Leitrim review – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E13

Mayo galloped to an easy win over Leitrim last Sunday to book their place in this year’s Connacht football final. The Nestor Cup decider will, like last year, be a knockout clash against old rivals Galway, with the game down for decision on Sunday week.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we review Mayo’s win over Leitrim on Sunday, but only after first discussing some dramatic developments on the field and off it in the days since then. Mayo News sports editor Mike Finnerty hosts the show and he’s joined by his Mayo News colleague Edwin McGreal and by me. 

We start with the hottest topic of the moment, which is the decision to shift the venue for the Connacht final from MacHale Park in Castlebar to Croke Park. The pros and cons of the venue shift are teased out, both from the perspective of the two teams and for supporters, with a far bigger attendance catered for at HQ but with increased travelling for most fans, at a time when public health concerns remain a significant factor.  

Next the debate shifts to the drama that played out in Tuam on Tuesday evening, as Mayo’s U20 team prevailed over Galway in a penalty shootout in the Connacht U20 semi-final. We review the evening’s action and we also hear post-match thoughts from Mayo U20 manager Maurice Sheridan and from Colm Flynn who dispatched the decisive penalty for Mayo.

Eventually we get around to discussing the Leitrim game, focusing on both the event itself and on the players who impressed for Mayo on the day.

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51 thoughts on “Leitrim review – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E13

  1. I can’t wait to be heading to Croker Sunday week. It’s been far to long, pretty much 2 years since we lost to Dublin in the semi final. Huge game for Mayo, I see Walsh has been passed fit, let them worry about us versus the other way around. Hopefully everyone is available for selection.

  2. @williejoe. I completely agree with your point that no concessions for kids might keep some people from attending. Too dear for families and if kids were €5 it could mean more adults paying in than what they will get if all tickets are full price and the goodwill could pay off in the longer term

  3. Yes. I liked the podcast too. I would imagine that the Croke Park Venue might attract quiet a few. neutrals even though it is on TV. Hope there are concessions and family ticket. Surely they won’t go for ‘Pods’ again?

    An experience of Croke Park with extra space for spectators askwellkis a real treat. The football will be absorbing and then it is Mayo v Galway.

    I really liked the attitude of the Goalkeeper and Conor Flynn etc. Mayo at its best. Maybe the young are the same in all Counties? Down are going well in Ulster it we get past Ros.

    Bye for now.

  4. Enjoyed the Podcast & hearing the excitement in Tuam.
    Pat Holmes has a hard hitting piece in the Western People about the kitvan fiasco, twice being caught in the wrong, the unnecessary bad press and no apology from the County Board. I fully agree with him.

  5. So ShaneWalsh is fit to play in the Connacht final…despite his hamstring problems. And how sporting of Galway to let us know this great news 11 days bfore the final. It surely helps James Horan to now pick a full back line whose main job will be to hold Walsh . Or, hold on a moment! Perhaps Shane Walsh’s injury means he can’t play? That would leave us with another quandry.
    Perhaps I’m reading too much into Padraic Joyce’s generosity. Let’s wait and see!

  6. Not a single word would I listen to out of Joyce’s mouth .

    Last year said in the lead up to the cf . I can confirm damien will play no part in connacht final, we would have him back if we were to win for aisf .

    “Hamstring injuries take four to six weeks so unless a miracle happens between now and Sunday, we probably won’t see him.”

    40 odd mins into the connacht final and lo and behold , it’s like the miracle at knock , comer comes on for Ian burke .

    That’s not just a dummy team tactic. And that’s his prerogative, I just wouldnt take his word on anything .

  7. I was delighted to see an obviously unfit Comer come on last year so early,he was goosed by the run onto the field.It showed the desperation,Joyce was a great player but has zero pedigree as a manager.
    Having said that I’m very worried about Sunday week. Galway are quietly coming in under the radar and it’s set up for an ambush.

  8. Sean, I’m pretty sure your comments will be deemed out of order.
    There are times when a manager has no intention of playing a certain player due to injury but gets caught up in the moment especially when your season is on the line and makes a rash, probably reckless decision. It’s just desperation.

  9. You’re right, Ah Now, it was out of order.

    Sean Burke – I deleted the unacceptable bits from your comment. You can’t make personal accusations like that and the point you make is equally as valid with the offending bits gone.

    I’ve also deleted the reference to what was said in your comment, Ah Now.

  10. Awful tragedy in Monaghan. Poor fella R.I.P, thoughts with his family. Can’t help but be reminded of young Doherty from Kilmaine.

  11. Thank you, MayoDunphy for letting us know.
    My heart goes out to the family and friends of Brendan Óg Ó Dufaigh. May he rest in peace and may his memory be a blessing to all, especially his Monaghan teammates. God’s love to all in difficult times.

  12. “Hats, flags or headbands?” I happen to be near Croke Park just now and this is what I hear shouted out.
    I see a few Kilkenny, Kerry and Dublin kitted out fans.
    Imagine there’s enough potential fans going into the stadium to warrant the man selling hats, flags and headbands. It’s a glimpse into another reality.

  13. I see the tickets will be 35e. No juvenile/OAP/student (as per Castlebar Mitchells). Oh well that rules out a lot of families travelling from the west. It will be interesting now if all the tickets sell.

  14. Hi Sean Castlebar Mitchells have all the details on their social media. As John Prenty said its all about the Supporters!!!

  15. The tickets aren’t available on the link not is there any mention of when they might be.

  16. Its been posted by official channels that the tickets will be on sale monday.

    juvenile tickets no longer concern me but i find it deplorable that there are none available , that really is a terrible decision . shame on them.

  17. Sure why would you give kids cheaper tickets when you can get 35 a head off the mug punters who will travel to Dublin for a Connaught final. I wont be partaking in this crass pocket picking exercise. As for people denigrating PJ ye must be getting worried, terrified of a fit Shane Walsh. Thing is for my view of it the two lads ye really need to worry about have gone under the radar but Horan a lad famous for his planning will of course remember.

  18. Don’t believe any body is underestimating padraic joyce giving current situation nobody knows how teams selection could be affected by covid? Shane walsh fitness is minor sure horan always expected him to be ready and fit. Likely with diamond o connor and keegan?

  19. Dublin hammering the shite into Meath here in the neutral venue of Croke Park. They’re gone backwards we’re told tho. I’d say dessie and the Dublin county board sees the current media coverage of them as manna from heaven. Will guarantee their funding for another 10 years.

  20. The Dubs certainly not themselves anymore. Today and Wexford they looked less than special. Horan has already beaten Dublin in AI semi final and more than capable of doing it again.

  21. I’m glad I’m not the only one I thought I was cracking up , they are on the ropes . Watched both their games and today Meath had them rattled in that third quarter.

  22. In my defence it was 2-11 to 0-6 when I wrote that. Didn’t watch the second half but maybe they can be beaten, I just wish to god we had cillian. 🙁

  23. I think everyone thought that at half time niallmc but second half was such a different game . They can roll out all the cliches they want Dublin were in bother and not firing like they used to . Meath got very tired in injury time or a couple of mins before that but to get within a goal was telling .

    Look we have big hurdle to get over first and although I’m confident a lot will depend on who’s fit to play for us with all that covid shite last week .

    Weather makes an almighty difference in Gaelic football imo , when the ground is hard like that and there’s heat ,the skillful forwards really enjoy it . Really enjoyed the football this weekend .

  24. It is opening up for us,I remember the great Galway team they failed very quickly after the three in a row,also the Kerry team after Offaly best them,we have nothing to fear at all this year

  25. Is there any point Galway even showing up..
    Ye are setting yourselves up to beat the Dubs..

  26. I definitely think we should forget about the Dubs, we don’t even know who will win the toss in Croke Park next Sunday yet!

  27. Of course ye show up tuam and have every right to think ye will have enough to beat us too but that applies to us also , we may not of won any all Irelands in this magnificent period for mayo football but we no longer have an inferiority complex when it comes to Galway, them days are gone and gone for good . We have every right to be confident , james Horan and this era has earned that right.

    See ye in Dublin.

  28. Tuamstar, I think that we know that next weekend could go either way but at least whoever wins will feel that they will have something to fight for in the AISF.

    There are questions on both sides, Monaghan’s performance probably strengthens argument from a Galway perspective, and the younger players may thrive in CP. There are unknowns from Mayo, and particularly in relation to covid and injuries, but bring an optimist, I still think that we will get across the line.

  29. For either Mayo or Galway I wouldn’t read too much into that second half Dublin v Meath. How often have we seen Mayo build up a huge lead and sit back in the second half. They are still well ahead of everyone including Kerry who still have to prove otherwise. That said every team eventually goes into decline and perhaps that is the case with the Dubs but until I see them beaten I still rate them as top dog.

  30. I’d really like to know why so many Mayo supporters are so confident ahead of next weekend. Please tell me how we beat Galway without Cillian?

    And with Diarmuid not fully fit. Will Keegan play and if he does, he can’t be right, can he? We have no reserves in midfield. Our defence has let mediocre (a polite term) teams cut our defence open all league and we havnt had a proper competitive test since last December.

    I really hope my instincts are wrong on this one. This is a massive match for Aidan O’Shea. We need a MOTM from him.

  31. Any tickets on sale for Mayo v Rossies game on Wednesday evening? Are they letting a crowd in?

  32. You are probably right Mayonaze. The wife is fully convinced we are gonna get our fill of it on Sunday and without Cillian and probably Keegan she’s right. I actually thinks ye could win the all ireland Tuamstar.

  33. I don’t know how things will go next weekend, but I believe given where each county has come from over the past 6 months or so, and the fact that Cillian is no longer available, and the unknowns around the Covid 19 situation in the Mayo camp, I believe that Galway hold the aces in this one. Will they try the same shite they tried in the last Connacht final ? who knows. What I am more certain on is this. You can take the pick of Galway and Mayo right now and put them in an AI final with Dublin and I believe the Dubs would come out on top. If Kerry are to beat the Dubs in an AI this year, as so many people are thinking, they will have needed to have improved an awful lot since the last time I saw them in the flesh. The need to get back on the sideline at this point is great, and greater that 35 euro.

  34. omg is all , shur whats the point at all in being a supporter if you dont believe, as for the best of both teams wouldnt bate dublin , yer not well if you think dublin are the same force they were , believe in mayo ffs , i swear im the first to accept reality if we are up against it but not on your nelly are we next sunday , well able a chairde , wake up , we have a superb county team , that are fit to go all the way next week and keep nestor in its rightful home.

  35. What’s with the information vacuum regarding tickets for this match and the u20 final ????

  36. There sure is a mighty challenge there next weekend, but if we were to win it, it will surely be the Mayo flag planted firmly in the ground for many years to come.
    With the injuries and the covid interruptions this surely is a defining match. A win for Mayo would be a severe gut punch to Galway. A devastating loss for them if we can manage to win.
    I expect a ferocious challenge to come from Galway. They’ll be going at us 110% for 75 minutes, but I think, taking our injuries, our covid concerns, our lack of Div 1 opposition to date. If we can claim Connacht next weekend I believe we will dominate Connacht for many years to come.
    I don’t think anybody knows yet what this Mayo team is capable of, but next Sunday evening we sure as hell will have a good idea.
    All the pressure is now on Galway with their clean bill of health reports and our interrupted run up.
    We’ll reign Connacht for years of we triumph next Sunday.

  37. Down in Kerry for the week on the holidays. I might have to pop into Keanes SuperValu in Killorglin to get some tickets from Peter himself!

  38. Can’t wait for Sunday. Heading up with my brother for this one. It feels surreal to be going to a huge game again, and hopefully Mayo folk will travel in numbers. Please do so if you can at all. The day out at this stage will be as welcome as the match! A return to a bit of normality. A welcome return to the capital. These are the summer days to savour folks. Winning this would be massive. We’d be continuing our progress on from promotion, and as you say Revellino, a loss would really hurt Galway and would strengthen our prowess in Connaught.

    I’m going to draw on the cliché and say that this is a 50:50 match. If I was pushed, I’d give the nod to the Tribesmen. They’ll fancy this. It’s a pivotal game for many of our younger lads – the new crop from last year, and the debutants from this year. Now is your time to shine lads. Take your opportunities. Take them with confidence.

    I agree, massive match for big Aido. Massive match for our midfield, especially given the Croker factor. Thrilled to see Óisín at 6. the last day, and O’Hora at 3. Those two players should be retained there.

    Interesting to see if Diarmuid plays, and if so where? Where will Aido line out? I haven’t a clue, but this is a good thing, let’s keep our opposition guessing. Will James have one or two surprises in terms of team selection?

  39. @revillino not sure if winning Sunday will indicate that Mayo will dominate Connacht for many years to come.

    Most is in Mayos favour to win on Sunday but defeat for Galway will likely mean they will bring in a better manager who could get the very best out of the available talent that Galway have and Connacht would then become a lot more even then

  40. I actually cannot beileve some of the posts im reading. One poster has already booked a hotel for the semi final? mentle stuff. Don’t know where this over confidence came out of? Thank God this blog doesn’t represent the vast majority of supporters views. Lot of people on here have set themselves up for an al mighty kick in the stones.

    No Cillian, possibly Keegan and Diarmuid, No back up midfielder. Aidan will be forced to MF as usual, we lose his quality closer to goal. Covid issues, squad not collectively training. Just because two D4 teams didnt score a goal, it doesnt mean our defence has been magically fixed! Galway or any other D1 team will be licking their lips the way we set up all through the league.

    I’ve never seen such over confidence on here since 2016…how did that end up?

  41. Wow. Mayo supporters getting cocky ahead of a Connacht final against Galway. It seems that some of us are ignoring the present (Cillian – not just our best forward, also our free-taker – out, Diarmuid probably out and at best, not match-fit, Keegan out, no settled defence, no collective training due to Covid) as well as the past – history shows that Galway v Mayo can always be won by either team regardless of how the other is going. See 2016, 2004, 1999, 1990 and any amount of other examples.

    Ye really think that everything is rosy in the garden because we hammered Sligo and Leitrim?

    If James Horan gets Mayo over the line on Sunday with the hand that he has been dealt, it will be as great an achievement as he has ever managed.

  42. Tuamstar,a little bit of banter never hurt anyone,I have seen Mayo at their very worst,I was in Tuam when after travelling hopefully I think if memory serves me right the margin in Galways favour was over twenty points,we will enjoy Sunday win or lose ,and whoever wins I will certainly support them against Dublin,as I always say respect every team and management,but don’t fear them,I really hope that we have great game on Sunday with no injuries to either team and no controversy,all the best and of course I am hoping for a Mayo win,keep posting because this is a great platform for everyone,we have some really good posters from other counties,if by some miracle you win you can give me as much stick as you want

  43. @DavyJ, totally agree, If Horan pulls this off it will be one of his top managerial achievments. If we’re to have any chance we need Lee, k Mc and Diarmuid starting. All warriors who know how to win tight games. If they are out we haven’t a hope.

  44. We don’t know how things will go. On a baking hot day for example a younger smaller framed Michael Plunkett might go better than 32 year old Leeroy with several kg extra to carry..
    I don’t think Mayo have too huge a dependency on players other than Aidan, Paddy Durcan and Ryan ODonoghue.

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