Leitrim preview – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E31

Just a few days have passed since Mayo’s relegation from Division One of the National League but already the focus has shifted to the Championship, which swings into action across the country this coming weekend. For Mayo, it’s a rare chance to lock horns with Leitrim, a county they last met in Connacht in 2012, with the teams having last contested a Championship match at Carrick-on-Shannon way back in 2006.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we preview Sunday’s Championship quarter-final. Rob Murphy and I anchor the show and we start by casting a final glance back on Sunday’s defeat before looking ahead to Sunday’s Connacht opener, reminiscing on the way about the most recent meeting between the teams in Pairc Sean MacDiarmada, which was in an FBD League match early in 2019 that had to be decided on a penalty shoot-out. 

Rob then catches up with regular podcast guest Colm Keys of the Irish Independent for a wider view of what lies in store in this very different kind of Championship. He also talks tactics with Billy Joe Padden, looking at which players might blossom for Mayo in this winter campaign. 

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11 thoughts on “Leitrim preview – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E31

  1. Excellent podcast as usual. Refreshing and honest Analysis from Colm Keys whom I respect greatly as a sports journalist he doesn’t feel we are contenders this year as we are too far behind Kerry and Dublin and May struggle against Roscommon. That’s exactly how I would call it myself I think if/when we get over Leitrim a physical Well organised Roscommon side could open us up at home. But then again this Mayo side doesn’t know when it’s beaten and never gives up so it will be an intriguing contest.

  2. My team v Leitrim

    R Hennelly

    É ODonoghue

    P Durkin
    Lee Keegan

    Jordan Flynn
    T Parsons

    Ryan ODonoghue
    Darren McHale

    Paul Towey
    T Conroy
    James Durkin

  3. Keys mustn’t be aware that Mayo had 4-5 lads on the pitch last august in croke park that were not fit to be on the pitch. Sometimes I wonder what these journalists would do if they had to answer questions that required correct answers rather than just throwing out lazy cliche answers, “ Kerry have their defensive frailties sorted out, and will give Dublin a real challenge”. They didn’t get a shot off against Dublin in the last 10-15 minutes last September despite having a spare man after cooper was sent off. David Moran was so knackered that he could hardly walk let alone run, who has replaced him that will take on Fenton in croke park?? Answer that.

  4. 4-42 scored in two games against Galway and Tyrone!
    Realistically we are at least 10 points better than Leitrim even with our leaky defensive set up. Weather not looking great but will not affect the outcome.
    Roscommon will be the real test.

  5. Team announced:
    Ryan O’D

  6. Experimental. Personally, wouldn’t have started O’Se.

    Diamuid not on. People can say what they like but if Mayo are to win anything of substance, then he has to be on the pitch. His absence wont be noted this weekend.

    I’ve no idea what Briko is like. Is he good? How good??

    So many to pick from it’s difficult. I’m sure there’ll be people asking why Crossmolina have 2 and Knockmore have none. I couldn’t care less what club players are from. McLoughlin is a key figure for Mayo so he is just being given a breather.

    I’ve no idea what Walsh is like either and I find it hard to see Loftus staying at 9 against a bigger team. Maybe 11 if his form is good but winning primary possession is crucial and we are a bit light when it comes to that.

  7. what is Management playing with in Mayo, if you play very well you are dropped, example Mark Moran, James Carr ,however is you play a stinker like some did against Tyrone you are selected for the next game , no need to give you examples, you all know who didn’t perform the last day

  8. Strange selection. If ever there was a chance to give the veterans some game time, it is this game. Can’t see JH bringing in Barrett, Boyler, Tom P, or Seamie against the Rossies and we will need them. Anyway let’s just wait and see. What an opertunity for the newbies, Loftus and Ruane to put their hand up for the semi final. I can’t contemplate us losing on Sunday.

  9. In fairness Culmore, Mark Moran played well against Galway who weren’t up for it at all but he was very quiet v Tyrone. He is very new…he’ll get in in time. I wouldn’t be judging him after two performances. He needs a full league really.

    James Carr…I’ve no idea where he is but he is a loss. Very good player with potential. Has shown it in glimpses.

  10. Podcast is excellent.
    Colm Keyes is very good – and accurate in my book. We’re a million miles off an All Ireland. And that’s fine. It’s about developing young players. Big emphasis on forwards – Moran, Conroy, O’Donoghue, McDonagh etc. And I actually think Towey is the most exciting potential of the lot. (Though I’m hearing good things about young Irwin too).
    Look, 2022 is realistically the next time we can actively look at taking on the big guns with established heads.
    I agree in one sense with Billie Joe – Aidan can be good at full forward but he is needed around the middle. I do think he’s carrying a slight injury, which would explain his posting at full forward over the club campaign too. If he’s not carrying an injury, it’s puzzling – Coen deserves a chance there. He was good the last day and excellent in the club championship.
    Anyway, it’s food for thought. I agree with Keyes in that I think the Roscommon game is 50-50 and I would be concerned for us that day. But, one game at a time.

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