Let’s make it our day in Ennis

Mayo Day

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It’s Mayo Day – or, to be precise, #MayoDay – and down in Ennis later on today the county’s U21s have the chance to make it our day in a very tangible sense.  It’s an opportunity for All-Ireland glory that we need to grab with both hands and, if we do, a fifth Clarke Cup success will surely follow.

With only hours to go now before the ball is thrown in at Cusack Park this evening, the time for talking is well done and the time for roaring is about to begin. All that’s left to do here is to wish Mike Solan and his charges the very best in today’s U21 final against Cork and to wish safe driving to all making their way to the Banner County for the game. I’ve every hope and expectation that an enormous Mayo crowd will be there in Ennis later on and I’m full of hope too that it’ll be an evening to remember for all of us.

From here to Clare and onwards to All-Ireland success. Up Mayo!

53 thoughts on “Let’s make it our day in Ennis

  1. Best of luck to the lads.Once everything is left on the pitch there can be no regrets.This team and management has done us proud and it is really not that far from Clare to here!

  2. Heading to Ennis this afternoon win lose or draw will roar the lads on these guys are the future of our senior team and deserve support and encouragement. I hope they do themselves justice and bring home the cup

  3. Best of luck to the mayo team and management. Give it everything you’ve got to give lads…. from throw in to the final whistle. Don’t Stop !! Up Mayo 😀

  4. Best of luck to team,management,and all supporters,we are truly living in a wonderful time for MAYO football,we need to enjoy it while it lasts

  5. So much to be proud of in this team. They’ve got real guts and makes it very easy to follow them.

    Best of luck lads. Leather into em!

  6. Best of luck to our lads. Stay staff on the roads folks and except delays in ballindine tuam claregalway and clarinbridge. M18 supposed to be down to one lane in places…be patient and give yourself plenty of time. up Mayo!

  7. Come on The Boys from the County Mayo,
    The great Willie scored four in Balinasloe,
    Two or three will do today down in Cusack,
    Oh! How good it will be to to hear that sweet music.

  8. Very best of luck to our boys today. Tough task ahead but it was tough v Ros and Dubs also and we got over them. Safe travelling to all. Up Mayo

  9. I was just checking the U21 roll of honour there now, Cork have a very good record at this grade, they are top of the list with 11 All-Ireland wins, we have 4 wins under our belts, they have won nearly 3 times as many titles as we have so it shows how hard a task it will be today. After Dublin they have the biggest playing population to pick from. Tyrone and Galway have 5 titles, if we win today we will be level with them.

    In saying that, we have a lot of players who have already played in an All-Ireland final in 2013. That has to stand for something. Diarmuid O’Connor played to a very high standard in our two big games against Dublin last year. Stephen Coen played in the All-Ireland intermediate club final this year as well. Both players have won colleges sigerson cup medals. We will be looking to these two boys today to lead us into battle.

    Cork have six scoring forwards and their greatest strength is probably coming up against our biggest weakness. Their forwards will be running hard at our defence. We have struggled even going back to the Leitrim game with teams running through our defence. We will need to stem the tide at times during the game. We don’t want to concede early goals as well. Keep it tight at the back in the initial stages of the game. They can use the high ball to great effect as well, as they have a couple of big men up front. It would be great to see our full-forward line really hitting form today and do some damage.

    A young Kerry team ran Cork very close and we beat Monaghan at minor level in the All-Ireland semi-final 2013 so that augers well for us. Even if we are a small bit off today we won’t win it. Anything can happen in a final like a top player been black carded etc. We’ll have to overcome whatever is thrown at us. Best of luck to all involved. They have done really well so far and lets hope that they can keep it going for another 60 plus minutes! Winning by a couple of points today would be great to see. Roll on the game!

  10. Gas article by Sean Moran on the match in the IT today. I had to read it twice to see if he had actually mentioned Mayo at all in it. He had, in the very first line. But that was it. Good man Sean.

  11. Real expectations for this evening, this is a team with leaders which is more important than a team with some standout talent. Actually thought that the IT article was good in terms of explaining reasons behind Cork’s success at this level. Do not care if we are not referenced in pre match articles, would like to see articles on how we pulled off the win!

  12. Best of luck to our bucks today. I have no doubt they will give their all and if they get a bit of luck in the game things will work out for them. Dede travelling to the fans and enjoy the day.??

  13. I’ve been wishing good luck to Mayo teams in All Ireland finals for decades.

    Nearly always she (the good luck) has deserted us on these occasions. So i am not just going to say good luck to our fellas and hope for the best.

    Instead i would say to our team to turn up and put in a performance and leave everything out there on that pitch. Luck has nothing to do with it.

    We will embarrassingly outnumber their woeful number of supporters today and that must mean something too.

    Lads, composure in front of the posts and take your chances.

    Above all. Just win. Bring that cup home. Win. Just win.

  14. Will I bring BIG BERTHA…r will I be standing on the terrace in me own?? The crowd in Ennis in 2006 was decent but couldn’t be described as big. Not sure how many are going down there today….

  15. Ok….I’ll dust her down.

    Can you believe she’s 20 years old that flag! 1996….

  16. Good luck to the lads today, win today and could be the beginning of smething special …12 the starting 15that won it 10 years ago played senior for mayo and the majority still are, omalley, higgins,caffer,barrett,cuniffe,boyle,seam oshea, barr moran, and micky conroy….also on that team was howly, kilcoyne n ronaldson…will be tough but thet this bunch lads can do it….c,mon muigheo……..

  17. Good Luck to the Mayo Lads Today. on the road later to the game lets make lots of noise. The team need and deserve our support. UP MAYO.

  18. Your Cairde ticket won’t work but cash will and I fervently hope that the experience you get to savour for it will be priceless!

  19. I can’t understand how any true Mayo supporter wouldn’t be going to Ennis today barring any personal circumstances of course…

    It’s an All Ireland Final. Enough said

  20. The very best to our lads today, if grit and a never say die attitude won all irelands then these lads would be champions already. Safe journey to all travelling.
    MaighEo Abu

  21. I’ll second that mayonaze , if you’re in a position to attend this game as a Mayo supporter and opt for tg4 instead ,you’re not a supporter in my eyes , sick of all the rubbish you hear about its expensive blah blah well ya know what that’s what supporters do spend their cash on goin to games instead of the pub or what have ya. Anyway I’m here now and that’s all that matters , come on Mayo .

  22. A great win for our hurlers, Keith higginsapparently played at chf and they won by a wide margin.
    One down, one to go. Come on Mayo!!!!

  23. 2-1 in injury team completely turns the game on it’s head after cork were pulling away

    They’re taking their scores easier, we’re kicking silly wides and we have huffed and puffed a lot in that half so there is a long, LONG way to go but it’s not often a mayo side pulls off something like that when facing adversity and there is definitely something special about this team

  24. So if you’re not there and there’s no telly or wireless…………Half time. Mayo two six to seven points. Mayo two quick goals in extra time of second half. Mayo 8 wides to corks 1 in the first half.

  25. Could be gone home with a cup full of wides but indeed this team has a special spark. Hope to see it flaming in the second half. Have the beating of those backs if they de only realise it…

  26. MAYO DAY,what a day.men of steel,proud as always to be a mayo man, the future of football is safe and well, Onwards and upwards, NO FEAR.

  27. Aw just brilliant! Lovely scenes in Ennis altogether. Big congrats from Donegal. Delighted for ye.

  28. Grate day to be from mayo what a win mayo flag flying high in Donegal up mayo I hope this is mayo’s year

  29. Superb. Well done Stephen Coen. This is a team of winners. You have all made a lot of Mayo people feel proud today.

  30. Beaming, here, had to listen on Mid West due to circumstances. Unreal. Pretty much only had five goal chances it seems and took all five. Great reward for this panel. Each game had different lads stepping up.
    This is one where we asked no permission about winning, we grabbed the trophy with ruthless goals 🙂
    What a Mayo day 🙂

  31. Some match! Unreal day to be from Mayo. Some show by all the lads. Would have known Loftus’ late dad from the shop, he was football mad even before Conor pulled on the green and red. I’m sure he’s celebrating up there and smiling down on his match winning son.

  32. It’s time to give those incredible Mayo supporters a senior all Ireland now after the minor and U-21 successes. We started in 1967(49 years ago) where have they gone and all of the t3am still with us. I’m sure everyone one of them would love to see Sam Maguire visit Mayo soon for a 12 months holiday.

  33. We asked for three ,they gave us five,..
    In Mayo they’ll say the game is alive.

    What a strange great feeling it is. Maybe we need this practice for what could be coming down the road!
    As was mentioned …..drama there had to be…..and I like drama. The game had a bit of so many things.And we could have garnished the victory with at least six more pints.
    Final official score: 5-13. To. 1-14

    Mayo !! mayo !! Mayo for ever.

  34. Mayonaze, Bertha looked resplendent on the terrace … and not one bit lonely either.
    Diehard, it was the best Saturday ever!!

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