Leitrim and London teams named

It’s still over three weeks until we get to make our first appearance in this year’s championship but the battle for the right to meet us in the Connacht semi-final on June 24th takes place over in Ruislip this coming Sunday where London play host to Leitrim (throw-in 3pm). Both teams were announced earlier today and full details are available here.

The last time Leitrim made this particular trip was back in 2007 where they won with four points to spare but, given our flirtation with humiliation at the Middlesex venue this time last year, the Ridge County lads will no doubt be approaching this contest with a fair degree of caution. The bookies would appear to be taking the same view, with Paddy Power quoting evens on the outcome at Ruislip.

11 thoughts on “Leitrim and London teams named

  1. I make it three Mayo men on the London Team. Tony Gaughan Kiltane Sean Kelly Crossmolina and Mickey Mullins Claremorris. Should be Londons breakthrough in Connacht

  2. I’m heading over for the weekend meself, and i’ll get the match in as well. I won’t have my camera gear with me, but i’ll test my phone, see what quality photos it produces!

  3. Bet your money on london winning. Think we will will be playing them again.

  4. What size of crowd would a Mayo v London game bring to McHale park? & after last year it’s likely to be a no contest.

    I hope Leitrim win on Sunday & give us a good test before Connacht final with Galway.

  5. I can imagine a fair few erris people turning up…. To cheer the kiltane players 😉 and mayomagic it’s fairly axiomatic that Leitrim won’t provide much of a test if London are the victors , let’s let tomorrow take care of itself…

  6. RogerMilla. My point was clear I hope Leitrim win on Sunday because they are more likely to give us a better test before the connacht final than London.

  7. And i dont concede the point , they gave us a test last year that stood us in good stead. If they beat Leitrim I am sure they’ll bring their A-game to castlebar. As I said today will tell a bit

  8. Good man remember 51…how much money did you and whoever listened to you lose? There was a reason Leitrim were picked as slight favourites in the national media and in London GAA forums. Anyway we know how we’re meeting but Im sure we’ve learnt not to underestimate any opposition after Ruislip last year

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