Let’s turn Cusack Park into a home venue on Saturday

Mayo flag

We’re hurtling ever closer to Saturday and the U21s’ date with destiny in the form of their All-Ireland football final clash with Cork at Cusack Park in Ennis, where throw-in has been set for 6pm.

Many of you will, I know, already have your plans made for getting to the match. Some of you might even have your tickets organised. A Saturday match isn’t always a straightforward proposition for many to get to but this match is an All-Ireland final and we can be sure that a big Mayo support will turn out for it. Despite the silverware on offer, though, the same can’t be said with confidence about Cork.

The poor level of support that the Cork footballers routinely attract is beyond a parody. We’ve outnumbered them four or five to one in each of our last two visits to Páirc Uí Rinn and in Tullamore the last day there must have been scarcely a few dozen souls shouting for the Rebel County.

Why this is the case is one for another day but the contrasting levels of support that the footballers of both counties are routinely able to muster is a factor that’s strongly in our favour on Saturday. It’s one we should exploit to the full, in the way Roscommon so memorably did at the same venue in their All-Ireland minor replay against Kerry back in 2006.

The only way we can do this is if we have an absolutely monstrous turnout from the county in Ennis on Saturday. Sure, without any effort we’re guaranteed to outnumber by a large margin whatever size crowd Cork might bring but we shouldn’t be content at that. Instead we should aim to swamp them completely in a tidal wave of Green and Red.

Imagine the impact on the team to run out at a packed Cusack Park on Saturday evening, the crowd comprising at least 95% our lot. A crowd that would greet every turnover we make with an earthy roar and that would raise the rafters for every score we get. Sure, the lads will still need to do the business on the pitch but there’s a job of work to be done by those of us on the other side of the white line too and the best way we can do this is to be there in numbers and make our presence felt.

So, pack up the car, and, as Club ’51 say, bring the colour and bring the noise and get ready for a Cusack Park takeover on Saturday. Let’s make the Clare venue a home from home for the lads as they aim to secure All-Ireland honours for the county.

22 thoughts on “Let’s turn Cusack Park into a home venue on Saturday

  1. A good support base is important to any team but even more so for young lads. Would be great to see these lads propelled out onto the pitch by the roar of their own.

  2. The biggest thing the Cork lads will have going for them is their own size!

    It`s something we will have to be wary of. Gonna have to be a first half performance

    and a full second half one.

  3. yes please. To anyone going, use your lungs and roar on the team from start to finish please. It does make a difference to the team when the crowd is there roaring them on.

  4. Yes time to get show on the road.

    Less than two hours from Castlebar and good road so no excuses.
    Few of the new caps and a brolly or two might be needed though.
    Truly expect a win and a performance.

  5. Very few flags up around the county. There is no shortage of flags in Mayo after the good run our seniors had this last few years.
    Time to get them up.

  6. I’m told that Saturday is ‘Mayo Day’…….whatever that means. The best way to celebrate Mayo Day is to go to Ennis and get firmly behind the lads.
    If you want to really get the coiligín up read an article in the Western by Adrian Langan about the u21s and you’ll have the wife/husband, kids and sandwiches packed and ready for the road by 8am!
    No excuses……be there!

  7. Good interview with S Coen in the independent,very strong on the fact that it is the next match that counts,not has gone before,it means nothing to this team how many finals mayo has lost,if they are good enough on Saturday which I believe they are we will win,the best of luck to them

  8. Found it interesting that in the 2006 final, in the clip you had up before Willie Joe, Aidan Kilcoyne was interviewed straight after the final whistle. The first thing he talked about was the support and how Mayo outnumbered Cork 3 to 1.
    “It makes a difference” is how he put it. He’s right. It’d be great and important to get a big number down to Ennis. God knows we don’t win of these finals. We need every advantage we can get.

  9. diehard,

    You’ve done a good days work there in directing our attention towards Adrian Langan’s piece in this week’s Western People. Mandatory reading for all before heading to Ennis on Saturday.

  10. Mayo day is a concept that started last year to highlight Mayo culture and people around the world. They turned Niagara Falls green and red last year on the day.
    There are an estimated 8.5 million people worldwide with Mayo blood in them (mainly in the US and UK.)

  11. Wow 5.8 million and we still bitch about the unfair advantage the Dubs have over us. Great thread WJ fair play to your efforts and that of club 51. Support always counts win loose or draw.

  12. Love this post. Love Adrian’s article. Love Mayo football. Cannot wait for Saturday. And the following Saturday in Parnell Park, both days following our wonderful county representatives.

    Let’s get there and be loud, and proud and get behind them all the way. Maigheo Abú

  13. Great rallying call there to the troops Willie Joe.

    Yes. Lets pack the place to overflowing and rock it to its very foundations when Mayo run out on the pitch. We wont have done our job until the place is shaking (with bits falling off from the stand).

    Can everybody that is lucky enough to be going please bring the biggest amount of green and red colouring that you can.

    Can everybody that is lucky enough to be going please roar the “Mayo Mayo” chant.

    There is a difference between shouting and roaring and we will need to be roaring for just over an hour on Saturday evening.

  14. the support for this team so far this year has been pathetic so it is time for those “diehards” to stand up and be counted.

    It should be easy enough Willie Joe to feel at home in Ennis. It’s a ground that has had a fortune wasted on it with disappointing results!

  15. With the help of God I will be there with the better half and my brother and anyone else that is looking for a lift. I feel the support is important but Solan will be telling his players that they and only they have to own and control the result of the match. They are on the pitch. They have to take control and to be fair to them that is exactly what they have done so far. To the players I would not be pointing out ’83 or ’96. That is nothing but a happy memory for old fellas like myself. Nothing to do with them. Time for them to make their own history and maybe be a nice memory for an even older fella in years to come. My attitude is that there is no yesterday just now and the future. Best of luck to them. They have shown great bravery up to this point. A credit to themselves, their families, their mentors and everyone in the county.

  16. Just put out the flag.Felt great going out the avenue on the march,except for that flittering wind!
    Conditions in Ennis could have a big bearing on this game.

  17. Inbetweener – just in case you’re wondering where it’s gone, I deleted that comment you posted about a possible injury on the U21 team. It’s long-standing policy here on the site that this isn’t a place to post rumours (regardless of whether or not they might turn out to be true) so I’d be obliged if you could bear this in mind for future reference.

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