. There is some genuine talent in that cork side, some fresh young players and they will be playing kerry in the Pairc for the first time in a few years. They are overdue a win over kerry, and in contrast to Tomas o Se today in the indo, I don’t believe kerry are world beaters. Powter and Luke Connolly in particular are two players who have really caught the eye in the last year or so. Cork will beat kerry in the Munster final!

  93. @Larry Duff. I think Cork can beat Kerry if they match up a lot of tall powerful forwards on the Kerry backs. People forget that Cork were narrowly beaten by Kerry in three of the title winning minor years, 2014/2015/2016.

  94. I like the idea of Lee playing in around the middle but not as a starting mid fielder. We need bigger mobile men. Lee would be great for dirty ball no doubt and launching attacks but would he be cleaned out in the air?? Not sure how he’d match up against a David Moran or a Tomas Flynn or an Ian McGuire or a Brian Fenton in that regard. I’m still hoping I’ll hear of Matthew Ruane or, dare I say it, Conor O’Shea being given time to develop in the role. No idea what’s going on in training or challenge games but I do pray it’s something new and creative to fill the void left by Tom’s absence.

  95. I would like to see diarmuid tried in midfield when he is available.
    Diarmuid will run all day win dirty ball can field and would be good for quick kick out.
    He can also defend and take long range scores.
    Diarmuid deserved his red against galway but for people to say there was intent totally disagree, his elbow was high but he never looked to see where conroy was.
    The same thing happened to diarmuid last year in sligo game he got busted went off got fixed up and came back on.
    Hope he learns from the red but a dirty player he is not,gives as good as he gets.
    Tuamstar galway are no angels and think this will be exposed as the season goes on.
    Willie joe your playing a blinder as usual.

  96. Regina keep him in the doghouse and welcome back Swahili to the fold we would have missed your litreary genius

  97. Lee’s back Swahili is back all is good in the world again. Welcome back boys

  98. I think Leeroy would be caught out for size in midfield on most occasions. To get the best out of Lee he needs to be left on the half back line with license to attack. Most teams now put Lee’s marker full forward to take Lee out of the game. You would never see Jack McCaffrey, for example, follow his marker into the full back line.

  99. I’ve heard Diarmuid mentioned for midfield, but has he the size? I remember seeing him warming up a few feet away from me at the London game a couple of years ago, I didn’t think he was that tall.

    Like the look of mayo.dunphy’s team above. Although we should persist with Coen.
    This is the type of game where we should give the younger lads some meaningful game time, we don’t often get that opportunity in championship football.

    It was lively on here yesterday I see. I think I’ll start calling WJ Manuel Noriega!
    Some people need to take a long hard look at themselves and start being a bit more appreciative of the service WJ/Manuel is providing.

  100. Actually just did a search on Diarmuid, he’s 6 ft apparently. He looked a lot smaller when I saw him, although I had been in the beer tent for a couple of hours before…

  101. Top secret :Oppo Player profiles .

    Source : Field agent Swahili

    Name : Brian Fenton.

    AKA “The long legged MacDaddy “

    Age: Twenty Four . Seriously ? FFS !!!

    Aliases : “Stretch “, “BFF” “Bestie “ “Swannie” “The long legged MacDaddy”

    Club : Barca Athletico Raheny.

    Biggest influences : Francis “ Ciaran “ Whelanstein ,
    The Master Falconer, The Worlds tallest man

    Favorite animals : Giraffes , deer , Gazelles, Philly.

    Favorite Movies: Bambi. The swan princess.

    Legend : His grace is not natural in humans . It is told that he is descended from swans (that he is in fact one of the children of Lir). Legend has it that he spent 300 years ( without an All Ireland medal of course ) off the coast of Mayo on Inisglora.

    Living there as a swan for three hundred years was hard enough , but with Barrett and O Donoghue after him daily with a double barrel meant he was never going to be a Mayo lover once he was reincarnated .

    He did wonder though WTF just happened when he ended up in Raheny? Was this some sort of prank ? Were the gods having a laugh ?

    There were no swans in Raheny and on the contrary it was thought that Whelanstein himself was descended, on one side of the family , from Velociraptors (which are basically six foot four carnivorous turkeys )

    Raheny could be a dangerous place for Swannie.

    Strangely enough within a few years of reincarnation he had bonded with Whelanstein , won three in a row All Ireland’s and was undefeated in championship football . To this day.

    Which just proves that there is a curse on Mayo , only it needed to be broken gently to the faithful that this carry on could in fact go on for hundreds of years yet.

    What happened so far during the first 67 years could be just the warm up ! Just the prelude !

    The faithful could have several hundred more years of changing all their login passwords to Mayo4sam( insert the year here). It was going to be an epic haul.

    But Raheny for 900 years and Dublin’s fourth Reich undefeated for a Millenium , yea , that had a nice ring to it .

    Down in the Kingdom The Yerras were wondering ,indeed worried , “how in the name of god Des “ the Dubs were going to fit all those medals in their back pockets ?

    Yogurt , an aficionado of urban African American culture thought to himself the Dubs would look like American inner city youth , looking like fools ,showing their crack with their pants nearly on the ground ,such would be the weight of the medals in their back pockets. This bothered him greatly .

    He thought maybe Galvin , with his fashion background could ( should )reinforce the arse of the Dub’s trousers with steel wool and charge them a small fortune. He certainly had the vision and the talent for that , he thought .

    Plus now you could have the added problem of the fact that you’re nobody in Dublin without 100 All Ireland medals.

    The guys like Brogan who retired on 99 medals Darragh suggested “No ,they couldn’t be called great “

    Worse ,”They’re dead to me “

  102. I think we have a few options we can try at midfield. Diarmuid, lee, aido, COS,Barry Moran, Stephen Coen. It may be a case of horses for courses but I’d prefer a stable midfield partnership.

    A lot of people calling for changes which is fair enough but there’s no way I’d drop, Coen, Loftus or o donuhue from the starting 15. These are the best of the young crop coming through and need to be persisted with.

  103. Hard to understand why the u20 competition is not a round robin series. Half the teams training 6 months for one game – doesn’t make sense. Only way for players and a team to develop is by playing games.

  104. Thanks, Mayomagic – that’s exactly how it should be. If the papers report things, then that’s fine but, if they don’t, I’m not in favour of world exclusives being broken here.

  105. Jesus Monaghan were bad, some woeful shooting a bit like ourselves against Galway. Wouldn’t lose much sleep if drawn against them in rd 3, after hopefully 2 qualifier wins on the trot.

  106. And Pat Spillane announces “little Fermanagh are now in the Super 8’s” before been told they are not in it yet.
    Goodman Pat.

  107. Can’t say I saw that coming Really thought once they had got over Tyrone Monaghan would go ahead and win Ulster Maybe they thought the same and took Fermanagh for granted, It would be wonderful to see Fermanagh go ahead and win their first title now. Meanwhile Monaghan will be waiting in round 2. I don’t believe they are as bad as they looked today and would prefer to avoid them.

  108. Galway cruising against a mediocre Sligo. Barry Cullinane gushing about Galway on Galway Bay FM before the match. He laments that they are not being given more credit for beating Mayo. He feels they are well capable of reaching an All Ireland final. No mention of super 8 quarters never mind a Connacht final. Kevin McStay will love this kind of talk. Monaghan are now in the mix. One game at a time for Mayo. Maximise squad depth with game time for as many as possible. And substitutions after 10 mins of 2nd half.

  109. The same Barry Cullinane that gave a depleted Mayo team who had a man less for over half the game zero credit for losing to an injury time goal from the same Galway team ?

  110. Can anyone tell me what happens if we beat Limerick next Saturday? Are we back into a draw and if so,against who?

  111. We could get Clare in the next round like we did last year-Is it Possible

  112. Tyrone were always Monaghan’s bogey team according to my father..a very disgruntled Monaghan man this evening..Think once they had beaten Tyrone they felt the monkey was off their back..Didnt forsee them getting beaten tbh and I feel alot of GAA folk will be the same.They lost that game in 1st half…

  113. MayoLady92/James Fleming – I explained the whole qualifier draw the other week, full details here. If we win next Saturday we’re in one pot with the seven other Round 1 winners and in the other pot are the eight losing provincial semi-finalists, Clare included.

  114. Poor Waterford. Such a horrendous decision to award a goal. That my rant for today. What kind of officials do Gaa have.. (also conor mcmanus would of course put that last minute chance over against us and no way would we ever get a last minute goal to win)

  115. Will be one of Monaghan, Down*, Clare, Tipp, Longford*, Carlow*, Sligo or Leitrim.

    * Assuming here Down, Carlow, Longford lose their respective provincial semi’s.

  116. Galway appear to be really making shapes…..irrespective of Sligo’s quality they put up a serious score.

    Will they win one before us?

  117. Galway could well catch the dubs over the next two or three years. They are on the up and the dubs I’m sure will let one slip over the next two or three years as mayo are probably now on a downward curve unless rochy puts faith in youth and changes tactics to suit the players we have. I don’t think this will happen though and feel one of the northern teams will pip us this year in qualifier. We lack pace from midfield onwards and this needs to be addressed. We also need a left footed reliable free taker. Kerry will come again also wouldn’t b surprised in seeing a Kerry v Galway all ireland before the end of the decade.

  118. Notradamus…. Wouldn’t try and predict what will happen in this year’s football championship, not on the 3rd of June anyway and This is the first year of the Super 8’s, strange things might happen …Dublin remains the best, the team to beat, and will be the best until they will be out of the championship, and that might not happen this year, or even next year, Of course Dublin will benefit from 2 home game’s, in the Super 8’s, one in Croke Park and one in the unpaid for by Dublin, defacto home Croke Park …. Galway and Kerry put up serious scores today, Fermanagh caught Monaghan with a suckers punch, in a match even more tactical than the much criticised Mayo /Galway match, mind you I think Fermanagh deserved to shade it… Who knows, maybe Fermanagh might win the Anglo Celt cup (what a strange name for a cup in Ulster of all place’s?) & if Fermanagh do, it will be their first Silverware in their entire history, and who could begrudge them?… If Tipperary would listen to the any pundits during, today’s match or last week, they would never have came back from, 9,points down and 11 point’s down respectively… (I understand some dodgy officiating helped them, I didn’t see the second half but I also taught that it was a very harsh Red Card for Tipperary at the end of the first half…Their will be plenty of uproar about dodgy decisions in Limerick today, and rightly so, but as we well know in Mayo , Limerick is no stranger to dodgy decisions .. Maybe it’s the Fog or Mist from the Shannon that’s causing the eye sight to malfunction… Never seen that mist mystery, but I read about it in ‘Angel’s Ashes’…. I’ll sign off now, the Sunday Game is starting.. Jaegerlatine is playing!

  119. Wille Joe, Whats the big attraction of playing summer football in America, Whene he’s virtually a shoe in for Dublin, if fully fit and in form? On a related matter, cricket scores put up today by our neighbours and the yerra’s, would suggest there could be some great games to come, and ding dong batles before Sam finds out where he’s spending xmas, We could find room for him in Mayo, if he’s tired of city life,lol.

  120. Galway are Flying Fermanagh are giant killing the
    dubs are the dubs and Kerry are doing what Kerry do best. But I wouldn’t panic take one game at time and give plenty young lads a chance against Limerick and see how it goes nobody really expects us to win Sam
    This year so let Galway have the limelight and see what happens

  121. I would say the Dublin set up is very regimintal. You can imagine with Gavins background it’s yes sir no sir. I would think that the personality has to be left to one side if your with the Dublin team. It might not have suited Connolly and he probably needs a break from it. He’s probably fed up to the back teeth with bans and bad press as well. Imagine the gruel of hard training and then your banned for 3 months. That couldn’t be easy to deal with either. They’ll be trying to get him onside again if they come a cropper this year. I’m not sure how long Gavin might stay around either if the likes of kerry make the breakthrough. With other teams now looking like their improving fast it could take several big performances this year to lift Sam. That’s a big reason to give the new lads the start next week. I think they said kerry started 7 new lads today. Waterford started 6 from their u21’s in the hurling and had Tipp bet except for an unbelievable call from the umpire.

  122. Yeah ur probably right there Revellino, Another question, as the song goes, (There are more questions than answers, and the more I find out the less I know) dont know who sings it, but if,? and im only thinking out loud, to myself here, hahaha, if we had any of the 2 Jim’s over the last number of years, would they have got us over the line? No disrespect to management, present or past, just as I say thinking out loud, and wondering what might have been. I actually think management are going in the right direction, by bringing Durcan and Hanley on in the last game, lets hope they start in Limerick, as there is something about them, they seem to add pace, and a freshness to our attacking forward play. If we get midfield sorted.We wont be far away.

  123. mr connolly may just enjoy a break away from dublin which is a small place in the greater scheme of the world we inhabit, plus, 5 sams in 7 years, you can imagine the appetite gets weaker when fed too often. With the money and resources pumped into dublin today, the question should be why connolly would even be missed, not a question of wondering if he will go.

  124. WJ – has there been any word on our U20’s at all? I haven’t heard or read a thing about their 2018 panel or preparations. It’s about to turn from zero to white hot for them over the next two weeks as they face Leitrim next weekend and hopefully a Connacht Final in the Hyde the following Sunday. Really no idea where we’re at with this group of young players as it’s been all so silent from their camp all year.

  125. Well despite the obvious rivalry it was a pleasure to watch D Connolly play the game the way he did an absolute rolls Royce of a footballer , he was the difference last year even though he didn’t even start . But like our own Ciaran Mac for Crossmolina , Connollys most devastating display of skill came in the club final that year they beat Mitchels, left , Right , all over every attack he was sublime. A rarity in today’s game to see such raw natural talent . Best of luck to him in th US.

  126. Comprehensive wins for both Galway and Kerry. I wonder will K mcstay go full football or try and smother the galway attack. I cannot see the rossies going to defensive. They’ll need to get out of the blocks early to ruffle galway this year.
    Kerry will be a handful for anyone. Their accuracy yesterday was top notch. Don’t think they’d be notching up half yesterday’s score against a Mayo defense though. I wouldn’t like to be predicting the all Ireland champions at this stage. I think we can have a big say again this year in where Sam ends up but it looks like it will be a tougher task than ever. We’ll know more about how good Kerry are after Cork get a good rattle at them.

  127. Having spent a few years in Boston i can say from expierience its a fantastic opportunity and way of life. Gauranteed great weather, financially a great deal and a chance to meet great people and try something new. From what i believe Connolly needs a change of scenery from Dublin and a few months out in Boston will be a huge benfit to the guy.

  128. Monaghan had a great victory over Tyrone in Omagh a number of weeks back, they were being tipped to make the All Ireland Semi – Finals, they went to the same venue yesterday and totally underestimated Fermanagh and paid the price (lessons for Mayo this year, do not underestimate any opposition, Thomas O’ Shea said last night “Kerry always respect their opponents”, maybe that is one of the reasons they have 37 titles). Another lesson from the game in Omagh yesterday, the benefits of the long ball into the square to a big man (we have a number of big men, why do we not use them in the opposition’s square?, it paid rich dividends for Fermanagh yesterday).

  129. If you’re looking for a laugh, have a read of John Divilly’s column in today’s Examiner. We don’t even need to hype Galway to the skies – John is doing a fantastic job of that all by himself. I’m sure Kevin Walsh will be in touch to thank him, once he’s decided whether it’s Tuam or Eyre Square for the homecoming in September. ;o)

  130. Monaghan are a good league team but never feature at the business end of the championship. I expect the same of Galway this year but I may be wrong. It’s difficult to pour so much into the league in feb/March and maintain this until August/September. In fairness to Rochford he’s times thing perfect over the last few years although a loss in the Connacht championship was probably not part of the plan.

  131. Where have all the limericks gone
    None written for a long time
    There is a coming of a new dawn
    So let all the bells chime
    Because Mayo will show their brawn

  132. Put on our Mayo Colours
    Cos we are heading south
    So lets Stick together cos we are all brothers
    Lets sing Mayo songs loudly from our mouth
    and show up in plenty of numbers

  133. I think we should start our strongest possible team on Sat. If we are well in control then introduce fringe players. Show respect to Limerick–the last time we played limerick in the championship they put us to the pin of our collar.Remember derry!!!!!

  134. @45 The Mayo U20 panel is on todays Western People i’ll leave it to someone else to post it up on here, playing Leitrim at home who are the weakest team in the province so it will be a be a big shock if Mayo don’t reach the Connacht final. I’d say this will be the last year of the old fashion knock out and U20 in Connacht will become a round robin format like Leinster is at the moment.

  135. Under 2o panel named in the West People

    Westport Paddy and Brian o Malley, Paul and Pat Lambert, Colm Moran, Oisin McLaughlin, Rory Brickenden
    Castlebar John Maughan
    Balla Cillian Golding
    Louisburgh Joe Dawson Oisin Lally Basil Mcleod
    Claremorris Colin Diskin Stephen McGreal Matthew Macken
    Ballinrobe Evan o Brien
    Hollymount Nathan Moran
    Mayo Gael John Gallagher Liam Hughes
    Kilmaine Oisin Mullins
    The Neale Tommy Conroy
    Belmullet Ryan O Donoghue Marty Boylan Michael Keane
    Lahardane Aaron Murphy
    Cill Chomain Justin Healy
    Crossmolina Jordan Flynn
    Kiltimagh Donovan Cosgrove
    Kilmovee Cathal Horan
    Aghamore Ross Egan Sean og Tighe Conor Hunt James McNieve
    Ballyhaunis John Cunnane Brian O Neill

    A few surprises of whose in and out, no Cathal Slattery Garrymore, Stephen o Malley Ballintubber, Colm Murphy Balla, Joe Mason Cill Chomain Evan Ronane Davitts or Castlebars Gavin Durcan or Conor Stenson

  136. James Fleming… I hope our sisters aren’t too sensitive!!
    It’s hard to fathom this championship thus far but the comet burns brightest just before it explodes!!
    Maigheo Abu

  137. A certain someone on the Sunday Game last night looked like the cat that got the cream ! I’m not saying whoooo and don’t try to get it out of me because I’m staying tight lipped on this.

    But someone looked like they were indulging in serious dairy consumption. Very satisfied and pleased with himself he was.

    Following on from his bold column predicting this year’s All Ireland winners earlier in the day, and with proof now that he was in fact correct ,he had clawed it back a little ( ok a mile ) to say “ that team” ,”would be “there or thereabouts if they navigate through the super 8’s”

    Like certain world leaders not concerned at all at all with consistency of statements ( even within hours of each other ), it went from bold “All Ireland Winners “ to “would be there or thereabouts “ “ if “ “if” “they can navigate the super eights”

    This cat wants it everyways. In other words , to paraphrase , whatever I say at that moment is correct and my true thought. Regardless of what I said before hours earlier.

    Yesterday , meh ! Hours ago , meh ! This is now !

    To be clear , all angles had been covered in the meejia in the days leading up to the game. Former stalwarts were sent out to proclaim that the “backdoor would suit this team perfectly “ and “ would definitely be a good thing “

    So to summarize they had covered the idea they might get beaten this game or the next ( and that was a good thing ) , they had predicted outright winning of the whole championship ( definitely a good thing ) and that they would be “there or thereabouts if they could navigate the super eights” ( a good thing )

    To some unwitting people it might look like comprehensive Yerra and to the world of analysis , certainly incomprehensible .

    But to say this was being cute hoor is , IMO , simply not true. This cat is simply adrift and clawing for answers not readily available to him .

    For final proof , and to really wake up the uninitiated , he had also tipped Dublin to win the thing . And he admitted to that too !

    This was not being a cute hoor. This was not covering the bases or being politic .

    Yes, you’re right ! It was something else.

    ( Btw There was little thought or analysis given to how their opponents were defensively rooted to the ground ( as we’ve seen with teams before , could be due to heavy weights training as they plan a later foray)

  138. Quiet surprised that Aghamore and Ballyhaunis can produce 6 players for the panel yet neither side could form a minor team on their own last year, amalgamating under the Annagh Rovers banner. Aghamore although to their credit have been one of the best if not the best U21 Teams of the past 3 years, winning 2 titles. Westport and Louisburgh supplying 10 players between them and Belmullet 3, something in the water along our coastline. Great credit has to be given to these clubs. Not sure how many leaving certs made it I count 7 for sure with Rices’ Pat Lambert, Rory Brickenden, Ballinrobes Evan O Brien and Tommy Conroy, and St Colmans John Gallagher and Cillian Golding and Micheal Keane St brendans Bellmullet.

  139. Interesting to see the absence of any Ballaghaderreen players on that panel.

  140. No knockmore or Ballina men either. Thought some the knockmore lads could get run given there’s several starting on senior team and have been minor contendors in division 1 last couple years and won a connacht B title

  141. I think Knockmore won the last 2 North Mayo minor finals, had a couple of close games with Belmullet the last couple of years but it was Ardnaree the beat in last years minor final. Ballina completing at a lower level last year even at U16 level which is a shame. Its strange to seen a young men from Lahardane and Cill Chomain making it and nobody from these senior clubs. I believe there was a lot of competition for forward spots this year, (4) picked from Westport itself, as there was players left off that would have made it in years gone bye, Garrymores Cathal Slattery has played in Senior championship football for the past 2 years and yet didnt make it. No disrespect to the young lads in question believe Aaron Murphy from Lahardane was a regular in their historic run last year and Justin Healy is also a regular for cill chomain.

  142. Just to compare… The league match between Galway & Mayo last February in Salthill, played in bitter Winter Cold to say the least, drew considerably more people,. than the Galway & Sligo Connacht Semifinal, played in fabulous weather yesterday.. Amazing really… Our league match was televised live on TnaG4… Yesterday’s match was not televised live… And it looks like Cora is once again going to enjoy, two Summer’s in one year.. with Cora off to play professionally again in Australia, next November …. I hope this current Summer lasts until then, just so as we all can get a nice tan!

  143. I see that the capacity for Hyde Park for the Connacht Final is limited to 18,870.

    I’ve always said that a Connacht Final without Mayo in it is only half a Connacht Final.

    I rest my case.

  144. Jim Flag – from our point of view yes but Galway and Roscommon would disagree.

    A Mayo v Roscommon Connacht final would have drawn a full house.

    The GAA money men will love another extended Mayo run through the qualifiers….let’s hope we give it to them.

    Any views on the likely amount of Mayo fans that will travel down to Limerick sat evening?

  145. Ewan MacKenna’s latest piece leads for sobering reading. The sad thing is it’s all well known but no-one seems to care.

  146. Its only 4th June but for me this years championship is starting to look alot like last years, many similarities.
    1, Galway beat Mayo and to face Roscommon in the final ( the Rossies greatest hope is that the final is in the Hyde ).
    2, Monaghan doing poorly as last year.
    3, Kerry hammering Clare.
    4, Dubs very quiet in their demolishion of Leinster.
    5, Leinster championship a shambles.
    6, Mayo to navigate the back door and gather some momentum for the super 8’s.

    For me the football championship has become boring and somewhat predictable, bar Carlow and Fermanagh so far, unlike the Hurling championship, some great games in to date.
    It is a blessing that we will also have the World Cup to entertain us over the next few weeks.

  147. I’ve often wondered if Mayo are a better team than Dublin or vice versa. For me as a starting 15 I would make Mayo better in the backs department. Dublin would have midfield and I would still have 3 Mayo forwards on recent championship performances. Andy, Kevin Mc and Cillian.
    So in my mind as starting 15’s go, there is the width of a cigarette paper between the starting 15.
    We have struggled when it comes to running the bench. Dublin have had great depth from the bench. I think this year we will close that gap. Hopefully enough.
    That brings me to a question I ask myself 3 times a week at least.
    If Steven Rochford had the Dublin team and associated resources and it’s depth of replacements and Jim Gavin had the Mayo team, and maybe not the depth off the bench he is bleased with, where would recent all Irelands have gone.
    The reason I ask this question is because I constantly hear about Jim Gavin the great manager.
    I believe that if the shoe was on the other foot and if Steven Rochford had been the Dublin manager, he would have as impressive a record as Gavin has had.
    Given that Gavin would have to do without home advantage as well as without favourable refereeing decisions and also have to rely on a not too deep bench, I actually don’t think Gavin would have won an all Ireland with Mayo.
    When we talk about managers and their so called greatness we must also look carefully at the loaded hands they are playing with as in Gavins case or not so loaded as in Rochfords.
    To have run Dublin to a 1 point game in both years in charge, I know who I would have as Mayo manager every day of the week.
    The great man Rochford.

  148. Mayo88,
    Leinster is dead and buried. Has been for 12-13 years now and won’t be coming back anytime soon. Thank goodness for hurling because you’re spot on, it’s so predictable in the football. It’ll be a major shock if dublin don’t win it again this year.

  149. I think your analysis is correct Revellino. For our group of players Rochford is the man.

    However , within the system Gavin has largely developed himself ( tho standing on Gilroys large shoulders ) I can’t imagine anyone coming close to Gavin’s record . He has won 14 out of 16 competitions !!! In any sport that is extremely special . I tip my hat to him big time . He is a manager with rare qualities .To keep players hungry for success is what it’s all about.

    I mean not only has he changed Dublin from “flaky “, he’s made them all into rocks of composure , individually and as a team. He has withstood small mutinies , many injuries ( this year ) and has put in place the best back room team in GAA.

    He has changed out an unbelievably strong and winning old guard all while still winning . I mean that’s special ! He has a huge and frightening vision which I would read as something like Ferguson thought of Liverpool when he took over at Manchester. That he was going to take them down from their “ fucking perch”. Them , in this case being Kerry and the rest of us .

    I do think we are at a disadvantage most especially with the league but that evens out come the summer.

    I think Gavin’s best trait that I think he could bring to us , that we don’t already have enough of , is composure.

    What I also like about Gavin is that he is true to the tradition of Gaelic Football . We will look back on this era and realize that but for him , Rochford , and the non Amen Kerry people , it would be all defensive football.

    I’m a true admirer of Gavin and what he has achieved but I’d still have a go at him for his stubborn refusal to hold the Sam Maguire ( FFS !) And his rationale on free speech and why it’s all about the players , while being honest , yet don’t ring true .

    Make no mistake , he has twenty times the ambition of Cody and O Dwyer. That’s why he could outlast Fergie yet.

  150. For the record Revellino I believe Dublin are a far superior team because of the depth of their bench and the collective composure they possess . Without composure we fall to pieces . The comparison doesn’t hold . We can hold our composure for long periods but eventually , at critical moments , we seem to fall . I could be specific but will not single out individual players .

    If it came down to it I believe we would beat Dublin maybe two times out of twenty. We would have the opportunity to win ten out of twenty because of our honesty, graft and courage , but we would lose eight of them alone on ( lack of ) composure at critical moments.

    Composure is belief . Composure is discipline. Composure is knowing what you are and what you are not and working with that. Being at ease with yourself . Living in the present moment. Feeling secure . Not anxious to prove this or that .
    Just following ,yes ( apologies in advance ) a process and living with the consequences .

    Mayo could take away almost every Dublin advantage by focusing in a brutally honest way on composure in all its forms. If we just had Dublin’s composure we’d win ten out of twenty against them.

  151. I agree with you totally Leantimes about the resources. But Mayo are resourced about the same as Kerry and like Kerry are not complaining about that advantage . Put it this way , resources alone or talent alone do not a great team make.

  152. But Swahili, composure is in itself one of the luxuries Gavin has because of the depth of his bench.
    We have had to try and leave our starting 15 on the pitch for as long as possible because we haven’t had the go to lads to bring on. When the shite has been run out of you for 50 minutes by Dublins first 15 and then you have to try and keep up pace with the super subs it’s impossible to keep your composure.
    First the body starts to tire but this also brings the mind down with it. It relates directly back to my point . Gavin is spoiled with what he has at his disposal. I’ll list them again.
    Home advantage.
    Home decisions.
    And a bottomless well of talent on the bench.
    He doesn’t bestow this composure on his players by some great virtue. He simply runs the shite out of the opposition because he has the engines to do it.
    Switch managers and I believe Rochford as Dublin manager would run the shite out of Gavins Mayo charges. His great ability to instill composure would be a busted flush.

  153. I’ll put it another way.

    If Steven Rochford had the Dublin subs to bring on that Dublin brought on in the last 2 all Irelands Mayo would have won both all Irelands and by more than 1 point as well.

  154. I think their bench is better and that is an advantage .
    I don’t think however that composure comes from resources.
    It comes from trust and belief in your manager , yourself and your colleagues that you are following a well thought out process. That you will not lose your discipline, you won’t panic no matter the pressure , mental or physical .
    But our decision making at critical moments has failed us . That’s not down to Dublin’s superior resources.

    However , here I might point out something that I commented on before. Beginning of 2017 AIF one of our coaches was on the pitch minutes before throw in and goading the players . Gee’ing then up if you will . In a group as experienced as ours who have been in multiple all Ireland’s it really was jarring . If players needed geeing up minutes before an All Ireland Final then there is something really wrong .

    If he was out there and showing body language of relaxation , of managing and controlling the ferocious aggression his players were about to unleash , of having them be in the moment , then that would have helped . I believe the goal after ninety seconds may not have happened.

    Yes I agree we are knackered by the end of these games . But some of it is our own doing . We are going all out in the first half to get ahead. Dublin have played badly in the first half of all three All Ireland’s and we have spent our energy on gaining slender leads . Meanwhile they remain composed , unrattled , refusing to be beaten .

    It’s not like we don’t know that Dublin will come strong at the end . In my opinion it wouldn’t matter if we had a five or six point lead in the last twenty minutes if we could not hold our composure . I’m not going to speak of individual players composure but errant passes , rushed play , poor decision making is exposed late in the game . But it’s also because we are not focused on the controlled aggression part. If we are to be better in one half , then being a second half team is the way to go.

  155. I completely agree with your last post Revellino . Their subs are better and are a big reason they do well at the end of games .

  156. Where was the Dublin composure in the Donegal semi final when they got scalded or the league final against kerry.
    I wouldn’t want to go down the hometown decisions route but I saw 2 players from the same team collide in last year’s final. The ref deemed that should be a free (a gimmee to Dublin). We lost by a point.
    Was it small that should have been both black carded and red carded the year before.
    Why was Mayo’s main man black carded for a nothing offense on the biggest day of the year. I’ll tell you why, because he was mayo’s main man.
    The same old trout will be out saying, well if we had done this or that differently we would have won.
    It doesn’t matter if you get 95% of it wrong on the day, match outcomes should never be decided by biased refereeing decisions.

    Great managers talk about the battle they have been through. Gavin talks about his teams underperformance. It doesn’t hold water. Multiple 1 point victories couldn’t be down to underperformance each time. Let’s say though, that was the truth. A team that repeatedly underperforms has to beg the question, well is the manager not doing his job right.
    Dublin are been hailed by many as maybe the greatest team ever. So by virtue of been able to beat us by the solitary point on multiple occasions would that not make us the 2nd best team ever. Would it not make us as good as the kerry team of the 70’s and 80’s.
    Dublin have been a very good team but even if they win again this year they are not within an asses roar of that Kerry team.
    Mick O’Dwyer said if they are the greatest team of all time why are they not winning all ireland finals by 8 or 9 points. They haven’t been able to so far. That’s why.
    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have an axe to grind with Gavin or Dublin. I wouldnt particularly say I like him either. He is probably a very good manager but given everything that the man is given I wouldn’t be saying he’s a Messiah either.
    Given what both Gavin and Rochford have been given I think Rochford has really done a remarkable job and we have had no favours from officialdom either.

  157. I hear you Reve and I agree there is bias that may or may not be unconscious . But it’s there and does us little favors. Or seemingly !

    My moment of last year’s final that drove me crazy was when O Gara handled the ball off the ground while trying to unsuccessfully pick it up . By definition it was a free. It was directly in front of the ref. O Gara took a second stab at it , picked it up legally and scored a point . That for me was unfair bias. Not unconscious.

    But the Lee and Jason non penalties were other examples. A penalty was never considered . Again having watched these things multiple times they were both penalties . IMO !

    In addition McWillin’ wanted to be kingmaker and he was absolutely anticipating Chris Barrett challenge and was ready and willing to give a free . I’ve watched this at least ten times now and being as objective as I can be I can’t shake that opinion.( But , and this is key ,right before that , right then , we lost some of our collective composure) There is cause and effect here I believe.

    This was our moment . Refs are human . If they sense panic they will not be “ for you “.

    Like an animal sensing nervousness he’s more likely to attack in that situation. That may be unconscious .

  158. jaysis rivellino you are a hard task master picking out two blips in 7 years 🙂
    some good posts here lads , enjoying the discussion .
    I would also say that Dublin are not the greatest team of all time.. yet… I’d give that to mickos lads but they may get knocked off their perch soon.

  159. Despite agreeing that we’ve been on the wrong end of big decisions over the years, I’m with Swahili on this. Composure wins games. I’m not sure if this Dublin team are the best of all time – I think it’s too early to say – but they are certainly the best that I have ever seen when it comes to a tight finish. They never, ever, panic.

    Mayo have been panicking in All-Ireland finals ever since the draw in 1996. Sooner or later in a final, we lose our nerve. It’s not refereeing, it’s not tiredness. It’s composure. I can go through all the finals and pick out supporting evidence but I’m sure readers don’t want to relive all that again.

    Let’s take an example from the weekend instead. Waterford are 11 – 11! – points up AND have an extra man. But as soon as Tipp raise the pressure, Waterford panic, collapse and cannot finish the job.

    Yet the media narrative is ‘if it wasn’t for that ghost goal, Waterford would have won’. Yeah right. If you can’t win a game from 11 points up with an extra man, it’s not down to umpires, referees, the gods or anything else. It’s your fault for losing your nerve.

  160. Your right Roger. A hard task master. I really believe that we have been hard done by in too many finals. I would agree in 96 we should have won that. We were far enough ahead. I still had a problem with the rumpus that day. 15 players to pick from and the ref sends off Mchale, maybe our most influential player.
    No problem with 97. Lost that on the sideline. 04 and 06 hammered by a far superior team and in 06 were lucky not to be truly embarrassed. Think we got 3 1st half goals that day and still trailing by about 6 at half time.
    I sat about 40 yards away from the Donegal goal on 2012. Cillian O’connor had a tap of the ball to put up a point for Mayo. He was assaulted and turned upside down by a Donegal player yards from the Donegal goal. He didn’t score. Didn’t even get the free. Donegal moved the ball straight up the pitch and stuck it in the net. A 4 point turn around. We lost by 4. We might not have won that day but we might have.

    I still reckon when quality players come on with 50 or so minutes gone in a match its exhaustion that has led to Mayo’s downfall in recent finals. We haven’t been able to keep up pace with the likes of Cormac Costello, Kevin Mcmanamon, Mcauley, Brogan, Andrews you can keep naming them.
    If your physically not able to run hell for leather for over 70 minutes then there cannot be composure. Some of our players are left on to the point of exhaustion. The replacements haven’t been deemed good enough up until now. Hopefully this year.

    That’sjust my take on things. The way I sum recent finals. I not saying I have to be correct I’m just saying that’s how I’ve seen things through my eyes.

    Yeah Roger the 2 in 7 years was nit picking alright. I have no problem saying Dublin have been a very good team and mainly a good brand of football except for the cynicism, but by Jesus they do seem to get a fair helping hand along the way.

  161. The idea that refs are biased is a bit of a stretch. I think the ref was influenced by Dublin for Lee’s black card in 2016 replay. The ref in 2012 did make a big mistake for Donegal 2nd goal but if I recall Donegal point chance came off the upright and was fumbled so there was some player error involved.
    I think much of Dublin’s composure comes from winning and will take a few loses in big games to knock them back e.g. Kilkenny hurlers.
    In Mayo’s case a few players affected by losing big finals and dour obsession with winning and building grudges more important than enjoying the game while still being uber competitive (the hugely positive example shown by Andy). One theory on why Tyrone no longer making AI finals is their dourness.

  162. My Team for Saturday v Limerick

    1.David Clarke
    2.Brendan Harrison
    3.Chris Barrett
    4.Keith Higgins
    5.Lee Keegan
    6.Paddy Durcan
    7.Colm Boyle/Donal Vaughan
    8.Seamus O’Shea
    9.Aidan O’Shea
    10.Shane Nally/James Durcan
    11.Kevin McLoughlin
    12.Cian Hanley
    13.Evan Regan
    14.Cillian O’Connor
    15.Andy Moran
    Would like to see Shane Nally, Cian Hanley and James Durcan all get runs the next day, we won’t get a better chance to try out players on the fringes than next Saturday nite.Think the Right half forward position would suit Shane Nally best as his he has a great left foot and a great fielder for kickouts and his bit of a lack of pace would not be caught out as much from a Half forward position.
    Think Evan Regan should be brought in to address the left footed free problem we have in place off Jason Doherty who is going through a very bad run of form at the moment in comparison to his best year ever last year.Maybe a few sub appearances could build up Jasons confidence as the games go on.
    Would like to see Cillian play full forward in and around the square, he is our biggest goal threat so he needs to be closer to goal, it won’t affect Andys game to much going out to left corner forward.

  163. As for cynicism, yes Dublin are and so are all the top teams. It’s the GAA’s job to sort it out. Sport is a better spectacle when cynicism is minimised. May be worth having a panel of semi professional referees. If do think the referees have been doing their best and definitely continuously improving with McAneaney but it’s always playing catch up as the game gets ever faster. Post match video analysis would be a useful tool especially against players feigning injury soccer style. Can refs keep pace or should we have 2 like Aussies rules or more power to linesmen and umpires. Hurling umpires in negative spotlight now especially on their age profile.

  164. The ref is crucial if Mayo are to make this years final. I would hope to get David Gough in the final if we were to make it, as he is the only ref in my opinion that cuts out all the dragging and fouling off the ball, which would suit Mayo. I wonder will the money men in HQ allow a team to have a crack at Dublin on a fair basis for a change?

  165. Do not see Hanley or J Durcan starting here. Some players need game time of course. Replacements for DOC and Tom. One of AOS Coen or Nally for Tom. COS or Boland or Loftus for DOC

  166. Why are posters talking about refs for a final v Dublin here after seeing what Kerry and Galway did the weekend do ye realise the task ahead of us in the next few weeks let us get to the Super 8s first .Its the only game in Town!!

  167. @mayomanindublin, ref for the final if we make it? we”re about to head in to the first round of the qualifiers on saturday and 9 games in total if we are to make it to a final before we have to worry about these things, i think we should take it one game at a time for now and concentrate on limerick

  168. Mayomanindublin. No, a ref like David Gough wont be allowed and remember when 2 Dublin players collide into each other about 30 yards out from goal, it is a free in to Dublin. Especially in a tight All Ireland Final. That wont be changing anytime soon.

  169. Madness talking about getting to a final this year. We Barely survived division 1 just scraped a draw against Donegal. Our home form is atrocious, against Galway we couldn’t kick snow off a rope and there doesn’t seem to be any attacking plan so take one game at a time and don’t get carried away

  170. Great to have lee back . Outstanding player who can bring so much to the team. Hopefully he can now get a run free from injury. All conversations here seem to be focused on playing Dublin and poor refs. Perspective needed, at moment we are a long way from that being our major concern

  171. I have just found out that the u 20 match against leitrim is on saturday at 1.30. i am very disappointed and cannot understand why it is fixed for saturday when we will all be on way to limerick .the mayo county board knew the seniors would be playing on nineth of june since 13 of may. it is an insult to the team and the supporters having both games on same day.i would love to have gone to u 20 game.i am wondering could it be moved to either friday evening or sunday to allow more supporters to attend the u 20 game.

  172. Jimbo – what is a bigger joke is having the first u20 game in the middle of the leaving cert. There are a lot of leaving certs playing at this grade. 52 weeks in the year surely whoever is running this competition could have arranged it better.

  173. Lads we should be forgetting about Dublin and all-Ireland finals for the moment. as said already our form this year is very poor with no attacking plan whatsoever. Unless things improve considerably we wont even make the super 8. the worrying thing is we put a lot of effort into beating Galway this year and it didn’t happen. We need to start picking forwards who number 1 stay in the forwards and number 2 are able to kick the ball over the bar from 30 yards out. If these lads aren’t on the panel – we will have a short summer.

  174. Great points Shuffly deck. I think what we are really saying is that we have a problem with refereeing ( rather than the well intentioned individuals who volunteer to do this ) It’s not the referees , it’s the system .Its not the human bias , it’s the absence of proper accountability.

    Some points that imo need to be addressed.

    1.The idea that one ref is adequate when experience has taught us the opposite.
    2. The idea that tech review is not worthwhile when other sports show it can actually add to the excitement
    3. The idea that “six of one and half a dozen of another “amounts to some kind of community wisdom as it pertains to fluctuating bias . A more appropriate wisdom imo would be that “ justice delayed , is justice denied”
    4. Saying that refs are not biased is proven to be wrong in every sport wherever it’s played . There is all kinds of bias and this has been studied extensively. Winners bias is all too real and that is one of the advantages that winners like Dublin and Kerry enjoy. It can’t be denied. It has been objectively proven over and over in study after study . Winners bias is an unconscious thing. We are dealing with humans.
    5.Conscious bias is much rarer and not worth talking about but is basically eliminated through appropriate use of technology .

    Refereeing as a system in the GAA could be better. Rules could and should be reinforced . The “national character “ if there is such a thing however doesnt seem to want more rules enforcement . It’s our inner “ Skelpie”. I hate the word “ rogue “ in this context.

    I’m a justice and fairness guy . If we moved in the GAA to being ruled based , rules enforced , consistency of process , I think we’d all be better off. It would certainly help rid us in Mayo of this lingering fallout from how we are being treated by the rules enforcers.

    But while refereeing can be improved and better processes implemented , it is down to us as individuals and as a county to overcome “ all “ obstacles. If that includes inner demons ( like lack of composure at critical moments )then we need to deal with that too .
    This looking back is only so much use if we see patterns that we can work on to improve . Otherwise it’s negativity and bitterness and ( to outsiders )whiny.

    It’s time to look forward. Be optimistic. Work on being the 16 th and 17 th man behind these unquestionably great men who are winners in life , learn the lessons of the past, overcome our weakness, roar this team on, wear the Tom gear this weekend and honor a truly great man.

    It’s not down to anyone else. It’s down to all of US !

  175. @jimbo
    U20 game date/time is fixed by Connacht Council.
    Senior game by Croke Park. The usual joined up thinking in action!
    Typo on the panel released I’ve heard…Pat Lambert of Westport not on panel.

  176. Give it a lash Jack.. exact same as last year then.. although we did beat Donegal.. but thats only because they lost their minds when Aido came on. Tom is a big loss though and that could be our Achilles heel this time.. it may be fanciful talk this early in the year.. but no its not madness

  177. I know toe to hand but it’s so frustrating watching our forwards pass the ball back and over back and over and either get robbed of possession or are so nervous to take a shot that when we do it go wide. This is not a new problem it’s been the same in Mayo for decades I don’t know how to solve it but I imagine a forward coach would be a good place to start? It’s killing us especially in big games

  178. Every inter county ref has certain things they look for, certain things they pull for. Some dish out cards, some let the game flow etc. It’s up to us to use our head and try and tailor our game accordingly. Refs are inconsistent, but we have a fair idea what each ref is like

  179. I feel your frustration and unfortunately it’s just part of the game now. Monaghan at the weekend are a perfect example of this. They managed the game against a packed Fermanagh defence and really should have seen the game out. Playing slightly off pace, a little complacent and a sucker punch goal dosn’t make Monaghan a bad team and certainly dosn’t make Fermanagh a great team. We try to manage so called lower divison teams also especially this early in the season.. as do Tyrone. Kerry and Dublin dont.. they set out to destroy lower divison teams early on and it looks impressive but I wouldn’t read to much into it simply because the quality of teams in munster and especially leinster is abject poor. Hopefully Cork will utter more than a whimper against Kerry this year. There will no whimper at all in leinster. Teams like Fermanagh with their packed defence will always make it exceptionally difficult for forwards this early in the year but by the time they make it to Croke Park they will come undone by fully up and running forward play. Our forward play has been average for years.. there’s no denying it.. but it’s not all the forwards fault as the supply and support play has been poor also. It takes us so long to get all our ducks in a row and we are very vulnerable until we do. But when we do.. we can beat anyone. As we have done so many times before.. let’s take one game at time and see where it takes us.

  180. @mayomessi, how would you guess on our 15 lining out for the U20s now that there is a panel listing?
    If we say recent club form and recent positions playing in for club. Eg. Paul Lambert was a forward at minor but more commonly a wing back for Westport seniors.

  181. Goalkeeper should be easy as I one see one listed Paddy o Malley, as I see Galway as our main opposition especially their CHF Evan Murphy I see us dropping both Brian O Malley and Joe Dawson back to the halfback line.
    Midfield I would go with Jordan Flynn and Nathan Moran eventhough I like Cillian Golding he may be abit to young, and in the forwards I would strength up our middle with Colin Diskin and Evan O Brien at 11 and 14. Some of these forwards are speed merchants with the Westport contingent, Ross Egan and Ryan O Donoghue. Tommy Conroy is also a classy forward.

    With the goalkeeper guaranteed i see the rest of the panel like this
    Full Backs line, Cathal Horan, John Maughan Donovan Cosgrove John Cunnane Rory Brickenden Basil McLeod
    Half Backs Brian O Neill, Liam Hughes, Matthew Macken, Oisin Mullin, Marty Boylan Conor Hunt

    Midfielders/Backs Brian O Malley Joe Dawson
    Pure Midfielders Cillian Golding Jordan Flynn
    Midfield /Forward Evan O Brien, Stephen McGreal, Colin Diskin, Nathan Moran, Sean Og Tighe Michael McNieve

    Half Forwards Paul Lambert, Pat Lambert, Ross Egan, Oisin McLaughlin, Ryan O Donoghue, Aaron Murphy
    Full Forward Colm Moran Oisin Lally, Micheal Keane, John Gallagher, Tommy Conroy, Justin Healy

    I see our lineout as
    Paddy O malley
    Cathal Horan Donovan Cosgrove John Maughan
    Matthew Macken Brian O Malley Joe Dawson

    Jordan Flynn Nathan Moran

    Ryan O Donoghue Colin Diskin Oisin McLaughlin
    Paul Lambert (sweeper)Evan O Brien Colm Moran

    A few players that didnt represent Mayo at minor that might surprise, Liam Hughes played CHF for Ballinrobe CS in their All lreland win in 2016, the same year Oisin Lally captained Louisburgh in their Div D Connaught final win. Marty Boylan and Michael Keane were part of the Belmullet U21 a Final run last year and Boylan is a regular in their senior team. Sean og Tighe and Michael McNieve are both regulars in Aghamore but Im still not so sure if its Michael or James McNeive thats in the panel. Michael played against Moy Davitt in the U21 Final in 2015 as a wing foward, played the following year in a MOTM display against Claremorris as a midfielder, notability against McCormack and McGreal, and again in midfield last year in the QF stages this time Claremorris boys on top. Can’t believe he is still a U20 player, James McNieve much smaller as I remember also played in those 3 games as a wingback.

    One thing I like about Solan is he isn’t afraid to make bold decisions, reputations or past deeds mean nothing. I still thing we are light on defenders and therefore we will have to convert some midfield or forward players. I remember Paul Lambert played as a wingback in his first year as a minor in one very unforgettable game but could be very useful as a sweeper breaking forward from deep. I took a look at last years minor team, not one of those 6 backs were selected, Brickenden CHB and Mcleod FB came form the U17s team.

    Six of these lads were U17 Last year, Cillian Golding John Gallagher, Pat Lambert, Rory Brickenden, Basil Mcleod, Oisin Mullin (captained Mayo SW in Ted Webb in 2016 didnt appear for the U17s). Minors from last year Nathan Moran, Stephen McGreal, Joe Dawson, Tommy Conroy, plus 3 of the aforementioned U17 Players. The majority the squad is U20 which will be needed against the likes of Galway.

  182. Thanks Mayomessi. I need to digest that. It’s a very unusual panel in that so many of them have improved massively since minor.

  183. I will be very surprised if Evan O Brien does not start at Midfield. Think Nathan Moran will be Wing Forward. From all reports Tommy Conroy is the standout forward so far this year with this team

  184. Evan Murphy not involved with Galway from what I heard.
    Colm Moran suffered a bad ankle injury a number of weeks ago, hasn’t featured for westport at all in the league .

  185. Don’t know how the leaving Cert will effect Evan o Brien and Tommy Conroy both have been scoring freely for their clubs from the full forward line. Rochford was rumored to be watching Conroy. I think Oisín McLaughlin Ross Egan Ryan o Donoghue Nathan Moran and Jordan Flynn were brought in for the FBD league earlier this year.

  186. I could see us lining out:
    Paddy OMalley
    Johnny Maughan Brian OMalley Donovan Cosgrave/Cathal Horan
    Paul Lambert Matthew Macken Joe Dawson
    Jordan Flynn Nathan Moran
    Oisin McLoughlin Ryan ODonoghue Ross Egan/Evan OBrien
    Colm Moran Conor Diskin Tommy Conroy

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