Let the process run its course


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So, the deadline has passed and there’s one nominated candidate for the job of Mayo manager. Before the month is out, Stephen Rochford will – barring some unforeseen calamity – be confirmed as the new man in charge of guiding the fortunes of the senior football team. But there’s stuff to be done first before this point is reached and it’s important that it be done properly.

For that reason, I’m wholly with the County Board’s approach to Stephen’s appointment. Just because he’s the only candidate doesn’t mean that the entire appointment process should be dumped in the nearest bin. Instead, given the widely voiced concerns that were expressed about past appointments, there’s every reason that this one should be done by the book.

Now I’m not for one minute saying that Stephen needs to be put through the whole rigmarole of being grilled by a formal interview board (though if the powers-that-be want to do that, then fine). It’s vitally important, however, that all relevant issues – such as the composition of his backroom team, other support structures that may be required, what level of finance is needed, what lines of communication need to be in place between players, management and County Board and whatever else needs to be considered – are thrashed out in advance of the appointment being confirmed.

It’s worth bearing in mind that breakdowns within the player/management/County Board nexus occurred in both the Horan and Holmes/Connelly eras. In the former, the final year saw the effective sundering of a working relationship between management and County Board and in the latter the disintegration – as was demonstrated so graphically back in September – was between management and players.

For everyone’s sake, the kind of problems witnessed in the past can’t be allowed to bubble to the surface under Stephen’s watch.  As a result, the more clarity that can be obtained now on any and all areas where potential flashpoints might otherwise occur, the better. If this takes a few weeks to sort, then it’ll be time well spent.

In this piece in today’s Mayo News, County Board Secretary Vincent Neary stated that the intention is to complete the process so that the appointment of the new manager is ratified by the Board at their meeting in the third week of November.  That seems an eminently reasonable timeframe. It’s in all our interests that Stephen and the Board be given the necessary space to let the process run its course so that we get to the end-point everyone wants later this month.

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  1. Yes WJ it’s best to have all sorted in advance, so that everyone knows what’s expected of them. Don’t know if you want to go there, but I’d like to know what went wrong in Horans final year.

  2. 100% correct WJ. Cannot fathom the panic by certain people. Let’s dot the i’s and cross the t’s this time and get things right from the start.
    Hasten slowly.

  3. Willie Joe, this is a very well set out piece you have posted above. In fact it’s so well done, it leaver very little room for comment. Paragraph four says it all, and Rochford would be well advised to insure the Board fully understand what his requirements are and be prepared to back him all the way. Should all that go smoothly, then managing the Mayo team will be a doddle.

  4. i agree wit ya willie joe. the h+c appointment started controversially and ended in calamity. a good start is half the battle, lets all speak the same language from the start and hopefully create some harmony with all concerned.

  5. Makes perfect sense alright ,, please god we as mayo people get behind Stephen and the county board ,, let’s get united behind our lads again ,,

  6. Yes 100% WJ I think you nailed this one. Mayo McHale you added some very good points here. SR needs to learn from the past in this regard. Its important he gets what he needs to move the project up to the next level.

  7. Sorry to barge in on this sweetness and light, Willie Joe and earlier posters, but I do not agree.

    The County Board, on their own admission, look amateur in the extreme.

    I am not complaining about Stephen Rochford having to go through formalities, and a recognition of the Corofin needs is reasonable also.

    However, and I made this point yesterday, why are they only setting up an interview panel this week? Any organisation worth its salt would have an interview panel set up and ready to hit the ground running; it would have done some work on sketching out the bones of a charter or protocol to govern the management/team/County Board relationships.

    I’m sure the County Board expected that more that one candidate would apply; all the more reason why they should have been doing their homework. It’s not a question of skimping on what has to be put in place, but on doing it with the greatest speed.

    Why couldn’t they have had their panel ready and wrap this up by the end of next week?

    Posters have rightly pointed to the need for S&C work to begin for those who need it.

    Additionally, Rochford’s Corofin commitments will mean that he cannot give Mayo 100% for the moment, adding to the urgency of the situation.

    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

  8. We’ve had nothing but good luck and success with prior managerial appointments that were rushed. Let’s get Stephen Rochford and the CB to meet up in a pub car park, jot down some ideas on the back of a Sweet Afton box and off we go. There’ll be plenty of time to discuss finance, medical teams, coaching and the likes during the year.

  9. Catcol I have to disagree with you on this one.
    There is nothing to be gained from SR being appointed now rather than the end of the month.
    There is everything to be gained from a process being put in place and followed. A process that hopefully will signal a change in how our County Board operate.
    The interview panel has been long picked I’m sure and any player that has any ambitions of playing for Mayo will already be working on S&C.
    In a world that craves instant gratification it’s refreshing to see that we are taking it slow to get it right as opposed to ticking a box and reaching a result as quickly as possible

  10. Happy with that logic. Tick the boxes, dot the Is and cross the Ts – it is in the county board’s own interests and more importantly, the interests of the future of Mayo football if the above process is followed, agreement is reached and everyone knows where they stand from the outset. If this appointment was rushed through, you can bet there would be a queue to throw stones and accuse the county board of not having learned anything from last year (though I appreciate the circumstances were somewhat different). Do the groundwork first; it will pay dividends in the long run. And I am sure there has been groundwork started already.

    As St. Pat’s Oldie said, you can be sure that the old guard are not letting themselves go during the month of November, and anyone who has ambitions of making the panel will not need to be reminded of the need to be proactive.

  11. Catcol, Nominating an interview team before all the candidates were known would be foolish in the extreme. We did not have the benefit of hindsight a week ago and were not to know who the candidates might be. So we could have an interview board containing friends, clubmates or even relatives of candidates. That would hardly be suitable.
    Hopefully the interview board now to be chosen will contain people who know the business of team management at the top level and will not sing to a Co Board pragmatist tune. This is something Jim McGuinness might be able to contribute to but I doubt if the Co Board will entertain that idea. Nor do I thing that James Horan would meet with their favour.

  12. Don’t want to drag this out to infinity, but:

    Interview panel: likely names were well known and panel formation could and should have taken account of that, and be ready to hit the ground running. Substitutes could have been lined up in any case.

    S&C – the comments about the old guard keeping themselves in shape and the newbies getting themselves up to speed is reminiscent of the John O’Mahony’s era. I gather that was the approach then – fitness and S&C is the individual’s responsibility and management expect team members to look after themselves.

    What we need is structures, protocols AND efficiency.

  13. If I was the new manager it is some of the “old guard” that I would be telling to forget about the S&C as you are not part of my plans.
    If things don’t change, then nothing changes. It’s time for a fresh approach where favoritism, concerning certain players who have failed to perform, is no longer, and, that some of the “voices” and “egos” within the dressing room are told to shut up and start performing consistently on the pitch on the biggest of days. Like stop taking shots from stupid angles on your wrong foot. Stop selfishly going for goal from an impossible angle and instead pass to the free unmarked player 7 yards away from you. Stop trying to be smart with kickouts and then kicking them out over the sideline 40 yards from goal!! Stop being loose on your marker and then wonder why you got taken for 5 points from play. Stop moving out of your defensive area and then leaving your colleagues out-numbered.
    It’s all good and well the players pointing the finger at who is to blame, I just hope that a mirror was held up in front of the players because they are as much at fault, possibly more so?, in the countys failure to win Sam. There are no more excuses for this current squad and lesser talented teams have won All Irelands without all the whohaa. While I think they were right to do what they did if they felt that way, the sympathy and gra that most neutrals have for this Mayo team is well worn and on the wane.
    I’ll be there come the FBD, a whoopin and a hallorin, hail rain or shine. And, I fully expect to be going to see them in an All Ireland semi-final. From there on though time will tell??

  14. pebbles your post reminds me of it is it Aretha Franklin.
    You better stop (stop stop).
    Who ever fits the game plan will be on the 15/26/34. Corofin were very much driven by their game plan, they have great players too. I would imagine it will be close to the Corofin tactics for Mayo as well. If a player can contribute in that gameplan determine if they are part of the plans. Excessive soloing out of defence and around the middle is not something I will be expecting to see under Rochford. His gameplan is to attack quickly.
    Natural evolution of teams we are due a few replacements with younger guys replacing older or out of form guys. That is just the nature of teamsport.

  15. Best wishes to SR and his backroom team as they prepare to take on the Mayo job.
    – Supporters and the media must give SR and his backroom team TIME to build his team
    – Players must accept the authority of SR and his backroom team or WALK away quietly.
    – County Board need to ensure that there are clear communication channels between SR – CB and CB – players’ reps.
    – SR and his team need to make the hard calls on who should be on the first 15, match day panels and extended panel. There is I believe at least 5 changes required to the usual first 15 and at least another 5 players dropped from match/extended panel. I see a turnover of at least 10 players from 2015 extended panel including one or two retirements.

    Challenges for SR which I hope do not occur:
    – Can SR actually get full command of the dressing room as the players are now a much more battle hardened and experienced bunch that when JH walked into the dressing room as a rookie inter-county manager 5 years ago.

    – Will the differences no matter how small between the players on the treatment of H&C surface when the pressure starts to build on the pitch in Summer next year.

    – Will a minority of supporters turn on the players at the first opportunity because of a belief that players overstepped the mark in Sept 2015?

    – How difficult will SR find it to manage the media not only from a management perspective but manage the players media exposure as well.

  16. Pebblesmeller
    I tend to agree with a lot of what you say. The players have made a big stand – now they must back that up and I’m sure they are more conscious of that than anyone else. Part of that will have to involve having a cold hard look at their own individual performances and addressing shortcomings in their own game where necessary. This is what separates the good from the great.
    Big egos and strong voices are normal and necessary parts of any successful team. The trick is harnessing them for the good of the team.
    Lesser teams have probably won all Irelands in the past but we do need to acknowledge that the current Dublin team are very good and they have proven that. We also need to acknowledge that we have had appalling luck in 2014 in Limerick.
    Roll on 2016! New start…..new hopes…..same ambitions!

  17. What will happen if Rochford’s “package” is unacceptable to the octogenarians?

    You know, if he wants to come in with fresh ideas and a new modern way of operating.

    Down with that sort of thing Stephen.

    Will he be thanked for putting his name forward and then we move on to the next candidate?. Oh hang on there isn’t one. In which case somebody could go off on a solo run and the job could be given to somebody who originally said he didn’t want it and preferably that somebody is related to the person who makes the decision.

    Sure that would never happen in Mayo. Well its never happened before but there is always a first time. Hopefully the owl package is acceptable.

  18. Well if Rochford doesn’t get it the financial implications would be much worse in negative follow on in terms of overall financial support from supporters/businesses.

  19. Steady on there guys, could we just relax and allow the process that’s now taking place to reach it’s conclusions. I’m sure Rochford is well aware of what lies ahead and how he intends to proceed, but he will also know that before meeting up with any players, getting 100% backing for his plans from the CB will be his first priority. This may not be that straight forward, funding will be foremost in Stephen’s mind and in order to keep up with other top teams, proper strategies for fundraising will have to be put in place.

    As regards some of the old guard or indeed the youngers wanting to do some S&C in the meantime, why not I say. If in their own minds they feel they might still have something to offer, well let them at it. Isn’t that what Managers and selectors are for, weeding out the chaff.

  20. I agree totally with what “Mayo McHale says” but I fail to see why a committee is necessary at all now that there is one one candidate. What is the point! I could understand it if there were two or more applicants to decide on then an outside appraisal might be welcome, but with one – I just don’t get it.

    I’m sure SR is well capable of putting his case to the CB on what he will need to carry out his duties and they in turn can question his backroom choices. Will they set a limit on the expenses this will entail? Is SR going to cost more or less than previous managers? Where are the limits and who determines them? You would hand this to a committee to decide.

  21. Pebblesmeller

    Never saw anything as well put pertaining to our team. Hopefully team members take the odd look at this blog. I did mention certain people would need to take a look in the mirror when it comes to finishing out close games, instead of blaming management. Good luck Stephen and Management team.

  22. I agree with catcol that they should have had the committees set up far quicker than this but now that we know our candidate I see no problem with making sure to follow a correct on-boarding process.

    pebblesmeller i was talking to other members of this blog on the day of the county final and I remarked that there was some typical mayo football played. no need to pass directly to a team mate when you could do a classy shuffle , maybe beat a man and then offload it from a worse position ! 🙂

    I supported the players during this last heave but now the time has come to say they can now indulge in some introspection and reflect on their own performances last year.
    some lads made bad decisions in pressure moments , there is only two ways to go from there, learn from it and improve or go out and do the same thing again.

    lets see if some new coaching will help !

  23. we had dublin on the ropes. we had enough on the field to put us in a winning position but not enough from our bench, no disrespect to the subs we had on the day but dublins bench tore strips off us. i believe we need more depth. it will take a while to find that depth but a panel needs a few additions every year to freshin the approach. SR and co just might be the answer.

  24. I find it amazing the different ways people reflect on things, I myself would always try to remove the stake from my own eye before attempting to remove the splinter from someone else eye!

  25. What ever do you mean Mayo Magic I don’t really understand that comment granted the ol gargle has dimmed me brain and the caillin from Claregalway wrecked my head but I just can’t fathom that one out

  26. Not being argumentative but I’d like to know who the “old guard ” are that you’d be telling they wouldn’t be in your plans. (Pebbles)

    Alan Dillon ?personally think if it was him and not mickey Sweeney who was on the pitch v dubs for that chance to put us one up ,we’d be all Ireland champions . ( some players might of thought it was silly to not bring Dillon on that day,you never know like .

    Andy Moran ? Hardly ,if so I must watch games in a different way .

  27. Backdoor Sam, what Magic Mayo is trying to say in his own unique and inimitable way, is that the players should have looked at themselves first before apportioning blame elsewhere.

  28. Stephen Rochford in his own words, taken from The Mayo News:

    (Asked about the current state of Mayo football and what he could bring to the job if his candidacy was successful, Rochford replied: “I think firstly, we’ve been banging on that door over the last number of years. I think we’re very, very close, and been unfortunate on a couple of occasions, maybe, not to get across the line.
    “I’m looking to bring a freshness and an energy that I feel that I’m capable [of]. The guys that I would be looking to bring in will obviously bring that element of freshness as well. We’re very, very near. I think it’s early days to be … going into … tactics or anything like that. There’s a great, great bunch of lads there. There’ll [also] be new faces, I’m sure, coming in … whoever is the new manager. But I think there’s still good days ahead for Mayo GAA, and if I’m lucky enough …to take up the position, we’ll do all in our endeavour to get them across the line in 2016.”)

    I like what he says, thats enough for me at the moment, best of luck to the man!

  29. I have to say I agree with most of what Pebblesmeller has said except for the bit about the “old guard”. I too wondered who Pebblesmeller had in mind. If I was SR I would be looking to the new lads to oust the old guard in training and in the FBD & league rather than issuing p45s at this stage.

  30. Thank you Mayo McHale for clearing that up I’m not sure I agree with Mayo Magic but I respect his/her opinion

  31. Before we decide that some of The Old Guard are no longer needed we need to identify replacements.
    I have been to many of the senior League/championship club matches in Mayo for the last few years and I must say that most of the players mentioned on this site who are not already on the 2015 county panel have failed to impress when marking quality players on the opposing club teams

    Sure many of the named potential new county players may have some good games for their clubs but one must consider who they were up against

    Regretfully I have not seen a young Player in the mould of any of the following examples : Padraig Brogan, Ciaran McDonnell, Kevin O Neill,James Nallen , David Brady to name just a few who one would say should defiantly be on the senior panel

    We won the Minor two years ago but that in itself dose not mean we are sure to get any senior player from that team

    Look at Galway Under 21 Champions in 2005, 2011 and 2013

  32. I agree with those who think it would be good to get a few new faces on to the first 15.. Question is where will they come from. Asking young lads to step up to the level we are at now is a big ask. Is there someone out there that has excelled for their club and has not been given a decent chance with the county?. Chances are the biggest competition for first team places will come from within the squad of the last couple of years. This has already happened in 2015 with DOC, Durcan, and Drake to name a few. That might not suit some of our contributors. I can think of some young guys that may have a bright future with the county some day but that is a different story..

  33. Good posts there O’Sullivan and pjmcmanus.

    Getting DOC, Durcan and Drake to All Ireland level was a big achievement of the Noel & Pat era. In other words these players (Drake slightly lesser, but only slightly) were able to mix it against Dublin. Nuff said.

    If we can get three more this year, wonderful. Possibly, Regan, Coen and Loftus. Possibly, Carolan to come back?

  34. Pebblemeller made comment about bad luck in Limerick.Correct.

    The most serious was the referees performance.

  35. What are people’s opinions of Brendan Harrison? He hasn’t been given a run of games to establish himself. Is that because he can’t force his way on to the team or is it that he’s ‘young’ and will force his way over time?

  36. @ F’Deelin, any time I have seen Brendan Harrison he seems like a very game player. He is not afraid to get involved in the play and to get forward. I don’t know if he is suited to corner back though which is the position he normally played in when he has played for us. He is probably more suited to half-back. Again though, as we lack some natural forwards we probably lack some out and out natural defenders as well. You’d like to see him given a run in the League anyway, I think he was injured early in the season this year.

  37. Have to agree with Sean Burke re some criticism of so called older guard I too believe that if Dillon had come on the first day v Dubs we probably would have won. Look at the third quarter when we kicked wides for fun not to mention the frantic last ten minutes when his wise head would have been crucial. As for Andy well a brilliant man Rescued us in Hyde last year, made a huge impact both days v Kerry, was crucial to the recovery v Dublin kicking 2 points including the equaliser. Someone obviously was referring to him here when a player was accused of going for goal instead of passing to a team mate seven yards away . I presume that was the time Andy blocked Cluxtons clearance and almost scored an opportunistic goal. Some of the other old timers should not be disgarded just yet either at least not until better replacements are at hand. For 5 years some have been moaning about the old guard and calling for new recruits but only DOC and Durkin have emerged in years. Hopefully a few more may emerge If not then we may have to rely again on the old men who have served us so well.

  38. Pebble and any others who think the same, it’s completely daft to be tossing out P45s. Firstly the S&C of the old guard is well ahead of the rookies so it’s more likely the surprise packages will come from this year’s 15-34 who have some of that work done. While one or 2 players were a bit error prone in later stages this was vs the elite team Dublin against whom most rookies would not be able to compete. The fellas who made more mistakes often had huge workrates to compensate. The natural way to do it is give emerging players a chance and be picking your best 15 from training with maybe 1 or 2 risks come championship.
    And don’t forget what the old guard have given (5 years of sacrifice for a sport they love and their county). Worth noting the Irish rugby team had very good results in recent years often because there were not enough replacements for the old guard who racked up massive experience and beat often more talented teams from pure match hardness and experience making less mistakes.
    Manager should say what he expects from his players and they know where they stand and work to play to that system. No doubt a few will edge in.

  39. Magic Mayo, still pushing the same agenda, get back at the players, make them repent, force them to eat humble pie in public, all in the interest of Mayo football – well I for one am prepared to trust the players judgement on this one. I’m also very confident that under Rochford’s leadership those players will rise to the occasion, confident in the knowledge that they have the best coach in the business.

    To win just once and Shuffly Deck, I couldn’t agree more with your posts above. I’m pretty sure too, that the new Management team will be very happy to let the old guard, should they want to, prove themselves. And if they don’t make the final cut so what, there’ll be no shame in that for anyone. They can ride off into the sunset full in the knowledge that they gave it their best shot.

  40. The more experienced players have a foothold because they are performing to a higher standard. It’s up to younger players to exceed that standard first. This is a team sport and the competition within the squad is huge and so it should be. I don’t believe anybody is writing off the more experienced player’s, but we are looking for more guys to step up the standard. Very good point Shuffly Deck made earlier. Mistakes increase as a team come under pressure. I believe it’s natural, and we all do it. Some people have not admitted to themselves yet that’s all. You will find them in situations where where pressure can be avoided.

  41. Just read CT,still trying to upset the players,as someone who supported the appointment of Pat and Noel and know full well what they have given, and achieved for mayo football , nothing should be taken from them,and they walked with dignity. But once they lost the players I think they had no choice, I am sure that the new management will have full discussions with the players, and county board and sort out any problems that is holding back the quest for sam,and that is where it should stay,between management, players, and county board, while I like gossip as much as anybody else I just don’t see it as my business, I just want to support the players so we can see that cup arrive in mayo

  42. Thanks for the link to your article Magic, you make some valid points. Problem is I think the vast majority of supporters have moved on from the coup and are looking forward to next year under Stephen, all going to plan.
    A dogged few seem to want to punish the players for their actions, but from what I’m hearing the players are not the ones who will be lambasted should things go public.

  43. Regarding the “old guard” I am not necessarily referring to the oldest members of the squad, although one of them would be. I am referring more to some of the players who have been around a while. At the risk of sailing close to the wind and moderation, and considering also the on-going county board inquisition into what were the issues between the panel and management, I don’t want to comment too much. But, suffice to say for now, some panel members have had a little too much say and influence in the background/dressing room but haven’t always backed it up on the pitch where it matters.
    No matter how thin you slice it, there are two sides to everything and I, for one, do not wish to see the issues exposed in public as it will probably be damaging to all sides. Let things be sorted in private, away from the media, public and supporters, and get back to football. Once the management lost the backing of the players there was always only going to be one option, H&C had to walk. They did with great dignity, quickly and no rancor. However, let no-one be so naive as to think that everything that was wrong, or went wrong, was solely at the feet of H&C.
    Regarding fresh faces on the panel, I have great hope and excitement about a number of players. Harrison has undoubted quality and a long-put-off injury that required surgery and recovery hindered his progress last year but I expect to see him back to his best this season. Durcan is a fantastic player with searing pace and DOC is a future All Star (I believe he will be a better player than his brother, maybe not as prolific though!). A fully fit and integrated Regan will strengthen our attack and if Drake can improve as much again as he did this year he will further add to the squad.

  44. alan dillon and andy moran have been great servants. two guys with guile and cuteness. most importantly they have footballing brains. u can do all the s+c all u want but u need footballing brains to make the difference on the big days. mayb their best days are behind them. but their still great footballers.

  45. Also include McHale and Gibbons who were just coming into good form before injury. I have to agree about Dillon and Moran, they are made of the good stuff.

  46. Pebblesmeller you are always a rock of sense on here. There are always two sides to every story. Because the players made the move, they were always going to be the ones subject to greater scrutiny and criticism.

    There may well be issues from a player side that a new manager may need to address – as you say it would be naive to assume all “blame” (if that’s how it should be phrased) was on one side. However the strength of the majority vote told a very big story.

    Never a dull moment in Mayo football, that is for sure.

  47. I have also heard a few worrying stories regarding the players actions and a few egos in particular. However, only one side of the camp seems hell bent on details being made public and I believe this side will come out the worst should the Pandora’s box be opened.
    As has been said numerous times, BOTH sides have handled the incident with dignity, let’s let sleeping dogs lie….

  48. Is there not a big difference in an ego and taking responsibility for your leadership role ?

    Anyway like has been said better off not getting into it. Some of that old guard would nearly lay down their lives to bring the big cup back to mayo and for that level of effort i will be forever greatful and thats coming from a buck who took a long time to cop on to what the old guard have given.

  49. Agree with a lot of that Pebbles. I did add my tuppence worth earlier on ‘new’ players, including Durcan and Regan and complimented H&C for bringing them on.

    But i am not convinced we have seen as yet a potential dogged lad for the full back line. Someone who just sickens a full forward line with his (legitimate) in your face approach. A not nice guy.

    Maybe Tony McEntee, if involved, could get Francie Bellew down to do some ‘consultancy’ with potential full back line guys. Wouldn’t I just love to be a fly on the wall for that session!

  50. So Sunday 01st November was closing date for applications.

    Why not the following.

    Monday night 02nd November. Interview Rochford and have him ratified.

    Wednesday night 04th November. First meeting of Rochford and players.

    Thursday night 05th November. First training session. Maybe A v B game.

    Sunday 8th November. Challenge match Mchale park. Mayo v somebody.

    We have a trip to Cork on 31st January to prepare for. Why was interview process and panel not ready to go from 02nd November. Didn’t they know they would be needed from that date onwards. Its like having an election on a specific date and then having nobody ready to count the votes and declare a winner on the following day. Ah sure we will do that the week after next.

    Do we want an All Ireland title or not?

  51. @ Jim Flag First of all you not allowed to train in November and as for the rest of what you have said I think your going over the top there

  52. Thats a jam packed week jimflag !! Completely agree that manager should have been ratified and met with players this week..talk about dragging out the process ..from one extreme last year to present situation…rochford Will be presented in a santa suit at this rate..

  53. Jim Flag Its November, damp and dark, we all need to be cheered up at this time of year.I really enjoyed that piece.Now lighten up everyone.

  54. picture this. SR ratification goes well with all concerned and training begins in december. gets on great with the players as does backroom staff and confidence starts to roll. ease back into things with fbd then the league. new players on show and every one getting fair crack of the whip. remain in div 1 and look in good stead for championship. a tougher provincial championship but we win connaught. then into all ireland series and low and behold we arrive at all ireland final. then we defeat dublin in the final by a last minute kick of the ball from a 45 by hennelly. the county goes wild. how bout that ………. stay positive guys

  55. I’d imagine that SR might be a bit busy this week already with a Connacht semi-final to prepare for with Corofin, so I’d imagine that it would be next week at the earliest the process will be gone through with the county board. No need to rush things by a week.

  56. Be interesting to see what back room team S r picks as for the all stars mayo will get 2 and I think it will be cillian and lee and doc ypofty.

  57. Officially Nov is a collective free month. Our players need a break. A good fresh attitude for getting back with the new man. A few of the senior servants may have earned and need a longer break and could agree to be back later.
    Plenty of time to find our new starters and backup.
    Get the man
    Get the system setup
    Get the crew (backroom and highstreet) setup
    Festine lente
    Nothing to be won for a while

  58. good man toughnup, thats the way to do it. you did miss out on one thing, Mayo to win the league against kerry in that final in croker, by a big margin. No pressure on sr or anyone else, just the way I see it happening.

  59. “You are not allowed to train in November”. Thats a good one.

    As far as i’m concerned you can train when ever you like. We should start with shooting practice. Judging by what we saw in the 3rd quarter of the drawn game v Dublin we need plenty of shooting practice.

    Any player with aspirations of nailing a starting place in our front 6, i would have him in there taking say 10,000 shots for a pint over a period of weeks/months while getting tackled and under pressure. Ranging from under severe pressure to being completely unmarked and shooting from 30/40 yards etc. Your most reliable shooters would emerge from such a huge trial of failed/successful attempts from 10,000 shooting chances. An accurate record kept of each players success rate.

    This aspect of our game has let us down time and time again for as long as i have watched Mayo. More than 1 All Ireland left after us due to poor shooting.

    We need to fix it lads. We are very close as it is. It will all be worth it at 5.15pm on Sunday 18th September 2016. Or are we happy to listen to some fella like Cluxton or Donaghy on the microphone at the top of the Hogan saying “3 cheers for a gallant Mayo side who fell just short etc etc blah blah blah”. Aw change the record.

  60. it took ur mind off things ann marie lol. with all the talk that has takin up so much time recently lets stay positive. we need freshness from all aspects. management and players. plenty of time for that from december onwards. dave i suppose i did not want to be too greedy on SR first season…. sure that would do for a start ….

  61. Jese, not sure how many shots I took over the years. Several million, plenty pints too. About the right ratio.

  62. Ah Willie Joe. Ya boy ya.

    Say 100 training sessions from now to when we play London in May.

    100 attempts at a score per session for each fella ranging from easy to difficult positions.

    By the time we take to the field in Ruislip you have a fair idea who your best 6 up front are.

    Too much time lifting weights in a gym. Not enough time kicking over the bar. We need 6 scoring forwards who can fire consistently. Cillian and 5 others. Also i still think that Dillo and A Moran are well in there and have more to give us in 2016.

  63. I have a feeling the pints to shots ratio would be a good indicator of the caliber of the player.

    In my own case this ratio would be about 50:1

    I would imagine a man like Cillian O’Connor would have a pints to shot ratio of about 1:2 or even 3:7 over the course of his career.

    With all these statisticians making money from the GAA I think they could include this particular stat in their armoury when evaluating players. its a game of inches or in this another of the imperial measurements.

  64. I’ve had thousands of pints and never took a shot in my life! How’s that for a ratio? In my day a corner back would never venture that far up the field.

  65. Roger Milla, thankfully the pints and shots are still imperial here in this post colonial land

  66. I would have to agree, we need shooting practice and plenty of it.
    We have mastered everything else, our shooting has let us down , time and time again.
    Of our forwards , starting, we have ( in my opinion ) only the two O Connors who will score 7 out of 10, shots at goals.
    Long range point scoring is something to aim for, but getting most of the easy ones should be achieved , first, with plenty of practice.
    Shooting practice, should be introduced ,( as a big part) in National Schools , under-age , coaching drills.

  67. Well spotted Westportman ! A previous post from me wondered about the recent apparent disappearance of the “outside influences” or were they lying in the long grass ? In view of the recent Treasurer nominations, the latter was clearly the case
    Going back, to go forward, is going nowhere. Seems like members of another well known organization, ” they have’nt gone away ya know “

  68. Yes it seems the heavy hitters are coming back to but the players back in their box. It will be their( co boards) way or no way.

  69. Right, Westportman, that’s two belts you’ve hit in the direction of individuals who can be readily identified without providing any substantiation for what you’re saying. This isn’t a place for that kind of trash-talking so you’d want to start backing up what you’re saying or else pipe down.

  70. That’s okay, Westportman, thanks for getting back on it.

    Just in case you think it’s just you, I’d like to point out to everyone that there have been too many lazy pot-shots directed at the County Board over the last few days by a number of people. I’ve no problem with people voicing criticisms but this needs to be fair-minded in nature and backed up with some reasoned arguments, which isn’t happening at the minute. I don’t want to institute a crackdown but I fear I’ll have to unless the quality of the debate moves up a few notches.

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